Week 8 Rankings & NQS Update

Full rankings

The NQS (four best scores, two of which must be away) has now taken over for the official weekly rankings. Keep in mind that several teams including Michigan (196.805 avg), Michigan State (195.238 avg), and George Washington (193.275 avg) do not yet have enough meets to make up an NQS and so do not appear on the rankings. It’s very annoying.

Bold meet scores must be counted and can no longer be dropped.

1. Florida Gators

Road Score 1198.150
Road Score 2197.500
Home/Road Score 1198.275
Home/Road Score 2197.850
Current NQS:197.944

Florida recorded a national high over the weekend, while the next closest contenders struggled, allowing the Gators to extend their lead atop the rankings and solidify their status as the team to beat.

2. Oklahoma Sooners

Road Score 1198.225
Road Score 2197.800
Home/Road Score 1197.475
Home/Road Score 2197.450
Current NQS:197.738

Oklahoma had a semi-dud on Friday for 197.175, which was not high enough to count for NQS. But because the Sooners already had a best-scores advantage on LSU, they were nonetheless able to move up to #2 this week. Oklahoma is farther back of Florida now but also still has four remaining meets to Florida’s two and therefore enjoys more opportunities to gain.

3. LSU Tigers

Road Score 1197.550
Road Score 2197.325
Home/Road Score 1198.050
Home/Road Score 2197.275
Current NQS:197.550

LSU’s loss to Kentucky did not allow the team to improve its NQS and also means the team is saddled with counting a 197.550 road score. It’s a good score of course but now a real disadvantage if trying to catch Oklahoma.

4. Utah Utes

Average: 197.113

Road Score 1197.450
Road Score 2196.900
Home/Road Score 1197.475
Home/Road Score 2197.375
Current NQS: 197.300

Utah stepped up its scoring a little bit from the previous week, going 197.375 in defeating Cal, though that’s still the kind of score that will leave Utah somewhat vulnerable to being dropped out of a #1 regional seed position. Minnesota and Alabama (and probably eventually Michigan) are closing in.

5. Minnesota Gophers

Road Score 1197.375
Road Score 2196.975
Home/Road Score 1197.625
Home/Road Score 2197.025
Current NQS: 197.250

Minnesota recorded the best score at the Big Five meets to improve its ranking three spots. It was a particularly critical result for Minnesota to achieve in its second-to-last road meet as the team didn’t have any 197 road scores to that point.

6. Alabama Crimson Tide

Road Score 1197.325
Road Score 2197.000
Home/Road Score 1197.725
Home/Road Score 2196.925
Current NQS: 197.244

Alabama defeated Arkansas with its highest road score so far to set up a very competitive NQS picture and make a good argument for a #2 regional seeding, at least. That home 197.7 is the main difference maker between Alabama and the other teams in the top 10, and And Alabama hosts Florida this Friday…

7. Arizona State Sun Devils

Road Score 1197.050
Road Score 2196.650
Home/Road Score 1197.450
Home/Road Score 2197.150
Current NQS:197.075

So Arizona State is good now, you guys, and used a two-meet week to zoom up the rankings and establish a competitive NQS that even has a drop-able road score still hanging around. ASU will still need to be wary of Cal and UCLA moving up, so a spot in the all-important top 8 is not a given, but it’s suddenly looking possible.

8. Arkansas Razorbacks

Road Score 1196.875
Road Score 2196.675
Home/Road Score 1197.350
Home/Road Score 2197.250
Current NQS:197.038

Arkansas lost some ground this week because a 197.000 home score was not enough to break into its NQS picture. The home scores are already fine. It’s the road scores that need addressing, and there’s an opportunity to do just that at Auburn this weekend. Arkansas has some (some) actual score pressure this weekend as Kentucky still maintains a chance to pass Arkansas for the final spot in the evening session at SECs.

9. Cal Bears

Road Score 1197.425
Road Score 2197.125
Home/Road Score 1197.100
Home/Road Score 2196.075
Current NQS: 196.931

Among the teams in the top 10, Cal has the lowest score still hanging around the NQS picture with that second-meet 196.075. Given a hit meet sometime in the next few weeks, Cal will relish the opportunity to challenge Arizona State and Arkansas. Saturday’s Cal/UCLA dual meet provides quite an opportunity to disrupt the current top 10 for both teams.

10. UCLA Bruins

Road Score 1197.100
Road Score 2196.750
Home/Road Score 1197.025
Home/Road Score 2196.600
Current NQS:196.869

UCLA has comfortably moved itself into 197 land over the last couple meets but will now aim for something a little stronger than that. Every other team in the top 10 has at least a 197.3 so far, which UCLA would have achieved last week with a hit beam. That 197.100 that’s now guaranteed to count is fine, but it’s still a score that could see UCLA head into regionals as a #3 seed, not favored to make nationals.

11. BYU Cougars

Road Score 1197.075
Road Score 2196.425
Home/Road Score 1196.975
Home/Road Score 2196.925
Current NQS:196.850

BYU has looked increasingly consistent in the high 196 zone, scores that could challenge for a spot in the top 10. BYU’s like, “And we haven’t even done our Oklahoma road meet yet.” Given the scores we’ve seen, the team will view that 196.425 road number as easily dropped, but we also haven’t seen BYU score any higher than 196.325 outside of the state of Utah so far this season.

12. Auburn Tigers

Road Score 1197.025
Road Score 2196.100
Home/Road Score 1197.075
Home/Road Score 2197.050
Current NQS:196.813

After a much-needed 197 road score against Florida, Auburn is making a late push and suddenly has three very competitive scores, needing just one more. Since Auburn is at home this weekend, that 196.100 road score will have to stick around for another week, inhibiting the opportunity to move up much more until championship season. But, SECs will provide one final chance for Auburn to go all-197s.

13. Denver Pioneers

Road Score 1196.875
Road Score 2196.600
Home/Road Score 1197.000
Home/Road Score 2196.725
Current NQS:196.800

Denver traveled to Oklahoma and nearly won last Friday, recording its highest score since week 2 and its second-highest number of the season. All good things. But because that score was still a 196, Denver lost ground and now sits at 13th—below expectations for the team this season. This weekend’s home finale should provide the opportunity to get back over 197. If not, DU will be stuck counting at least one 196, and the way this season is shaping up, I don’t think top-10 teams will end up counting scores under 197. Maybe one 196.9 or something.

14. Kentucky Wildcats

Road Score 1196.875
Road Score 2195.825
Home/Road Score 1197.100
Home/Road Score 2197.000
Current NQS:196.700

Kentucky’s big win over LSU last Friday may not have changed the rankings, but it did set Kentucky up for a major push given the 195.825 road score that can be dropped this weekend. With anything resembling a normal hit, expect Kentucky to gain a handful of ranking spots and potentially even more ahead of Arkansas for the last SEC evening spot. Because the high score isn’t dropped this season, it’s not possible to come up with a specific goal number (if Arkansas goes 199 or something, that would kind of change things…), but Kentucky would definitely need to go over 197 while also having Arkansas not do great.

15. Southern Utah Thunderbirds

Road Score 1196.650
Road Score 2196.175
Home/Road Score 1197.275
Home/Road Score 2196.550
Current NQS:196.663

Southern Utah did not get a counting score this weekend but already has an exceeds-expectations NQS solidified for the season. The team will expect to drop that 196.175 during the coming road meets, which may end up being critical in trying to fend off Boise State, but in the grand scheme there’s not a ton of urgency in this score picture.

16. Boise State Broncos

Road Score 1196.900
Road Score 2196.400
Home/Road Score 1196.775
Home/Road Score 2196.350
Current NQS:196.606

Boise State has moved into the final seeded spot for the time being, and now with three meets remaining (BSU has joined this Sunday’s meet at Washington), the team will entertain some hope of staying in the top 16 even once Michigan gets a ranking. It’s realistic, especially with another couple higher 196s.

17. Iowa Hawkeyes

Road Score 1196.450
Road Score 2196.325
Home/Road Score 1196.800
Home/Road Score 2196.775
Current NQS:196.588

Iowa had to count a beam fall over the weekend and therefore did not get a usable score for the second-straight week and dropped to #17, a pretty harsh ranking for the quality this team has shown this year. Iowa could really use a bonkers, drug-induced home score right about now.

18. Georgia Bulldogs

Road Score 1196.375
Road Score 2196.150
Home/Road Score 1197.275
Home/Road Score 2196.150
Current NQS: 196.488

Another 196.1 saw Georgia drop some additional ranking spots, all the way out of the seeded places this week. Georgia is actually in some danger of becoming the bottom-ranked team in the conference this season since Missouri has a lot more room to improve its number from this point. That counting 196.375 road score is going to make it pretty difficulty for Georgia to improve its ranking too much now—even if another big home score comes on senior night this Friday—though a regionals seeding is still attainable.

19. Illinois Illini

Road Score 1196.600
Road Score 2196.300
Home/Road Score 1196.650
Home/Road Score 2196.075
Current NQS:196.406

20. Utah State Aggies

Road Score 1196.600
Road Score 1196.250
Home/Road Score 1196.225
Home/Road Score 2195.975
Current NQS: 196.263

21. Ohio State Buckeyes

Average: 195.642

Road Score 1196.400
Road Score 2196.000
Home/Road Score 1196.375
Home/Road Score 2195.950
Current NQS: 196.181

22. Missouri Tigers

Road Score 1196.850
Road Score 2194.800
Home/Road Score 1196.575
Home/Road Score 2196.175
Current NQS:196.100

Watch out for Missouri. With that 194.800 to drop, this team is about to make a large ranking move and can still challenge the top 16.

23. Oregon State Beavers

Road Score 1196.500
Road Score 2195.850
Home/Road Score 1196.200
Home/Road Score 2195.250
Current NQS:195.950

Oregon State got that critical 196 and has now been able to drop all of the sub-195 scores to move into the relative safety of the top 25.

24. Central Michigan Chippewas

Average: 194.750

Road Score 1195.950
Road Score 2195.050
Home/Road Score 1196.300
Home/Road Score 2195.975
Current NQS:195.819

25. Western Michigan Broncos

Road Score 1196.050
Road Score 2195.575
Home/Road Score 1196.025
Home/Road Score 2195.425
Current NQS:195.769

26. Penn State Nittany Lions

Road Score 1196.000
Road Score 2195.850
Home/Road Score 1195.925
Home/Road Score 2195.275
Current NQS:195.763

27. NC State Wolfpack

Road Score 1195.425
Road Score 2195.025
Home/Road Score 1196.200
Home/Road Score 2196.125
Current NQS:195.694

28. Eastern Michigan Eagles

Road Score 1195.975
Road Score 2195.150
Home/Road Score 1195.825
Home/Road Score 2195.800
Current NQS:195.688

29. Kent State Golden Flashes

Road Score 1195.650
Road Score 2194.825
Home/Road Score 1196.375
Home/Road Score 2195.850
Current NQS:195.675

30. Maryland Terrapins

Road Score 1196.275
Road Score 2195.725
Home/Road Score 1195.350
Home/Road Score 2195.300
Current NQS:195.663

31. Towson Tigers

Road Score 1196.150
Road Score 2195.175
Home/Road Score 1196.150
Home/Road Score 2194.475
Current NQS:195.488

Lots still to do, but Towson has five meets left (!) in its preposterous schedule this season, and could hang onto the top 36 to make regionals for the first time in more than 20 years.

32. Iowa State Cyclones

Average: 195.388

Road Score 1196.125
Road Score 2196.050
Home/Road Score 1195.500
Home/Road Score 2193.875
Current NQS:195.388

Iowa State competes in a few hours and will move up a ton by dropping that 193, likely going into the top 25 with a good hit.

33. North Carolina Tarheels

Road Score 1195.600
Road Score 2195.250
Home/Road Score 1195.300
Home/Road Score 2195.200
Current NQS:195.338

34. Ball State Cardinals

Road Score 1195.975
Road Score 2195.550
Home/Road Score 1195.275
Home/Road Score 2194.425
Current NQS:195.306

Ball State is in a similar position to Towson with the potential for historic regionals qualification, though the scores look a little more precarious in Ball State’s case.

35. Nebraska Cornhuskers

Road Score 1195.350
Road Score 2195.250
Home/Road Score 1195.200
Home/Road Score 2195.100
Current NQS:195.225

With another low 195, Nebraska remains very much in the weeds and very much not safe.

36. West Virginia Mountaineers

Average: 195.120

Road Score 1195.350
Road Score 2194.775
Home/Road Score 1195.400
Home/Road Score 2195.175
Current NQS:195.175

37. Arizona Wildcats

Average: 194.894

Road Score 1195.650
Road Score 2194.750
Home/Road Score 1195.075
Home/Road Score 2194.875
Current NQS:195.088

Three meets left and three scores still to drop for Arizona to have a realistic shot at regionals.

38. New Hampshire Wildcats

Road Score 1195.300
Road Score 2194.900
Home/Road Score 1195.350
Home/Road Score 2194.375
Current NQS:194.981

39. Temple Owls

Road Score 1194.850
Road Score 2194.825
Home/Road Score 1195.100
Home/Road Score 2194.525
Current NQS:194.825

40. Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Road Score 1195.975
Road Score 2195.225
Home/Road Score 1194.050
Home/Road Score 2194.025
Current NQS:194.819

Watch out for Rutgers if they can keep getting 195s like the last two weeks.

41. Northern Illinois Huskies

Road Score 1194.825
Road Score 2194.800
Home/Road Score 1194.825
Home/Road Score 2194.250
Current NQS:194.675

42. Pittsburgh Panthers

Road Score 1194.050
Road Score 2193.875
Home/Road Score 1195.700
Home/Road Score 2194.525
Current NQS:194.538

43. Southeast Missouri Redhawks

Road Score 1194.425
Road Score 2193.950
Home/Road Score 1195.050
Home/Road Score 2194.275
Current NQS:194.425

44. TWU Pioneers

Road Score 1195.125
Road Score 2194.750
Home/Road Score 1194.050
Home/Road Score 2193.650
Current NQS:194.394

45. Lindenwood Lions

Road Score 1193.900
Road Score 2193.000
Home/Road Score 1195.250
Home/Road Score 2195.000
Current NQS:194.288

46. Illinois State Redbirds

Road Score 1194.900
Road Score 2194.125
Home/Road Score 1194.150
Home/Road Score 2192.075
Current NQS:193.813

46. Washington Huskies

Road Score 1194.125
Road Score 2193.500
Home/Road Score 1194.050
Home/Road Score 2193.575
Current NQS:193.813

48. Air Force Falcons

Road Score 1192.650
Road Score 2192.575
Home/Road Score 1193.350
Home/Road Score 2192.225
Current NQS:192.700

49. Bowling Green Falcons

Road Score 1193.750
Road Score 2190.550
Home/Road Score 1193.250
Home/Road Score 2190.375
Current NQS:191.981

50. Long Island Sharks

Road Score 1188.850
Road Score 2188.075
Home/Road Score 1191.925
Home/Road Score 2190.575
Current NQS:189.856

51. Centenary

Average: 187.825

Road Score 1189.925
Road Score 2188.000
Home/Road Score 1185.725
Home/Road Score 2183.425
Current NQS:186.769

NR. Michigan Wolverines

Road Score 1197.375
Road Score 2
Home/Road Score 1197.650
Home/Road Score 2197.225
Current NQS:N/A

I’m basically keeping this here so that when copying this post for next week’s ranking I don’t have to remake a new section for Michigan. But also, like, reference.

NR. Michigan State Spartans

Road Score 1194.500
Road Score 2
Home/Road Score 1195.775
Home/Road Score 2
Current NQS:N/A

NR. George Washington Colonials

Road Score 1193.600
Road Score 2192.950
Home/Road Score 1
Home/Road Score 2
Current NQS:N/A

NR. San Jose State Spartans

Road Score 1192.625
Road Score 2
Home/Road Score 1
Home/Road Score 2
Current NQS:N/A

NR. William & Mary Tribe

Road Score 1189.450
Road Score 2
Home/Road Score 1
Home/Road Score 2
Current NQS:N/A

NR. Stanford Cardinal

Road Score 1
Road Score 2
Home/Road Score 1133.375
Home/Road Score 2
Current NQS:N/A

29 thoughts on “Week 8 Rankings & NQS Update”

      1. >what happened there (Stanford)?

        Regarding Stanford’s recent 133 team score…Having only recently started working out in the gym, Stanford only had 3 athletes competing on each of 3 rotations, and had a full lineup for just 1 rotation (Vault).

        Even if every one of Stanford’s performing athletes had scored 10.0, their team score would have only been 140.

        Stanford’s opponent San Jose State had similar short practice issues, but they did have full lineups on each event and scored 192.6 as a team.

    1. Their freshmen are such an amazing group, performing better than much more heralded names.

      1. The Santoses are seriously better at developing talent than coaches at a lot of legacy programs

    2. PAC-12 championships evening session is going to be hot this year, any one of Utah, ASU, Cal or even UCLA could take it.
      Go Devils!!!

  1. The State of Utah is quite the NCAA gymnastics powerhouse this year. 3 teams in the Top 15 and 4 teams in the Top 20.

  2. I’m glad ASU and Cal are 197+ teams this season. Parity in the top half of PAC-12 makes that conference much more exciting with 4 contenders.

  3. These rankings are why I can’t wait for Regionals. Traditionally strong teams like UCLA and Oklahoma look good, but a lot of the teams ranked lower have looked stronger and on that given day I think any of the top 20 teams could have an exceptional meet and make it to nationals.

  4. Unless Carly, Olivia, and Ragan are fully back for OU during post-season, Florida is the clear top team. It’s been a long while since there’s been only one favorite for the title. Though Florida hasn’t been my favorite team, I think they thoroughly deserve it this year, especially with the next-level season Trinity and Alyssa are having.

    1. I do not think Florida is further away from the rest this year than OU was the last four years.

      1. LSU was right there with OU in 2017 with their semifinals score being only a bit lower than OU’s Super Six score. And of course UCLA beat them in 2018 despite OU hitting 198 in the Super Six. 2019 maybe, although we didn’t get to see what Florida would have done at Nationals. I think OU’s slim advantage over Florida by March of last year was more due to overscoring than a substantial lead in performances. Like the floor lineup- were all those earlier sets really going to go 9.875-9.9 at Nationals?

  5. I just calculated ISU’s NQS with the 196.375 from today – now 196.0125, good for 23d, between Missouri & Oregon State. (Road to Nationals isn’t updated yet.)

  6. Any updates on Norah Flatley? I’ve been hoping we would see her recovered and ready for competition by around now. Maybe they are saving her for closer to post season? Super impressed by the gymnasts stepping into lineups unexpectedly, still, bears and beam could really use her. I’d love to see a healthy Flatley replace Wright on floor, as Wright doesn’t seem to be able to hit that 9.9 range consistently.

    1. I know this was a typo, but I would love to see Flatley compete on bears too. 😉

      (I make some amazing typos myself and I hate that I can never edit anything on here)

    2. >Any updates on Norah Flatley?

      Norah Flatley made a brief appearance in Marz Frazier’s recent post meet video which you can find on Youtube as “Mini Mic Meet Moments with Marz (2/27/21 vs. OSU)” Flatley said: “I’m here and still alive…I’m on the mend. My ankle is getting better.” [Those comments did not offer anything specific as to return timing, events, etc.]

      1. Teams seem to hide injuries, status, etc., but you can watch video of UCLA’s Norah Flatley suddenly exclaiming:

        “Oh frick, I just broke my hands…I just broke them ahhh! Ahhh!!”

        (See approx 1:51 into the 3/2/21 Youtube video entitled “Mic’d Up – UCLA vs. BYU”)

        No word yet on seriousness, treatment, recovery time, etc. Maybe splints/glue would help?

  7. will she be able to redshirt this year since she missed most of regular season? I want her for a 5th year badly

    1. All NCAA winter sports will get this year as a “free year”. They get another year of eligibility, another year to complete their eligibility, and teams are not restricted to set number of scholarships.
      So any of this year’s student athletes can continue next year. Maggie O’Hara would normally be done, but as a graduate student if she doesn’t finish this May, she can continue next year. The only thing I can see athletes saying no to another year is if they are graduating and ready to move on from college gymnastics. But it also allows seniors to change schools and compete as a graduate student.

      1. And the scholarship cap is waived for next season but not subsequent seasons, right?

        (That’s obviously a separate question from whether individual schools have the budget to carry extra scholarships)

  8. QUESTION: Regarding predictions for the upcoming post-season competitions…

    What would you say is the % chance that at least one of the heavily favored teams suddenly will not be able to (fully) compete in regionals or nationals due to last-minute positive covid testing and/or tracing?

      1. Disagree. LSU has been following protocols in every meet I have seen.
        Multiple teams have not including Missouri (against Arkansas) but the worst mask offenders so far have been Oklahoma.

      2. I haven’t been paying super close attention to LSU masking but I agree that I haven’t noticed anything egregious since their 101 meet.

        I also agree that Oklahoma is bad. I haven’t seen enough teams to say if they are the worst but they are bad. Do better KJ!

        Utah, Cal, UCLA, Arkansas, and the Big 10 teams have been doing well with masking. Two of the Big 10 teams have still had to cancel meets for covid reasons so there isn’t always a connection with the masking and the covid tracing.

  9. Disagree. LSU has been following protocols in every meet I have seen.
    Multiple teams have not including Missouri (against Arkansas) but the worst mask offenders so far have been Oklahoma.

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