Leotard Ads from the 80s

Now, with my DEEP OVERALLS, I feel more confident.
I want a leo that makes me say, “Where’d that puddle come from?”
Every Christmastime I think, what if this candy cane had sleeves?
Caution tape makes the occasion. Leg Up Linda thinks this is what sex is.
Do the butterflies need to be flying directly out of my crotch?
“The Outer Limits of Quality” does not mean what you think it means.
Hey we drew some dicks on the bottom of your leo. Glad that’s what you wanted.
Straight from East Germany’s finest fashion houses comes…YELLOW!
Just three chill buds naturally enjoying their high white belts
It was theater camp’s worst summer yet
Their impending abduction is for the best
The Red Band Trailer is OUT
So functional, you can mime cutting a steak!
It’s called misdirection. Point AWAY from the striped boobs.
Brenda farted. Cherie can tell.
Green Gretchen, stand in the corner and think about why you didn’t get a hoop
Cool girls wear a scrunchie on their elbow with two flowers in it.
Middle Janie has NO IDEA there’s a flower coming out of her butt.
Comfort, style, and ease meet in this bloody windsock
Let’s give three arrows to my Down Below Problem
Same, Chrissie. Same.
Ooooh, I just love how inside out it feels!
The Estelle’s Tea Cozy Collection was a big seller
Carla, it’s terminal
One of those classic all purpose dance-class-to-1740s-Vampire-Wife-Auction looks
Who says you can’t be a court jester AND patriotic?
Bottom Right Bobbi was NOT invited
You have the zipper. You have the hazmat bodice. There’s only one thing left to do: Touch butts.

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