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In the early action today, Illinois and Rutgers certainly were not hit with the crumblies that befell many teams yesterday, both putting up season highs with Illinois on 196.575 and Rutgers on 196.375. That Rutgers score is their second best of all time and nearly set a program record.

Meanwhile, Oregon State and Denver should be a solid back-and-forth considering Denver’s 197.2 last weekend compared to Oregon State’s 196.850 with a miss. And with some of the flatter scores for top teams yesterday, UCLA has a shot to move up/solidify its position with a repeat of last weekend. They’ll be looking for 197.775 to catch Florida.

I still don’t see a scores link for UCLA/Washington as of now, so if it stays that way, I’ll do my best to keep this updated with all the scores from the TV broadcast once that one starts. We’re just starting intros at Oregon St.

McMillan and Dagen in the bars lineup today for Oregon St, so we’ll see how things shake out there. They both competed bars in week 1 but not last week.

Lynnzee Brown is adding back vault today.

Rotation 1

Garcia – VT – Oregon St – hits a yfull, medium bounce back, laid out position, solid. 9.775

We’ll see how much other teams we’re getting today…

Young – VT – Oregon St – bigger yfull than Garcia, also some bounce back – small leg break in the air, small pike down at the end. 9.825

Ruiz started bars for Denver with 9.825. Thompson followed with 9.800.

Letzsch – VT – Oregon St – some direction on her yfull, good tight body position, but gets off line and has the bounce back. 9.850, and one just went 9.900, so that judge definitely didn’t take for direction.

Gonzales – VT – Oregon St – ro full on back pike, chest forward today with a step. 9.750

Casali 9.850 on bars.

Dagen – VT – Oregon St – nearly nailed her Y1.5, but comes in a little short with a step back, some knees. So probably a tenth for the step, a tenth for short, and a half tenth for knees? 9.775

Carey – VT – Oregon St – landing looked better than last weekend from this angle. Scoots her heels together, not a ton of movement back, less than last time. Can take for leg separation on the block, knees in the air if you want. They don’t. 9.975 today.

Oregon State at 49.200 on vault.

One judge had that vault rotation at 49.350 and one judge had it at 49.050. So glad they were both watching the same meet.

Mundell finishes up Denver’s bars rotation with a secure landing on her double lay. She goes 9.925 to take Denver to 49.325, which will be the lead after one rotation.

Marcus – BB – Brown – bhs loso series, some knee on bhs, secure landing – punch front, we only see her feet but it looked hit? – beat to split jump 3/4, well under split, not a lot of movement on landing though – 1.5 dismount, large lunge forward. 9.675

Gilman – FX – Sac St – double pike, bounce back – aerial shot of the middle of the floor during her pass was a choice – split leap full to popa, around, some loose foot position – front lay to front full, a little under but works it out for a forward step – double tuck, well short but survives it, head down, lunge forward. 9.650

Contello – BB – Brown – bhs loso, wobble, bend at waist – split straddle 1/4, pretty solid – switch to split jump 3/4, another fun closeup of her feet – aerial, good amplitude, step back to save it – full turn – gainer pike, bound forward. 9.650

Koeth finishing floor for Sac State, 1.5 to layout, low lay, has to tuck it over some to get it around.

Brown is done on 48.075 and Sac State is done on 48.425 for the first rotation.

After 1:
Denver – 49.325
Oregon St – 49.200
Sac St – 48.425
Brown – 48.075

I’m interested to see how the bars rotation goes for Oregon State today, but this is a pretty rough broadcast with mainly just Oregon State routines, so I’ll probably completely switch over to UCLA/Washington when that one starts.

Rotation 2

Beeman – UB – Oregon St – blind to jaeger, looked like some elbows on batch – leg break down to low bar – stalder to double tuck, stuck landing – some elbow bending and legs apart moments throughout here but nothing too major. 9.800

Dagen – UB – Oregon St – good first hs – tkatchev, hit – bail, legs together – short hs on high – toe on to giant full to double tuck, secure landing. A couple hip angles, clean hit. 9.850 with one 9.900

Weaver – UB – Oregon St – shorter first hs – giant full to gienger and falls, good amplitude and leg position in the air, couldn’t get her hand over – resumes with bail, angle – giant full, good vertical into double tuck, holds the landing. 9.050

McMillan – UB – Oregon St – toe on to maloney, small leg great, connects to bail, good legs together – solid hs on high – DLO, some legs apart and pike, step back. She was expected to be a thing for Oregon State on bars and you can see the makings of a late-lineup routine here. 9.825

Briones – UB – Oregon St – shorter first hs – higgins is somewhat late into jaeger, hit, a bit close – hits her pak – DLO, chest forward and a bounce. 9.775

We check in on Davis from Brown on floor, double pike, chest forward, step.

Carey – UB – Oregon St – maloney to bhardwaj, hit, solid legs together – van leeuwen, good – FTDT, bounce back. Solid, some feet moments and the hop back on dismount. We see 9.900 from one judge. And it’s 9.925

Haven’t gotten the last couple scores on each event, but we’re on beam waiting on Mundell now. No, we’re back to the Oregon State bars exhibitions. Should be a bars rotation over 49 this week for OSU. Yes, 49.175. Big improvement there.

Seeing a little of Mundell on beam now – switch to switch 1/2 and falls, the elements were lovely in the air. That means Mabanta’s 9.675 will count.

Bedell is anchoring Brown on floor, front thuck through to double back, good amplitude and chest up on landing – split leap full to split jump full, good toes – split leap 1.5, just a hair under – double pike, chest a bit lower, controls step back. Good.

We see a good background kickover front to bhs from Hutchinson on beam for Denver. And also we saw her salute! Fun! 9.775

After 2, Oregon State is on 98.375, Denver 98.150, Sac State is on 96.775, and Brown is on 96.525. Counting a 9.6 and 9.7 on beam drops Denver behind Oregon State after 2.

And now we move to UCLA against Washington.

Steele is back on bars for UCLA today, and Frazier is anchoring vault. Could that mean the DTY is making an appearance? No Malabuyo or Frazier on floor today. Lashbrooke, Anyimi, and McNamara all in that lineup today.

“She went away for a while” is how we’re describing Jen Llewelyn’s time as head coach at Lindenwood.

Rotation 1

Innes – VT – UW – yfull, pikes down a fair amount – lands short, chest forward and a hop forward. 9.500

Campbell – UB – UCLA – maloney to bail, solid – good vertical on high – blind to double front, cowboy and a hop forward. 9.800

Brooks – VT – UW – Y1/2 – a little short but pulls it out – hop back shuffle. 9.675

Lee – UB – UCLA – pak, leg break – short cast hs on low – toe on to van leeuwen, pretty position – DLO, holds onto the stick with chest forward. 9.800

Navarro – VT – UW – clean yfull, only a small amount of pike, small hop back. 9.775

Steele – UB – UCLA – good first hs – maloney to pak, legs pretty well together – hesitant on 1/2 turn on low bar – short final cast hs – DLO, some piking, chest down, hop forward. On her way to moving back into the lineup, mostly good stuff on the bars. 9.825

SKW – VT – UW – good amplitude and position on her yfull, medium bounce back, strong vault. 9.850

Harris – UB – UCLA – good first hs – Ray, solid – looks good on high bar hs – bail, crisp, legs together – solid hs on high – giant full, good finish position into DLO, chest down but holds the stick. Very strong. 9.925

Cunningham – VT – UW – another yfull with good amplitude and a medium bounce back. Solid. 9.875

Chiles – UB – UCLA – piked tkatchev to pak, very clean – good hs on low bar – maloney to gienger, legs together on gienger – maybe tight hs on high – FTDT, flings it out a little but has the landing, slide salute. 9.925

Schrady – VT – UW – hits a yfull, not as strong as the last two – chest down, some direction and leg separation, not as much distance, pike down. 9.575

Frazier – UB – UCLA – good first hs – maloney to pak, good pak legs, some separation on maloney – 1/2 turn on low is excellent – short final cast hs – DLO, small bounce back. Good. 9.875

We have Oregon State on 49.525 on beam with a 9.950 for Carey.

After 1: UCLA 49.350 on bars to Washington 48.750 on vault. Isn’t it nice to be at a Washington home meet with its pretty realistic scoring? I’m sure that’s me speaking too soon, but those scores seemed pretty reasonable.

Rotation 2

Why is there a gaggle of footballs here on the floor? With all their shoes? Shouldn’t the second rotation be starting?

Anyimi – VT – UCLA – hits her yfull, some pike throughout and definitely off direction, good distance, small hop to the side. 9.700

Brooks – UB – UW – shapoah, some legs to clear hip – bail, leg separation – solid hs on high – giant full, leg break, good vertical – double tuck, slide back. 9.775

Lee – VT – UCLA – good clean yfull, bounce back, not quite the distance of SKW or Cunningham, good direction. 9.850

Russon – UB – UW – a bit short on hs – blind to jaeger to overshoot, good legs on jaeger – solid hs on high – giant full to double tuck, lean forward, can’t hold the stick with a step salute. 9.750

Campbell – VT – UCLA – great full and great stick today – brings heels together, no movement of balls of the feet – chest forward. 9.900

Moody – UB – UW – short first hs – toe on to maloney, legs to pak – small pause in 1/2 turn on low – shortish final cast hs – FTDT, bounce back. 9.725

Harris – VT – UCLA – Y1.5 very good stick from her as well, nicely done, just a bit of soft knees. 9.950. It’s fair, and there are also plenty of meets where that would have been 10 because there are no rules.

Oppegard – UB – UW – blind to jager, good height – shorter cast hs – bail, hits vertical, perhaps some loose back – good hs on high – DLO, a little lower but gets it around, small step back. 9.750

Chiles – VT – UCLA – DTY, lands pretty short today, chest down, lunge forward. 9.650

Tubbs – UB – UW – toe on to maloney to bail, good legs togther on bail, just a bit of angle – rushes final cast hs pretty significantly – DLO, rebound back, a couple small steps. 9.800

Frazier – VT – UCLA – yfull – another large rebound back, some pike but not as much as before. 9.725

SKW – UB – UW – piked jaeger to overshoot is solid, good amplitude – hits hs on high – blind to front giant 1/2 to double tuck, good height, hop back. 9.825

UCLA 49.125 on vault after two excellent vaults from Campbell and Harris but also having to count two scores in the 9.7s. A classic UCLA rotation. Washington on 48.900 on bars.

Denver ends up not putting in Brown on vault. 49.300 there and a 196.725 total.

After 2:
UCLA – 98.475
Washington – 97.650

Rotation 3

Brooks – BB – UW – kickover, keeps moving into bhs – switch to split jump, a bit short on split jump, gets there on switch – aerial, small hesitation but keeps moving to beat jump – stag to gainer full, stuck. Good one. 9.850

Carey ended up with a 9.975 on floor as well for Oregon State for 39.825. Oregon State done on 197.200 for the win.

McNamara – FX – UCLA – music restart – punch rudi to straddle jump, good control – switch to switch side to wolf jump 1/2, a bit under on wolf position – 1.5 to layout, some legs in 1.5, some height, solid. Probably her best this year. 9.825

Moody – BB – UW – bhs loso to beat jump is hit, secure, some leg position – switch to split, hit, back leg position – full turn, hit – side aerial, leg up wobble to horizontal – 1.5 dismount, bounce forward. 9.675

Lashbrooke – FX – UCLA – double tuck, bounce back, just does stay in – “she’s on an explorer’s adventure, apparently, during this routine” Alisa is the best – back 1.5 to front lay, controls the step – switch side to popa, solid amplitude – double pike, controls, chest a bit down. 9.850

Bowles – BB – UW – side aerial to bhs and saves it – large break, leg up to horizontal – full turn, nice – split jump to straight jump full, not quite all the way around this time, which causes a large bend at the waist, past horizontal – side aerial is pretty – front gainer full off the end, slide salute. 9.450

Looks like Malabuyo is in the FX lineup now, no Anyimi.

Malabuyo – FX – UCLA – double tuck, great landing, chest up – 1.5 to layout, struggles on the layout, has to tuck it pretty significantly – switch ring to switch 1/2, nice positions shown on both – double pike, just a bit deep, slide-present. 9.825

Navarro – BB – UW – bhs bhs loso, secure – switch side is also hit – full turn – 1.5 dismount, good, small slide back. Some rhythm, some knees, but a good one. 9.850

Harris – FX – UCLA – FTDT, secure landing, a bit of chest position – double tuck, good height, chest up, controls the landing – split leap full to popa to shushunova, a bit crooked on popa but around well – 1.5 to 1/2 to double stag, solid. 9.925

Roberts – BB – UW – bhs bhs loso, hits with a shake side to side – full turn, hit, small arm flourish – switch to stag ring,wobble break and short back leg on switch – gainer full, holds the stick, lean forward. 9.700

Chiles – FX – UCLA – DLO, chest forward, controls the step – front tuck through to double tuck, solid landing, chest forward again but she’s selling the landings pretty well – split leap full to wolf full, around – double pike, chest up more, controlled again. 9.950

SKW – BB – UW – aerial to bhs loso, hits it, keeps moving, some foot flexing at the end – kickover to beat jump is pretty – switch to split, nice – side aerial to 1.5 dismount, nearly holds the stick with a college salute. 9.850

Campbell – FX – UCLA – FTDT, just a bit short, step forward – split leap full to popa, pretty positions, around – front lay to front full, under control – double tuck, chest up, looks like she kept the front foot down. Good. 9.925

Washington goes 48.925 on beam, UCLA on 49.475 on floor.

After 3:
UCLA 147.950
Washington 146.625

UCLA has the routines to rely on for big numbers at the end of that floor rotation to keep the total high, though this still isn’t going to be a huge number. With a giant beam, they’re still in contention to best Auburn’s 197.5 from yesterday.

Rotation 4

Jim just learned what a DJ is.

Lee – BB – UCLA – bhs loso series is secure – switch to straddle jump, also comfortable – aerial, small lean to keep moving into split jump, wobble – bhs to gainer full, small movement. 9.825

SKW – FX – UW – front 2/1, around, pretty much controlled on step forward – switch to switch ring 1/2, looked somewhat low on the 1/2 ring position – back 1.5 to a front tuck adjustment – low, had to do a tuck. So that’s going to be a C+A .1 instead of a C+B .2. 9.800

Alipio – BB – UCLA – aerial to back tuck, large break, keeps it on the beam, big lean over at the waist – switch 1/2 to beat, solid – side aerial, pause before split jump so something to work with there – gainer tuck full, stuck. 9.575

Innes – FX – UW – front 2/1, crossover step, some knees – switch to wolf full wolf full, a bit under on wolf position horizontal – 1.5 to front lay, small hop forward, lay position looked good – rudi, slide back. 9.750

Alisa name dropping Gymkata, a star.

Campbell – BB – UCLA – bhs loso, larger break, leg flies up to horizontal – side aerial, solid – full turn, hit – split leap to switch 1/2 to beat, pretty high – gainer full, good stick. 9.725 that will have to count.

Navarro – FX – UW – double tuck, chest up well – switch side to popa, good positions, overturns switch side a tad – back 1.5 to front lay, a bit crooked but finds a good layout position there – double pike, hit, chest well down. 9.900

Chiles – BB – UCLA – bhs loso loso, great height, lean to the side correction with an arm wave – switch to wolf jump, good wolf height, adjustment again after it, and then a bigger step back wobble – full turn – side aerial, leg up and corrects it into a leg-up hold, star – double pike, hop back. 9.700, also counting

Roberts – FX – UW – double tuck, good height, small slide back – back 1.5 to front lay, a bit of legs in 1.5, good clean front lay – switch 1/2 to wolf full – double pike, chest down, jars her back. 9.750

Harris – BB – UCLA – bhs loso bhs, very solid – switch, small pause before split leap to full turn, hit – side aerial, check – 1.5, good height, solid. 9.925

Cunningham – FX – UW – front tuck throuhg to double tuck, solid landing, chest down – switch 1/2 to wolf full to wolf full, clearly around – double pike, chest up a bit better, again strong landing. 9.950. Well now.

Malabuyo – BB – UCLA – wolf single, hit – bhs loso, small check – aerial, large wobble, leg up – split jump to split ring jump to beat jump to get that bonus – bhs gainer full, bounce back. 9.775

Russon – FX – UW – split ring jump full, around, not a clear ring position there – double pike, two small steps back, stays in bounds – switch to split leap 1.5, we’ll see if it’s around – front lay to front full, hit, shortish, small step. 

So after a shaky beam, UCLA is done on 196.900, which is kind of in keeping with what we’ve seen from a lot of the top teams so far this weekend, some good moments but also some blah rotations and routines mixed in. Washington goes 195.775, a step down from the big 196 they got last week. This was also one of the more realistically scored meets we’ve seen involving a top-10 team this season.




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  1. If Jim Watson describes this highly qualified coach as having the “right temperament” on more time.

  2. I hope Spencer can get a gif of Madi Dagen’s staying in bounds dance. Opportunity for comedy!

      1. Alisa Mowe. I had to look it up because I really enjoyed her! I usually watch PAC-12 meets without volume.

  3. I was at UW vs UCLA. Very reasonable scoring. Some great moments but both teams had their issues on beam. When Chiles saved that side aerial I spent the next few minutes telling my friend about her “wolf-kino” save at 2017 nationals, lol. And she is so much fun to watch on the sidelines 🙂 Glad to see Jordan having such a good time. Overall a fun meet to watch live.

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