Saturday Live Blog – February 15, 2020

Saturday, February 15
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It’s Pac-12 day, with everyone in action except Cal and Stanford, who will go tomorrow afternoon.

Based on yesterday’s codeless fever dream, the cool kids are all getting 197.875+, so that’s the standard teams like Utah and UCLA will be shooting for today in order to keep up with that is being thrown elsewhere.

Among the important phenomena one is exposed to watching the Pac-12 Network is the hairstyle of the Arizona State basketball coach. The architecture should be its own class at ASU.

This small boy dressed as Captain America (?) just had to wave at the camera looking morose for seven years and he’s my president. SAME.

“You’ll see the U flashed on most routines from the Utah gymnasts.” OK, I want to see some Us flashed on bars, you guys. Mid-handstand.

Rotation 1

Soloski – VT – Utah – good full, small hop back, nice open position, a little legs apart, not the most distance. 9.825

Yamaoka – UB – Oregon St – toe to malony, small amount of legs – toe to bail, small angle – a couple handstands to take – giant full, quite late, into double tuck, hop back. 9.725

Hall – VT – Utah – strong landing on her Y1.5 today, gets the stick, easily her best vault – some knees, some leg position to take, but very strong. 9.925

Lowery – UB – Oregon St – toe on to maloney to pak, small leg separations in those – cast 1/2, a bit late – short final cast hs – DLO, flings but finds the landing, solid one. 9.800

Reinstadtler – VT – Utah – does the full – large bounce back today – good form but a major bounce. At least in the real-life code it’s a major bounce. 9.825.

Bird – UB – Oregon St – rushes first hs – stalder to bail, pretty solid bail position there – short cast hs on high – tkatchev, high but catches quite close to the bar – FTDT, small hop back. Improving. 9.800

Isa – VT – Utah – full – good landing, stuck, will be interested to see what she scores because the landing was there but she didn’t have quite the same distance and dynamics of Reinstadtler, who got rewarded for them despite her big bounce. 9.875

Minyard – UB – Oregon St – hits jaeger, a little crooked int eh air but fine into overshoot, also tight in her final cast – nice DLO and finds the stick, good finish, just some feet in that dismount. 9.825

Burch – VT – Utah – Y1.5 – holds the stick on her Y1.5, though it was a deep sit in her landing and has a leg break on the block – so a couple things to take, but strong. Amanda wants 9.900. I want 9.850 or 9.875. This wasn’t as strong as Hall’s. 9.875. Fair.

Both those vaults were going 9.950 yesterday in the SEC though, if you want to get outraged.

Briscoe – UB – Oregon St – good first hs – blind to jaeger, pretty solid – a bit crooked catching her bail but holds it to vertical – the cast hs are better in this routine – DLO, chest down with a small step forward.

Tessen – VT – Utah – she sticks her Y1.5 Very strong. Best of the rotation so far. Still some legs on landing for me, it always looks a little pointy when she’s vaulting, and it’s not the highest 1.5, but excellent. But I’m OK with 9.950 there.


Gill – UB – Oregton St – toe to maloney, fingertip catch into a quite straddled pak – DLO, finds the stick, good save on that routine, pikes it down to find it. 9.900 is too high.

After 1: Utah 49.450, Oregon State 49.150

That was a very, very strong vault rotation for Utah. I’m impressed. Best vault rotation I’ve seen this weekend. Three really good Y1.5s, and the scoring was pretty reasonable. Nothing to get outraged about there for me. Which means it’s tighter than what we saw yesterday.

Oregon State should also be pretty happy with that bars rotation score. The landings were better. Still need to refine those cast handstands, especially the last ones on high.

Rant of the week: The bars judges sit in the wrong place. We always hear about how they “can’t see” all these huge leg breaks on transitions, and if you can’t see them, then you need to be in a position where you can see them and can give a better score. Because they’re kind of important. Bars judges shouldn’t be right on the side. Slightly offset, not enough so they miss handstands but enough to see leg breaks.

I was too busy ranting about judging and missed the Megan Marsden tribute, which is pretty on brand here.

Greg is there instead of on a dog mountain. Weird.

“A ghost from the past.” LOL JIM.

But I thought the Pac-12 Network only focused on the storyline of the meet and didn’t address meet themes and extracurriculars????

Rotation 2

Peterson – VT – Oregon St – Y full on, back pike, bounce back. Amanda wasn’t expecting that vault, revealing she has not watched Oregon State this season. 9.775

O’Keefe – UB – Utah – toe on to maloney to pak, good height – pretty solid finish position on cast 1/2 – short on final cast – double arabian was basically too high – large lunge forward and another major step, which will take away the score. 9.725

Bird – VT – Oregon St – a bounce back on her full, fairly large bounce back – some legs throughout, a little piking. 9.775

LeBlanc – UB – Utah – blind to high jaeger to overshoot, good amplitude, some short vertical positions and well late on the final cast – pretty DLO, stuck. 9.850 a bit high there

Gill – VT – Oregon St – bounce back on the full, some piking – the broadcast is like FORGET ABOUT THAT A BABY IS HEREEEEEE

Isa – UB – Utah – a bit close on Ray but fine – clean bail hs – hitting vertical on hs, some loose back – giant full to immediate DLO, good finish position on giant full but short on the DLO with a step. 9.875

Yanish – VT – Oregon St – good power on her full, nice distance and shape, bounce back but a smaller bounce than the one we’ve been seeing in recent weeks.

Paulson – UB – Utah – good first hs – maloney to pak, small leg break in both – giant full to double tuck, lunge back. Fine, a few things. 9.850

M Dagen – VT – Oregon St – full today – finished it easily and early, larger bounce back – some piking to try to control it. 9.800

Reinstadtler – UB – Utah – toe 1/2 to her lovely jaeger, small leg break on bail, finds vertical well – final cast was OK< the first was a little short – FTDT, nearly had the clean stick, arm wave to hold the landing. 9.925

L Dagen – VT – Oregon St – she does the Y1.5 and hits it – a bounce forward and tucks at the end of the vault to get the landing. 9.875

Tessen – UB – Utah – blind to piked jaeger, high, catched just a hair close – gets to hs on bail, some feet – FTDT, chest down on landing with a lunge forward. 9.850

Utah goes 49.350 on bars, Oregon St 49.125 on vault.

After 2: Utah 98.800, Oregon State 98.275

Utah will be mostly happy with what took place on the bars there, save for a couple close catches, but didn’t really have the dismounts today to get a truly huge number, which would have been there for them since Reinstadtler got a 9.950 from one with a non-perfect dismount.

Oregon State achieved the goal of going over 49 on vault. Normal, fine, hit? We’re seeing some landing control improvements from Yanish there, which is important.

OMG how many times are we going to see this feature about how that Oregon volleyball player dances sometimes.

Rotation 3

LeBlanc – BB – Utah – switch to split jump 1/4, solid, loses her feet just a bit in the second element – bhs loso series, lean correction – aerial to split, pretty aerial – full turn – 1.5, leans to hold the stick. 9.875

Peterson – FX – Oregon St – double tuck, fine, a little low but efficient position – front lay to front full, a bit of a lunge out – good straddles – double pike, bounces back farther that time. 9.775

Burch – BB – Utah – bhs loso series, hit, some knees in bhs – split jump to stag ring, secure – cat leap to aerial, smooth – gainer full, small slide back. Some feet and knees, good secure routine. 9.875

Bird – FX – Oregon St – front lay to rudi to straddle, good control, some crossed legs in the rudi – switch 1/2 to popa, somewhat short of split position in popa – 2.5 with a bounce forward and some legs. 9.800

O’Keefe – BB – Utah – side aerial to loso, comfortable – switch to split, nice extension – full turn – cat leap to side aerial to full, stuck. Very strong routine.

I love how they’re like, “BUT HOW HAS UTAH IMPROVED ON BEAM????” Well, having one of the best elite beamers of the last 10 years join the team kind of helps…


Force – FX – Oregon St – double pike, clean, controlled – switch 1/2 to popa, just does get that popa around – front lay to front full, some legs apart in that layout – double tuck, a bit chest down. 9.850

Isa – BB – Utah – candle mount, hit – kickover front, small lean working into beat but covers it – bhs loso loso series, secure, just some knees “that was restaurant quality” I…I don’t even… – straddle jump to straddle 1/4 – bhs to a high gainer full, stuck.

Shouldn’t be as high as O’Keefe’s because there’s a little more knee form and whatnot, but they put O’Keefe there to build those numbers for the others. Still gets 9.950. Bless.

M Dagen – FX – Oregon St – front 2/1 with a bounce forward out of it – switch 1/2 and popa were pretty low to the floor, not hitting the position in the switch 1/2 – front lay to front full, another lunge out – double pike very solid landing. 9.875 pretty high for those lunges.

Randall – BB – Utah – smooth full turn – bhs loso series, lovely toes – beat to sheep, can’t tell how it was with this angle – sissone – rulfova is on track today – 1.5, holds the stick. Another pretty one. 9.925

Lowery – FX – Oregon St – front 2/1, a little deep in the knees landing it today but still controls it – back 1.5 to layout, perfect as usual – split and straddle elements, good positions – punch rudi final pass, also excellent. Nice. 9.900 is justifiable but weird compared to Dagen since it was easily a tenth stronger

Paulson – BB – Utah – side aerial to loso, was short on the loso, controlled it with a step forward – switch to split – full turn, slightly tentative – beat to sdie aerial to full, bounce back. That was the least comfortable of the group so should be the drop score.

Yanish – FX – Oregon St – Pretty DLO, bounce back but not too large – front full to layout, secure, a bit of knees, some soft arch – switch side to popa, fine – doubel tuck, pretty large bounce back.

Utah goes 49.600 on beam. A good rotation. Not a 49.600 rotation. But a very comfortable one. I probably had it around 49.350 or 49.400. O’keefe third up is really working for them.

Yanish and Lowery get the same score because there is no code of points.

After 3: Utah 148.400, Oregon St 147.600

Rotation 4

Davis – BB – Oregon St – aerial to back tuck, a little slow in combination but secure – same on split jump to double stag, good elements but hesitant in combination – kickover, strong – gainer front full, holds the stick with a lean. 9.800

Isa – FX – Utah – double tuck, keeps front foot down – back 1.5 to layout with a dance out – switch side to popa, good amplitude – double pike, well short and hands down with a slide, tried to splide into splits which was hilarious. Check plus there. 9.150

Lowery – BB – Oregon St – full turn, smooth – bhs loso series, falls again this week – wheels coming off this meet here – side aerial is good – front full, slide back. 9.200

Paulson – FX – Utah – double pike, comfortable, just a slightly low chest position – front lay to front full to stag, stag is quite low, needs to rise into that like it’s a real element – switch to switch full, good leaps – back 1.5 to layout, solid – 9.850

Domingo – BB – Oregon St – aerial to back tuck, also slow in combination but hit it, step back to control, check – switch to straddle to straddle jump 3/4, lovely height on straddle – gainer full, holds the stick with chest slightly forward. 9.875

Reinstadtler – FX – Utah – this will be interesting – double tuck, good chest up – switch ring to split leap full, lovely leaps, big contrast between her investment in this routine and Paulson’s elite-dead-face – 1.5 to layout with a dance out cover – oooooofers, double pike was well short, hands down.

Utah counting a fall fall now, was on track for a big team score before that.

L Dagen – BB – switch to switch side, hit – aerial was pretty and secure work on bhs loso series – gainer pike and totally collapsed and put her knee down. So weird. “Not even a difficult dismount.” LOL…Elfi?

What has happened to this meet?

9.275 for Reinstadtler to count for Utah.

Randall – FX – Utah – double tuck, short, bounce forward, oddly uncomfortable landing there – Amanda is going to shiv someone if she doesn’t do a full-in soon – good height and finishing position on three leap combo – double pike, chest down on landing but better control – 1.5 to layout. Hit. 9.825 is rather high.

9.375 for L Dagen. I don’t think Jim knows what a fall is.

M Dagen – BB – Oregon St – hits loso series – switch to switch 1/2, pretty tentative on those, short of 180 – side aerial to full, stuck landing. 9.900 is rather forgiving as well.

Hoffman – FX – Utah – lands her DLO short with a step forward – switch side was a bit crooked, but nice rise on straddle and wolf – back 1.5 to layout, good straight position on the lay, lost her feet a bit there, but a solid pass. Will get deducted for the short DLO. Or should, I should say. 9.850

Lazaro – BB – Oregon St – bhs lay-pike series, large break, bend at the hips, keeps it on the beam – switch to split to straddle jump 3/4, lovely – smooth full turn – side aerial to full, stuck.

Soloski – FX – Utah – DLO, controls the landing – switch 1/2 to split jump full, short of position on the switch 1/2 – front lay to front full, problems there with an uncontrolled bounce up – 1.5 to layout, solid, just a bit too much arch. But at least her middle name is Catherine? Because that was helpful information? 9.900 is forgiving.

48.675 for Oregon St on beam, Utah 48.700 on floor.

FINAL: Utah 197.100, Oregon St 196.275

Well that meet turned badddddd at the end. It’s still Utah’s home high, which…you guys…

Short break before we do this again with UCLA/Arizona State and a little bit of Washington/Arizona.

OK Part 2.

Kyla is doing only bars and beam today. No Frazier at all. So this will be interesting.

These highlights of the featured athletes are…not their best?

Rotation 1

Ginn – VT – ASU – lands a bit chest down on her full, step forward. 9.700

Hano – UB – UCLA – good first hs – Ray to overshoot, good counter rotation – short cast hs on high – giant full, some feet a kind of late – double tuck, hop back. Basically her usual for this season, improvement over previous years. 9.750

Redmond – VT – ASU – full with a lunge back and then another step – has the distance. 9.775 is high

Note: We don’t care what the gymnasts’ parents names are.

Kooyman – UB – UCLA – maloney and pak combination iwth legs apart – not bad on the cast 1/2 turn position – circle up to high bar like a 5 year old – short hs – DLO, some chest forward, small hop. 9.800

Wilson – VT – ASU – cleaner and a little higher, but another large bounce back on her full. 9.850 verrrrrrry high for that.

Flatley – UB – UCLA giant to higgins, rolls through that – good lovely jaeger and cast position to follow – maybe a little short on bail – getting better on cast positions but quite short on DLO with a lunge forward. Not her strongest there.

Scharf – VT – ASU – step back on her full, a bit better open, nice chest position. 9.850

Steele – UB – UCLA _ maloney to pak, small leg break but smaller than most – OK on cast 1/2 on low – a couple short cadts here – DLO, good height, has the stick. She’s getting better. Should stay in full-strength lineup with Frazier in.

Reeves – VT – ASU – hits her Y tucked 1.5 – lands a bit locked and short with a step back – some legs on block, tucks one leg earlier than the other. 9.850

Kocian – Ub – UCLA – stalder shap to pak, a little archy in the pak shape with some form loss – also circles up to high – good hs on high – FTDT, stagger with a step back. 9.775

CLB – VT – ASU – hits her full but not her biggest, a little flatter off the table than usual with a lunge back

Ross – UB – UCLA – good first hs – maloney to bail, holds the hs on bail to avoid an arch, but a hesitation there – good toe shoot – hit hs on high – DLO, good dismount again today, holds the stick.

9.950 for Ross.

Washington’s like, “We don’t know what scores are” but they did get Brooks into the vault lineup with an Omelianchik attempt but quite a bit of tucking at the end.

After 1: UCLA 49.150, Arizona State 49.025

UCLA kind of blah on bars today, vault scores going rather high, so this second rotation should be interesting.

Looks like Hano’s score has been raised to 9.825 to get UCLA to 49.200 now. I don’t knwo what’s happening.

And now ASU is up to 49.100. No one knows what’s happening.

Rotation 2

Kramer is leading off

Kramer – VT – UCLA – just a full today, not bad, medium bounce back and some feet. 9.800

Wilson – UB – ASU – well short on first hs – blind to jaeger, a bit tight in position – arch on cast, pulls it back – bail – short on most of these casts – giant full to double tuck, step back. 9.700

Lashbrooke – VT – UCLA – hits a full but is welllll chest-down on landing with a step back. 9.725

Brooks falls second up on bars for UW.

Redmond – UB – ASU – short first hs – legs in blind into a high jaeger but caught suppppper close – works out of it well but some form on bail – DLO is fine, step back. Large deduction on jaeger though, nearly faced it. 9.550

Poston VT – UCLA – handspring pike 1/2 – hits it with a medium pace back, one of her lower-chest-position days. 9.800

Hart – UB – ASU – blind to jaeger, solid – hit overshoot – handstands are an improvement over the fist two – whips DLO but fine, legs apart in the air but sticks it. Nice routine. 9.850

Tratz – VT – UCLA – short on her full, chest down with a hop forward.

UCLA is having a real case of the blahs today.

Boyer – UB – ASU – toe to maloney to pak, good legs on that maloney – just a tad late on cast 1/2 on low – short final cast hs – FTDT, a bit deep landing with a step back. But another solid one. 9.800

9.850 for Tratz is wayyyy tooo high. I mean, more than a tenth too high. She landed short.

Dennis – VT – UCLA – great full int he air as always, just the landing, with a small bounce back. 9.900

Reeves – UB – ASU – short cast hs – blind to jaeger, nice height, good toes – toe on with elbows into bail, some feet but a pretty nice vertical position there – the casts are going to hurt her score – DLO, short with a step.

Copiak falls on piked jager, so we have a second fall for UW.

Hano – VT – UCLA – shortish on her Y1.5 today, good position int eh air – deep landing with a shuffle to the side. 9.850

CLB – UB – ASU – malomey to bail, good bail legs, small break in maloney – love her shoot to high and no trouble this week – short final cast hs – FTDT is huge and perfect and stuck.

UCLA gets out of vault with another 49.200, which is kind. Arizona State will have to count a score in the 9.6s from Reeves on bars. Ends up 48.875.

After 2: UCLA 98.400, Arizona State 97.975

The counting fall for Washington puts them behind Arizona, Arizona at 97.850 to Washington’s 97.725 after two.

Leydin had a very strong Y1.5 with a small step forward.

Rotation 3

Thompson – BB – ASU – HER PARENTS ARE NAMED SHERRI AND TOM OMGGGGGGG – bhs bhs loso series, hit securely, some feet – switch to straddle 1/4, good straddle – side aerial to full, bounce back on full. 9.750

Flatley – FX – UCLA – front lay to rudi, very secure landing, some knees – front 2/1, a little shuffle on landing, covers well – switch ring to switch 1/2, lovely positions – back 1.5 to layout, good pop, also just a bit of knees on her layout. Good. 9.875

Washington news – Brooks with a large bend at the hips on her aerial in the leadoff beam position but saves it.

Boyer – BB – ASU – bhs loso series with a large break, leg-up, brought it back – cat leap to aerial, smooth in the series but a lean correction to hold it – switch to switch, a bit of back leg – side aerial to full, short, chest down, step. 9.650

Lashbrooke – FX – UCLA – double tuck, good height and chest position on landing, controlled landing – 1.5 to layout, has to whip around her layout a bit, not the cleanest straight position, but controlled – split leap 1.5 to popa looked fine – double pike, also under control, some chest position. This routine is coming along. 9.900. Here we go.

I want Dom’s shirt.

Reeves – BB – ASU – bhs bhs loso series, secure landing, nice feet in the loso, has some knee form in bhs – switch to straddle, hit – aerial, small lean adjustment into back dive to neck, ahhh cradle jump is what we’re calling it – 1.5, stuck dismount (we think) with some knees. 9.800

Andres – FX – UCLA – back 2.5 to front tuck, good, just a bit soft – nice height in straddle elements, slightly indistinct in landing position – double tuck, stuck, chest down – rudi, love the late twist there, controlled. Some knees here and there in those elements, but like I said last week, it’s nearly Kramer-i-fied. She just needs either creepy or Dutch choreography next season. 9.875

Gutierrez – BB – ASU – attempts a fhs to rulfova combo but is off line and catches the rulfova sideways on the beam and has to wrap her leg around to bring herself back up – the rest is hit – back 1.5 dismount, step back.

That should basically be treated like grabbing the beam to avoid a fall.

Still gets 9.500 though.

Hano – FX – UCLA – DLO, chest down today with a bounce up – front full to 1/2 to Hano, solid – good lift in dance elements, but they like to cut during the leap series so no one can see what it is – double pike, strong one, chest up and controls it. 9.900

Wilson – BB – ASU – bhs loso series, tight combination and nearly is off, leg-up check, saves it – cat leap to switch 1/2, a bit short of split position – kickover front with arm wave correction – tuck jump full, another check – gainer full, hit. 9.575

Dennis – FX – UCLA – front loso through to double tuck, chest forward today with a slide – split leap full to split jump full, nice and crisp – I prefer the two-jump series to the three because she can control it more precisely – front full to layout, some knees in the full – rudi to split jump, control issue there. A fine one, not her most controlled landings.


9.900 is high.

Scharf – BB – ASU – hits her wolf double – bhs loso, good job avoiding a check there – side somi, hit, some chest forward – swithc ti split, a bit tight – 1.5, crossover step

Kramer – FX – UCLA – in the get-me-a-10 anchor postion today – front 2/1 to front pike, a little low to the floor but fine – 1.5 to layout shush, better height on that one – solid landing – switch side to popa, overturns the switch side, ends up in the right place – rudi to stretch jump – pretty much her normal. 9.950.

48.575 for ASU on beam as a number of them had arises amounting to a semi-fall.

UCLA 49.525 on floor, definitely their best rotation of the day after a blah start. Also got some friendly evaluation.

Meanwhile Roberson is up on beam for Washington – switch to switch split jump to split jump, nice rise to complete that comfortably – standing loso loso series is secure – gainer full, stuck. Really strong one.

Hot damn and she got a 10 for it. What now. I’ve really be turning to meets just at the right time this weekend. The only thing I’d say is soft knees in that three jump series?

Rotation 4

G Glenn – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series, lovely, good toe point, smooth – aerial to split jump, good, avoided hesitation – switch to split, a hesitation landing the switch but probably worked quickly to get combo credit – bhs gainer full, stuck. 9.875

Thompson – FX – ASU – double pike, awkward jarred landing with a shuffle back – switch side to popa to wolf, some landing position issue – rudi, secure, chest down – back 1.5 to layout, struggles on the layout trying to pull it around, tucking it. 9.650

Sakti – BB – UCLA – standing loso loso series, struggles this week with a large leg-up check – switch 1/2 to beat, hit – side somi with another arm wave break – side aerial to full, step back. A shaky one. 9.775

Boyer – FX – ASU – front lay to rudi, nice and high, too high, bounce back – double pike, secure landing, deep in the knees though – split leap full is short of 180 – back 1.5 to front tuck, barely pulled the front tuck around, deeeeeep landing. 9.500

Flatley – BB – UCLA – aerial to immediate back pike, good speed and pretty elements – side aerial to side position cover – L turn to split jump to beat, holds the L turn despite looking a little shaky in the middle – bhs 1.5, stuck. Good. 9.925

Wilson – FX – ASU – double tuck, fine, somewhat ragged in body position, solid landing – switch 1/2 to wolf jump 1.5, well short on switch position – front lay to front full – 9.750

Poston – BB – UCLA – This dude is obsessed with her middle name – beat to straddle jump 3/4, rushed the split position, secure landing – bhs bhs loso series with a check, saves being off line, knee position deduction throughout – 1.5 dismount, step back. 9.750

Scharf – FX – ASU – front tuck through to double tuck, a minor bounce back – front full to front tuck, a tad short on the front tuck landing with a step – switch 1/2 to wolf jump full, solid position – double pike, really strong. 9.875

Hano – BB – UCLA – bhs lay-pike with what has basically become her usual bounce back, a large one with a leg-up check as well – switch 1/2, also struggles there with another bounce and check – split jump 1/2 from side – switch to split, back leg on both – 1.5 dismount, small hop. Will be the low of the lineup. 9.525

Ginn – FX – ASU – front tuck through to doubleback, solid control – just a front lay to lay 1/2 second pass – switch side to popa, high, overturns the switch side – double pike, large bounce back, just keeps it in bounds. 9.825

Ross – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series, super smooth, good – switch ring to beat, a little lean in the air mid-beat to keep the combination going – aerial to beat, another small squeeze to hold it – side aerial to full, small bounce.

9.950 for Kyla. A bit high for me on that one, which was a bit more hesitant than her usual.

CLB – FX – ASU – back 1.5 to front full, a comfortable pass for her – really struggles on split and straddle positions, well short of split on both of them – double pike, chest down, some bounce back

UCLA finishes with 197.200 to ASU’s 195.425

A fairly meh performance for UCLA overall, with a solid floor rotation and a couple strong beams to save the score into something respectable if not memorable.

Long wait before the final routines for each team in Washington, working on the Cowles score on BB for AZ.

Davis finishes up for them – bhs bhs loso, good extension – beat to straddle 3/4 with an arm wave – kickover to beat, a little flat but fine – 1.5, holds the stick despite being a little short

Hoffa starts floor with a good full-in, keeps front foot down – front lay to front full, very clean position – split leap full to wolf jump full, bouncy control issue on landing – double tuck, secure landing.

We have a 195.700 final for Arizona. Waiting on the Hoffa score.

After 9.900 from Hoffa, Washington goes 196.600 with a counting fall on bars.

42 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – February 15, 2020”

  1. Anyone have a link? the international youtube link used to work here in the US, but does not seem to be working anymore.

  2. What meet in the SEC would those vaults have scored a 9.95 yesterday? The only scores above a 9.9 were at Auburn/Florida. Day went 9.925 for a stuck 1 1/2 (like Hall) and Richards went 9.95 for a stuck 1 1/2 (like Tessen).

    LSU had high scores at the GQ meet, but I wouldn’t consider that an SEC meet. Plus Johnson stuck her double for a 10.

    The “SEC scoring” narrative is irrelevant now. The PAC and Oklahoma also get overscored. I’m a Michigan fan and I’ll admit there is now even high scoring in the B1G — just not as common elsewhere.

      1. No one went above 9.9 on vault at the Georgia meet. Lukacs went 9.9 for a good DTY and Magee for a nearly stuck full (just like Nia Dennis often does).

        People love to hate on Georgia on this board. I don’t get the hate. None of the athletes seem controversial, but I admittedly don’t follow athlete social media. Maybe I missed something? Sure they have some high scores, but so does every other team.

      2. Georgia‘s actual gymnastics are not as good as they’ve been in the past, but they’re still scored like they are. Not every basically hit routine with a stuck landing deserves a 9.9 automatically. To your example, Dennis has the best full in NCAA when she hits it. That doesn’t mean that every stuck full should get a 9.9/9.95.

        It’s absolutely true that other teams benefit from that kind of scoring too – it’s just very noticeable and consistent with Georgia. I’m sorry if it feels like people are piling on Georgia but people do the same thing with UCLA and you just have to shrug and admit that some of the scoring is unfair to the benefit of your team, and root for your team to get better.

    1. Georgia was scoring 9.8s for vaults that should be barely 9.7.

      You watch Georgia, then you watch Utah… if you’re a gym fan, there is clearly a difference in the caliber of gymnastics there, one which the scores don’t differentiate nearly enough. If anyone denies this, theyre clearly bias.

      1. UGA should be scoring in the high 48s on vault and bars this year (perhaps a 49 even but Friday was NOT a good day). Lukas should be in the 9.6s for every bars routine (max out at 9.750 for the occasional really good ones). Friday there were multiple errors in several bars routines not take – at least one other one should have been in the 9.6s and wasn’t (can’t remember off the top of my head but it may have been De Jong).

        Beam and Floor are UGAs strength this year and I mostly have no issue with the scores there. If their final score was 196.500 to 196.700 range it would have been more accurate.

        UGA home scoring has been a major issue for two or three years now.

  3. People pointing out that being way overscored at home does nothing to help Georgia at the end of the season is not hating on them. When they got more realistic scores at SECs and Nationals last season, they were disappointed by the rank. This season is setting up the same. A large home/away gap does nothing to help the team.

    Alabama is going to face that too this season but they have the goods to go over 197 on the road; they just haven’t performed well on beam on the road yet.

    1. At least they got the appropriate deductions. At LSU it would have been considered choreography and given a 10. That was sooo ridiculous that the entire team and the coach should be mortified.

  4. Starsky posted on Twitter Suzanne Y was booing judges because Luckacs scored a 9.85 on vault, so does she not realize that there are deductions in her vault.. . too funny. Well she must think she is now a judge because she is always in the gym judging their intrasquads on Instagram posts.

  5. Sam P is doing good on commentating but the guy has no clue what is happening!! Why is he giving us the most needless information… sigh!! We can have two females talking!

  6. Just in case Spencer reads these comments…
    Randall’s sheep jump looks great – I think Spencer would approve with the correct angle.
    Kim Tessen exhibitioned on beam. Not great. Balance check right away on her leap series.
    Then floor… Nothing much you can say there. I don’t understand why the start value drops 2 tenths when there is a fall on a final pass but I’m definitely just a spectator. Was calculating the potential for a 197.8 and put the cart before the horse. That was a floor-tastrophe.

  7. Sooo disappointed that the Pac12 UCLA@Az announcer isn’t also mentioning the names of each athlete’s aunts and uncles. 😉

  8. UCLA is becoming the poster child of this site, showing off their own Balance Beam Situation. Aside from Kyla and usually Grace Glenn, they have no reliability from anyone else on Beam. I thought Vault would continue to be their yuck event, but Beam is quickly becoming their undoing…

    1. A good reason for UCLA to offer Grace Glenn the moon to return for her redshirt fifth year – losing both her and Kyla (and to some extent Maddie, if she returns to beam) after this season will be hard.

      Even with the stellar freshmen class incoming, having a reliable GG on beam (leadoff or anchor) would help calm those beginner’s nerves.

      1. It kind of highlights how mediocre UCLA‘s coaching can be… they used to be a bars beam team but that was like 90% bc they had a set of top elites competing those events, not because they were developing their roster. 🙁

        They really turned it around on floor (probably thanks to Jordyn) and I have respect for Chris Waller as a good guy and leader but I just don’t see how you can recruit so much talent and then every year have to rely on your less-talented walk-ons to bail you out. And I feel like if KJ had Dennis or Hano or Flatley on her rosters they’d be hitting consistently.

    1. I watched the meet in person and they had lots of joy. It was a fun meet for the gymnasts and the fans

  9. It’s ridiculous to have Hano anywhere near a beam lineup. She shouldn’t even be allowed to watch the team compete beam. She should be forced to hide in the bathroom.

    1. Greg Marsden used to hide in the locker rooms during Utah beam, so Fish would be in good company way out there.

  10. So UCLA tied withUtah for third and they compete head to head next week in Utah. Can you say record crowd in the Huntsman. I see UCLA pulling out the big guns rather than playing with lines ups? Anyone else?

  11. Sure other teams are being overscored like Georgia. However, the performances at least warrant an overscore. Georgia’s routines don’t warrant the scores they have been receiving at home, that is the difference. Georgia doesn’t get nearly the same scores when away compared to home. At least Florida, Oklahoma, UCLA, et al get crack scores both at home and away. Huge errors at home for Georgia are completely overlooked. Such a shame because I loved Georgia in the 90s and the mid 2000s. The program is no where near where it was in its peak years. Kupets as coach was meant to bring prestige back to the program and it seems her NCAA scores got brought back to the team as well, handed out like candy on Halloween.

      1. Can’t wait for the comment section 😂 we are all gonna be so worked up

        I like Utah way more and UCLA rather less this year though so maybe I won’t feel so feisty. My dream outcome might be a perfect 40 from Kyla (a legit one!) but a Utah victory based on five 9.9s on beam.

  12. It’ll all depend on who can survive the 3rd rotation – UCLA beam v. Utah floor. Maybe a nail biter!

  13. The Utah UCLA meet should be a great one. UCLA has gotten the best of Utah lately, winning the last 2 Pac-12 titles and the NCAA title in 2018. UCLA also has all the names. But I think this will be the first time a lot of people will see Utah this season and I think everyone is in for a treat. Utah graduated well-known seniors and MyKayla Skinner left to continue training. Add that to losing the co-head coach who’s been with the program for 40 years, this Utah team looks dramatically different. But there’s something about them. They’re talented. They’re skilled. They’re confident. I’m really looking forward to the meet.

  14. I went to the UCLA/ASU meet yesterday, and while ASU was pretty much a hot mess, UCLA was a bit disappointing too with all the random line-ups and what looked like a lack of real interest in the meet. Besides Nia Dennis’s constant individual dance party on the side, everyone else just looked a little bored. Lashbrooke looked like she was going to pee herself before vault, this being her first hometown meet. I don’t think I’m impressed with the Comforte/Dom/BJ coaching team? Spencer has such a good point – there’s so much elite talent on this team and it doesn’t seem to be getting properly used. Bring Jordyn back! Co-head with Waller!

  15. It’s nice to hear positive comments about Utah. They have really flown under the radar this year. They are really good and haven’t had a lot of Carol scores. There is always a few wacky scores but they have been pretty reasonable this season. UCLA meet will be an eye opener for both sides. Particularly FX. I like Utah’s more. Better content and no “ugly “ faces. Flatley and Ross excluded from that commo. Should be fun

  16. How on earth did the last girl on bars for OU vs Utah get a 9.9… NO MAAM~

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