Friday Live Blog – Every Team Ever

Friday, January 22
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Arkansas @ Alabama – SCORESSECN
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – SEMO @ Centenary – SCORES
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – UW-La Crosse @ Hamline
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Iowa State, Arizona State @ Oklahoma – SCORES – TV: Various Fox Sports outlets
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Georgia @ Missouri – SCORESSECN+
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Michigan @ Illinois – SCORESBTN2Go
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Central Michigan @ Northern Illinois – Stream($)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Lindenwood, Ball State @ Illinois State – Stream($)
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – Florida @ Auburn – SCORESSECN
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – Kentucky @ LSU – SCORESSECN+
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Utah State @ Southern Utah – SCORES
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Boise State, UC Davis @ BYU – Stream
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Sacramento State @ Seattle Pacific – SCORES?Stream

With all the SEC meets and an Oklahoma home meet that’s actually televised for human people to watch, we’ll have quite a bit to get through today. There will be a period when I’m trying to watch Georgia/Missouri, ISU/ASU/Oklahoma, Auburn/Florida, and Kentucky/LSU, and blog about it all at the same time. It’s going to be freaky and monstrous. Get ready. I’m going for the land-speed record for mistyping tkatchev in a single blog post.

As always, I’ll get started with the first meet at 7/4. The plan is to start with Alabama/Arkansas…and then who knows? I’ve seen quite a bit of Arkansas and Alabama so far this season (and both have significant meets next weekend), so I’ll probably give them the cold fist (not an expression) once the rest of the gang gets moving. We’ll see.

No Brannan on vault today for Alabama. So much exploring depth. Also a fantasy gym nightmare. Beers is back in the all-around. She has been looking exponentially better each week since the sluggish start at UCLA, when she really wasn’t back yet.

Prompt start!

ROTATION 1 – Alabama on vault, Arkansas on bars
McNeer – VT – one of her good ones – sticks the full – looked slightly more piked than her usual to get the stick, but should be excellent. 9.875

Glover – UB – short on first hs – feet on jaeger is an issue – better on the bail with the extension – clear misses on a couple handstands, though – sticks the double back – a cleaner performance than her last couple but will get slammed for hs – 9.775 tells me scores will go high today.

Guerrero – VT – debuting on vault – does the 1.5 – a little off to the side and a smaller hop forward – some loose feet but not bad – did I put her in my fantasy lineup on vault? Of course not. 9.900

Freier – UB – good first hs and legs together on shap – precise on the hs so far, legs together on that bail as well – short on final handstand – chest down on DLO with a step-salute, but that was her best so far this year, very clean in the first half –

Bresette – VT – full, weakest vault of the lineup so far with a large bounce back – good height and solid form and direction, though. 9.825.

Melissa Lee is really becoming more confident making her own assessments of routines. Nice to see.

Canizaro – UB – I like these legs on the shaps for Ark, all very nice – the usual problem on her bail being so angled and short – very high tkatchev, real issues in the handstands though – hop on DLO

Bailey – VT – She has upgraded to a full from her half from last season – it has developed quickly – a bit more pike than the best fulls and a small step on landing, but will be another big score.

Wellick – UB -Nice hip shap to bail combo – maintains line throughout – her tkatchev is a little flat – and then it’s one of her bad double fronts this week, sits it down. Never, never. Never had the height to finish it.

Winston – VT – Awesome form on her full – legs together throughout – did have the bounce back once again, that has been the issue for this score – but should be comparatively better than Bresette with a similar landing. 9.875. With a tenth bounce back? OK.

Speed – UB -a bit late on half turn and crooked on jaeger – pikes that bail a little – missing handstands – hop forward on double back – she looked off throughout this routine – no MAJOR errors, but handstands were short and some elements were crooked – couldn’t get it back.

Beers – VT – She has added back the 1.5 now, necessary in the long run for the team to have this difficulty – good form, but a large lunge forward on landing.

Zaziski – UB – Good finish on her full and a high tkatchev with flexed feet – clean on the bail and the shoot back to high – a couple small steps on the DLO, though – but only small leg errors the issues here, though there were a few –

Alabama 49.400, Arkansas 48.775
Well, that escalated quickly. A bit weird on the bars scores since they started high but didn’t really increase as the routine quality increased. Zaziski should have been higher compared to, say, Glover. Too many mistakes for Arkansas, though, with Speed looking off and Wellick having the fall. They rely on those scores.

Good vault rotation for Alabama, and important to keep introducing that difficulty, but the scores were certainly generous, for instance Winston getting a 9.875 for a full with a pretty significant bounce back that should have meant it scored no higher than 9.850. Same with Beers, though hers started from a 10. A good performance, but the landings were not strong enough to justify a 49.400. With Beers, Brannan, and now Guerrero all performing high-potential 1.5s, the state of this lineup will be very strong in time.

MacMoyle – VT – Very strong full – high and stuck – they’re bringing the vaults – not the distance I’ve seen from her in the past, but she makes up for it on landing.

McNeer – UB – nice first hs – great counter rotation on her tkatchev – angled on the bail with a leg break – borderline final handstand – slightly whippy on DLO, bends to hold onto the stick but does swim for it.

Zaziski – VT – Also excellent control in her full landing, small hop forward – also a little pike coming into the landing –

Jetter – UB – Fine Ray, though it starts high and ends close – clean hs – short on bail handstand pretty clearly though – rest of the handstands look fine – small hop forward on the double front this time, though I still hate double fronts – 9.875.

Speed – VT – Better distance but also a larger bounce on her full – somewhat off to the side –

Bailey – UB – good half turn and giant jaeger – small arch on bail but pulls it back – handstands look clean – full out is huge as always, but steps back significantly, looks like possible two steps – was going to be a strong score before that.

McGlone – VT -comes in a little squatty on the full landing this time with a larger step back – tries to open out of it, though – good direction, though

Beers – UB – leg break on her shaposh but excellent into the pak – half turn on low bar with is always a deduction trap – short on half turn and then a large lunge forward on the double front – OK, but not all the way back yet, a little sloppier than she was last year.

Wellick – VT – That’s a stuck full – very strong vault from Wellick, good height, maintains form, sticks with legs together – excellent vault. Got a 9.900. Which is the correct score, but let’s compare that to some of the 9.875s that have been given out. SEPARATION.

Winston – UB -such great height on the tkatchev and pretty on the pak – final handstand looks a b it short and hop back on the DLO, but best routine of the rotation so far. The feet are not horrible, but not totally extended.

Nelson – VT – Better than her recent couple vaults but the weakest full of the group, especially with piking and distance –

Brannan – UB – clean first handstand and half turn – solid jaeger – all these handstands are very strong – bail was OK but could be a little more vertical – arches out her final handstand, small step on DLO landing – very nice. We’ll see what it gets in the anchor because that’s the same routine she has been doing for mid-9.8s at the beginning of the lineup. 9.875. Normal. Fair.

After 2: Alabama 98.700, Arkansas 98.050  
Alabama continues on solid pace. Mostly strong on bars, though more control is needed on the landings and a few of the angles, especially on bails, were not punished as much as they might have been. Arkansas looked quite comfortable in the majority of those fulls, with Wellick’s being the strongest full of the day for either team. Wellick and the first two did their strongest vaults. McGlone and Speed can be better to bump the vault score up a little bit, perhaps a tenth, but otherwise this was pretty close to Arkansas’ vault peak.

McNeer – BB – tentative on the walkover with a check and a step back – uncharacteristic – good full turn – secure on loso series – good positions on switch and split, but then another bend after the split jump – good side aerial – sticks 1.5 slightly squatty – not a problem routine but not as confident and precise as we usually expect from her.

Dillard – FX – lunge back on the rudi, a bit too big – nice switch ring and wolf full, wolf full actually a wolf – full+layout+stag stays in bounds on the rebound, good twisting form – 1.5 to a somewhat whipped layout – fine, clean, but not perfectly pristine –

Rickett – BB – She’s a new one – I honestly didn’t think she’d compete this year, so props there – and she’s right off on her loso and scraped her leg right down the side out the best – OUCHIE – stopping, she looks “can’t continue” injured, so more than just scraping her leg. Possible ankle tweak hitting just a bit of the beam on her landing?

Canizaro – FX – secure landing on the double pike, very high, excellent lift – a bit more of a slide on the double back – switch ring is a little NCAA – high 1.5 into layout – maybe overdid her 1.5 just a touch so had to whip the layout slightly but no real problem – easy control on it.

A Sims – BB – Obviously, it’s taking them some time to get a score for Rickett since she only did one skill before stopping -obviously perfect and pretty in every way – strong loso and demonstrating how leaps are supposed to look – excellent double tuck dismount with great chest position and just a small step with one foot. She’s on after some early season struggles. 9.950. BAM.

MacMoyle – FX – short on double pike landing with a lunge forward – 1.5 to layout, also has to pull around the layout to get it to her feet, travels very far – better double tuck, good control, just low chest –

Beers – BB – very strong switch and split, very clearly 180, though a small pause in between them, not enough to spoil the connection – wobble on side somi, swims with one arm to save it – large break on loso series and can’t save it – counting this now after Rickett. It was going so well. Her center of gravity just took her too far off to save that wobble – legs apart on sheep but pretty good closure – solid 1.5 dismount with a step back. 9.350.

Nelson – FX – strong double pike, excellent control – good position and height on switch side + popa – similar issue to MacMoyle and Canizaro on her 1.5 to layout, layout needs to go up more, but they’re maintaining form and control on them so it may not show up int he socre – low chest on double back dismount – best landing control so far.

Winston – BB – small check on her walkover – NOOOO, off on her bhs+laypike series – counting two falls now – good switch side – excellent displays of flexibility – large bounce back on her double back – oh dear dear dear.

McGlone – FX – Goes for the DLO and has solid control, comes up a little short on it but not too bad – short on her straddle elements, that’s the issue in this routine – very controlled 2.5 landing right up to the corner – good tumbling, but the dance will keep her score a bit lower.

Guerrero – BB – very secure two loso series – solid on the leaps as well – her reputation coming into college was as a rock on beam and she’s showing it – not even wobbling – smallest quiver of the feet on her 1.5 dismount. Necessary hit and very strong routine.

Two counting falls for Alabama and Arkansas getting the benefit in these floor scores.

Wellick – FX – high and strong double pike with a controlled step back – butterfly to try to win everyone’s hearts – better on her front full to layout series than the rest of her team, higher – secure double tuck as well, best landing control and chest position of the rotation, so let’s see what they do.

Dana Duckworth has pulled out her laser eyes for this mid-meet interview.

Remember that it’s time for the 8/5 meets now. So much else starting! I’m turning on Oklahoma now and keeping an eye on the others.

Arkansas has a .450 lead on Alabama now, but that’s not necessarily definitive because Alabama is going to floor and Arkansas is going to devil-beam.

Vaculik – UGA – UB – good first hs – nice half turn – strong piked jaeger as well – some pike in the bail – short on final hs – sticks on the tuck full dmt with usual legs – a couple errors there but should be a fine opening score.

Miller – Missouri – VT – Early in the lineup – some sloppier legs on her full it appeared, but the usual strong power and direction, very small hop

Cherrey – UGA – UB – good first hs – solid counter rotation and height on the ray – does well to hold onto the handstand after – short on final cast handstand – legs WAY improved on that DLO, clearly working on that – pikes it a little bit more this time – very controlled landing, though. Nice improvement on that dismount.

Harris- Missouri – VT – some mushy knees in that full – larger bounce back –

Snead – UGA – UB – good first hs – flatter on tkatchev but fine – small leg break on bail – also tigher on the final hs – sticks DLO but whipped out a little – they’re looking a bit tight on the handstands so far, but the dismounts are in control.

Jones – OU – VT – Great full – power and height – small hop in place. She got a 9.900 for leadoff last year – great vault, opens out of it

Dillard is hitting beam for Arkansas first up – the prettiest beam worker on the team, very precise early.

Schick – UGA – UB – excellent tkatcehv maintains good swing – high piked jaeger as well – better position on the bail and all handstands versus the beginning of the rotation – that dismount is her biggest struggle in that routine, pikes with a lunge forward –

Ward just has a very strong vault for Missouri, not quite as excellent as some others with a small hop, but Omelianchiking her way into my hear.

Jay – UGA – UB – hops back on DLO 1/1 dismount this time, not quite as precise as her last turn but such a big routine.Very comfortable on the shush and nice height for a shush.

Marks – OU – VT – great height on full – some direction, legs apart, and a small hop, but those are minor things

Zaziski – Ark – BB – very clean loso and precise switch and straddle 1/4 – does an excellent job to save her kickover front, very off line but pulls it back with a minor wobble –

Rogers – UGA – UB – obviously wonderful through the Ricna and good control on the pah – catches shap 1/2 well – hop back on DLO, but otherwise perfection –

Kmieckiak – OU – VT – so controlled through that vault and an excellent stick – good power, good legs, very straightforward and very strong –

Alabama doing what’s necessary so far on floor, but they’ll need Arkansas to fall away in the latter half the beam rotation, which could happen.

Wellick – Ark – BB – solid switch and straddle 1/4 – very pretty and extended walkover – secure loso series – hits side somi relatively comfortably – good 2/1 with small hop.

49.175 for Georgia on bars. Needed the handstands for better. 9.850 for Rogers? How dare you?

Capps – OU – VT – Kelly Garrison with her usual amount of chill: none. Squeals for this stuck vfull – excellent form and distance and a clear stick. Wonderful – Scores staying reasonable so far for OU on vault –

Not quite the security in the Jetter floor landings this week, just some slides and dancing out of passes, but nothing major -Still a 9.925. OK. That’s happening this year, I see.

Freier – Ark – BB – a bit tentative on her switch, saves a wobble on the split and maintains the connection – secure on side aerial, doing what Arkansas needs – hits stag – low on gainer full with a hop forward –

Scaman – OU – VT – Strong control, better control, on her 1.5 this week – smaller step forward, good form –

Guerra – Bama – FX – opens with an easy double tuck – good security and chest position – split full is well completed and 180, that is the most-improved part of her gymnastics – middle pass, dance elements out of it to maintain control – good straddles – ooooh, very short on final double pike with a couple lunges forward – shame – can’t afford to count that.

Jackson – OU – VT – huge distance on her 1.5, but a larger boucne out of it this week.

McGlone – Ark – BB – solid loso series to start – switch is fine, but a couple steps back on loso, does well to stay on the beam – somewhat crooked switch side but secure – sticks 2/1 dmt with a chest lean to save the stick. They’re hitting which is what was needed –

Beers – Bama – FX – strong DLO – somewhat chest but fine – good twisting form through the middle pass, that switch ring is usually the weakest part of her floor, but this looked fine – she’s closing in on getting back, but not quite there yet – floor is the farthest along, though, and this is excellent – small bounce out of double tuck, but good chest position there –

Michigan went 49.300 to start on bars.

Nelson hitting beam for Arkansas, but it looks like they already sealed the meet with the five previous hits. Second straight year upsetting Alabama.

Snead just did a fantastic full for UGA – great form and stick.

Marino – UGA – VT – bounces forward, medium size, this week on the 1.5 – same knees –

Arkansas did very well to hit beam there – the most comfortable beam rotation I’ve seen from Arkansas so far this season.

Rogers – UGA – VT – STICKS THE 1.5. Yes you did. Sure, crazy legs on the block and leaned to hold the stick, but I decided not to see that.

Oklahoma went 49.300 on vault.
Alabama’s home streak ended last season against LSU, but the new streak is over as well.

Jay – VT – UGA – hop forward on the 1.5, but it’s small. Everyone gets a 9.875.

Just 49.275 for Georgia on vault. Could have been higher.

ACK! It’s already time for Florida and Auburn. How dod we do this?

Jackson – OU – UB – Good piked jaeger – solid on the bail as well – imrpvoing on the toes each time – step back on tuck full – solid opening, not as precise as the others, but didn’t give away much she didn’t have to

Krippenr – Aub – VT – bounce back on full – good distance though –

Backer – UF – UB – Excellent tkatchev – good hs – leg break on the bail, though – has to muscle out of the shoot a bit – hop forward on double front – not her strongest – deductions to take there and not just in the dismount this time – 9.800 is charitable.

Lehrmann – OU – UB – so precise – lovely jaeger – clean legs and line on the bail – borderline final hs – sticks an staggered tuck full – very clean and pretty –

Boren – UF – UB – hits tkatchev, not as big as the others on the team – some leg quiver apart on that bail – solid hs though, large bounce back out of DLO –

Phillips – Aub – VT – great distance on her full but comes in very, very short with a large lunge forward

BDG – UF – UB – good legs on shap and clean on the bail – hitting hs well – usual legs on DLO and a hop back – these dismounts are NOT there so far.


Demers – Aub – VT – she can stick that full but didn’t this time, good distance and better body position than the others, but a step back –

Capps – OU – UB – Tkatchev is fine – a little flat – precise on hs – great sitck on tuck full – they’ll take it.

Bridgey – UF – UB -excellent Ray – hitting hs – tiny leg issue in the air on the bail – shoot is fine – sticks DLO – much better – will be worth an a million comparatively –

Rott had huge power and distance on her full, but also came in very short with a large lunge – not a good vault start for Auburn –

Sydeny Ewing got a 9.975 on vault. OK. Reports?

Sloan – UF – UB – The usual Ray, great but feet – same leg break on the bail – sticks the DLO perfectly – identical routine to the 9.975 she got at home last week – 9.925 today.

And Ashleigh Gnat gets a 10. Well, she does do a DTY.

Atkinson has great height on her 1.5 but also a large lunge out of it. Auburn left a lot of tenths on the vaulting table.

McMurtry finishing on bars for Florida – another stuck dismount – tale of two rotations there – poor dismount in the first half, excellent in the second half.

LSU goes 49.350 on vault – two huge scores and some OK scores. 49.325 for Florida on bars. 48.925 for Auburn.
Of course the one meet I decide to jettison is the one where there’s a 10.

Olivia Karas 9.950 on vault.

Kmieciak also very precise on bars – good stick on tuck full as well – she doesn’t have the biggest routines but she has been so controlled and comfortable so far this year.

Kelly Garrison uses the expression “boy howdy” not ironically.

Marino – UGA – FX – confident DLO and secure landing – good split full and popa – and solid on the 1.5 to layout as well, maintains good height and form through that combo – small bounce out of double pike, but good hit.

Wofford – OU – UB – excelelnt positon on full – great toe point on jaeger – a little more angled on her bail this time but not too too bad – sticks the tuck full, small stagger – good, not her best –

Kopec – Aub – UB – short on first hs – solid jaeger to overshoot – steps back to high bar – great form on DLO and a stick – started a little tight but great finish –

Box showing great amplitude and control on floor tumbling as always – lower chest on double back, but that helps -her double pike is buttah.

Krippner – Aub – UB -good shap – crazy legs on the bail – hits a tkatchev back to high bar, a bit mushy – and then a large lunge back on tuck full – won’t be a big score.

Sloan – UF – VT – Still full – it’s super floaty with great form – hops back and then starts fist pumping nad saluting before really showing control, though I doubt she’ll get punished for it –

Engler – UB – Aub – some leg breaks early int eh routine – better on the bail though – nice final handstand – also a good DLO but a little down on her DLO landing with a step forward – this is a bars routine of the future for them, though –

Baker – UF _ VT – Her usual huge 1.5, though she does bounce out of it and also starts celebrating before showing true control –

Wildly obsessed with Auburn’s DLOs on bars – great legs together throughout and usually stuck.

Boren – UF – VT – 1.5 similar to Baker – this is a terrible camera angle for vault, and they don’t even have to use it, they just don’t know anything – larger bounce forward than Baker had. Control is the only thing bringing these scores down –

Milliet – Aub – UB – excellent tkatchev and hugh pak – great leg form on both – borderline final hs – sticks double tuck after the full – lets a bit apart.

Jay – UGA – FX -good control on full out, chest down – abbreviates her dance elements a bit –

McMurtry – VT – sticks her full – crunches down into it, but a beautiful vault and very controlled landing – should still warrant a 9.900.

Atkinson – Aub – UB – very clean bail with tight and extended legs – short on handstand before the tkatchev – hs only issue in this routine – great high tuck full and near-stuck –

Florida 49.225 on vault. Needed more control on those landings to hope for more. Great difficulty, but larger bounces for a number of them.

LSU counts a fall on bars. Finnegan and Gnat both fell.

LSU and Georgia both going to beam at the same time. YIKES.

Oklahoma squarely on mid-197 pace through two events. Also going to beam now, that’s just theoretically a less terrifying prospect than the others. Though, Alabama already stole the beam-terribles earlier in the day. Is there anything left?

Auburn’s beam adventure begins with Hlawek – secure on loso series with bent knees – stronger on kickover front – sticks 1.5. Some form but confident start –

McLaughlin – FX – front lay to front full is a simple opening but clean twisting form – splits are fine – bounces back out of rudi – control is better on 1.5 to front pike – an unmemorable routine, so she has to be perfect – mostly was, though bounces on the middle pass

Broussard – BB – UGA – secure loso series to start – looking a bit tentative on her leaps but solid – SO TIGHT on everything and same on the side aerial and falls. OH NO. It begins.

Macadaeg – BB – LSU – excellent splits and does well to avoid a bend – pretty loso series – looking confident and comfortable – sticks gainer full – much better start.

Fassbender – FX – Florida – 2.5 to front and doesn’t Bridgey it – a little short on the front but OK – low chest on double pike but controlled – slides forward out of 1.5 to front pike.

Oklahoma working against a fall on beam from Lehrmann now –

Babalis – UGA – BB – Talk about a pressure set – no chance – already off on her loso opening combo. Two falls in tro so far.

Hambrick – LSU – BB – loverly L turn – like world class and perfect – large wobble on loso but stays on the beam – short back leg on switch, which is uncharacteristic – another larger wobble on loso, so they’ll want to drop this but she’s staying on – amazing 2/1 and stuck –

Boren – FX – UF – strong full in – step back is a little big but she keeps the front foot down – good amplitude on her leaps to get them done – very clean 1.5 to layout and secure – small hop forward on double tuck, but comfortable –

Jay – BB  – Welcome to the lineup! Hits side aerial – works through the front to loso without giving up a wobble – pauyse and form but fine –  hop forward on 1.5 – SHE HIT

Gauthier – BB – Clearly I messed something at the beginning of this routine – legs on loso series but hits it – leaps are fine – secure on gainer loso – surprised to see her int he lineup, but she’s hitting – small hop on 1.5. –

Sloan – FX – so many facial expressions – hits doubel pike well – 1.5 to layout is also clean – controlled landings, weill be a good score – also Sloan –


Schick – BB – She’s so lovely on beam but can she hit – secure loso series – wobble on walkover with leg up – look like she didn’t need to take a wobble but corrected out of it and then had a wobble – another check on her front walkover to dance series, breaking the combo – good side aerial – gainer full – HIT

Ewing – BB – Secure on layout to 2 feet – better on the switch side, though it may be the angle – gainer loso to straddle 1/4 is also comfortable. She’s having a meet for herself here – hop forward on 1.5 – a needed score –

Kennedy Baker’s Dos Santos is Kennedy Baker’s Dos Santos
“This pass just makes me salivate.”9.950. Obvi.

Atkinson – Aub – BB – secure loso series, no issue – small bend on walkover – pause on switcha nd pike connection – tucks her full turning dismount out of the aerial – won’t get full difficulty.

Rogers – BB – walkover to wolf is good – large large pause before loso series – she’s off too. Three falls now. Oh, Brit. Good bhs 3/4 this time.

Bridgey – FX – front double full – no front tuck out of it this time, good plan – rudi to split jump is quote nice – very well hit straddles – short on dismount with a lunge forward. Still can’t take advantage of Bridgey scoring.

Finnegan – BB -did well not to wobble on the side somi since her center of gravity was off – squatty on dismount with a hop –

Not a great time for Auburn on beam. No 9.8s. Counting a 9.625 from Atkinson from tucking that dismount.

Box – BB – A chance to make it better than last week? – check on tuck jump full – very secur eon loso series – switch to straddle 3/4 is nice – solid full turn – hits walkover as well – saving the day as much as it can be saved – sticks 1.5. –

Gnat hits beam as well, so LSU will have to count a 9.700 but nothing too drastic – just a small check or two in Gnat’s routine – bend on stuck 2/1 –

49.175 on beam for LSU. That’ll do.

Missouri beats Georgia 195.800 to 195.350 after that newest beam catastrophe. SIGH.

Oklahoma saved beam for a 49.400. Still on pace for a mid 197.

Baker – BB – UF – solid walkover to bhs combo – nice split and great 180 position on her split half right out of it – side aerial to full with a hop back.

Ernst – BB – UF – solid kickover front – comfortable full – larger wobble on walkover and breaks connection into back tuck, with another check – nice sheep (I know, I said it) – sticks gainer pike, but will get hit with that wobble and broken combo –

Kmieciak – FX – a little short landing that double pike with a step, very high though – layout to layout full is clean – good positions on switch side and wolf full -very secure on double tuck with chest up – very little to take in that routine –

Kelly Garrison is DESPERATE for you to come to these meets.

Fassbender – BB – solid walkover, good extension – low on loso series with a check at the waist – short on sissone and sheep jump – not as precise as they need to be – good dismount though –

Brown – FX – front 2/1 – a little ragged in the legs this time – slightly short on front full out of layout but no issue or step – also well hit on her straddle skills – finishes with a high and clean rudi –

Demers just ROCKED a floor routine – excellent pike full in and great control on all her passes –

Boren – BB – gainer kickover front, don’t even look at me – check on loso series – switch is OK but not perfectly extended – another check on gainer loso – tight beam so far – short on double front with small hop -Florida having some issues on beam so far –

Capps – FX – low chest on double pike – more obsessed with this routine every time – front full to layout with great leg form – good switch side and popa, full position – slightly staggered landing on rudi, but also controlled – 9.850.

McMurtry – BB – good kickover – secure on loso series though softish in the legs – fine switch side to shush and hip circle – hop back on 2/1 – pulling it back a little –

Jones – FX – This routine… – 2.5 to front – a little uncertain on that front with a step back – 1.5 to layout with a small slide – Ok positions on the dance elements this time –

Kelly on Brenna: “She made the World Championship team and they were World Champions, that same team.” That’s a good way to describe it.

Sloan – BB -wobble and bend at the hips on her walkover – what is this? – also loses her legs a little on a loso series – good switch and split – easy full turn – nice on the side aerial this time – sticks 2/1 – turned Sloan halfway through that routine.

LSU working against a fall on floor from Zamardi.

197.075 finish for Florida. Auburn 195.900 after great floor routines from Demers and Atkinson.
Very secure tumbling for Ali Jackson. That should help get the team pull out of the 9.825s.

Didn’t have the audio on Kelley’s floor routine. How many MLR references did we get?

Michigan finished 196.825 after counting a 9.700 on beam. Pssh. 196.8. Slackers. 195.150 for Illinois. Another disappointing score after counting a fall on bars.

Scaman – FX -Excellent DLO – a bit loose in the legs on the rudi but a sensational loso out of it as always – straddle elements look fine – finishes with a secure double tuck with good chest position. Will be a huge score to end. 9.925.

Oklahoma 197.475. Not too shabby.

LSU counting a 9.650 from Kelley so far. Just Gnat’s routine left. With a hit, they’ll still go mid-196, even with counting a fall on bars.

Gnat – FX – high DLO – bends it down to land – but exceptional position and workable control on that one – 2.5 to front tuck and maintains good legs through the 2.5 – leaps are definitely secure, as is the double pike landing – finishing a home meet, that will be a huge score. 9.950.

LSU finishes 196.575, which isn’t too bad given the mistakes, though they’ll drop it for RQS as soon as possible.

PHEW. We got through it.

Oklahoma the winner of the day, really the only major team that brought it. Alabama and Georgia had poor showings because of the beam meltdowns, LSU had the counting fall on bars, Michigan had some odd mistakes like Chiarelli falling on beam and just didn’t get the big floor scores. Florida was fine but did not look comfortable on beam and got a bite from the realism monster in the scores as well. For the most part. And then sometimes not.

Looks like Michigan’s score got raised to a 196.900. Bev was like, “WE WILL GET A 196.9 IN EVERY MEET.”

19 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – Every Team Ever”

  1. I know using the sting mat for landings is allowed on floor but I can't stand it when the gymnasts stay on the sting mat and do their choreo on it…maybe I'm being picky but I'm just like GET OFF! THAT'S NOT WHAT IT'S FOR! haha

  2. forget the slightly best knees—you can't get a 10 on vault when you forget to salute the judges afterwards… :/

  3. Any ideas on when Sydney Waltz should be back for Kentucky? I knew she was injured at the end of last season and not yet cleared but do you think she will be?

  4. If bridgey doesn't do the punch front out of her double front, doesn't that mean she won't have a 10.0 start value because she doesn't have a combination pass?

  5. What was bridgeys other two passes? I did not see it but it would be a .2 deduction for sure if she had no double salto pass.. Did they miss it or was everything else so great that is all they took?

  6. Bev fought for higher scores on two beam routines. she said floor was sloppy (I paraphrase) and it was. but she also said that Lauren Marinez could've had a ten with her routine, instead of the 9.875 she was awarded; the judges conceded an extra 0.025 to raise her score to 9.9. Olivia Karas' beam score was also bumped up from 9.8 to 9.85. All this was done without any input from Casanova, who was rested because of back pain (hopefully she'll be returning soon — poor kid hasn't made it through a single year healthy).

    Positive notes: Marinez really hit her stride on beam, and Karas stuck her vault (no matter what sharaya musser says, you're allowed to slide feet sideways together). Etc. etc.

  7. PS i know their moment to score above 196.9 something will come. I just hope that it comes at nationals, in the form of a 198. what the f just happened here??“

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