Who Did It 10-ier?

Geralen Stack-Eaton

Vanessa Zamarripa


4 thoughts on “Who Did It 10-ier?”

  1. I think these 2 vaults make your point from a recent post – GSE did a deduction-less vault, but was it spectacular or did it have some special quality to it, no. though it was by far the best YF I've seen her do and it was better than the 9.975 vault by Ashley Sledge.

    Zam, though she didn't hold the stick long enough, so it wasn't in my mind deduction-less, the dynamics and beauty of her vault are absolutely 10-worthy.

    What the first two weeks of the season have absolutely showcased is that scoring is going to be thru the roof this season and i have a feeling 10s are going to be more about appropriate ranking than anything else.


  2. I have to agree with the comment above. I was there for the GSE vault, and while it was pretty, it didn't make me go “wow.” As for VanZam, I thought she was a little off-balance at the end, necessitating that quick step/salute. Both were high quality, but I wouldn't have given either of them a 10.


  3. Zam!! She has a lot better flair, better body position in the air, better height and better distance. Of course it's all subjective. My opinion is a score is based on what a judge sees at that exact moment. Going back you can pick up on subtleties you might not have noticed the first time (and in real-time) but NCAA judges are generally pretty consistent.


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