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Sunday Live Blog – February 2, 2020

Sunday, February 2
Scores Stream
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – George Washington @ Kent State LINK FREE
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – Bowling Green @ Western Michigan LINK  
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – Brown, Southern Connecticut @ Bridgeport    
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – Penn @ Cornell   ESPN+
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT – [22] Illinois @ [19] Maryland LINK
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT – Eastern Michigan @ Lindenwood   FREE
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT – Central Michigan @ Northern Illinois LINK ESPN3
3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT – [16] Iowa State @ TWU LINK FREE
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – [18] Auburn @ [13] Georgia LINK ESPN
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – Stanford @ [25] Oregon State LINK P12N
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – Air Force, Ball State @ [5] Denver LINK  

The three meets I’m following today are all on actual TV boxes, so hopefully we won’t have a repeat of the Arizona State stream situation from yesterday. Tsk tsk tsk.

Although the BTN stream says it’s starting in negative 20 seconds, which is not ideal.

Apparently Audrey Barber is out because of “academic issues” which they don’t usually actually say. It’s usually referred to more obliquely than that.

Olivia Karas is pretty good at this.

Rotation 1

McClure – VT – Maryland – clean full in the air, nice position, only a bit of piking, but a large bounce back. 9.775

Biondi – UB – Illinois – hit jaeger – solid cast – loose back position in catch on bail – giant full, pretty late, to double tuck, small slide. 9.725

Silberman – VT – Maryland – round off full on, back tuck off – bounce back, and will get the typical amplitude deductions for that vault compared to Y vaults. 9.700 (score graphic was 9.770…which nope)

O’Donnel – Ub – Illinois – hit jaeger, pretty position in the air – a couple short casts – clean bail position – final cast was closer – giant full to double tuck, small step forward and then a larger step-salute. 9.725

Glauber – VT – Maryland – lands short on her full with a stagger forward – also mostly strong position in the air, small pike. 9.700

Powe – UB – Illinois – jaeger, high, just a little soft in position – bail looked solid – good final cast hs – really open position on her FTDT, some leg form – very small step back on landing. 9.850

Farina – VT – Maryland – has the distance on her full, solid dynamics, a pretty large bounce back – small leg break on the block, some piking. 9.700

Howell – UB – Illinois – hop change to piked jaeger – pak, oof caught very close on her pak and stalled entirely, didn’t hop off but a major deduction. 9.425

Rubio – VT – Maryland – best position in the air so far, good direction, only a bit of piking, large bounce back. 9.850

Takekawa – UB – Illinois – a bit short on first hs – caught piked jaeger, not the highest amplitude but hit – small arch on bail but pulls it back – some short casts – some shape on DLO dismount, legs apart and a bit of piking, but finds the stick. 9.875

Tsiknias – VT – Maryland – tries for the Y1.5 tucked, hits it, short with a large lunge to the side – solid tuck position, around, but a major landing break. 9.775

Bixler – Ub – Illinois – giant with some legs, swings again (intending blind change) gets totally caught, or her hand slips or something, has to hop off so Illinois will count the mistake from Howell. She tries again and has to hop off again. Just salutes now because no counting the score.

48.600 for Illinois on bars. 48.800 for Maryland on vault.

Illinois won’t be pleased about the bars score because they had a miss and another basically-a-miss to go well under 196 pace. Maryland hit vault but was not close enough to sticks to get into the 9.8s much. Lots of large bounces.

Long delay trying to come up with the score for Bixler, and this one judge is having a facial expression JOURNEY.

Rotation 2

Waight – VT – Illinois – Y1/2 – pretty solid, pace forward but not too large, a bit of pike throughout. 9.700

Tsiknias – UB – Maryland – 1/2 to jaeger, a bit late on 1/2 – bail, some hip angle on catch – good final cast – DLO, lunge forward. Note to Olivia, Bernd Jaeger is a boy. 9.800

Biondi – VT – Illinois – also a Y1/2, which we don’t see that often anymore after that season where it was still a 10 and everyone did them – large lunge forward for her. 9.775 is pretty high

Silberman – UB – Maryland – very late orphan 1/2 turn – hits gienger, legs together – hit bail, vaguely loose back – DLO, stuckish landing, borderline held long enough, legs apart on stick. 9.825

Howell – VT – Illinois – hit full, large bounce back, a bit of foot break in the air, pike down. 9.750

Vault scores pretty high here for me.

Glauber – UB – Maryland – good first hs – huge tkatchev, just a bit floppy – bail, hip angle keeps her from hitting handstand there – DLO, fairly big lunge back. 9.825

Townes – VT – Illinois – good power and direction on her full, another large bounce back. Solid position, small pike. 9.825

Peterman – UB – Maryland – very short first cast – toe on to gienger, leg break catching gienger, small hesitation on toe on – bail, hit – DLO, step back. 9.675

Jones – VT – Illinois – only does a Y back tuck – not sure what happened there

Wright – UB – Maryland – maloney, small leg break – Ray to overshoot, solid amplitude – good hs on high – stalder, fairly smooth into double tuck, step back, small. 9.850

Scott – VT – Illinois – huge bounce back on her full, so far that she almost tripped over the mat pile while saluting. LOL. 9.675

Farina – UB – Maryland – a bit short on first hs – well late on gliding through 1/2 turn to jaeger, hit – small leg break on bail – a couple hs positions – DLO, good stick. 9.825

49.125 for Maryland on bars. A fine rotation but playing with fire on some of those bail positions and whatnot.

48.725 for Illinois on vault, and they kind of got away with it. Lots of large landing deductions, and then the botched vault from Jones.

After 2: Maryland 97.925, Illinois 97.325

Rotation 3

These rotation breaks feel 94 minutes long.

McClure – BB – Maryland – aerial to bhs, pretty floaty aerial, rather slow in combination – switch to straddle 1/4, hit – kickover front with a small lean correction, held well -a second aerial, this time to split jump – aerial rudi dismount, nice. 9.700

Waight – FX – Illinois – front tuck through to double tuck, under control – split leap full to wolf jump full, well short of split position – double pike, chest down landing with a hop forward – awkward landing on her final dance combo with an uncontrolled step. 9.600

Silberman – BB – Maryland – switch to gainer loso, some back leg on switch – bhs loso series, quick arm swing to control, knee form on both elements – switch to straddle 1/4, nice positions on that one, arm wave correction – 1.5, holds…ish on the landing to a quick salute. 9.800

Townes – FX – Illinois – All of Nadalie Walsh’s comments that they’re relating are basically “This one is a lot” – front full to front full with a bounce that takes her just OOB – another uncontrolled dance combo landing – switch side to popa now, more controlled on landing, some short position – rudi, a bit slidey. 9.625

Peterman – BB – Maryland – bhs loso series, lean correction – huge break on her side somi, saves it, two separate leg-up wobbles and leans – switch to straddle 1/4, back leg on switch – 1.5, stuck landing, some knees. 9.475

Noonan – FX – Illinois – front 2/1, crossover step – front lay to rudi, under control that time, nice straight position on the lay – switch ring to cat leap 1.5, more attention to that cat leap when treated as a real element than the ones we see on beam – 1.5 to layout, solidly done. 9.850

Farina – BB – Maryland – long pause before series – had a small check initially and then took on a large break moving out of it, bend at the hips wobble – switch to straddle 1/4, back leg on switch, small hesitation in between elements – side aerial, leg-up wobble when trying to get into beat jump – 1.5, hop forward. 9.350. Means the Peterman score will have to count.

Biondi – FX – Illinois – double pike, controlled lunge back but just did keep it in bounds – front lay to front full with a notable bound forward – switch side to wolf jump full, cleanly executed – double tuck, bounce back. 9.775

Rouse – BB – Maryland – standing loso, small arm wave before straddle – bhs loso series, securely landed, small wait before beat jump – switch to straddle, some more little leans – 1.5 with a little double hop forward. A few little ones but kept the rotation together. 9.775

Scott – FX – Illinois – front 2/1, good twisting position, controlled landing – back 1.5 to layout, a tad short coming into the layout landing with a little shiver correction – switch ring to split leap full – rudi, controlled landing, just a little low. Pretty twisting form overall. 9.875

Wright – BB – Maryland – split jump to split jump 1/2, good positions, little arm wave – aerial to bhs, a bit slow but fine – smooth full turn – kickover to split jump, kind of short on split, secure – gainer pike, stuck. Nice one. 9.850

Howell – FX – Illinois – front tuck through to double tuck, secure landing, chest a bit down – double pike, minorly soft knees, another well controlled pass, smallest front foot adjustmnet. 9.800

Maryland escapes a tentative beam rotation with a 48.600, while Illinois goes 48.925 on floor.

After 3: Maryland 146.525, Illinois 146.250

I’m way too snotty to ever be interviewed. I could not handle a “question” like “Put an exclamation point on what you mean by resilient.” I would have just said resilient and drawn an exclamation point.

Rotation 4

Borden – BB – Illinois – highest toe – aerial to fhs to sissone, a little pause after aerial but probably not enough to be a thing – check on her full turn – stag ring, very strong – beat to sheep, hit, some hip angle on sheep – ooooooooof – tried to punch for her dismount and one foot slipped off, no punch ended up just doing a layout to her side. Limping off.

Tsiknias – FX – Maryland – rudi to a high loso, solid – switch ring to split leap full – attempts front 2/1 second pass, did not get enough height to get it around, sits it.

Falls from both leadoffs.

Biondi – BB – Illinois – bhs loso series, solidly done – switch to double stag, nice height on that stag – side aerial, secure, some feet – 1.5 dismount, bounce forward. Good hit. 9.750

Rubio – FX – Maryland – good height on double pike – switch side to popa – 1.5 to layout, lots of arching around on that layout to get it to her feet, a low pass – double tuck, short with a stagger forward. 9.575 and counting.

Howell – BB – Illinois – bhs back lay-pike and she’s off line and falls, Illinois counting a beam fall now – switch to straddle 1/4, nice high straddle position – also a good switch side position, that’s a highlight in the routine – gainer pike, good open on that element and stuck. 9.150

Silverman – FX – Maryland – rudi to loso, a small slide on her loso – switch side and popa, kind of low to the floor but OK – front 2/1, some ragged knees but hits it. 9.825

Noonan – BB – Illinois – bhs loso series, smooth like buttah – switch to gainer loso, good individual elements, a little slow in combination – beat to double stag, hesitates on that element, didn’t get up as high as she wanted to show the position and a wobble on landing – stuck gainer full. 9.750

Olivia loooooves gainer layout stepouts. Also doing a good job avoiding saying, “Now let’s talk about mine…”

McClure – FX – Maryland – double tuck, fairly controlled landing – front lay to rudi, small slide back – split full to popa, short of position on both – front lay to front full, controlled landing, a little soft. 9.850

Scott – BB – Illinois – kickover front to bhs, excellent extension in bhs and pretty solid speed in combo – full turn – switch to stag ring, smooth – cartwheel gainer full, stuck. Nice one. 9.900

Rouse – FX – Maryland – double pike, solid landing – back 1.5 to front lay, secure, leg separation in the 1.5 – split leap full to popa, comfortably and crisply around – double tuck – secure, chest down

Takekawa – BB – Illinois – side aerial to bhs, lands it despite being off line, pulls it back – switch with an arm wave check – switch to loso and falls – third fall in the lineup for Illinois. Stuck gainer full.

Wright – FX – Maryland – front lay front full is quite short, lunge back – switch to split ring 1/2, the usual form everyone has on that element but the switch leap was lovely – double tuck, nailed landing 9.750

Just a 47.700 for Illinois on beam.

Maryland goes 48.900 to finish up with 195.425 to Illinois’ 193.950. Not really going in the scrapbook for either team.

OK, now it’s time for Auburn/Georgia, Stanford/Oregon State, and…just following scores from Denver I guess?

Rotation 1

Baumann – VT – Georgia – good distance on her full – lunge back and a little flat off the table. 9.775

Stevens – UB – Auburn – good first hs – toe on to Ray, catches close but works out of it smoothly – secure position on bail – short cast hs on high – DLO, pikes it around, small hop back. 9.775

Peterson – VT – Oregon State – round off full on vault with a fairly large bounce back today. 9.750

Cashman – VT – Georgia – full – medium side back, solid height, not as much distance as Baumann. 9.800

Lawson – UB – Stanford – Maloney to bail with a leg break on the bail – toe full, pretty solid finish position – double tuck with a lunge forward

Sabados – UB – Auburn -arch in first hs, pull it back – Ray, solid and good cast afterward – bail, large arch and a leg separation in the air but pulls it back – DLO, stuck. 9.850

Bird – VT – Oregon State – full, some piking, small hop back . 9.750

Ward – VT – Georgia – nice control on her Tsuk full today, small hop bacl – some piking. 9.825

Brusch – UB – Auburn – Maloney to bail, excellent, legs right together – good casts in this one – DLO, bounce back, still not quite getting that dismount. 9.800

Yanish – VT – Oregon State – good open on her full and has the dynamics as always, but a large bounce back

Vega – VT – Georgia – a pretty large bounce back today on her full, otherwise totally usual. 9.825

Watson – UB – Auburn – rushes first cast – supppppper close catch on her Ray, amazing that she kept going, I think she clipped the bar – hits her bail, not quite exact in vertical – FTDT, small hop. 9.675

Hit Deltchev from Brunette on bats for Stanford.

Lacy Dagen – VT – Oregon State – only a very small hop back on her full, good one.

Hawthrone – VT – Georgia – lands chest down on her full today, small hop but lots of body position to take there. 9.750

Bryant – UB – Stanford – hits her tkatchev – smooth and lovely pak as always – a couple rushed handstands – DLO is wonderful and stuck.

Day – UB – Auburn toe 1/2 to jaeger, to overshoot, wonderful positions in the air – double arabian, hit it with a lunge back

M Dagen – VT – Oregon State – hits a 1.5! Nice job. Small hop forward and a bit of knees but should be a strong score. 9.900

Lukacs – VT – Georgia – good enough on her DTY, she bounces back today though actually was a little more fully around than she usually is. 9.900 with that tenth bounce back.

Gobourne – Ub – Auburn – huge tkatchev – cast to pak, wonderful form – cast 1/2 on low, short of vertical – FTDT, stuck. Highlight of rotation.

Mack – VT – Oregon State – hits a full, good control, small step back, but chest down

Micco – UB – Stanford – so she exists – short first hs – nice jaeger, good height – bail, very clean position – short onall her casts – 1/2 turn to layout 1.5 dismount, chest down and lunge forward. But still where has that routine been our whole lives?

So I’m basically treating this like I’m watching a quad meet.

Georgia 49.125
Auburn 49.100
Oregon State 49.050
Stanford 49.000

Madi Dagen’s strong 1.5 was a highlight in Oregon State getting up over 49 there. Despite Georgia having the high score so far, they won’t be that pleased by the vault landings overall, not a lot of control today. Auburn also would have wnated more landings on bars but they endured not being able to use Watson’s score.

Stanford still pretty depleted on bars and had to count a 9.675 from Garcia.

Rotation 2

Glenn – VT – Auburn – nice full for her (this is the better choice than the 1.5) controlled the landing – some chest position and distance deduction, small slide. 9.800

Lukacs – UB – Georgia – rushes first hs – low tkatchev, hit – large arch on high bar and pulls it out to a clear hip – pak, some leg breaks – well short on final cast hs – DLO, slide back. Not her strongest. 9.750 is INSANE high.

Cole – VT – Stanford – hop back on full, good distance, some knees

Sheppard – VT – Auburn – great landing on her Y1/2, pretty well nailed – just a little bit of pike and some distance. 9.825

Yamaoka – Ub – Oregon State – hit maloney – toe on to bail, a little short of vertical –

Cashman – UB – Georgia – good handstand and tkatche v- bail – legs apart on catch – short cast hs on high – DLO, a bit short with a step-salute

Bryant – VT – Stanford – her usual powerful full, bounce back today and a little more piking

Day – VT – Auburn – hits her 1.5 – off the the side – hop forward

Lowery – Ub – Oregon State- small hesitation on toe on into maloney to pak, just a little bit more form than usual

Hattaway – UB – Georgia – full to gienger, straddles it on catch, rather late on the full – bail, legs apart – DLO, bounce back. 9.800, so many gifts in this rotation. Georgia should be counting a 9.6 here, but that’s not what’s happening.

Stevens – VT – Auburn – hits her 1.5, good control on landing, small hop, some knee position and direction.

Roberts – Ub – Georgia – nice maloney to bail combination, very clean – good cast hs on high bar – DLO, floats it out, bounce back. 9.875

Watson – VT – Auburn – exceptional landing on her 1.5, pretty much stuck – only a bit of position in the air – some distance deduction, great one. 9.900

De Jong – UB – Georgia – catches close on her Ray – bail, rather short of vertical – DLO, hop forward. 9.850

Brunette – VT – Stanford – bounce back on full, some piking

Gobourne – VT – Auburn – a pace forward on her 1.5 today, otherwise strong – nice position in the air, good distance. 9.875

Oakley – UB – Georgia – short first cast – higgins to piked jaeger, perfect – pak, small leg break – nice final cast hs – FTDT, stuck landing. 9.925

Hoang – VT – Stanford – step back on her full, chest position on landing, good height

Really strong vault rotation from Auburn. The fact that it only scored .025 better than Georgia’s bars rotation is insanity. Only Roberts and Oakley should have been over 9.800 there.

Briscoe – UB – Oregon State – nice jaeger feet, a bit short of vertical on her bail – DLO, short chest down with a hop forward.

Stanford is doing just 5 on vault.

Gill – UB – Oregon State – good first hs – maloney to pak, leg break on the pak, good maloney position – casts look very solid – DLO, wayyyy short and hands down. Will have to count 9.675 from lowery now.

Georgia 98.400
Auburn 98.400
Oregon State 97.975
Stanford 97.925

Auburn’s vaulting was the impressive moment of rotation 2. Some really strong 1.5s, good difficulty and a number of well-controlled landings.

Commentators tell us Widner is not competing due to team disciplinary issue.

Rotation 3

Magee – BB – Georgia – straddle jump to straddle 1/2, really nice – bhs bhs loso, crisply done, well extended, very pretty – 1.5, small hop. Lovely set. 9.850

Slappey – FX – Auburn – front lay to rudi, secure landing, a tad sort in layout – switch 1/2 to split jump full to double stag jump, short of position on split jump full – double tuck, staggers back with a bounce. 9.700

Lukacs – BB – Georgia – kickover front, wobble, arm wave – bhs loso way off line and falls – of course nails her double tuck today

Davis – BB – Oregon State – aerial to back tuck, a little slow in combination, some knees in aerial – split jump to stag ring, a little short on split 180 – gainer front lay full, solid. 9.875 is higgggh

Stevens – FX – Auburn – double pike, medium bounce back – switch ring to switch 1/2, nice extension – front lay to rudi, a little whippy in the layout – double tuck, bounce back, some chest position

Cole – FX – Stanford – they’re too zoomed in on her first pass so you can’t even see what it is – nice positions on leap combination – pops the rudi right up, a little awkward on connected stag. 9.775

De Jong – BB – Georgia – switch to split, lean correction – aerial to beat jump, nice height on beat and a pretty aerial – bhs loso, gorgeous – split 1/2 small lean – side aerial to full, stuck. Nice routine. 9.850

Lowery – BB – Oregon State – hits loso series solidly – dance combination, a bit short on her split jump – split jump 1/2 from side was solid – stuck punch front full dismount. Good. 9.875

Brusch – FX – Auburn – did not get the height we usually expect on her double pike, bounce back – 1.5 to layout, also kind of low on that pass – switch 1/2 to popa, great high popa – double tuck, a bit more controlled. 9.800

Lawson – FX – Stanford – back 1.5 through to double tuck with a slide back – just did keep it in? – finishes double pike, front foot just does come up

Oakley – BB – Georgia – wolf single, hit – bhs bhs loso series, smoothly done, no trouble, just a bit too long pausing beforehand – pretty jump – split ring jump did have a small balance correction after it – side aerial, solid – sticks gainer full, legs well apart. Good one. 9.900

Sheppard – FX – Auburn – only does a back layout as her first pass – no idea – split leap full is solid so it seems like she’s OK? because everything else looks fine – back 1.5 to layout, no 3/1 – so will be a super low score because not enough content there.

Hoang – FX – Stanford – good DLO, controls the landing – double pike, small bounce back

Baumann – BB – Georgia – side aerial to loso, right on, strong – slightly tentative on her full turn – beat to switch side, secure – 1.5 dismount, tries to hold the stick and basically does but two swims to probably incur mor ethan a little step – 9.900

Lacy Dagen – BB – Oregon State – switch to switch side, nice – very smooth loso landing – gainer pike, stuck, really strong.

Oh it’s a 9.975 for Dagen.

Bryant – FX – Stanford – fabbbb full in, nailed the landing, great height -front through to double back, just a small slide – open double tuck, a little steppy but such great difficulty and control. Excellent.

Watson – FX – Auburn – double pike, a little out of control stepping back – nice clean elevation on her straddle positions – 1.5 to front lay, a bit too much slide – double tuck, kept front foot down but a large lunge.9.775

Vega – BB – Georgia – switch to split ring jump, she was tentative today in her switch with lower back leg than usual – aerial to split jump, yes – bhs loso series, does well to avoid a real check, just a minor leanish – side aerial to full, stuck. Good. 9.925

Brunette – FX – Stanford – front lay and can’t punch into her next element and sits it. Stanford is also only planning to put up 5 on floor. Looks like she just mistimed the punch entirely?

Gobourne – FX – Auburn – open double tuck, wayyyy high and too high with a large bounce back and OOB – front full to front layout, smooth and controlled – double pike, another large bounce back and looked like another OOB

Lazaro with a lean to the sid on her layout series, and another leg-up check on dance – but they already have a good rotation score here on beam with that 9.975 from Lacy Dagen.

A big beam score from Georgia 49.425, but I don’t have the same issue I do with bars because so many of those routines were glorious.

Auburn a rough 48.700 on floor because they have to count Gobourne’s two OOB score in the 9.6s.

Brunette’s floor score just an 8.450 for Stanford, which will count. Yikers.

Oregon State a huge 49.375 on beam.

After 3:
Georgia 147.825
Auburn 147.100

Oregon State 147.350
Stanford 145.600

Re: Pacing, the ESPN meet is going a little slower than their usual pace, but very impressed that the Pac-12 Network is mostly keeping up.

Maddie Karr went 9.975 on bars for Denver as the 197 watch is on after two events.

Rotation 4

Slappey – BB – Auburn – bhs loso series, a little tight with a correction to the side – switch to switch 1/2, back leg rather low on switch – cat leap to side aerial to tuck full, stuck landing, good finish. 9.825

Perez-Lugones – FX – Georgia – “sassitude” – double pike, short landing, lunge forward – 1.5 to layout, nice clean layout position – double tuck, good pass, controlled landing. 9.875. Here it goes.

Stephenson – BB – Stanford – aerial to beat jump, some knees in aerial but secure – bhs loso, good – split jump to sheep jump, sheep jump actually pretty solid – gainer full, hop back.

Brusch – BB – Auburn – aerial to beat, flatter aerial but nice and high on the beat – loso series, solid – switch back tuck, also solidly landed – bhs 1.5, holds the landing. Some knee things but really secure element landings. 9.775

Peterson – FX – Oregon State – double back, small movement – front lay to front full, controlled landing, knees – double pike, short with a step forward

Cashman – FX – Georgia – brings out her piked full in, hop back, keeps it in bounds – whip to 2/1, high, good, another little bounce – double tuck, chest up, she’s doing the bounces like Alabama on Friday, but a good routine. 9.925 with three bounces on landings.

Cole – Bb – Stanford – bhs loso series, a bit tight but hit – check on full turn – a bit tentative on these elements, check on the aerial, back leg on the switch – good stick on 2/1.

Stevens – BB – Auburn – bhs loso, lots of leg form – switch ring, flexed foot but secure landing – kickover front to one knee, very solid – 1.5 dismount, small hop. Form on a number of elements but also very secure.

Baumann – FX – Georgia – really strong triple wolf turn today – 1.5 to front full, a little bouncy out of it – L turn to full to to switch, lovely -Kathy gasping and yelling HIGH BATTEMENT is my drug – double pike, bounce back. Good one. 9.925. How is that the same?

Sylvia – BB – Auburn – aerial to rulfova immediate combination – the rulfova gets kind of crazy, but she hits it – sissone to sheep, good legs together position, some hip angle as they nearly all have – gainer full, little hop. 9.900

Hawthorne – FX – georgia – double pike, such a tight position but a large bounce back – excellent height on leaps as always – having a split jump out of a pass works for her because the nly thing she’s missing is landing control – slide back on double tuck – 9.900 and one of the judges went 9.950. Come on.

Lawson – BB – Stanford – Arabian, super high, good, small lean correction – switch 1/2 – series, solid – gainer pike, kind of awkward timing, step back

Watson – BB – Auburn – bhs loso series, a bit of knee bend today in both elements – aerial, secure – switch to straddle 1/4, nice extension there – 1.5, holds the stick, small lean. 9.875

M Dagen – FX – Oregon State – 2.5, controlled landing, some knees –

Lukacs – FX – Georgia – DLO, good pop as always, slide back – back 1.5 to 1/2 to shush, comfortable – switch side to wolf jump full, she gets it around and it’s a leap combo that works for her, not high though – double pike, controlled landing. 9.900

Navarro finishes BB for Stanford with a back 1.5 and a large forward/sideward lunge.

Sheppard – BB – Auburn – bhs loso series, controlled landing, squeezes to avoid a wobble – hitch to side aerial, a little short, steps the foot forward – arm wave on switch side – bhs 1.5 with a step back –

Lowery – FX – Oregon State – punch front 2/1, excellent landing – 1.5 to layout, stuck landing – split leap full to popa, excellent popa – punch rudi, controlled landing. Excellent.

9.975 for Lowery.

Vega – FX – Georgia – does her full in and it’s one of her best chest positions on landing, small bounce back – 1.5 to layout to sissone, some legs in 1.5 – switch ring to split leap full, nice – split leap 1.5, good air position – short of rotation a bit – double pike – small slide. good. 9.950

bryant – Bb – Stanford – hits loso series, beat to switch split jump is excellent – punch front, super solid – lunge back on double tuck

Yanish – FX – Oregon State – DLO, staggers a little on landing today with a bounce back – front full to layout is solid – switch side to popa, close enough to position – double tuck, short landing with a step forward

FINAL: Georgia 197.425, Auburn 196.350

The insane scoring of Georgia’s bars and floor rotations produce a bit of a misleading result here, but floor was still a strong rotation and beam was quite nice as well. Georgia needs a tightly scored road meet right now to see how that bars rotation might actually get evaluated in real life.

Auburn was excellent on vault, but it was the floor rotation that took away the kind of score the team was really looking for here.

FINAL: Oregon State 196.825, Stanford 194.575

It started very slowly for Oregon State, but they’ll obviously take that total and the two 9.975s in the meet. The beam scoring was def soft, but we also saw some really competitive rotations popping up again from the Beavs.

Stanford…well…it was the counting 8.450 on floor that makes this a total throw-away result because they were right there through the first two events.

And good job Pac-12 Network on improving the meet pacing. That was a lot better.

Final rotation starting at Denver, where Denver is on track for a low-mid 197.

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