National Championship Headquarters

As last year, both days of nationals will be brought to you live on the ESPN family of networks, starting with the first semifinal on ESPN2, then the second semifinal and Super Six on ESPNU, plus the dedicated event feeds and four-event quad window for streaming.

So now, the links.

Friday, April 20
Scores Stream
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Semifinal #1
[2] LSU
[3] UCLA
[6] Alabama
[9] Arkansas
[10] Nebraska
[12] Georgia



Projected lineups

7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Semifinal #2
[1] Oklahoma
[4] Utah
[5] Florida
[7] Washington
[8] Cal
[11] Kentucky



Projected lineups

Saturday, April 7
Scores Stream
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Super Six LINK ESPNU



229 thoughts on “National Championship Headquarters”

  1. The announcers are OK, but as usual, they don’t bother reading the notes they are provided as to how to pronounce the athletes’ names.

  2. UCLA Super Six vault score ends up at 49.225 (9.845 avg). Gee, I wonder what it would be if UCLA had more than two 10.0 starting value vaults? Maybe next year.

    1. It’s not just 10.0 SV, though; it’s quality 10.0 SV vaults. Their 10.0 SV vaults went 9.875 and 9.80. 9.875 was good for them, but still not their highest. 9.80 was tied for their lowest. They need to get good 10.0s, not just 10.0s in general.

      1. Agreed, but they’re not scoring that great on their 9.95 SV’s, which begs the question why not have more 10.0 SV’s.

    2. With Marz Frazier and Sekai Wright on tap, next year should be the year.

  3. 9.9375 Nichols vault score…She’s great, but that vault was no where near stuck…That landing was not controlled. Just go up on your toes and then take a huge ‘salute step’?

    1. I think I hate the word finesse. Someone needs to give Kathy a thesaurus

  4. Does the broadcast’s graphic:
    LSU Bye
    UCLA Bye
    mean that LSU and UCLA can say ‘Bye’ to a National Championship this year? 😉

    1. Nope. UCLA finishes with 2nd highest bars score in Super Six history and the #1 highest beam score in Super Six history to gain their 7th National Championship…thanks in part to Peng’s two 10.0s.

    1. UCLA didn’t hit floor nearly as well as they could. I didn’t watch much of Nebraska’s, but presumably, they did?

  5. UCLA was great, but those bars and beam scores were something else. Really happy for Janay Honest — she’s been one of my favorites.

    Also, great job to Florida. They did much better than I expected. LSU also had an amazing night and I expect that they’ll be back fighting next year. And Oklahoma, man, what beautiful polished gymnastics. They also seem so humble about everything, which just draws me in even more.

  6. TOTAL LSU fan, but OU got robbed tonight. UCLA was way overscored. No PAC 12 fan can ever complain about SEC scoring again.

    1. I am a total Utah fan and not by any stretch of the imagination did I think UCLA would win but they KILLED the second half of the meet tonight. Total respect for them. Oklahoma and LSU were over scored in so many events. McMurtry overscored. Maggie especially bobbles on beam and vault and a schmarmy snug floor routine. Don’t hammer the PAC12. Peng was amazing. How did Lexi P get that score on floor with a major mistake. Scores were nuts all over. Bruins hung in to the end Major kudos to them. Congratulations. Well done

      1. Umm, I agree. Did I miss a major mistake from Lexie? If 9.81 is an overscore to you, that helps explain a lot about Utah gymnastics. Good grief

      2. Lexie Priessman had mistakes that were definitely one tenth each. A 9.8 should have been the highest they could’ve gone. And Finnegans bar score was insane. Falling out of a pirouette is usually a minimum two to three tenth deduction, although they ignored Kocians the first night so why not. I think LSU and UCLA benefited from getting a bye in the first rotation, because judges usually are more conservative in the beginning, the crack kicks in more and more with each rotation. I don’t think scoring really affected teams in terms of placement though. Oklahoma and UCLA were close enough that you could reasonably argue for either of them winning, but I think it was correct.

      3. The only thing that might have changed the outcome is rewarding OU for finishing first in Semi 2 and letting them start on vault, therefore going to beam (typically their best event) when the judges are a little less conservative with the scores.

        The way the NCAA has it set up Florida finished second in Semi 2 and received the Olympic rotation teams seem to crave.

        That would’ve put the sixth rotation as:
        Vault – LSU
        Bars – Florida
        Beam – UCLA
        Floor – OU

        It amps the drama between UCLA and OU because Maggie would likely have the opportunity to go last and possibly get a 10 of her own to beat UCLA. But I don’t think it would change much – would’ve been nice to see Edny stick her 1.5 cold for LSU though.

  7. I predicted that UCLA would win and Utah wouldn’t hang. The only placement I got wrong was LSU and Florida. GO BRUINS!

  8. It’s always interesting how the last routine often gets the exact score needed to win . . .

    I think Peng’s 10 was deserved, but the earlier routines were too high when compared to other teams.

      1. I didn’t think so. The replay of one handstand made it look slightly past 90.

      2. It’s not a deduction if they are within 10 degrees so slightly past handstand wouldn’t be a deduction.

    1. YES. I think this is part of the reason people feel OU was robbed from an outright win in 2014 and from a title tonight. Both times OU was on the event that finished first (vault/bars) when Florida was on floor in 2014 and UCLA was on beam tonight. It’s an advantage to be on the event that finishes later.

      I personally don’t agree OU was robbed, but doing the one routine at a time thing in the finals might make it fairer. Is that changing next year?

      1. I hope so! I like how the PAC 12 championship meet is run. I would love to see the SEC follow suit. It doesn’t add that much time to the broadcast because there’s no standing around waiting on judges.

      2. Besides being on an event that finishes later, I think being on any event other than vault during the final rotation is an advantage. Generally every single event tends to have a fair amount of scoring inflation by the last rotation, but the score inflation on vault is held back a bit by the start value of Yfulls. We’ve seen over the last few seasons that even things that should be objective deductions (obvious balance check on beam, non-stuck landing, etc.) can get ignored sometimes, but the one thing that absolutely never gets ignored is the start value of the routine. Thus, the team that ends on bars can hope that a short handstand will be overlooked and their routine will still go 9.975, but a team that ends on vault can’t have any reasonable hope that their Yfull will go 9.975.

  9. GO GATORS! Rightful win over LSU (especially after the distasteful comments made on film last year by one of the LSU seniors). They had it in them this whole time, great time to peak!

    On another note, OU was robbed. With the exception of Webb (often overscored), I think their team is scored most accurately especially when compared to the whack UCLA scores. However, Peng is great and carried the team.

    1. What comment are you talking about? I never saw anything and haven’t seen any other comments on here about it.

      1. It was on a youtube video right after LSU slid past Florida in the super six last year. The senior (I think her name was Sydney but I forget her last name). She said “we ***king beat Florida” and the camera was right on her. DD looked super angry. It was pretty nasty sportsmanship, regardless if she knew the camera was on her or not… be prepared to be filmed at meets!

      2. I mean saying you beat Florida is bad sportsmanship? To me that’s a compliment to Florida that they were so excited to be ahead of them in the championship meet.

        Watch any other sport on TV and that’s a common comment made after someone knocks off a top team.

    2. I get how you are salty about the comment made by Ewing, but she graduated, and it is hardly something to hold against this year’s team.

    3. That was maybe a tacky comment, but I don’t think it was bad sportsmanship or disrespectful to Florida in the least. If someone was excited to have beaten me I’d take it as a big compliment.

    4. Thanks for the compliment to LSU. Exciting to know finishing 3rd gets so so excited if you just beat LSU. Means you’re super initimated by our program. Again, thanks for the compliment!

      1. What? This comment is so silly. Clearly LSU was so so so excited to finish ahead of Florida last year (cursing and all), even though they didn’t win either. Thanks for the compliment to Florida’s program? Think before you comment, lol.

    5. I disagree. Hundley had major Lexie-ish mistakes in her floor; she should have been 9.8ish at most and LSU should have been third.

  10. So when and where will the UCLA Bruins build the statue of Peng Peng Lee – the greatest gymnast in Bruins’ history. 🙂

    Two awesome perfect 10s to win the 2018 NCAA Championship for her team. Peng is clutch.

    1. Dantzcher (spelling ?), Antolin, Maloney, etc. would like to have a word with you.

  11. I don’t really care who won and I think the top four all had amazing nights.

    That being said, judges need some training this offseason. They need to be consistent across all teams. The leo you wear and your placement in the order should not matter. A 9.8 is a 9.8 no matter the team or lineup position and the same is true for a 10 or a 9.6. I hope they do some kind of judging training/overhaul before next season.

    1. Well at least you admit the right team won. All four top teams were good but the Bruins did the best gymnastics on the night. Peng totally deserved her two 10s – I would’ve given them even if she was first in the lineups.

      1. Oklahoma was certainly most consistent on all events. UCLA’s vaults left a lot to be desired.

        The truth is when a meet is this close, there will always be arguments. It’s a subjective sport left up to judges. The outcome could have gone either way. If OU had won, UCLA fans would be upset but I don’t think too many would have been surprised. It was really close and scores were flying high.

      2. I’m not really a fan of any one team among the final six (well I do have a special place for most, not all, Pac 12 teams in ALL sports), but I was kind of rooting for OU, LSU and UCLA to win.

        Before the meet I had UCLA pulling off the upset with OU and LSU neck and neck for second followed by Florida, Utah and Nebraska.

        Props to Nebraska though for overcoming their poor opening rotation on bars and forcing Skinner to hit a 9.9 score on beam at the end.

      1. I honestly wouldn’t mind lineups being random every meet. I think it would force the judges to be a bit more fair. Although, leo and name will still carry a ton of weight.

        To me, if a leadoff has an amazing routine, they should get the exact same score they would get for that routine as an anchor.

    2. Agreed! The judges are also too tight at the beginning of the meet for both semifinals and super six and then loosen up too much towards the end of the meet. The lack of proper ranking of routines is out of hand.

      I think there also needs to be some quality control for judges who don’t do their jobs well. The spread between high and low tonight was 0.3 for some routines. And one judge gave a 10 for Janay Honest’s bars (no offense to Janay, but come on). There need to be repurcussions for being drunk on the job in order to put the judges in line.

    3. I totally agree. It’s almost like before the meet the judges decide to give the benefit of the doubt to some teams/gymnasts but not others. There are so many routines with a questionable element or dismount and some just get the benefit while others don’t, and it happens all season long. It’s frustrating for those who don’t get the bump that others do.

  12. Oh God. We thought UCLA home scores were nuts this year. Now just wait. Ohashi and Ross will be getting 10s every meet next season.

    Also, really surprised by Ross and Kocian falls tonight. I love them both, but it was surprising to see in a championship. When was the last time Ross fell in a big meet?

    1. 2015 US nationals Ross fell on her bars dismount (and bobbled the landing on vault – no fall but she had a major bend at the hips).

    2. I’m actually more surprised by Kocian’s hit floor and bars than by her beam fall. She had very little preparation for this season. I hope she is able to train well and be strong next year!

  13. Just now getting onto boards- who would have guessed LSU finally nailed their first event in Super six, finally came through on VT, and finally put up a nice even effort at NCAA championships- and they fall off the podium??? Props to UCLA and all the top 4. I cannot remember a more closely fought battle. Who would have guessed the team that gave up the most ground on one event would win a squeaker of a meet? And I’ll join the chorus of calls for more consistent judging.

  14. Thank you Alex McMurtry and Myia Hambrick for your lovely gymnastics and kind humble hearts. I’ve loved watching both of them compete over the last four years!

  15. Well, I can’t fault the gymternet for passionately disagreeing but I would like to point out that we all just saw a meet chalk full of breathtaking gymnastics in an arena filled with fandom from every team cheering the athletes on! We all know about how maddening judging is, but today I am grateful to all these women for the gift THEY ALL just gave the world. I am also pleased that they were surrounded by crowds that saw their achievements despite the color of their leotards. Excellent!

  16. I know we wanted a closer competition this year but it was TOO close for comfort, I need someone with an unbiased judging eye to rewatch every routine, score it themselves and let us know what the results actually should’ve been. Maybe the final rankings would end up the same but for some reason I think not. I watched the main broadcast so didn’t get to see every single routine. I actually agreed with Peng’s 10 on beam, would’ve reversed her and Kyla on bars- Peng gets the 9.95, Kyla gets the 10 but I feel like every other UCLA routine I saw was overscored? But there was crack flying for other routines on other teams as well. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

    1. So you’re saying that 22 UCLA routines were all overscored and none for the other teams?? OK lol

  17. I’m a HUGE LSU fan, and so happy UCLA won, though I think they were over scored as usual. I love their gymnasts so much, I just feel like they get too many gifts. Personally, I thought Oklahoma was the more complete team (UCLA’s vault and floor weren’t as good as they can be) and it could’ve gone either way between them. As an LSU fan, I’m upset Florida passed us for 3rd. It was so close, and while both teams got some gifts, I though a few LSU routines were a bit under-scored.
    I really just want something to be done with the judging. Every top team get’s over scored, some more than others, and that needs to change. I love NCAA gym so much, but all the over scoring definitely ruined this season for me little.

    1. I completely agree with you about OU vs. UCLA. Particularly, I can’t stand Ohashi’s two jumps out of her floor routine… I would say UCLA is without question the most over-scored super six team. LSU, UF, and OU are all over-scored/under-scored about equally. Maggie definitely didn’t deserve all of her 10s this season and her stagger often goes without deduction. Webb is also consistently over-scored. Priessman/Finnegan often get a benefit of the doubt and Hambrick with her piked first pass doesn’t get deducted. McMurtry has a great DTY but sometimes slide backs/not actually stuck landings are ignored by judges.

      With the exception of OU/UCLA, this meet ended as it should have. Florida was the team (out of teams 3-6) with the highest scoring potential from McMurtry, Boren, Slocum, Baumann, etc. but they were far less consistent than LSU. LSU had great competitors like Hambrick, Finnegan, and Edney but could not beat Florida’s max score (considering Florida even had a fall and LSU nailed vault for the first time all season).

      Utah is really slipping away from the top 4, but wow, MyKayla is a rock solid competitor.

      Nebraska also has proved themselves this season! Way to go. They’re a force to be reckoned with.

      1. I think Utah was exhausted. 4 AA’s were worn out after a full season with the exception of Skinner because she’s a total rock star machine. Spread the events. Next year with 4 solid freshmen coming in it might make a difference. I think it’s a wonder that they didn’t have more injuries with the AA schedule. Also my only negative comment is that I feel Tiffani Lewis was horribly underscored at this meet. Congratulations to UCLA

      2. I didn’t see Lewis’s routines, just her scores in the 9.7 range. Did she not have substantial deductions to take?

      3. Lewis didn’t have major errors. She has high difficulty on floor and an extremely high tach. On bars and had a slide on vault. Compared to errors from other routines Lewis was underscored. Compared to Nebraska and UCLA vaults. Way low

      4. I believe Tiffani Lewis missed her second tumbling pass. She did a full, instead of a 1 1/2, therefore did not have all the requirements needed….

    2. LSU finishes 3rd and ahead of Florida if Kennedy doesn’t have the large lunge on her vault in the anchor position. Don’t know if it would’ve allowed them to pass OU or UCLA through.

      Who cares if OU was the better floor/vault team over UCLA. The thing is UCLA did enough on their “weak” events to give themselves a chance when they went on their perceived “strong” events – which they nailed. OU did their usual routines but didn’t step it up for championship while UCLA brought a little extra – as did Nebraska and Georgia. If you want to go on how a team should be scored based on their regular season neither Nebraska or UGA should’ve made nationals in the first place.

      UCLA was like a football team who plays poorly in the first half but is only down by three TDs. After a locker room pep talk they come out and slowly chip away at the deficit and ultimately win with a Hail Mary pass with no time left on the clock.

  18. QUESTION: What do the following UCLA gymnasts NOT have in common with Peng-Peng Lee?–Olympic medalist (and 3-time NCAA Individual Champ) Samantha Peszek, World medalist Mattie Larson, NCAA Individual Champion Danusia Francis, Viral Video All-American Sophina DeJesus, Olympian Jennifer Pinches, All-American Hallie Mossett.

    ANSWER: In the above list, only Peng-Peng Lee was part of a NCAA National Championship team during her career at UCLA.

    1. You’re just inviting UCLA hate with this comment. Be proud of your win, sure, but consider being humble at the same time. Nobody wants the UCLA PR department invading the forum.

      1. No hate, I think the point is that even with seven championships, UCLA has had a lot of great gymnasts who missed out on being part of one of those seven. Even Peng’s final team was just a fraction of a point from having Peng added to the list of those who missed out.

        Congrats to all of this year’s Super Six gymnasts and teams for an exciting meet.

  19. I feel like scoring was as weird for both OU and UCLA so that I can’t come down on one side. But I had a feeling about OU when Maggie did the O3. Just seemed to be tempting fate.

    1. Shades of Michelle Kwan choreographing an exhibition routine to Fields of Gold and winning silver. Don’t count your chickens ladies. No matter how big a favorite your are, nothing is guaranteed.

    2. Scores were wierd for two days. Not just for Oklahoma and UCLA. There really needs to be oversight for judges

  20. OU fan but I got nervous as soon as they started on Beam and didn’t have a lights out Beam performance, also that it appeared Florida started out great on Vault and LSU on Bars, UCLA wasn’t even on my radar until that last half to be honest. But I feel like all 4 of those teams gave it their all, none had their absolute best performance which you’d never know looking at the scores. Lots of overscores happening across the board as the meet progressed. I agree with the pp who said that the judging ruined it for them this year, it was exciting that it was a tight meet but with so much crack scoring and the top 4 teams scoring so close together it leaves you wondering if the final ranking ended up being what it should have been which is not cool!

    1. I couldn’t disagree more. The top 4 teams scoring close together and wondering what the final outcome should have been is amazing. I love the discussion and debate that it sparks throughout the gymnastics community.
      Certainly more accountability needs to be given to the judges, but it is a subjective sport. Now we have access to the replay of every routine, so I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with.
      In last night’s Super Six I thought LSU actually got the most obvious gifts.

      1. lsu wasn’t getting any more gifts than the other top teams. I actually thought of the top 4, lsu got the most low balls, especially on beam (finnegan and hambrick deserved 9.95 at least compared to the other teams)

      2. Well based on the result there’s a clear Top 4 in the country in 2018 – props to Florida for deciding to crash the party rather than hang with the second tiers like they did all winter.

        Tier 2 would be Utah, Nebraska (props to moving up in the end), Michigan and Alabama – the latter two were in this group all season and just because they didn’t end up there doesn’t mean they don’t belong. But can any of these teams stay here as some of the teams just below (UGA, Washington, Kentucky) are knocking on the door…

        My questions now are:
        1. Can UCLA repeat in 2019 (without a strong leadership class of Peng, Janay, Sonya)?

        2. Is OU angry enough to find that extra fight and reclaim “their” title?

        3. Florida’s freshmen and sophomore showed up when it counted this year, but can they do that without the final National Championship classmates on their side?

        4. After three years of being oh so close, does LSU have something extra in their back pocket to bring to finally earn the title?

        5. Will Michigan and Alabama have their next leadership teams (juniors) step up now in April and demand their peers start preparing their bodies for a championship run next season because neither team is satisfied with missing nationals/Super Six, respectively? Especially interesting in Alabama’s case considering they never miss the final meet…

        6. Can Nebraska, UGA, Cal, Arkansas, Kentucky, Washington hold on to their Top 12 finishes in 2019 and improve upon them or will some of the lurkers (Auburn, Arizona State, Oregon) overtake them?

        7. Can George Washington still be a thing without their stellar senior class? What school/team is set up to replace them as the darlings of women’s gymnastics (BYU, Stanford, Minnesota, NC State)?

      3. The problem with the super close finish and uncertain outcome here is that part of the reason we’re in so much debate is because the judging was all over the place. There were so many weird scores that you can’t just point to one or two to determine how it affected the outcome. We have no real idea how the numbers we got reflected reality. I too am hoping for some fans to go through and score everything and see what they come up with. Honestly, I think I’ll trust those numbers more.

        I will say, I don’t think this format could have gone out much better. The perennially dull 6-7-18 regional was the most exciting of the bunch (and the Kentucky/Denver fight was good too), and then this Super Six was a great one.

      4. All 4 got gifts. Excluding the fall and the OOB, every single OU routine was scored 9.85 or better, except the 9.8375 for Showers vault which should have been 9.80.

  21. I’ve been over the past few years whether it would help the scoring issues if college gymnastics used the elite scoring system –i.e., perhaps judges wouldn’t be tempted to over score gymnasts throwing big difficulty if that were explicitly accounted for in the score, instead of pretending that all 10.0 sv routines are the same. I know there are downsides, but I think maybe that would make things more sane.

    1. I think the cons would outweigh the pros. It would render any team without a bunch of former elites unable to compete with the top 5 or so teams. There’s already a pretty big divide between the top 5-10 teams (the exact number depends on the year) and everybody else, and I really wouldn’t like to see that divide get larger. It would make the sport kind of boring for me.

  22. Super Six by Apparatus placement finish showed:
    UCLA: Vault 5th, Bars 1st, Beam 1st, Floor 4th
    Okla: Vault 1st, Bars T2, Beam 2nd, Floor 1st

    Winner determined by lowest sum of placements:
    UCLA: 5+1+1+4=11
    Okla: 1+2+2+1=6

    So, Okla wins by 5. Congrats! 😉

  23. I think the post season meets should have different up to the level deductions. Gives athletes time to put full difficulty in throughout the season. Then we would not continue to have this argument. I think we should award difficulty in post season then it would give judges an obvious deduction that they would have to take and we would not hear so much of they get benefit of doubt because of the leo they are wearing. Ex. A double pike, double tuck &. 1 1/2 punch layout should be a up to level. Every school from D1 can do this routine pretty much. Also, devalue Y full to 9.9 in post season. Any athlete ending w/ single full twist off beam regardless if connected to another skill should be a deduction. Front full, gainer full & back full. Another suggestion is put direction lines on vault like elite.,if we have deductions that are obvious it won’t be quite as subjective. These deductions should start at conference championships and go through to National Championships.

    1. It makes absolutely no sense to have different requirements just for the post-season. That just invites gymnasts to either up their difficulty early to build consistency or throw skills at the end. Either can lead to more injuries.

      Further devaluing of Yurchenko full makes even less sense. Not a single team was able to field a full lineup of 10 start vaults. This will make it even harder for lower-ranked teams to compete.

  24. Every year it seems that people nit pick the judging and the winner, unless there is a substantial gap between the winner and #2. UCLA general overscoring in 2018, McMurtry’s bars in 2015, Bridgey’s famous FX, etc. There are four judges on a neutral floor, why would they be biased at all as to who wins?

    These teams are all so close talent wise and execution wise. The top four all have multiple national/world team members. I would argue that UCLA and OU have more top-rated gymnasts (Ross/Kocian/Lee, Nichols/Dowell) than anyone (UF has many former elites but none with the same level of Olympic or almost-Olympic pedigree, and no more than UCLA in any case).

    I truly believe coaching makes the real difference in the end, and it is no surprise that Kondos-Field and Kindler were the top two in the end. The most seasoned coaches with multiple rings to prove it. And look out for UGA, because let’s face it, Yoculan has a huge hand in that team. Veteran coaches over decades with multiple championships.

    Will Rowland get there? Will DD ever break through? Time will tell. But no surprise to me that UCLA won with their combination of talent, coaching, and experience. They deserved it.

    1. Actually 6 judges on a neutral floor, although only 4 scores count.

      Agreed that we could spend all day arguing over who won. After OU’s beam rotation, I thought they opened the door and continued to leave it open, but I didn’t really feel like any team was necessarily taking advantage with mistakes of their own (UCLA’s entire vault rotation, Finnegan bars, Macadeg beam, McMurtry beam, etc). Then UCLA’s bars rotation came along and with one rotation to go, I thought there was a small chance because Oklahoma was not quite at the top of their game and UCLA was capable of a top-notch beam. Does an overall Oklahoma not quite at their best deserve to finish behind a UCLA that was even less at their best on two events and then lights out on two events? I can’t answer that. But I was glad for an exciting event at least.

  25. Peng says after Super Six: “I’m going to Disneyworld!”
    Response to Peng: ‘Too bad you’re too short to ride Space Mountain.’

    [Source: Comic Jeff Ross to Gymnast Shawn Johnson at ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Finals Roast]

  26. I’m really happy UCLA won, and I think they definitely deserved it. But I need something to be done with judging for next year. I recognize that all the top teams get over scored often, but it just feels like UCLA always gets the most benefit of the doubt. And I find myself not cheering for them, even though I love all their gymnasts. Like Ohashi scoring the same as Finnegan on floor even though she had a noticeable bounce out of the double layout. Also that beam rotation was GREAT, no question about it. But I thought it was a tenth or 2 too high. Especially after winning this year, I can imagine the over scoring for UCLA will be even worse next season. Again, I know that OU, Florida, LSU, Utah, etc. all get over scored a lot too. I just see it the most with UCLA.

    1. Because you want to see it the most with UCLA. How can you say you thought they deserved to win and then say they are overscored on every event????

      1. Because I thought they were the best team that night. I just think the overall total should have been 1-3 tenths lower. I don’t root for a certain team, I’m a fan of good gymnastics. LSU, Florida, and OU all got over scored in the super six as well. I love the UCLA’s gymnasts so much, and they deserved this win. But I’m also talking about this whole season in general, not just at the Super Six. I’ve noticed they are one of the most over scored teams overall, and no I don’t want to see it the most with UCLA. Like I said, something needs to be done with the judging across the board with all top teams.

  27. I am a Bama fan, so my team has been in the Super Six 28 of the last 30 years. I’ve attended 14 of them and always watch on TV. So I know a little about it, and I’m neutral since my team didn’t make it. With that as background, I have to say that OU fans complaining about judging is comical. The next time Maggie or OU get underscored will be the first time. UCLA’s scores were definitely up there the last 2 rotations, but for great routines and not any more than the annual elevation of scores at the end. It was the most dramatic and one of the best finals I’ve ever seen. Kudos to the top 4 teams as all were outstanding. I personally think UCLA deserved the win.

  28. UCLA is announced as the winner…

    But wait…

    Steve Harvey now comes out and says: “OK folks, uhhhh, there’s…I have to apologize. The first runner-up is UCLA. The NCAA 2018 Champion is Oklahoma.”

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