Friday Live Blog – March 5, 2021

Friday, March 5
Scores Stream
3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT – Nebraska @ [5] Minnesota LINK BTN+
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – [14] Kentucky @ [18] Georgia LINK SEC+
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – West Virginia @ Pittsburgh LINK ESPN3
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Towson, George Washington @ Temple LINK ESPN+
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Iowa State, Illinois State @ Northern Illinois LINK NIU($)
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – [8] Arkansas @ [12] Auburn LINK SEC+
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – [11] BYU @ [2] Oklahoma LINK FSOK
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – [4] Utah @ [23] Oregon State LINK FREE
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – San Jose State @ Air Force   FREE
8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT – [1] Florida @ [6] Alabama LINK SEC+
8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT – [22] Missouri @ [3] LSU LINK SEC+

We’ve got quite a little meet logjam starting in the 8:00 ET/5:00 PT block, so I asked the twitter which meet I should focus on (in addition to Florida/Alabama, the top-ranked meet of the weekend), and the winner was Arkansas/Auburn in a landslide. So that will be the other stream I have open in a bigger window. This life.

In today’s earlier action, Minnesota went 197.400 and there was some sort of palace coup with Mya Hotten scoring 10.000 on floor even though it was the Ramler/Loper senior day. Ramler got two additional 9.975s to add to her collection, which now stands at 11 career 9.975s. Nebraska also went over 196 in this one, which was a significant development for their ranking, which looks slightly less scary now, though is still going to be in the 30s after this week.

So! Georgia and Kentucky! I’m first of all interested to see if Oakley makes an appearance on senior day after that yikes of a bars fall last week. Also remember that none of the SEC stuff is on actual TV today because of stupid basketball, which is stupid.

Rotation 1

Magee back in the vault lineup today.

De Jong – VT – UGA – lots of ritual arm waving – bounce back on a full, larger bounce than she would have wanted but OK – some piking. 9.800

Davis – Ub – UK – hits jaeger, close catch, bent elboys – bail, some hip angle – rushing through handstands but showing a nanosecond of vertical – nice shape on DLO, stuck. 9.825

Baumann – VT – I thought John called her “Rachel Baumann Junior” for a second, and laughed – good distance, another pretty large bounce back, not a lot of height but lots of distance. 9.825

They said De Jong went 9.875 but the live scores say 9.800, which makes more sense.

Bunn – Ub – UK – blind to jaeger, a bit low, hit – short cast hs – bail, gets to vertical – better final cast hs – DLO, a bit whippy, tries to hold the landing, legs apart. 9.850

Magee – VT – UGA – important to have her Y1.5 back, a fiarly large lunge today, but it’s back, has the nice leg shape, not the most distance. 9.850

The on-screen scores and the live scores are totally different.

Nixon – UB – UK – maloney to bail, good vertical position – short on a couple casts today – FTDT, chest down with a bound forward. 9.850

Ward – VT – UGA – good control on her Tsuk full landing, medium pace back with one foot, pikes down at the end. 9.825

Luksik – UB – UK – a bit short on first hs – nice Ray, good toe point – small arch on next hs – toe on to bail, small hip angle on catch – rushes final cast some, clean DLO, controlled landing. 9.775

Roberts – VT – UGA – basssically? holds the stick again on her Y1.5, holds it semi-long before step-saluting – some knees in the air, not the most height, so a few built-in things to take. 9.950 quite high for that.

Angeny – Ub – UK – blidn to jaeger to overshoot, flexed feet on jaeger – some more solid hs positions – DLO, clean shape, bounce back. 9.825

Hawthorne – VT – UGA – better height on her Y1.5 but a huge bounce forward out of it – large lunge and then additional step to meet it. 9.775

Worley – UB – UK – good first hs – clear hip, a bit late into tkatchev, low but caught – very clean pak – 1/2 turn on low, pretty solid finishing position – FTDT, stuck. 9.900

Scores loose so far. Obviously. Fairly average rotations for both teams but they’ll take the totals.

After 1: Georgia 49.250, Kentucky 49.250

Biggest thing for Georgia there was getting Magee’s 1.5 back, even if she had a large lunge. That will rank as Kentucky’s #3 bars score of the season so far, but a few close catches and some handstands kept it from the score it could have been.

Rotation 2

Worley – VT – yfull, large-ish bounce back – a little flatter and more piking than the Georgia fulls. 9.775

Cashman – Ub – UGA – shortish first hs – tkatchev, hit but low – better next cast – bail, gets to vertical, some leg break in the air – DLO, small step. Did Alicia just call her stalder shoot to high bar a Chinese catch?

If that’s a veiled criticism of Deng Linlin, I won’t hear it, and I won’t respond to it.

Bunn – VT – UK – hits a full, though not her characteristic stick, slide back – legs apart quite far on landing, not a lot of distance. 9.800

Schild – UB – UGA – Ray, kind of close but hit – rushes next hs – toe on to bail, leg break – nice final cast hs – DLO, piking, small hop. 9.850

Magnelli – VT – UK – one of her more controlled landings on handspring pike 1/2, step to the side, chest pretty far down

Alicia in paraphrase: “I competed this vault, and girl….”

Roberts – UB – UGA – maloney to bail, legs together pretty solidly – nice cast hs on high – DLO, small movement. Clean routine. Probable 15.900. 9.925

Patterson – VT – UK – did not get her normal distance on her handspring pike 1/2 – yeooowww she really almost hit her head on that vault – literally her hair brushed the table, lunge back. 9.800 is…really high for almost hitting her head on the vault.

Finnegan – Ub – UGA – short cast hs – good Ray – pak, legs apart, some of these handstands will get her – FTDT, bounce back. 9.850

Angeny – VT – UK – clean full – but again a fairly significant bounce back – nice form. 9.850

Nguyen – UB – UGA – good first hs – pak, clean, legs together well – maloney to gienger, low but caught – handstands best so far – DLO, comes in a bit deep with a bounce out. 9.850

Nixon – VT- UK – pace back on her yfull, also piked down a little at the end to try to find the landing, which is unusual for her. 9.825

Oakley – UB – UGA – short first hs – higgins to piked jaeger, lovely height – some short casts – pretty pak toes, small leg break – FTDT, takes it close but OK, step back. This was a “handstands can suck it” kind of routine, but the rest was strong. 9.825

Georgia goes 49.300 on bars, Kentucky 49.075 on vault.

After 2: Georgia 98.550, Kentucky 98.325

Kentucky will feel a bit fortunate to escape vault with a 49 because that was not a particularly strong vault rotation. Lots of large lunges, and a near head-hit. Georgia free of large mistakes, didn’t really have the handstands but it’s been a day of soft handstand evaluation.

Rotation 3

Magee – BB – UGA – straddle to straddle 1/2, very solid – bhs bhs loso, very precise, lovely toes as always – full turn, fine – 1.5, hop forward. Good work. 9.850

Albores – FX – UK – double tuck, large lunge but keeps front foot down – front lay to front full, under control, slightly soft knees – switch 1/2 to popa, split positions look solid – double pike, slight step. Comfortable opening routine. 9.775

Schild – BB – UGA – pretty handstand split mount – aerial through to bhs bhs, clean aerial, gets a little flexed in the bhs – side aerial, was a little off line, arm wave correction – switch to split is nice – gainer pike, small hop. 9.800

Clarke – FX – UK – front 2/1, lunge to the side but closer to fully around – straddle positions look nice – front lay to front full, a little loose in body position – 1.5, dance out – rudi, under control. 9.775

Nguyen – BB – UGA – bhs loso series, good height – y spin, doesn’t hold it very long but shows y – onodi, smoothly done – beat to split ring jump, very comfortable – 1.5, bounce forward. 9.825

Bunn – FX – UK – solid landing on double pike, some flexed feet – switch 1/2 to wolf 1.5, back leg on switch 1/2 – 1.5 to front pike, controlled – rudi, nearly controlled, little hop to the side. Secure routine, not a lot of amplitude. 9.800

De Jong – BB – UGA – switch to split, pretty split positions – aerial to beat jump, some knees on aerial, good height on beat – bhs loso series, secure – long prep for split 1/2 from side but well done – side aerial to full, small step. Very strong. 9.925

Haigis – FX – UK – rudi to loso, hit, nice loso, some legs in rudi – switch side to popa – double pike, good control, flexed feet – I feel like if Kathy were commentating this meet she would want Haigis to hold a clearer ending position on that routine. 9.875

Baumann – BB – UGA – side aerial to loso, high, slams arms down to avoid a check – comfortable full turn – beat to switch side, small correction – 1.5, high, good stick. 9.950

9.950 with a 10.000/9.900 split. I mean, we all saw the check on the switch side, right?

Georgia is soooo glad they don’t have to drop one of those high home scores this year because it’s saving the ranking.

Angeny – FX – UK – double pike, secure landing – switch side to popa, good elevation on straddles – back 1.5 to layout, just some knees – double tuck, cowboys to pull it around but hit. 9.850

Oakley – BB – UGA – wolf single – gainer bhs bhs loso, love how the loso is the highest of the elements – split to split ring, small squeeze to hold it – gainer full, a bit short with a hop forward. 9.925

Georgia 49.475 on beam

Worley – FX – UK – full in, secure step back, chest up – switch ring to switch side, solid – back 1.5 to layout, good landing again, some legs in the 1.5 – double tuck, keeps front foot down. 9.925

Georgia 49.475 beam, Kentucky 49.225 floor.

After 3: Georgia 148.025, Kentucky 147.550

We’ve nearly hit peak nonsense here. But Georgia still has to go to floor. Time to check in on some of these other meets starting now.


Rotation 1

Hollingsowrth – VT – Auburn – medium bounce back on full, solid distance, not the most height. 9.850. So we’re starting high.

Lovett – Ub – Arkansas – tkatchev, nice height – hit hs – some hip angle in bail catch – a couple short verticals – pretty solid 1/1 finish position to open double tuck, stuck. 9.825

Pi Smith – VT- Auburn – smaller bounce back on her full but also not nearly the distance of Hollingsworth. 9.800

Gianfagna – Ub – Arkansas – shortish first hs – Ray to overshoot, hit, some small leg separations, a little foot flexing – FTDT is nice, small slide back. 9.850

Sabados – VT – Auburn – another medium hop back on her full, in between both Hollingsworth and Smith is distance and amplitude. 9.800

Scalzo – Ub – Arkansas – hits jaeger to overshoot, nice amplitude there – clean cast hs – giant full is late into double tuck. Pretty late on the full but otherwise the best she has done. 9.925. Ok now.

Oklahoma led off vault with Stern – medium lunge forward on Y1.5

Stevens – VT – Auburn – similar to the others, medium hop back, some small piking. 9.850

Shaffer – UB – Arkansas – good first hs – toe on to maloney to bail, great legs together positions, a bit short on bail – nice cast hs positions – DLO, small hop of heels together. Good. 9.900

Watson – VT – Auburn – hits her Y1.5, pulls it around, a bit deep in the squat, hop to the side. 9.900, quite high

Hambrick – UB – Arkansas – shortish first hs – hits piked jaeger to overshoot, very solid – good final cast hs on high – FTDT, sticks it. Great second half, a couple missed verticals at the beginning. 9.925

Gobourne – VT – Auburn – Y1.5, can’t control the landing, very laege lunge forward. 9.875.

Honestly taking only 1 tenth for that bound into the next state is an abdication.

Every meet so far taking place inside a funhouse mirror, as you would expect.

O’Hara – UB – Arkansas – good first hs – blind, a bit late into jaeger, close catch, has to muscle out of it, looks off today – bail, oh and goes over the wrong way and has to recorrect – finishes with a stuck DLO but obviously the drop score.

A casual 49.425 for Arkansas on bars, 49.275 for Auburn on vault.

At OU, Webb hits a solid Y1.5 with a slide-hop forward.

Back at Georgia, everything in the final rotation has been 9.825. Cashman finishes floor with a double tuck, bounce back, pretty large, just does keep it in

Nixon – BB – Kentucky – bhs loso series, solid – switch to split, somewhat tight split position – falls on aerial.

Schoepfer for OU, medium hop forward on tucked y1.5 –

Oregon State went 49.175 on vault, which is a deal for them. Utah just 49.225 on bars, so that one is close.

Georgia meet just reported breaking news that Trinity Thomas was injured in warmups at Alabama. No. Do not accept.

Trautman is back on vault for Oklahoma and pulls around a Y1.5, a bit short, hop back. But there.

Austin had some control issues in her floor for Georgia but no one cared. 9.825

Bunn – BB – UK – bhs loso loso, very solid landing, just some foot form – split, short back leg – 2/1 dismount, good stick. 9.925

Audrey Davis lands a bit short on her Y1.5 for Out, stumble back, will be the drop score –

Oklahoma 49.375 on vault with a full lineup of Y1.5s and couldn’t really have asked for more. Didn’t bring the landings. It’s 49.200 for BYU on bars, so they’re still in it.

Megan Roberts goes 9.900 on floor for a secure pike full in.

Worley – BB – UK – cat leap to switch side, hit – aerial, som eknees but comfortable into bhs loso – 1.5 dismount, holds the stick. 9.900

Rotation 2 in Auburn/Arkansas

Pennese – VT – Arkansas – good pop on full, a little soft in the air and a medium step back – 9.800

Opening fall on a tkatchev for Sumner from Auburn. “Complete this routine with integrity” is some prime gymnastics coach bullshit nothing.

Johnston – VT – Arkansas – nearly sticks her full, but a small step and then an additional step into salute, so won’t be a huge one.

Angeny finishing for Kentucky in a pressure situation. Hits bhs loso loso with some leg form – aerial, solid – beat is nice and high – crooked on straddle 1/4, small check –

Angeny finishes with 9.875. and Kentucky 196.900, a strong score that will help their ranking a lot, but not enough to challenge Arkansas for the evening session.

Olszewski – VT – a very strange vault in that she had an excellent landing on her full but pulled it around despite getting no block, and looks like she hurt her shoulder.

Sabados – Ub – Auburn – just a little close on Ray – bail, gets to vertical in the end but some loose position before catch – good final cast – DLO, whipped, lunge back

Hawthrone finishes for georgia on floor with a nailed double tuck. She goes 9.875 to give Georgia 197.325, a season high.

Shaffer a little deep on landing her Y1/2 this week with a hop forward. But gets 9.850, so there’s truly no consistency in what scores she gets.

Stevens – Ub – Auburn – hit Ray – a bit short on hs, some pike in bail but again gets to vertical – hop back on dismount

Elswick shows strong amplitude on her yfull for Arkansas, bounce back. 9.850

Brusch – Ub – Auburn – toe on to maloney, nice hgith into bail, smell leg break – shortish cast hs – DLO, great height, hop back

Hambrick – VT – Arkansas – anchoring rotation – naillls her Y1.5 today. Very strong. great stick. 9.950. The way scoring has been going a 10 would have been consistent, but there were some knee deductions happening there.

Gobourne hits bars in final spot for Auburn. Was late on a 1/2 turn on low, so shouldn’t be her highest score.

Replay of what happened to Trinity on bars in warmup – peeled off bars on dismount, short landing, ankle cruncher. Out for today’s meet. But it’s not like an Achilles or anything. Phew.

Auburn went 49.300 on bars to Arkansas 49.275 on vault.

Florida/Alabama starting.

Rotation 1

Adams – VT – Alabama – just a yfull, good height, small slide back

Anastasia Webb hit her bars dismount today, step back.

Richards – Ub – UF – maloney, a bit low into bail, short of vertical on catch – solid cast hs on high – DLO, short landing, chest down, step forward, not her strongest. 9.700

Can we talk about the training leo Florida is wearing in this meet?

Olsen – VT – Alabama – short landing on her DTY, chest down, hop forward, again not her best.

Gallentine – UB – UF – small hesitation in first hs and toe on – maloney to pak, solid – 1/2 turn on low, leg separation in piro – DLO, step back. Fine but again not her best. 9.725

Oklahoma was a little blah on bars at the beginning, but Thomas and Davis came through with pretty hits.

Waligora – VT – Alabama – hits a Y1.5, not the highest but fine, pace forward. 9.850

Lazzari – UB – UF – tkatchev, pretty, not the highest – pak, lots of arch but good leg form – 1/2 turn on low, clear position – short cast hs on high – FTDT, shuffle. But better than the first two. 9.825

49.275 for Oklahoma on bars.

Blanco – VT – Alabama – lovely Y1.5 – nailed landing – strong work – great layout shape, possible amplitude deduction. 9.925. Reasonable score. Creating appropriate separation while still noting deductions.

Skaggs – Ub – UF – tkatchev with great counter into pak, nice – 1/2 turn on low, a bit late – DLO, legs apart, great landing. Better. 9.900

Graber – VT – Alabama – huge y1.5, great distance as always, full tenth step forward

Baumann – UB – UF – good first hs – blind to jaeger, lovely toes – hits cast hs – bail, some pike int eh air, gets to vertical – DLO is a nope. Well short, knees down, fall. Will have to count two 9.7s now.

Well, I’ll have to go back and see the Haleigh Bryant vault 10 because LSU’s meet didn’t make the cut this week. Did she stick? if she stuck I don’t mind because the rest is perfect.

Quinn – VT – Alabama – hits a Y1.5, comes in deep on landing with a squat, hop .

Schoenherr – UB – UF – small arch in first hs – 1/2 to jaeger, good height – another small hs arch – bail, solidly hit – very strong final cast hs – double front 1/2 out, small step. 9.925, high for those handstands.

After 1: Alabama 49.300, Florida 49.075

Semi-miraculous that Florida got out fo that weak bars rotation with a score over 49, but this is a stroy now because that was not a great showing and there’s no Trinity.

In the third rotation at Auburn thus far, Auburn has 9.850 from Oldham and 9.750 from Watson on beam. Arkansas has 9.800 from Johnston on floor.

LSU went 49.550 on vault with the Bryant 10 and Johnson 9.950. Missouri just 48.650 on bars, which doesn’t help them.

Hollingsworth – BB – Auburn – up 3rd in the rotation – small check on full turn – bhs back pike, secure – switch to switch 1/2, check, short of position on switch 1/2 – side aerial to full, stuck landing.

Carter – FX – Arkansas – double tuck, solid landing – back 1.5 to front full, nice legs on twists, just a bit deep in landing – switch 1/2 to split full, nice split positions – double pike, another very strong landing.

Rotation 2 starting with Alabama/Florida

Foberg – VT – UF – very strong for her , stuck landing on full, just a little pike and not the most distance

Waligora – UB – Alabama – good first hs – blind to jaeger, can’t control the swing out of it into handstand, has to take an exttra swing and then a short handstand and misses her bail vertical, so that will need to be dropped.

Lazzari – VT – UF – another strong stick on her yfull, not a dynamic vault but lovely layout shape and controlled landing. 9.900

Meredith Sylvia hits a pretty beam for Auburn in spot 4, just a check on sheep jump.

Graber – Ub – Alabama – short hs – caught gienger, leg break on catch – toe on, small hesitation, good toes and vertical on bail – near hold on landing, step salute.

Sarah Shaffer falls on floor for Arkansas in the 4th spot. Also shor ton her dismount.

Skaggs – VT – UF – third stick in a row for Florida – knees just in a bit of a squat – better height and distance than the first two.

Machado – Ub – Alabama – Maloney to pak with some clear leg breaks – VL was better – toe full, late, to double tuck, hop. 9.875 quite high.

Schoenherr – VT – UF – stick streak is broken, but a medium hop forward on her y.15. 9.850

Adams – Ub – Alabama – Maloney to pak, good legs together – quite an arch on pak – Vl is strong – full to double tuck, solid landing. 9.925 there.

Nice DLO from Lovett on floor for Arkansas as usual, control. Stuck double tuck final pass.

Reed – VT – UF – only a small hop forward on her huge Y1.5, good.

Blanco – Ub – Alabama – maloney to pak, perfect form – nice cast hs positions – FTDT, small movement. Excellent. Judges gave themselves no room to rewward it comparatively because it was stronger than Adams 9.925. 9.950

Richards – VT – UF – full, hit – hop up in place, small pike

Doggette – UB – Alabama – a bit short on first hs – great tkatchev to pak, has the amplitude, can’t cast out of it, hesitation on hs and has to recast – short hs on high – DLO is pretty, step forward. That will have to count.

Stevens finishes up beam for Auburn with a hit, a couple checks –

Alabama gets away with 9.750 for Doggette for a 49.325.

Hambrick – FX – Arkansas – anchor position – double tuck, controls step back – rudi to back lay to double stag, under control – switch 1/2 to popa, nice straddle position – double pike, solid. She has mastered taking an actually large step back but keeping the front foot down to show control. She’s following 9.950 from Lovett.

Auburn went 49.325 on beam, Arkansas 49.450 on floor.

After 3: Arkansas 148.150, Auburn 147.900

BYU had a long SV discussion on judging for Rieder on floor who got 9.650, but the rest have been 9.875s so far. Oklahoma getting big numbers on beam even before Webb goes.

Webb – BB – Oklahoma – good full turn – bhs loso series, strong, under control – cat leap to aerial, hit – switch to switch, good split positions, perhaps small hesitation on landing – side aerial to full, small slide back.

Rotation 3 from Alabama and Florida

Klopfer – BB – Alabama – solid wolf turn – aerial to bhs, pretty quick – straddle jump 1/2, control – cat leap pretty low into a solid side aerial – 1.5, hop to the side. 9.875

Annnnd they just gave Webb a beam 10. Again, was I the only one who saw that not stuck dismount?

49.625 OU on beam.

Skaggs – FX – UF – rudi to split jump, some travel back on split jump – split leap 1.5 to split jump 1/2, good 180s – 1.5 to layout, some legs apart in 1.5, good height and position on layout

Waligora – BB – Alabama – bhs loso series, secure landing – side aerial, secure landing – split jump to tuck jump full, lean correction, bend to the side – 1.5 dismount, short, step back. 9.825

Lazzari – FX – UF – double pike, bounce back – 1.5 to layout to stag, very high stag, a little soft in layout – wonderful split positions – double pike, hit. 9.900

Final rotation starting with Arkansas/Auburn. Gianfagna hits loso loso on beam for Arkansas. Front tuck, deep but hit. Stuck landing.

Adams – BB – Alabama – split leap to aerial, nice – falls on bhs loso series.

Johnson-Scharf – FX – UF – well we haven’t seen you in a while – hit double arabian, shows pretty solid control – 1.5 to layout, quite short on layout, tucks it and saves it with a lunge back – double tuck, hit. 9.850 is a lot for that middle pass.

Lovett with a pretty routine in the second spot for Arkansas. Aerial and loso were ideal. Side aerial to stuck full.

Graber – BB – Alabama – bhs lay-pike, solid – switch to straddle 3/4, arm wave – cat leap to kickover to scale, strong – gainer full, does a silly billy salute present to pretend like her chest wasn’t super low on the stick.

Richards – FX – UF – a little short on DLO landing, hop – short split positions – 1.5 to layout, a little too bouncy in dance out – double tuck, secure but chest down

Doggette – BB – Alabama – bhs loso series, hit securely, some bent legs – switch 1/2 to beat, not quite there on switch position – side aerial to full, comes off a little crooked but found the landing

Elswick had a large check on beam in the first spot for Arkansas, bend at the waist, but got away with 9.750.

Reed – FX – UF – DLO, nice control on landing – front lay to rudi, nice height, a little steppy on landing – got a bit out of control on wolf jump full landing, not the precision on landing – double pike, nailed landing. 9.950 why not.

Blanco – BB – Alabama – aerial, pretty work – full turn, slightly overturned – bhs loso loso, hit, small shiver on landing – switch to beat, hit positions – 2/1, stuck landing. Very nice. Just some small hesitations.

We have a final: Utah 197.575 (season high) to Oregon State 196.425, withstanding another low bars score. Maile O’Keefe beam 9.975

Baumann – FX – UF – double tuck, controls the step – back 1.5 to front full, solid, got a bit loose int eh second element, not bad – switch 1/2 to popa, the best popa – double pike, chest a bit forward.

9.975. Oh, uh, no.

Carter is up 5th on beam for Arkansas, another large check, bend at the hips on her loso series – stag ring, another check – aerial to sissone is nice – full turn, hesitation – side aerial to full, stuck.

Arkansas is ahving a really checky beam rotation but has gotten away with 9.750, 9.750, 9.825 on the checky routines.

Delay on the floor score for Stevens for Auburn, it’s 9.700, which will have to count.

Watson – FX – Auburn – up 5th – double pike, control, chest down – switch side to popa, a little under rotated, good positions – back 1.5 to layout, hit – double tuck, again solid landing, just some position

Florida took the lead over Alabama by half a tenth in the third rotation.

Hambrick – BB – Arkansas – bhs loso, solid landing – switch to switch 1/2, small check, some foot positions – beat to straddle 3/4, another arm wave check – gainer full, stuck.

Karrie Thomas doing floor for Oklahoma – doubel tuck, solid landing, chest forward – double pike, nice, keeps foot control – switch to split leap 1.5, cheats the 1.5 split position – good control on final pass –

Gobourne – FX – Auburn – open double tuck, nailed – front full to front lay, very strong, under control – double pike, nearly shows full control, steps a little early. Better than some of her huge scores so far this season, really good. 9.975 there.

Final rotation for Florida/Alabama

Richards opens beam for Florida with a hit, just a couple small hesitations. 9.875

Mitchell – FX – Alabama – double pike, bounce back – switch, somewhat short back leg – wolf jump full to wolf 1.5, wrenches around that 1.5 – front tuck through to double tuck, lands in full squat, exact sphere shape. 9.750

Skaggs – BB – UF – switch to split, nice positions – bhs loso, secure, maybe some feet, minor – aerial, strong – hits switch side – side aerial to full, chest a bit forward, holds the stick. Good. 9.925

Webb goes 9.875 on floor to end Oklahoma with a huge 197.800. Byu 196.900.

Arkansas ended with 197.425 road score to beat Auburn’s 197.125. Big result for Arkansas.

Gaskins – FX – DLO – hit, step back but keeps it in bounds – y spin to wolf jump, I like that combo, though kind of unclear about intended turning ending – switch to switch 1/2, good – front tuck through to double tuck, very short, lunge forward. 9.750

Florida outperforming Alabama through first two routines.

Lazzari – BB – UF – bhs loso loso, lovely position, small adjustment – switch to split, nailed positions – side aerial to full, hop back. 9.900

Olsen – FX – Alabama – double double tucked, very short, knee nearly down but not, lunge forward – switch, splits, not quite there on split – front tuck throught o double tuck, solid, 9.675

Baumann – BB – UF – bhs loso series, smooth work – switch to split, good – aerial, very strong – switch 1/2, hit position, some feet – 1.5 dismount, shortish, step back. 9.850 is weirdly low-normal?

Klopfer – FX – Alabama – has been a weak rotation so far – double tuck, secure landing – slightly out of control on leap combo – back 1.5 to layout, secure, soft knees – double pike, hit, chest a bit down. better but still not a huge routine. Or it was. Whatever. 9.900.

Clapper – BB – UF – bhs loso loso series, small check, some leg form – switch to split, solid – side aerial to full, hop back. 9.850

Blanco – FX – Alabama – double pike, nice and high, bounce back – switch ring to switch 1/2, lovely – double tuck, better control, chest forward – struggles on 1/2 to layout, soft form nearly to the point of tucking, low. 9.900

Schoenherr – BB – UF – she does a beam? – aerial to beat jump, hit, nice – bhs loso, secure landing – full turn, solid – split jump to split 3/4, secure, some feet – 1.5 dismount, hop forward. Well, that was a perfectly solid and lineup ready routine.

Florida finishes 197.425, which will be a drop score because of the bad bars, but the other events were strong.

Graber – FX – Alabama – huge full in, out of control on lunge back, not hugely out of control – front tuck through to double pike, better control

Lexi Graber goes 9.975. Someone gave that a senior night 10. Absolutely didn’t have the control on that first pass to warrant the score.

FINAL: Florida 197.425, Alabama 197.225

LSU has one routine left on floor, about to get a billion point billion, and it will be Kiya Johnson returning to the lineup.

Schreiber went 9.975 on beam to give Missouri 49.425 there

Johnson – FX – LSU – full in, hits it, slide back (or as they called it for Lexi Graber, a stick) – 1.5 to layout – switch 1/2 to popa, maybe a bit short on switch 1/2 – double pike, stuck landing. Nice finish. Nearly fully back there.

That beam score will snatch Missouri a 196.150 total.

Kiya Johnson gets a 10.000 despite that first pass. You guys.

LSU 197.875 final.

Because the important thing is not that this is a competitive sport but that the person right in front of me right now feels the glow of unwarranted rainbows.

Control on tumbling passes: OPTIONAL

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    1. Apparently Jay pulled Reagan from the beam line up not because of injury but indicated that others were performing better than her in her post meet interview on tiger tv. Said it was one of most difficult decisions he had to make in his coaching career to pull her on senior night but that if he didn’t follow the metrics that he is uses to determine who should go they would be meaningless. Guess she must have been off in practice and she hasn’t been performing that well in meets. Hope this will light a fire under her to get better for rest of season but know a lot may be down to injuries. Feel kind of bad for her as she is great but just not been doing her best so far this season. Really hope she can figure it out and end on a high even if they water down her routine

      1. Lol Elena why didn’t you credit the person who actually wrote this instead of commenting as if you wrote it ? I thought I had read this before and I realise so had in the recruiting thread.

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