GymCastic 398: Back From Worlds!

2 thoughts on “GymCastic 398: Back From Worlds!”

  1. You mentioned that it makes sense Jade Carey wasn’t going to the first apparatus World Cup, since she was just at worlds, but she did the Swiss Cup? There doesn’t seem to be much to gain from that

  2. I saw on Twitter that you’re taking suggestions for the commission for Gymcastic’s 400th episode…I don’t actually have an account so I’m posting here instead of Twitter in the hopes that you see it. I think it would be really cool to see a Gymcastic-style breakdown on a meet that never happened — the 1998 World Championships. Who would have been the teams? Who would have medaled, assuming the meet followed the typical format of that quad and was held in October-ish per usual? How would the events of that meet have the potential to change gymnastics history going forward? For example, if the US managed a medal or two, would USAG still have hit the panic button in 1999 and brought the Karolyis back? Would the Moceanu drama with her coach and parents have happened at all? Would there be eponymous skills with different names because someone debuted them a year earlier?

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