Clickable Code of Points

This year, I’ve been working on an expansion of the Elite Skills Database so that it can become a true click-able code of points. A database where you can click on any skill in the entire code to see a visual of the skill, its value, how it’s typically referenced, and associated information about the element like whether it’s common or rare (and whether that’s changed over the years because of some code development), if there’s a naming controversy about it because the WTC screwed up (probably), and if it’s ugly or not. You know, the important stuff.

So here it is:

Clickable Code of Points

Each event also has some abridged versions with just a couple key skills for easy reference, and I’ll be adding more of those.

This will live in the sidebar where the Elite Skill Database used to live, so it will always be there on the main page.

And if you want to delve in more, there are a couple other resources I use a lot and that were helpful in this compilation— MostepanovaFan‘s YouTube guides for videos of skills, and the WAG Firsts site for naming history.

14 thoughts on “Clickable Code of Points”

  1. Very Nice!. But can you also make the diagram clickable to enlarge? I really like to see the FIG artists at work sometimes 🙂

  2. This looks like a dream come true. Seriously, amazing.

    Is it strictly elite or does it call out where L10 or NCAA rate a skill differently?

  3. This is fantastic. But I’m salty about how many possibilities there are on bars, and how few are actually being used right now.

  4. Spencer, you are truly heaven sent. This is next-level gym-nerdiness that speaks to my soul. Thank you so very much.

  5. Thank you for this amazing resource! Although I don’t know you, I respect this gift you have created and provided to all gymnastic fans!

  6. Thank you–this is incredible. And filled with countless gems.
    Literally everyone can do this. Except Shayla.

  7. You are obviously the best person ever for having done this, but I have to say, your hatred of cat leaps makes me all kinds of sad. I want them to return!!

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