Top Scores of Week 8

For the top scores of week 8, it’s the 39 routines that got a 10.000, a 10 from one judge, or a consensus 9.950 from both judges. Deep breath.

The 10.000s

Lexy Ramler – Vault – Minnesota

Trinity Thomas – Bars – Florida

Trinity Thomas – Floor – Florida

The 9.975s

Lexy Ramler – Bars – Minnesota

Lynnzee Brown – Floor – Denver

Cally Nixon – Bars – Kentucky

Ellie Lazzari – Beam – Florida

Leah Clapper – Beam – Florida

Abbey Miner-Alder – Floor – BYU

Maile O’Keefe – Beam – Utah

Sierra Brooks – Vault – Michigan

The 9.950s

Hannah Scharf – Floor – Arizona State

Sanya Glauber – Bars – Maryland

Lexy Ramler – Beam – Minnesota

Kinsey Davis – Bars – Nebraska

Audrey Davis – Vault – Oklahoma (10.000/9.900 split)

Audrey Davis – Bars – Oklahoma (10.000/9.900 split)

Lynnzee Brown – Bars – Denver

Maggie O’Hara – Bars – Arkansas

Kennedy Hambrick – Beam – Arkansas

Lexi Graber – Beam – Alabama (10.000/9.900 split)

Alyona Shchennikova – Vault – LSU

Kiya Johnson – Vault – LSU

Haleigh Bryant – Floor – LSU

Megan Roberts – Vault – Georgia

Rachel Baumann – Floor – Georgia

Savannah Schoenherr – Vault – Florida

Alyssa Baumann – Floor – Florida

Derrian Gobourne – Floor – Auburn (10.000/9.900 split)

Brittney Vitkauskas – Floor – BYU (10.000/9.900 split)

Cristal Isa – Beam – Utah

Abby Paulson – Beam – Utah

Jaedyn Rucker – Floor – Utah

Nia Dennis – Bars – UCLA

Margzetta Frazier – Bars – UCLA

Sierra Brooks – Beam – Michigan

Clair Kaji – Beam – Iowa

Ava Verdeflor – Bars – Penn State

The 9.925s

Emily Glynn – Vault – Denver (10.000/9.850 split)

11 thoughts on “Top Scores of Week 8”

  1. I’m sure everyone here will agree…

    All of these scores were legit (NOT)!

  2. Unpopular opinion:

    Schennikova’s vault > Ramler’s vault

    Both are good, but in terms of whether either should have gotten a ten – Schennikova’s by a mile. Big-10 does get its overscores from time to time, lol.

    1. Totally. Ramler is obviously a dream but her vault gets a little messy at times. Alyona’s vault is actually really really good. Her technique and form on vault are almost perfect and definitely contends for one of the best 1.5s of the season tbh. I actually wouldn’t be that mad if she gets a 10 at some point on vault.
      Also, Alyona’s floor is actually quite good too. Her legs are together on all her tumbling, she hits her leaps, just some moments of flexed feet here and there.

    2. I love Ramler and I have been a big, big critic of Schennikova and the scores she has received this season, but I agree! That vault was great and I actually wouldnโ€™t have been upset if they would have given that one a 10. And it goes to figure that the one time Ramler gets a 10 this season is when I donโ€™t really think she deserved it. I think the judges are just trying to troll us.

  3. Gotta love those 10.00/9.90 splits but a 10.00/9.85 split is truly delicious.

    1. I mean a 1.5 tenth split is okay if it’s 9.25 or 9.1 after a fall, but honestly. There should be a big difference between perfection and 9.85!!

  4. Glauber’s bars were do NOT a 9.95. Who on earth judged it? This is no slight to her and a good bars set, but the deductions are very obvious.

  5. Regionals will be interesting because I wonder if some of these gymnasts who are routinely getting 9.9+ this year will be shocked by normal scoring at regionals.

    . . . Or maybe everyone will get 198 and Nationals will be insane.

    1. Well don’t forget that these regular season meets there are only two judges per event, where as regionals will have four, and nationals six. Most of the time at dual meets only four judges are hired and they judge two events each VT or UB and then switch to BB or FX.

  6. Alyona should have gotten a 10. Iโ€™m fine with Lexy getting a 10 too.

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