Friday Live Blog – February 1, 2019

Friday, February 1 Scores Stream
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [24] Arkansas @ [6] Georgia LINK SECN
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [11] Auburn @ [17] Kentucky LINK SEC+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – North Carolina, Temple @ Pittsburgh LINK ACC+
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Kent State, Lindenwood, Seattle Pacific @ Northern Illinois LINK NIU($)
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – TWU, Gustavus Adolphus @ Centenary LINK FREE
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – UW-Eau Claire, Hamline @ UW-Stout LINK FREE
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Winona State @ UW-Oshkosh FREE
7:30 ET/4:30 PT – Air Force, UW-Whitewater @ UW-La Crosse FREE
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [2] Florida @ [1] Oklahoma LINK FSGo**
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – NC State @ [5] LSU LINK SEC+
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Central Michigan @ Illinois State LINK FREE
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – [8] Alabama @ [16] Missouri LINK SECN
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – [23] Arizona @ [4] Utah LINK FREE
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Utah State @ Southern Utah LINK FREE
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – [12] Washington @ [24] Stanford LINK P12N
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – [9] Boise State, UC Davis @ San Jose State LINK FREE

It’s a big day. Lots to pay attention to. I’ll be sure to note every routine from the Florida/Oklahoma meet because the fewest people have access to that one and it’s also the biggest meet of the day.

You guys seemed to prefer the format of the live blog for UCLA/Stanford last weekend (I do too, it’s just not always feasible when multiple meets are going on), so I’ll try to format things that way as much as possible here…but also reserve the right to abandon that project immediately should it go south like Carol’s sobriety.

Rotation 1 – Georgia on vault, Arkansas on bars

Georgia Vault
1: Magee – full – comes in fairly chest down, step forward and to the side, not a ton of distance, fine. 9.775
2: Baumann – a bit of a struggle, large bounce back on her full and some form on the block. 9.775
3: Vega – nearly sticks this time, small hop to the side, good distance – 9.900 LOLOLOLOLOL.
4: Dickson – lunge forward on Omel, good distance and direction, improving shape, but easily a .100 lunge or more. 9.850
5: Lukacs – one of her better DTYs, hop back but got it around with the chest a little higher, will also take for knees. 9.925
6: Snead – small hop to the side on 1.5 (stuck in the warmup), loses her legs just a tad at the end but nice form as always. 9.950

Arkansas Bars
1: Yamzon – Nice bail, .100 lunge back on FTDLO. 9.775
2: Carter -super close on jaeger – arch over but saves it on cast afterward – legs together on bail, a little angle – missed final hs – has to improvise with some super missed hs that will take away the score. 9.575
3: Laird -Ray, also safe with some closeness – some hs – DLO, lands super deep with a lunege forward 9.750
4: Hambrick -pretty piked jaeger – FTDT, stuck. Nice. 9.850
5: Garner – hits gienger into overshoot, some hip position in overshoot but nice gienger, step back on double tuck. 9.800
6: Shaffer – hit her heels on the low bar on her Shap and couldn’t catch. YEOUCH. Fall. Won’t count.

After 1: Georgia 49.400, Arkansas 48.750

Score extremely high for Georgia on vault for 49.400 there, but a good rotation. (Real life 49.150 or 49.200 probably). Arkansas has to count the low score from Carter after the fall. Not the rotation Arkansas needed.

Rotation 1 – Kentucky on vault, Auburn on bars

YESSSSS. They’re showing us the judges angle. GOOD.

Kentucky Vault
1: Kwan – full – a touch short, small hop forward, some knees and hip position. 9.800
2: Dukes – step back on full, good chest position 9.775
3: Davis – small step on full 9.775
4: Hyland – lovely shape on Yfull with a bounce back 9.875
5: Stuart – 1.5, hit, lunge forwars and sideward – a bit of knees – 9.800
6: Korth – 1.5, tries to hold onto the stick – a lean and a college salute – good direction, should score well. 9.925

Auburn Bars
1: Watson – Ray, caught but close – small arch in cast hs, pulls it back – some toes crossing in bail with a back – not her cleanest – good stuck FTDT, though, great ending. 9.725
2: Becker – 1/2 turn to jaeger, also catches close with elbows – hits bail with a bit of back – good final cast hs – DLO, stuck – 9.800
3: Krippner – little bit of leg break in bail, good verticals, final cast a little short, FTDT, small step. Really clean. 9.875
4: Cerio – small aarch in first hs, saves it – lovely piked jaeger – stuck dismount. 9.925. High.
5: Gobourne – big tkatchev to Pak, some feet in tkatchev, pretty Pak – FTDT with hop back. 9.875
6: Day – shortish first hs – toe 1/2 to jaeger, pretty feet in jaeger, into overshoot – can take for some handstands -double arabian with lunge back – 9.850

After 1: Auburn 49.325, Kentucky 49.175

Scores going high here as well but both teams will take those performances, especially Kentucky getting a hit from Stuart after her issue in the warmup. Lots of arched cast hs in both meets so far.

Rotation 2 – Georgia on bars, Arkansas on vault

Georgia Bars
1: Snead – tkatchev, hit – bail, super clean, good vertical position – short final cast hs – pretty DLO, pikes down just a little to find the sitck. 9.900
2: Roberts – toe shap to pak, good just a little ankle separation there – DLO, nice and high, slide back – 9.825
3: Al-Hameed – full to her massive tkatchev, no problem, clean bail – I saw one cast hs in there – giant full to double tuck, sticks. Nice. 9.850
4: Schild – hit tkatchev, a hair close – Pak – 1/2 turn on low – hs a little short on high – DLO super clean but short with a larger lunge forward. 9.800
5: Dickson – sticks exceptional FTDLO to finish routine, very very nice. 9.900
6: Oakley – toe on 1/2 turn but goes over the other way and falls. Georgia doesn’t need the score, but things were building to a big number.

Arkansas Vault
1: Yamzon – good stick on her full, one of her best ones, will get deducted for dynamics and landing position, but strong.9.850
2: Pennese – larger bounce back on full and some direction – 9.725
3: Shaffer – absolutely perfect Y1/2, stuckl, incredibly clean in the air. Textbook. Could merit 9.950, honestly. I’d go 9.900. 9.825 is hilarious. Difficulty scoring.
4: Hambrick – step back on full, good power 9.775
5: McGlone – Excellent full, tries to sell the stick, has to step back and applaud/salute to cover it – strong one. 9.850
6: Elswick – 1.5, good, nice and high, lunge forward. 9.875

After 2: Georgia 98.675, Arkansas 97.925

Arkansas comes back from bars with a solid group of vaults, four breaking the 9.8 barrier, to take advantage of this meet a little more. Still not over the Shaffer score. Like, what do you expect her to do? Georgia did put up five nice bars routines before the miss, so not a big deal there.

Rotation 2 – Kentucky on bars, Auburn on vault

Kentucky Bars
1: Stuart – shortish first hs – big tkatchev as always, some ragged legs finding the catch, hit bail -FTDLO, a little short with a bounce forward. 9.825
2: Nixon – Sahp to bail, good, a little loose in bail position – short final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, lean to hold stick. 9.875
3: Kwan – small legs in blind change, good jaeger to overshoot, some elobws – step back on dismount 9.725
4: Dukes – good first hs – hits tkatchev, low to the bar – good Pak height, some hesitation in elbows on catch – hitting casts – DLO, stuck – 9.825
5: Hyland – massive tcatchev but catched her feel, saves it to keep going but a big deduction – finishes FTDT, stuck. Would have been amazing score if not for hitting her heel. 9.600
6: Korth – some elbows on piked jaeger but not much – FTDLO, nearly stuck, small hop 9.850

Auburn Vault
1: Becker – full – medium bounce back, solid for her, chest down 9.725
2: Phillips – bounce back on full, fairly large 9.725
3: Day – 1.5 with ahop forward/sideward this time 9.825
4: Gobourne – 1.5, small step, really strong, just a bit of knees, nicely controlled – 9.875
5: Watson – best 1.5 of the bunch so far, leans to nearly hold a stick on it – 9.925
6: Glenn – 1.5, one of her bery best ever – just a little short with a step but not the crazy bounce we see most week – 9.875

After 2: Auburn 98.550, Kentucky 98.275

Kentucky falling off the pace a little more there because of having to count the 9.725 from Kwan after Hyland clipped her heel, but a solid one from most of the people in the lineup. Auburn getting the reward of having 4 Y1.5s in the lineup. Best ever vault from Jada Glenn in that final spot.

Rotation 3 – Georgia on beam, Arkansas on floor

Georgia Beam
1: Snead – bhs loso bhs series, perfect – cat leap to switch to straddle, typically short in those dance elements, both switch and straddle will incur .05 – kickover front to beat jump, solid – 2/1, squeezes to hold the stick while coming in a little short. 9.900. Hmmm, mmhmm, OK.
2: Dickson – aerial to straddle 1/4, a little short in straddle 1/4 but fine – bhs loso, solid, great extension – switch to split, some back leg there, but these dance elements are close – bhs 1.5 dismount, step. 9.875
3: Magee – pretty straddle and straddle 1/2, not the fastest combination – bhs loso series, nice toe point, secure – switch to switch side with a lean – step on dismount. 9.850
4: Baumann – side aerial to loso series with a lean adjustment and some arms – 1.25 turn, solid, but intended? – she made it look intended – wolf wolf to switch side, another sort of tentative lean – 2/1, good. 9.750
5: Oakley – wolf turn with a little lean there – bhs loso series, crisp in the leg position – aerial, check, she seems to be on and then is doubting on landings with these little adjustments – pretty split jump to split ring but another leg-up wobble – gainer full. 9.775
6: Vega – lovely split in mount – switch to split ring, strong positions on splits – aerial to split, small adjustment – seucre on her series – side aerial to full, small slide back. Good. 9.925.

Arkansas Floor
1: Yamzon – double tuck with a slide back, same on the double pike – switch side to popa, around – front lay to front full with a slide.
2: Burton – double tuck, chest up, pretty solid control – switch 1/2 to popa – double pike – finishes front full to front tuck, has to adjust there being so low, gets the front tuck around bit with a major lunge. 9.700
3: Hambrick – good high double tuck, just a little buckling in the knees on landing – 9.775
4: McGlone – big DLO, looks like the lunge back took her OOB – finishes front 1/1 to a nice and high front layout that rises and stays straight – 9.900? Um she definitely went OOB friends
5: Shaffer – Good shape on double arabian, but short with a lunge back – nice high straddles in her dance series – finishes 1.5 to layout with a dance out. 9.850
6: Carter – double tuck, smooth and comfortable – 1.5 to front full, with a lunge out but hit – double pike, well controlled. 9.950

After 3: Georgia 148.000, Arkansas 147.200

Rotation 3 – Kentucky on beam, Auburn on floor

Kentucky Beam
1: Stuart – switch to double stag, super solid – bhs loso, smallest little adjustment and some feet in the air – side aerial to full, stick. Strong leadoff performance. 9.825
2: Harman – 9.550
3: Korth – one-arm bhs to loso series, falls, will have to count Harman now. 9.150
4: Averett – bhs loso series, solid – switch to double stag, also hit – Kentucky is trotting out all their most mysterious gymnasts on beam these days “very unique wolf turn” BRIDGET – large break on side aerial, bend at the hips and the arms all over the place to save – gainer pike, stuck.
5: Dukes – gorgeous on series – sticks 1.5
6: Hyland – switch to split, perfect – aerial, crisp – bhs loso series with a bit of a lean

Auburn Floor
1: Smith – finishes with secure double tuck. 9.800
2: Slappey – finishes with a double tuck of her own, a little slide. 9.750
3: Sheppard – 3/1, a little steppy stumbly as she tries to tiptoe to stay in stay in, possible OOB – good straddle positions achieved – 1.5 to front tuck at the end, also struggled to get this series around with a major landing error. 9.550
4: Watson – nicely done on double arabian, good leg positio – double tuck, high, does well to control it and keep the front leg down, straddle positions look crisp – 1.5 to layout with a dance out.
5: Cerio – falls on her double front this week – pretty front 1/1 to layout to wolf jump,
6: Gobourne – full-in does exceptionally well to keep it in bounds as she took it right to the edge but did not move – front full to layout, nice and high – double pike, a bit of a slide back.

After 3: Auburn 147.375, Kentucky 146.850

OK people, time for Florida and Oklahoma.

No Nichols on vault for Oklahoma, just bars and beam.

Rotation 1 – Oklahoma on vault, Florida on bars

Oklahoma Vault
1: Lehrmann – solid on her 1.5, a litlte bit of knees and a small hop back 9.900
2: Webb – also solid on her 1.5, small hop forward, better control this week. a little bit of knees, but she went forward rather than back so should score a bit higher than Lehrmann. 9.925
3: Degouveia – 1.5 – best distance of the bunch so far, small hop. Strong showing so far, some legs to take on the block. 9.900
4: Stern – 1.5 – larger lunge forward on hers, so that will be the lowest score of the group so far, still useful option. 9.825
5: Trautman – fantastic 1.5, basically just, just a little shift of heels together – still knees to take, but her best of the season. 9.950
6: Dowell – 1.5, good position as always but a hop forward, one of her larger landing hops. “That hop is not OK”

Florida Bars
1: Boren – hits tkatchev – good clear hip – a little bit of feet in bail, hits vertical – solid casts – DLO, small slide back. Good. 9.900.
2: Gowey – Ray and pak are pretty, what is waggly around the back of her? – one short hs – DLO, pikes it down with a small hop. 9.875
3: Hundley – Shap to Pak, just a little bit of legs in pak – toe on to toe Shap 1/2, good hs position on high – FTDT, a little flung but stuck it because Hundley with a little leg-apart stagger on stick. 9.925
4 Thomas – Shap to clear hip to pak, lovely – toe on to toe shap, perfect legs – excellent final hs – DLO, stuck. Excellent routine. I mean, the judge who gave Hundley 9.950 has to give her a 10 right? 9.975
5: Schoenherr – toe 1/2 to jaeger, nice a high, a little elbows – bail, clean vertical – giant full into double tuck, stuck with a stagger. Did Kelly just call a jaeger a “different skill”? 9.925. Not enough separation.
6: Skaggs – tkatchev, really nice counter rotation – good cast positions – DLO, stuck with some legs apart. 9.950

Chant in exhibition.

After 1: Florida 49.675, Oklahoma 49.575

OK, so here’s where we are. This was an excellent first rotation, and also ALL THE CAROLS have come to town. Oklahoma able to show six Y1.5s even without Nichols in the lineup. This is an exceptionally good vault lineup and they cleaned up the landings compared to last week. Florida also very clean, but the judges showed not enough ability to reward the fantastic by separating it from the others. It was just like, “you’re all winners” kind of scoring. And they were all good.

Elsewhere: Auburn having to work against a fall from Becker on beam now. Large break from Sheppard now with a big arm wave to stay on the beam will have to count.

Rotation 2 – Oklahoma on bars, Florida on vault

Oklahoma Bars
1: Webb – small arch in hs but the kind that can be seen as perfectly vertical – huge pak and Shap 1/2, lovely – double front 1/2 out, a step back this week. 9.900
2: Trautman – getting into the bars lineup today – toe on to super high tkatchev – short cast hs – leg break in bail as she catches – short cast hs on high – DLO with a bounce back, a couple small steps. 9.875 WHAT????
3: Thomas – toe 1/2 with a little pause on high bar but works through – jaeger, super nice, toes pointed – bail hits vertical – DLO with a bounce back. 9.925. WHAT IS HAPPENING?
4: Dowell – Ray, excellent – small arch in cast hs, pulls it back well – bail, clean legs – not her crispest verticals this week – DLO, bounce back. 9.925
5: Lehrmann – 1/2 turn to giant jaeger, toes pointed well – bail, very crisp position – FTDT, stuck. Best of the rotation so far.10.000. It was a matter of time really.
6: Nichols – UB – massive tkatchev, good – pak is clean  – nice hs on low bar – toe to toe shap 1/2 – I don’t think this is her best hs routine but close on all of them – DLO, stuck with the maggie stagger. I mean at this point…? 9.975. Actually surprised they didn’t go 10 there, but it wasn’t a 10 for me.

Florida Vault
1: Cheney – full – good height but a large bounce back. 9.775. OMG THEY GAVE A 9.7 MY STARS
2: Chant – Tsuk full – bounce back as well, some pike in the air, better chest position than last week. 9.825
3: Reed – 1.5 – fantastic distance on her 1.5, lunge forward, a bit of knees. 9.875.
4: Schoenherr – her best 1.5 of the year by a million degrees – very strong – holds the stick. A little bit of knees. Will score a 100000000 if this meet tells us anything. 9.900
5: Boren – hilarious tiptoe dance out of her 1.5, big vault but not at all controlled in the landing with multiple steps – 9.650
6: Thomas – has to take a pretty large hop back on her 1.5 this week as she tried to hold stick but was a little short.

After 2: Oklahoma 99.300, Florida 98.825

Oklahoma 49.725 on bars for what was basically a just OK rotation for this team. Florida doesn’t have quite the difficulty of Oklahoma and didn’t really have the landings today, save for Schoenherr coming through with her good one. Lower scores than they wanted from Boren and Thomas to give away the lead.

Oklahoma really strong in the final two routines on bars, but before that, especially in spots 2-4, I did not think they were that crisply on. The scores were still there for them, so that the last two numbers had to be absolutely massive.

Also Oklahoma is on pace for 198.600.

FINAL: Auburm 196.125, Kentucky 196.000

Kentucky nearly snatched it in that final rotation, but Auburn hangs on.

FINAL: Georgia 197.475, Arkansas 196.125

Arkansas will take finally breaking 196 despite the slow start. Georgia with a season high by a large margin. Scores, super drunk all over the place.

Rotation 3 – Oklahoma on beam, Florida on floor

Oklahoma Beam
1: Trautman – secure on bhs loso series – cat leap to switch side, a bit crooked on switch side but nice extension overall – kickover front, small step adjustment, good high position on landing – 1.5, stuck. Good one. 9.925
2: Lehrmann – bhs loso to korbut attempt, was off line on the loso and basically just dismounts instead of doing the korbut because she was never getting that on the beam – fall – aerial with another large lean – gainer full bounce back. It just got interesting?
3: Woodard – side aerial to bhs, secure but a knees deduction in the bhs – kickover front with a lean to save it and minimize the check, probably to .05 given this panel today – switch to split, a little slow but good elements – side aerial to full, holds the stick despite being a little forward. Good job at minimizing deductions in that one. 9.850
4: Showers – bhs loso with a lean and a step back to save it – beat to split jump full, not her most extended split full but got it around – switch split and splits the beam on it, which will have to count – Florida has been let back in the meet – gainer full, stuck. 9.575. COOL FUN THAT SCORE MAKES SENSE.
5: Webb – bhs loso, solid, takes the whole length of the beam – cat leap to aerial, was right on and then checks moving out of it, bend at the hips – leaps OK, still some of that back leg – stuck dismount. Did have that large break on the aerial. We’ll see if they decide to see it. 9.875. NOPE NO BENDS AT THE WAIST HERE.
6: Nichols – aerial to split, very nice – bhs loso series, super smooth and secure – barely a hesitation on full turn but if you’re looking for something to take – switch through to split leap, hits positions – 1.5, stuck, excellent. 9.975 for the second straight week.

Dowell doing exhibition. Hit.

Florida Floor
1: SJS – double pike first pass, large stumble back and OOB – front full to a stag that she didn’t really get off the ground for, sort of Tweddle style – double tuck was nice and secure. 9.550
2: Hundley – whip to double tuck with a little slide – double pike, also with a bounce back, larger landing correction this time – 1.5 to layout, a bit loose in the back on the layout. 9.875. You guys…
3: Reed – excellent DLO, good control on landing  – a little out of control on thos eleap landings – front lay to rudi, controlled, a little knee crossing – double pike, nice and high, just comes in a little short with a step. 9.925
4: Boren – DLO, similarly large but less control with a slide back – 1.5 to layout – good amplitude on leaps – double tuck, smooth, chest up, controlled. 9.900
5: Thomas – DLO, best of the group so far, very clean – good straight position in that layout out of her second pass – switch ring to split leap 1.5, around on both well – double pike, very high but a bounce back, among the very few things to take. 9.950. Apparently among the only things to take
6: Baumann – double tuck first pass, clean and controlled – 1.5 to front full, dance out is a little uncontrolled but nice positions – switch 1/2 to popa, quite nicely done obviously – double pike, stuck. Not the most difficult but a truly lovely routine.

After 3: Oklahoma 148.500, Florida 148.425
Notes: Well, it was actually a fairly meh beam rotation for Oklahoma with a fall and then a split the beam that really should have been counted as a fall BECAUSE IT’S A FALL. Florida got through that floor rotation well after the mistake in the first position from SJS. Closing the gap but Oklahoma will still have the lead going to floor.

Elsewhere: Priessman is back on vault for LSU with a weird-looking full, landed a little staggered or under or favoring an ankle, but did well to control it. Edwards back, good distance on her 1.5, larger lunge forward – Edney stuck for 9.950, one of her best ones, really just the built-in knees deduction. 49.325.

Ferrer debuted on bars, getting there – she’ll need to be in the lineup this year.

LSU on pace for a high 197 after two events.

Rotation 4 – Oklahoma on floor, Florida on beam

Oklahoma Floor
1: Webb – front 2/1, solid, controlled step, some knees in twisting – 1.5 to front full, nice and high – split leap full to split jump full with the usual foot issue – rudi, good twisting form on that one, solid landing. 9.950. Mmmmhmm. Hmmmhmmm.
2: Showers – good electrocution at the beginning of her routine – double pike, solid, chest up, controlled – rudi, lunge back, kept front foot down but a little big – good split positions – just ran out of gas at the end, front full out of final pass and sits it. 9.575 AGAIN MAYBE??? Oh, just 9.325. I guess it counted as a fall this time.
3: Draper – 1/2 to rudi, solid – some knees – front full to front full, secure – switch to switch 1/1, this is a better routine from her, redesigned as she has struggled in some recent weeks. 9.950. EVERYONE GETS 9.950.
4: Degouveia – good front 2/1, controls the step – front lay to front full, switch 1/2 to popa, nice – back 1.5 to front full, stuck, just some leg separations in some of these passes. 9.975. I can’t even anymore. I have nothing to say. It’s just like nothing matters anymore
5: Dowell – does the Dowell, a litttle short with a step back – 1.5 to layout, super solid and good body position – split leap full to popa, still not the most extended on her split but won’t be deducted today obviously – front lay to front full to stag, very strong. 9.975. SHE LITERALLY LANDED SHORT ON A PASS WITH A LUNGE BACK.
6: Trautman – DLO, big and well controlled – front layout to front full to split, strong – excellent amplitude on those leaps – double tuck, solid. Well, you know, it was clearly better than those 9.975s they just gave out, so I’m expecting a 49.850 rotation score here. Also 9.975. Yeah, those routines were all the same. 49.825 floor score for Oklahoma.

Florida Beam
1: Skaggs – wolf turn double, nice and solid – switch to split, comfortable – bhs loso series, a small lean with a squeeze – cat leap to side aerial to full, a bit short with a little hop and a lean forward, but still a good one. 9.875.
2: Hundley – aerial to sissone, smooth – bhs loso series, secure, some knees – cat leap to switch side, good one this week quite a bit of stalling before dismount – 1.5, sticks – 9.925
3: Boren – bhs loso series and falls, very surprising – switch to straddle, good – gainer loso, solid – gainer full, stuck. 9.250
4: Gowey – switch to split, good extension, solid – bhs loso loso series, lovely extension, the smallest little lean coming out of it – aerial to sissone, quite nice and quick – gainer full, small slide with one foot. 9.900
5: Thomas -switch 1/2 to beat jump, lovely – one-arm bhs to loso, clean, excellent – aerial to wolf – 2/1 with a hop back, but that dismount hop is once again among the very few deductions. 9.925
6: Baumann – bhs loso series, pretty, solid – switch through to switch 1/2, good positions obviously, did well to avoid showing a check on her full turn, just added a little walk – side aerial, exceptional, a little stalling before dismount – 1.5, stuck. Great. 9.975

FINAL: Oklahoma 198.325, Florida 198.025

STAB MY EYES OUT OF MY FACE. Neither of these teams were even at their best or anything. They can both get better throughout these lineups. Where do you go in the scores?

OK, LSU is saved by Sarah Finnegan on beam to go 49.100 after a mostly dumpy rotation. Still should get well over 197 with a hit floor. Alabama with a good shot at a 197 heading to beam in the final rotation. Utah goes 49.325 after a five-person (?) vault rotation.

Rotation 4 – Missouri on floor, Alabama on beam

Missouri Floor
1: Bower – double pike, clean position, controlled step – 1.5 to layout, a little loose back there in the layout, controls it – double tuck, well controlled, solid start. 9.875. Pardon?
2: Nicholson – front 2/1, a little underrotated and has to step it around – 1.5 to layout, solid height – switch side to popa, pretty solid extension there – rudi, solid twisting shape, which a lot don’t have, controls that front foot too. Good. 9.875
3: Porter – double pike, good height, a bit of a bounce – 1.5 to layout, secure – not the highest but stays pretty straight – double tuck, controlled step back, expect another 9.875? Yes. 9.875.
4: Gottula – double pike, good dynamics but a bounce back out of it – attempts a 1/2 to rudi, was off on her landing position on that 1/2 and couldn’t punch into the rudi to get it around, hand down – double tuck, super solid on that one – 8.975
5: Tucker – FTDT first pass, good control and amplitude – 2/1 to loso, also solid – finishes double pike, a tiny bit out of control, but mostly solid there. 9.900
6: Huber – front lay to front full, a little short on that landing with a stagger step to save it – split leap full to wolf jump full, a little out of control with those landings – 2.5 is nice and high, that’s better – double pike, deep knees in landing but hit –

Alabama Beam
1: Klopfer – aerial to bhs, smooth and well extended – switch leap and dances out of it well – side aerial to full, stuck with some knees, she has improved so much. 9.825
2: Desch – cat leap to aerial, looked like she was going to connect out of it but thought better – bhs loso series and adds a beat jump out of that to get her connection, nice improvisation – full turn with a clear check as she tries to turn it into a 1.5 turn, which she does but a balance check – switch to split with a little lean, a bit of knees – 1.5 dismount, small step back. 9.775
3: Childers – BB – switch to beat to sheep, quick in connection, sheep works for NCAA purposes, fine – bhs loso, nice – styles well on that full turn – kickover to scale, she is really finding this routine these last few weeks – 1.5 dismount, a little off line with a step forward. 9.825
4: Olsen – bhs loso series, small slide back – switch to double stag, hit – aerial with a small lean adjustment – she’s getting there with the leaps and presentation and rhythm – bhs bhs double pike dismount, lands short with a step forward, still a good one. 9.775
5: Gaskins – bhs loso series, hit, steps back into choreography to avoid a true check – side split 1/2, one of the few alloowed to do it – switch to split with a check in between, shouldn’t get the bonus there – side aerial, lovely – gainer full, small slide. 9.825
6: Graber – bhs lay-pike series, has to save it this time, leg up wobble – switch to straddle 3/4, another check correction with a lean forward – another kickover front to scale, also works through it well, gainer full, small slide back. 9.750

FINAL: Alabama 196.750, Missouri 196.550

Alabama a little too wobbly in that beam rotation but fine, Missouri goes 49.200 on floor, through still needs to resolve a few spots in that lineup because it’s not really six deep yet.

Elsewhere: LSU a little bleh on beam and floor, but they give McKenna Kelley 9.975 on floor to try to save it. getting LSU up to 197.150, over NC State’s 195.375

Off to Utah, where we see Kari Lee hit her loso series on beam – switch to straddle 1/4 is solid. Beat to side aerial to full, stuck. Utah already counting a 9.550 from McNatt since Burch fell in her routine.

Cowles – FX – Arizona – hits a double back, front lay to front full, fairly low to the ground with some mushy shape. Some deductions to take in leaps – 2.5 is well controlled, just some knees in twisting

Randall – BB – Utah – bhs loso series, solid, just a little bit of legs – sheep with a check, OK – switch to split, pretty good height in those split elements – rulfova, very strong as always – 2/1, stuck with a some legs. Good.

We’ve also got Washington and Stanford going now. Riley on UB – toe Shap with a bit of a leg break into bail, clean bail and solid vertical position – short cast hs on high – DLO, stuck, pretty. A couple things but only a couple.

Skinner – BB – Utah – bhs loso series with a step back and a little lean, a larger error than we usually see from her on beam – side aerial, solid – switch to straddle, has a little check and decides not to do the back tuck – double tuck, stuck it. Great dismount. Smart not to do the back tuck because she doesn’t need it for her bonus. She has five tenths without it.

Grace Garcia plants her Tsuk full to her face on vault for Stanford, so they’ll be counting a 9.675 and two 9.700s on vault.

Utah goes 48.875 on beam to depress the pace a little, actually giving some ground back to Arizona on that one.

Washington goes 48.925 on bars compared to Stanford’s 48.750 on vault.

Rachael Flam also stuck a nearly perfect Omelianchik and got 9.850 for it. So this is a different meet. Please compare it to Rachel Dickson’s 9.850 Omelianchik today to explain the difference in scoring from meet to meet.

It’s so weird to go from SEC meets to Pac-12 meets where nothing happens for hours on end.

Rotation 2 – Stanford on bars, Washington on vault

Stanford Bars
1: Lawson – shap to bail, some legs break on both – toe full with legs apart in turning into double tuck, lands low with a lunge forward, not as strong as last week. 9.575
2: Waguespack – toe on to toe Shap into pak, small bit of legs in both transitions – gets up to vertical on cast hs – DLO, super deep on her landing as well with a bounce forward to save it. 9.675
3: Yu – Shap to bail, more soldi form – does really well to hold that handstand on the bail without giving anything away – stalder to double tuck with a hop back, will be a better score than the first two easily. 9.700
4: Bryant – toe on to tkatchev, a little flatter than usual but solid – one hs a bit short – lovely pak as always and good 1/2 turn position on low – hits final cast hs – DLO, huge, stuck it, very strong routine. 9.850
5: Burnette – – 1/2 turn on high into deltchev to overshoot, hit well, a litlte soft in some leg positions – good hs on high – DLO attempt, pretty piked though, lunge back. 9.675, this will count.
6: Stephenson in for Flam in the final position with two counting 9.6s – angle in first hs – toe on and can’t get it over the bar, doesn’t come off but a million extra swings so it will count as a fall – tkatchev, and falls. So the other scores will count and it’s a 48.475 for Stanford on bars.

Washington Vault
1: Cunningham – full – some better control on her full, step back, some piking in her form. 9.750
2: Riley – Y1/2, very solid, just a small step forward – good extended position. 9.750
3: Copiak – good stick on her full, she’s solid and holding her landing there – some legs apart at the end and pikes down with a lean to hold the landing. 9.775
4: Roberson – good straight position in her full, hop back, nice height. 9.800
5: Thompson – big vault, step back this time, good height – legs probably a little too apart on landing as well. 9.800=

48.875 there for Washington.

After 2: Washington 97.800, Stanford 97.225

First three floor routines for Utah in the 9.8s. Adrienne Randall back in the lineup after being out last week. Full in very secure, switch side to popa, popa position short of 180 – 1.5 to layout, hit, solid, not the highest – double pike, controlled, chest down. 9.950. My god.

Boise State has gone 49.250 in its opening beam rotation.

Hendrickson – BB – AZ – beat to split 3/4 witha  lean correction – bhs loso series, secure, foot form – side aerial, well done – switch to split 1/4 – gainer full, stuck

Soloski – FX – Utah – DLO, secure, good – switch leap full is fairly short of 180 position – 2/1, a hair short with a step – 1.5 to layout, OK, a little mushy in the layout position, but a solid hit.

Cowles – BB – AZ – good aerial to beat – bhs loso series, some better extension here and controlled – switch to split, hit – gainer front full off the end, stuck. nice.

MMG – FX – Utah – no Skinner in the floor lineup today, which is like…where am I? Pike full in, a bit of a lunge back but fine – switch ring to split leap full, good split leap position, switch ring not so closed – 1/5 to layout to pike, well done – rudi to straddle, well controlled straddle

FINAL: Utah 197.075, Arizona 195.350

Back to Stanford and Washington!

otation 3 – Stanford on beam, Washington on floor

Stanford Beam
1: Cole – 9.800
2: Stephenson – finishes with a stuck gainer full. 9.825
3: Lawson – standing arabian, nails it again – cat leap to switch 1/2, hit – full turn with a check as she got caught on her own foot – loso series, secure, knees deduction – gainer pike, holds the stick. 9.800
4: Bryant – bhs los series, excellent position and control – beat to switch split jump, has to rush it a bit this time but still well done and no check, hit 180 – punch front, chest up, solid, this is great – double pike, good shape but a large lunge back. 9.825
5: Fitzgerald – aerial to back tuck, secure, not super fast but a more difficult combination as well – switch to split – hitch kick to aerial to two feet, pulls it out securely again despite being a little short – 1.5 with small hop. 9.825
6: N Hoffman – aerial with a large break at the hips – bhs loso series, check, some knees as well – switch to split to straddle 1/4, small len, not quite there on straddle 1/4 position – side aerial to full, small hop back.

Washington Floor
1: Cunningham – 9.725
2: Brooks – double pike, well controlled on the step back, chest up – switch ring to wolf jump full, wolf not quite all the way around it appeared, a little low – 1.5 to layout, a little soft back but also securely landed – front layout to front full. 9.625. Looks like someone noticed she doesn’t start from a 10.
3: Washington – double tuck, small adjustment with front foot but mostly solid, good height and chest up – front lay to front full, pikes a little in the full, the lay was nice and straight, good extension in straddle positions – double pike with a bounce. 9.850
4: Thompson – double tuck with a bounce back – split leap 1.5 attempt, good split position but not sure I’d say that was 1.5 – front lay to front full, hit, solid layout position – rudi, a bit of foot adjustment there. 9.750
5: Roberson – front 2/1 to front tuck, comfortable for her to get that 2/1 around, solid – switch ring to wolf hop full, not quite there on the switch ring position – rudi to a floaty loso, nice final pass and best of the rotation. 9.825
6: Hoffa – double pike, nice and high, good extension and secure – front layout to front full, extended position, legs straight, dances out – split leap 1/1 to wolf full, distinct landing positions – double tuck, just a bit short with a step. 9.875

After 3: Washington 146.825, Stanford 146.300

Still the possibility of a 196 here for Washington, but they’ll have to be really strong on beam.

Rotation 4 – Stanford on floor, Washington on beam

Stanford Floor
1: Cole – 2.5 to front tuck, is a witch I think for being able to stick that front tuck with no room (either height or distance-wise), she was basically in a box the size of a mouse and still stuck it – rudi, lunge, some leg crossing. 9.700
2: H Hoffman – front tuck to rudi, controlled step – not high but comfortable – hits her leaps – double tuck, keeps that front foot down – rudi to double stag, hit, a little ragged in that rudi position. 9.800
3: Flam – double arabian, deep landing and saves it with a lunge back, still excellent position in the air though – front full to front pike with a slightly uncontrolled dance out – switch side to popa, overturns the switch side a little into the popa – double pike, small hop after landing, but another solid one. 9.725
4: Lawson – 1.5 to double tuck with a bounce back, some leg separation in that 1.5 – split leap full to split jump full, not there on the split jump position and traveling around on it – front tuck – double pike is quite nice, well controlled. 9.800
5: Hoang – brings out the DLO, a touch short this time with a step but still strong – she gets the leap 1.5 around, I would give that – front lay to front full, a little low but hit – double pike, solid. 9.875
6: Bryant – big full in, good finish position, slide back – nails double pike out of her second pass, super solid – switch side to popa, not quite up there – open double tuck is fantastic. Second two passes were perfect. 9.925

Washington Beam
1: Rose – jump split mount – aerial to bhs series, smooth – full turn, comfortable – switch to split, the smallest correction – cat leap to aerial to beat jump, solid – some pausing – side aerial to tuck full with a hop back. 9.775
2: Riley – bhs loso series, hit with a lean correction, not too big – split jump to straddle 1/4 with an arm wave, good position on the straddle – split to loso to beat jump, a little slow in combination, but secure elements – some knees here and there – 1.5, stuck. 9.775
3: Washington – bhs loso series, hit, some feet – lone beat jump – switch side to straddle jump, holds it with a lean correction – side aerial to tuck full with a small hop. 9.775
4: Brooks – longish pause to start – kickover front to bhs, hit, solid – aerial to beat jump – full turn – switch to stag, some feet positions and a little low – gainer full with a hop together 9.800. All routines are the same, you guys.
5: Copiak – full turn a little tentative but fine – bhs loso with a lean correction – switch 1/2 to beat jump, good rise – side aerial, solid – 1.5, small hop. Another hit. Some issues once again but will get them through into the high 195s again. 9.800
6: Roberson – switch to switch split jump, which is becoming more popular, some back leg on initial switch leap – bhs loso series, secure – a few of them have lone beat jumps in their routines – gainer full, super high, small hop in place. 9.850

FINAL: Washington 195.825, Stanford 195.425

Elsewhere, Muhlenhaupt for Boise State has gone 9.975 to give BSU a 196.525.

Still laughing about the Florida/Oklahoma scores. I’m glad we could get through that together.

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  1. I ask this again…

    If someone were to start a petition to get NCAA scoring under control, would people sign?

    1. Do you think this would do anything?

      I’m not sure who is in charge of what with regard to NCAA gymnastics judging but it seems like input from coaches and athletic directors would be more effective at getting judging overhauled.

      Also, does anyone know what happened to bring things under control between 2003/2004? (Or maybe it was the following year). I wasn’t watching college gym then but hadnt they spiraled into giving 10s every meet for a season and then reigned it in and went back to only a few 10s the following year?

  2. Am I the only one wondering what can be done to address the scoring discrepancies? We complain week after week and it just seems to get worse. And not to seem ignorant, but is this “Carol judging” really a specific person? If so how do we get her fired or moved to our conference???

  3. College gymnastics is becoming just a show and not an actual sporting event due to the scoring. I think it is such an injustice to this sport. There are so many great college gymnasts and everyone deserves to be judged fairly no matter what team or conference they are in. It is really getting out of hand where it is going to start turning people away. In no way should athletes be blamed as it is not their fault. College coaches should demand change because year after year it seems to get worse.

    1. QUESTION:

      How many years away are we from COMPUTERIZED judging in gymnastics?

      The gymnasts would wear various sensors/points and then scanners/computers would judge heights, distances, lines, foot movements of landings, chest position on landings, beam balance checks, hesitation timing, out of bounds etc. Settings would be based on each individual gymnast’s dimensions etc. The sensor technology could be similar to that used with CGI motion capture actors.

      Gymnastics has some artistic elements that likely couldn’t be judged easily by computers, but it should be possible to rule on out of bounds, landings, etc. For example, a sensor/computer could help sense/measure if a gymnast’s foot is sliding and/or hopping above the mat surface upon landing, if a bars cast handstand is straight up, or if a FX toe or heel is out of bounds, etc.

      1. I do not think we are close to this type of technology. Just understand these judges judge JO meets too. These scores are not given in JO program. They know the rules. I do not blame judges alone. Many judges will not even judge college because it has gotten so out of hand. I think the judges too need to speak out. It is not fair to them to continue to be called out when it is the entire NCAA system. There has to be a way to get it right.

      2. I have a question that sorta relates to yours; well, actually it probably doesnt at all, but since you asked about computers, here goes:

        How on 🌎 do we end up with an AA score of 39.3008 and a team score deficit of -.3508(195.8258-195.475) w/2 judges and scores ending with a 0 or 5? Is this an example of the Memmell/Liukin AA “truncated” decimal thingymajiggy that i still dont understand? Lol.

      3. >Many judges will not even judge college
        >because it has gotten so out of hand.

        Good point. Years ago (2004?) the handing out of 10.0’s was out of control, so they cracked down on that and the number of 10.0s in subsequent seasons went way down.

      4. srd1977 posted:
        >How on ?? do we end up with an AA score of 39.3008
        >and a team score deficit of -.3508(195.8258-195.475)
        >w/2 judges

        Which teams’ meet ended in .8258 etc with 2 judges? That doesn’t seem possible.

  4. As a Canadian I’m not really familiar with how other ncaa sports work, but does the home school also supply the refs etc for basketball or hockey? I gather there isn’t a pool of judges that travel around to other schools.

  5. And once again Stover and her condescending comments about the opponent… news flash, OTHER TEAMS besides Utah can stick a dismount so stop acting shocked when they do .

    1. I wasn’t paying attention to all of the commentary since I was watching multiple meets at once, but every thing I heard from Stover was fair and respectful. She pointed out many things that Arizona athletes did well, and she was realistic about errors that Utah athletes were making. Perhaps she had a few awkward comments that I missed while watching other meets, but overall she seemed to be pretty fair last night.

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