Saturday Live Blog – [5] LSU @ [11] Georgia; Washington @ [6] Utah; [16] Oregon State @ [7] UCLA

A big day! I’ll keep this blog going throughout, sort of like mini-regionals, so just keep scrolling through the mass of ramblings as the day progresses.

Saturday, February 13
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – [5] LSU @ [11] Georgia – SCORESSECN
4:00 ET/1:00 PT – Penn State @ [23] Ohio State – SCORESStream($)
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Iowa @ [20] Illinois – SCORES
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Southern Connecticut @ [22] New Hampshire – SCORES
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Washington @ [6] Utah – SCORESPac-12
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – [13] Stanford @ Arizona – SCORESPac-12 (Arizona/Bay Area)

11:00 ET/8:00 PT – [16] Oregon State @ [7] UCLA – SCORESPac-12

In the rankings fight, LSU will find it challenging to move up at all based on today’s performance, needing a 197.900 to ahead ahead of Alabama. In RQS, there’s still plenty of time to get scores and LSU has four road meets remaining including this one, but with only one vaguely usable road score on the resume so far, a big number today would do a lot to solidify that ranking.

Similarly, Georgia would need a 197.450 to move ahead of Arkansas (currently in 10th), which I still maintain is doable for this team especially at home but would require a season-best performance by a long way. Georgia has a lot of scores that need dropping for RQS, but the good news for the Gymdogs is that they have 158 meets this season and won’t necessarily have to rely on any of these bad scores if they pull it together starting about now. But it needs to start now.

No Priessman today for LSU. Cannamela is in on three events, and Wyrick is back on bars (PHEW), though not vaulting. The feeling going into the season was that, given Priessman’s injury history, the team couldn’t rely exclusively on her, and that’s proving to be about the case so far. She’s a very nice bonus to have when she’s available and can get huge scores, but she can’t be the difference between success and not because she just might not be there.

Finnegan, however, has been able to contribute much more than I think most of us expected, especially right away. Preseason, if you had to pick which LSU freshman would be able to contribute the most routines, how many of you would have selected Finnegan?

Tsk tsk tsk, it’s after the scheduled start time. Come on, people.

We’re hearing about what a great meet Georgia had last weekend. It’s nice how a result completely changes the outlook of a meet isn’t it? That meet was a disaster until Florida threw it back to them.

Broussard – VT – excellent power and height – hop back and looses her knees but pretty well controlled – not a large hop.

Priessman suffered “an injury” in warmup. Uh oh.

Savona – UB – good legs together on shap but loses her leg form on her bail pretty clearly – tkatchev is caught – short final handstand – couldn’t see the landing because Jay was right in the way. Thanks Jay. Looked fine. Kupets does not like Savona’s tkatchev height.

Vaculik – VT – pretty short this time – pikes down as usual, but also a lunge forward – won’t be a big score.

Hambrick – UB – good counter on Ray – nice following handstand and excellent finishing position on full turn – pace forward on tuck full and a small leg issue on her bail, but very clean overall.

Marino – VT – Great stick on her 1.5 – and looked like better leg extension than usual, at least from this angle – some bend but not as extreme – a little off line but one of her best vaults.

Cannamela – UB – Solid tkatchev and good handstand in the bail – just a quiver – nice amplitude and a small step on very high tuck full – she has Sloan feet in her tkatchev, but she should be in this lineup.

Snead – VT – lovely full, great distance, but does bounce back – she struggles to control the vault because she really should be doing a 1.5 at full strength, but not a large hop this time.

Wyrick – UB -misses opening tkatchev – she did look a little rusty right from the start – not as precise in those handstands and then couldn’t catch.

Let’s not overlook that time Melissa accidentally called DD “doody.”

Rogers – VT – DTY! She did it! She was not letting Gnat do the first DTY in Stegman – hops back, won’t score as high as Gnat probably, but excellent and not much different landing control than her 1.5, so go for it.

Finnegan – UB – gorgeous Ray – short on a handstand in there – great body position on bail – just tight on a couple hs – step back on DLO – lovely form throughout, just a couple moments of tightness.

Jay – VT – Just a small hop forward on 1.5 – otherwise her exact usual vault. This is a good comeback rotation for Georgia, better landings than the last couple weeks.

Zamardi – UB – good first hs – a little leg break on the shap and pak but good rhythm and easily connected – nice hs – catches on khorkina – small hop on double arabian – good, also a couple places to take, but they got through and dropped the fall.

After 1: Georgia 49.425, LSU 49.200
Georgia will be happy with that rotation. Got some Georgia scoring in there and had just the one stick from Marino, but it was a season-best vault from her, Jay did a strong 1.5, and of course the Brittany Rogers DTY. They’ll take it, certainly. The one question in the lineup right now is Vaculik because the extreme piking is pretty much always going to make that the dropped score even when she sticks, which she can.

LSU OK on bars. Wyrick looked rusty, but she’ll get there. They didn’t have to count her fall, but everyone gave away bits and pieces here and there. No major mistakes, but some tight handstands from a couple people and not enough sticks to expect 9.9s. It was a very 9.850 rotation, and that’s pretty much how it ended up. Opened the door for Georgia to take that vital lead heading to TERRORBEAM.

Cannamela – VT – pretty good position kept on her full – slightly short and a step – not the most distance

Vaculik – UB – nice high piked tkatchev – leg break on bail but does well to hold on and not arch – steps back on tuck full and a couple short handstands in there, though. A little tighter than her usual showing but not a problem.

Ewing – VT – hops forward on 1.5, but good power and direction, will be a big score – not much to take at all except the landing – and I like her early in the lineup to push up those scores.

Cherrey – UB – High Ray with Sloan feet – pikes a little on her bail – short on final handstand – small hop on whipped out DLO.

Finnegan – VT – lovely full – pretty significant step back, but just a step not a hop – opens out of it and of course keeps her body position throughout.

Snead – UB – lovely first handstand and toe point – hits tkatchev – small leg quiver on bail but toe point and precise – had a high DLO but does pull it down and hops forward, so gave away a bit there but the strongest of the three so far.

Macadaeg – VT – lands short on her full with a lunge forward and then another step to salute – not the dynamics of the top fulls in the lineup. Probably will want to drop that.

Schick – UB – excellent first hs – nice catch on tkatchev and hits piked jaeger as well – good rhythm – keeps legs together on bail, best handstands so far – really tried to stick that DLO, but couldn’t hold it and ended up with a pretty huge hop forward which will take away the score. Pretty big landing deduction there.

Hambrick – VT – another beautiful vault but an uncharacteristically large bounce back on her landing – she’s usually more controlled than that.

Jay – UB – solid and secure bail – shush is pulled around and caught – STICKS DLO 1/1 – nailed that routine – some feet as always, and I saw one early borderline handstand but she killed that dismount and it will be an excellent score.

Gnat – VT – Well she made a point of beating Rogers in BATTLE DTY – excellent, but a very very small hop and the usual leg crossity business. Will still easily break 9.9

Rogers – UB – stalders so lovely obviously – gorgeous Ricna to pak combo – great legs – hits that shap 1/2 – sticks DLO – she did miss that one handstand before the dismount, but no question this should be a 9.950. Amazing. And it gets it. Pained Kupets to acknowledge that missed handstand, but it’s true. GREAT two final routines for UGA.

We just keep hearing about a Priessman injury that hit the team in the gut. But what was it? What’s the prognosis?

After 2: Georgia 98.675, LSU 98.475
Georgia did what was necessary in the first two rotations. The first few bars routines were not ideal, too many form breaks and giving away too much on those dismounts, but Jay and Rogers were both exceptional and saved a perfectly fine rotation score with their 9.9s, allowing Georgia to just outpace LSU’s bars score.

On vault, LSU did not really bring the landings today and couldn’t have expected higher scores. Gnat was obviously the class of the rotation and did the same work as Jay and Rogers to save the score. Ewing was also excellent on her 1.5, but not enough control landing those fulls. A number of them incurred full tenths on those landings, or at least should have.

NCAA Gym News telling us on twitter that Priessman had to be carried off the floor by medical staff after getting injured in warmups. Oh dear.

[Death Star sound effects] Georgia goes to beam.

A feature on that statue of Suzanne. “It truly honors the team.” Yeah. Mmhmm. The team.

WHAT? Did the SEC Network just acknowledge Marsden and his 10 national titles??? I’m stunned.

Vaculik – BB – good switch to split 1/4 – high amplitude on loso series and secure – clean walkover to beat jump – she’s working slowly but more confidently – very small check on side somi but fine – comfortable full turn – side aerial to full with hop back – excellent beginning. 9.825. Which is like a 10 for Georgia on beam this year.

Ewing – FX – Starting floor with the customary butt closeup – slides forward on her front 2/1 this time, usually very controlled – excellent amplitude on front full to lay, does not archily whip the lay around like so many do – switch side and popa good – controlled double pike – jsut the slide early, otherwise very strong

Jay – BB – normal full turn this time, fine and easy – fluid side aerial – very solid kickover front to bhs – tight on switch leap and short back leg – shush to hip circle of death – sticks 1.5 – two for two excellent routines so far.

Hambrick – FX – wonderful DLO, great landing chest position and control – 2.5 to front tuck, nice twisting form – good split full and wolf full as well, she’s nailing this, until a bounces back on her double pike – will still be a good score –

Rogers – BB – “really looking for that nice hit routine” – oh yeah? – walkover to wolf is fluis – hits switch 1/2 as well – solid bhs 1/1 as well – holds the loso series very well not to give away a check even though she was off like – almost drops on her bhs 3/4 to stag but holds it as well, pushes it up and it’s fine – small hop on 1.5 dismount – will be another big one. Three for three. Do we dare jinx this? A lot of pent up scores the judges have been saving on beam.

Finnegan – FX -1.5 through to 2.5 is well performed, small slide but the girl can twist, obvi – holds onto her double tuck landing, keeps the front foot down – no trouble hitting those turning switch leap positions – AHHHH – short on double pike and hands down. Sad times now…

Babalis – BB – aerial to immediate loso series – check but fine – a little short on switch back leg this time – another check on kickover front – sticks punch front full dismount – a couple moments of nervousness, but will still be a very usable score and is perfectly fine – and gets a 9.875. OK…

Kelley – FX – much better control on DLO this time – her usual high and controlled one for a skill that should be quite easy for her because McKenna Kelley – slides a bit on middle pass but not too extreme – lack on control on dance element series, bouncy and short on split – small slide on double back but the tumbling was much better, just not the dance.

Broussard – BB – comfortable loso series – switch and straddle 1/4 is fine – secure on side aerial to split – sticks gainer full – FIVE HIT BEAM ROUTINES YOU GUYS

Wyrick – FX – “she’s kind of like a nerve pain” – controlled landing on her full in – 1/2 to layout to 1/2 is a series I like – could keep a straighter body – straddle elements are OK – slides back on double tuck – but fine.

Box – BB – secure tuck jump full – swims her arms on the loso series – solid on switch and straddle 3/4 – bend at the waist on her walkover – she doesn’t even have to be good this time, so she’s the one who wobbles – step on 1.5 but SIX HIT BEAM – IT’S A VALENTINE’S MIRACLE.

Gnat – FX – high DLO, secure landing, great – 2.5 to front tuck is stronger this time as well, doesn’t travel as much, more composed – just crossed legs in twisting – dance elements fine – small hop forward on double pike, nearly amazing but just the smallest bit short –

Danna is pretending like she’s not jumping out of her skin about that beam rotation.

After 3: Georgia 148.100, LSU 147.750
Georgia hit beam, and we all knew if Georgia hit beam they would have a great shot at this. Now a lead going into home floor and the pressure on LSU heading to finish on beam. Both teams still on track for a strong score, but Georgia on track for a massive, massive score now. LSU just lacking the 9.9s from people who aren’t Gnat. Small mistakes except for the Finnegan fall, but mistakes nonetheless that you can’t afford on the road against a hitting team.

Most significantly for Georgia, it wasn’t just six hit beam routines but six good hit beam routines. For the most part. So much closer to capability.

Apparently Mary Beth Box is “closing in on a perfect 10 on floor.” OK. Now that that’s been decided.

We were just told that Brittany Rogers is a 2016 Olympian. You know the Olympics haven’t happened yet, right?

Macadaeg – BB – lovely switch and switch 1/2 – girl can split – nice walkover – she’s looking very Kathy Johnson moan so far – fluid and elegant loso series – sitcks gainer full – yes you did -9.925 in the leadoff and honestly deserved

Snead – FX – whip through to double tuck with a slide back – rudi to split jump, twisting form is precise – wolf full and straddle full – another large bounce out of double pike and OOB, not able to take advantage of starting the scores high with that showing. How the hell was that still a 9.700

Hambrick – BB – beautiful L turn – almost a correction on side aerial but choreography out of it – splits are no trouble – high loso and secure – sticks 2/1 – two great beam routines –

Babalis – FX – great control on whip double back – good tj and split jump, hitting 180 – large lunge out of her front full “slight hop” will hurt the score – small bounce on double pike but the middle pass is a shame –

Cannamela – BB – check on full turn – secure on loso series – hits switch and straddle 1/4, they’re not as extended as the first two, but few are – wobble on loso as well – small step on 1.5. Good day for her, coming off a poor day the last time she competed multiple events –

Rogers – FX – pretty secure on the double arabian this time, just a small hop and not an angle to judge the position – 1.5 to layout under control, just whipped around a tad – “each one of them have a little…hand pound” – secure double pike as well – she is pulling floor together – best of the rotation so far – 9.875. 39.625 AA score.

Ewing – BB – check on 2ft layout but small – a bit crooked on her switch side as usual but not too extreme – good loso to straddle 1/4 – short 1.5, missed one foot but got it around – short with a step back – would have been a great score until –

Marino – FX – this is the day of strong DLOs, another great one, controlled landing – splits medium-OK – 1.5 to lay is very strong, stays perfectly straight in that layout – small slide back on double pike.

Finnegan – BB – triple wolf – can’t get it all the way around, ends it at 2.5 by stopping her leg against the beam – use of beam to avoid fall? – lovely switch obviously – hits side somi well – side aerial to full is stuck – excellent – we’ll see what they do with the wolf – Yeah 9.675.

Box – FX – great high double pike, just a tad lacking in control – 1.5 to layout with controlled step this time, no issue with that one – good leap amplitude in those straddles – her double tuck is gigantic, if you can’t stick with that air…

Gnat – BB – check on walkover to beat jump – wouldn’t give that connection – good switch to straddle 1/4 this time – best switch side on the team – huge break on loso series and falls. Wow. LSU will still get a good score but could have had a better one in spite of the loss but counting two sub9.8 scores on beam. Finishing 196.800. Fine, but they’ll expect 197s.

Jay – FX – bounce on full out, but much improved chest position from sometimes – 2.5 to lay is strong- she cheats that wolf position every time – half to full looked under control enough – still great routine and will get a big score.Still 9.925.

FINAL: Georgia 197.525 – LSU 196.800
The headline here is that Georgia hit beam, and it was the most impressive of the four rotations for them in this meet (I KNOW), and LSU had small errors throughout until beam when the bigger errors cropped up. Cannamela with some breaks and Finnegan having to prop herself on the beam to avoid a fall. Georgia the better team today, and showing why they’re a legitimate pick for Super Six.

LSU still yet to get a road 197. Four tries left, though.

Big weekend for Georgia and Auburn so far.

See you again for the later Pac-12 meets. We’ve got more to enjoy. Maybe. Shouldn’t go so far as “enjoy” yet.


PART 2! Grab your shots of adrenaline and therapy dog collections because it’s time for the Pac-12!

Almost. Like 20 minutes away. We start with Utah/Washington and a side dollop of Stanford/Arizona.

On a scale of 1 to EVERYTHING I HAVE, how much does Tabitha Yim want to beat Stanford?

In the commercial for the UCLA/Oregon St. meet, Oregon State’s highlight was Dani Dessaints, a gymnast who is out for the season. Sort of telling.

Team A: Jim, Amanda, and Greg is on the Stanford/Arizona meet, the one that isn’t nationally televised, which is interested.

They’re looking back on Utah/UCLA – how do you not include Sophina’s routine in the highlights?

Burleson on only bars for Washington after calf pull.

“She coached Tabitha Yim way back in the day.” That does not count as way back in the day.

Rowe – VT – pretty big hop back on full – soft knees as well – but a definite .100+ hop back.

Goings – UB – close a bit on tkatchev  – late full turn – nice straddle back – very short on final handstand – step back on tuck full – handstands will be the biggest deduction in that – short on both kch.

Lopez – VT – maybe the best vault I’ve seen from her – off line on her full with a small slide back – pikes as well, but she’s not usually a high-scoring vaulter – or vaulter at all.

Burleson – UB – great first hs – high but close tkatchev – very clean bail – loses her elbows in some elements – leg break on giant full and a lunge forward –

Lewis – VT – also off line on her full – a little low in the landing and a hop back, fine but Utah getting stuck around the 9.8 mow mid level early –

Switching gears to Rice on bars for Stanford – just nailed her jaeger and a her bail – great form on both – nice finish position on giant full – it was great until the dismount – double back with about a thousand steps back –

Stuck DLO for Nesis for Washington. Saw a missed hs in there, but great dismount –

Partyka – VT – best direction of the group so far, but a larger hop back than Lopez or Lewis – more dynamic and better distance. Still 9.850 even though a full tenth hop.

Schaeffer – UB – pauses in full turn but keeps it going – then goes over on handstand extra swing – also loses her legs on the bail, they’ll need to drop this score.

The Stanford/Arizona meet thinks that closeups of the bars themselves during release moves is cool. It isn’t.

Hughes – VT – pretty good 1.5 from her this time – mushy knees and a hop in place, but the scores are a bit high, so this should join them. Everyone is about a half tenth too high.

Maxwell – UB – Stanford – good extension throughout – one of her best routines for the team – sticks double back –

Edwards lands a bit short on her full for Arizona but holds the landing well to give up minimal hopping.

Delaney – VT –  great amplitude and distance obviously – chest medium – small quiver of the feet –

Price – UB – excellent toe shap to hit circle – church to bail is precise – sticks DLO – pretty magnificent routine, let’s ee what they do with it -9.975 – I would have been fine with a 10.

Northey with a great stick on her tuck full bars dismount.

Hong – UB – tkatchev is getting better than her elite days – better counter – she missed a handstand in there – but otherwise the leg form is Ivana Hong so doesn’t need to be described – two very tiny steps on DLO landing.

Utah 49.250 – Washington 48.875

Stanford 49.300 – Arizona 49.050

Price gives Stanford the best rotation score to start the evening with that tremendous 9.975. Utah looked fine on vault, got the benefit in a few cases by .050. Just the one basically-stuck-but-not-really from Delaney, otherwise the landings will still need to come along. Lopez emerges another usable option to help depth.

Arizona breaks 49 on vault, which has been a struggle event at times. Washington foreced to count too many 9.7s for their precision and capability on bars.

The judge who gave Ebee a 9.950 on bars has a rating of “Unknown.” Just saying.

Lopez vault score adjusted down to 9.800 from 9.825, which makes sense because it was masically identical to Lewis, who got 9.800.

Goings – VT – good control on full – step back but solid power and distance – a little piking –

Partyka – UB – fine first hs – high jaeger but feet in places – curling her toes over to emphasize, but not really pointed – solid bail but a lunge back on the DLO –

Liddle – VT – handspring pike front with a great landing – could have stuck but just stepped a bit – good power, controlled landing again – nice piked position, should still score pretty well.

Lewis – UB – good finish position on full turn – high enough  tkatchev – keeps her legs through the bail – handstands close enough, one borderline – loses her legs on the DLO dismount and a hop back.

Northey – VT – Another strong full – small hop in place but another strong landing – not huge distance, but not weak either – Washington getting it on vault so far.

Schwab – UB – excellent first handstand – a bit close on her tkatchev catch but things always look tight from this angle at Utah – brilliant bail and all the handstands precise – sticks double back – will be a big score 9.925.

Yacalis – VT – Hops back on that one but does well to control to make it not too extreme – off to the side as well, but good dynamics and chest position on landing.

Lopez – UB – late on full turn this time – excellent height on tkathev – clean bail and hitting handstands very precisely – almost sticks DLO but hop forward – these are big score for Utah but ate stuck landings away from being great scores once again.

Stowe – VT – not as strong as previous vaults – not as much distance and a large hop back.

Price – VT – hugely huge full obviously, but does keep a piked position and stepped to the side – she’s not happy with that vault – she can do much better.

Hughes on bars almost sticks her tuck full with a step/salute

Washington is already over 49 on vault (!) so they won’t sixth vault.

Chuang – VT – well she’s doing a full now – very piked, short landing with a hop to the side/

Rowe – UB – very precise full turn – tkatchev – clean legs through bail – hits handstands – hop back on DLO – solid, but they were ready to give her a huge score for a stick. Still could be huge, clean routine, best pirouette finishing position on the team. Weird judge split. 9.850/9.700? Not sure what the 9.700 judge saw. 9.850 seems fair to me. Ends with 9.775, the lowest score of the rotation. That was not the weakest routine in that rotation.

Stanford 98.500 – Arizona 98.000

Utah 98.500 – Washington 97.950

Good vault rotation from Washington, really nailed the majority of those landings and making a bars/beam team look much more competitive. The problem is just that they have four solid vaults and will have to count a least one low score, at least right now. Score could have been much better. Utah was precise and gave away little on bars, but needed more clearly stuck dismounts to get any higher. Very February, on the right track but not postseason level yet.

Big 49.200 for Stanford on vault, showing actually five competitive vaults this time. Score for Chuang was bizarrely high, but it was dropped so we can decide not to notice. And that was with Price having a weak vault by her standards. Now Stanford to floor, which will be the moment of truth.

Edwards – Ariz – BB – She gets my attention right now in this rotation because she’s Shelby Edwards/ a little slow connection her walkover to bhs and loses her knee a bit in bhs, but she still has an attitude turn and is lovely – secure kickover front – check on stag after switch and beat – punch tuck front full and stuck – not her most greatestest, but OK start.

Schaeffer – Wash – FX – bounces back and slides out of double back – front full to a pulled around layout -very nice double pike

Chuang shows some uncontrolled landings for Stanford on floor – short on double pike with a lunge – 1.5 to lay final pass was better but double pike will hurt score.

Hughes – BB – pulls up quickly on her loso series not to give away a wobble – small correction on switch + split 3/4 – side aerial to full with a small slide – also a bit piked in the full – but just littler errors here and there – nothing major.

Liddle – FX – very good control on double pike, low chest – short on splits on these leaps – front lay to front full with a slide – low on double back as well but just a medium step forward.

Much better landings from Frowein on floor, better control – the leaps are a struggle for her, but gave away less on every pass than those 9.6s we’ve seen.

Lopez – BB – solid opening straddle 1/4, good height and position – works well through loso series – holds onto low punch front into wolf jump, no wobble though slightly off line – hop back on 2/1 but will be strong score.

Mills – Ariz – BB – all style – good switch and stag combo – side somi is well done and secure – step forward on gainer full. Miss a connection? Gets 9.725.

Daum – FX – secure double pike – whips around layout out of 1.5 – pulls it around but short with a stumble – splits are not really 180ish enough for my taste – low chest on double back but controlled.

Delaney – BB – high loso series but no chance to save it – way off line and falls – straddle and tuck jump full very nice – secure gainer loso but another check on wolf jump – sticks gainer full. Final two working against fall.

Cindric – BB – Ariz – good switch and split to open – check on loso series but nice legs – smooth full turn – control side aerial – sheep is relatively sheepish –

Rowe – BB – a little short on straddle 1/4 position – just a tad tight – solid on loso three series – nice full turn – does exceptionally well to save her kickover front but does wobble back and forth to save it which will show up in the score hop on 1.5. 9.850 to make up for bars.

Rice – FX -slide back on double pike – fanning herself because she hawt, you guys – half to front full is secure, legs a bit but not extreme – solid switch ring and straddle position – very short on double tuck final pass with a lunge – that’s been the story for her on floor so far this year. Time until April. Still gets 9.825?

Stover – BB – wobble on walkover bends at the waist – better on loso series – strong switch and straddle combo – ring jump is quite nice – secure on kickover front, pulling it together after an early error – sticks gainer full –

Price – FX – fab DLO, small hop forward, but control and great landing position – strong straddles – not digging this choreo – slides a bit out of layout and full pass, a bit lack of control – exccellen double back, will be huge score.

Huge 49.300 for Washington on floor. Remember when Washington’s strengths were bars and beam?

Stanford putting Spector last on floor because her double arabian is a question, but better this time, well controlled landing and will be a very useful pass in time – a little lack of control on middle pass, but otherwise will be very useful score. 9.925.

Utah 147.600 – Washington 147.250
Washington shaping up to get a very helpful score with a hit beam. Utah endured beam, but no one has an ideal routine.

Stanford floor scores went high, certainly, but another very important rotation for this team’s development. TWO PEOPLE WITH E PASSES. And no major errors, lots of strides made in landing control. And then Taylor Rice has a weak one and still gets 9.825. Arizona also hanging around 196 pace after a bunch of 9.8s on beam. All the teams performing pretty well so far. No messes.

Stanford 147.750 – Arizona – 147.125

Rose – Wash – BB – jump to split mount – nice walkover to bhs, pulls the connection through quick enough to avoid a wobble – wobble on y spin and a bit cheated on position – strong switch – secure side aerial – low on side aerial to full landing with a step forward.

Merrell – FX – front 2/1 to front tuck – a bit leg crossed byu controls – 2.5 to front tuck – so we know the girl can twist into front tucks – secure landing on rudi – twistathon but her best tumbling landings so far.

Yacalis – BB – front tuck mount! Automatic meet victory – solid – jerky in her bhs loso series but secure – little short on switch leap and then wobble on back tuck – hop on 1.5.

McNair BB – Stanford – very smooth loso series – solid on side somi as well – strong on side aerial – very good straddle position on straddle 1/4 – small hop on 2/1 very good start –

Lewis – FX – She has figured out her double pike – larger step forward out of her front full in the middle pass, would prefer a smaller step to show true control – a bit crooked in her straddle dance combo – very floaty double tuck under control. Good one. 9.925. O….K….

Stowe – BB – also does walkover to bhs as her series – small pause in it but fine – another small correction in switch to straddle 1/4 series but she’ll get credit for it – step back on gainer pike dismount

Stover – FX – She does floor? slide forward out of front 2/1 – also on front full – better final pass.

Rice – BB – large wobble on sheep jump with leg up – making it rain — yeah, making it rain deductions (he says with love) – solid on kickover front – holds onto the loso series without allowing her foot to go up – sticks gainer full.

Duranczyk – BB – very short and low on loso series and falls – tight in most of her leaps, not really hitting a high or extended position – hop forward on 1.5.

Delaney – FX – high double back first pass with good chest position – wolf 1.5 is all the way around – high popa as well, very nice dance elements –

Hong – BB – casually the most perfect thing – wobbles on onodi and breaks connection into bhs – another very small adjustment on loso series but wonderfully high and extended – full turn – split + real sheep dance combo – sticks gainer pike – a bit tight early with a couple smaller corrections

Edwards – FX – Ariz – just a small bounce on double pike – double attitude turn, just falls out a little bit its’ a double attitude – lunges forward out of front pike middle pass and final pass, just needs a bit more control, but still all the style

Schwab – FX – they’re setting her up for huge – but she does bounce and slide on opening double pike – better on 1.5 to layout, and good twisting position – small hop on 2.5. Still 9.925. OK. That’s creative.

Price – BB – corrects a tad coming out of walkvoer – perfectly solid bhs layout 2ft series – another correction on full turn – a bit tight on switch, good split jump – stick or near stick on double pike –

There is a trend suddenly starting today on the Pac-12 Network of really unhelpful closeups during routines. The amount of closeups we want during routines is none. I don’t care what your face looks like. Also, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.

Hughes – FX – good control on double pike – nice rise on layout out of 1.5 as well – sticks double tuck – one of her best floor routines. 9.975. Of course. Obligatory anchor position 10 for a perfectly normal routine that would have received 9.850 if it were the leadoff, but it’s last so…IT MUST BE THE PERFECTEST AND DESERVE THE HIGHEST SCORE.

Washington finishes 196.250, very useful road score. Will help the ranking a ton. Should be proud of this performance.

Daum – BB – tight on loso series and has a check but holds – comfortable full turn – a little short on switch and split – wobble on side aerial as well – hop on 1.5. Got through, but deductions.

FINAL: Utah 197.125 – Washington 196.250

 Stanford will need to drop Daum’s 9.6, but it’s already a strong team total.

Sisler nails her final 2/1 to front tuck – was short on a double back in there, but otherwise solid.

“The Arizona fans still think they have a shot to win this thing…”

Chuang – BB -very solid loso series – switch leap is nowhere close and really shouldn’t even get credit, back leg was closer to vertical than horizontal – off to the side on side aerial, large bend at the waist but stays on – cat + gainer full is stuck.

Schneider – FX – the concept of sound breaks, no music – small slide on double pike – front lay to front full – hits switch side and popa – sticks double tuck final pass, low chest

I love all these other schools and commentators throughout the weekend trying to be all, “Well SHE also has an exiting, crowd-pleasing routine! It’s not just Sophina! So, you should maybe…” and it’s like, no.

Schneider is getting a .10 neutral overtime deduction, which is bullshit for a music malfunction. Also one went 9.750 and one went 9.900.

Kennedy Schneider is getting equipment malfunction? And will get to go again? What is life?

Yeah, let’s definitely not show this exhibition even though we haven’t gone to commercial.

No equipment malfunction now? No routine again? PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER.

WHAT IS HAPPENING. So I guess, final score Stanford 196.650 – Arizona 196.150. Bizarre ending to the meet, but at the end, a useful score for both teams. Arizona needed to go over 196, and Stanford needed to show improvement on vault and floor. Both happened.

Short break until UCLA!

“The buzz all week was internet sensation Sophina DeJesus.” Here we go.

Already time for UCLA. Push through. Push through. Second wind.

Broadcast team is Sam Peszek and some guy who isn’t Evan.

YEOUCH. Mossett had an injury on her pak salto in warmup – missed her hand and broke her everything, so she’s out.

Are we supposed to not laugh during the UCLA candle ceremony shot? Because I can’t. I just can’t. Oh, I could so never be a UCLA gymnast. I’m way too snarky for that business.

Francis – VT – Nush is doing the AA! “Danusia Franklin” No. not bad – secure landing, very low chest and crazy legs on her block, but where has this been for 3.5 years?

M Colussi-Pelaez – great jaeger and toe point – leg break on bail – almost stuck her DLO, probably should have but took a couple small steps adjusting to salute.

Meraz – VT – Better open on her full – sticks, or near sticks – leg break in the air and not much distance but good start.

Khamedoost – UB – leg break on shap and her elbows collapse a bit catching bail but solid toe point throughout – one short handstand – great stick on DLO.

Honest – VT – Also sticks her full – UCLA brought the landings today, and better distance than Meraz, so let’s see where the score goes. 9.900. Here we go.

S Colussi-Pelaez – UB – flat tkatchev but caught and very short of vertical on her bail handstand – great final handstand – hop forward on DLO, but tiny.

Cipra – VT – Cipra couldn’t keep the stick streak going because obviously, but best body position in the lineup so far, hop back is only significant deduction.

Gardiner – UB – good shap to bail combo, small leg break – a little pause through the stalder and then small hop on double back with not a ton of amp –

Preston – VT – medium hop back on full, good direction and form, best dynamics and distance on the team  – 9.900 for a non-stuck full. OK.

Jacobsen – a bit tight on first handstand, but nice counter on tkatchev, connected to overhsoot – large lunge forward on double front and had a couple borderline handstands in there

Bynum – VT – small step forward on her yurchenko arabian – still a bit off line, will get a big score because scores started a bit high and just kept getting higher.

McMillan – UB – solid jaeger into overshoot combo – best leg form and handstands so far – high DLO and stuck – excellent routine – needs a big score.

UCLA goes 49.350 on vault, which flatters a rotation with five fulls and an arabian, but this way by a million miles UCLA’s best vault rotation of the year. Landings were much more competitive. Though they can’t really expect to get 9.900s for full regularly.

UCLA 49.350 – Oregon State 49.225
McMillan’s bars was the highlight of that first rotation and got a deserved 9.925. Oregon State has had some issues here and there on bars, and by issues I mean 9.6s, so that was encouraging. Minor errors in all of the first four routines, but nothing significant or repetitive.

Val on Sophina’s routine: She didn’t understand it or this new-fangled internet thing. There’s never been anything like it ever.

Singley – VT – hop back on full – quite piked

Francis – UB – good first hs – legs TOGETHER on shap – small leg quiver on bail – good amp on shoot – hop back on double pike – where has the stick gone?

Jacobsen – VT – Kaz – off to the side, pikes, and a hop back, but pretty good distance for a Kaz in WAG.

Dennis – UB – She was great in exo that time, so nice to see her in. pretty goof finish on full and great legs on gienger – pretty close to great handstands – almost had a great routine there, then her legs turned to mush on her double back and she took 1500 steps – a la Anna Li vault finals 2010.

Ricci – VT – better height on her full, also some piking, though, and a larger hop back than her teammates.

Meraz – UB – borderline first hs – legs apart on bail – better final hs – flat tkatchev but catches – small hop on DLO – fine.

Khamedoost – VT – just a tuck back no turn – whaaaaaaaaaa? Sam observes that heels didn’t fully hit the springboard so she couldn’t vault. Stayed safe and didn’t try.

Metcalf – UB – leg break on shap – connected well onto bail, better legs on bail – good height and counter on shoot – cowboys double front like WHOA but sticks – short handstands in there, one or two – scores going pretty fancy, so it should still score well.

Jimenez – VT – good distance on full – large pace back – some piking and legs on the block will also hurt the score.

Honest – UB – good height on tkatchev – very short on following handstand – solid straddle back – missing hs in here though – low chest and nearly Sophina’s her tuck full – hops forward – and toes.

Gardiner – VT – best full of the group – best control, small hop forward, good distance and direction.

UCLA just a little blah and 9.825 on bars so far. Need a good one from Sophina.

DeJesus – UB – daaaaaaammmmmnnn – she just reverse Shaylaed – misses her hands on her hecht mount – can’t grab high and falls. Will have to count the Dennis 9.725. Stars again – nice finish on full turn, usual gienger – pikes her bail a bit – better handstands – sticks tuck full – great after the fall, would have been a huge score.

Just a 49.075 on bars for UCLA will keep this from being a huge meet score, but the two best events for them still to come. Oregon State perfectly fine on vault but didn’t have the landings or overall difficulty for a much better score.

After 2: UCLA 98.425, Oregon State 98.200
Sophina got a 9.400 with a fall. Just so you know.

Baseball has a rule that you can’t visit the mount twice in a row without a pitch being thrown. Gym needs a rule that you can’t have two consecutive commercial breaks without a routine being shown.

Nicki Shapiro in the beam lineup! What is this life?

Gerber – BB -hits wolf turn – solid walkover to beat – check on loso series – another on the switch – does beat to stag to get her dance combo – holds side somi well – actually sticks the gainer full – good, a couple checks, but good.

Jacobsen – FX – chestishly low on double pike but secure – just pulls around that 1.5 layout but had to bend – 2.5 looked a bit underrotated, and a gotta pee step to the side.

Meraz – BB – very secure three series into loso – secure switch 1/2 as well – switch and straddle – very good full turn – step forward, pretty big, on 1.5 – great until then, one of her best on the beam itself

Ricci – FX – punch rudi and travels 150 miles on her loso, but solid, love it – lands her double pike in half but secure – split and wolf are fine -couldn’t punch out of her 1.5, sits down her front tuck.

Shapiro – BB – This should be interesting – wobble on three series to loso but not too big – good switch and plit – long pause into side aerial and full dismount, stuck. Good debut – looked worried and took some big pauses, and a couple skills looked clunky, but hit and no big errors. 9.900. Someone is going to be a Val story, and someone is going to stay in this lineup.

Perez – FX – Important life experience to watch – low chest on double pike but secure – good straddle and wolf positions – falls out of triple turn just a bit – front full to half to straddle shush, short but connects out of it – a bit ragged in a couple tumbling skills, and underrotates from full out of 1.5, so won’t be her highest score.

DeJesus – BB – good walkover to back tuck, no wobble, but a bit tentative – very secure kickover front to bhs, just wish she were faster in these combos – switch to shush – attitude and a half (the skill, and her) – gainer front full and stuck. One of her best beams of the year. 9.975. Mmmhmm. What do we think she would have received under normal circumstances?

Radermacher – FX – Her mom passed away recently, so let’s get a heavy closeup of her face to see if she’s crying. front double full to punch front – good twisting form a bit of a hop – 2.5 exibits same twisting form, it’s the strength of her routine – front full to front tuck is comfortable as well.

Peng – BB – FLARES (not flairs) – great switch and split – falls on 2ft layout series again. Oh Peng. Peng Peng Peng. It’s still a problem. And now almost falls on her double turn. “this is extremely unusual for Peng” – is it though? UCLA can’t afford her falling.

Gardiner – FX – solid 2.5, controlled step and bit of crossed legs – if that was intended to be a wolf full it was under, but good popa before it – I like her attitude turn directly into regular turn – short on double pike with a lunge.

Peng got a negative four, so huge Nush routine now.

Francis – BB – good walkover to beat jump as always – very sure on loso series – switch and split no trouble – y spin is in control but not particularly high on the Y position this time, no real problem – side aerial to layout full and stuck. Well, if you gave Sophina a 9.975…

9.950. 10 from one judge. 9.900 from the other. Eyes. Do you have them? Or are you just judging attention.

McMillan – FX – She’s back on floor! Front double full is controlled – comfortable in all this tumbling – pulls around her twisting splits, but the position looked good – back spin because you can – punch front rudi is also landed very securely. Great routine. Like she never left.

UCLA – 147.925 – Oregon St. 147.275 
UCLA should be well well into the 197s today, especially if home floor. Really interested to see home floor because scores didn’t go particularly high for OSU on floor. Not unfairly low, just sane.

Jimenez – BB – hits kickover front – low on loso series but holds securely, just a bit tight on most skills so far – rises on her straddle 3/4 but a wobble – does have a little break between switch and straddle 1/4 – gainer pike with a hop

Meraz – FX – bounces way back on her double pike mount – stayed in? – still bounced a ton – front lay to front full to pike is much better – splits and straddle 180s are hit – low chest on double pike but stuck.  9.850. It begins…

MCP – BB – pause on her switch to stag combo – and a break on stag – solid on loso series – loses her back leg on walkover but secure – “Sometimes they’re under the beam” “That sounds normal.” LOL Sam. Short on full landing out of side aerial, low chest with hop.

Preston – FX – yes, her floor routine is creepy. That’s what I like about it, except for “ass, ass, ass” after the second pass – front through to double back with minor adjustment – bouncy on her straddles combo but amazing position – slides back too far after double pike, though Meraz got a 9.850 and had less control, so…

SCP – BB – split and stag, small adjustment after stag – large wobble on loso series, bend at the waist – side aerial to stuck full.

Francis – FX – whip through to double back, some of her best control on this one and not too too low in the chest this time – crossover step out of 2.5 – great 180 – low chest on double pike with a smaller slide, but will be a big score, we know.

Danusia is doing a championship run through the crowd after her routine because why not? Oh UCLA.

Perez – BB -solid walkover – wobble on loso series with the leg up – lovely style as always – huge huge huge break on her switch, stays on but very large break, just rushed right through it – sticks gainer full, but will be low score after an already lower score from SCP.

DeJesus – FX – Here we go. The one they’ve been waiting for – punch front double full with step forward – low chest with a hop forward on her double back this time, so not as strong as last time – her L leap is still a little….. – 1.5 to lay to beat to drop split is similar to last week, whips around layout a bit more? – performed well as always, did well to keep herself contained when everyone was waiting for this routine – not as strong as last week, but we’ll see how the judges feel. Still 9.900 because of famous.

McMillan – BB – kickover front to bhs is fine – one-handed walkover to knees is still brillaint – tight on her switch and a bend correction on straddle 1/4 – sticks gainer full.

Cipra – FX – bounces back on double tuck – UCLA not really taking advantage of home floor as much as they could with these pass landings – strong switch ring – 1.5 to 1/2 to straddle to front tuck is very well done, good control not to travel too far – secure double pike, a little folded, but secure and will be another big score.Still gets 9.950 again even with the bounce. Because that’s what you think when you see a bounce like that.

Gardiner – BB – solid wolf to split – two non-horrible wold turns in this meet – check on walkover – another swim on side somi – that’s a shame because this routine should be brilliant – sticks gainer full – will be able to drop Perez’s score.

Bynum – FX – nice control landing that DLO, and pretty solid chest position as well – that pass has gradually but consistently improved – more secure on double back side pass as well, low but no bounce this week – split full is still weakest part of routine – front tuck through to double back, also low chest, small hop this time. Season-high score for UCLA. 9.975. One judge just couldn’t quite drink the Kool-Aid. Oh, home floor.

Don’t worry. Danusia Francis just won the AA.

FINAL: UCLA 197.475, Oregon State 196.125
Not a close meet but still an important score for OSU after some 195s already this season. McMillan was absolutely the highlight and the sooner they get her into full form, the sooner this team starts to become competitive.

Strong meet from UCLA, will be overshadowed by home scoring, but largely beautiful beam and way better vault landings are the positive takeaways here. The inconsistency of Peng’s beam and the sloppiness on bars that will always keep the scores relatively low are the concerns.


34 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – [5] LSU @ [11] Georgia; Washington @ [6] Utah; [16] Oregon State @ [7] UCLA”

  1. Interested to see how the Gymdogs of UGA (not Washington) come out today after their win against Florida in which they home side didn't really have a stellar performance… Will they get a shot of confidence in taking down the Gators to help them stick vault landings and, perhaps hit beam 6-for-6 (don't even care if the scores are in the 9.7s at this point that would be a huge improvement).

    Curious if UGA will have Jay go fifth on vault and Rogers anchor so IF they have a decent score already they'll let Rogers throw her DTY to challenge Gnat…

    Off-topic, sort of: Am I crazy or is it true that Denver will be a de-facto Big 12 team at conference championships this year? I hope so, because that actually puts a tiny teeny bit of pressure on OU to hit all their routines — if the Sooners were to have an off meet Denver could pull an upset, which isn't going to happen with Iowa St. and WVU. This also gives a bit legitimacy to the Big 12 championship if it's true. If only Kansas and Kansas St. had women's gymnastics teams or Texas and TCU.

  2. I'm not watching, but the scores did seem a bit big based off of what you were describing for Georgia on vault. And I agree about Vaculik, she needs a stick to even get a 9.800 with the built-in deductions for her vault. My question is where is Lauren Johnson? Isn't she healthy, they have shown her training. I don't get why she isn't at least doing an exhibition every so often

  3. Those 2 first 9.775s on bars for UGA were too high after watching what scored the same at UK Vs Mizzou last night.

    Wait what Danna says she has a foot fetish for Snead?!?! Maybe she doesn't know what that means.

  4. Well at least she's at the meet and didn't have to be carted off to the hospital… I'm guessing a sprained ankle, how severe who knows — breaks are so much better than sprains for a time line of recovery.

  5. UGA has to GO FOR IT this season to get to/have a great finish at Super Six because once Rogers, Jay and Box graduate they're going to be in huge trouble. None of the others are close to replacing the Big 3 scores and without them who knows how the mental reaction will be from the other athletes who know they can count on the seniors…

  6. Thanks for your live blogging! I don't get SEC+ so appreciate the play-by-play.
    As much as I love Finnegan's wolf turn, it just seems like an unnecessary risk to take at this point given that it's caused her problems twice now this season.

  7. Rebecca, the SECN+ meets (that aren't re-aired on TV) are handled by the universities. ESPN has no control over those. Florida's camera angles last night were the doings of the Florida video team. It was the same with GatorZone.

  8. Seems that Casey Lauter from UNH is injured, she isn't competing tonight. Why is it always the beautiful gymnasts 🙁

  9. and a 9.775 for Lopez… Anyone who says Utah is overscored at home needs to look at these scores.

  10. I don't get the pac 12 meets so I'm not watching but UCLA home scoring is out of control. Like, Florida getting 3 10s in the same meet out of control.

  11. It's not that bad. Vault was a little iffy there. They have been really great on beam. Both Danusia and Sophina earned 9.9+. I think Sophina was a touch high, but she was clean.
    All but Peng had really solid beam routines.

  12. To Anon – How would you know that it's out of control if you're not even watching the meet? Random speculation?

  13. Ah just to clarify, did she do the Nush sideway side aerial, or a regular side aerial (like the one Peng has been doing)? Wasn't really sure from Spencer's description.

  14. Just now watching the Georgia meet. Have to give Georgia credit – they do some of the hardest routines across three events, with slightly more average but still good difficulty on floor. Brittany Rogers's difficulty on UB, VT and BB is incredible, Brandie Jay on all four, and Schick's bars with the two releases… Florida does safe, clean routines (and Oklahoma too) but Danna really lets her team go for it with the difficulty. It's super impressive when they hit.

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