Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 9

This week...

We learned you can bounce to Mars on a full-in and still get a 10

All of Illinois straight-up forgot how to walk after vault

Michigan went 198 for the first time and this is what we got to see of it

55 routines went 9.950+ and I was like

Time to disappear!

Because that is some mathematical violence

We heard that Trinity Thomas injured her ankle in warmups

But TFW when you find out she’ll still be able to get 9.975s at nationals

Overshoot to superhero landing is a C dismount

Cal got the highest bars score there’s ever been

Reached 198, and then immediately went all second-semester senior

Spin moves are very in

Everyone was like, “Wasn’t this preseason sooooo hard?”

And Stanford was like, “Our training beam was leaves.”

But did go 49 on floor

But is also considering going back to the leaves

11 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 9”

  1. Oh god. I couldn’t stop laughing. Especially at that very calculated premeditated MATHEMATICAL VIOLENCE 😂
    Seeing this is probably the best part of my day. Tysm!

  2. Oh thank you! I truly laughed out loud through the whole thing. “Our training beam was leaves.” Priceless.

  3. California, double full -in (tuck); who’s holding her back by her costume as she runs❓😐

  4. Exhibits A, B and C why men don’t do beam. I suppose we could wear cups, but we’d have to do a quicko presto wardrobe change before rotating to the next apparatus or do rings with obscene bulges.

    1. There is no wearable protective gear that makes even us ladies ok with splitting the beam. It is horrible.

  5. Jesus those are some awful beam falls. It’s ok to sit this one out, Stanford.

  6. Scoring is outrageous this season. Even the routines with beam-splits and falls shown in these gifs were scored 9.975. 😉

  7. Michigan posted its routines on its Twitter and Facebook and I vote for that meet as the most legit-scored of the weekend.

    1. Michigan did a fantastic job. Their bar routines were gorgeous. They hit every single handstand and stuck every single landing. Definitely worth checking out on Twitter.

      1. I would love to see them nail every routine and stick the landing to upset Florida and Oklahoma to take their first National title. They have had several opportunities that they just missed out on the NCAA championships. Balance Beam has always caused them to lose out on the Team title. In 1995 they should have beaten Utah even with the beam errors. In 1997 they were leading at the halfway point by a large margin but gave it all back on BB and then struggled on FX, they were in a tie with UCLA going into the final rotation.
        In 1999 they could have upset Georgia but again had mistake on BB. In 2000 mistakes on beam left them in 6th.

        They have the ability to win the whole thing this year if they can be consistent and hit beam.

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