10 thoughts on “The University of Nabieva”

  1. We appreciate you taking a short break from your break to produce this masterpiece. Thank you.

    1. If she can win vault and bars in EF, I think she is still of significant consideration for more teams.

      1. Bars might be tough if she screams at herself for too long again, but *crosses fingers*

      2. Well she didn’t win, but came within 0.1 of winning on both vault and bars. If Nabieva can somehow upgrade her vaults to be at Paseka’s level, and then have a strong bars backup routine, she could factor in to a 5-person world’s team.

        She could also pull together a floor routine Mustafina-style if she gets her good double turns back and can cobble together a decent third tumbling pass.

        I know people try to make Nabieva a thing every year, but this is truly the best she’s been in nearly 5 years.

  2. Thanks to team Russia you get to see the whole array of stereotypical Russian women, hahaha!
    You have the “iron lady with nerves of steel”, Aliya
    You have the “drama queen/diva/cry baby” (Komova and probably Listunova)
    You have the “sweet sociable girl” (Melnikova)
    And you have Nabieva, who totally embodies the “crazy, overly expressive, with 60 intense moods a minute” Russian.
    (I’m Russian and I’m type Nabieva, by the way, lol)

  3. Love Nabieva! Does anybody feel like her personality and spunk is very Khorkina? I always felt like whenever she’s on vault she’s gonna yell at the coach for some reason.

  4. I do wish we could get a translation of her language, since I can’t read lips in Russian. I know it would be worth it!

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