Sunday Live Blog – February 26, 2023

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UCLA enters competition today against Arizona having been dropped down to a tie for 7th in the in-progress rankings thanks to the everything that happened on Friday. But with the 5-8 teams bunched so close together, UCLA would need 197.525 today to jump back up to #5, so that will be the goal score in this one.

Arizona would love to keep jumping up little bits to avoid being in the play-in regionals soup, though any chance to move up right now will be dependent on what Towson and NC State do, both concurrently in action.

UCLA has Lashbrooke in the floor lineup today rather than Lee, and Malabuyo on vault instead of Frazier. Otherwise, it looks like the usual.

We’re looking back at the revelation of a dead spot on floor, and they all had to Bart it before the meet could start.

Rotation 1

Herry – VT – Arizona – solid layout position on yfull, medium bounce back, some height to deduct. 9.750

Campbell – UB – UCLA – some hip angle in first hs – maloney to bail, good legs together on bail – gets up to vertical on final cast hs – double front, cowboy, small slide back. 9.800

Mueller – VT – Arizona – yfull is solid, smaller bounce back than Herry, some piking. 9.800

Steele – UB – UCLA – hits first hs – maloney, some legs into pak, good one – 1/2 turn on low, gets to handstand, a little hinger – nice hs on high bar – DLO, chest down and a hop forward, which will be at least .15 off and will be almost all the deductions. 9.800

Nosek – VT – Arizona – larger bounce back on her yfull, best distance so far, good layout. 9.725

Padurariu – UB – UCLA – toe on to maloney to bail, good legs together on bail – strong final cast hs on high – FTDT, chest a bit forward, small step. 9.900

Hargrove – VT – Arizona – Y1.5, gigantic frog hop forward this week, but great amplitude and form in the air. 9.750

Harris – UB – UCLA – good first hs – Ray, hit – good hs poisiton – bail, legs together – arches hs on high, pulls it back – good giant full, to DLO, small slide back in salute. 9.850

Castles – VT – Arizona – lands chest down on her yfull, arm wave and small hop forward. 9.775 is weird compared to the others for a short landing, which is supposed to be deducted more than, say, Herry’s.

Chiles – UB – UCLA – piked tkatchev to pak, great – maloney to gienger, legs together – maybe a bit tight on final cast hs – FTDT, stuck.

She goes 9.975.

Larusso – VT – Arizona – solid yfull, medium hop back, a bit of pike. 9.825

We’re back to bars to see Marz just standing on top of the low bar, and she dismounts with a DLO. “Sometimes things are beyond our control.” I mean, you didn’t have to show extended replays of Larusso’s vault and could have shown Marz on bars instead?

Checking back in on Frazier – arch on first cast hs but pulled it back – clean Maloney to pak, also had a leg-up balance check stepping up to high bar.

Arizona goes 48.900 on vault, not a ton of landing control, but all scores within usual territory, so they’ll hope to build toward 196 on the remaining events.

UCLA 49.325 on bars, which is a season low for them. Not getting a real hit from Frazier compromised that number. They’ll also feel Harris would have scored higher at other meets, which is true, but she did have an arched handstand and a non-stick.

John Court is telling us about bubbles within bubbles. Venn bubbles.

We just saw a shot of Brooklyn Moors warming up on vault, though she is not in the lineup. The journey continues.

Rotation 2

BJ just choreographing new floor routines before the vault rotation.

Lee – VT – UCLA – good amplitude on yfull, bounce back. 9.875

Mueller – UB – Arizona – good first hs – tkatchev, great height – toe on to bail, leg break on catch – solid vertical on final hs – DLO dismount, legs apart, chest forward on landing with a step after leaning to try to hold it. 9.750

Anyimi – VT – UCLA – also solid height, a bit more of a bounce back than Lee and some more pike. 9.800

Larusso – UB – Arizona – blind to jaeger, tuckes some on catch, close – bail, hit with some foot form – short on final cast hs – FTDT, chest forward, bound. A hit but they’ll hope to drop the number. 9.500

Malabuyo – VT – UCLA – yfull, another pretty large bounce back but good layout position, good distance, a bit more pike than Lee. 9.825

Raskin – UB – Arizona – giant, to a late blind, to high jaeger – hit hs on high – bail is nice – gets to hs on high bar – elbows in giant swings to DLO, chest down, hop forward. 9.600 that will have to count.

Campbell – VT – UCLA – excellent height on her yfull, the question being whether she showed enough control on the stick. I’d say no, she’s leaning back into her step salute. Also some direction.

Hargrove – UB – Arizona – giant full gets crooked and she collapses off the bar, so now the 9.5 and 9.6 will have to count –

Now they’re talking to the judges and the whole gang is readjusting the bars.

Meanwhile Campbell did get 9.925 on vault.

Hargrove is restarting her routine – hits her giant full with loose back – tkatchev – bail, vertical position – hits hs on high – FTDT, hit with step back.

Harris – VT – UCLA – large large bound forward on her Y1.5 today. 9.725

So Hargrove’s score is up as 9.100, counting that fall.

The bars at this Pride meet said marriage is between one man and one women.

Now the judges are TALKING.

Fears – UB – Arizona – good hs on high – tkatchev, nice – good hs – clear hip to bail, some body angle on bail catch – good hs on high – DLO, stuck landing. Really nice. 9.700??

Chiles – VT – UCLA – good DTY, chest up on landing, small hop back.

McCabe – UB – Arizona – short first hs – blind to pikled jaeger, super close catch, form, small leg break on bail – a bit shy on hs on high – DLO, hit with a step-salute.

9.975 for Chiles for a non-stuck DTY (what fun!) takes UCLA to a solid 49.400 vault score. 

Fear score updated to 9.775. Still seems a bit tight given what we’ve been doing here.

We’re waiting on the final number, but that will be a “let’s pretend it never happened” bars rotation for Arizona.

McCabe goes 9.675 so it ends up as a 48.325.

After 2:
UCLA 98.725
Arizona 97.225

Rotation 3

Fears – BB – Arizona – split jump, good – bhs loso, good form, wobble – full turn, hit – cat leap to side aerial, secure – beat jump to stag ring with an arm wave wobble – 1.5 dismount, holds onto it with a little one-foot lean. 9.725

“anchors things in the leadoff role”

Lashbrooke – FX – UCLA – double tuck, foot flexing, controls the step back – back 1.5 to layout, lower amplitude on layourt, step back to present – switch side to popa – double pike, chest well down, step to the side and looked OOB from our angle. 9.625

Herry – BB – Arizona – full turn, hit – bhs loso, secure – side somi, held under control – straddle jump to straddle 1/2, a bit under split and some check – 1.5 dismount, good stick. 9.875 and they needed it.

Lee – FX – UCLA – now she’s back in the lineup – double tuck, chest up, controls her step back, smooth – front lay to front full, a little soft in the air, good control – switch ring to switch 1/2 – double pike, chest a bit down. Nice. 9.900

Score talk about Herry’s routine.

Deets – BB – Arizona – bhs loso, nice form, small arm wave to cover – full turn, hit – hitch kick to switch side, a little crooked on the split position – cat leap to kickover, arm wave check – switch to gainer full, step back. 9.850

Malabuyo – FX – UCLA – and now she’s up, moved back a spot – double tuck, lovely stick – back 1.5 to layout, maybe a little soft – switch ring to switch 1/2, excellent positions – double pike, controls the step. Good one. 9.925

Mueller – BB – Arizona – side aerial to loso series, huge break, bend at the hips past horizontal – switch to straddle jump is hit – stuck 1.5 dismount, good finish after the large wobble. 9.775 for her, beam scores going high because I had more than that on the wobble alone.

Chiles – FX – UCLA – good high DLO, a little chest forward, hop to present – front tuck through to double tuck, good stick – split leap full to wolf full, good height, around – double pike, well controlled. 9.950

Linton – BB – Arizona – hits wolf double with arm wave check – bhs bhs loso is hit – switch to split, a bit tentative in the switch position – 1.5 dismount, hop forward. 9.875

Campbell – FX – UCLA – FTDT, good control – DID YOU JUST CUT TO A SHOT OF THE CROWD DURING HER DANCE COMBINATION? – front lay to front full, controls the step – double tuck, chest forward with a little hop. 9.900

Castles – BB – Arizona – bhs loso series, good amplitude – switch to split leap, good back leg in the switch – aerial, some feet, arm wave to connect into beat jump – wolf triple, teeters it around – 1.5 dismount, hop forward.

Frazier – FX – UCLA – whip through to double tuck, controls her step back, solid chest up position – split leap full to popa to popa, a little tight in positions but one of her solid completion days – double pike with a shot of Janelle’s blazer – don’t know if “Janelle Blazer” is in the code as a deduction.

Frazier goes 9.900 to take UCLA to 49.575 on floor, meaning just an average beam hit today should take them to that goal score to get back to 5th place.

Arizona 49.225 on beam, which is a nice recovery score there. Could actually still make this one a counter even with bars if they come up with a huge, huge floor score.

After 3:
UCLA 148.300
Arizona 146.450

Rotation 4

Lee – BB – UCLA – full turn, good – bhs loso, small check – switch – straddle, nice straddle position – aerial, wobbles before split jump, broken connection – bhs gainer full, small hop back. Loss of SV there. 9.700

Larusso – FX – Arizona – front 2/1 first pass, controls her step, just some knees – cat leap to side side to popa, overturns the switch side some – back 1.5 to clean front lay, landing snuck up on her a little – rudi, chest down, another solidly controlled step. 9.750

Alipio – BB – UCLA – full turn, hit – aerial to back tuck, connected and secure, chest down on back tuck – split leap to switch 1/2 to beat, good feet – side aerial, keeps arms moving to split jump – gainer tuck full, holds stick with a little lean. 9.875

Deets – FX – Arizona – split ring jump full is around – front lay to front full, some knees – split leap full to popa, good – double tuck, pulls in with a large bounce back, stays in. 9.725

Padurariu – BB – UCLA – candle mount is hit – wolf double, clean, good toes – she’s not just a world championship finalist, she has a silver – side aerial to bhs, hit – switch, solid – beat to sheep, holds it – 1.5 dismount, small movement and some knee position. Good. And it’s 9.950

Mueller – FX – Arizona – double pike, pretty large lunge back – back 1.5 to front lay, controls the step forward – double tuck, under control. 9.750

Chiles – BB – UCLA – aerial, check, no connection – so does bhs loso loso series, secure, flexed feet – switch to wolf jump, excellent – full turn, nice – side aerial, solid – double pike, stickish, maybe small movement, chest down. Good.

Amanda says she didn’t see a single balance check. You mean other than the obvious wobble after the aerial?


Schulz – FX – Arizona – front 2/1 to front tuck, under control, some leg crossing – switch ring and switch side, hit – rudi, under control – good landings, some amplitudes to take. 9.825

How about instead of complaining about a 9.950 being TOO LOW, we identify that the routine had a wobble, and also like three other borderline deductions.

Harris – BB – UCLA – bhs loso bhs, hit – switch to split, little balance adjustment into full turn – good height on switch – kickover front, hit with lean – 1.5 dismount, high, finds the stick. 9.900

Herry – FX – Arizona – double tuck, bounce back – switch 1/2 to popa, nice lift – back 1.5 to front lay, under control, a bit lower on the lay – double pike, well short, chest down and a stagger step forward. 9.725

Malabuyo – BB – UCLA – wolf turn, good – bhs loso, nice foot positions, secure landing – aerial to split jump to korbut, quickly connected – beat to split ring jump, good position – bhs gainer full, holds the stick with a deep bend.

Hargrove – FX – Arizona – FTDT, good height and foot position, mostly controls the bounce back – back 1/2 to front lay, again does her best to keep that back foot down amidst a rebound – switch ring to split full – double tuck, again nice foot positions, bounce back.

So UCLA goes 49.600 on beam to get up to 197.900, which will be a definite counter and move UCLA back to 5th in the rankings.

Arizona won’t get a counting score here, ending up with a 48.875 on floor and a 195.325 total.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Live Blog – February 26, 2023”

  1. Wait Spencer, I re-watched Jordan’s beam in slo-mo and don’t see a wobble or balance check after the aerial!

    1. After the front aerial at the beginning of the routine, not the side aerial toward the end. She had just a little bit of a wobble. I can’t remember for sure, but she might connect a jump there sometimes, and she didn’t today. It doesn’t matter for her SV because she has a different jump combination and more difficulty than she needs.

  2. Re: Jordan Chiles beam dismount – I thought bringing one’s heels together wasn’t considered movement to negate a stick? Watching the dismount on UCLA’s twitter, she brings her heels together but her toes/front of her feet don’t move.

    (Granted, I think her chest was a little low, so that’s probably one of those borderline deductions Spencer’s talking about. But I’m really just looking for clarity on the stick factor.)

    1. My understanding is if the feet are shoulder width or less apart and they bring their heels together, it can (but doesn’t have to) count as a stick, but I’m willing to be wrong.

      1. That was my understanding, too! Hence, the question. Also willing to be wrong, and don’t wanna be like “but X gymnast…” – I’m just interested in making sure I understand the rules so I don’t get upset about a gymnast’s score for no reason. Heh.

    2. I would call her dismount a stick. On the replay you can see that maybe her left foot moved a teeny tiny bit before she brought her heels together. Her heels coming together wasn’t an issue because they weren’t far enough apart. Her chest was low. It was a good routine, but I agree it was not a 10.

  3. Thought vault scores for UCLA were pretty high. The hops were pretty big and Campbell shouldn’t have been any higher than 9.9 and that should have been max. About 0.125 high. Seems trivial but it really isn’t

      1. LP. This is a place for opinions you are just rude. Refute logically or disappear. I was voicing my opinion.

    1. I think they boxed themselves in after the Arizona rotation. Lee has to go higher than the AZ vaults, and then Chae has to go higher than that. The judges know, just like everyone else, that scores are flying nationally, so holding down the scores for the best vaults to where they ideally should have been if you’d started with them isn’t optimal once you’ve realized you started out scoring too high.

  4. Continuing for LP. You are typical of some uninformed UCLA fans. You are unable to recognize the many over scores for the Bruins. Are they talented, absolutely but they are known to be over scored. I have watched several meets this weekend and those vaults were comparatively high. Try watching other teams for perspective

    1. UCLA Gymnastics fans are biased, uninformed, and are as obnoxiously in denial as their gymnasts when it comes to respect for their competition while others are competing. Do not waste your time arguing with sand. #DancePartyArrogance

  5. Why is it always UCLA fans that feel the need to start World War 3 when it comes to any criticism of their gymnastics?

    As long as the judges do their jobs at the National Championships, I cannot wait to see UCLA get the scores they actually deserve vs the wasteland that is their current situation vs their weak scheduling.

    1. Weak scheduling?
      All the PAC 12 teams are currently in the top 36.
      Utah is 3rd, Cal is 7th, ASU 15th, Stanford 21st, Washington 23rd, and Arizona 28th.
      UCLA went against Auburn, Oklahoma, and Michigan at the Super 16 meet in the beginning of the year. Those are weak teams.
      They faced Minnesota 22nd and Boise State 33rd (and Washington) at the Wasatch Classic.
      They will wrap up the dual meet season against Iowa State, 39th.
      So that is the only team not ranked in the top 36 currently.

      You can have your opinions about the scores UCLA gets, but stating they have a weak schedule is factually incorrect and wrong.

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