Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 10

It’s been a long year, and we need a little lie-down

Because we’re all hitting a wall

Except Marz, who is more than ever

The rest of us are melting into a soft ooze


So I fully support running away from beam

And also bars

Russia’s like, “That’s adorbs, but let me show you how bars disaster is done”

And NCAA gym’s like, “Akshwually, we invented terror”

And Russia’s like, “Cool, call me when a damn snow leopard gives you the ‘tude”

Our only hope at this is point is a Tabitha Yim energy rejuvenation

Or just cancan yourself back onto the beam

And then turn it over to the children, who have the sense to save us all

I’ve truly never felt more seen

Anyway, you can take the boy out of the Reese’s International Gymnastics Cup, but you can’t take the Reese’s International Gymnastics Cup out of the boy

22 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Week 10”

  1. Great .gif post as always by The Balance Beam Situation!

    Here are some alternative captions/comments:

    Re: “It’s been a long year, and we need a little lie-down ”
    Caption: NCAA judges were still going to score her vault as a 9.975, but then they reduced it down to 9.95 when she rolled completely off the mat.

    Re: ” And NCAA gym’s like, “Akshwually, we invented terror” ”
    Caption: Even the cardboard cutout fan photos in the stands are wincing.
    (p.s. What’s that too-late spotter doing…Covering the body?)

    Re: “Our only hope at this is point is a Tabitha Yim energy rejuvenation”
    Caption: Tabitha Yim said ‘See ya, I’m flying back to Arizona!’

  2. Wth is Marz doing ….?

    And who was the poor girl who double tucked onto the bar?! I hope she is OK!

      1. Marz was every bit this much all the way back in high school. It’s possible for more than one teammate to have a personality of their own.

      2. How is Marz trying to be Nia? That is literally Marz’s choreo from her previous floor routines.. She is a wonderful performer and so is Nia, but they are very different. You clearly don’t follow UCLA gymnastics

      3. Marz is trying to be like Nia, but no elaboration.
        Typical Anon responses.

        That was Marz’ choreography from her Freshman FX routine as someone already stated.

        Marz had the same personality when elite. Here is her FX from a World Cup. She sticks the dismount and fist pumps before she ends her routine.

      4. That is literally choreo from her Paris is Burning routine she performed in 2019. She’s paying tribute to drag. But go off…

    1. It’s a Pride meet and Marz’s into walk/dance is like that performed at Balls. It’s an important part of Drag history and culture. Watch Paris is Burning. It’s an incredible film about a culture that was at a horrifying risk of dying out because of the awful response to the AIDs epidemic as well as violence against gay men and trans women.

      1. Ohhhh. Okay. That makes …… a lot more sense now. Lol. Thanks for the explanation!

    2. Marz did a Paris is Burning routine previously. Drag is a big part of the lgbtqia+ community and I love that she continues to pay tribute to it.

  3. marz’s intro walk is hilarious. And no, this was always her personality, she doesn’t want or need to be Nia calm down

    1. I don’t know if “hilarious” is the right word, but it certainly is something…

      1. It’s a culturally significant walk/dance for the community they are celebrating

      2. She literally performed that choreo in her 2019 Paris is Burning routine. Drag is a huge part of the lgbtqia+ community.

    2. That’s straight from Paris is Burning which she paid homage to in her 2019 routine. Drag is an important part of the lgbtqia+ community.

  4. Wow! First, Marz has been a personality for YEARS! This is exactly who she is. Also, we should be celebrating who each person is…that is the point of the pride meet to start with. There CAN be two outgoing personalities on a team…there doesn’t have to just be one “star”. That’s ridiculous. And there most definitely can be more than 1 strong, outgoing, energetic, outspoken Black woman on a team.
    Also, her intro has cultural significance and is appropriate for tribute at the Pride Meet so please educate yourself on that…it’s not “hilarious”

    1. The microaggressions and subtle racism goes beyond coaches and teammates but also branches out into the fans. This is just another example of racism.

      There is an elderly woman on the Facebook NCAA gymnastics group that stated that UCLA is awful this year because they are too into being “woke activists” to practice enough and she is happy they are performing poorly because they are siding with BLM, which is a terrorist group.

      The same woman posted that Nia Dennis calling her FX routine “Black Excellence” is racist. She said it’s not fair Nia can do this because if a white gymnast performed to a “White Excellence” floor routine they would be condemned, even though there are excellent white musicians.

      1. @ Davina. I think you are completely right on the racism/microaggressions aspect. The Facebook poster is just plain racist.

        However, I think there is an additional layer to the Marz comments here which is not related to racism, or at least not for me. There is a not so fine line between entertaining and obnoxious, and I feel like a few of the UCLA gymnasts (across the race spectrum) are / have been more in the latter category than in the former. Do they have a right to be obnoxious if they so choose? Certainly. Can fans express their views? I’d hope so. Marz’s walk, here, didn’t bother me because I immediately knew what she was doing, but, to be completely honest, finishing a beam routine and doing a death drop after saluting is a questionable choice. I’m sure when she looks back on it in a few years she’ll cringe, and that’s also fine because these are still very young people.

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