Saturday Live Blog – February 2, 2019

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Remember last night, you guys? I know. Me too. I’m barely over it. And how Oklahoma got 49.825 on floor for being like…fine? The best. And that was only one day. UCLA hasn’t even competed yet.

That’s about to change.

No Ohashi on floor today for UCLA. Poston allegedly back in on vault instead of Frazier.

I hope we get to a point in college gymnastics coverage where our pre-meet storylines can be a little more analytical or deep than “what a great personality this freshman has.”

Rotation 1 – Oregon State on vault, UCLA on bars

Oregon State Vault
1: Mack – full, medium-sized bounce back, solid direction, some feet, a useful score addition I think. 9.750
2: Force – full, a bit larger bounce back on hers and has to pike down a bit more, but another option. 9.775. A bit of scoring the lineup order
3: L Dagen – solid full for her, one smaller step back, other foot planted, pretty good body position and distance, just a little chest down. 9.800
4: M Dagen – full, nearly able to stick, just a smalllll hop forward, chest too far down but good shape in the air. 9.875. Uh…Carol I didn’t see you there?
5: Yanish – full, best of the bunch in the power and distance and dynamics, not too large on the hop back. 9.875
6: Jacobsen – Tsuk 1/1, strong showing for her, just a bit of a bounce in place, still pike in the air but not as extreme as it has been sometimes. Nice one. 9.950 MY GOD YOU GUYS WHAT IS HAPPENING. I mean, I would have been fine with 9.850, but…

1: Frazier – a bit short first hs – Shap to Pal, nice and high – toe shap, legs together – DLO, stuck. Nice. A few hip angle handstands early on, but nothing much there. Solid start. 9.875 (not 9.9 as the broadcast reported.)
2: Hano – very short first hs and then falls on her Ray. Well, she got in the lineup? Gets her Ray to overshoot on second attempt, better final hs on high – quite late giant full into double tuck, step back. Still need to figure out this spot. 9.200 is pretty high.
3: A Glenn – godo first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, clean – little bit of legs on pak but not much, crisp handstand positions, last one a little late – giant full into double tuck, some loose back and a little hesitation in giant full but saves – with a small adjustment. 9.850
4: Flatley – short first hs – higgins to jaeger, a little late finish on the higgins and some elbows catching jaeger – bail super clean, great vertical, strong final hs, that’s improving – DLO, nice position in the air and stuck, a little legs apart landing. Some clear improvements there. 9.950. Dear.
5: Kocian – Stalder Shap to pak, her normal – good finish position on 1/2 turn on low – one borderline hs – FTDT with a smalllll slide adjustment on landing. 9.975. Cool, didn’t she…not stick though? Close? Maybe?
6: Ross –  Shap to bail, perfect – toe shoot, very high, hitting handstands – DLO, stuck. Better than Kocian, so let’s see. 10.000. Not as much of a problem with that one, but the overscores in this rotation meant they had to give it.

After 1: UCLA 49.650, Oregon State 49.275


I mean, fine rotations for both. Like to see some of those new vaults for Oregon State at the beginning because they look like they can be a step up over previous scores. Both rotations scoring insanely high. UCLA was good on bars, nice and clean and lovely on the last two, which apparently means automatic 49.6 now.

Rotation 2 – Oregon State on bars, UCLA on vault

Oregon State Bars
1: Yamaoka – toe on to toe shap, small leg break – short first hs on high – bail, a bit short of vertical, some hs to take – giant full to double tuck, short with a hop. 9.700
2: Jacobsen – tkatchev to overshoot, hit – some feet, pretty good – first hs position was short – double front, stuck, nice finish there – she’s having a good day. 9.875
3: Lowery – short first hs – toe on to Toe Shap, some legs – to Pak, nice and high, some legs breaks in both – DLO, good hold on that stick. 9.900.
4: MCP – some hip angle on first hs – hits jaeger this week with some elbows – bail, clean – a couple vertical issues – DLO, perfect DLO and stick. 9.875
5: Briscoe – 1/2 turn into jaeger, lovely toes – hit hs – bail, a little bit of leg break- solid hs vertical positions – overdoes her DLO a hair, hop back.
6: Greene – clear hip to tkatchev, nice and high but some legs – bail, collapses in body position on her bail and comes off, potentially hurt, like she caught her thumb Sam says – yeah no reason for her to continue because they have five hits before that.

UCLA Vault
1: Tratz – “not on bars today” I mean yeah. Better control landing her full this week, just a small slide back, a little chest position. 9.825
2: Dennis – full – gigantic and nearly stuck – a little adjustment on landing but it was just a small slide – great height of course, good layout position. 9.925. HI GUYS SHE DIDN’T STICK THO
3: Wright – Y1.5 – not as strong as the previous weeks, which you could see from the start with more knee bend, large lunge forward on landing. 9.750
4: Hano – 1.5 – her best of the season, one of her best ever, stuck that one, just some knees to take there, slides heels together but that’s more of a stick than Dennis’s. 9.950.
5: Ross – let’s see what happens here – 1.5, landed this time, but a large lunge forward this time, similar to Wright’s, though will score higher because of body position in the air. 9.850. So, hey guys, that was more than a .1 lunge.
6: Poston – hs front pike 1/2 – uncontrolled landing with two steps back, good position in the air, just some feet, but not there yet with those landings in her competition showings. 9.725

After 2: UCLA 98.950, Oregon State 98.500

UCLA OK on vault, didn’t get the landings from Poston, Ross, or Wright that they needed, but Hano did one of her best ever. The 9.950s that have been given on vault are why there is outrage over Natalie Wojcik’s scores, because her vaults are better than that and not getting 10s. Oregon State got through with five stronger bars routines than they’ve had in a few recent meets to get on pace for a season high by a million tenths.

Kind of interested in how Lena Greene got 8.050 if she stopped her routine after like 4 skills.

Rotation 3 – Oregon State on beam, UCLA on floor

Oregon State Beam
1: Lowery – bhs loso series with a little “dog peeing on fire hydrant” leg-up wobble, nice save – switch to straddle 1/4, hit – cat leap to side aerial, some feet but super secure – front full dismount, stuck. Nice second 1/2 there. 9.800
2: M Dagen – bhs loso series, super smooth – switch to switch 1/2 to beat, a little short in positions but secure – nice dance out of it – side aerial to full, stuck, probably her best beam of the season. 9.925. Beam is getting ready to give UCLA an entire lineup of 10s.
3: Davis – into the lineup this week – aerial with a large leg-up wobble, had opportunity to Risa it in scale but did not – bhs loso more secure, some feet – switch to straddle 1/4 – gainer front full off the end, stuck. Got it together as it went. 9.600
4: Gill – nice to see her back out there – split jump to double stag, some little wobbles on both, a little uncertain in that combination – aerial to bhs, more solid – switch 1/2 to beat, finding her way as the routine goes – gainer full, a bit short with a hop. Getting there. 9.850.
5: L Dagen – switch to switch side with an arm wave correction – aerial to split, smoothly done – bhs loso, solid, just a little arm lean but not even a check – gainer pike, stuck. Good one. 9.875
6: Lazaro – bhs loso series, pretty as always, good toes – switch to straddle 3/4, a little arm lean, but great straddle position – check on full turn – side aerial to full, stuck. Very pretty routine. 9.900

UCLA Floor
1: Kramer – front 2/1 to front pike, a little short this week with a step back – 1.5 to layout with a step, keeps it in bounds well, but a little less clean in that layout position than usual. Excellent straddle positions today – rudi to stretch jump is nice. Not her best landings today but fine. 9.825
2: Ross – whip to double tuck, her best chest position on landing that pass, actually slid back this time – 1.5 to layout, overcooked that 1.5 and had to shoot horizontal on that layout to get it – double pike, nice and secure. 9.900. One judge went 9.950, which is fun
3: Tratz – full-in, not one of her good ones this week with a step OOB – 1.5 to front full, controls the step, just a bit of knees – switch ring to split leap full is nice – double tuck, solidly done. 9.750
4: Dennis – nails the pike full in this week, strong – front full to front layout, nice and straight in that layout, sort of sells the landing? – straight jump fulls works as a third element out of her dance series because it’s actually also real and around and not an afterthought – double tuck, perfect, stuck. Strong. 9.925
5: Frazier  – full in, camera angle way too close to determine landings, but it looked controlled – whip through to double tuck, bounce back on this one – double pike, also bounces back, a bit larger on the bounces on those last two passes, which will take down the sco….ahahahaha. 9.825.
6: Hano – DLO, pretty nice control, good chest up – front full to 1/2 to running fish – I’m with Val on this little fish worm swim – double pike, does well to hold the control despite looking a little short coming in. 9.900

After 3: UCLA 148.325, OSU 147.850

UCLA through floor with a solid score, 49.375. Not its strongest showing in the landings (besides Dennis) with a few too many bounces and steps and not having the Ohashi 9.975 machine also showed in the scores, but fine. Oregon State’s beam was the team’s strongest rotation of the meet so far, some checks but really pretty work overall.

So UCLA needs 49.675 on beam to get a 198. Judges view it as a dare? OSU should get 197 here with a normal floor.

Rotation 4 – Oregon State on floor, UCLA on beam

Oregon State Floor
1: Jacobsen – double pike, keeps front foot down – 1.5 to layout, not the highest pass, but secure – split leap 1/1 to split jump 1/1, hitting her 180s, close enough in terms of being around – rudi, some legs, also controlled pass. Good day. 9.875
2: Mack – front lay to rudi, nice height and position, slide back – good amplitude in those dance elements as well – double pike, controlled, a little chest forward – front lay to front full, a bit deep in that landing with a dance out, good hit though. 9.800
3: M Dagen – double tuck, solid but a slide back – switch 1/2 to popa, a but short of switch 1/2 position – double pike, bounce back, larger this time, front lay to front full with step out, not her most controlled landings but will be a solid number. 9.925 THIS MEET YOU GUYS.
4: Force – double pike, very clean, nice toes and controlled – switch side to popa, completed well – front layout front full with an uncontrolled lunge out, near the line but stays in – double tuck, a little chest forward but doesn’t show too much on the landing. 9.875
5: Lowery – front 2/1, just does get it around and controls the step forward out of it – 1.5 to layout, a little bit of knees but once again solid – nice lift in straddle – rudi very strong, not ragged like most final rudis we see, actual height and straight position. 9.950
6: Yanish – DLO, huge, but a bounce back this time – front full to front layout, a little horizontal but fine, well completed – double tuck, also chest up with a bounce back, like on the DLO. 9.975. Remember that time she bounced back out of 2 of her passes, and like an idiot, I though she would score 9.850? Fun fun.

1: Nguyen – aerial to loso series with a lean in between so borderline connection there, but you know this meet – switch to split to beat, hit – split jump 1/2 from side, hit also – front layout full off the end, stuck. Good ending. Some rhythm issues. 9.875
2: Kocian – bhs loso series, smooth and solid – aerial to split, a little slow in combo, some knees in aerial – switch to split, well done – long pause before dismount, 2/1 with .1 hop back. 9.825
3: Flatley – aerial to loso, good speed in that combo actually – side aerial with a check correction and fake 1/4 turn – lovely L turn – switch to split, lovely – bhs 1.5 with a little slide back. 9.875
4: Dennis – aerial to loso combination of her own, that was sort of in between the other two in terms of speed – switch to split, good – 2/1, stuck. One of her strong ones. 9.975. OK SO HERE WE ARE.
5: Ross – bhs loso, super strong, smooth – aerial to sissone, no trouble – full turn and a lovely dance out instead of pausing – switch to split with a balance check – side aerial to full, not stuck with a lean arm wavy step. 9.900
6: Ohashi – bhs bhs layout, smalllll little lean on it but mostly solid, a bigger leg form issue this time – switch to split, very strong – aerial to bhs loso full dismount, stuck. Dismount quite crisp as always. 9.950. Why not.

FINAL: UCLA 197.900, Oregon State 197.450

The judging is wildly out of control. This isn’t even a try anymore. UCLA still looking on track. Not the best day, but Dennis was a real highlight. Strong performance from her on all three events. Thought hers was the best floor routine of the day from either team. Oregon State definitely made progress, more solid on bars and beam and got some new vaults in there, but will also know the final score is a wild fiction.



85 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – February 2, 2019”

    1. I’ve always hated this leotard. Was the person who designed it unaware that it would be worn by grown women who probably want to wear bras when competing in an athletic competition?

      1. Or that the straight line at a downward angle makes the chest look super saggy? It’s awful, in fact most of UCLAs Leo’s are terrible.

      2. A gymnast could just wear a sports bra in a matching colour if she chooses – who cares if everyone can see the back, since most sports bras have more cover-up material these days then some tops.

    2. Yup. I’d love to know what the bustier girls think about them. Do they get told to just deal?

      1. The problem isn’t the back- it’s the front where you can see not just the bra straps, but part of the bra, because its so low cut on the bustier girls. It’s like watching them compete in a tube top. If the judges ever wanted to take points off for it, I’d be ok with it- it IS distracting…not that the judges take points off for UCLA…

    3. What else would you expect from a coach who insists her athletes wear full makeup any time they’re doing any sort of public appearance? (including walking from their bus to their hotel the day before the meet).

    4. You could see on Kyla that she had a clear bra on. But Stick It aside… I don’t really want to be seeing the athlete’s underwear?

      Seriously, imagine the public backlash this nonsense would get in literally any other sport.

    5. Yeah, at the meet and those leos look TOUGH in person. Sad to report I overheard Oregon State’s team being extreme caddy about them too. Huge disappointment

      1. Ha, the Oregon State leos look even worse, IMO. And I don’t think the UCLA ones look good either.

      2. I just heard a tiny snippet of their conversation jlvgymnerd, but the word “slutty” was used with distain. I respect that these athletes have every right to express their negative opinions. However, this was said in front of fans in a crowded hallway, not the locker room where it belongs. It bummed me out because they seemed like nice women otherwise.

    6. Seriously. I missed the meet and, after watching clips on YouTube, came here to see if anyone mentioned it. Why does UCLA hate breast support?! No reason to add that anxiety to the meet for the athletes with larger busts.

  1. Assuming you saw the clear bra on Kyla. Not sure why you’d go for something elegant if it requires a plastic bra. I love the fact that UCLA’s leos are rarely over-designed, but this backless/neckline issue is always annoying

    1. I think they transported the judges from the Oklahoma Florida meet on the red eye. There couldn’t possibly be 2 sets of insane judges could there?

  2. Tough angle for handstands… I didn’t catch much of what you saw for Norah even on replay.

    Hano’s 9.2 was way high. I am glad she didn’t hurt her knees on that fall, but… Give us Toronjo!!

  3. lsu seems to be the only team (and maybe utah too) that isn’t getting CRAZY overscored this year. yes, ou, ucla, and florida are definitely the top 3 teams so far, but not by the insane margins that their scores suggest

      1. I think Anonymous means that most meets involving those three teams have had crazy overscoring this year, not that their opponents aren’t also benefitting.

      2. LSU has had its own home-cooked scoring (see beam from the LSU-Cal meet, for example) but since the scores have been tighter for them overall it can’t be very enjoyable for an LSU fan.

    1. The national finals are being decided during the regular season. It’s sickening. I’m waiting for Skinner to get a 10 this year. She has stuck the DTY 3 times already and, shocker, no 10 yet. Maybe Utah should wear blue for one meet and see what happens

      1. I agree that Skinner would have gotten a 10 at UCLA, OU, or Florida, but I personally think her execution isn’t at 10 level. I won’t be too miffed if/when it happens, though, because, again, comparative scoring.

    2. I assume you’re only talking about the top teams? LSU is definitely getting less benefit of the doubt than the Big Three, but I’d say it’s more those teams (and some others) getting Caroled than just LSU and Utah getting comparatively underscored. Bama’s gotten the shortest end of the stick, in my eyes. At least in their early meets.

      1. I agree with you about the Skinner scores an I was speaking comparatively. A 10 should be reserved for the highly spectacular. But if they are going to hand them out like candy to other teams then they need to be consistent

      2. Agree. I responded to a comment last night about ‘Bama beam scores being so low; (may have been your comment, actually) i think theyve been underscored across all 4 pcs. Again, not a huge ‘bama fan; idc who wins, tbh. i went to 3 univ and finally finished a degree at a trade school so my ❤ belongs to no school in particular. I have my fave athletes from a bunch of different teams(i.e korth, edney, boren, Gobierne(new fave this year), Finnegan’s loveliness & Gowey’s, too, and ive loved trinity since she was an itty bitty new junior elite). Like most of us who follow college gym, we love the sport, we want to see it and its athletes appreciated. These women are phenomenal, and i want to see them being given the respect they deserve as athletes, much like their male classmates that “play” football and bball. Gymnasts dont “play.” a good starting point for this hypothetical would be some real scoring. Theyre not helping these athletes’ cause one bit; quite the contrary, actually.

    3. Alabama has been very underscored this season. LSU and Utah have nothing on Alabama when it comes to complaints about being lowballed (Minnesota and Michigan are also underscored most of the time).

    4. Bama judging has seemed consistently lower than the other top teams. Maybe accurate, but relatively low.

  4. Yeah, at the meet and those leos look TOUGH in person. Sad to report I overheard Oregon State’s team being extreme caddy about them too. Huge disappointment

  5. Wow, the Carols are multiplying. Love the hometowning that occurs in Corvallis — one of the judges has coached a number of OSU team members over the years.

  6. So far I’m liking this color commentator. Giving actual background information about the gymnasts and making real observations where applicable. Still not at Kathy/Bart or Alicia/John level, but I’m perfectly happy to listen to this duo at this point.

  7. OH HOLY CRAP!! The bloody ohashi hype has started already. I hope they will finally deduct for th second bounce and the no sticks. Oh just announced she’s not doing floor. So why the build up

  8. The UCLA leos would look gorgeous as an evening gown, not as a leo. Hano was pretty close to an indecent exposure during her VT run. Wonder if Val makes them practice braless to get used feeling. Props to Kyla for doing what she needed to to perform best.

  9. Seriously!! Frazier’s scores are high with 2 off landings and a bit off balance. The performance level is amazing but it is an athletic competition and rules should apply.

  10. That was a fairly dubious acro connection for Nguyen on beam. Very lucky for them that she got credit.

    1. and she paused for at least two seconds before her dismount as well as rhythm issues throughout the routine…still ended up with a 9.875

  11. At least the scoring was more sane than OU vs Florida, where UCLA would have been around 198.2 and OSU would have been 197.6 ish had it been THAT judging

    1. Just wait until OU/UCLA meet later this season… I expect Perfect 40s for Maggie and Kyla. In addition to 10s from Ohashi, Kocian, Frazier, Dowell, Nicole L., Webb – did I miss any? 😉

      Final score: 198.995 to 198.850 (home team wins)

      1. OU won at UCLA last year, so it will be UCLA’s turn to win at OU this year!


    2. I agree! Those landings with the slides would have gone 9.950 + bitch please

  12. S! C! O! R! E! S! The 9.95s for Oregon are so outrageous and UCLA with obvious wobbles and errors. Totally sickening! Something really needs to be done. I also think that Samantha P should not be allowed to be a commentator for UCLA. The bias totally shows. It would be nice to have accurate comments not alumni support during the meet. Please watch some of the Utah Arizona meet. Particularly. Kari Lee. Macy Roberts and Adrienne Randall and compare the scores. Utah was a tad low but compared to this they were hammered. Alexia Burch scores on floor varied by about .2. Wierd judging but this meet was as whack as the Ok/fla. it getting worse by the week. Particularly Oklahoma Florida Georgia And UCLA

    1. Alumni bias toward their alma mater is a pretty meat and potatoes aspect of college sports broadcasting, across all sports. It’s even expected in the professional teams’ local broadcasts, although not in games that are shown nationally. The assumption is that most of the audience is rooting for a particular school, and given that even though this meet was at OSU, it was broadcast on PAC-12 LA.

      I don’t disagree that it’s annoying, but I think the PAC-12 might want Sam to be doing this.

  13. How the fuck can Yanish get a 9.975 with the same landing errors (and even more slide) as Margzetta and she gets 9.825? FUCK these judges

    1. I attended the UCLA/Oregon meet, and I was amazed by the positive energy in Gill. I watched UCLA gymnasts dancing on the sidelines during Isis Lowery’s routine and OSU gymnasts cheering for UCLA’s accolades at the end of the meet. I listened to Miss Val support Oregon State gymnastics by encouraging the crowd to return for Regionals. I think about how hard each gymnast has worked to achieve whatever level of success she has achieved — and I am so disappointed by the negativity in this thread. Please remember that these gymnasts do not choose their scores. They have sacrificed countless hours and experienced injuries and setbacks that most of us can’t fathom in their quest to measure up to the gym world’s standards and their own expectations. I am ridiculously proud of both Pac-12 teams.
      On a side note, please focus on the athletes instead of their leotards and watch your language.

      1. It’s a sport. We need to talk about the evaluation, and it was bad today, and has been in loads of the big meets. That is an issue and we shouldn’t just not care. If we take that mindset, we have no right to want gymnastics to be respected as a sport at all.

        Also, the issue with the leotards isn’t that we just don’t like the way it looks. It’s that the gymnasts who are adult women can’t wear sports bras with them when they’re doing insane physical activity. There were almost a few indecent exposure issues. I said it above, any other sport and putting fashion over function this way would be a massive outcry, and not just from the fans.

      2. Hello fellow attendee! I agree that the meet had good vibes all around. The standing ovation for Ms. Val was particularly sweet, as well as her kind words about the Beavers’ program.
        However, I entirely disagree about the leotard discussion. As an retired classical dancer, I have been shoved into ancient costumes that were handmade for bodies wildly different from my own. When dancing in an ill-fitting leotard, it is very difficult to move without restriction and your confidence almost always suffers. It makes sense to have to make do in the performing arts where there is no money, but in a NCAA sport it is entirely needless. The fact that the leo in question was so bad even the OSU team was disparaging it as “slutty” in front of fans prior to the meet should be an indication of how bad the situation was.

      3. On a positive note, how cool was it to see Sekai Wright and Kristina Peterson’s exhibition FX routines?! I loved how they each brought down the house sans scores. If Peterson can nail that last pass during this season I think she could provide an adorable and viable option to the floor squad for OSU.

  14. Everyone always talks about how the crack scoring benefits the teams who receive the lion’s share of it (which it certainly does), but I feel like people don’t often discuss how much it can change the more mid-range rankings. Oregon State’s score today was nearly a point and a half higher than their highest score so far this season. This score will jump them from being ranked 20th to ranked 11th. Teams who are in conference with one of the perennially overscored teams can count on one or two massive overscores to boost their RQS, whereas teams in conferences like the Big 10 that don’t have any huge name team that frequently gets scoring gifts don’t get the same benefit. Though the ranking of the top 5 teams likely won’t be affected much by the overscoring, it can really screw with the rankings in the 10-25 range.

    1. Totally agree. Oh how I wish my Bowling Green Falcons could get into one of these meets 😛

    2. So this. To say nothing of the obvious total unfairness of crack scoring to great gymnasts (Skinner, Wojcik, ETC ad infinitum!) who don’t happen to be at UF/UCLA/OU and therefore are not gifted with Carol scores. And of course Carol-on-reds scoring also screws with rankings of individuals.

      1. the fact that nia dennis got a 9.975 on beam and sarah finnegan can’t seem to score anything higher than 9.95 on beam is a perfect example of cracky scoring only benefitting certain teams

  15. Re UCLA at Oregon St:

    Junior Kyla Ross scores 10.0 on bars at Oregon St.
    Freshman Kyla Ross scored her first NCAA 10.0 on bars at Oregon St.

    This is NOT meant as anything against Ohashi personally (since she deserves some rest), but if I was a fan attending the Oregon St meet today I would have been terribly disappointed not to see Ohashi’s viral floor routine live and in person.

    Was today’s Oregon St attendance any sort of record like last week’s UCLA at Stanford meet? The stands looked pretty crowded.

    1. It was 6505 but not a record, we use to have larger attendances back in the day.

  16. Any old school L&O fans read the Oregon lineup “Briscoe” & “Greene” and immediately hear the iconic Mike Post “Dun Dun?”

  17. College gymnastics is severely broken; unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse with more elites choosing to participate in college gymnastics.

    Much like figure skating years ago, gymnastics needs a major overhaul on how it is judged. For example, beam is already a timed apparatus; wouldn’t it be more important to implement a two second stick rule instead of an arbitrary pause rule? All these “college sticks” are damaging the sport more than someone taking their time to safely dismount the beam.

    The sport is tough to watch right now. I’m not even sure it’s a sport anymore with the kind of judging we are seeing.

    1. Unfortunately, with both the death of the 10 in gymnastics and the 6 in figure skating, the cure was infinitely worse than the disease. Notice how the ‘overhaul’ in skating finished off skating as anything that would ever be popular, viable commercially, or sellable again? And of course it didn’t fix the old problems; it merely created NEW ONES! LMAO!

      1. That’s statistically not true, at all.
        Figure skating is still regarded as the most popular sport at the Winter Olympic Games.
        Where are you getting your information on the sport’s inability to market itself, sell itself, etc.?
        College gymnastics needs a judging overhaul – that is a fact. I referenced the overhaul in skating because judges were blatantly cheating, and they probably still do, but now they have less control over it and are penalized/banned if caught cheating.
        These college judges need to be reviewed, just like football, basketball, baseball, etc. and penalized when committing egregious errors.
        It’s a complete joke.

  18. Hi. I have ATT&T U-verse and they no longer carry PAC-12. I’ve missed every UCLA meet this season because of it. 🤬🤬 I cant seem to find full replays online either. Anyone know how I can find past meets replays? 🙏🏽

    1. Get slingtv, we stream on the Roku. Pay like 29/month and then during college gymnastics season I add the sports package for all the pac12/sec networks for hardly much more- then cancel when the season is over. It’s super worth it

  19. I would LOVE a 2 second stick rule. 75% of what everyone thinks is a stick isn’t.

  20. I like the commentator at the Cal meet. I’d like to see PAC 12 use him in actual broadcasts.

  21. I was able to attend the Cal meet today and it was great. Only a few scores over 9.9 and those were for very good routines. Lots of cheering and support from teams to their teammates and their opponents, but no ridiculous screaming jumping celebrations for the 9.8 routines.

    1. Would you be able to give me any insight into ASU’s floor rotation? I saw they got 3 9.675s, but the stream didn’t show any major issues in the short cuts we got of those routines. Gymternet’s resident ASU stan here!

      Also, I’m super jealous you got to see Hortman-Evans live on floor!

      1. Hm, I think remember seeing a lot of medium-sized landing stumbles from ASU on floor. I had a very good view so I’m not sure why I can’t remember any more clearly – maybe was distracted by other events? There was unfortunately no good announcing of scoring so it was hard to follow how the meet was actually progressing.

        Evans was great on FX and (I think it was also her) VT.
        CLB seemed like she wasn’t having her best day but you could still tell she’s a star.
        For Cal, Kuc did well on bars and their freshmen look really promising.

  22. I’m new to collegiate gymnastics this year and really enjoying it – like, where has this sport been all my life? That said, I have really been taken aback by the outrageous judging. I know everyone likes to say that complaining about Carol is part of the fun of NCAA, and to some extent I get that – I also follow soccer, where everyone has an opinion about the refereeing. Every subjective judging decision is going to have its critics, but when scores are awarded that aren’t even mathematically possible, there’s an issue. For judges to blatantly favor certain teams, to the extent where the rankings almost feel rigged… for judges to sometimes seem ignorant of the code of points… I don’t think this level of unprofessionalism would be tolerated in other (male-dominated) sports. For me, it’s just another example of how female gymnasts aren’t treated with the respect they deserve by the broader sports community.

  23. If I did my job as poorly as these judges do, I wouldn’t have a job. Something really needs to be done.

  24. The really sad thing, is that the outcome for Nationals has already been decided with the crack scoring so far this year. Mark my words, the judging for certain teams will carry over to Nationals once again.

    Why should any of the other teams even show up?

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