PART 2: Friday Live Blog – January 15, 2021

On to part 2!

Friday, January 15
Scores Stream
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – [7] Georgia @ [1] Florida LINK SEC+
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – [9] Auburn @ [8] Kentucky LINK SECN
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Boise State @ Oregon State LINK FREE
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – [4] Alabama @ [14] Missouri LINK SEC+
8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT – [5] LSU @ [6] Arkansas LINK SECN

Oregon State is the most efficient team and is started first.

Masiado starts for Boise State, DLO dismount with a lunge back.

Peterson – VT – Oregon State – full on to back pike, large bounce back but gets pretty good distance on it

Nilson – UB – BSU – toe on, arch, saves it – hits tkatchev – pak, good legs together – one short hs – giant full to double tuck, stuck. She gets the stick sledgehammer.

Georgia and Florida starting

Richards – VT – Florida – short on her full this week, chest forward with a hop. Not sure what’s up with her vaulting right now. 9.750

Cashman – UB – Georgia – hits tkatchev, some feet – small arch in hs – solid bail vertical position – DLO, only a small foot movement. Good. 9.750

Bunn stuck a Yfull to start Kentucky’s vault rotation. Very nice control.

Lazzari – VT – Florida – very clean full, stuck landing (we think?) not the highest but very solid form 9.825

Oregon State has two round-off full on vaults in the lineup this year.

Ward – UB – Georgia – she barseses now – shap to bail, collapses in form in the bail, everything gets loose but she saves it and continues – DLO is pretty clean – bounce back

Hollingsworth in on bars for Auburn today – looks like she hit the mat with her legs on a pPak

Skaggs – VT – Florida – has a small slide back on her full this week and a little direction, good form again

Was that a Dagen that just stuck a Y1.5 for Oregon State? Some staggered legs on landing, great control. Yes.

De Jong – UB – Georgia – some angle in first hs – good extension on Ray – bail, clean legs together position – just short in some of her casts – DLO, nice and floaty, slide back

Muhlenhaupt goes 9.950 for Boise State on bars in the final position. 49.250 for Boise State to 49.050 for Oregon State.

Schoenherr – VT – Florida – a little short on her Y1.5, small hop back, some knees

I really wish Alicia had said “I love to start on bars because I was chilling…”

Roberts – UB – georgia – toe full pretty late but works through it – Shap to bail, good legs in the air – DLO, small hop back. Pulled it together. 9.850

Reed – VT – Florida – hop forward on her Y1.5 – good distance, solid distance

Nguyen – UB – georgia – good pak – Maloney to inbar gienger, small leg break on catch, not much – DLO, two small steps on landing. 9.800

EXCELLENT stuck full from Cally Nixon on vault for Kentucky. 9.925. A perfect score from one judge.

Thomas – VT – Florida – it’s a hop forward this week on her 1.5, but the form was strong as always. 9.900, so they would have gone 10 without the one tenth hop.

Oakley – UB – Georgia – higgins to piked jaeger, lovely – pak, clean, solid finishing position on 1/2 turn on low bar – short on cast hs on high – FTDT, comes up short with a hop forward.

Kentucky has enjoyed a number of very strong Yfulls in this vault rotation. This should be an important score. 49.250.

Gobourne – Ub – Auburn – hits tkatchev to pak, good rhythm, legs right together on Pak – FTDT, leans to hold the stick. They needed that because it had been a rough bars rotation with the Hollingsworth leg brush, and Smith with a 9.9 start value and a couple other lower scores I didn’t see.

Nice full on vault from Samantha Smith for Boise State. Good height, secure landing. 9.800 a bit tight there.

Dismount fall in the second spot on bars for Niya Mack for Oregon State.

Hoiland – Ub – Oregon St – takes her piked jaeger too far and falls. So this will not be a great rotation score there. Second straight 8.875.

SEC scores
Kentucky 49.250 to Auburn 48.400
Florida 49.250 to Georgia 49.050

Rotation 2s

Baumann – VT – Georgia – good distance on her full, she’s improveing there, small slide back. 9.875.

Richards – UB – Florida – Maloney to bail, some legs on maloney, small hiop angle on bail – DLO, good amplitude, bounce back. 9.750

A third score in the 8s for Oregon State on bars.

De Jong – VT – UGA – bounce back on full, another solid one, not as much distance as Baumann and a bit large bounce. 9.825

Gallentine – UB – Florida – toe on to maloney, good legs – pak, quite clean there – DLO legs together, small step forward. A couple handstands there but big improvement over last week.

Eeesh. Oregon State goes 45.800 on bars, highest score 9.550. It’s almost like some of these teams have had a lot less training time than others!

Nguyen – VT – Georgia – larger bounce back on her full. 9.800

Skaggs – UB – Florida – small arch on first cast – great height on her tkatchev into pak – borderline final cast hs – DLO, a little legs apart, fairly large bounce back. 9.825

Ward – VT – Georgia – Tsuk full, pretty well controlled today – small hop to the side, some piking, better than last week. 9.850

Schoenherr – UB – Florida – small arch in first hs – toe 1/2 to huge jaeger, catches it a tad close today – bail, very crisp position – strong hs on high bar – double front 1/2 out, small hop. 9.825

Roberts – VT – Georgia – Y1.5 – cannot control the landing – huge bound forward and another lunge after that

Thomas – UB – Florida – maloney to clear hip to pak, very nice – good hs on low – toe on to van leeuwen, no leg break – nailed hs on high bar – DLO, small hop. Perfect on the bars, small hop on landing. Roethlisberger is like, “Sac, you on crack” for calling that a stick. 9.950. Just the step.

Lukacs – VT – UGA – back into the lineup today, but with just the full – hop back, a little pike, obviously no trouble for her. 9.825

Clapper – UB – Florida – short first hs – blind to piked jaeger, some feet – bail – a couple hs in here – giant full to double tuck, hop back.

Solid Y1.5 for Gobourne for Auburn – not her most distance but only a small hop.

Angeny – UB – Kentucky – blind to jaeger to overshoot, nice and high, some feet – good cast hs on high – DLO 1/1, tad short, causing a hop.

Georgia went 49.175 on vault for Florida’s 49.225 on bars.

After 2: Florida 98.475, Georgia 98.225

Florida not doing poorly but nickel and dime-ing itself. Some non-sticks, close catches, hops, bounces, just looking a little tighter than last week so far, which is interesting. Georgia on track, bars not as good as last week but will be pleased to be as close as they are.

After 2: Kentucky 98.475, Auburn 97.275

Kentucky did well working against an opening miss on bars. This is shaping up to be a big score.

Rotation 3

Richards – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso, secure series, some loose knee – switch to a high straddle – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.875

Free SEC Network segment idea: Jeremy Miranda takes you inside his meet-shirt collection. I want to know all the things.

De Jong – FX – UGA – double pike, secure landing – back 1.5 to layout, a shuffle of the feet as she tried to keep that landing under control – split full wolf jump full, solid positions in the air – double tuck, again a little steppy, chest up. 9.850

SJS – BB – Florida – front tuck, mostly secure, small adjustment – bhs loso, good extension – switch 1/2 to beat, a bit of front leg on switch 1/2 but not bad – long pause before handstand loso tuck full. Good stick. 9.875

Kentucky is now having to work against a 9.250 in the first position on beam. Haigis saves her loso series with an arm wave

Roberts – FX – UGA – hits her pike full in, under control – front lay to front full, somewhat loose in layout – switch side to popa looked a little short – double pike, pretty secure, chest a bit down. 9.875

Lazzari – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso, pretty in the air, step back to control it – switch to split, good positions – aerial, smoothly done – side aerial to full, hop back. 9.850

Cashman – FX – UGA – pretty solid double pike – 1.5 to layout, sliding a bit forward on the step out of it – switch side to popa – double tuck, just a tad deep, slide back. 9.825

Hollingsowrth hits her FTDT on floor for Auburn, keeps it in the corner. Fall on her front tuck to double back.

Clapper – BB – Florida – bhs loso loso, solid – switch to split, hits the 180 positions – side aerial to full, stuck. Good security. Some feet here and there. 9.925

Hawthorne – FX – Georgia – double pike, great height, small bounce – front lay to rudi to split jump, slight arm wave to control the split jump – double tuck – somewhat short, step forward. 9.875

Fall from kentucky in the fourth position on beam. So a second week of beam taking away the score

Baumann – BB – Florida – bhs loso, right on – switch to split, pretty, solid height – aerial, glorious – switch 1/2, does well to control the landing but kind of has to quickly pose about it – 1.5, short with a step back. 9.850

Perez-Lugones – FX – georgia – double pike, stumbles back out of it, multiple steps –

Heads up that Missouri and Alabama starting now.

Graber – UB – Alabama – falls on her Gienger.

Thomas – BB – Florida – switch mount, wave – switch to split leap, good positions – one-arm bhs to loso and falls. WHAT IS THIS. A FALL???

R Baumann – FX – Georgia – pulls around her mega wolf turn – stikcs her double arabian, OK now. One of those who looks like she’s going to chuck that thing sideways and then lands it.

Gobourne – FX – Auburn – hits her DLO, pikes a bit in second salto, does well to keep it in bounds, Good double pike to finish. Her crown dance is even more extreme than last year and I’m on board.

Blanco – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, lovely legs – nearly gets the 1/2 turn on low bar to vertical, just a tad shy at the end – FTDT, bounce back. If she can turn into a bars worker…

It’s 49.375 on beam for Florida. Looks like Florida will maintain a lead just shy of three tneths going to the last rotation.

Doggette – UB – Alabama – great dynamics tkatchev into pak – solidfinal cast on high bar – sticks DLO, a little flung out. Very nice routine.

It will be a 48.925 for Missouri on vault. Alabama successfully avoided counting that fall, so it should be a strong number here.

Scores say just a 9.725 for Doggette on bars, which is…weird? Alabama at 49.025. OK they fixed it and now it’s 9.925 for Doggette. That makes a lot more sence because that routine was excellent.

Kentucky went 48.500 on beam, while Auburn went 48.750 on floor.

No Nguyen on beam now. Cancel the meet.

Rotation 4 at UGA/Florida and Auburn/Kentucky

Schild – BB – UGA – pretty press handstand work – aerial to bhs bhs, pretty slow in combination, small check on final bhs – full turn, solid – aerial, hit, another check on beat jump – gainer pike is solid. Watch the SV.

Clapper – FX – Florida – double tuck, a tad steppy working out of it – back 1.5 to layout to stag, solid, just a bit low in that combo – double pike, a bit forward so a small step forward

long wait for the Schild score as expected.

Really nice double pike on floor from Bailey Bunn for Kentucky. 9.875.

Olivia Hollingsworth gets through BB, looked very careful but survived it.

Perez-Lugones – BB – anddddd she falls on a punch front to start her routine. Sac is having all kinds of PTSD. She also broke a connection out of her aerial – solid loso series and a nice phew exhale afterward – gainer full, stuck. Well, at least she’s an actual gem.

Schild ended up with a 9.6 because of SV. And now the fall from APL.

Richards – FX – Florida – solid landing on her DLO – 1.5 to layout under control – oooof double tuck, well short and hands down.

Back to Alabama – Shallon vaults a full again, a bit short with a hop forward. Following strong scores on their 1.5s from Waligora and Adams.

Hawthorne – BB – Georgia – bhs loso series is good – switch to standing switch jump, well – her other signature coolness, kickover from knee, is also solid, but a check out of it break connection into sissone – 1.5 dismount, bounce forward.

SJS – FX – Florida – double Arabian, hops into secure position, solid pass – back 1.5 to layout – double tuck, slide back

Graber finishes vault for Alabama with a small hop forward on her Y1.5. Good.

De Jong – BB – georgia – switch to split, good positions – aerial, well short with a wobble to keep it on – bhs loso, another larger break, lean to the side – side aerial to full, stuck. 9.700

Good gravy. It’s a 191.950 for Oregon State. Fall to Boise State’s 194.300.

Alabama 49.250 on vault.

A Baumann – FX – Florida – double tuck, controlled step – 1.5 to front full, a slide forward step on landing – good height on switch 1/2 to popa – double pike, just does keep that front foot down. 9.925

R Baumann – BB – Georgia – side aerial to loso, very strong – switch side was funky, lower than she expected, some form to land it but worked it out – 1.5, short with a lunge back. 9.825

Reed – FX – Florida – big DLO, nearly had the control, just a little adjustment step – front lay to rudi, good position – switch 1/2 to wolf full, good – double pike, very solid there.

Reed goes 9.975. I’m on the lower side of that one. Setting it up for Trinity.

Roberts – BB – Georgia – bhs loso, hits series, some knees – side somi, small lean – switch to straddle 1/4, somewhat tight – side aerial to full, small rebound.

Auburn done with 194.575. Kentucky gets 9.875 from Worley to end up with a solid 196.225 despite the beam miss.

Thomas – FX – Fl;orida – controls the DLO well – great amplitude obviously – front full to layout to sissone, pretty – split leap full to split jump full, good positions, double pike, slides back and OOB. She is correctly pissed. Same Trinity.

LSU Arkansas has started and Shchennikova stuck her DLO, which I think I’m going to claim credit for because I said to ditch it. Now, there’s still like a full tenth of position deductions on that thing in the air even when she sticks and they should still ditch it. 9.925. OK.

FINAL: Florida 197.250, Georgia 196.075

Arkansas goes 49.150 on vault, solid result for them. A sami Surante 9.875 gives LSU 49.425 on bars. So it looks like that went better.

Gaskins leading off for Alabama on floor with an OOB on her final double tuck. 9.725

Mitchell – FX – Alabama – double pike, slide back – a little steppy on landing her wolf jump combination – front tuck through to double tuck, more secure on that landing.

Sheremeta – BB – Missouri – back this week after missing the first meet for COVID reasons, which has helped the depth today – bhs loso series, chest a bit down but secure –

Arenas opens vault for LSU – a little hoppy on her full – 9.800

Lovett – UB – Arkansas – big height on her Ray and a clean bail – giant full double tuck, open position, hop forward. 9.800

Shchennikova – VT – LSU – a lock-legged landing on her Y1.5 but better than last week’s fall – still short with a step back. 9.825

Gianfagna catches close on her ray for Arkansas but keeps it going into overshoot – small hop on FTDT. 9.875. I mean…that’s verrry high.

Brock – VT – LSU – pretty full, good amplitude and shape, hop back. 9.825. I’m on the higher side of that. It was a very nice vault.

Rutz – UB – Arkansas – Tkatchev, solid – short hs on high – loses her handstand, goes over and has to hop off.

Edwards – VT – LSU – great pop on her Y1.5 – too much actually because she ended up bounding forward on landing.

Shallon Olsen starts floor with a pike full in, a miracle she kept that step in bounds because she took it right into the corner.

Shaffer – Ub – Ark – toe on to maloney, lovely – bail, legs right together, slightly loose back – good casts – DLO, stuck, pretty work as always. 9.900

Johnson – VT – LSU – LOL tries to sell that full landing and slyly steps into her salute. Wink wink you didn’t see anything. Love it. Not a stick, but pretty much perfect in the air. 9.775. They don’t love a short landing.

Hambrick follows on bars for Arkansas with a fall on a piked jaeger, so they’ll be counting a miss now.

Bryant – VT – LSU – handspring pike 1/2, lands just short with a small step forward. Remarkable in the air of course.

O’hara – UB – Ark – good first hs – blind to jaeger, some elbows on catch, good toes – perfect bail position – solid final cast hs – DLO, stuck landing. She has glowed up this season on bars.

9.850 for Bryant. They really got those short landings for Johnson and Bryant – but I would have been fine with .05 for chest down, .05 for step on that one for 9.900. It’s not a case where she’s actually coming in short. Vault scoring much tighter than bars on what I’ve seen so far.

After 2: LSU 98.525, Arkansas 97.800

Missouri needs a hit from Schreiber in the final spot on on beam – bhs loso loso, very secure – switch 1/2 to split to beat and works quickly into her gainer full dismount, I like that rhythm, but the gainer full is short with a hop. 9.850

Graber final floor for Alabama – solid full in, chest a tad forward – front tuck through to double pike, lands forward with a stagger landing adjustment. Still goes 9.875

Alabama 147.425, Missouri 146.675

Rotation 3 for LSU/Arkansas

Lovett – BB – Ark – candle mount, solid position – switch to split, good extension aerial with a check – aerial redoes it to connect into loso as a series, larger check landing the loso – aerial to full, slide back. 9.775 is a charitable start.

Dean – FX – LSU – double pike, well controlled – 1.5 to layout, bent knees there and possible OOB, maybe right on the light but looked over from our angle – double tuck, secure landing, chest down. We’ll see about OOB. 9.750, so looks like no OOB.

Rutz – BB – Ark – bhs loso series, small lean – switch to straddle 3/4 and falls, off center on that one.

Campbell – FX – LSU – 2.5, slight stagger on landing – double pike, better control, some flexed feet in the air – great leaps as always – 1.5 to layout, a tad soft. Solid work. 9.800

O’Hara – BB – Ark – full turn, hit – side aerial to bhs, smooth – split jump to stag ring, pretty – side aerial to full, strong work. 9.925. Well now.

Did Belle Gottula almost trip going into her leap series? I saw her barani to 2/1 this week! But it was a struggle, very short with a couple lunges.

Desiderio – FX – LSU – very short landing on DLO with a large lunge forward – second pass is clean – switch to split was quite short of 180 which is uncharacteristic for her. I mean she can hit these leaps on beam. Pulls her way through a double tuck on sheer will, short landing but a landing. 9.400

Shaffer – BB – Ark – switch to straddle 1/4, nice extension – bhs los, securely landed – aerial with a leg-up correction – cat leap to side aerial to full, small slide. 9.900. Beam scoring going the way of bars scoring.

Edwards – FX – LSU – front 2/1, small slide forward – front full to front full, maybe a bit steppy but mostly controlled – round off stuck double tuck. That will help the floor score cause. 9.875

A fall from Waligora in the third spot on beam for Alabama. And now a second fall for her.

Carter – BB – Ark – bhs loso series, pristine – secure stag ring – aerial to sissone, quite clean elements – side aerial to full with a bounce back

Bryant – FX – LSU – double front, opens out of it well, borderline control but I think she kept that foot down – front lay to rudi, very clean – switch 1/2 to popa, under on her rotation position – finishes front 2/1, small step. Not quittte as good as last week but still very strong. Still gets 9.950.

Graber – BB – Alabama – bhs to lay-pike, secure landing, chest down – switch to straddle 3/4, looks like her foot slipped, just not quite on, so a counting beam fall for Alabama now.

Leg-up break for Hambrick in the anchor position for Arkansas but kept it on the beam.

Johnson – FX – LSU – FTDT, pretty solid control this time, maybe a little step but not the slide from last week – 1.5 to layout, does well to keep that back foot down on a larger lunge – switch 1/2 to popa, good positions – double pike, a little forward with a step so shouldn’t be a 10 this week but should be comfortably 9.9s.

49.325 for Arkansas on beam to help this still look like a solid meet score despite the bars problem. Gets 9.950.

So 49.325 for LSU on floor, matching Arkansas.

Meanwhile, Marshall is 5th up for Missouri in the final rotation on floor. front tuck through to double pike, secure landing – Missouri is now in this after Alabama’s beam meltdown. 1.5 to front gets short with a step correction – double tuck, good control.

Blanco – BB – Alabama – trying to save it – aerial, lovely – bhs loso series, small adjustment – switch to switch 1/2, museum to her feet – 2/1, stuck landing. Good.

McCrary – FX – Missouri – controls the landing on her front 2/1 – would need 9.950 to catch Alabama, which is probably too much to ask – but very strong stick on double pike – a bit short on switch side, good popa.

Looks like LSU has taken Desiderio out of beam after that floor routine – replaced by Arenas in the first position, who looks much cleaner than last week, hop forward on landing. 9.825

It’s 9.925 for McCrary, very close, but it will be Alabama 195.775 to Missouri 195.750 final score.

Johnston – FX – Ark – high double tuck, controls the landing – back 1.2 to front layout, crisp position maintained switch 1/2 to popa, around in defined positions – double pike, keeps foot down, some chest position, but really solid work. 9.875

Durante – BB – LSU – solid full turn – bhs loso series, check to the side – aerial to split, good positions – switch to straddle 1/4, arm wave but covers well – side aerial to full, little absorption – really good after the check on the series. 9.850

Hickey – FX – Ark – double pike, adjustment step back – back 1.5 to layout, a tad deep landing the layout, some knees – double tuck, short landing, lunge forward

Bryant – BB – LSU – excited to see her on this event – aerial to bhs, pretty quick as far as those series go – switch, small hesitation into straddle 1/4, they’ll probably say she worked throut it quickly enough – front tuck, small check – punch rudi, small hop. Yeah, I can keep her in this lineup. 9.900

Shaffer – FX – Ark – pretty double pike, good control – back 1.5 to layout, strong extension – split leap full to popa, solid horizontal positions – double tuck, really nice work. 9.900

Dean – BB – LSU – side aerial to bhs, the knee but very secure – switch to split, hit well – aerial to beat jump, right on – side aerial to full, hop back. Still one of her best. 9.900

Lovett – FX – Ark – huge DLO, great control on landing – front lay to front full with a crossover step dance out – split leap full to split jump full, I liked her 180 position, Kathy doesn’t love the toe point – higgggh double tuck, small bounce

Johnson – BB – LSU – bhs loso series, very solid – whattttt is happpening – falls on a switch 1/2, misses on beam for a second straight week – am i taking crazy pills – fights to hold her kickover, nearly another fall – great stick on 2/1.

Hambrick – FX – Ark – solid double tuck, under control – rudi to back layout to double stag – like that non-loso, a different look – switch half some feet – double pike, solid landing.

Campbell – BB – LSU – kind of an important routine for her now – bhs loso series, small foot-up adjustment – check on full turn, leg-up – aerial to sissone is pretty – switch to switch 1/2, good control because she landed with one foot kind of half-on – 2/1 dismount, small slide. Not her strongest, but works after the fall. 9.900 pretty high there. It will be 197.275 for LSU.

Carter – FX – Ark – double tuck, again under control – 1.5 to front full, a little soft in the knees on the second element there – switch 1/2 to split, good horizontal positions – double pike, under control.

Arkansas is going to end with a big 196 as well. 196.625 after a 9.925 for Carter.

Today’s scores:

Denver 196.600, Iowa State 195.450
Minnesota 197.025, Iowa 196.450
Illinois 195.475, Nebraska 193.400
NC State 194.925, Pitt 192.850
Florida 197.250, Georgia 196.075
Kentucky 196.225, Auburn 194.550
Boise State 194.300, Oregon State 191.950
Alabama 195.775, Missouri 195.750
LSU 197.275, Arkansas 196.625

This season is going to be allllll over the place.

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    1. If it’s the mask football players used, it’s a common mask used in NCAA and pro sports. It’s a triple layer mask that filters 97.1% of particles. It’s been tested a lot and is really popular amongst athletes and coaches, but it definitely looks like thin mesh on TV.

      1. Thanks for the info! On tv it looks ridiculous! Glad to hear it most likely works pretty well!

    1. Don’t count out MN, Denver, and sleeper BYU. Overall standings sure have shifted. Exciting season so far!

  1. So glad to be back here. Thanks for all you do. I’m sure the cattiness is coming, but…. I missed it.

    And….. LSU was crack last week, but ohhhhh I missed the chaos!

  2. Might just be me but did scores seem tighter for Florida than Georgia? Scoring didn’t seem very consistent even within the same lineups. De Jong looked much cleaner than Roberts after her but a lower score. The 9.825 vaults and 9.8-9.85 bar routines in Georgia’s lineup didn’t look as strong as those scoring the same in Florida’s lineup either. Definitely nothing too crazy, just seemed a little odd considering Florida is at home

    1. I’m finding this year that the scores aren’t crack all around it’s just sporadic random over and underscoring even within the same team and same rotation. It’s bizarre lol.

    2. Completely agree. Georgia did yurochenko fulls and scored same as. 1 1/2’s of Florida. Georgia bars had minor issues but still in 9.8’s. Especially Victoria she had leg separations and 2 steps on dismount.

  3. Crack is about to start flying I think at FL-GA (as one would expect in the last half of the meet)

  4. I guess every routine at UGA/Florida is in 9.8’s. No separation. Where is landing movements, lack of flexibility on jumps, and amplitude.

  5. Did anyone see what happened to Blanco on her Maloney? Right leg flew way out almost like it hit the spotter. Definitely what brought her score down

    1. Well her score on the stats was changed from 9.725 to 9.850 so maybe I was just seeing things

  6. No way should Schild get the connection. This combination needs to go away. Either it is connected or not. A wobble should clearly break this connection.

    What are injuries for Magee& Nguyen?

    1. No clue on Nguyen- I am assuming it was in FX warm up. Magee apparently tweeked an ankle in Vt warmup.

      I’m going to give UGA all the credit for some interesting skills/combos but they need to simplify until everyone is in in-season form or mentally there. Although that knee kickover to leap from Hawthorne is hella fun.

      1. Injuries happen but I hope UGA is not experiencing a beginning season curse… injuries have plagued the team past few years at season start. What doesn’t kill them makes them stronger. Nyguen and Lukacs injuries definitely hurt team. Did Oakley only perform bars??

      2. Correct- Oakley only on bars but I almost wonder if resting her more is not part of a strategy. I also think she might have been the low score last week. They did sub in Lukacs on VT last minute- literally a jog and Y full for a counting score- so I’m assuming they are holding her out until she regains practice numbers. I am wondering what is keeping Hawthorne off of Vt and Finnegan off bars. At least they have gotten to a point where a botched meet goes 196 but they need a couple of people to start hitting. We’ll see if Magee and Nguyen return this week.

  7. Not sure why ESPN couldn’t just play the video for me on LSU v. Arkansas meet when it actually started. By the time it came in the first rotation was over.

  8. Wow that was quite the humblebrag from Val Kondos!

    Serious question, how do volunteer coaches for these programs make money? Do they usually have other full-time jobs? Does the volunteering position generally not take up that much time?

    1. Side jobs, camps, coaching at local gyms or making routines for club gymnasts, a spouse/family who carry expenses while they build experience.

    2. Usually some sort of compensation in terms of coursework. Wieber was doing grad school work while she was volunteer coach. Thats why she was manager while she was undergrad. Internship hours.

  9. But seriously, you can go a classic rock route with Emily Gaskins that would work. Hey Jude! Shine On You Crazy Diamond!

    I get Bama wanting to use Sweet Home Alabama, but why her?!

    1. She used it freshman year too, but we didn’t get to see it much. I’m guessing we won’t see much more of it this season either….

  10. I know she stepped forward but how do you take over a tenth on Bryant’s vault?

    1. Right! But then again approach off springboard, vault height, legs in the air, pointed toes, distance from vault.. endless.

  11. Really thought Arkansas had a chance to win this meet until they had to count a fall on bars. 🙁

    1. still it is an amazing score, improved from last week with a counted fall. They are gonna be a huge threat to the night session in SEC champs

    1. Can you imagine if we get a non yurchenko vault and completely front tumbling floor routine as ncaa champion this year

  12. Christina Desiderio looked like she was about to cry after floor…I hope the injury isn’t serious

    1. I could see it! Florida, LSU, Georgia and Arkansas! Seeing how Alabama did tonight I think Kentucky could be their biggest competition for that 4th spot!

      1. omg Florida, Georgia and Arkansas are my all-time favourites, I would die for that night session. Georgia and Arkansas look ready

      2. Don’t count Utah out. Their scores last week were tighter than the other 4. Sunday should tell a lot

    2. They look the best prepared of the teams at the moment but there is a lot of season left. That said they should be in 3rd after tonight. Bama bombed their meet. I think UGA and UK will be in that fight as well later in the season.

  13. Damn Arkansas could have won this meet if they didn’t count that fall on bars! Would have also had a 197+ meet!

  14. For the love of RuPaul, the background music for LSU vs Arkansas was like the club music in gay bars around the country. So distracting.

    1. I found the beam music a bit unfair to be honest. And I don’t mean free-falling altho that was petty I mean the fast beats of the songs for example Reagan having to close out with a rap song. Not exactly calming. Maybe all schools do it but this is the first meet where I have noticed that the music seemed to be intentionally off putting.

      1. Yeah playing Free Falling while Sami Durante did her beam. She didn’t let it get in head though-lol 9.85 score

  15. So happy to see Maggie O’Hara finish up her eligibility & doing so well. Great job tonight.

  16. Since Trinity is competing NCAA and training for Olympics, why would she use an elite beam mount in NCAA? I understand Jenny stating they are trying to get Trinity used to the elite mount she will be using in Olympics but I would think that they would leave out the mount due to it being risky and simply only use it for training purposes.

  17. I’m just now watching Auburn v UK and there are no words for how bad this commentating team is. Anything short of a fall is either minor or completely unnoticed by Bridget.

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