Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 3

This week...

Everything went very great

Michigan’s floor might be made of soup

And then their season got postponed

Oklahoma staged a beam walk-out

While trying to qualify to Four on the Floor

So the rankings were like

And there was no saving it

The Pac-12 teams greeted the sixth member of their lineups

Chae Campbell’s hand was ghosts

So Jack Black had to do Miss Val Eyes

And Pauline Tratz went, “Earthlings celebrate bars like……”

Overall, vault was a buttface

The mat was lava

And everyone definitely understood what their coach was on about

But at least Elizabeth Culton communed with the feline world

Rylie Mundell taught Intro to Applied Tkatchevs

And Michelle Obama knows who Nia Dennis is

18 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 3”

  1. Was a huge UCLA fan through last year, but somehow so over them this year. Their political agendas and attention whoring weren’t such a big deal when their gymnastics was stellar, but now it’s just kind of . . . sad?

    1. Whoa. What are you trying to say? UCLA is only allowed to demonstrate activism, quality choreography, and a strong social media presence if they’re…#1?

      1. Publicly advocating for us to respect LGBT people is not a “political agenda” – it’s basic human decency.

    2. UCLA has become a caricature of itself. And Level 8 tumbling should not get you a 9.95.

    3. Are you the same person that complains in every post about UCLA? It’s tiring….

    4. What’s sad is you hating on UCLA on every post. Why are you so obsessed with them? 🤪

  2. True—how dare college-age kids who are supposed to be getting an education actually care about the real world and voice their opinions on things important to their real lives? They should go back to cookie-cutter routines that don’t get the attention of the general public so we can all feel better about ourselves in our bubbles. GTFOH.

  3. actually Nia’s routine is more difficult than some other 1O.O start value routines and much better executed

    1. When you use “actually” you are correcting someone with facts or truth of the situation.
      What you stated about Nia is pure opinion, so your use of “actually” is incorrect.

      Correct example:
      Person A: “UCLA won the 2019 NCAA Championships”
      Person B: “Actually, Oklahoma won the 2019 NCAA Championships, here is the press release”

    2. A double tuck, front full+front layout, and rudi to split is MORE difficult that some other 10.0 SV routines. Your statement is HILARIOUS!

  4. Let’s keep in mind they weren’t able to prepare this season like usually and have been out of the gym even recently. Let’s cut them some slack for, like, doing the smart thing and not risking a ton of injuries in their very first meet

  5. Two things can be true at the same time:

    1) There can be real social issues at hand that America really need to work on. It would be small and catty to complain about any and all attempts to promote human dignity.

    2) AND the UCLA PR machine can teeter into the realm of opportunistic and insufferable. “UCLA Gymnastics: We are now both artistically and morally to your team”… If you don’t believe us you are both a Philistine and (probably) a racist.

    Catty-ness aside we all should know that #1 is more important than #2 and the fact UCLA can bring casual eyeballs to NCAA Gym is a good thing, but let’s not be surprised by a some jealousy and eyebrow raising.

    1. This is generally the correct take, except that not everyone who finds the UCLA PR machine to be tedious is jealous.

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