Sunday Live Blog – February 19, 2017

Sunday, February 19
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Remember that UCLA/Utah meet last night? I know. Me too. I just started laughing again. #neverforget

Anyway, there are no rules in this house anymore, so I can’t wait to see what happens next.

So far today, Kentucky has counted a fall on bars. Meanwhile, Penn State went with the daring “we’re putting up five people on bars and only one of them will break 9.8” strategy for a 47.575.

We’re starting with LSU hosting GW and Iowa. No Hambrick on vault.

Rotation 1:
Cannamela – VT – very good control on her full landing – small slide, very nearly a stick – just a bit of piking at the end –

Harrold – VT – VERY good 1.5, holds her stick with a little bit of a lean – just a tad of mushy knees but that will score very well.

Looks like we’re just seeing the LSU routines, at least for now.

Ewing – VT – ALSO holds her stick on the 1.5. Same lean onto the toes as Harrold, but she held it as well – not as much mushy knees as Harrold but crazier legs on the block. I’d say it’s equivalent to Harrold.

Winstanley – UB – Opens with a Gienger, some crazy legs – hits her bail pretty close to handstand

Priessman – VT – doesn’t keep the stick streak going, medium hop forward on her 1.5.

Edney – VT – Sticks her 1.5 as well. This is an awesome rotation. That was a form step up from Harrold and Ewing, so we’ll see where it goes on the score. 9.950. Great vault.

Gnat – VT – a little short on her DTY landing this time with a hop forward, which is unusual for her, she usually doesn’t have a problem with landing a little short. 9.900.

Excellent vault rotation for LSU for a 49.575 score and not super, super crazy on the scores, really. Mostly appropriate. They earned a big score there.

Pfeiler – UB – catches close on her gienger and has to muscle out of it, which will take away a bit of the score – two steps back on double tuck dismount.

Drenth – BB – pretty much right on with her two loso series, maybe a little lean – good switch but quite short of 180 on the straddle 1/4 – full turn – floaty 1.5 with a stick. Very strong except for the straddle 1/4.

McLaughlin is doing exo on bars – loses her legs a bit too much probably to get into the lineup, has the composition but it would be a nickle-and-dime score.

Metcalf – BB – full turn, nice toe point through her movements – switch to straddle 1/4, a trouble skill for them – falls on her three series to loso, which means Iowa is counting a fall on beam. Switch side quite crooked – hop on 1.5.

The theme of George Washington’s leotard is “Hallucinogenic Fever Dream at a Pride Parade on Easter.”

After 1: LSU 49.575, GW 48.900, Iowa 48.525
If they have Hambrick in the lineup doing the 1.5 for Cannamela by the end of the season, LSU’s vault rotation is going to be ridiculous.

I think this guy might not know what quicksand is? Wouldn’t landing in quicksand be a bad thing?

Rotation 2:
Zamardi – UB – Shap to pal is good – half turn on low – double arabian with a small step – good one, little leg breaks in one or two places and then the step, but very good.

Hambrick – UB – high Ray, extended catch – a little late on giant full, good position on bail – sticks excellent tuck full. She’s back? That was quite strong as well.

Harrold – UB – Shap half to Zucchold with legs – otherwise solid – half to jaeger is a little better, still catches bent elbows – lunge forward double front.

Endey – UB – Hindorff very strong – clear hip to handstand – vertical on the bail – nearly sticks DLO just a little slide back – not much to take in that one.

I know it’s hard to cover a tri-meet, but we’re literally just watching standing right now. I love Sarah Finnegan as much as the next person, but we don’t need to cut away to see her wait.

Finnegan – UB – great handstand and Ray – pretty perfect on her verticals – legs together on bail, just a little floppy and rushed in the in places which shows up with a loose back here and there and makes some of her handstands look off – sticks DLO. Strong.

Priessman – UB – tkatchev to pak, it never looks like she has enough for that Pak but she always whips it out at the end somehow – slide back on DLO. Still gets 9.950 even with the non-stick. They were itching for 10.

LSU at 99.075 after 2, so 198 pace.

Winstanley does an aerial into front tuck combination, which is very risky – somewhat slow in combination but she lands that aerial with leg up to move into the next part of the combo – good leap positions – hop on 2/1.

Zurawski – FX – Iowa – controls double pike landing, chest down – front full to layout, whips around layout, loses her leg shape and has to lunge forward – a little short of straddle position on a three-jump series – rudi ragged but controlled

We;re starting in Washington and Copiak is in the vault lineup today.

WASH: Copiak – VT – large bounce back on her full and some piking. Work in progress, but they’ll want her in eventually.

IOWA: Kaji hits her full in, chest down – some slide and bouncing around on middle pass, hits her dance elements stronger than Zurawski – bounce back on double tuck, stays in.

WASH: Roy – VT – Tsuk half, good layout position and power, hop forward, just loses the shape a little at the end.

ARIZ; Hendrickson – UB – high jaeger but feet – clean casts – sticks DLO – should be a useful score.

WASH: Goings – Good control on full, not much distance and a pike but only a small slide back.

ARIZ: Laub – UB – clear hip a little short of vertical – Tkatchev flat – holds her bail well, could have arched it but stayed like a broomstick and worked out very well – short handstand at the end and a hop back on DLO.

WASH: Riley – VT – first time seeing her vault since that scary landing – not a scary landing this time just a very large lunge forward out of her y1/2 – great power, though – you don’t usually see that much pop in a y1/2.

ARIZ: Berg – UB – high piked jaeger, maybe catches a little close, legs together in bail but flops into it a little – two small steps back on tuck full.

WASH: Yacalis – VT – good full – legs pretty far apart on landing and a small hop back, but otherwise strong.

ARIZ: Spencer – UB – takes her piked gienger really far but manages to catch with just a little form break – was off though because she has to recast and half turn – she’s just off, does 785 giants before her dismount and then comes off. She never really got her rhythm back after that far catch.

LSU: Macadaeg – BB – full turn, lovely – switch and switch 1/2 are excelllent – aerial, small lean correction into straddle – DAMN IT ALL – falls on loso. step on gainer full.

Burleson looks like she stuck her full for Washington –

ARZ: Ortiz – UB – long break because the judges watched Spencer’s routine and were like…. “uhhhh, yeehhhhhh, guhhh? Like maybe a 2?”

LSU: Hambrick – BB – drops her L turn a little early again but no big deal – BIG wobble on side aerial, GIRL, bend at the waist – switch side is fine – check on loso series as well. Lori is trying tell us Hambrick’s break is a three-tenth deduction. LOL. Kyla got a 9.950 from a judge with one of those last night. Bounce back on 2/1. Not great but not a fall. 9.700 and it will count.

Arizona 49.150, Washington 49.075

Ewing – BB – lands her layout on her toes but holds it well for only a minimal correction – that usual crooked switch side that is a pet peeve for me – standing loso to straddle 1/4, a little forward but no check – sticks 1.5. Gets them back on track.

Taking a LONG ass time with these beam scores. Almost like we could see other routines during that…?

Li – BB – aerial to bhs loso series, secure not the biggest but solid – switch to standing loso – she’s right on today – full turn – switch side with a lean correction – sticks gainer full – good.

Finnegan – BB – single wolf, good – secure on loso series – switch to switch 1/2 with ridiculously good 180 – works out of side somi well – side aerial to stuck full – scores are working up and that will continue the trend. 9.950.

Gnat – BB – One more routine to survive – aerial to beat is secure – full turn – switch and straddle 1/4, hits her positions – she usually works more nervously than this when going after a fall, but this is good, only real problem is lean forward check on switch side – loso series – hop back on 2/1.

LOL. LSU counts 9.700 and still goes 49.350.

Priessman is doing exo beam for LSU – check on full turn – switch to straddle 1/4 – check on aerial, break connection to back tuck – switch side – step back on gainer pike – I didn’t see an acro series in that one.

CDA – FX – very well controlled on opening tumbling and chest up – front full to lay, whipped over the layout to get it around – secure double tuck.

Maya Washington just did an awesome bars for Washington. Great shape on gienger –

WASH: Goings – UB – short first handstn – nice jaeger – half turn to straddle back, vertical – very short final cast handstand as well – hop back on tuck full.

YEOUUUUCH. Sheppard for Arizona just vaulted a Yhalf and totally hyperextended her locked-leg on that landing in the way that Daggett always talks about. That looks like a major injury. Being carried off now.

Burleson goes clean on bars with the next routine, sticks her double tuck. She’s having a good day with the landings through two.

ARIZ: Leung follows the injury with a hop back on a full with a pike throughout –

WASH: Duranczyk – UB – opens jaeger to overshoot, solid with feet form – borderline final hs – sticks the DLO again this week, chest down a bit.

ARIZ: Swanson – VT – hop back on full, quite similar to Leung, piked with a hop back.

WASH: Copiak – UB – Church is solid – a little close catch but nothing major – legs together throughout bail and hits vertical – short final cast handstand, two sizable steps back on tuck full dismount.

WASH 98.350, ARIZ 97.825

Sheppard also competes beam and floor for Arizona, so some lineup reogranization will have to come now.

Gnat and Hambrick being rested today on floor.

LSU: Ewing – FX – lunges forward out of front 2/1 this time – front full to lay, stuck that one, just a little arched over – switch side and straddle full, good straddle positions, a little indistinct in landing position – strong double pike, controlled landing and chest up. 9.925. Andd….there are the crazy scores we’ve been waiting for.

LSU: Zamardi – FX – holds her step out of the double arabian in bounds – just a touch deep in her double tuck landing but controlled well – great switch side and popa – 1.5 to layout, small stagger out of landing but another good one.

LSU: Kirby – FX – bounces back pretty far out of double pike – 1.5 to layout, a couple steps around to keep it in bounds – did she? – no? – is this the first time I’ve ever seen her compete?

WASH: Rose – BB – good aerial, a little slow in combo to bhs but fine – nice Y spin – switch to split, back leg low on split – strong side aerial – side aerial to stuck full, good start.

LSU: Edney – FX – sticsk double arabian, awesome – back 1.5 to layout, dances out of that landing – leaps not quite as strong as tumbling – slide back double tuck.

Arizona apparently just going with 5 on floor.

GW got three 9.9s on vault to get over 196 for this road score.

WASH: Washington – BB check on loso and a couple tightish leans on some other landings but nothing major – step forward on 1.5.

Priessman – FX – some bounce back out of full in and chestishness – front lay to front full, super deep in her landing, very squatty and then tries to leap out of it which looked a little special – better double pike. Still gets 9.825.

Mary Lou Who – FX – Retton count: 4 – sticks DLO, chest down – same on open full in, sticks it but can get hit for body position – a little bouncy in leap series but they give her tuck jumps – front tuck through to double tuck, secure. Expect a big one because her landings were secure. 9.975.

WASH: Schaeffer – BB – sharp in aerial and in loso series – easy full turn – split to stag, secure – sticsk 1.5. Good one.


FINAL: LSU 197.975, GW 196.100, Iowa 194.200

Couldn’t tell you about the other teams because we barely saw them, but a very strong meet for LSU, and scores didn’t even really get too out of hand until the last rotation, and then they were a bit crazy. Very competitive showing befitting the #2 ranking.

WASH: Nelson – BB – lovely flexibility on press handstand mount – check on loso series but good amplitude – full turn – switch to split 3/4, back leg low on switch, a little check on split 3/4 – kickover front secure – leans to hold stick on 1.5.

Arizona is counting a 9.550 from Laub on floor.

ARIZ: Howard – FX – nice control on double tuck – great leap positions, just bouncy landing her wolf – front lay to front full, squatty landing with a correction step to the side – secure double pike – shame about the middle pass, great otherwise.

WASH: Goings – BB – three series to loso, so crisp – straddle 1/4, hits oversplit – smooth full turn – standing loso is strong as well – works very confidently – side aerial to full and stuck. Awesome routine. 9.925.

ARIZ: Schneider – FX – chest down on double pike with a step forward – front lay to front full, not quite high enough on the first lay – good amplitude on straddles – deep landing double tuck, holds it.

WASH: Burleson – BB – aerial to bhs series – sissone is well extended – straddle to straddle 1/4, excellent – full turn – side aerial to a stuck full, a little piked but stuck. That rotation, you guys. Very good. 9.925.

Still waiting on the Burleson score but Washington could be in 197 contention here, particularly if Home Floor starts going.

Washington 49.425 on beam. It won’t even take that much on floor to go 197. A 49.225 is all.

Rotation 4:
ARIZ: Howard – BB – elegant mount sequence – small lean correction on loso series – pike jump to back tuck, secure – confident full turn – switch to straddle 1/4 – gainer tuck full dismount with a step back.

WASH: Schaeffer – FX – small bounce on double tuck landing – front full to layout – hitting her 180s well – slide back double pike.

ARIZ: Hendrickson – BB – beat to split 3/4 with a lean – smallest lean on loso series – good full turn – switch to split, low back leg – very secure side aerial – stick gainer full.

WASH: Janik – FX – this is one of the weeks when she’s not basically in traction… – very very short on double pike, lands horizontally, nearly manages to connect directly into a belly flop, which would have been cool, fall – they’re so close to getting that 197, but it’s going to take four-straight hits now.

ARIZ: Cowles – BB – check on aerial – switch and split – just sort of vamping – aerial to bhs, redoes it to get a series – standing loso is secure – hop gainer full –

WASH: Duranczyk – FX – front tuck through to double pike, very secure and chest way up – hits straddle positions well, including a side split leap, which is not a common composition choice – stumble back on double tuck, couple steps but stays in bounds.

ARIZ: Leung – BB – leg-up check on loso series – solid on side aerial – two switches series, not that far off of 180 – stuck 1.5.

WASH: Washington – FX – double tuck slide back – front lay to front full, good height and maintaining her stretched position on that combo – chest down double pike – they’re an awful lot of machine gun choreography in this routine, isn’t there?

ARIZ: Ortiz – BB – loso series, hit – leg-up check on full turn – switch to beat to double stag – side aerial to full dismount – basically did it off the side of the beam by accident she was that far off on her side aerial, lots of steps and off the mat.

WASH: Yacalis – FX – high and controlled full in, chest down – 1.5 to front tuck, bouncing out of it a little – bounce back on double tuck, stays in like Duranczyk – they’re holding on. One more routine to hit.

Burleson needs 9.775 to get to a 197.

ARIZ: Schneider – BB – comfortable full turn, slow but precise – secure kickover front to back handspring but quite slow in connection – split and sissone, low – beat to sheep, all the skills are secure but she’s risking losing connection in a lot of them – good stick front layout full.

WASH: Burleson – FX – hits double pike, just a tad deep in landing but a controlled lunge back – 1.5 to layout, arched layout – slide forward on 2.5. A 9.950 is totally cracky and insane for that routine, which means Washington really has arrived.

Final: 197.125, Arizona 195.425


22 thoughts on “Sunday Live Blog – February 19, 2017”

  1. After three rotations, PSU is still in 4th place against traditional powerhouses TWU, CMU, & Sac State. (Actually the bars & beam rotations were fine, score wise, but they’re nonetheless more than a point behind TWU in 1st and half a point out of third place.)

    1. PSU lost more ground against the field on VT (counting score range: 9.575-9.8). Final:
      TWU 196.0
      Sac State 195.55
      WMU 195.375
      PSU 194.55

      1. I’m seeing some weirdness with the total for WMU.
        Per the scores posted,
        VT: 48.700 UB: 49.000 BM:48.925 FX: 48.850
        Which they give as a total of 195.375, but if you add those numbers you get 195.475.

        Then the fun really comes that if you pull the scores out and add the top 5 on all events, vault, bars, and beam match the posted, but floor shows 48.950, for a total of 195.575….

      2. I haven’t gone back through the scores but I’m guessing WMU either had a .1 team deduction on FX (going out of order or something), or they for some reason failed to take an OOB deduction from an individual score but instead deducted it from the total.

    2. I don’t want the PSU gymnasts to do poorly, but lack of results seems to be the only way PSU administration will make a coaching change. 😧

  2. Any idea why one of the Iowa gymnasts is wearing a giant padlock-type chain around her neck??

    1. One of the commentators said that each of the team members has a link in the chain and when they get together for training or competition, they join all the links together. “Teamwork”.

  3. New drinking game – drink every time Kaleigh Dickson says “absolutely” when she begins talking.

  4. There needs to be a word for the feeling when you take a gymnast out of your fantasy lineup and they hit it out of the park 😐
    (Mollie Drenth on beam this weekend, for me)

    1. I don’t know if it’s just camera angle or what, but in a hit rotation I generally expect her score to be dropped, and yet she’s usually at the top of the pile.

  5. The SEC network isn’t even pretending to care that there are two other teams competing against LSU today. Instead, we get crowd shots and shots of LSU warming up for their next event. Let’s just call this meet the “LSU Showcase.”

    1. To be fair it is on the SEC plus live stream. I think the university then provides the stream and not technically ESPN. ESPN/SEC plus merely hosts it. It’s almost like back when the university’s each provided their own coverage.

      I don’t have an issue with them showing every LSU routine, but at least cut to GW and Iowa in between. Also, this would have been a fairly easy meet to go one at a time (like PAC 12s). It wouldn’t have prolonged the meet that much, particularly because scoring seemed to take awhile in between athletes.

    1. Had Gnat been on floor, they would have gotten there. I also didn’t think it was too much crack. I mean the judges got a bit out of hand on floor, but I think the rest of the rotations weren’t overly ridiculous like a lot of meets have been.

  6. Anyone see Miss Val’s quote about the Utah fans giving her athletes the finger and generally being poor sports (she specifies it being male Utes fans)? My favourite part about the quote is when Miss Val gave the SEC a sort-of backhanded compliment (passive-aggressive complaint?) saying that even in the SEC she’s never dealt with fans who were rude like that.

    On another topic: Go Huskies!

    1. I was at the meet and the fans were cheering for the bruins. Yes there was booing but it was directed at the judges not the athletes. If you have ever been in the Huntsman Center you would see that it is a heck of a distance from the seats to the floor. It would have to be quite a finger to be seen. Also there is a lot of security and ushers so if someone did approach the athletes it would be dealt with. I find that comment non plausible. However, that being said. In an audience of nearly 16,000 you will get some jerks. If it did happen it would make the majority of Utah fans very upset. It is a great fan base and a knowledgeable one that appreciates good gymnastics. It was an electric atmosphere last night and a fun meet to watch. It was great to see some of the athletes in person that I had only seen on TV. I personally want to thank all of them for a memorable evening and hope both teams have a safe end to the season. To the Bruins can’t wait for the rematch at Stanford in march.


    Now I have 5 vaulters in my lineup also RIP Skyler Sheppard’s leg. I was hoping she could stop me from counting 9.75 on Vault and Floor but NOPE. But at least Maegan Chant is back on vault,

  8. I am traveling in Washington and got to see their meet today – gorgeous work (espyon beam) and really fun to watch Elise Ray behind the scenes. She seems really supportive of the athletes and adorably excited.

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