Sunday Live Blog – February 3, 2019

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The big question heading into today is whether the historic level of overscoring we’ve seen in some high-profile meets this weekend carries over into the typically tight scoring landscape in Michigan. Or whether we suddenly have a code of points again.

Rotation 1 – Michigan on vault, Nebraska on bars


Michigan Vault
1: Mariani – full – solid, step back, a little direction, a little flat off the table but fine. 9.750
2: Funk – large bounce back out of her full, good distance and direction. 9.650
3: Osman – large bounce back on her full, not as large of a bounce as Funk but also a little more piking. 9.725
4: Karas – giant full as usual, good shape, still that hop back but not too much to take other than the landing. 9.800
5: Brenner – 1.5, hit, lunge forward, a little bit of soft knees at the end but not much, should still get into the 9.8s. 9.850
6: Wojcik – 1.5 – oooooof sits her 1.5. She’s fine but a scary locked-leg landing. Hyperextending knees. Shame, I wanted to see what would happen if she stuck. I think so did she…

Nebraska Bars
1: Johnston – short first hs – Ray, hit well, some feet – a couple short verticals, leg break on bail – FTDT, a little flung out with a step. 9.725, large range between judges. I’m with judge 1
2: Hargrove – short his hs – tkatchev to pak was lovely in the air but she did brush the mat swinging through – stalder through to double tuck, a little short with a hop – main deduction will be hitting the mat with her legs. 9.600
3: Verceles Carr – short first hs from her too – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger to overshoot, that was more solid – they’re all short on hs – full to double tuck, not very high, step back on landing. 9.750
4: De Jesus – Ray to overshoot, some legs in the overshoot, nice high tkatchev, just feet – better final cast hs – double arabian dismount, deepish landing with a hop back. 9.750
5: Crouse – Weiler 1/2 to fabulous gienger to overshoot, great legs together throughout – one short hs, sticks FTDT, big routine. 9.900
6: Houchin – lovely first hs – giant full to tkatchev – perfect hs to bail, ideal – this is a fantastic routine – DLO, too deep in the landing with a large bound forward, basically no deductions until the dismount, but then a lot of them. 9.825 (MINIMUM .150 on dismount so that would have been a huge number otherwise.)

After 1: Nebraska 48.950, Michigan 48.775

Neither team great in the first event. Michigan had too little control on landings in the first few and really needed that Wojcik score to pump up the total, but a fall from her this week. Nebraska struggggled in the handstand department in those early routines to keep them out of the 9.8s. Crouse the highlight of that rotation.

Scores are like…normal. It’s so weird. Almost like the gymnastics becomes the story instead of the judging…

Rotation 2 – Michigan on bars, Nebraska on vault

Michigan Bars
1: Mariani – clear hip to tkatchev, super high, a little knees – hs not bad – bail, small leg break – some loose back in final cast hs – FTDT, good leg position, step back. Fine. 9.825
2: Maxim – toe on, some loose body shape – hits tkatchev well – small arch in hs – hits vertical on bail – short final cast hs – DLO lovely, step back. 9.825
3: Karas – toe on to toe shap, good legs together – bail is a little short of vertical on catch – hs positions stronger – DLO, hop back. 9.850
4: Farley – good first hs – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger, good height, a little sluggish swinging out, which we see manifest in the bail not hitting vertical – good cast on high – 1/2 turn to double front dismount, bound forward. 9.800
5: Brenner – 1/2 turn to jaeger, a bit close with some elbows – bail, good position – shortish on final hs – DLO, great stick there. 9.875, starting to get a little high for me here
6: Wojcik – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, nice release – a little short on toe 1/2 – good position on bail hs, legs together – nice final cast – DLO, stuck. Pretty. 9.925

Nebraska Vault
1: Curtis – bounce back on her full, good distance, clear pike, fairly similar to Osman’s I would say.
2: Quinn – hop back on her full as well, similar distance to Curtis, straighter body position though so should get rewarded for that – 9.750
3: Dujakovich – 1.5 – gets it – hop forward, just a bit deep, some knees, but a nice addition to the lineup. 9.850
4: De Jesus – sticks her 1.5, really strong vault, some knees to deduct for there. 9.925
5: Crouse – sttiiiiccckks? her 1.5, not really counted as a stick because she leaned forward on her college salute, but also stronger body form than De Jesus. 9.950
6: Houchin – back to the 1.5 instead of the DTY, solid choice – medium-sized hop forward – lovely in the air, so could still go 9.900 if they’re feeling it, but definite tenth on landing. And it does go 9.900

After 2: Nebraska 98.325, Michigan 98.075

Scores rising there in the second rotation maybe a little too much for my liking but still within reason and not crazy. Nebraska reaping the benefit of having those four strong, hit 10.0 starts in the lineup to gain some ground on Michigan. Good landings, and the last few were super clean. Michigan solid enough on bars, but needs more of those landings. The handstands were way stronger than Nebraska’s rotation, accounting for a major part of the difference in the score.

Rotation 3 – Michigan on beam, Nebraska on floor

Michigan Beam
1: Farley – bhs loso loso series, secure, loses her knees a bit toward the beginning – switch to split, hit, some back leg – 1.5 turn, loverly – side aerial to split jump, very well executed – gainer pike, a little short with a step. 9.825
2: Osman – good full turn – bhs loso, very secure, also a bit of knees in the bhs, but solid – front tuck with a check and a step forward to save it – no connection into beat – split to wolf full, slow connection – gainer full, good stick, some legs. Nice, we’ll see what they do with rhythm. 9.775. So they didn’t mind the rhythm ,just the check on the punch front
3: Karas – bhs loso, hit, maybe not connected into beat though – switch split jump to straddle jump with a leg-up check on landing – switch gainer loso to beat, right on – small adjustment on turn – rudi dismount with a slide back. 9.800
4: Funk – bhs loso series and falls – switch side 1/4 is excellent as always, great height – hits the rest of it, obviously. 9.325
5: Wojcik – aerial to beat, smooth – switch to split, nice positions there – bhs loso, good extension and secure – side aerial to split jump, nailed that as well – 1.5, a bit short with a slide back salute. Pretty. 9.875
6: Mariani – side aerial hit – to split to straddle 1/4, good secure skills, wouldn’t say the aerial was connected to the split – switch side, hits position – bhs loso series, a little adjustment step check to keep it on – 1.5, squeezes to hold that stick despite being a little short. Good one. 9.850

Nebraska Floor
1: Johnston – double pike, very secure, not the highest but enough to be around – 1/2 to front full, dance out – switch 1/2 to popa, good stretch position on popa – double tuck, wayyyy short and hands down. 9.150
2: De Jesus – 3/1, a bit of a bounce back, some legs, but hit – 1/5 to front layout stepout with basically running out of it, which makes it look more out of control than it is, even if it’s nice to see an attempt to integrate passes and choreo and I can respect the integrated attempt at covering a landing – double pike, step back, but a hit. 9.825
3: Schweihofer – full -in, solidly done, chest up, does it without too much height too but doesn’t needs – front lay to front rudi, LOVE the rise into the rudi and the layout position – switch 1/2 to wolf full – front lay front full is softer in the knees with a dance out. 9.825
4: Hassel – front 2/1, strong, a bit of knees but comfortably around – 1.5 to front tuck, yeough, good save to make it a tuck, but lands short with a hop back – pretty switch 1/2 to wolf full positions – rudi to straddle, also pretty rudi position and controls the straddle jump right up into the air too. 9.775
5: Crouse – front 2/1 to layout, has to arch around that layout to squeeze it around with a step back – 1.5 to 1/2 to stretch jump, lovely twisting position – rudi to high loso – great twisting form throughout of course – struggled a bit on the first pass. 9.825
6: Houchin – strong pike full in – 1.5 to layout, pretty good height there – switch ring to split full – double pike, was lovely in the air but comes up short, hands down, counting a fall. 9.400

After 3: Michigan 147.200, Nebraska 146.975

Michigan grabs the lead after the third rotation, Nebraska counting a fall on floor with two people putting their hands down on the final pass, and basically everyone having one rough pass that took the score away despite some nice form overall. Michigan gets through beam, dropping the one fall, with a pretty solid 9.8 of a rotation. Everyone had checks but nothing drastic on the hits.

Rotation 4 – Michigan on floor, Nebraska on beam

Michigan Floor
1: Osman – front tuck through to double tuck, a tad short with a step, good chest up position – switch side to popa, solid – rudi, bouncy landing – double pike, short on that landing with a step forward. 9.675
2: Brenner – full-in, good control on step back, some legs in the air – 1.5 through to 2/1, also solid on that landing – switch side to popa, somewhat indistinct landing positions but good split execution – double pike, some chest, hit. 9.850
3: Funk – double pike, good control, keeps front foot down, chest up – front full to front layout, a little bit of knees but good power – switch side to popa, goes over 180 like we like to see – double tuck, completely buckles on her landing and falls – hopefully her ankle didn’t die, think it didn’t – gave way in time as she fell. 9.125
4: McLean – good high double tuck, just a little bounce – double pike with a bounce back – she’s taking the bhs out of her passes because of shoulder issues – nice extension on split and straddle elements – front lay to front full, just a bit of loose body on the full, but a useful hit score. 9.875, getting a little high –
5: Wojcik – double pike, good height but a small slide back – split full to wolf full, perfect positions and landings – front 2/1 to front pike, also solid – rudi to straddle, another very strong performance, should score well. 9.900
6: Karas – double arabian, nailed the landing, just a bit of cowboy – switch 1/2 to wolf full, very high amplitude on leaps as well – 1.5 to 1/2, keeps that front foot down – double pike, easy peasy, small slide. Some good performances at the end of that floor rotation for Michigan. 9.950, and a 10 from one judge, is total end-of-meet scoring, but the crazy scoring wasn’t too bad at this one overall.

Nebraska Beam
1: Curtis – wolf hop to front tuck connection, but a large break with a bend at the hips – bhs loso series with a leg-up check – steps backward after her stagstand with a check, just nervous checks on things like the full turn cropping up – switch to switch combination, some back leg on first one – 1.5, stuck. 9.625
2: Hargrove – candle mount – bhs loso series, nice leg extension and does well not to wobble despite being a little short coming into the beam – aerial to beat, good – split jump to sheep with an arm-wave bend wobble – gainer pike, small hop. She’ll be a thing on beam soon. 9.700
3: Crouse – hits her series – switch to split with a lean bend check – kickover front, another arm wave check – gainer lay, pretty, small step. 9.700
4: Schweihofer – bhs lay-pike, super solid – switch to switch 1/2 with a check before beat jump, a bit of back leg as well – 2/1, stuck. Good one. 9.850
5: Houchin – bhs loso series, pretty in the air, smallest lean – another choreo check – aerial to beat – switch to split, nice and floaty – cat leap to side aerial, more solid there – 2/1, stuck, nice one. 9.850. We’re seeing a full-tenth range on most of these beam scores.
6: Hassel – bhs loso series and falls, which means they’re counting the 9.625 now – aerial is solid – split to sheep, a little bit of legs – solid – 1.5 with a bounce forward

FINAL: Michigan 196.500, Nebraska, 195.700

Michigan gets out of there with a season high and a solid enough team total. Didn’t look like it was going to be that kind of day at the outset with the weak vault rotation—plus falls that had to be dropped on beam and floor—but they’ll take this for now. It’s still not close to where Michigan will expect to be scoring soon, though.

Nebraska’s rollercoaster continues, three sub-49 rotations and counting a fall on floor means this won’t be a road score that Nebraska will want to have hanging around. Nebraska doesn’t have a road 196 yet with four opportunities remaining, so we’ll have to start watching that.



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