US Classic Session 2 – Live Blog

Let’s do this thing. Welcome to The Simone Vault Show: featuring some other girl, probably named Lisa or something.

The first session was a little…roughety rough, which is to be expected at Classic, but we’ll see whether that continues for the second session, which is a bit deeper with top athletes than the first group was.

In the first rotation, the Skinner/DiCello group is on vault, the Lee/Hurd/Lee group is on bars, the Simone/Chiles group is on beam, and the GAGE/Arizona group is on floor.

Hurd is scratching bars we hear, so she wouldn’t compete in the first rotation, but Sunisa’s bars and the status of McCusker’s floor will be key routines there. NEVER MIND Riley is off the list for floor.

Confirmed that Jade will not do vault/floor, which was reflected on the original start list draft even though she did spend some time on all four in PT.

Updates: Sunisa Lee will not do VT/FX.

The only new person to get her qualifying score from the first session was Ava Siegfeldt. McCallum and Blakely also got the score but were already qualified.

OK here we go.

We’re going to start by talking about Ciena Alipio.

Just kidding it’s Simone’s vault.

Rotation 1

Skinner – VT – opens with Cheng – really solid, medium hop back, chest was pretty high up, piking, twisting form, not too bad.


Skinner – VT 2 – goes with Amanar – hits it, gets it around – larger lunge forward, slightly cross over.

Wong – UB – L turn double, around for credit – pulls around her double double but hops OOB with both feet – popa is pretty – whip to 3/1, small hop back, chest slightly forward – L hop full, I like that she actually does that one like you’re supposed to, with the leg clearly above horizontal – switch ring – 2.5 to front full, good control, takes it right into the corner but no OOB – double pike, deep, hop back. Got through it. First pass deductions will hurt.

Sorry had to GIF that shot of Simone yawning, obviously.

Anyway, we’ve seen two whole routines!!!111!!

13.550 for Wong on floor.

S Lee – UB – Nabieva to Bhardwaj – tries to connect it to the Maloney this time but falls, peels off and improvises a freont tuck. Oh well. Nabieva had a bit of a clear straddle this time as well. Resumes with Maloney to Gienger, lovely – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger to pak to VL, super clean – giant full – FTDT, hop to the side. Very pretty once she resumed after the fall.

For Suni, falling here isn’t super significant.

Biles – BB – wolf triple, very nice – sounds like rat loudly died in the background – aerial to split to straddle – ight on split, short of position but very secure – bhs loso loso right on – switch to switch 1/2 to back, very well connected – side aerial, solid – straddle 1/2 from side to split 1/2 from side, a little slow in combination – FTDT dismount with a large lunge back. Very good.

Aleah Finnegan went 13.300 for a floor we didn’t see. DiCello 14.350 for her DTY.

SIMONE TAPE JOB CLOSEUP. Didn’t want to see DiCello’s vault or Eaker’s floor so that’s fine.

13.500 for Suni on bars.


14.850 for Simone’s beam.

Chiles – BB – side aerial to loso to loso, very solid, some foot form – aerial, small hestiation before straddle to bhs, so possible no connection – side somi, little wobble – switch to switch 1/2, secure – straddle 1/2 from side, good height – sissone, back leg low into wolf jump – does the full in dismount and lands it, chest well down and lunge forward but a successful hit.

Maybe seeing Simone’s tape instead of Kara’s floor was for the best. 12.550 for Eaker on floor.

Chiles went 14.050 on beam, second-best score on beam of the day.

Just a 12.450 for German’s beam.

Simone interview, prerecorded so there’s not another “let’s just casually ask her about assault” moment. Discussing that she has a platform and can tear USAG a new one as needed.

Suni’s score lowered to 13.500 from 13.900. Original D score was 6.4, lowered to 6.0. I’ll have to go back and see what happened there.

Rotation 2

Riley moved to Arizona. Nothing prompted it! It was normal things! This is fine!

McCusker – VT – weird old landing on her DTY, looks like she hurt herself, which sucks because it looked really nice in the air. Now she’s mid-cry. Did a weird like “I burned my foot” jump up with her left foot. Now getting it looked at.

Still gets 14.400 because she successfully Strugged it.

Finnegan – VT – nice Y1.5 – very clean, medium hop forward, good distance. 9.850 away, 9.900 at home.

Hurd – BB – tuck full, holds it, little hesitation – side aerial to loso, tentative, large leg-up break – aerial to split jump to split ring jump, pretty positions – switch to straddle, again hits positions crisply – switch ring, leg-up wobble – double pike, a bit deep, hop back. Some big breaks, a nervy routine, but through it.

Biles – FX – triple double to start, hops back and one foot goes OOB, too comfortable for her – Biles I to stag, hit, better than PT – swithc full to choreographed little fall-to-earth butt slam – doubel wolf is fine – front full through to full in, nailed landing. switch to split leap 1.5, around – double double is wayyy short and falls.

Tim pretending like this has never happened before. It happens sometimes at the first meet of the series.

Hurd 13.200 on beam with a 7.6 E score. Followed a 13.700 for Emily Lee, which we didn’t see but was kind of a significant routine for her. She wanted a bigger number.

S Lee – BB – attempts triple wolf and can’t bring it around and falls – aerial to split to bhs, nice – switch ring, hesitation into pretty split leap – switch to switch 1/2 to split ring jump, nice ring position there – of course the individual skills are gorgeous – side aerial to loso to loso is no problem – bhs bhs and adds back a dismount, 2/1.

So…not a great day for Suni.

14.250 for Simone floor, top score on floor by a ton.

Chiles – FX – wolf triple attempt, I would credit double though, not quite around – follows with wolf double – DLO 1/1, very good, small slide back – DLO, also well under control, very small movement – switch to split leap 1.5, looks like she just did wrench it around – front 2/1 to front full, solid, just a little short – split leap full, flexed feet – doubel pike, hop back. Great tumbling, We’ll see about some dance credit.

Update that McCusker has withdrawn from the rest of the meet.

Looks like Leanne Wong hit a DTY for 14.200. She was struggling in p[odium training.

Big 14.600 for DiCello on bars that we didn’t see.

13.950 on floor for Chiles, #2 score of the day on that event as well.

DiCello is in 2nd, Chiles 3rd among the people in this session.

We’ve entered the MyKayla Skinner’s Shock Therapy portion of the broadcast.

18 floor routines have happened while we’re watching MyKayla do the jiggles.


DiCello – UB – stalder full to stalder shaposh to tkatchev, a bit ragged but hit – piked jaeger, nice – shortish cst hs – Church, good height – pak to van leeuwen, keeps legs together well – FTDT, hop forward.

Skinner – UB – Weiler 1/2 to maloney to tkatchev, looked like she hit her foot on tkatchev but kept going – Ricna to Pak, hit – van leeuwen with crazy legs, hit – clear hip full is very late with a large straddle – does pull out the Fabrichnova and it’s solid.

So I mean it was Skinner’s bars. She got through it. Has the difficulty, ragged form, all of this “She’s really improved her bars form” isn’t really…true? At least for elite. Her college routine got a lot cleaner, but not the elite difficulty elements.

13.400 is REALLY HIGH for that.

So two rotations are done I guess? Skinner moves ahead of Chiles for 2nd among the session 2 people.

Rotation 3

Simone’s vault warmup time. Probably her best landing of the five we’ve seen so far.

OK now the competition version of the Simone vault. Hits it, probably the weakest landing of the six she’s done so far, which is probably predictable, but obviously very strong. Bounce back and another extra rebound.

Tim and Nastia are using a lot of “everybody was doubting” straw men that…didn’t really exist?

6.6/9.500 for 16.100. The 9.500 is too high of course because she incurred more than that just with landing deductions. But you know.

Chiles – VT – elects not to do the 2.5, DTY is fabbb. 2.5 didn’t look ready in PT, so that makes sense.

Hurd – FX – Is doing FX today, we weren’t sure – DLO, pretty nice, small hop back – full in, nailed landing, chest just a bit down – double y spin, around – switch 1/2 – front lay to front full, a little more ragged, hop forward – switch ring, lovely – split leap full, solidly around – split jump full – double pike, feeeeelling it on that one but does pull it around, a little deep.

That’s a better progress point for her than I anticipated on floor here, though gets just 12.900.

14.950 for Chiles DTY. Great day for her so far.

Eaker – UB – Church is hit, no connection – pak, clean – shap1 /2 – short hs into clear hip – clear ghip full – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger, nice – DLO, hit, hop back. Clean individual elements so a solid showing for her on bars, but very few connections. 13.750 is strong for her, though bars scoring has been quite loose today.

Carey – UB – see, explaining Jade’s spot wasn’t so hard! – Chruch, hit – short cast hs – 1/2 turn to Yezhova, pretty clean – maloney to bhardwaj, quite clean on the bhardwaj – van leeuwen – clear hip to giant full, verrry late there – FTDT, hop to the side. Good for her. The handstands are tight, but she really has improved a lot here. 13.800

DiCello – BB – candle mount, nice – wolf triple, very shaky and has to grab the beam, which will not be deducted as much as it should because ugh – side aerial to switch to split, nice – aerial, small check before straddle jump – bhs loso loso, right to the end of the beam but secure – switch 1/2, well short of split but solidly landed – straddle 1/2 from side, solid position but a check – bhs bhs double tuck, chest down, hop forward. Will probably still score pretty well. 13.300 and 7.5 E score.

Wong – UB – stalder to toe full, pretty into maloney to pak, small leg break into toe on – stalder Shap 1/2, legs apart there – stalder 1/2 to jaeger, takes it too far and falls – was pretty at teh beginning but started to get off on her toe on after her Pak – finishes with a clean DLO and a stick-salute.

Her score is two “hmms” and an “oh boy”

Skinner – BB – candle mount, a little past vertical but holds it – bhs tuck full and off the beam, off line out of the bhs – side aerial, small check before split and straddle – switch to switch 1/2 to back tuck, pretty quick in connection – straddle 1/2 from side was tight but hit – straight jump 1/1 from side went well – L turn, pause wobble, doesn’t connect to full turn – double tuck is strong.

Meanwhile Emily Lee went 13.800 on floor that we didn’t see. I guess she wasn’t in TIM’S TWELVE.

Just 11.900 for Wong on bars.

Chiles comfortably ahead of DiCello now in the race for second from this session. Slash the whole thing.

Boy this meet has felt long. Probably because we’ve seen about six routines. NBC can even take a meet where Simone debuts a Yurchenko double pike and make it feel like a slog.

Rotation 4

Chiles – UB – piked jaeger, hit – toe full is verrrry late, broken combo – tkatchev, hit – piked tkatchev to pak, great height and clean – maloney to gienger, nice – FTDT, hop back. A broken connection early but solid individual skills except that wacky toe full.

Eaker – BB – switch mount, pretty, small pause befroe switch side, well done – y spin, good – aerial to split ring jump, check – side aerial to a single loso, hits it, check – sissone to split leap to side somi is strong, good rhythm – switch to switch 1/2, good positions, breaks combo before Korbut – switch ring at the end now, risking no credit – round off bhs 2.5, small hop. 14.100 with an 8.2 E score. That 8.2 E score is the same panel that went 6.2 for Memmel. That panel hasn’t showed for everyone.

Didn’t get several of her connections but good work overall.

14.150 on bars for Chiles. Anotehr 57 day for Chiles.

DiCello – FX – double double, landed comfortably, bounce back – DLO, again secure, small slide, just some chest down – wolf triple, around – wolf double, overturns by about a quarter turn – 1.5 to front full, small hop, some knees – switch ring to split leap full – double tuck, chest down, hop forward. 13.850

Tim still thinks grabbing the beam on a wolf turn is a point off. NOPE.

Carey – BB – full turn, tightlish but fine – aerial to split to straddle, comfortable – bhs loso loso, larger leg-up break but much improved extension there – switch to switch 1/2 with a check – split leap, back leg low – side aerial, secure – switch side, check – split jump 1/2 from side, still some feet – double tuck, lunge back. Good. 12.750

DiCello done with 56.1

Skinner – split leap 1.5, around? goes for the Moors and hits it but looks like both feet OOB on it – double double tuck, secure – wolf double, pulled around, credit – full in, very comfortable – L hop full, better leg up position – front tuck through to 2.5, doesn’t quite get the 2.5 around and has to take a bit lunge to the side.

Wong – BB – switch to straddle, gorgeous – side aerial to loso, secure – L turn, very good horizontal – switch ring, hit but credit risk as to whether the back leg was to shoulder height – aerial, smooth to split ring jump, same – wolf jump full with a wobble – split leap to side somi to jump 1/2 from side, loverly – tries the 3/1, does pull it around, just a littel under and soem crucnhed position.

It’s a shame that she’s not really peaking right now because her strengths would fit the Olympic team well.

The idea of Leanne Wong is so appearing for the Olympic team, but she’s not there right now.

12.900 for Skinner on floor. 7.300 E score. Her scores have been all over the place today in terms of whether they look high or low.

Biles – UB – Weiler 1/2 to maloney, leg break into tkatchev, hit – toe full goes super crazy and she’s off. A two fall day for Simone. toe full repeatrs into piked tkatchev to pak, hit – Shap 1/2, some legs, hit – doubel double tuck dismount is very strong, hop back.

Two falls and it doesn’t matter at all.

Wong went 14.450 on beam. Good one for her, better than Eaker, #2 beam score on the day.

Simone still goes 13.200 on bars (bars scores loose all day).

Finishes 58.400 with two falls.

Biles – 58.400
Chiles – 57.100
DiCello – 56.100

Big deal that Chiles went 57 for the second time this year. DiCello also looked strong. Good progress point for McCallum in the first session. They’re the ones who will be happy with today.

Aleah Finnegan ended up in 5th with a 54.150, which is a solid deal for her.

Wong had some probblemmms but also a really nice beam result. GAGE, what are we going to do about you.

Lee did not have a strong day, but I don’t think that matter too much for her, yet. Hurd’s scores weren’t too high, but based on podium training and injury, she exceed expectations on floor.

The Rily McCusker injury is a real problem.

If you’re asking me today, Biles, Chiles, DiCello, Lee. Ask me again tomorrow.

GymCastic cocktail hour for members coming up in 30-45 after media is finished.

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  1. I think Tim said Riley wasn’t going to do floor during the warm up but I could be wrong


    1. Nastia has no business doing commentary for NBC. All she says is “this was a beautiful…something…. with a small form break.” Miss Elfi’s yikes and another-step-on-the-landing’s. Not great but at least she had a personallity..


      1. Liukin’s not as stupid as what she plays on NBC and I’m not sure why she trots out the dumb blonde crap. Surely she realizes we all know she’s smarter than Dim? Anything on earth is better than Hellfi’s pure bitchitude.

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  2. Skinner’s Cheng was the best I think I’ve seen from her. Love to see her improving her execution this far in the game.


    1. way way under scored. Would be a 9.1 or 9.2 E internationally. Should have easily been above 15.


    2. Yes. If only something could be done about her bars and half of her beam. I actually like Skinner (waiting for troll onslaught) and wish she could fix her bars at least to a Raisman level.

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    1. No. I’m on Flo, and it’s rubbish. Is this Flo’s fault, or NBC’s? They’ve shown more of Biles’ taping job (which is extensive) than actual routines, and the “commercial break” (which is just a wide-shot of the arena) lasted for most of the first rotation. I’ve seen THREE routines. What a pile of crap.


  3. simone: i didn’t want usag to be able to brush the abuse scandal under the rug
    nbc: refuses to clarify what she was referring to

    they also completely glossed over laurie & riley’s experiences during session 1. all this stuff doesn’t need to be rehashed during commentary, but it should be clearly stated when talking about why riley moved gyms or simone’s interview with hoda.

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      1. NBC streaming coverage of the Olympics shows every single routine from all countries. I really liked it in previous Olympics. I also watch diving and swimming and they show everything for those events too.

        The prime time coverage shows the US and a couple others only. I suspect it will be the Simone show in Tokyo and the prime time coverage will include a one hour special on how she tapes her ankles.

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      2. NBC: every routine, guaranteed. Tim, is that you spewing bs? Or perhaps Nastia.. Love to see your bars at 2012 trials. A routine for posterity.


      3. The 5:16 comment discusses two different things: NBC’s live online streaming Olympic coverage, and NBC’s prime time Olympic coverage. The every routine comment was about the online streaming, which did have individual event streams that showed every routine in Rio. Their prime time coverage is horrible, but the streaming is actually good and comprehensive.

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  4. This is really awful… I wish I had started timing the amount of actual gymnastics shown vs all of the other garbage.


  5. I never want to get sick of seeing Simone and NBC is trying real hard.

    Like I get NBC wants to show her as much as possible bc non gymnastics fan will watch it FOR her… but you are abandoning the actual fans. Like, she’s on the team. There’s 3 other spots and another nonnominative spot…And so many good gymnasts! Pull people in with Simone and keep them for the drama of the rest of the team. That’s a great story too! Don’t just show Simone standing around the entire time with no other gymnasts.

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  6. Everyone saying OMG RIley doing Chusos, and Silivas on floor, how amazing! It clearly wasnt the way to go for her!


    1. Your comment made me think. sigh. I hoped she could do huge floor tricks–would have made her sooooo much more MARKETABLE for olympics…….


  7. Tim, Simone falls at a domestic competition at least once a season. Please stop saying “Ypu do not see that happen.”

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    1. Oh, we’ll see that happen at the Olympics for sure. Too bad there’s no one to challenge her on beam at the moment. Love Simone’s vault and floor but her flat-footed beam is really unwatchable.


      1. Wow. Wrong on every point. A) Biles is no more flatfooted than 95 percent of the amurriKKKan team and most other gymnasts B) at least two Chinese gymnasts and probably more could easily beat Biles on beam if they hit everything and she had even two wobbles. C) Who are you, fucking Kat Kerr with a crystal ball? LMAO!


      1. Seriously! I actually don’t hate the stoplight in principle from an accessibility standpoint, but my word, why didn’t they do it from final score the whole time?!

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    1. So difficult to tell after a while, as we watched Biles taping for at least 15 or 20…I think I slept through most of it.


  8. Is anyone else looking at these E scores compared to Chellsie’s and seeing something less than consistency or fairness? 🤔


    1. Nope! I know the Chell Yeah cult had delusionals of grandeur. But its delicious when reality sets in. No judge cares 9 years 2 kids storylines!


      1. ‘Delusionals of grandeur?’ You’re so freaking stupid you can’t even Google a CLICHE to get it right? What a troll!


    1. If it makes you feel better, NBC Sports Network is going away at the end of the year. I mean NBC will still likely cover gymnastics, but ESPN has made a strong push for women’s coverage recently. They may try to go after the rights whenever they are up for negotiation again.


  9. what was with the mat in Morgan’s floor routine? It sat there the whole time, but her tumbling passes were landed beyond it.


  10. Omg. Skinner..bars.. and y’all yap about how we Europeans look down on American gymnastics. Give me a break, Skinner is disgusting. Go back to your healthy Christian college (aka fat) girl gymnastics and spare us your embarrasment. Not ever going to happen for you girl unless you lose a few kilos (or pounds or whatever you call them).. Disgusting form and disgusting personality to go with.


      1. Agreed. I dislike Skinner so much that people have accused me have being a hater, but a) no one should ever fat shame a gymnast and b) Skinner is in amazing shape. I would never criticize her conditioning.

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    1. No European ever said “y’all”, troll. Get back under your bridge, and take your antediluvian, body-shaming self-hatred with you.

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      1. God, nobody here gets sarcasm apparently, The crowd here must be 15 year old or below.. Yes, we Europeans say y‘all sarcastically to make fun of you gun-loving Texans. But this is so not the point. All I’m saying is that Skinner and Chile‘s gymnastics is disgusting. That‘s all.


    2. The only disgusting personality I’ve seen today is yours. Her bar routine was janky as all get but personal attacks gymnasts and any comment on their bodies are not welcome on the gymternet. I hope you find some healing for whatever is driving this vitriol.


      1. Thank you! Agreed 100% from someone who does not remotely like Skinner or her gymnastics.


    3. There is literally no need to go after someone in such a nasty, negative, demeaning way. You can dislike her gymnastics, and US gymnastics in general if you want, but you don’t need to degrade someone. And doing it behind a screen doesn’t say much for you either. I’m sorry that you’re so angry in your life that you feel like you need to attack someone else. I hope you get some love.

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    4. Uh, BITCH, PLEASE. No you do not ever say ‘ya’ll’ or ‘yawl’ even in jest and yes you are a fucked up body-shaming cunt with nothing funny or redeeming about you in any way. KthxBAI!!!!!!!!!!


    5. Skinner fat? Do you need your eyes checked? She is the tiniest thing ever. And if you’re the one sitting behind the computer calling college gymnasts fat, I’m guessing you’re the insecure one weighing 200 lbs or something.


    1. Why? You were all praising her coaches, her increased difficulty in tumbling, and now that it comes back to haunt it, its I hope her season isnt over. Maybe you should have told that to Mr Carey who thought Riley was Jade and could handle chusos. and silivas, and then BOOM an injury on another event from the wear and tear.


      1. I mean, Riley’s been doing the DTY since long before she went to AZ. It’s possible that her increased tumbling difficulty was a factor, but it’s also possible that she just had a bad landing. That happens all the time.

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      2. Or maybe even more accidents actually happen in women’s gymnastics with a CoP so screwed that one has to do impossible tricks in order to make a team at all. Whatever Jade’s psycho daddy-o’s flaws may be, McCusker was trying to make herself a serious candidate. Wow you’re stupid.


      3. A DTY isn’t exactly “an impossible trick” or an effect of the new code. It was standard by the end of the 10 era, and as plenty others have pointed out, Riley’s been doing it for years.

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      4. Mary, sweetums, DO try to keep up. It’s the Chuso and Silivas which have possibly caused Riley’s injury, not the DTY she’s done for a short lifetime. I’m *well* aware of the fact that ‘Unified Team’ (LOL!) gymnasts did good DTYs thirty years ago. Thanks ever so.


      5. The Chuso and the Silivas–both of which only one female gymnast in the world could even do at all for several years, and which remained the province of a small group of the most brilliant tumblers until well into the 2010s–as opposed to the DTY which was done by many gymnasts even by 2000. The Chuso is quite rare even today and the Silivas, though quite a bit more common in the past seven or eight years, is hardly an easy vault. The DTY has been a sine qua non for leading teams’ gymnasts at least since the Beijing Olympics. Thanks for playing. You lose…


  11. 1) These women collectively look exhausted; Simone looks bored.
    2) NBC has already put Jordan Chiles on the Olympic team
    3) Morgan’s new floor is one of the best I’ve seen in years.
    4) I need Riley to be OK.
    5) Very interested to see which gymnasts get more attention at Championships – my vote is on Kayla DiCello

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    1. Kayla – I dont see the fuss.
      Morgans – floor ending was fierce. The rest of the routine… meh
      Riley – You should have told that to Jades dad to stop trying to turn her into Jade on floor which played a part in her injury Im sure on vault.
      Chiles – Has come a long way. Dont hate. All your other favs are falling all over the place. Hi Suni.


      1. DiCello–Yep.
        Hurd–give her a break.
        McCusker–Ever cross your mind it might have been HER idea? Yes, Carey’s daddy-o is psychotic, but….
        Chiles–Still hate. Hideous, now with new fake polish LOL!


    2. Does anyone else think Tom should have been fired a long time ago? Without Simone, the US would be lucky to finish on podium. Today was a mess in general.


      1. Well, it’s not like the international level of gymnastics is all that high at the moment. Besides, the American girls always “bring it” at the big meets regardless of talent. I mean, Raisman won more medals than Komova…


      2. @Anonymous 4:29 AM Yep, and that was because Vika never could bring it to the big meets. Loved her, thought she absolutely should have won AA in London; she handed it to Gabby on a silver platter. Judges loved Vika, particularly Young Vika; she couldn’t get it up under pressure, unfortunately. And if you want to start on people being gifted handfuls of medals because of name and reputation, I have Aliya on line one…


    1. Morgi dont care she is embarrassed to rep America at the games, she’s over it she dont care.


    2. They don’t. They’re just sending her a message of how overrated she is. Especially after her surgery. The 2019 American Cup was her peak, she’s been on a downward spiral ever since. Not making the team for sure.


      1. I assume you mean the 2020 American Cup? Morgan wasn’t at the 2019 American Cup, maybe get your facts straight, troll.

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  12. Why do all of the GAGE girls look unprepared and like they are really struggling? It’s sad to see since they were strong before.


    1. It is bizarre and sad to see so much regression from a group of talented gymnasts. Particularly on vault, where Aleah and Kara have downgraded and Leanne is scoring super low for a hit vault.

      Kara scoring 53 for a hit meet makes me very sad. She is better than that.


      1. Totally disagree on overrated nothing Eaker, who’s *never ever* been better than that. Wong, yes. that’s depressing. Hoped she’d make the team. Very very unlikely now.


  13. I love how at the beginning Spencer describes Suni’s bars as a “key routine” but after her fall describes it as “not super significant” 😂 pick one!


    1. Spencer and Jessica have no clue about gymnastics. Their contrived positivity really gets on my nerve. Pick a lane already, there’s good and bad gymnastics. Embrace the truth if you want to be taken seriuosly.


      1. Who’s Elaine (sorry, couldn’t resist the Friends reference)

        Agreed re Jessica. Spencer does know gymnastics but has made some surprising mistakes lately.


      2. Nope. Jessica is the moronic no-talent nothing of ALL time (even worse then Lauren Hopkins…) Spencer, on the other hand, is extremely intelligent and has just had a bad patch lately.


      3. Um, you do realize you are reading HIS blog, right? So a) why if this is how you feel and b) what incredibly poor taste to make that comment here.

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    2. Yeah its time for Suni to start hitting. All these excuses for her. Hope she can remain healthy


      1. Suni hit at Winter Cup and American Classic. This is the first time this year she didn’t hit.


      2. @Anonymous 10:10 PM Along with the insane Chiles fangirling, the new trend of Lee hate astonishes me. Lee is a multiple Worlds individual medalist on more than one event and has by far the best record in real meets until now. She challenged for an AA medal at the last Worlds.


    1. Same here. She is clearly working her ass off and is mentally determined to hit every time. All she has to do is maintain this for the rest of the season and I think she’s got herself a spot in the Olympics.

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      1. @Anonymous 8:20 PM For those of us with eyes, she looked reasonably okay at the WOGA meet–nothing more. 😀


      2. No not instant Olympian… people were saying that if she KEEPS hitting then she will be an Olympian. That would be four strong hits in a row and she’d be the only gymnast this season to pull it off, IF she is able to.

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      3. Slight hyperbole on my part, but nothing compared to the Chiles fangirling when she has the least impressive track record of any leading contender for the Tokyo team. That is one huge *if* in ‘if she keeps hitting’; the meets she’s hit so far were easy, without most of the leading competitors, and unimportant to team selection. We’ll see.


    1. Her beam work is really nice. I just wish they’d take those ring skills out, cuz she never hits them properly and it absolutely tanks her score. It’s frustrating to watch such a good gymnast get consistently screwed over by her own routine construction.

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      1. They removed at least one and I believe two. I agree, still not enough. They also reconstructed the routine; it’s now mediocre in terms of scoring potential as compared to the deduction death trap it was before. Sigh.


  14. Not only do I feel Jordan Chiles is way ahead in the non-Simone team race, we may be looking at the next AA silver medalist (especially depending on that Amanar and Suni’s vault and floor)!


    1. Chiles is absolutely knocking it out of the park. I really want her to be able to keep this consistency up because she’s been trying for 3 years to make teams and has always come up short mostly due to her inconsistency. That DTY is too good not to be an Amanar at some point…


    2. Hello? REALITY CHECK? Listunova and Melka (overskored though they invariably are), MDJDS, Iordache–for starters!–are all more polished and more presentable to international judges–and far better KNOWN.


      1. Much like it happened with Skinner and Raisman, everyone yelling about international judges here is gonna be disappointed if Chiles gets to the international stage. She won’t score worse. Americans don’t (anymore…?)


      2. Um, no. Not at all. Even Raisman, the best tumbler and strongest of the three you mention, got screwed out of a floor medal at 2010 worlds and should have won at least silver on floor in 2011 worlds. Skinner was screwed out of bronze at 2014 worlds (in favor of yet another gift for the egregious Mustafina). They were (and are) far better known to international judges, which advantage is not debatable in terms of scoring. Chiles has been to Jesolo and Pac Rims and one or two World Cup events–that’s it. While it may be true that body line, presentation, and toepoint have declined generally to the point where flexed feet and separated legs like Chiles’ are no longer penalized as they should be, you will not see Russian or Chinese gymnasts with those kinds of form problems. Neither will you see a relative unknown like Chiles being overscored at the Olympics.


      3. Iordache is polished now? Wow. I like the woman and respect everything she has achieved, but ‘polished’ is not how I would describe her gymnastics. I actually find her to be pretty sloppy. Just because she moves fast and confidently does not make her ‘polished’.


      4. She’s more polished than Chiles (nearly anything is!) At least she can point her toes and get her legs together sometimes. The point is that Chiles is an international nobody just now, and international judges already know and like all the gymnasts I mentioned; those judges are ready and in fact expecting to give high scores to those gymnasts, while they would look at Chiles and say, wow, bargain basement Biles in every way. And they would be correct.


  15. Real risky of Skinner to be throwing both the DD layout and DD tuck given that her DDL is never properly laid out. She’s always squeaked out credit thus far, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if one day she got Eaker-at-worlds’ed and completely lost her D score.

    Oh the comedy of it if it were to happen…


      1. For a moment when I saw her low floor score I thought it had happened!

        Alas it had not, but good to see that the execution judges were doing their jobs.


    1. I wish she’d take out the Moors and just go with 3 passes. Her tucked double double and full-in are excellent and with the extra energy she could do her punch front into triple which is she is also excellent at. The Moors is at least 0.6 in deductions each time when you count the legs, landing, and OOB deductions each time. Or just put in a double layout which I’m sure she could do very well.


  16. Dang, was hoping Simone would finish this one out strong. But she’ll be back at Champs and will no doubt be better still. I just love her.


    1. This is the place to fall; this meet doesn’t matter even to gymnasts on the bubble for the team and could not matter less to Biles. We want her at her brilliant peak in Tokyo, not now or here. I know, one doesn’t want anyone to fall, but this is definitely the place to get it out of the way 😀


  17. Jordan is quickly becoming lock number two.

    The olympics not happening in 2020 may end up being bad news for Morgan, but she does look further along than I expected. She’ll need to be bringing full difficulty to Nationals

    Suni had a pretty bad day. Bars was probably a fluke, but her beam hasn’t been the most consistent, she’s gonna need to rev up quickly as well.

    Dicello is a officially on the bubble for me now.

    McCallum is there too. She was way over scored this meet though.

    Why does it seem like judges give her gift, but hammer Morgan? Hmmm.


    1. Suni is starting to scare me too. This is pretty much her final “whatever” meet before she absolutely has to hit every time. However, her potential and history with her bars alone is enough for her to be squarely in the conversation. Like I’ve said before, DiCello is absolutely in the mix purely for her consistency and her top 3/4 AA scores. She’s another Kyla Ross in terms of what she can offer the team.

      I could see the team being Biles, Chiles, Sunisa Lee, and DiCello. There are really no weaknesses on any event with this team.

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  18. So nice that GAGE still does pretty gymnastics. There isn’t a ton of it out there anymore.


    1. There’s hardly any of it. Witness the fangirling bullshit over Chiles, who’s possibly even uglier than Wendy freaking BRUCE was.


  19. The dance in the floor routines for the girls they showed was the worst. Some had moments, but most were so bad. Nothing from them at all. And dont give me those scripted Morgan oohs and ah looks were her actually feeling the music. Please.


    1. I agree. I was especially surprised by Simone who usually adds at least a little flair in her choreography. Her music and dance were shockingly underwhelming. Hurd as usual had the best choreography hands-down.


    2. But Tommy F claims that the American girls don’t get all the artistry points because of body type prejudice!! Must be the case, obviously. they all have such great choreo!!!


  20. Suni is one of my favorites, but she needs to start hitting. :/
    Jordan just needs to keep it up for a spot on this team.
    Leanne is so lovely to watch on beam, I wish she could get consistent!
    Morgan has also always been a fave, but I just don’t have that much confidence she’ll be back strong enough for nationals/trials, and her scores never seem to be as strong as others with similar performances.

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