Top Scores of Week 1

The 10.000s

Katherine Levasseur – Vault – Oklahoma

Allie Stern – Vault – Oklahoma

The 9.975s

Alyssa Baumann – Floor – Florida

Lynnzee Brown – Floor – Denver

The 9.950s

Natalie Wojcik – Bars – Michigan

Natalie Wojcik – Beam – Michigan

Gabby Wilson – Floor – Michigan

Trinity Thomas – Vault – Florida

Sloane Blakely – Beam – Florida

Leah Clapper – Beam – Florida

Megan Skaggs – Floor – Florida

Nya Reed – Floor – Florida

Drew Watson – Vault – Auburn

Alyona Shchennikova – Bars – LSU

Audrey Davis – Bars – Oklahoma

Carly Woodard – Beam – Oklahoma (10.000/9.900 split)

The 9.925s

Mati Waligora – Beam – Alabama (10.000/9.850 split)

7 thoughts on “Top Scores of Week 1”

  1. Some really great routines in the first week of the season!
    I wouldn’t have minded a 10 for Lynzee, I wonder what the one judge took? Split position maybe?
    Alyssa’s routine is also really lovely and I like the more dramatic choice in music, but I can’t get over the stone-cold look on her face during all her floor routines. A little engagement (and I don’t mean smiling!) would add so much to her great execution!

    1. I completely agree. I have always enjoyed Alyssa, but that routine is all posing and no expression. Plus, a 2 pass routine with a double pike doesn’t warrant a 10.

      1. Actually, according to the rules, a two-pass routine with a double pike CAN start from a 10. And there are no up to level deductions that can be taken. Blame the code writers, not the judges.

      2. @Janna Lynn My point is NOT the start value. We all know it starts from a 10. It doesn’t warrant that score whatsoever, which one judge gave her. No choreography or expression at all.

    1. I now realize that it wasn’t mentioned because one of the scores wasn’t a 10… But still…. 😂

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