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World Championships Guide – The Dudes

Buckle up. This here is a mega-guide to the men’s competition at world championships—what to look out for in each portion of the competition as you follow along.


Qualification Subdivision 1October 6, 10:00am local time
Teams – Italy, Taiwan, Kazakhstan
Key Individuals – Rhys McClenaghan (IRL), Artem Dolgopyat (ISR), Alexander Shatilov (ISR), Andrey Medvedev (ISR), Vinzenz Hoeck (AUT)

In the team department, the first subdivision will feature Italy as the pace setter for the remainder of the two days. Italy finished 14th at worlds last year, just a half point out of the top 12. (Reminder: it’s all about the top 12 this year as 12 teams advance to the Olympics.) So, you have to consider the Italians in the mix for Olympic qualification. Every country to follow will be looking at Italy’s score from the first subdivision and saying, “If we beat that, we have a good shot to get to the Olympics.”

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US Men’s Selection – Day 2 Live Blog

I should start this live blog by talking through where we stand now in terms of a likely worlds team following the events of day 1, but…‾\_(ツ)_/‾????

The highest-scoring team from day 1 had neither Moldauer nor van Wicklen on it (to my mind, the #2 and #3 most likely people to make the worlds team heading into selection camp), and I don’t really know what to do with that. Is that a real possibility? Or do we just say…come on, it’s Yul…and revert back to where we were pre-Thursday? Continue reading US Men’s Selection – Day 2 Live Blog

US Men’s Selection – Day 1 Live Blog

The 8 men remaining in contention for the US men’s worlds team have gathered in scenic That Hole They Train In At The OTC for the first of two days of competition to determine this year’s world championships squad.

For a full look at what we need to see from these 8, check out the preview. But you can be sure I’ll be crunching numbers after the meet to see which trio best complements Mikulak and Moldauer based on today’s scores. The US has some work to do on the surprise front after GB announced its team today without Courtney Tulloch but including both Dom Cunningham and Giarnni Regini-Moran. (what, did I select this team or something? Because it really feels like I selected it.) Continue reading US Men’s Selection – Day 1 Live Blog