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The Gym Quiz – September 17, 2021

Because nothing says “relaxing Friday” like a quiz. Right?

A little general knowledge, a couple deep cuts, almost an ounce of fun.

You can skip the entering-personal-info part if you want, but you have to put something in (fake, obviously) if you want to appear on the leaderboard at the bottom.

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The Leaderboard

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Leotard Ads from the 80s

Now, with my DEEP OVERALLS, I feel more confident.
I want a leo that makes me say, “Where’d that puddle come from?”
Every Christmastime I think, what if this candy cane had sleeves?
Caution tape makes the occasion. Leg Up Linda thinks this is what sex is.
Do the butterflies need to be flying directly out of my crotch?
“The Outer Limits of Quality” does not mean what you think it means.
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Things Are Happening – September 7, 2021

A. Russian worlds teams

Today, Valentina stood atop a bell tower and yelled the names of the worlds team members. It appears some degree of sanity has prevailed with Dalaloyan (as well as Nagornyy and Belyavskiy) not in fact attempting to compete at worlds next month. Only Poliashov from the men’s Olympic squad will be competing, while Melnikova and Urazova from the women’s squad will be there.

Urazova is not slated to do the all-around and will compete only select events along with Yana Vorona. I assume you’d give Vorona a chance to do beam, while you’d want Urazova on bars. The other team members, Melnikova and Maria Minaeva, will go on all four, presenting another excellent chance for an all-around medal and possible victory for Melnikova here.

B. “Please don’t sue us about the Olympics, here you can go to worlds”

Only Becky Downie, Georgia-Mae Fenton, Taeja James, and Ruby Stacey competed at the British worlds trials, while Claudia Fragapane was in action winning the floor title at Koper. A number of competitions are taken into account for selection, so the Olympians didn’t have to compete here, though Kinsella has ruled herself out with an ankle injury and Amelie Morgan is at Utah.

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What Happened At the World Cup? Koper Day 2 Recap

Men’s Vault

The men’s vault final successfully fulfilled the prophecy, with half the competitors staying upright and half of them, well…we’ll always have Paris.

The two world-final-level vaulters rose to the top here, with Andrei Medvedev taking gold and Courtney Tulloch taking silver, each showing two 5.6 vaults. Medvedev’s landings proved a little stronger, particularly on his handspring front double pike with only a minimal hop back. Tulloch successfully completed a Dragulescu and Tsuk double pike but was pretty deeply crunched in his double pike landing and wasn’t going to get the execution scores to match Medvedev.

Canada’s Felix Dolci came through with a bronze, completing a solid Kas 2/1 for 5.6 D, a vault that will help his quest to emerge as Canada’s new top all-arounder. He did land a bit lock legged on his double front second vault, but it was fine. The only other real hitter in the final was one half of Romania’s only hope for continuing to have a men’s gymnastics program, Gabriel Burtanete, who performed well, but with two 5.2 vaults, didn’t have the difficulty to get into the medals.

Meanwhile, what you’re really here for with the men’s vault final: Ondrej Kalny squirted sideways on an underrotated Kas 2/1 and slid into the gutter, Riley Loos’s attempt to become the Holy Grail—a US men’s team member with an actual 5.6 vault—hit a literal stumbling block on a handspring 2.5, and William Emard directly connected a handspring double front to butt bounce.

My favorite part is how he still tries to show control on the landing after the butt bounce. Gotta minimize those deductions.

Balance Beam

Hit for the win! As is our only expectation for beam finals at a world challenge cup, staying on the apparatus was the standard for winning a medal in this final as, unfortunately, the majority of competitors suddenly found themselves performing inside the concept of ennui. These things can happen.

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