Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs — Week 1

2022 got started like

And everyone was on High Alert Lookout for meet cancellations

But then Michigan went all “I woke up like this”

And Suni kicked off her college career

Still, everyone else was feeling a little

And that was even before Morgan Hurd had ACL surgery

Meanwhile, the floor was a mud trick

So feet became fully optional

Georgia opened the season a little…

And Greg Marsden went on Twitter like

So then Suzanne Yoculan went on Facebook like

And we were all like

Oh look, Oklahoma got back-to-back 10s on vault

In a proper stag jump, one should also be doing the antlers

While a proper college salute is done mid-hug, after Sarah reminds you

And really, who’s to say it wasn’t choreography

Also, Nellie Kim is going to start judging NCAA

4 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs — Week 1”

  1. Can someone please explain the Suzanne Yoculan response to me in detail? I saw Greg Maraden’s Twitter post, and I am dying to know what Suze did on Facebook.

    1. To quote CollegeGymNews – “But for fairness I’ll award an unofficial “Won Facebook for the Week” award for Suzanne Yoculan, who wasted no time calling Greg a dickhead. Her phrasing, not mine.”

  2. Has anyone else noticed how many gymnasts have forgotten to salute at the end of a routine in these first 2 weeks?!? It’s been like at least 1 in every major meet I’ve watched lol. Just a shame some get away with it and some don’t. Oh that judging consistency!

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