Friday Live Blog – February 14, 2020

Friday, February 14
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3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT – GQ Invite – Seattle Pacific, SEMO, Centenary)   FLO
6:00pm ET/3:00pm PT – Penn State @ Ohio State LINK BTN+
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – [14] Arkansas @ [6] Alabama LINK SECN
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – [7] Michigan @ Iowa LINK BTN+
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Ball State, Eastern Michigan @ [11] Georgia LINK SEC+
7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT – GQ Invite – [9] LSU, [18] Iowa St, [19] Missouri, Lindenwood LINK FLO
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – West Virginia, TWU @ [1] Oklahoma LINK FSOK
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – Western Michigan @ [23] Illinois LINK BTN+
8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT – [2] Florida @ [17] Auburn LINK SECN
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT – [20] Southern Utah @ Utah State LINK FREE
10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT – Alaska @ San Jose State LINK FREE

Lots of different little bits of meets to check in on today, and I’ll start with Penn State and Ohio State because…it’s the one that’s going on right now.

Or, you know, theoretically.

“They’re keeping won-loss records this year, which is a new thing.” …..


Rotation 1

Abanto – VT – OSU – Yhalf, a larger bound forward, some feet and knees, not too much piking. 9.725

Verdeflor – UB – PSU – blind to jaeger, pretty – good handstand positions – short of vertical on bail with a small leg break – shorter on final cast hs – front giant 1/2 to double tuck, shuffle back. Not quite her cleanest but a hit. 9.675

Lowe – VT – OSU – lands chest short on her full, lunge forward – 9.675

Chinnery – UB – PSU – good first hs – hindorff to overshoot, hit, good amplitude, a bit of form – shy final cast hs – giant full was quite crazy, leaning to the side – double tuck, hop in place. 9.675

Swartzentruber – VT – OSU – a step up in the vaulting – full, more amplitude, small slide back – still some piking and we’ll see more distance from others. 9.775

Rushlow – UB – PSU – blind to jaeger to overshoot, nice distance and position on that jaeger – short final cast hs – giant full, a bit late into double tuck, hop back. 9.825

“Definitely stuck the landing.” She did not.

Malas – VT – OSU – strong full from her – holds the landing with only a small rebound, nice lift – some piking at the end, some knees. 9.825

Bridgens – UB – PSU – short first hs – maloney to bail, arch in handstand but holds it – good shoot back to high – tight final cast – giant full to double tuck, stuck. A couple handstand things but still should be very countable. 9.825

Aepli – VT – OSU – a rough full today, lands short, didn’t have her usual dynamics – and nearly had to put her knee down but did not, a lunge forward. 9.675

McCracken – UB – PSU – good first hs – toe on to tkatchev, hit, a little flat – but handstand positions are solid, pehaps a little short on bail – good cast and front giant 1/2, double tuck, slide back. 9.775

Jennings – VT – OSU – she also ends up short on her full with a hop forward, though not as egregious as it was for Aepli, hop forward, good amplitude. 9.750

Bonsall – UB – PSU – good first cast – maloney to pak, lovely height – rolls through vertical on cast 1/2 on low bar – some loose back in last cast – DLO, short landing and hands down. Was in line for the best score in the lineup before that.

After 1: Penn State 48.775, Ohio State 48.750

Neither team will be super thrilled by that first rotation. Ohio State had short landings from its best two vaulters to miss out on scores there, and bars is typically Penn State’s best numbers, but they weren’t as crisp in the handstands as usual, and then had the fall from Bonsall. It’s probably because I didn’t objectify Dallas Becerra even once during that rotation this time, so I own that. My fault. Must do better in future.

Rotation 2

Bladon – VT – PSU – large bounce back on her full – a bit of a pike, solid power. 9.700

Hinterberger – UB – OSU – blind to jaeger, hit – bail, a bit short of vertical – giant full to double tuck, short with a lunge forward 9.675

Rushlow – VT – PSU – also a huge bounce back on her full – a bit of piking at the end, nice toe point. 9.650

Schweitzer – UB – OSU – maloney to bail, nice legs together on maloney, a bit of hip angle on bail int eh air – giant full to double tuck, holds the stick. 9.825

Allen – VT – PSU – finds the landing on her full, solid one, doesn’t have the form of others on the vault with some flexed feet but makes up for it on landing. 9.800

Adamski – UB – OSU – tkatchev, hit – second hs it more vertical than the first – bail, some angle on catch and a little shorter on final cast – DLO, fake-stick with a step-salute. 9.825

Chinnery – VT – PSU – solid full, small hop back, has the dynamics – minor pike down. 9.825

Aepli – UB – OSU – toe on to maloney to bail, clean, just a tad short on bail, otherwise good – FTDT, took it too close to the bar with a lunge back. 9.825

Bonsall – VT – PSU – holds the stick on her full – cleanest of the group with an open position – not the most distance, but strong. 9.800. Would like to have seen a little more relative reward for position, but they got her for amplitude.

Miller – UB – OSU – good first hs – maloney to bail, solid, a little short on backswing on maloney and a small leg break on bail but both minor issues – one short cast hs – DLO, stuck. Great finish. 9.900

Bridegns – VT – PSU – short on her full with chest down – controls the landing well by taking only a small hop forward because it could have been more, but still a deduction for short. 9.725

Swartzentruber – UB – OSU – maloney to pak, lovely leg position – van leeuwen and peels off, didn’t quite have her hands over. Still a good rotation score though as they’ll go 49.050. Finishes, hitting her DLO.

48.850 for Penn State on vault to OSU’s 49.050, so Ohio State will claim the lead after two events.

After 2: Ohio State 97.800, Penn State 97.625

Lineup notes on the next group of meets, Emily Schild appears to be back from the dead for the moment and in the bars lineup for Georgia, which is a critical potential upgrade.

Schweitzer was a little wobbly but hit for Ohio State in the first beam performance for 9.675. She’s followed by a 9.700 from Swartzentruber. Politz was quite clean in the first floor routine for PSU with 9.775.

Georgia getting started. Kevin tells us it’s the first tri-meet at Georgia in 20 years. That’s so weird.

Well crappit. Season-ending Achilles injury to Amanda Cashman. That doesn’t help.

Arkansas/Alabama also starting along with Georgia’s meet.

Rotation 1

Burgess with a big Yfull, small hop back. Nice. Nittle bit of piking. 9.750

Baumann – VT – UGA _ Yfull, bounce back, piking, a little bit of legs, fine. 9.750

Yamzon – UB – Ark – good first hs – clear hip, small body position issue – tkatchev, hit – bail, small bits of legs here and there – DLO 1/1 – great stuck landing, and solid form too, one of her better DLO 1/1s. 9.775

Desch – VT – Alabama – closeup on Burgess’s score as Desch was going – full, really solid landing, Good one.

Ward – VT – UGA – Tsuk full – not bad, a hop to the side – knees deep and some piking. 9.800

Gianfagna – UB – Ark – good first hs – Ray, huge, just did catch that one – toe to bail, leg break on bail – FTDT, bounce back. Good.

Vault scores at Georgia softer than at Alabama.

Magee – VT – UGA _ Yfull, good position in the air – hop back. Pretty.

Mahoney – VT – Alabama – a larger bounce back than her usual on the full, but solid form and direction, very clean, pretty vault as well.

Garner – Ub – Ark – rshed first hs – giant full to huge gienger to overshoot, such a gorgeous gienger – tight final cast hs – giant full to double tuck, chest down with a step.

9.900 for Magee on a Yfull with a medium-sized bounce back. Assassinate me.

Vega – VT – UGA – bounce back on her full today, otherwise her usual, a bit of piked hips at the end.

Blanco – VT – Alabama – great control on the landing on her full – she shoots off vert horizontally, so it’s impressive she can find that landing.

Lovett with a good stick on her double back on bars. clean routine.

One judge gave Vega 9.900 with a large bounce back on her full. WHY.

Hawthrone for Georgia with an even larger bounce back on her full.

Olsen – VT – Alabama – LOL – almost actually found the stick on her DTY but then college saluted so hard she lost the stick. 9.875

Lukacs – VT – Georgia – solid control on her DTY today, good height, small slide adjustment, a bit of chest position.

Graber – VT – Alabama – just does manage to find the landing on her Y1.5, lands deep and rising up onto her toes to find the landing – pretty in the air.

Megan Roberts a 1.5 in exhibition for Georgia, large bounce forward.

Laird falls in the anchor spot for Arkansas on bars but they had five hits before that.

Also, are live scores getting worse?

Georgia goes 49.300 for a rotation where I only had two of the vaults even in the 9.800s. That was maybe a 49.100 rotation for me.

49.350 for Alabama on vault, which is also pretty high there as scores started rising in the second half, but Alabama’s vaulting was quite a bit stronger than Georgia’s today. 49.050 for Arkansas on bars works.

Rotation 2

Gianfagna – VT – Ark – great distance on her full but a huge bounce back and some chest down. 9.675. Georgia’s like, “I’m sorry, I believe that vault is a 9.850.”

Why is Ball State starting on floor at that tri-meet.

Dickson – UB – Alabama – good first hs – bail, some legs apart – rushes final cast hs a bit – toe on to tkatchev, huge as usual, hit – solid final cast hs – FTDT, short with a small hop. 9.825

Hickey – VT – Ark – also has solid distance but landed chest down on hers with a pike forward. 9.700

Childers – Ub – Alabama – toe on to maloney to bail, good vertical, minor legs here and there – strong final cast hs – rolls through blind change into dismount, usual amount of legs, stuck landing. 9.850

Rogers – VT – Ark – has some height on her full but not the distance of the previous two – lands chest well forward with a step. 9.550

Graber – UB – Alabama – gienger, good height, usual legs on catch – toe to bail, very nice bail position, lovely – short cast hs on high – FTDT, small slide back. 9.800

Shaffer – VT – Ark – lovely Y1/2 in the air as always – hop forward today – nothing to take for shape.

Givens – UB – Alabama – rushes first hs – blind to jergaer,pretty – bail – supppper arch but somehow manages to pull it back – I’ve notices she slams her legs together so hard on her straddle casts she gives herself a leg break – pretty dismount but a major break on that bail. 9.625

A fall from Wojcik on bars means Michigan stays at a nonetheless fine 49.250.

Hambrick – VT – Ark – hits her Y1.5, a lunge forward and a bit of knees, but nice to see from her and hit –

Mahoney – UB – Alabama – bail, a small hip angle on catch here – hits tkatchev, rushed a couple of these handstands – FTDT, nice tight position, small movement on landing. 9.850

Georgia startign rot 2.

Lukacs – UB – UGA – very close on tkatchev, even more than usual – clear hip to pak, pak is fine – a bit late on cast 1/2 – better final cast hs – DLO is solid, leg break in the air – 9.725

Elswick hits her full in the anchor position for Arkansas – clean vault – small hop back, good position, direction, and distance.

Doggette – Ub – Alabama – high tkatchev, nice counter into pak – legs apart – not bad on cast 1/2 position on low – a bit short on final hs – DLO, clean, step back into salute. 9.900

Hattaway – Ub – Georgia – giant full with loose back – gienger, catches with leg break – better form on bail this week, still some hip angle – short final cast hs – DLO, step back. 9.775 is high there.

49.225 for Alabama on bars, 48.825 for Arkansas on vault. Arkansas falling back a little because of those early struggle fulls. Alabama a sufficient, acceptable lineup of 9.8s on bars.

Roberts – Ub – Georgia – small hesitation on first hs – maloney to bail, better extended hip position – DLO, piking in the air but controlled, improvement over the first two. 9.900

De Jong – UB – Georgia – toe on to Ray, hit – welll short on cast on high – bail, large loose back on catching – really got ahead of herself and now is struggling to find her verticals – DLO, step back. 9.800. This was a 9.6 you guys.

The camera angle on Georgia’s bars rotation is so far away, like an “and there’s Marla Hooch” situation.

Schild – UB – Georgia – here she goes, if you didn’t think we would ever see her again, you’re not alone – good first hs – Ray, nice counter – solid cast hs – bail, leg break and short of vertical – OK, nice hs – lots of legs apart on giant full and then a stagger back on double tuck. But, the handstands were the best of the lineup, and they’re certainly going to want this routine in postseason. A progress point. 9.675. That’s a more realistic score.

Vega – UB – Georgia – and she’s going on bars, no Oakley today – toe on to toe shoot – I still don’t get the composition but OK – gienger, caught, not the highest but good legs together – leg break on pak – late on cast 1/2 – arm wave correction stepping up to high – just a lone double tuck dismount, hop back.

Annnnnd we have an opening fall for Burgess on beam for Alabama.

LSU is finishup up vault.

Johnson – VT – LSU – DTY, stuck landing, very nicely done her best of the season.

Edney is going to be back on vault for them following Johnson.

And Johnson gets a 10.000 for it. There was some difficulty forgiveness there (a full that looks the same won’t get 9.950) but a very, very good vault. On a scale of 10s, it’s not the one I’m getting outraged about. You get it.

Edney returns and hits her Y1.5 with a hop to the side that the camera zoomed past.

Gaskins following Burgess on beam with a hit routine but a check in between her side aerial and beat jump which could be SV significant.

Georgia ended up 48.875 on bars after the 49.300 on vault, and they should feel happy to get away with that given today’s lineup.

LSU with 49.525 on vault. Having Edney back makes a difference but also scores quitttteeeee high there, like Edney going 9.950 for a non-stuck full.

Olsen – BB – Alabama – switch to split, some pausing – bhs loso series, hit, little lean – aerial, check, bhs bhs double pike, chest down and step forward. Got through after the first position fall, but some things. 9.775

Michigan went 49.275 on vault after the 49.250 on bars.

Hambrick – FX – Ark – high double back, bounce on landing – rudi to back layout to double stag, like the different look, we don’t normally see a layout non-stepout there, and her form was strong – double pike, chest down.

Georgia getting started on beam now.

Magee – BB – UGA – lovely straddle 1/2 – bhs bhs loso, arm wave and lean but pulls it back – 1.5 dismount, pace forward. 9.775

Klopfer – BB – Arkansas – wolf turn, hit – aerial to bhs, solid – beat to split jump 1/2, secure – side aerial, smooth – 1.5, stuck. Best of the rotation thus far.

LUKACS – BB – secure on bhs loso series, some feet – tight on split positions, no check – finishes with a double back and basically took off halfway down the beam – chest down, step forward. 9.750.

Had to rewrite that one because I didn’t realize caps was on the whole time and it seemed…intense.

De Jong – BB – UGA – switch to split, good positions, small arm wave check – aerial, moves through it to beat – bhs loso series, secure – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.900

Blanco – BB – Alabamam – aerial, lovely – bhs loso series, slides front foot back – switch to switch 1/2, pretty – 2/1 dismount, step back and then a second step back to meet it.

Georgia has some sort of glitter bucket after beam which seems a nightmare to clean up.

Big DLO from Lovett on floor for Ark.

Baumann – BB – UGA – side aerial to loso, smoothly hit, strong – nice swtich side, good horizontal shape – 1.5 dismount, stuck. Very strong routine. 9.950

I mean, well now, but it was pretty. Not incensed like about some of those vault and bars scores but it’s a fab routine.

Graber – BB – Alabama – bhs back lay and a d a huge bouncing wobble and falls. Alabama counting a fall on beam.

Vega – BB – UGA – switch to split ring, small hesitation on landing – aerial to split, nice high split – bhs loso series, secure, some knee – side aerial to full, stuck landing. 9.925

Carter – FX – Ark, a little adjustment on double tuck landing – controls the back 1.5 to front full step – switch 1/2 to split jump full, her split jump full isn’t quite to 180 but she presents it so prettily that no one cares – double pike, overcooks it with a bounce back

Hawthrone – Bb – UGA – Oh I forgot they weren’t done because Vega had already done – hits her loso series – swithc to switch split jump, hit but switch was quite low to the beam – kickover front from knee, awesome but definitely pauses before sissone combo – 1.5, hop in place.

9.850 there is scoring the lineup order, but some getter work from Georgia here for 49.400.

Arkansas goes 49.175 on floor to Alabama’s 48.575 on beam, so Arkansas down by just .050 now.

Dean is up on bars for LSU following a hit from Johnson in the first spot – she catches close but otherwise her usual, finds the landing on her DLO with some knees. 9.825 following Johnson’s 9.875

Rivers – UB – LSU – toe on to maloney to bail, slightly loose position here and there – largggee arch on cast on high, pulls it back to hit tkatchev – DLO, stuck landing. 9.850 high for that major arch.

Durante – UB – LSU – good first hs – blind to jaeger, a touch of elbows but fine – nice cats – some position in pak and on cast 1/2 on low – FTDT, stuck landing. Strong routine.

I see a 9.950 from one judge. I mean, that was just a normal, regular, pretty routine. The same one she does every week.

Shchennikova – UB – LSU – maloney to tkatchev to pak, hit, some better form, just a bit of feet – hit hs – insane technique on DLO but she pikes it down enough to stick. Still some moments of crazy form, especially on the dismount, but it’s getting there.

Rotation 4 starting for Alabama Arkansas

Yamzon has a lean correction on her kickover front in the leadoff spot.

James – FX – Aabama – full in attempt and she lands it right to her face and is grabbing her face now. And now they’re looking at her foot.

OK back to LSU…

Harrold – UB – LSU – zuchold with a large arch but pulls it back to keep going – toe 1/2 to jaeger, solid – grip change, late, to double front, stuck. Nice finish there.

James being carried off now.

Gianfgna – BB – Ark – bhs loso with a check – full turn with another small adjustment – cat to kickover front, solidly done – large break on split jump 1/4, bend at the hips –

BTW it was 9.950 for Shchennikova on bars and I’m taking pills of the crazy variety.

Olsen – FX – Alabama – double double and held onto a stuck landing by her toes, one of her strongest ones – pretty solid splits in her 1.5 and 1/2 – front through to double tuck, secure landing – that’s some of her best-ever landing control.


Lovett – BB – Ark – hits candle mount – swith to split to beat, nice positions there – aerial to bhs, smooth elements – gainer pike, stuck. Good one. 9.850

Perez-Lugones goes 9.875 in the first spot for Georgia on floor.

Mahoney – FX – Alabama – double tuck, bounce back – split and straddle positions look nice – front full to layout with a dance out – double pike, secure landing.

9.925 is VERY high there.

Sterlyn Austin is in the floor lineup for Georgia today – fullin with a bounce back OOB – switch to split leap full, not quite there in positions – front full to layout, some piking in the full, hit pass – wolf jump and tuck jump full, a little indistinct in landing position but OK – double tuck, short with a lunge

You guys. Oklahoma just went 49.775 on vault and I didn’t even get to see it to make comments! 49.775. 49.775.

They went 9.975 for Stern and Trautman and 10.000 for Nichols.

Anyway, now that the smelling salts have revived me.

Lukacs hit a good double pike on floor.

Carter – BB – Ark – bhs loso series, lovely, hit – aerial, solid – switch to sheep, good switch position, some hip angle on sheep – side aerial to full, stuck. Nice job.

Hawthorne – FX – Georgia – nice high double pike, bounce back – front lay to rudi to an out of control straddle jump with an arm wave – double tuck, very solid landing. 9.875

Graber – FX – Alabama – excellent straddle position, really how it should look – full in, small slide – front tuck through to double ble pike, bounce back

All these 9.925s for Alabama have been charitable, just in case you thought any meet today wasn’t a crack party.

Baumann – FX – Georgia – wolf double, hit – 1.5 to front full, has to tuck the front full today a bit – and lands short with a step – double pike, secure landing.

Elsiwck with a pretty loso series and leap positions, though the straddle 3/4 gets the best of her with a large bend at the hips – aerial with an arm check – 1.5 dismount, step back.

Klopfer – FX – Alabama – double tuck, short with a hop – a bit of knees in split leap full but not bad positions – hits 1.5 to layout just fine – double pike, solid –

Vega – FX – Georgia – full in, solid, small bounce – 1.5 to layout to sissone, nice, a little control issue – splits look strong – double pike, solid, some legs apart. Good.

Probably gets them over 197 today, which is fairly insane.

Alabama finishes 196.625 to Arkansas at 196.100

Looks like Georgia at 197.075 after the 9.950 for Vega.

Desiderio started LSU on beam with 9.825

Durante is up now – bhs loso series, small adjustment – aerial to split, just small bits of soft leg position, but solidly done – switch to straddle 1/4, minor pause – side aerial to full, holds the landing with a little bend. Good.

Oh, and Florida/Auburn is just now starting BTW.

Hit Ray to Pak from Gowey – short final cast hs – DLO, chest down and a small slide back.

Nichols went 10.00 on bars as well. If this is the 40…

Nearly stuck Y1.5 from Day for Auburn, just small movement.

Hundley – UB – Florida – maloney to pak, – toe on to van leeuwen – usual small leg break – one shortish hs – FTDT, arm wave to hold the stick. Good.

Stevens landed her Y1.5 for Auburn, but a large lunge back and off the mat.

Skaggs – UB – Florida – good first hs – tkatchev to pak, great counter, small foot form on pak and a bit crooked on cast 1/2 on low – DLO, pikes down a bit to find the stick

Watson – VT – Auburn – really flat off the table on her Y1.5, lands short and pretty lock-legged with a lunge back

Campbell anchoring beam for LSU – small bounce on 2/1

Thomas – Ub – Florida – maloney to clear hip to pak, pretty – good hs on low – van leeuwen, very crisp on handstands – DLO, stuck. Lovely. Legs flash apart on pak and VL but not large.

Oklahoma 49.550 on bars. On pace for a 200.500.

Large bound forward on the Y1.5 for Gobourne.

Shchennikova is doing beam exhibition for LSU – candle mount, hit – onodi, hits, some knees – bhs layout, a bit tight but hit. switch with a broken connection into 1/4 – not a full dismount, just a gainer layout.

Schoenherr does her usual on bars, good jaeger, double front 1/2 out with a step –

49.450 fro Florida on bars. 49.100 for Auburn on vault and they kind of got away with it for 49.100 because everyone struggled on their 1.5s except Day.

Michigan ended up 196.800 after not quite delivering o beam at the end.

Rotation 2 from Florida/Auburn

Foberg – VT – UF – hits her full with a bounce back – small leg break on table. 9.800

Stevens – UB – Auburn – toe on to Ray, solidly hit – bail, a bit of legs there – short final cast hs – DLO, whips it down to stick. 9.775

Skaggs – VT – UF – awesome height on her full but a large bounce back as well –

Sabados had a big Ray in the second position for Auburn but struggled to cast out of it with a basically horizontal handstand

Harrold – FX – LSU – front 2/1, crossover step, knee position – double pike, chest, mostly controls the landing – good switch 1/2 position – great stick on final pass. 9.850

Nice stick on a full from Sierra Alexander for Florida, some of her best landing control.

Bursch – UB – Auburn – maloney to bail, legs together – maybe a bit short on bail – finishes DLO, overdoes it with a bounce/stagger back.

Schoenherr – VT – Florida – lands short on her Y1.5 with a lunge back and a second step.

Desiderio – FX – LSU – she’s back in the lineup, which helps – DLO – good control – 1.5 to layout, a bit bouncy – nice switch ring, a little under-rotated on split leap full but hit the position pretty well – double tuck, solid, chest down. 9.875

Nice to have her back there.

Hop back on FTDT for Watson on bars for Auburn –

Day – UB – Auburn – toe to toe 1/2 to jaeger, awesome jaeger, connected cleanly into overshoot – some short casts – double arabian, lands a bit deep with a small step but a nice one.

Dean – FX – LSU – bounc eback on double pike – back 1.5 to layotu, step, a bit of knees – double tuck, chest down but solid landing. 9.875

Richards anchors vault for Florida with a solid 1.5, a little hoppy but not a large movement.

Gobourne has to take an extra swing immediately after mounting over the low bar, which was weird. The rest was very solid.

Richards got a 9.950 on vault without a stick. Florida 49.325 on vault. Auburn 49.125 on bars.

Campbell – FX – LSU – 2.5 is hit, a bit out of control, not bad – double pike with a bounce – perfection on leaps – back 1.5 to layout, low, but controlled.

After 2: Florida 98.775, Auburn 98.225

Johnson – FX – LSU – big full-in as always, a very small slide of front foot – awesome 1.5 to layout, stuck – I’d like to see a little more elevation on the switch, but its fine – double pike, stuck as well, a tad of chest position. Wouldn’t mind 9.950 here actually.

Edney – FX – LSU – double arabian, a little short with a hop back but she handles it – back 1.5 to layout, very clean – split leap full to split jup full, under split position on both of those – double tuck, strong landing

Crack-a-diddly-doo scores notwithstanding, this was an important performance for LSU. The team’s most complete meet of the season. The first time you weren’t actually worried about them.

Rotation 3 has started at Florida/Auburn

Brusch leads off beam for Auburn now and has a small check or two, but good. Saved a couple connections by working quickly. Stuck 1.5.

It’s a 9.925 for Nichols on beam, so 40-Watch is off.

I was calculating that Oklahoma needs 49.625 on floor to set a new program record total, so I wasn’t typing during Richards’ floor but she hit.

Slappey has fallen on beam for Auburn, a weird one, where she looked like she landed her leap and then slipped off working out of it.

Gowey – FX – Florida – front lay to rudi to double stag, a bit out of control on the stag – double tuck, solid landing, chest down

The only bad thing about being able to listen to Bart/Kathy now is that Kathy says exactly the things I’m typing but haven’t posted yet, and then it feels like I’m copying…

Stevens – BB – Auburn – bhs loso series, secure – cat to switch ring, good amplitude over the beam – kickover front to knee is strong – 1.5, stuck landing, Good one.

Hundley – FX – Florida – whip to double tuck, just does keep her front foot down, the Hundley special – double pike, can’t quite do it that time with a bounce back – switch side to straddle 1/2 shush, good positions – 1.5 to layout, layout a little lower but clean shape.

BTW LSU’s final score was 197.875. So there’s that.

Sylvia – BB – Auburn – full turn, lovely style – aerial to rulfova combination, the rulfova is not a true one because she does 3/4 to hand but it counts, and the slowness in combo will probably be forgiven because of the difficulty – sissone to sheep, check – gainer full, bounce back

SJS – FX – Florida – double arabian and she lands it – a miracle based on how it looked 3/4 of the way, but she hit it, step forward – 1.5 to layout – confident cover on step out – this is more the kind of routine we expected of her from her elite career, dance on floor was like her whole thing – double tuck, forward with a step. Good. 9.900 quite high though.

Sylvia with a 9.600. Wow, so maybe they didn’t give her the combo. OK. Respect. Surprised. This is when I want receipts. I want to see what they didn’t give.

And then if you’re Auburn, you can be pissed because no one else tonight is getting evaluated like that.

Watson – BB – loso series, quite good – side aerial and off the beam. It’s falling apart for Auburn again.

Thomas – FX – Florida – DLO, perfection, doesn’t quite keep the front foot down – front full to layout to sissone is a treat – split leap 1.5 to popa, lovely splits, indistinct landing position, which is usually what keeps her from a 10 (although last week she bounced into the next state on her last pass and went 9.975) – same bounce this week on the double pike.

Still goes 9.950, which is too high because we had landings on the double lay and double pike, but the judges didn’t leave themselves enough room to take the deductions that existed while still rewarding that this was the best in the lineup so far.

Sheppard – BB – Auburn – hits loso series – side aerial with a check – cat to switch side, crooked position and an arm wave adjustment on landing – bhs 1.5, squats to hold the stick

Baumann – FX – Florida – double tuck, slide back – back 1.5 to front full, well controlled on that one – switch 1/2 to popa, pretty – double pike, short landing with a step. Not her strongest tumbling day but fine. 9.875

49.475 on floor for Florida.

48.100 on beam for Auburn, whichmeans this meet will be another “we don’t want to count it” kind of score.

Imagine Auburn going into regionals unseeded with a vault lineup of four Y1.5s…

One more rotation to go here. A couple more routines to go for Oklahoma, and the program record is going to be just out of reach.

It’s a pitiful little 198.400, the 3rd-best score in Oklahoma history.

Final rotation:

Richards – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso, very confident, crisp landing – switch to straddle jump, some back leg on switch, good high straddle jump – side aerial to full, small bounce. 9.875

Stevens – FX – Auburn – double pike, controls the landing, chest down – switch ring to switch 1/2, ring is a little two-part – front lay to rudi, again controlled but chest down – double tuck, same story, controlled, chest position. 9.775

SJS – BB – Florida – punch front, secure – bhs loso series, large break, leg-up wobble – switch 1/2 to beat, a little check in between the two – loso to full dismount, stuck. 9.775.

Slappey – FX – Auburn – front lay to rudi, very deep landing – switch 1/2 to split full, not to 180 – double tuck, stuck landing, also a bit deep but not like the rudi

Baumann – BB – Florida – switch to split, lovely – bhs loso series, secure – switch 1/2, small squat hold to finish and avoid a check – 1.5, hop forward. 9.925.

Day – FX – Auburn – oh good to see her in the lineup today – double pike, bounce back – wolf hop full to switch 1/2 – good creepiness level in this routine – front full to layout, low to the floor but pretty solid – double tuck, solid, I love the presentation out fo that pass.

9.900. She got herself about a tenth with that performance I think because….

Gowey – BB – Florida – switch to split, well done – bhs loso loso, secure, lost her speed a little there but willed it out – aerial to sissone with a lean into the second element – gainer full, stuck. 9.950 a bit high, but it was pretty.

Bursch – FX – Auburn – full in with a bounce back OOB – back 1.5 to front lay, very low on the layout, pulled it out but landed short – double pike, nothing on it, no set, knees down.

Thomas – BB – FLorida – switch to split leap, a little slow in combo but lovely elements of course – one arm bhs to loso, strong – aerial to beat to korbut, smooth – side aerial to full, stuck, awesome.

And it’s another 10 for her. Not that mad. Better than her other beam 10.

Watson – FX – Auburn – double pike, small slide – back 1.5 to layout, good – double tuck, a little ragged int he air, good control on landing

Clapper – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso, very solid – switch to split, good height – side aerial to full, a little forward but stuck. Solid. 9.875

197.875 for Florida. Also SEC-high, but Florida was the best team I saw perform today.

Oldham in for Gobourne and falls on a double pike. Auburn throwing it in knowing they won’t get the score from this one and not using Gobourne.

So that’s going to be a drop 194.750 for Auburn.

Meet back here tomorrow. Bring an extra dose of crack because we were not prepared with enough supplies for tonight, that’s for sure.

73 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – February 14, 2020”


    BREAKING NEWS: Jessica Yamzon is NOT scheduled in the bars lineup. I repeat Jessica Yamzon will miss doing the All-Around for the first time in her NCAA career if she continues to not be the lead off on bars.

    1. Opps, make that leadoff on vault she’s not on. Sorry I saw second rotation and had the home team mentality. Still shocking.

      1. It kind of is since she hasn’t missed a meet in the all around ever… and there doesn’t seem to be a reason why she’s not on vault

    1. What the… Georgia is not catching any breaks with injury the last few years. I think losing cashman from potential early vt and FX spots is a bigger issue. Let’s see how Schild looks. I had her pencilled in as either later season lineup savior or the next medical retirement.

      1. Eh, Magee can go back on floor for Cashman and Baumann/Roberts can fill in on VT. You might lose a 0.025 or so on VT and floor probably remains the same.

        Vega will fill in bars. It’ll be interesting to see how she does. Cashman was starting to put bars together and looked like a 9.8 routine that Georgia needs. They have zero depth on bars. Maybe Schild gives them a 7th possible routine?!?! But only having 7 gymnasts on one event leaves no depth for injuries or illness. Plus, two of those are not normally bar workers in Lukacs and Vega.

  2. UGA’s injury rate is alarmingly high compared to other schools. Yes, gymnastics is a high risk sport, but what are they doing/not doing to have all these injuries and medical retirements happening?

    1. 2 losses this year doesn’t seem too crazy. The others that left the team decided gymnastics wasn’t their passion any more. You will have aches and pains as a gymnast and I respect that they walked away from the sport and wanted to experience “normal” college life.

      UCLA has had injuries and several athletes leave the team after a year or so too. It’s part of gymnastics. They train so much and then get to college and want to study abroad, do an internship, get involved in research projects, join clubs, etc. and for some of them, giving up gymnastics is worth experiencing everything else college provides.

  3. Kiya Johnson was on fire on vault – deserved 10!

    So glad LSU got it together on vault today. Great to see edney back too!

  4. The UGA vault scores aren’t that crazy compared to what we’ve seen across the country. It seems pretty much equal to other locations. Magee’s form was beautiful and she had a small hop. Ward, Baumann, and Lukacs seem fairly scored. Hawthorne’s score was high and I wish they would just let her compete the double. Vega was probably a bit high too.

    1. I’ve been wondering if trying a 1.5 or double was throwing of her full. It’s bizarre we’ve known 4 10 vaults for Georgia and Hawthorne is not one of them. I’m also surprised she’s opening double Pike on floor. She was practicing that double double in one of there postings.

  5. R. Baumann’s beam routine was beautiful! The 9.95 was well deserved!

    The Baumann sisters are my favorite beam workers to watch. I would love to see them tie for an event title at SECs.

      1. Judging by the multiple Alabama athletes crying in the huddle at the end of the meet, I’m concerned this could be a season-ending injury 🙁

    1. She was pulled after warm-ups. I’m wondering if her shoulder is bothering her. They’ve said they may rest her during the season to protect her shoulder.

  6. Sami has rarely stuck her dismount in Bars. She did tonight. Where else are you taking deductions?

    Same with Alyona. The routine looked fantastic, but I know there has been issues with her dismount. Be specific with your continuous complaints.

    1. I’m assuming you’re talking about Spencer, but I’ll answer anyway. I don’t have much of an issue with Durante’s score. Shchennikova’s, however, was very high for me. She had foot form issues throughout her releases. Her pak was low and whippy. Her half pirouette on low was not at vertical. Then there were the dismount issues. Between all of that, the routine is nowhere near a 9.95 in my book. Certainly she has made a lot of progress. It was a solid hit, but 9.95 was far too high to me.

      1. You guys do not take the various other factors into consideration. Especially since the majority of things Mary mentioned, ESPECIALLY TOES, have not been judged tough.

    1. Thank you… I love the color, the jewels on the front, and especially the back, but just no to the orange ruffle.

      Also, why is getting scores so difficult in 2020? Illinois links to Jan 18th meet, and the GymQuarters link says the meet hasn’t started yet?

    2. The ruffles with the pigtails of some gymnasts is just too much. I don’t normally comment on leotards or appearance, but yikes.

  7. Spencer, not too be petty, but does any of the top schools earn their scores in your eyes? Lol

    1. Part of that is a lot of their home meets where the scoring seems more egregious are not streamed so we can’t see the issues live.

  8. Oh wow… my Gymbacks didn’t do so well tonight! Yamzon is a senior and has done all around every single meet every single year and this is the first time she hasn’t done AA. Wow.

  9. I hate that we have so many quad meets on FLO now. I get teams wanting to do them because scoring is always generous, but it ducks for fans. They are always hard to watch and they struggle with live scoring — for some reason.

    It’s companies making money off athletes and screwing fans in the process. I hope schools start to decline invitations at some point.

  10. In case anyone hasn’t heard, MSU’s Kathie Klages was convicted on two counts today (one of which is a felony). She’ll be sentenced in April and faced up to four years in prison.

  11. Anyone have an injury update on Nya Reed for UF? I was enjoying watching her earlier this year and she seemed to get better every meet.

      1. She had the flu two weeks ago … guessing/hoping she’s just recovering/resting a good amount before getting back in the lineup.

  12. Spencer, did you catch the face Trinity made to the camera in the middle of her floor routine? it was everything

  13. Of the creepy genre floor routines this year, I prefer Day’s to Kramer’s. Hers feels more purposefully choreographed to me, while Kramer’s seems a bit like they just threw in all the spastic movement they could.

    1. I do too. Day’s is also different than any other routine she has done before whereas Kramer is basically ripping off her own routine from last year. Doing it well but I would have liked to see her try something different.

  14. The ridiculous OU vault score was fairly legit. Trautman & Stern stuck theirs cold one after the other (Kelly Garrison literally squealed). Nichols stuck, but was obviously a bit off balance, so 10 was generous, but not ridiculously so. Webb & Degouveia had good vaults, but were probably trying a bit too hard to stick, resulting in errors. Schoepfer didn’t have the landing tonight.

    Nichols had some leg separation on her Pak (judges can’t see from where they sit blah blah etc.) and a questionable handstand, but it’s not a 10 that’s gonna make you rage. Thomas is still out of the lineups, but she’s been dressed out on the sideline every week still.

    Beam & floor were not especially impressive, IMO. They were good, fine. Room for improvement, particularly on floor. If Nichols & Trautman get back in that lineup, LaPinta’s gotta be one of the ones who’s out. I really enjoy her routine, but the hit ratio’s not there, and there’s a ton of built-in deductions that can be taken (of course we know they’re usually not, but they’re there).

    Nichols was interviewed at the end and said she & the whole team have lots they can improve on, and I agree, tbh. This was a good-not-great meet for me. Vault was great (program record), which really set the expectations high, and I think the judges were itching to throw out high scores after that rotation. But if I watched it without knowing scores, I don’t think I’d peg it as a top 3 meet all-time.

    The broadcast didn’t show a ton of WVU or TWU routines, unfortunately. Tri-meets are the worst for TV. Bria Northrop’s floor was a highlight, as was Erica Fontaine’s Star Wars routine. Abbie Pierson does a standing front tuck to wolf jump on beam, which was cool to see.

    Shoutout to Meg McDonald for doing a great job commentating (she also did for the ISU meet a few weeks ago). They should give her Kelly’s job. Having them paired just highlights how ridiculous Kelly is.

    1. The OU vault scores were legitimately earned. Amazing landings throughout and great form. I wouldn’t consider this a gift by any means.

  15. “but Florida was the best team I saw perform today“

    🙄🙄🙄 of course they were.

  16. Leave Utah out of this group. They get nailed regularly. Burch and Tessen have stuck their vaults and the deductions are taken. They loose .1 minimum for the Nichols off balance. Maggie should just stand and snap her fingers and collect her next 10. I’m not a Maggie/Kyla hater but they get so many undeserved 10’s. Utah gets some over scores but they don’t fit into the Oklahoma UCLA LSU Florida group. Don’t even get me started on Georgia. The judges have turned their meets into total fiction.

    1. STOP. Are you saying in the past Utah was not getting overscored? It happens with all the top teams, Utah included.

      1. Referring to this year. Many of Utah’s routines have been underscored. Particularly LeBlanc. Compared to especially Georgia and UCLA Utah’s scores have been low

  17. How did Sophia carter score a 9.800 for her beam routine> So low. And the final girl for Arkansas, scored higher with more visible mistakes? Duh waht?

  18. Haven’t had a chance to watch the Alabama meet, but did they say why Ella Burgess was moved to the lead off on beam? That’s a head scratcher. She’s absolutely lovely, but she’s inexperienced and has been the most inconsistent beam worker for the team. And the VERY consistent leadoff from last year, Klopfer, is still there! Am I missing something? Burgess will be a great with more experience, but it seems like the lineup should obviously be some combo of Klopfer (leadoff) Gaskins, Desch, Graber, Blanco, Doggette, and Olsen.

    1. I totally agree. Ella has only had one beam routine this season without a major error. She should not be in the lineup at this point.

  19. Sierra Alexanders vault for Florida, one of the best FTY I have seen in NCAA. Almost 6 ft in the air, almost 10 feet distance., Of course no one mentions it because… RACIST!

    1. HUH? It is a FTY with a start value of 9.95. This is the most goofiest reach of all time.

      1. Bish because a vault is a FTY and only out of a 9.95 we cant admire it OUT OF THE SEA OF LAME LOW FLAT, FTY? bish bye! Your whole life is the goofiest reach of all time cuntstick! If it was any other popular overrated college gymnast, you would be salivation with your THATS EVERYTHING, ICONIC cliche mechanical retorts!

    2. It was a great vault (outstanding amplitude and perfect landing), but there was some clear piking throughout the vault. I hate that you felt the need to bring racism into this.

      1. Oh fuck off! ONE OF THE BEST FTY… fuck off racist! But because she isnt Maggie, Kyla, etc its like oh whatever 9.95 vault who cares. Pike my pussy!

  20. Another huge score for Georgia….at home.

    It’s really just ridiculous at this point. Can’t wait for them to be eliminated at regionals when they get accurately scored.

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