Pan American Women’s Team Final – Live Blog

It’s team final day at the Pan American Championship, with the US women coming in as the top qualifier after a 162 yesterday, followed by Mexico in 2nd after an excellent performance that saw them finish just 3 points behind the US and ahead of the (albeit not full strength) teams from Canada and Brazil, sporting a score that would have placed 6th in last year’s worlds team final.

Yesterday’s competition also served as the world championship qualifier, with Mexico and Argentina once again taking the remaining available team spots for women and 11 other AAers securing their positions at worlds. It was a tight, exciting race, with Sydney Barros (PUR), Olivia Kelly (BAR), Karla Navas (PAN), Ginna Escobar (COL), Alais Perea (ECU), Lynnzee Brown (HAI), Makarena Pinto (CHI), Yiseth Valenzuela (COL), Franchesca Santi (CHI), Lana Herrera (PAN), and Ana Karina Mendez (PER) advancing to worlds. Yamilet Peña and Anya Pilgrim ended up just shy of the cutoff point with scores in the 46s that would have advanced easily last year.

On to the team final. We have a live stream (option 2), and after a false start with the live scoring site in qualification, the Colombian federation’s facebook has been putting up a stream of the scoreboard, which provides the slight potential for us to actually know what’s going on at some point. Which would be a new feeling.

First rotation warmups underway now, USA and Mexico starting on vault, Brazil and Canada starting on bars.

Rotation 1

Pedro – UB – Brazil – hits hs on low – shaposh with leg separation into pak – falls on attempted toe full on low bar, cannot get over, pauses after 1/2 turn and has to hop off. Resumes and gets the toe full, connected to maloney to bail well, small leg break – shoot to high – blind to jaeger, hit – cast 1/2 – double pike dismount, small hop. Solid post fall.

Navas 12.067 on floor for PAN, Delgado 11.167 on beam for PUR.

Tsuk 2/1 from Ahtziri Sandoval is hit pretty well, lunge back, some leg crossing, but super helpful difficulty. 13.733, 8.533 E score.

11.500 for Pedro to start Brazil on bars.

Soares – UB – Brazil – good first hs – stalder full, past, into stalder shaposh hit – pak, good, just some loose back – maloney to giant 1/2, legs – jaeger, good feet, hit well – giant 1/2 – double pike, struggles on landing, a couple large lunges back. A hit though.

Escalera – VT – Mexico – pretty Y1.5 in the air, lunge forward. 13.467

Herrero 10.233 on beam for PUR. 12.000 for Soares.

Lima – UB – Brazil – toe on to maloney to pak, large straddle on pak – 1/2 turn on low, hit, shoot to high – tkatchev, flat-ish but solid – giant full, well pst vertical – blind change to front giant to double front, nice feet on dismount, step forward.

14.100 for Alexa Moreno on rudi, lands chest down but very nice control, small step. 8.700 E.

11.400 for Paulino on floor for Panama. 10.933 for Diaz on beam for Puerto Rico.

Weirdly, Canada started warming up on bars before this half of the rotation finished, and now I think they just got in trouble and told to stop. Now everyone is starting to warm up for the second half.

So does this mean no Barros in the TF for Puerto Rico?

12.167 for Lima on bars, the top score for Brazil in that rotation. 35.667. Mexico goes 41.300 on vault. Heron goes 12.333 to end Panama’s floor rotation.

Mesa – FX – Colombia – gets around her double L turn, drops too early on the Memmel to get D credit, so that will be a B – double tuck, step back – switch 1/2, pretty solid split position, to straight jump full – double pike, chest down, small hop – falls out of double wolf attempt, does a little hand roll because wolves – front tuck through to 1/1 to double-stag-ish jump to the side.

Fatta – VT – USA – DTY, pretty solid, good height, shuffle back, some chest position.

13.500 for Fatta, 8.5 E score. 12.067 on bars for Turner to lead off Canada. 12.167 for Saucedo on beam for Argentina. 11.433 for Mesa.

Escobar – FX – Colombia – sucks to be Canada and Argentina becasue with Colombia and the US in this rotation, you’re getting no visuals – pretty solid switch full attempt – double tuck, chest down, small slide back – back 1.5 to front full, quite deep, just does pull it out to save it – switch to split leap full, around – 2/1, holds on with nice control, just a tad deep. 12.000

13.800 for Roberson on her ro 1/2 on layout full, large lunge forward.

12.967 on bars for Tran.

Sumanasekera 14.233 on her DTY, 9.233 E score.

41.533 for the US on vault, which is ahead of Mexico by just .233.

10.900 for Mesropian on beam for Argentina.

Valenzuela – FX – Colombia – nice height on popa – double tuck, small hop back, some chest position – back 1.5 to front full, gets a bit low with a lunge to the side – switch to split leap full, around, slide on landing – back lay full, more than enough height for it, bounce back – switch side, good. 12.567

Lalonde the top score for Canada on bars with 13.033. 38.067 for Canada on bars compared to Brazil’s 35.667 there.

A look back at Sumansekera’s DTY, such good height, small hop back.

12.133 for Curti on beam. Colombia with a 36.000 on floor.

Rotation 1
USA – 41.533
Mexico 41.300
Canada 38.067
Colombia 36.000
Panama 35.833
Brazil 35.667
Argentina 35.200
Puerto Rico 32.333

Rotation 2

Soares – BB – Brazil – eponymous candle 1/2 mount is excellent, does so well to reach vertical there – wolf double, good control – bhs loso series, large break, step back, turn to the side – aerial to split to back tuck, composed mixed series, well done – switch – switch 1/2, large break, lots of wobbles, thought she was going to be able to save it but comes off – wolf to sissone is nice – bhs bhs double pike, chest down but good control on landing. 12.300

Campos – UB – mexico – van leeuwen, solid – short hs on high – blind to piked jaeger, good extension – Shang, hit – pak, just a very small leg break – maloney with more legs to a clear hip 1/2, pretty far past handstand – toe full – FTDT, a bit deep, hop to the side. Nice hit. 12.933

Pedro – BB – Brazil – forward roll mount – swtich to switch 1/2, low front leg but secure hit – bhs loso series, onto the balls of her feet, holds on with a wobble – sissone and wolf – punch front, small hop forward – aerial, wobble – double tuck dismount, chest down, hop. Survived. 12.233

11.200 for Paulino on vault for PAN. 11.633 for Delgado for PUR on floor.

Sandoval – UB – Mexico – shaposh to bhardwaj, good legs together – catches close but works out – maloney to bail to shoot to high, solid leg position – toe full to a high gienger, good amplitude – Fabrichnova dismount, hits it!, chest down and a hop. Love it. 13.033 with a 5.8 D score.

13.200 for Navas on vault.

Lima – BB – Brazil – loso mount and falls immediately – straddle 1/2 from side, stays on, large lean forward – side aerial to bhs, solid series – full turn, overturns a little – aerial, breaks connection into split jump but hit – switch, wobble before sissone to wolf jump – double tuck dismount is solid, small hop. 11.467

11.667 for Herrero on floor for PUR. 12.433 Escalera on bars for Mexico. 12.267 Heron on vault for PAN.

A look at Escalera on bars, who hit for a 6.633 E score, mostly due to late handstands and leg separations. But solid.

36.000 for Brazil on beam. 38.399 for Mexico on bars.

Mesa – VT – Colombia – yfull block is a real struggle, very deep arm position, but survived getting to her feet, piking with a step back. Should not get layout credit here. 12.167 but gets layout, which is very charitable.

Valenzuela – VT – Colombia – yfull, better distance, amplitude and layout, solid vault, bounce back. 12.667

12.133 for Iribarne on floor for Argentina.

Johnson goes 13.300 for the US leading off bars. 5.1/8.2. 13.033 for Turner to start beam for Canada.

Escobar – VT – Colombia – best height of the yfulls so far, somewhat large lunge back. 12.767.

Fatta – UB – USA – piked jaeger, solid – teo full, a bit late into pak, legs position solid – maloney with some leg break to inbar gienger, solid – toe on – DLO, holds the stick to show she’s ready for OU. Nice one. 13.700.

12.233 for Curti for Argentina on floor.

We did not see the beginning of Matthews on bars, but toe full to van leeuwen is good – stalder to toe on – DLO, hop back.

We’re seeing Mesropian on floor now for Argentina – double pike with large bounce back, well out of bounds – wolf double – switch to split leap full, around – front full, step forward – switch 1/2 – double tuck, some chest position, hop back. 12.400

11.300 for Lalonde on beam for Canada.

14.067 for Matthews on bars – 5.5 D, 8.567 E.

We’re seeing the end of Tran on beam for Canada – switch, lovely – to switch 1/2, arm wave wobble but one of the better attempts at a switch 1/2 position – dismounts with a layout full, stuck.

But it’s just 11.533 for her, so we missed a fall.

41.067 for the US on bars, opening up a lead now on Mexico’s 38.399 there. Two falls for Canada on beam to go 35.866 there. 36.766 for Argentina’s floor.

From what I’ve caught so far:

USA – 82.600
Mexico – 79.699
Canada – 73.933
Colombia – 73.601
Argentina – 71.966
Brazil – 71.667

Rotation 3
Maia – FX – Brazil – hits her double arabian with a lunge to the side – pulls around a FTDT, but chest down and a large lunge forward – double pike, smaller bounce back – switch to split leap full, little hop – double tuck, way way short, no chance, hands down. 11.167

11.300 vault for Delgado for Puerto Rico. 11.800 for Heron on bars. 11.667 for Moreno on beam for Mexico. Rough first routine all around it seems.

Pedro – FX – Brazil – high FTDT, does really really well not to go OOB on her shuffle back, it seemed inevitable – double arabian, short but saves it with a stumble back – solid split full – switch to split leap full, a bit shy of split – double tuck, chest up, small step back – double pike, step back. 12.367

11.067 vault for Diaz PUR. 10.967 for Brostella on bars for Panama.

Alicea – VT – Puerto Rico – yurchenko back pike, hop back. 11.267

Navas – UB – Panama – toe full on low – misses her foot and recasts – now hits maloney to pak, solid height – van leeuwen, small leg break – blind to jaeger, solid height, just some feet – bail, legs apart, hits vertical – shoot to high – FTDT, hop forward. 12.567

12.133 for Escalera on beam.

The broadcast is like, there are Mexico beam routines and Brazil floors, but you know what we all need, Colombia standing around near bars.

13.033 floor for Soares, which takes Brazil to 36.567 there.

12.300 for Loustalot on beam, so Mexico goes 36.100 there.

Mesa – UB – Colombia – good first hs – blind, small leg break – jaeger is high but catches very very close to the bar – works out of it – pak is solid – toe on to maloney, legs to bail, hit – dismounts with only a tucked flyaway. 11.400

Curti hits a yfull for Argentina, fairly large bounce back. 12.767

12.333 for Zlobec on floor for Canada.

Escobar – UB – Colombia – clear hip to blind to front giant 1/2 to giant full to high gienger, loses leg form on catch – hindorff and falls – resumes with a solid bail – toe shoot to high – double tuck, very deep, lunge forward. 10.300

Madray Johnson 12.533 on beam.

12.967 vault for Macias for Argentina. Chest forward, little hop on yfull. 12.633 floor for Turner for Canada.

12.900 for Iribarne on vault.

Lamadrid – UB – Colombia – Maloney to to pak, good legs together position – toe 1/2 to stalder shoot – nice hs on high – blind to jaeger, good form – giant full to layout full dismount, step back. Clean work.

13.967 beam for Sumanasekera.

Roberson – BB – USA – back tuck full, hit, small adjustment – switch side, hit – straddle jump from side – side aerial to loso to loso, pretends she was just going to scale what are you saying about, what’s a wobble – full turn, hit – onodi, hit – switch to pike jump is solid – bhs bhs double pike, deep but hit, bounce back.

13.133 Tran on floor. 11.567 lamadrid.

Looks like Barros is on the list for Puerto Rico for bars today.

13.733 for Roberson.

After 3:
USA – 122.833
Mexico – 115.799
Canada – 112.332
Argentina – 110.600
Brazil – 108.234
Panama 107.834
Colombia – 106.868
Puerto Rico 100

Rotation 4

Loustalot – FX – Mexico – FTDT, chest forward, small step ahead – front tuck through to 2/1, small slide – switch to split leap full to popa, really nice split work – double tuck, some foot flexing, bounce back – switch full, around – double pike, chest down, lunge back. Mexico’s attention to leap rotation completion serves them very well on floor. 12.833

First vault for Brazil, yfull, hits with some clear piking toward the end, bounce back. 12.433

Barros does bars, 12.967. 11.867 for Heron on beam for Panama.

Moreno – FX – Mexico – nice height on DLO, bounce back – double arabian, solid leg position, step forward – split leap full to switch side 1/2, pulls 1/2 around – front full, rebound – wolf 1.75, won’t get double twist credit – popa – double pike, chest well down, bounce. 12.833

12.067 on bars for Diaz, PUR.

Escalera – FX – Mexico – DLO, legs apart, pretty solid control, small step back – 1.5 through to double tuck, shows solid control on landing – split leap 1.5, I’d say around for credit – double pike, small step, a little ginger – switch to switch something, stream had a moment – split jump full. Good.

Mexico did the thing. Canada won’t be able to make that up for silver.

10.467 Paulino beam for Panama. 10.4 for Alicea bars for Puerto Rico.

Navas goes 10.767 on beam for Panama.

Matthews – FX – USA – FTDT, bounce back, chest up pretty well – wolf double, around – front full through to back 2.5, solid, small step – leg up full turn with good leg elevation – split full – switch 1/2 – double tuck, chest down, step forward, but a nice hit overall. 13.100

Zlobec opens vault for Canada with 12.466. Turner follows with a yfull, good, a bit of pike, fairly large bounce back. 12.833

11.167 for Escobar on beam for Colombia. 11.700 for Macias on bars for Argentina.

Valenzuela – BB – Colombia – split jump to wolf jump, solid – bhs back tuck and falls – side aerial, hit – switch, good split position, pause – switch 1/2, large leg up break, saves it – side somi, hit – switch side, really attacks the position well, another large break, leg up wobble – front full, small hop. A lot to like there. 11.400

Tran finishes Canada’s vault with 13.400, going 38.699 there. Finish with 151.031.

Roberson – FX – USA – hits double twisting double lay, completes two twists early and nicely, pike at the end – DLO 1/1, chest down this time, lunge forward – leg up full turn – split leap 1.5, nearly all the way – wolf triple, looks like she jusssst got there, a little hoppy as she finishes the third turn – front full to double tuck, nice chest up position, step back – double pike, step back. Solid.

Saucedo 12.800 for Argentina on bars.

14.067 Roberson.

Lamadrid – BB – Colombia – switch side, hits horizontal positions, wobble – bhs loso is secure – aerial, holds it – split leap to sissone, nice sissone position – side aerial, solid – switch, wobble, flexes foot initially but points it at the end – 2/1, step back. 11.633

That finishes up the competition, which should see the US place first, Mexico 2nd, and Canada third, but we’ll wait on the official results.

1 – USA – 163.700
2 – Mexico 154.698
3 – Canada 150.998

Argentina just holds of Brazil for 4th, a moral victory.

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