Just the Good Stuff: Women’s Qualification Day 2

What you need to know, in quick, easily digestible bullet points.

  • Aliya did an acro series, and it was easy looking for her.
  • Girl, where has this been for the last million quads? Did the baby punch your spine back into place?
  • Aliya also made the bars final. A DERRRRR.
  • Anyway, Russia qualified in 2nd as a team as expected, but only a couple tenths ahead of China
  • Because there had to be something: Simakova got a 0 on vault since she’s definitely not at full strength but still tried to do her rudi for some reason—and just sort of fell from the sky like a sack of wigs and landed eye-first
  • Akhaimova has successfully gone from being “one of those randoms who shows up at Russian Cup to finish 17th” to a world floor event finalist
  • Alexeeva is the consistent all-around rock Russia has been dreaming about for 10 years
  • If Simakova doesn’t make a dramatic recovery, Russia might have to vault a Yfull in the team final, which puts them down closer to China’s difficulty and removes a potential advantage Russia seemed to have going in
  • China will not be ignored! China hit all four floor routines and looks like a much more legitimate silver contender now than it did coming into the competition
  • Also, alleged bars and beam specialist Luo Huan somehow remains China’s best all-arounder most of the time and was an elegant sprite all day long, advancing to the bars final
  • Chen Yile fell on beam and also had just the weirdest pause ever where she momentarily passed into the spectral plane and didn’t want to come back, like a concentration pause but it was before choreography, and I still don’t really understand
  • Liu Tingting had to grab the beam so she didn’t die on her acro series and still made the beam final somehow. Admittedly, the rest of her routine was actually more perfect than sour Skittles
  • Canada was ON FIRE
  • Just…where has that meet been all our lives?
  • Ellie was Ellie, but it was also like EVERYONE was Ellie suddenly
  • Even bars was good, and Brooklyn Moors made it back to the floor final
  • France was…fine. Nothing disastrous, nothing to report, but they could have qualified as high as 4th and ended up 7th because everyone was just a little off, especially on those fab bars routines that all had small mistakes.
  • No Boyer in the beam final
  • Great Britain didn’t make the team final, BY A TENTH, so if you need to take a week-long sad nap, it’s completely understood
  • No rush Amy and Claudia, but also yes rush please
  • Your team qualifiers are USA, Russia, China, Canada, Brazil, Japan, France, and Germany
  • But, Becky Downie jusssst made the bars final, finishing in 8th. Phew.
  • Lots of close ones with absolutely necessary event-final participants only barely sneaking into their finals—Downie in 8th on bars, Liu Tingting in 8th on beam, Moors in 8th on floor.
  • Brazil was quite good, finishing 5th despite some misses on beam, which will be cause for great optimism heading to the team final
  • And Andrade isn’t even fully back yet
  • What I’m saying is, Brazil = legit
  • Also #JusticeForRebeca on that bars score
  • ROMANIA HIT ALL THE THINGS. THE MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED. Romania went 16-for-16, including all the bars routines, and finished 13th. So much better than we ever could have expected
  • Granted, this is the exact same finish as 2015 when the sky was  falling about Romania’s horrible performance, but the world is a much different place now
  • Your VAULT qualifiers are Biles, Olsen, Yeo, Moreno, Chusovitina, Pyon, Black, and Liu JR
  • Your BARS qualifiers are Derwael, Biles, Seitz, Luo, Hurd, Mustafina, Adlerteg, and Downie
  • Your BEAM qualifiers are Biles, Eaker, Zhang, Wevers, Padurariu, Derwael, Black, and Liu TT
  • Your FLOOR qualifiers are Biles, Murakami, Melnikova, Hurd, Saraiva, De Jesus Dos Santos, Akhaimova, and Moors
  • The lead group in the all-around final will be Biles, Hurd, Murakami, Derwael, Melnikova, and Black
  • The bars group in the all-around final will be De Jesus Dos Santos, Luo, Saraiva, Downie, Alexeeva, and Chen
  • The beam group in the all-around final will be Teramoto, Simm, Visser, Seitz, Golgota, and Barbosa
  • The floor group in the all-around final will be Moors, Mori, Kovacs, Charpy, Perez, and Klinckaert

15 thoughts on “Just the Good Stuff: Women’s Qualification Day 2”

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mustafina vault a DTY on TF to secure Russia on the podium…

    1. Mustafina will follow the usual russian traditions by doing AA…again…

      they need to maybe ship a few of their members to the us for training then they might get back a few more of alexxeva..

      so glad for romania that was like a miracle performance for them… when was the last time they went 16 for 16?!

      us lead is cut down to slightly less than 9 points…lol…taking out biles score and only using the remaining 3 scores (without even using ragan). they would get 168+ or down to just 3 points lead over russia….

      1. The Doha Miracle – the name for Romania going 16-for 16.

        I’m currently watching replays of the Minneapolis Miracle which helped come up with the name. 🙂 #SKOL

  2. seems like some teams banish their alternate and only march out with 5, like russia, brazil? others like us and gb marches 6 gymnasts,,,

  3. Alexa Moreno qualified fourth into the vault final! And it’s close! Mexico could actually get a medal at these Worlds!!!!!!!

  4. The best miracle of all: we haven’t had 27 gymnasts suffer horrific injuries!

  5. Biles will win the entire world’s gold deposits this year, but floor finals is a dream from the heavens for that sweet, sweet silver lining. DJDS vs. Hurd vs. Moors vs. Murakami vs. Saraiva? I have not been this eagerly joyful for a final since Super Six!
    I am certain this comes down to Murakami and Hurd again due to D scores bigger than the Pacific Ocean. Does anyone know if DJDS or Saraiva have the difficulty to challenge them at all this quad on fx? I’d hazard Hurd and Saraiva have slightly cleaner form on the right day…
    Moors wins by being herself. They should have a special rose gold medal for the top ranking dream ballerina ready for her at all times…

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