Live from Worlds Day 2 – Men’s and Women’s Qualification

On to day 2, where the men and the women will be sharing the day because of world peace or something. We’ll start with the end of the torn ACL that used to be men’s qualification, then on to the beginning of the women. Newest updates at the top.


Good day for Canada as well. Very strong hits on floor, and a big performance for Black to go into temporary first.

So that’s that. You know, aside from Melnikova’s floor, Russia should be pretty pleased with today. The scores were tough on beam, but warranted, and they’ve been tough for everyone. The scores were not tought on bars, so that makes up for it.

Daries – FX – Oh. A Pirates of the Caribbean routine. That’s new. 2.5 to a punch front that got one inch off the ground. A little short on double front. 2/1, small hop.

Brassart – VT – cleanest full of the Belgian bunch.

El Zeiny – BB – kickover front in elite! Punch front and falls.

Derwael – VT – yfull, large bounce back, some knees

Hermans – VT – fine Yfull – a little mushy, but good.

Olsen into second on vault behind Paseka.

Olsen – VT 2 – Cheng – lands it pretty well – loose knees throughout, but not enough for it to be considered tucked, I’d say.

Olsen – VT 1 – DTY, not the Amanar, but clean should get a good score.

Hussein – BB – switch side – tuck full, fall – BOOO, sad – full turn – side somi, large check – split leap to wolf jump – double pike dismount, hunched over but landed.

Black – VT 2 – Tsuk 1.5, very clean small hop again, straight, good direction, nice

15.066 for ilyankova, so that means Melnikova is 3rd but getting 2-perred out of finals.

Black VT 1 – handspring lay full, that should be layout credit – good vault, hop forward. Excellent day for Ellie. She’ll be our AA leader after day 1, by quite a margin.

Ilyankova – UB – piked hindorff, good – stalder tkatchev to pak to shap to uprise 1/2 to yezhova, lovely – shap 1/2 – tuck full, good landing. Strong rotation for Russia.

15.100 on bars for Eremina. What is this, Russian cup? Bars and beam E scores haven’t even been in the same continent.

Moors – VT 2 – Tsuk 1/1, very clean, comfortable for her. Nice vault.

Eremina – UB – Nabieva to pak to shap 1/2 is good – inbar inbar 1/2 layout jaeger, probably piked – stupid half turn – toe full to tuck full dismount, good one! Solid day.

Moors – VT 1 – lands her first vault, she posted a handpsring lay full, the question will be the lay part.

Melnikova – UB – Shap to pak to shap 1/2, hit – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, hit – toe full – tuck full dismount. So, she actually only had one bad event. It was just RIL bad.


Netzer – VT 2 – Once again, long pause even after the score comes in – Tsuk tuck full.

Netzer – VT 1 – HS front tuck 1/2 vault – was intending to do a layout full but hand slipped (trend) and adjusted at the last minute.

Eksteen – BB – double wolf is fine – 1.5 wolf follows, it’s not fine, grabs the beam to steady herself – switch to sissone – bhs loso, hit – aerial, check – L turn, low leg – split to wolf – 2/1, hop to the side.

Ofir Netzer has been waiting on vautl for 750 minutes, but the previous score is already in, so I don’t understand.

Cummins on beam just did a straight jump from side position – struggles through a switch 1/2 – side aerial with a major break – full turn – split leap to split jump – the E will hit her leaps – 2/1 with a step.

Derwael – FX – switch 1/1 – double pieke, bounce back and OOB – back 1.5 to front full, bounce – double Y to illusion, falls out of the Y a little bit but does connect – double wolf – switch ring – split full, loses her feet a little in these – shortish on double tuck, a lean forward.

El Zeiny – Ub – Shap to pak – toe shap 1/2, caught with leg break – toe 1/2 to jaeger – toe 1/2 short – DLO, stagger forward.

15.000 for the Amanar, for a 14.933 average.

Paseka VT 2 – she will be going for the Amanar – actually good – because of course. Paseka. Nabieva legs on the block, but good direction and a hop forward.

8.866 E score for Paseka’s vault. Sure. Why not?

13.866 for Moors, she’s into second on floor.

Paseka – VT 1 – Skanky-legged Cheng as we expect, but she landed it. I mean, it’s horrifying, but like, not bad.

Moors – FX – Podkopayeva! Not her best, a little chest down with a hop, but still good – front 2/1 to front full to stag – double attitude – split ring full – split jump 1/1 – she’s is a lovely dream – 2.5 to front tuck. Nice.

13.433 for Ellie.

Melnikova – VT 2 – Lopez, lands it half on the mat and half off.

Melnikova – VT 1 – she hit a DTY! Some crazy legs and a bounce back – 14.400, top vault score in the women’s competition so far.

Eremina – VT – Y1.5, solid enough, step, she’s missing the difficulty there

Black – FX – popa – 2.5 through to double tuck like a boss – front 2/1 to front tuck – 3/1 – she’s having one of her best meets ever.

Truong – BB – aerial with a check – back tuck and falls – bhs loso with a check – switch side of some description – side aerial – split jump – lots of checks – switch leap –

Olsen – VT – good double double tuck – split full – front tuck through to double tuck – falls out of double Y so won’t get that – split 1/2 – nailed piked full in – 3/1, small hop. That was basically the best floor routine she has ever done.

Brassart – FX – nice amplitude on a split leap 1/1 – pike full in, lunge back and OOB – front tuck through to double back, a little short – BIRD CALLS SHE IS A PRECIOUS TREASURE – falls out of double L turn – double pike – SHE IS FLAPPING – 2/1. PROTECT HER FOREVER.


Hermans – BB – double wolf, hit – side somi = bhs loso loso, check, mushy knees – ridiculous fall on a turn. Oh Rune – switch to sissone – aerial with a check – side aerial to split jump – 2.5 dismount, small hop back.

Ng Yan Yin – BB – bhs back tuck, large break – switch 1/2, short – straight jump 1/1, that was fun – L turn with a check – side aerial, check at the hips – wolf jump full, falls – switch to split 1/2, not bad – front layout dismount.

Moors – BB – front tuck mount, hit – switch to switch 1/2 – seemed like it was fine, then working out of it had a large wobble and grabbed the beam, Elvira is going to kill her – front handspring  front tuck is excellent – attitude turn – aerial – split ring jump – split leap to side somi, and she falls. Still lovely though. front handspring front 1.5 dismount is awesome.

Kremer falls on opening double pike on floor.

The Melnikova crying shots in the arena are in full force. 11.166 Girl, you know how trash this competition has been? You’re not out of the AA or anything.

Ellie Black hit beam while that Melnikova routine was going on. 28.999 E SCORE YOU GUYS!

Melnikova – FX – double L to double spin, might get credit – double arabian, squats through it but holds it – DLO with a little bounce – falls out of double Y – indeterminate number of wolf turn – INSANE piked full in, and hands down, there’s our girl – that form was cray – sits double pike, yep.

12.800 Eremina.

Onyshko – BB – bhs tuck full, wobble but saves it! y spin is nice – switch split to side aerial to split jump full, breaks some combos in there but well done skills – switch ring and has to grab the beam to keep herself on – aerial, check – switch 1/2, low back leg – split ring jump – split jump sissone, low back leg again – 2/1, lunge back.

Eremina – FX – full in solid, jyust a step back – double Y actually might get credit – split full – 1.5 through to 2.5 front tuck and OOB – drops the double attitude a little early for my taste – 3/1, short of rotation and with a step – good simple splits. Solid set.

Netzer finishes floor with a solid double tuck then 2/1 with a little bounce.

Cummins – UB – piked jaeger – regular jaeger, both hit – short handstands, crazy legs on bail – hits her feet on the low bar before her dismount, full twist.

Derwael – BB – round off loso mount and she’s off. She’s just like, “I DID MY BARS I’M OUT Y’ALL.” loso – aeiral to split, good – wolf triple, small adjustment – hits the double as well – switch to sissone, nice back leg on those – side aerial – I’m glad she has taken out the split ring because it didn’t work for her – gainer full dismount, only a small hop in place.


12.666 for Melnikova. There will be complaints. You can find the deductions because she wobbled on every skill, but there will be complaints. This is an example of the adjustment deduction being used.

Marianaaaaaaaaaaaaa Marianito – BB – double tuck, bounce back and OOB – switch to switch full – front full –

Melnikova – BB – tries a wolfkino but it was just wolf to a single turn in medium crouch – aerial to split to wolf is nice – L turn, leg too low, check on full turn – switch ring with check – layout, only a small check! – front tuck, hit – split ring – side somi – only small checks in this one, on basically every skill but only small checks – nice high double pike, some stagger on landing.

13.233 for Eremina. 7.833 E score. Not fast enough, Valentina.

Moors – UB – toe full – toe shap – to bail with leg break – shoot to high is fine – clear hip – khorkina – piked version of Ellie’s dismount and stuck, nice set for Brooklyn.

Eremina’s beam score taking forever. Valentina didn’t have her wallet out fast enoughm obviously.

14.400 for Ellie. WOW. Huge score for her.

Black – UB – toe shap to hindorff, far but caught it – piked hindorff is strong – piked jaeger to pak – toe shap 1/2 – sticks front tuck 1/2 dismount. It’s Ellie on bars, but it was strong. She couldn’t have asked for a much better start.

Eremina – BB – missed beginning aerial, check – split leap to side aerial, solid – split jump, lovely – split ring – 3/1, a little underrotated with a step. But she hit! I saw some nervy moments, but only slightly tight, not major issues.

Onyshko – UB – shap to tkatchev, fine – hindorff, hit – pak – toe shap 1/2 – super super late full twist and then can’t work out of it, has to pause on the high bar – double front with a step. Disappointing one for her.

El Zeiny – FX – actual double Y that should get credit – 1.5 through to 2.5, crossed leg twisting and OOB – falls out of double L – double tuck, step back – switch, switch 1/2 – front full, fall.

Brassart – UB – toe full – piked jaeger – pak – shap to bail leg break – double pike, landed locked and tumbles forward. Shame.

14.966 for Nina. Into first by a large margin. Big score. That’s her high score on the year. Wow.

NINA – UB – stalder tkatchev piked, good – NINA MAE FENTWAEL IS OFFICLA – yezhova – shap 1/2 to bhardwaj – nice – shap 1/2m good – toe full to tuck full, very nice, small step. She has been nailing every routine in training, and this was no exception.

Cummins VT 2 – handspring front tuck 1/2, hop to the side.

Hermans – UB – stalder full to toe shap to pak, nice, just feet – toe shap 1/2 – clean cast – piked jaeger – good full out, small bounce in place. Excellent start for her.

Cummins – VT – Yfull hop back


With Nina on bars and the Russians on beam, this first rotation is going to be real.


So that happened! Four people broke 50 in the AA. Highlight scores were Fenton on bars and Frags on floor, the ones that could contend for EF.

Perez – FX – whip whip full in – nice – front layout stepout to bdouble back – switch ring – 2/1, slide back – single L – some weird leaps before her final double pike, which was good. Aside from that bars fall, a good day for her.  Needs 13.1 to go ahead of Tinkler. 12.966. So close!

Cintia – FX – double pike, comfortable – prety switch sing – front 1.5, hop back – split jump 1/1 – switch 1/2 – 2/1, hop forward – just pretty carriage and presentation. 12.700.

Frags – BB – arabian, check but mostly solid – switch to wolf – bhs layout, bends at the knees but saves it – back 1/1, another large break but more saves – girl is not coming off the beam, though all these wobbles will equal a fall – wolf jump 1/1 was underrotated – double pike hop back. She didn’t fall! Fairly OK day for Frags all things considered, nice floor and then good fight on beam even though the E deductions will add up and up and up. 6.8 E score, they GOT her for all those wobbles.

Kinsella – BB – her “candle” mount – double turn, nice! – switch to sdwithc side to star jump with wobble – side aerial to loso and falls – DRAT – aerial with a huge break but saves it – 2.5 dismount, hop forward.

Leon – FX – double arabian, fall – double turn – double tuck fall – third pass was a front layout –

Tinkler – BB – switch leap mount, low back leg – bhs loso – switch leap to wolf jump 1/1 – back tuck – full turn to split leap – aerial to split jump , a little short but secure overall – switch 1/2 – 2/1 dismount small hop. She’ll be pleased with that one. Some good moments for her today.

Arriojas finishes front layout on floor.

Folino – BB – front tuck, solid – bhs bhs layout, nice! (I mean, downgrade risk like all of them, but nice!) – switch – dance elements are short of position – check on side aerial – switch ring, not quite ring shape and a large break – bhs bhs back tuck dismount – not sure whether she planned that or not but it was just a tuck back off the beam.

Sazonova – FX – 2.5 to half, piked down the half – secure double tuck – split full – double pike step back – switch 1/2 – 2/1.

Mizzen – BB – falls on bhs loso mount – triple wolf turn – loso series, knees and a check – switch to wolf – leg-up chec on side aerial – wolf turn double, her national trademark – double tuck to her hands. Was that five falls on the day for her?

Belanyi fell out of a full turn on floor, so that was fun. .

Godwin – BB – hits a double wolf (?) – side somi, secure – bhs back pike, solid – form issues but secure so far – does another wolf turn, I believes that was also a double though maybe the first was a triple – side aerial to split – switch to aerial – switch ring, probably won’t get ring credit – double pike, fairly large hop back but a hit!

Agnes Suuto in on floor – double tuck, hop – 2/1, clean – switch 1/2 – L turn – not quite getting the leaps – GOT music – front full lunge out


Perez – BB – switch to switch 1/2 to back tuck, won’t gett full CV but solid individual elements – L turn, nice – secure loso series – solid front tuck, pause, split jump – side somi, hit – side aerial, she’s on – double pike dismount step back. Now THAT was a satisfying beam routine!

Fernandez – BB – hits a round off bhs mount – bhs bhs loso series, very smooth – split jump not great – split ring jump probably won’t get credit, but it wasn’t awful – falls on side somi – switch 1/2, eh – side aerial and swims to save a bigger wobble – switch side, falls again – double pike, low hop back

Arriojas falls on beam on a ro bhs mount. L turn is nice. Falls again on bhs loso series. switch leap to y spin, fun combo, with a large check – falls on side aerial, third fall – split leap 1/1, not close to 180 – front aerial – balks running up to her dismount – does it second time 2/1.

14.533 puts Fenton into first. That’s a good, competitive score for the final.

Challenge extended, Nina. It will enter the code.

Fenton – UB – hits her skill! Connects to yezhova well – shap, tkatchev to pak, she’s hitting! nice landing on tuck full, chest down, well controlled. YAY!

Wang – FX – double tuck second pass – switch leap – switch half, short – front full with a stumble – double turn, not all the way around – 2/1 with hop.

Tinkler – UB – toe on full, legs – connected to chap jaeger pak combo, well hit – toe shap 1/2 – jussssst peels off on Khorkina. I hate everything. Goes back up to dismount, stuck tuck full.

Sazonova o beam – bhs loso series, secure – full turn -sits down double tuck dismount.

Winther of Denmark uses the Laurie Hernandez floor music from 2016.

Folino – UB – just cahtches Shap 1/2, leg break – piked jaeger – double pike with step.

11.866 for Mizzen.

Bonzo falls on a round off half on front tuck vault.

Great leap amplitude from Derek on floor. Ends 2/1 with legs. Leaps are the highlight of her routine.

Mizzen – UB – weiler to weiler half to shap to hindorff to pak – then struggles – can’t cast up out of the pak, has to try several times, then comes off on her shap 1/2. Well that’s that. She hit the hard part, too. Drag.

Godwin – UB – wieler 1/ to shap to pak to toe on to toe shap 1/2 – nicely completes – short hs – piked jaeger – half turn – giant 1/1 – stuck double pike. Good work.

Suto – BB – hits side somi – L turn – side aerial, strong – split jump to wolf jump with a check – switch leap a little rough –

Kinsella – UB – piked jaeger – some short hs – pak is caught – shap to bail, pretty clean – toe full – to stalder shoot – double pike, hop forward, won’t be a huge score because she doesn’t have the D, but a good set for her.

Cintia with some lovely leaps on beam as well – check on a side aerial – switch ring is a little rough though and in two parts – 2/1 dismount with a hop


This is devastating to me. It’s just so horrible. Meanwhile, Tinkler is leading the AA by nearly a point. Yay!

Colom – UB – stalder to Bhardwaj! Insane helicopter form, but she caught it somehow, for a second, and then came off, she never had the swing as she caught that bharwaj with the low bar basically behind her – toe full, quite late – shap to gienger, legs – hits her legs on the low bar on her giants, DLO had no chance – hands down.

5.166 for Milca!!! E score of 1.466!!! She’s the winner!

Leon – UB – NO GRIPS DAMILCA – falls on her opening release – hits tkatchev – casts are short – hits her foot swinging through and then did a little between the bars salto and falls, looks like she falls face-first but flipped so that she wasn’t falling too dangerously – back up on the bars – redoes pak, brushes her feet on the mat – struggles on a forward giant, hits her feet again and comes off again. DLO and a fall.

Arriojas – UB – giant full – blind change to jaeger – very short cast – solid pak – she has nice toes in her handstands and in that back – double pike with step.

Sazonova – UB – toe full to shap, solid – pak, some legs – toe shoot – khorkina – short hs – double pike dismount, comfortable, low difficulty but well performed. 12.433.

Winther – BB – round off bhs mount with some knees – bhs loso series, fall and Karolyi School Of I Literally Don’t Care About My Knees On My Back Handspring. Falls again on side aerial – very rough split leap 1/2 from side position. 7.566

Folino with a fine Yfull on vault with a hop.

Derek – BB – bhs loso, small check, some of the best legs we’ve seen so far – aerial – switch 1/2, quite pretty – sissone – THE GIRL CAN LEAP – lovely – just some checks on acro – switch – full turn – split leap to side somi – gainer tuck full dismount with hop. 11.833. Which is first on beam right now.

Godwin, solid Tsuk 1/1 with hop back.

Vacquie – FX – 1.5 through t double tuck, fall – double pike, two step stumble – full turn – nice side aerialdown to one knee choreography – basic leaps aren’t bad – front full –

Tinkler VT 2 – Tsuk 1/1, large bounce back, but fairly clean and easy for her.

Suto – UB – large leg break on hip full, great amp on gienger but def straddled – layout full twist dismount, which we don’t see a lot.

Tinkler solid on the DTY with a hop back.

Hulgaard is off beam on a side aerial. Ribalcenko attempts a back 1.5 on floor, stumble squats backward to save it. Finishes front 1/1.

Perez – UB – catches piked jaeger – nice high piked stalder – hits Ray to pak – some short hs – shap to gienger, very close but works out of it – sits DLO 1/1! NOOOOO!

Kinsella VT – she fell on her DTY in the touch, landed it this time with some rough knees and a short landing, lunge forward.

Fall for Cintia Rodriguez on bars. She is not attempting her skill and we don’t really understand why. Pretty legs still – step back on tuck full.

Wang – BB – Denmark – bhs loso, secure but legs – full turn small check – off on a turn – gainer pike with two hops.

Dubova’s first pass on floor was a front layout…


The control Frags showed on those floor passes was really the one highlight of a bleh group.

Pisos – BB – los series with step back, feet but better form than her teammates – aerial – switch to switch 1/2, feet again but not too far off – check on side aerial – split to sissone – side somi, secures it – overturns her full turn a bit – back 1.5 with hop forward. Some struggles, but she’s the best of the Argentinians.


Ambrosio – BB – fall on aerial – bhs loso series with a check – switch to straddle jump, short – split leap 1/1, very short – side aerial, fall – full turn – switch side, quite crooked – front full dismount, good with hop to the side. 9.233

I really hope the judges are taking a long time because they can’t figure out what to do with that switch star leap.

Folino – FX – split leap 1.5, a little short of split – back 2.5 with a lunge out – double tuck step back – double wolf attempt but falls out after one – same with double y attempt – front tuck through to ragged 2/1, almost around – switch 1/2 hit 90 degrees but no more – fall on double pike. 10.166. YOU BEAT MIZZEN.

Mizzen – FX – opens with wolf in the middle of the floor so she can’t go OOB – front tuck through to double tuck fall, super cowboyed too, ahd nothing on that double tuck. Single Y (double Y attempt) – 1.5 to front tuck – switch leap, split leap – falls again on double pike. “I know we are not good.” – Mihai Brestyan.  10.033.

Grisane – BB – aerial – check on bhs loso series – check side aerial – leans on side somi but saves it. 9.433

Ribalcenko got 6.533 on beam with a 2.033 E score. I said it was hard to watch.

Godwin – FX – did she just go OOB on a wolf turn? DLO is good – switch ring and split 1/1 – stumble landing on a double tuck – close to getting double Y but I wouldn’t credit it – short double pike, hop forward. 12.733

Ribalcenko comes off beam on a side aerial and a side somi, but did employ good comedy falling technique on the side somi. Third fall on straddle 1/2. This is hard to watch. Tuck full dismount.

Fragapane – FX – DLO 1/1 into split jump, DLO 1/1 was pretty good, split jump will probably incur more deductions than its worth, same with the leap out of the DLO, but she controlled the tumbling on her first two passes well – switch 1/2 – good double arabian, small hop – short double pike with hop forward. Controlled her tumbling VERY well, especially compared to sometimes when she’s flying all over the place. 13.933. Good. That’s around what we’re thinking for making the final.

Robinson – JAM – UB – jaeger – short hs – tkatchev – pak and catches too close and has to improvise a hip circle, she’s continuing without coming off but as good as a fall – double tuck dismount with hop.

Tinkler – FX – popa, a litlte short of 180 – DLO 1/1, small bounce but well performed – double double another small bounce, chest down, split leap 1/1 hits 180 pretty closely – front lay to front full, large lunge and OOB – switch 1/1 – double pike, little bounce. She won’t be happy with the landing on the third pass, but not bad overall. 13.333.

Hulgaard just smacked her foot on the high bar on a jaeger really hard but kept going. Nice toe point.

Perez – VT – pretty good DTY, right down the center, small hop. Nice start.

Dubova ends beam with a front layout dismount.

Kinsella – FX – 1.5 through to 3/1, a little short, hop to the side – 2.5 front tuck, a little loose in the knees there – split full and switch half – double Y, unlikely to get credit – stumble landing double tuck – stumble backward on double pike. Not the landings she would have wanted but a fine start to her AA campaign. 12.966.

“The floor exercise area stays the same.” Let’s hope not.

Intros done, warmups beginning.

Fake Khorkina is doing an interpretive dance by way of an opening ceremony so I am very here for this.

The major players in the first subdivision are the British gymnasts, going on their most important event, floor, right at the beginning.

It’s time for the women! Wake up! But can they match the drama of the last two men’s subdivisions? …Let’s hope not…?



Schmidt – he does struggle on his second pass, very short with a lunge forward – double double with a slide back – 2.5 to 1.5 stuck – some hops here, not that clean, but Verhofstad wasn’t that clean either. sticks 3/1, bad legs. 13.533. Way weaker than the score from his previous attempt.

14.433 puts Verhofstad into the final. He knocks Gonzalez out of the floor final. Karimi on the bubble. Schmidt and Deurloo still to go.

Verhofstad – front 2/5 witha hop back – a little bouncy – back 2.5 to front 1/2, strong – short double double with a hop forward – 2/1 – Ponor-legged 3/1 to finish.

Smith – FX Part 2 – front 2/1 is better this time, some of the same little hops on most of his passes, but great twisting form – sticks double arabian – good 3/1 as well. Overall notably better routine than his first try. 13.933.

Now EVERYONE in the last floor rotation gets to go again. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m dead.

But we’re still waiting for 765 more minutes so that he can go. I’m in heaven.


He’s just pacing around the floor now and he’s my hero. OF COURSE IT’S BART.

Competition is over, but Deurloo is still sitting on the floor podium and I really want him to stage a sit-in.

This lends credence to those who have complained about the Gymnova equipment as one of the reasons (along with the lights) that this competition has been a disaster. Although, this subdivision was much less scary than last night.

The US has Whittenburg and Moldauer in the floor final and Naddour in the horse final.

Meanwhile Nory still has to go on HB, and no one is paying attention because there’s a tent on floor. nearly sticks excellent DLO double twist, could have stuck it, just a little step back to the side.

This is brilliant. Carol Angela in full “polish that turd” mode about having a floor malfunction.

And we’re taking up the floor.

Missed Koudinov’s attempt at his crazy skill because of the drama on floor. He fell. Bart is bringing out the FIG officials to complain about an issue with the floor. Goes again and hits the Gaylord full! Sticks dismount.

Deurloo – FX – good front double pike – strong double double as well – falls on third pass. Because Bart. It’s that skull tattoo. And then he’s just like EFF THIS LIFE and throws a layout. NOW HE’S STOPPING AND BLAMING THE FLOOR LIKE TONYA HARDING.

Very secure landings from Schmidt on his first couple passes. Some wonky twisting form but controlled landings throughout. 14.133 only enough for 12th.

CA throwing huge shade at the Kas/Tsuk distinction.

Yang Hak Seon – VT 2 – Kas 2/1 second vault, step back. That will be the final as well.

Yang Hak Seon – VT 1 – handpsring 3/1 and he landed it! Very very good, just a hop forward, fully around. Tremendous.

Verhofstad finishes 3/1 on floor. Apparently had a big OOB.

Kim Hansol – VT 2 – another excellent vault, Kas 1.5. Very clean, very little landing movement. That will likely knock Eddie out of the vault final.

Kim Hansol – VT 1 – excellent handspring randi – such tight twisting form, great direction.

Smith – IRL – FX – a litlte stumble on the front 2/1 after his first pass – big 3/5 to front full, small hop back – just finding these landings coming up on him a little bit with stumbles, small stumbles but more significant than steps – 2/1 – step back 3/1.

Action to watch in this one is whether any of the Dutch can knock Gonzalez out of the floor final, or if the Koreans knock Penev out of the vault final, as they are expected to do.


Jossimar Calvo goes on horse and it’s his cleanest routine of the day so far. Good set.

Can we talk about Bart Deurloo’s giant skull tattoo on the back of his upper thigh?

Saarenketo – VT 1 – Kas 1.5 with a very large bound forward out of it into the next province.

Epke is getting undressed right in front of our media area. Don’t worry about it. Also there might have been some routines.

Tuuha – VT – falls on Kas 1.5. Ouchie back. Thought that looks like our first partial injury of the day, and just a minor ouchie.

Tomas Gonzalez hit floor to no one watching because it was at the same time as Epke, into 9th, just behind Little Baby Kazakhstan, who is still in 8th. (Would qualify because two per countrying Eddie.)

Rijken – layout tkatchev, stalder tkatchev, layout tkatchev 1/2 – catches his foot on his german giant work, somehow works through it but basically lost all his momentum there.

14.433 for Epke and he’s into first. I’m totally cool with it. Nile is out of HB final. Miyachi currently 8th.

Epke – HB – good Cassina to Kovacs well caught – Kolman caught – insane stalder rybalko – hop full – small hop on double double lay. Well, it’s so much less boring than all the other HB routines we’ve been seeing. We’ll just see what the judges do with skills like the stalder rybalko where they can basically take 20 points off the E score. Otherwise quite good, and even kept pretty good form for him in those releases.

14.033 for Deurloo. That will make the final.

Souza – PB – double tuck good, long pause – PBJaeger – a little flat on his tippelt style elements, not getting enough rise – double front 1/2 out, good holding onto the stick.

Duerloo – HB – second half, yamawaki – stalder – hop full – finishes double double lay, small step, tries to hold the stick.


Jo doing flairs on horse to wake the crowd up during this subdivision. Entertaining set.

Benda of Austria goes OOB on a double arabian. Also really struggles on a layout and a 3/1 to finish.

Bae fell on PH. Carol Angela is so bored she’s telling us about the “new” code of points.

De Vries – PB – having to muscle himself up a little too much in this routine – travels in a handstand – has to rekip on a peach to one – falls on double pike, not so great.

Rijken – PB – nice bhavsar and full piro on the end of the bars – double front step back.

Nice high tumbling from Martinez from Colombia. Small slide on front 2/1 to front full – Hop on 2.5 to half. Struggles on 3/1 with crossover back steps.

Zonderland  – PB – Tippelt, good and clean – loses his handstand on a peach half and has to push himself back up, and then immediately fell. EPKE.

Jossimar Calvo – FX -double double tuck, small hop – back 2.5, slightly crazy form and a side hop – more controlled on the third pass – missed the end because Epke but it looked like it got pretty rough in the last couple passes in bounce town. 13.866.

Carlos Calvo – FX – clean double front shape, little hop forward – same on piked version – 2/1 – front full to half – under rotated 3/1 to finish.

Solid Y2.5 from Souza on vault, hop forward.


Kim – FX – 3.5 half out is strong, good twisting form – double front pike 1/2 out, small hop – back 2.5 to front full – double double tuck, snother small bounce – finishes with the traditional 3/1, but he sticks it. Good routine.

Park – FX – third pass, double front 1/2 out with a little hop – hips drop in press handstand – 2/1 – 3/1 with a shuffle back.

14.933 for Arican puts him into 6th on PBars. Interesting. I think we’ve seen cleaner.

Calvo – HB – Kovacs, slughtly crazy 1.5 – yamawaki – stoop 1/2 – stalder – finishes with a very clean double double layout, small hop. They judges have been harsh on those pirouette finishing positions, and he may get hit in the E for this routine. Let’s see. 13.800 and into 10th.

Arican – PB – peach to one rail – peach half – some solid pirouettes – a little short on a full twist right after I said that, and a moment of knees here and there but nothing major – double front 1/2 out, small step. He’s pleased.

Carlos Calvo – HB finishes double double lay with a step back.

Zanetti – SR – so little movement in his holds and his transitions from one to another – one hesitation up to handstand – hits cross – another slightly weird handstand, uncharacteristic struggle – DLO 1/1 dismount with a hop back. Good, should make the final, not the best we’ve seen in qualification certainly. 14.700. OOOOOH into 8th. Just ahead of Naddour and Whittenburg, knocking them out of the final.

Caio Souza is on rings for Brazil, going up before Zanetti – nice stick on double double tuck.

Bae – FX – fairly clean twisting shapes, no amplitude at all – mostly all twisting but finishes with a full in, which wasn’t too bad, hop forward.


Saarenketo – FX – double double tuck, small hop – punch front 2.5, a little ragged with a slide – Japanese handstand – punch frotn 2/1 to layout – back 2.5 to half – back 1.5 5o front 1.5. Well someone likes his twisting combos. 3/1. Solid set. A few slides and steps but nothing major.

Radovesnicky – FX – he’s at the end of a large group so he’s always competing by himself and being like, “I have a double tuck.” Back 1.5 to front 1/1. 2/1. Finishes 2.5 with some legs.

Park – HB – finishes with nice Kolamn – layout tkatchev – stalder 1/2 – stoop 1/2 wonky – double double layout dismount with a larger lunge forward.

Bohorquez – PB – longest pause in the world in handstand as he starts – bhavsar into a hold, clean – tippelt with slight hesitation to handstand, large lunge forward on double pike.

Jossimar Calvo – PB – peach to one, struggles in handstand a little but saves it – arching a handstand or two in here – clean tippelt, good bhavsar – another hesitation on one rail – double front 1/2 out with a small step. Good individual skills. Fear he’s going to get hit too much for those vertical positions. 13.800.

Tvorogal – HB – layout tkatchev, hit – Tkatchev 1/2 and Yamawaki – hop 1.5, usual lateness – goes over on a handstand and has to improvise – DLO 1/1 with step.

Other Calvo with a hit PB routine, secure double pike landing.

Souza – PH – having a rough one in the legs and hip position, but worked through, no falls.

Bae on HB finishes with a stuck double double layout. Nice dismount.

Crazy Kas 2/1 from Cingolani on vault. Just sort of landed in a knee-down twist while still twisting. He’s fine, just…that was rough.


Galli – VT – Kas 1/1. Fine.

None of the Dutch or Irish are doing rings here, so there will be no one on rings in this rotation. #saddest

Tsuk 1.5 with a hop from Arican on vault.

Jossimar Calvo’s PB touch warmup was hilarious – basically just hanging out up on the bars like they were a hammock and then flopping around with insane legs for one second and then done.


Only event finalist in that first rotation was Turkey’s Colak. I thought none at first because rings.

Radovesnicky on HB at the end of this rotation – yamawaki – stalder – hop full – hop 1/5 way past – stoop – front stalder full quite late – all pirouetting routine basically – DLO full with hop.

14.033 for Nory.

14.300 for McClenaghan won’t be good enough for the final, but a really nice routine in his first worlds.

Arthur Nory being all Nory on floor – meaning he’s hitting and also smiling like Christmas morning the entire time – a few bounces, like on the 1.5 to 1.5 – Clean connected tumbling. Finishes double arabian with a small hop.

McClenaghan – PH – nice swing on one pammel, legs completely together – showing solid difficulty – up to dismount and a hit! Good set. Very composed.

Souza and his ridiculous hair are on floor. A little stumble on his 1.5 out but a cool pass and pretty well done. Pretty solid landings overall until short final pass.

Schmidt – PH – Nearly got through his whole set and then it all went crazy-legged on a travel and he came off the horse.

Ellis of NZL isn’t going to make a mark on floor, but I did appreciate his high and controlled DLO and double front.

Yun sticks a double pike on PB.

13.66 for Deurloo. De Vries up now on horse – a pretty big arch going up to handstand but saves it, and then immediately off after that. It wasn’t really happening from the first moment. Followed by a second fall.

Jossimar Calvo – VT – Kas 1.5, pretty good, nice direction, lunge forward but not a huge lunge, though potentially out of the area.

We’re starting with Bart Beurloo on PH – good speed and straight body position – shorter routine but well hit. And he didn’t break his swimsuit area this time!

Finland is the only men’s team that choreographed a little introduction, so they win.

We’ll be keeping an eye on pommel horse for this rotation, with the Dutch and Rhys McClenaghan starting there. We also have Nory starting on floor.

Remember yesterday when everyone broke including Kohei? Well we have another subdivision of men’s competition! This one featuring the Netherlands and Brazil and Jossimar Calvo.

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  1. I so appreciate your live blogs, and really have no right to have any complaints….. but I do much prefer it when you put new updates at the bottom. makes for much easier reading, especially if I miss a bit or want to reread you pithy commentary at a later date!

    1. The same for me! When you’re reading it the next day you don’t have to scroll to the bottom with closed eyes to keep up the excitement level until you’ve finished reading. Nothing more disappointing than opening the site and seeing the final standings right at the top 🙁
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  2. I literally just LOL’ed reading about Bart on PH… “And he didn’t break his swimsuit area this time!” Absolutely dying, I love your live blogs so much!

  3. This floor drama! Let’s go Bram & Casimir! Second chances don’t come often!!

  4. What did the FIG officials decide about the floor? If there was enough of a problem for them to let Deurloo start over, does that mean there was enough of a problem to potentially affect the standings?


    What? By choice? He was just like… helping the others?

    1. He injured his ankle from his fall, so he didn’t want to risk hurting it further by going again and not be able to do high bar finals.

  6. Does anyone know how I can watch the worlds? I’m in NZ so the link that USAgym just posted on their twitter is unavailable to me 🙁

    1. The stream is back so you can use a vpn like TunnelBear or Hola (I think it’s hola that is free for youtube) Then set your country to USA and watch away

  7. The WAG quals are looking rough already. I know this is the first sub but damn these judges aren’t letting ANYTHING go

  8. I alternate between whether Mihai’s “we are not good” comment was hilarious or awful. Probably a little from column A and a little from column B. At least he fought for the athletes to get to go to Worlds so I’ll give him points for that.

  9. Ellie Black is killing it so far, but I hope she isn’t wasting it on prelims – she normally does her best all-arounds after a lackluster prelims (2015 Pan Ams, Rio) whereas when she kills it in prelims, she doesn’t always follow it up with a great AA (2015 Worlds, 2017 Universiade)

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