Gymnastics GIFs for All Occasions

I mean…what else is there to do?

15 thoughts on “Gymnastics GIFs for All Occasions”

  1. Can we commission blog posts the way Gymcastic episodes can be commissioned? I am watching 1996 nationals and the form everywhere is amazing and they just said Kristy Powell left Karloyi for Forester and “what she calls ‘a new way of coaching’ ” and I would pay good money for 1,000 words of Spencer’s thoughts on this broadcast.


    1. Based on something he posted on twitter, I don’t think Spencer reads the comments here – but maybe try him via the contact link? Or try him on twitter?


      1. I’ve tried email and he’s not responded. I’ve no Twitter presence. You’d think someone with a site this epic would have a contact method through that site and not rely only on Twitter.

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  2. Did you use the email through the contact button on the upper right of this page? Since that is listed as secondary, I would surmise that translates to does not check very often – so give it a week. I would put something about paying for a request in the subject line- Then he would be more likely to catch it if scanning through the emails. Then again maybe someone on here who is his friend will let him know.


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