Top Scores of Week 9

This week, so many routines got a consensus 9.950 or a 10.000 from at least one judge (56!) that the post has having too much trouble loading all those videos. So for week 9, it’s just the casual 26 routines that got a 10 from at least one judge.

The 10.000s

Mya Hooten – Floor – Minnesota

Anastasia Webb – Beam – Oklahoma – Friday (Highlights)

Haleigh Bryant – Vault – LSU

Kiya Johnson – Floor – LSU

Emi Watterson – Bars – Cal

Anastasia Webb – Vault – Oklahoma – Sunday

Evy Schoepfer – Vault – Oklahoma – Sunday

The 9.975s

Lexy Ramler – Bars – Minnesota

Lexy Ramler – Beam – Minnesota

Derrian Gobourne – Floor – Auburn

Maile O’Keefe – Beam – Utah

Lexi Graber – Floor – Alabama

Alyssa Baumann – Floor – Florida

Sienna Schreiber – Beam – Missouri

Andi Li – Bars – Cal

Maya Bordas – Bars – Cal

Emerson Hurst – Beam – Towson

Natalie Wojcik – Bars – Michigan


Anastasia Webb – Bars – Oklahoma – Sunday (Partial)

Lynnzee Brown – Bars – Denver

Rylie Mundell – Beam – Denver

Lynnzee Brown – Floor – Denver

The 9.950s (10.000/9.900 split)

Rachel Baumann – Beam – Georgia

Nina Schank – Bars – Cal

Lynnzee Brown – Vault – Denver

The 9.925s (10.000/9.850 split)

Kennedy Hambrick – Floor – Arkansas

20 thoughts on “Top Scores of Week 9”

  1. How on earth was Webb’s vault a 10! I know people talked about it over the weekend, but was never able to see it. She essentially under rotated, and that shouldn’t be higher than 9.9 (given the larger deductions *normally* taken for backward steps than forward on 1.5s)

    1. I think it had a lot to do with TWU and Centenary College completely being atrocious on vault earlier in the meet. The judges were just in a giving mood after seeing something relatively competent.

    2. As the other person said, OU ended on vault after the judges has been giving decent scores to some poor vaults so in comparison, they had to start very high for OU.

      Worth noting – while it is completely obvious she slides back from this view, there was a clip from the side view and the slide back is pretty subtle. So while still not a 10, it looks more like a 9.95 vault being given a 10 than a 9.9 vault being given a 10. So still wrong but just less egregious.

      1. It’s ridiculous how much, in general, a team’s scores are influenced by who they happen to be sharing the floor with.

    3. Evy’s wasn’t a 10.0 either, her feet were completely apart on the landing with one a whole step ahead she had to bring the right leg back to the left leg to salute.
      Oklahoma is #1 team on VT is complete rubbish. I can’t wait until Nationals and they are up against Michigan, LSU, Florida, and Minnesota. LSU is the best VT team in the country right now followed by Florida, and then Michigan. Oklahoma is at best 4th but Minnesota is right with them.

      1. Be careful what you wish for, as we’ve seen multiple times what a peaking Oklahoma can do on vault during the final round of Nationals.

    4. Trinity Thomas has had 4 or 5 vaults this year clearly superior to that Webb vault, still no 10 for Trinity on the event though.

  2. How does a 9.85/10 split happen????! Hambrick’s floor might lack Kiya Johnson’s difficulty but it looked very clean to me and I don’t know what deductions were taken on the tumbling?

    1. I wondered if 9.85 judge was not feeling the walkout of the double stag jump.

      1. Big lunge out of the first pass is borderline, travel and arm wave on second pass could be taken, feet on leaps could be taken. The problem with NCAA is they aren’t taken consistently

      2. Regardless, not a deduction and certainly doesn’t bring score to a 9.85.

  3. I really wish they would do robberies of the week. Both Alani Sabado and Abby Poulson barely scrapped 9.7 on bars. I have watched both routines several times and compared to other routines of the week they should have been at least 9.8 if not higher. Cammie Hall gets hammered with a.15 deduction for a step on a 10 value vault. Utah really has had harsher judging than OK, LSU, GA, FLA, UCLA, and quite a few others. They are lucky to have held a top 5 ranking. I really wish there was an oversite committee that could monitor the judges for patterns of crazy over scoring. There are some gymnasts that the 10 is ready to post before the routine begins – the boosts are becoming outrageous. I hope post season is a little more even and fair

    1. Utah is quite bad on bars compared to other top teams. That’s why their scores are low there.

      And they have definitely been overscored on beam (10.0 with a check, 9.95 with built ins) and vault (Burch getting 9.975s with huge leg sep in pre-flight). Don’t get me wrong, I like this Utah team and I think this is the best they have looked in a while. But let’s not act like they don’t get their share of BS scores.

    2. Lauren Guerin not going at least 9.95 on FX is a robbery considering what passes for 9.95 elsewhere.

  4. The 9.85/10 split is my favorite!!

    Maybe this is the year where the judges just want to give everyone a medal (i.e. 10) for showing up? Because pandemic?

    Also, Utah is terrible on bars but, according to some of Spencer’s live blogs, scores have generally been lower in the Pac12 overall as compared to other meets. I know there are a couple over scores here and there but, generally, not a whole meet. Of course, this was broken badly by the day drinkers at the Cal/UCLA meet.

    1. It could have been the “reset” year instead. Boo. Who even wants their 10 to be at a meet with no crowd?

  5. if Lynzee Brown got a 9.975 on bars…then kiya johnson should routinely get one in her leadoff spot (but no to her 10 on floor this time – though, i honestly thought it was one of Haleigh’s better ones so an average of 9.975 across the two of them, I could live with)

  6. 1) Webb’s beam and vaults weren’t stuck and based on that logic. And whoever said that “Utah is quite bad on bars compared to other teams” what???? They aren’t bad at all. Need to work on sticking their dismounts though.

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