Worlds 2018 – Women’s Qualification Day 2

What is really the main event of women’s qualification begins now, because even though we’ve seen the US go, all the news with regard to team and individual qualifiers will be determined by today’s performances of Russia, China, Great Britain, France, Brazil, Canada and more.

In subdivision 7, we have China and lighting all the candles for Romania. At this point, Romania just wants to avoid disaster and place in the top 24. China is looking for second place as a team right now with Russia still to go—and trying to get two people into the beam final (Chen, Liu TT, and Zhang are all capable), someone into the bars final, and Liu Jinru into the vault final.

China has indeed gone with Luo Huan as the fifth team member rather than Du Siyu, which seemed the logical choice based on what we’ve seen from training. She’ll do the AA along with Chen Yile and Zhang Jin.

Also of note, Iacob has been named the alternate for Romania. It figured that Crisan would be coming into the team because she has been one of the best scorers in the recent friendly meets, but it was unclear who she would be replacing.

Also in this subdivision will be Finland, a potential dark horse for the top 24.

China starts on floor (ahhhhhh). Romania has to start on beam, and has to end on bars.

And also has to do floor and vault.

Also in this subdivision will be an EMPTY ROTATION. And yet we will still have five rotation groups and a bye. One of them will just be empty. Peak FIG.


Romania has also come out with the alternate, as are all these teams now it appears. Crisan looks the correct amount of terrified.

South Africa has choreographed a salute intro. China did not choreograph anything, but goes 9.875 for unison.

The veela from Finland did a unison kiss.

Rotation 1

Luo – FX – double Y, might get it – doubel tuck, step back – triple turn – 2/1 in combo,, a little short with a step – double pike, deep but hit. Low difficulty, but she has them in with a usable based score.

Ghiciuc – BB – switch ring attempt, don’t think  there was enough ring there – hits her series – switch 1/2 is solid – split ring jump, fine – side aerial, secure – 2/1 dismount with step back. An opening hit!

Rooskrantz vaults a Yfull, step back, good control

4.8/12.933 for Luo. They’ll definitely take that. High.

12.700 for Ghiciuc.

Daries hits a full – more amplitude but comes in short with a hop forward.

Zhang – FX – quad turn attempt, very borderline, but close – whip 3/1 to split jump, she does the combo, gets her moving sideways but she does it – front tuck to 2/1, lunge back, possible OOB – double pike, solid, small hop.

Ivanus – hit mount – bhs back pike (layout attempt) very secure – split leap and then re adjusts herself – side aerial, solid – split ring jump – side somi is hit – side jump 1/2 also good – wolf turn – carthwhell gainer double full dismount.

Two good routines to start for both China and Romania on potential trouble events.

13.200 for Zhang Jin. It was going to be a very successful floor rotation if they were getting 13s.

Chen – FX – split jump 1/1 – 3/1 with a step back, but got the skill around – falls out of that quad twist, so probably won’t get it – 2.5 to front pike with a hop – switch ring – double tuck, small hop back, comfortable with these passes – nice split ring leap –

12.666 for Ivanus on beam.

12.866 for Chen.

Golgota – BB – switch split mount to immediate switch 1/2 to swingdown – bhs to whip back, secure – front tuck with a check – piked side somi, a lean correction – side aerial, a larger lean correction – she looks more rattled than the first two but is staying on – lean again on switch side – wolf turn single – double tuck dismount, a little short with a step. She stayed on.

Liu JR – FX – full in bounce back – front tuck through to 2/1, another bounce back – double turn and falls out a bit – switch ring – switch 1/2 – 2.5, crossover step, some legs – popa, a little under – double tuck, short with a lunge forward.

Just 12.133.

Even though Luo’s difficult was low, I thought she had the nicest set for China.

12.733 for Golgota. A bit charitable to my eye.

Crisan – BB – switch split mount to switch 1/2 to swingdown just like Golgota but not quite the extension – full turn – bhs loso loso, secure with feet – front tuck, deep but hit – side aerial – switch to split leap to split jump – side somi, good – side jump a little short – double tuck dismount, overdoes it a little and has to stumble backward with a couple lunges off the mat.

The screaming from her teammates during that dismount was appropriate.

Romania hit all the beam routines and China hit all the floor routines. Is it a day of miracles?

12.666 for Crisan. Even with the dismount. Anyone else feeling these scores are…high?

All the Romanians break 12.5 on beam. 12s are totally fine. It’s the 11s that need to be avoided.

Rotation 2

Holbura – FX – double L – full in, solid, small steps back – double pike, hop back – switch ring, lovely – split ring – 1.5 to layout, some feet – double Y – switch side 1/2 – double tuck, secure – not a lot of D, but she should get some turns credited, which will help. Solid routine.

4.7/12.533 for Holbura

Crisan – FX – switch full – full in, super short with a lunge forward – front tuck through to double full, bounce back and OOB – drops out of doubel L, will just get single credit – double pike, solid, small hop – switch ring – split ring -(really lovely leaps in the foreground from Maija Leinonen on beam) – double tuck, lunge back. Some more errors there, but OK.

4.9/12.033 for Crisan. Not terrible, but they’ll want to drop it.

Ivanus – FX -full in, very secure – stagger stumble back on double pike – switch – switch side 1/2 with a minor stumble coming down – double tuck, bounce back – attempts the Volleman attitude double L, but won’t get credit for 2 turns – split leap 1/1, fairly short – front tuck through to 2/1, small hop

Rooskrantz has the standout set on bars for South Africa in terms of D – and she hit, as did her teammates –

Unfortunately I’m seeing a number of 10s come in for Finland. So much for my dark horse?

Saukkonen – BB – bhs layout stepout and it was horrifying – she straddles the beam and then barrel rolls sideways and flops to hger back – she’s back up with a switch to sissone – full turn, huge break and nearly falls again – illusion turn, leg-up wobble – side aerial and back tuck hit – fell on side somi, second fall of routine, she’s having a TIME. layout full dismount.

12.400 for Ivanus

Golgota – FX – DLO is basically entirely straddled but hit – double arabian, super control – switch side full attempt, pretty close to getting it around – popa, smooth – full in, just one adjustment set – double wolf was fairly crazy but around – switch ring – split leap 1/1, more precise – double tuck, some cowboy but safe

5.4/13.400. She gets Romania into the 13s. That puts her 6th on floor. 5th after 2 per.

Romania has broken 38 on the first two events. This is a safe pace.

Romania moves to the totally unnecessary bye now, while China will vault.

Rotation 3

Daries – BB – back dive mount – wolf double, smooth, deliberate – side aerial with a wobble – bhs back tuck was terrifying the second she started, fall – a little slow in a mixed series to swingdown, so won’t get that – straight jump 1/1 from side, pretty good

Luo – VT – perfectly acceptable Yfull with a hop back. 13.466.

Chen – VT – Yfull – a little more height on her full than Luo – small hop back – good extension. I’d love to see the DTY come back at some point, though. Until then, her AA score will be fairly capped. 13.433. Chen didn’t get rewarded for superior height and form versus Luo there.

Saukkonen – FX – L hop full done correctly, with leg above horizontal – double tuck, a little deep – front layout as one of her passes – 1.5 twist to finish

Zhang – VT – DTT – a little short this time with a step forward, hit – some legs in the air and I assume she get docked for distance because there is little –

Liu – VT 1 – hit her DTT, a fairly piked shape throughout but just a medium hop back.

14.300 for her first vault.

Maguire – BB – switch 1/2, short of split – full turn – bhs loso, solid – switch to switch side, not there on the switch side but keeps from wobbling too much – side aerial leg up – just a small hop on front full dismount, good hit

LJR – VT 2 – she goes for the rudi and just barreeeeeely got it to her feet, quite deep with a lunge forward and to the side, partially off the mat

13.933 for LJR’s second vault. Liu in just ahead of McCallum (on difficulty) and is 5th.

Leinonen – FX – Oh damn she doesn’t usually have to do floor these days – split jump 1/1 nice – cannonballs a double tuck – lands it though – 2/1, some crazy legs but secure – drops out of double Y – split leap 1/1, gets it around – leans out of triple spin – kock ,u pwn butt choreography – front layout –

Unfortunately, that beam score is going to be unsurvivable for Finland.

Rotation 4

Really interested to see how China’s bars scores match up to the 14.4s it’s going to take to make this final.

Ghiciuc – VT – Yfull – fairly piked in the air with some legs on the horse, but hit. 13.333.

All of these Yfull scores are bunched right together and they are not created equal.

Zhang – UB – toe Shap to gienger, TOTALLY NOT CLOSE, misses a hand and falls – they’re checking to make sure her hand is OK, she seems fine – oh dear. Falls again on a Jaeger

Ivanus – VT – better height on her full, still piked in the air, short with a step forward.

China wasn’t planning to count Zhang’s bars score, but now they really won’t. Very devastating to her AA chances because China has three going for it.

14.266 for Golgota on a DTY. Second vault is Tsuk 1/1, clean, hop in place.

Golgota is 7th on vault, not going to make the final there.

10.733 for Zhang on bars. Yikers.

Liu TT -UB – stalder Shap to pak, some legs – Toe Shap to gienger, hit – three connected E pirouettes – DLO, lovely, hop forward. Will get deducted for the finish on the Ling 1/2 though since it was quite late.

14.333 for Liu TT puts her in 6th. Russia and GB still to come, as well as two of her teammates.

Luo – UB – toe Shap to Pak, super clean – toe Shap 1/2 – two E piouettes to piked jaeger – super late 1.5 pirouette – DLO, small hop. Still good. Overall, nicer form than Liu TT, so I’d expect the score to rise.

A little. 14.466. That puts her level with Hurd but ahead on E score tiebreak.

Chen – UB – stalder Shap to Pak, good – Toe Shap to gienger, not high but hit – E piro to a fiarly close piked jaeger but caught – FTDT dismount with hop. Three good routines for China.

“People’s Republic of China????” CA says as a question.

14.300 for Chen. So she’s 2-per out of the bars final. LTT may miss out as well because she’s now currently 7th.

Rotation 5

Romania to bars. Dear lord.

Luo – BB – switch to split ring, fairly odd ring position with a check – not connected to bhs – really secure on most of her acro – a wobble on the onodi – had to watch Romania since Luo looked solid – finishes with double pike – HUGE stumble back, multiple lunges. #YangBoLegacy

Holbura – UB – tucked jaeger (?), but causght – large pause in handstand – now straddle jaeger – bail, some body arch – giant full double pike. Not a fall!

11.700 for Holbura. Unfortunately I’m like, “Good score!”

13.266 for Luo.

Crisan – UB – Wieler 1/2 with legs – Stalder Shap to clear hip, ncie – stalder full to tkatchev to straddled pak, but good rhythm – pretty flat in her shap but hit – orphan 1/2 turn DLO with a hop/

Zhang – BB – awesome bhs bhs layout to two feet series – aerial with a check – split to split ring jump – switch to sheep with a check – side split 1/2, excellent security and split position – bhs bhs 3/1, close to around – hop – good one

12.233 for Crisan

14.100 for Zhang puts her into 3rd. Ahead of Wevers. Wow.

Golgota – UB – Toe shap, better height – clear hip – tkatchev, hit – pak was crazy legged but she caught it and kept going somehow – shap 1/2 – double front 1/2 out dismount was nice. Romania has three hits on bars you guys.

Chen – BB – Back dive mount – round off layout, can’t stay on. Fall. NO. Do not accept. – Aerial to split to double stag – switch ring, small arm wave – side aerial – her leaps are mostly lovely – long pause for no reason before some arm waves – split ring leap has a little Eaker syndrome – 3/1, similar to Zhang, nearly around, small hop

12.366 for Golgota

Ghiciuc – UB – Shap to bail, small leg breaks on both – clear hip to toe shoot – blind change to jaeger, hit – giant full, pretty late – double pike, lunge back.



12.900 for Chen –

LTT – BB – fhs to front tuck, huge break and grabs the beam – switch to split ring leap – switch ring to bhs, perfect – aerial to split ring to swingdown, also perfect – full turn – side aerial, good – 3/1 dismount, stuck. Oh tingting. After the series, that routine was literally perfect.

Romania has moved into 8th! That’s an excellent result.

Liu Tingting grabs the beam and still goes 13.766, which is the second best CHinese score and good enough for 6th. What.

China comfortably into 2nd ahead of Japan. Mistakes on beam, so they’ll be confident in the ability to improve for TF. We’ll expect Russia to go ahead of China’s score.

Meet back here in 30 minutes for France and Canada.


In which we see whether France can catch Japan and how Canada’s bars are going to go.

Interesting for France that Boyer will not do AA. She’s definitely the weakest bars worker of the five, so that makes sense, but I thought they might want to get her into the AA rather than Vanhille. Moors and Black will do the AA for Canada.

Canada will begin on bars and France on floor.


France’s intro also very extra. Back turning and unison clapping.

Canada just waved. #NorthAmericaIsLame

Rotation 1

Vanhille – FX – split leap 1/1, good – double pike, secure, comfortable – split jump 1/1, well extended – double tuck, also secure

Moors – UB – clear hip Shap to Pak, nice – toe full quite late – toe Shap 1/2 – clear hip – Khorkina, hit – piked Canada dismount. Good!

Brooklyn hit bars! We’re all going to be OK!

Also a lovely start from Vanhille.

12.666 for Moors. 12.600 for Vanhille.

Padurariu – UB – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, lovely – inbar tkatchev piked to pak, a small hesitation on low bar catching pak – inbar shap to bail to shoot to high – a little dead hang there – FTDT, holds onto stick. Some super lovely work there. Two hesitations on catches, on one the Pka, one on the shoot, but those were really the only things.

Boyer comes in short on her double tuck on floor with a hop forward. Double pike is solid, small shuffle back

13.833 for Padurariu. Good.

13.133 for Boyer.

Ang – BB – nice split side 1/2 – really efficient and well done leaps – check on double spin but hit it – falls on side aerial loso attempt

Black – UB – Toe shap to clear hip tkatchev, hit – Clear hip tkatcehv piked – piked jaeger to pak, nicely done – toe Shap 1/2 – giant full – small hop back on dismount. It’s Ellie. Super solid.

DJDS – FX – we’re joining partway through – nice double double tucked – split leap 1/1 with some indistinct finishing position – wolf double – front loso through to double back, took it right to the edge Maroney style but stayed in – double pike, small hop – switch ring – split 1/2

14.000 for Black on bars.

Hadi – BB – side aerial, nice extension – switch – real tour jete – round off back tuck series, amazing save but a large wobble – lean forward on side jump side somi is good – 2/1, stuck

Marois will just salute and not do bars. Canada has three scores it already wanted. Marois wasn’t going to do beam anyway, so she’s not losing an AA chance. 40.499 for Canada. Excellent.

MDJDS 13.900 on floor. That puts her in 4th place.

Chapry – FX – interesting to have her go last – double Y attempt – good split leap 1/1, double tuck is stuck – front full to stag – double pike, small hop back –

12.666 for Charpy. France 39.699 on floor. Only the US has done better on floor so far, so both France and Canada will take these starts.

Rotation 2

France is on a bye now (stab me in the face) while Canada moves to beam.

Rifda – UB – giant full – bail with legs apart – toe shoot – double tuck, ghop forward

Olsen – BB – A rare right, Olsen in the Canadian beam lineup – aerial with some knees and a lean correction – bhs loso loso, nice speed and form there – switch to switch 1/2 – long pause – Onodi with a lean to the side – Ilusion turn with a check – double pike dismount and stuck. A hit!

Canada won’t really have been expecting to count this routine, but it serves as a nice baseline. Dana Duckworth can work with this. 12.833.

Moors – BB – large check on front tuck mount but saves it – switch to split ring jump, feet on split ring jump, exacerbated by the socks – aeiral to front tuck, got it – deep landing but solid – attitude turn – side somi, good – switch 1/2 – front handspring to layout rudi with a hop. Two hits!

13.133 for Moors.

Black – BB – swith split mount to immediate switch split to switch 1/2 – double spin with a lean – bhs layout 2 feet, solid – side somi, hit – double pike, small hop. Another solid routine. Canada basically set with beam scores through three, just like bars, but they can get a very big number from Padurariu.

13.733 for Black. That’s 6th on beam.

Padurariu – BB – back dive mount – wolf triple, lovely toe point, a little sluggish toward the end – switch ring, small check – side aerial to loso loso, super strong – switch 1/2, nice extension, lean to the side – aerial to split jump to bhs – switch to sheep with a check – double pike, short, pace forward. Some wobbles but a great set, little built-in form problems.

13.966 for Padurariu. She’s into 5th, putting Black in 7th.

Rotation 3

Marois – FX – piked full in, some form, a little short, but controlled – L hop full – switch 1/2 – 2.5 to layout, solid, small hop – split 1.5 attempt but well short of split – 3/1, lands pretty far crunched over with a hop to the side to get herself out of a ball shape. Another hit for Canada.

Boyer – VT – FTY – really lovely open and height on that, small hop. 13.666. That was far superior to a lot of the fulls we’ve seen the last two days, I don’t think there’s enough separation there.

Rifda – BB – pretty y spin – aerial to split to sissone, nicely done as well – bhs back pike, step back – switch to side somi with a lean – split leap to side aerial, also well extended –  side jump, controlled – front layout full dismount with small hop. Great hit.

Olsen – FX – double double tuck, a little short with a lunge – front through to double tuck, good – switch to switch 1/2 – they’re trying to get her not to be background music-y here, but there’s no so much connection to the music – piked full in, some bounce back – 3/1, just a small shuffle, legs crossed throughout.

Charpy hits her full on vault but has some piking throughout

12.700 is an excellent score for Rifda on beam.

12.733 on floor for Shallon. Got hit on execution.

Black – FX – popa, solid – 2.5 through to double tuck, absolutely nailed – front 2/1 to front tuck, small hop back – split leap 1/1 is short of split, probably also deductions for the switch leap 1/1 – 2/1, bounce back, some legs –

13.233 for Black. In 11th.

Moors – FX – front layout to double front with a hop – lovely performance obviously, the dream – Pod, hits it, a stumble backward but so much better than PT – double attitude that’s a real double attitude turn – switch ring, great – Ferrari is more trouble with the feet, and also how that skill never looks good – split jump 1/1, nice – 2.5 to front tuck…almost got a little scary there but she pulled that front tuck around. Some leg crossing on that 2.5. Nice work, but some landing deductions there

13.600 for Moors still, which puts her in 6th, 5th after 2 per, so she’s got a good shot at that final.

Canada is on fire. France also having a strong day.

Rotation 4

Rifda – FX – nice lift into her first leap – double tuck, a little bounce – double Y spin, will get credit – front full, lunge forward – split jump 1/1 – double pike, stuck –

Vanhille – UB – stalder Shap to Pak, super high Pak – Toe Shap to bail, smooth – toe full to stalder shoot – hits jaeger – toe 1/2 is welll short – DLO, stuck. Aside from that toe 1/2 (which will probably dock her 0.5 alone), she’s reminding us why she made the Olympic team to do bars.

12.933 for Vanhille.

Charpy – UB – toe full to stalder Shap to Pak, lovely legs togewther – toe Shap 1/2 – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, solid – struggles up to handstand after that but gets there – blind full – DLO, ooooh flings out that DLO and has to lunge forward to save it.

Nathan falls on a 2.5 on floor.

Charpy 13.000. They would have hoped for more from that routine, but she had some errors.

MDJDS – UB – inbar tkatchev to Pak, well done – inbar – toe Shap 1/2 – love how her inbars are real inbars – large arch in a handstand but pulls it back – DLO 1/1 dismount, AWESOME stick.

13.866 for Melanie. She’s on track for a super strong AA result, and if she hits beam the way she can, she could catch Mai and Nina.

Bossu – UB – inbar full to Shap 1/2, super high, good – inbar – inbar 1/2 to pikled jaeger, well done – pak – toe Shap 1/2, legs together throughout – double front, lunge back.

13.866 for Bossu as well. No French bars routines in the final. These last two were both pretty good, but not perfect enough to get into that final.

Rotation 5

France would need 40.118 on beam to pass Japan. Canada needs 41.217 on vault. That’s a tough score to get on beam, but we’ve seen those numbers fly on vault.

Vanhille – nice switch mount – switch 1/2 – bhs loso series, some bent knees in there – full turn – split leap to side aerial – switch – side somi, strong – excellent side jump – aerial – split to wolf – gainer layout, stuck. VERY good start for France.


Marois – VT – DTY – hits it – bounce back – crossed legs in the air but stronger than the one I saw from her training, chest pretty well up


Charpy – BB – ro loso mount with a check – bhs loso, another wobble – wolf triple, hit – wolf double, also hit, some arms – side aerial, solid – switch to split leap, pretty – double pike dismount, step to the side. More wobbles than they wanted to get that score needed to catch Japan, but a hit.

Moors – VT – handspring layout-ish 1/2, step. Probably credit as pike?

She does get credited with the pike. 13.333.

Moors was signed up for 2 vaults but won’t do a second.

13.066 for Charpy

DJDS – BB – great save on her front pike mount, she looked sho short – front pike , also with a check – large leg-up wobble on layout 2 feet – more confident as she goes, especially with some lovely leaps – double tuck, very good, small hop

Black comes in pretty deep on her handspring full vault with a hop, a little surprising. Her landing is usually nailed.

14.033 for Black.

Black – VT 2 – Tsuk 1.5, excellent, great layout position, small hop

Farah Ann fell on a DLO

Black into 4th on vault. She’ll make the final.

Just a 12.566 for DJDS on beam with all those checks. France off the pace to catch Japan now. Canada has already done it, even before Shallon vaults.

Olsen – VT – she is posting the Cheng – and she hits it well, one of her better ones – hop back, legs in the air

Boyer – BB – lovely opening series to the tuck jump 1/2 – LARGE break on layout series but stays on the beam – switch to switch 1/2 – L turn to full turn – side aerial – good save on side somi to work into a connection well without giving away a wobble – double pike, good, small hop

France actually really needs this Boyer score to ensure getting ahead of Germany.

Olsen – VT 2 – pretty good DTY, step back. She’ll make vault finals easily with that.

And Olsen is into second on vault, behind only Biles.

13.600 for Boyer, which will put France ahead of Germany and into 5th. That’s critical because Russia, GB, and Brazil are still to come, so the countries currently in 6th, 7th, and 8th (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium) are the ones in trouble.

Fantastic day from Canada puts them into 3rd as a team. Could never have dreamed of better. Good chance to qualify in 4th and begin on bars in TF.

Meet back here in an hour for the big one—Russia, GB, and Brazil.


Great Britain starts on the bye, so we’ll have Russia on floor and Brazil on vault in the first rotation.

No choreographed intros in this group. Subdivision 9 didn’t come here to make friends.

So we’ll get a chance to see how Aliya “I’m only doing bars and beam” Mustafina fares on floor.

Rotation 1

Andrade just warmup up a DTY.

Fidelis – VT – clean full, hop back, good height, just a little legs

Alexeeva – FX – starts double pike with step back – 2.5 to front tuck, solid landing – switch – switch 1/2, lovely extension in those leaps – wolf triple around – back 1.5 to front full, step back, some leg crossing – split leap 1/1, good – 2/1, step back and to the side. Solid start.

14.500 for Barbosa on her DTY, following the 13.533 for Fidelis.

Saraiva – VT – nice high DTY with a little bounce back because of her rubber legs. 14.466

Alexeeva – 13.066

Akhaimova – FX – DLO 1/1, very well controlled landing, just some crazy legs – DLO, secure – a little ragged on the second turn of double L spin – double arabian, lunge forward – wolf triple – split 1/1, pretty well short of split there – full in, lands a little far over with two steps back.

Andrade 14.566 for her DTY.

Brazil’s 43.532 is the second best vault rotation of the competition so far.

13.600 for Akhaimova, into 6th. (5th after 2 per, ahead of Brooklyn Moors)

Melnikova – FX – double L to double turn, a little lean on the double turn at the end – DLO 1/1, secure landing, crazy legs in the air – Ferrari is kind of hilarious as she throws her limbs all around – a little short on DLO with a step forward – wolf double – front tuck through to double tuck, solid, small step back – double Y, sheshould get credit for these spins – double pike, good, just another little shuffle

14.033 for Melnikova. She’s 3rd.

The floor 8 right now are Biles, Murakami, Melnikova, Hurd, De Jesus Dos Santos, Akhaimova, Moors, and Volleman.

Inquiry submitted for Akhaimova

Mustafina – angrily slaps her legs before starting because queen – full in, bounce back and OOB – split jump 1/1 – back 1.5 to front full – triple turn, very precise finishing position – split leap – switch ring – double tuck, super solid, small step. Double Y spin. For hoisting herself up to do a floor routine she wasn’t ready for, that was strong.

13.200 for Aliya, so they’ll count that score.

Russia 40.833. Also the second best floor score of the meet.

Rotation 2

Russia gets a break. GB is on vault and Brazil is on bars.

Oliveira – UB – toe SHap to pak, super nice legs together – Toe on – Toe Shap 1/2, great leg shape on all of them – some pretty late front giant work – piked jaeger, hit – orphan 1/2 turn, late, pace forward on dismount. Improvement over recent showings.

Simm – VT – 1/2 on layout 1/2, step back, some body form, but solid. Her usual. 13.900.

13.166 for Oliveira.

Kinsella – VT – solid DTY – comes in just a little short but doesn’t affect the landing much, small hop back

Barbosa – UB – Shap to tkatchev, hit – Ricna to Pak, just a little leg break – toe Shap to bail to stalder shoot, lovely – toe full, some legs – DLO, landing surprised her a little with a bounce up. 13.333.

Some larger wobbles of Uctas Sanli on this beam routine – full twist dismount with a hop.

14.366 on the DTY for Ellie Downie.

Fenton – VT – FTY – nice and high, bounce back, good form. So GB will have to count a full, which will bring down that vault score compared to other top teams.

Saraiva – UB – pike dtkatchev – pak – toe on – toe shap to tkatchev – close on these releases but hitting – some leg breaks throughout – toe full – double front – step forward. One of her hits. Phew.

42.566 for GB on vault.

12.400 for Flavia on bars.

Andrade – UB – Toe Shap to stalder full to tkatchev to pak to shap 1/2 – huge connection series – piked jaeger, strong – toe full to FTDT, small hop. Awesome. Small hesitation in the stalder before initating her full turn, but she got it. Should be a big number.

Super long wait for Yilmaz as they come up with Uctas Sanli’s score.

14.333 for Andrade. She’s into 8th, behind Tingting because of a lower E score. I thought it would be higher.

Yilmaz – BB – bhs to back full! Hit! Leg up wobble on it but hit – aerial, check – side split 1/2, OK – more trouble on the straddle version with a big arm wave – switch to switch 1/2, hit – split leap to side aerial – double pike, shuffle back. She stayed on! Some large breaks but she stayed on.

Brazil’s 40.832 is the #5 bars score of the competition.

GB’s 42.566 is the #4 vault score of the competition.

It’s a 12.000 for Tutya.

Sahin finishes beam with a 1.5 dismount with several lunges forward semi on and semi off the mat

Rotation 3

Now we have to keep track of Russia on vault, GB on bars, and Brazil on beam all at the same time. Is it NCAA season already?

Simm – UB – toe full to piked Ricna – good – Ricna to Pak, hit – stalder Shap to Bhardwaj – pretty nice! – Toe Shap 1/2, a little leg break – some short vertical on these handstands that will take the E down a bit – DLO, hop forward. Good.

Alexeeca – VT – clean full, little shuffle back, not much distance. 13.500

12.066 for Oliveira on beam

Melnikova – VT 1 – DTY – hit – bounce back – legs went a little crazy toward the end.

13.800 for Simm on bars.

E Downie – UB – forward toe 1/2 to toe SHap to tkatchev – toe full goes crazy in the legs but she works through somehow to piked tkatchev to pak – toe shap 1/2 – DLO, a little short, hop forward. She is a magician because she should have not been able to keep her rhythm going a couple times, but she did. Some great saves.

13.466 for Ellie.

Melnikova VT 2 – just does the 1/2 not the Cheng, PHEW – sticks it somehow even though her limbs were going every different direction in the air.

Fenton – UB – falls on opening Stalder piked tkatchev. Well drat.

Simakova – VT – rudi – oh sweet dear why did you try that – nowhere close – landed to her face. Should be a 0.

Fenton gets back up and hits the Fenton – the rest of her routine was glorious and elegant because of course it would be.

And it is a 0 on vault for Simakova. Should have just had Aliya go up and get an AA score and make the AA final somehow.

11.700 for Jade on beam. It was going so well through two events.

Akhaimova – VT 1 – rudi – hers is stronger, in that she landed it upright, a couple stagger steps around to control the landing, but should still score well. 14.566

Andrade 12.666 on beam.

Becky – UB – full to piked tkatchev, good – toe tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova, hit – Shap to Pak, wonderful – toe Shap to gienger, solid – FTDT, small hop. A HIT! I want to see that Yezhova again because I literally don’t know how she got her hand over the bar but then she did?

Akhaimova VT 2 – huge and hilarious stumble backward and off the mat – stayed upright – somehow. She’s into 9th on vault.

Flavia had a big wobble on her beam mount but stayed on and righted the ship after that.

14.400 for Becky puts her in 7th place on bars. Which means she could get bumped out by two Russians. I WILL MURDER ALL THE THINGS. Anyway…

13.233 for Flavia.

Rotation 4

Kinsella – BB – back dive mount – wolf double, hit – side aerial to loso and falls. Oh, Alice, you were supposed to be the one who was going to hit! – Switch to switch side looks good – aerial – 2.5 dismount, crossover step

Melnikova – UB – inbar 1/1 to Shap to Pak to Shap 1/2 – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, a little close – orphan half turn to be the death of me – toe full to FTDT, hop back. Pretty late on that toe full. Some things in there. 14.300.

Barbosa – FX – whip to full in, good – piked full in, super solid – we see GMF looking all extended in the foreground, check on a side aerial – meanwhile Barbosa is super expressive and all over the place (in a good way) in this floor choreography and hitting the passes.

Alexeeva – UB – toe full to shap to gienger, hit – Ono to piked jaeger, good – some cast hs issues – pak – toe shap 1/2 with some legs – double front, good, step forward.

12.900 for Fenton on beam.

13.200 for Barbosa on floor.

13.833 for Alexeeva.

E Downie – BB – punch front, wobble but keeps it on the beam – switch to switch 1/2, check, good extension – bhs loso, large wobble, saves it – another large wobble and save – 2.5 dismount. Tons of E deductions there but what a fight.

Simakova – UB – Shap 1/2, some legs, caught – stalder 1/2 to piked jaeger, good – toe full to pak – shap to gienger and falls. Oh dear. Stagger back on double front. Beginning to wonder if they should have even bothered with Simakova on the roster or subbed in Spiridonova just for bars.

This means that Becky will still be top 8 on bars after Russia. Bullet dodged.

13.900 for Saraiva on floor. She goes into 5th now.

Just a 12.500 for Ellie on beam.

Simm – BB – Back dive mount – switch to sissone, solid – back full, good! small wobble – one bigger wobble on her series, but a good hit – double tuck dismount with step. Nice.

Mustafina – UB – stalder 1/1 to Shap to Pak to Shap 1/2, excellent – stalder 1/2 to piked jaeger, super high as always – toe full to FTDT, fake stick with a step. Aliya things.

Fidelis finsihes floor with secure double pike. Even before her routine, Brazil was into 4th (!) ahead of Japan.

14.433 for Mustafina on bars. She’s into 6th. Downie in 8th.

Rotation 5

Nervous time for Great Britain. It will take a 39.107 on floor to move ahead of Germany and be positioned to make the team final.

Meanwhile Russia goes to beam needing a 39.465 to pass China for second place.

Alexeeva – BB – opening wobble – bhs bhs layout hit – aerial with a check, not connected to switch – switch 1/2, nice – 2/1 dismount, step to the side. Stayed on.

Kinsella – FX – 2.5 to front tuck out of combo pass, controlled well – double tuck split leap 1/1 – switch 1/1 – double pike, bounce back – good opening.

13.133 for Alexeeva

Simakova going on beam. She’ll have to salvage her day and show why it was a good idea to keep her on the team.

Simakova – BB – back dive mount – switch ring, good, some foot – bhs bhs loso, hit – aerial, solid – split ring jump, crazy foot but secure – switch to split – full turn – side aerial, hit – side somi – double tuck, pace back.

And that’s why Simakova was on the team. You wouldn’t get that routine out of Spiridonova or Akhaimova.

Lonnnnnng wait for Kinsella’s score.

It’s 12.733 in the end. They need to average a 13.0-13.1 to get into the team final.

Melnikova – BB – front tuck mount – split to straddle – switch ring, secure – bhs loso, solid – aerial – side somi with a lean – split ring leap with some feet – double pike dismount with a bounce back. Getting rid of the 2-fgoot layout has done wonders for making this routine less terrifying.

Simm – FX – gooood double arabian – full0in, stuck – switch – split full, fairly short of 180 – 1.5 through to double tuck, good – double pike, a little hop and some loose knees in that one, but a strong hit.

13.066 for Simm. That’s right on pace.

13.400 for Simakova. 12.866 for Melnikova. Interesting.

Russia currently the smallest smidge behind China before Aliya goes.

E Downie – FX – 1.5 through to double arabian, hop forward – double front nice, small hop – switch – split leap 1.5, got it around – 2.5 with step – like she never left –

Mustafina – BB – bhs loso, hit! An acro series! – Aerial to split to wolf, good – leg-up wobble – switch ring, good – onodi to split ring, large leg up wobble again – side aerial, smooth – another wobble on the side somi – double tuck, step back

13.233 for Mustafina is JUST enough to get Russia ahead of China for 2nd.

Fenton – FX – she needs 12.841 to get GB into the top 8. 3/1, a little hunched over, small hop – 2.5 to front tuck, step to the side – double Y spin – switch L hop 1/1 – double tuck – LARGE step back OOB with both feet – could be decisive. Dear dear. Wait for the score now.

It’s 12.433. No team final for Great Britain.

There aren’t too many strong teams left, so your current groups for the finals may be the qualifiers.

I still think Poland and Argentina are going to end up being right on the cusp of team qualification in the top 24, as it was after the very first subdivision.

47 thoughts on “Worlds 2018 – Women’s Qualification Day 2”

  1. “The screaming from her teammates during that dismount was appropriate.” LMAO agreed.

  2. That VT rotation from China was like a snuff film. They need to fix vault scoring before someone kills themselves.

  3. So impressed with, & proud of Romania I’m crying happy tears for them!! Comfortably will qualify a team to 2019, currently in 9th (but will definitely move down with the teams to come), Denisa in AA (& possibly other finals), & we saw that there is so much potential there! 🙂

  4. Melanie De Jesus didn’t do no one’s double double on floor. It was just a full.

    1. It’s in the code. 2 or 3 gymnasts did it in Rio and it resultantly wasn’t named. (they changed the rule the next year so now multiple gymnasts can have the same skill named)

    1. Also, did the announcer just describe Mustafina as the 2010 AA bronze medallist? I mean, that’s true, but kinda beside the point considering that she’s won 2 of those at the Olympics.

      I think my ears must be broken.

      1. Right, but it’s like if you were announcing Nastia to a new audience as an “Olympic Silver Medallist.” It’s factual, but it’s kinda the least of her accomplishments.

  5. I’m low key glad they have a bye rotation cause it’d be hard to follow 3 countries at once.

  6. Andrade’s bar score was criminally low. Wtf? That was the best executed bars routine from these championships, no lie. And she had a huge 6.1 D. That totally doesn’t sit right with me. Ugh. Subjective judging sucks. She should be in 4th-not 8th.

    1. Agreed; I wasn’t sure where exactly she’d be, but I did expect her to be a lock for the finals, not clinging to 8th and probably getting knocked out the next rotation. 😐

      1. Yeah I’m really frustrated about that. It’s worse when you consider how generous the vault scoring is. Can I get a little consistency here please??

  7. Anyone find the alkass channel? They don’t seem to be showing any gymnastics at the moment?

  8. Judges were VERY charitable to Aliya. She has the lowest D-score by 2 tenths but they made SURE to get her into that final. Now if only Aliya can figure out her inbars before the final.

    1. the judges did the same with Liu Tingting, who grabbed the beam but had an otherwise stunning set. i don’t hate it though i love them both

    1. No, hers was the dropped score. Without the OOB, she would have tied a counted score. She would have needed the .2 more after the loss of the OOB.

      The scoring seemed pretty tight today compared to yesterday, Ellie is clearly suffering from a lack of reps after her injury, and I think it hurt GB the most (and some of the EF hopes of a few others).

      Next year, I hope to see them in the medal hunt–China is ripe for the picking.

      1. Going from not making TF at all to medalling in one year seems unrealistic, considering how all the top girls are constantly injured.

        People always seem to think China, more so than Russia, is in danger of not medalling even though they haven’t missed a TF podium since 2012.

    1. She was in fifth with two rotations left but they won’t have anyone who could change that position.

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