The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

Live from Worlds Day 3 – Women’s Qualification

On to the third day, when the women fully take center stage. Let’s hope a rift in the spacetime continuum doesn’t emerge in the middle of floor today! By popular demand, I’ll be going back to the usual format of new updates at the bottom. [I FORGOT I SAID THIS! OOPS! It’s fixed now.]


Subdivision 3 will bring us the Netherlands, Romania, and Switzerland! As has been traditional, the good part is going to be the very beginning.

Schedules have been contradictory, some saying this session begins at 1, and some saying 1:30. We don’t look close right now, so we’re thinking 1:30.

Other news is that Tomas Gonzalez has been accepted into the floor final, (he originally qualified before the redo), so now there will be 9.


RED ALERT: Larisa is down on the floor getting her knee looked at in the touch warmup.

Larisa Iordache is being carried off the floor exercise.

Meanwhile, the competition is going on.

Lieke BB – good mount, side aerial to side aerial combination – aerial to sheep, secure – large check on an L turn but saved it – gorgeous double turn, lovely – CRAP, falls on side somi – straight jump is nice –

Crisan – FX – split leap 1.5, good position – double tuck first pass – full in, small step – single L turn – switch full – front tuck through to 2/1, bounce – switch leap – split ring leap, leaps look good, won’t have the tumbling difficulty to get a big score here, though – lunge back on double pike, but nice set for her. Good to see.

How do we even go on without Larisa?

Thorsdottir – BB – split leap side aerial to korbut, gorgeous obviously – illusion, solid – aerial, small check – good leaps – L turn to switch to Y tun to full turn, close to getting all the CV, just a pause at the end, 3/1, struggle with a lunge.

Ponor – FX – goes for the DLO 1/1, form and short with a lunge – whips to double tuck, two steps back – switch 1/2 – front tuck through to double pike, small step – split leap .5, short of split – 2.5, crazy legs and OOB.

So Larisa is officially out. It just got terrible.

Eythora into 4th on beam with 12.833

Ponor into 5th on floor with 13.266. Lots of important routines still to come.

Thorsdottir has submitted an inquiry about beam.

Soderstrom – UB – pikedjaeger – overshoot, non handstdn – cast 1/1 turn on low bar, rare – toe shoot – double pike, falls.

Sanne – BB – ro bhs mount – wolf jump 1/1, leg up wobble – falls out of her double L a little but stays on the beam, mintoe wobbles – side aerials series is good, prob won’t get connection into straight jump – aerial with a check into split jump – L turn to full turn to double turn to split leap, GORGEOUS IN EVERY WAY – gainer 1/1 with a step and an NCAA salute. Lovely routine obviously, but not quite SANNE AMAZING. Wobbles.

Mokosova – UB – good jaeger – pak to stalder to toe shap – bail to toe full – clean set , shot hs, nice toes, comfortable double pike.

Kaeslin – FX – 2.5 to front tuck – falls out of double Y, will get single credit – double tuck, fine – swithc ring – split full, short of rotation – 2/1, legs, steps back OOB – falls out of double L as well –

Steingruber – FX – giant split leap 1.5 – DLO 1/1, big, good, just a small shuffle back – DLO hop back – double back, hop back. OOB. Double pike, stuck – switch 1/2 – the one OOB will hurt her but should still be a great score.

Sanne’s score finally comes up. 12.733 and into 5th. She got a 5.0 D score, you guys. Wasn’t she going for 6.5? I feel an inquiry coming on…

Steingruber and Ponor tied on floor, Steingruber ahead on the tiebreak. Harsh, though. Steingruber’s routine was stronger.

Inquiry for Sanne’s beam score because of course. “I’d like another point and a half, please.”

Beam still going on because of the delays – Jasmin Mader finishes with a gainer layout, small step.


Oh don’t worry. Iordache just pulled out and Sanne probably won’t make the beam final. Everything’s cool. Nothing terrible here. AH HA HA HA HA.

Anyway, there’s still a competition going on here. Kind of.

Tisha – FX – triple turn to double turn – whip full in, fall – NO WHY – 2/1, step – this leg position on her L turns is allowed in the CoP without deduction, but it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing –

Inshina – UB – second 1/2 – pak to cast 1/2 – shoot to high, pause on high – double tuck with hop.

Eythora – FX – you treat -3/1 to basically a gainer front tuck, but she landed it upright – switch ring – switch 1/2 – double tuck, hop in place – the theme is a ballerina who gets murdered and becomes a zombie – drops out of double L a little, shame – double Y to illusion is better – whip to 2.5 with large lunge and OOB. Nooooooooooooooooo.

Steingruber – VT 1 – Good rudi! I’ve been very impressed with her in training so far as well. 15.100. Giant score.

Steingruber – VT 2 – DTY – pretty good, chest way down on landing, but nice control, just a very small hop.

Eythora 13.033 on floor. Already 8th. Bye.

Mejias – FX – 2.5 to front full, good, legs fairly straight throughout – switch 1/1, complete – double arabian, shuffle forward and OOB – punch front 2/1, steps – whip to double tuck, solid.

Steingruber 2nd on vault now behind Paseka. She should have been ahead based on E.

Nice tuck full dismount from Sandoval on bars.

Maennersdorfer – FX – split leap 1/1 – 1.5 to front tuck, step to the side – double turn – switch 1/2 – layout full final pass.

Berg – BB – wolg jump to sissone – switch 3/4 with a check – bhs loso, clean, good leg extension – switch to split leap to split jump, NICE 180s – onodi – side somi with a lean – full turn – aerial check – side aerial, lean – layout full dismount, bounce back. 6.433 E does not appropriately reward her form, despite all the adjustments.

Mokosova – BB – loso series, step back – split leap to aerial to skeep, step forward, saves it without giving away too much – L turn attempt but corrects to a full turn halfway through because she was like, “No” – side aerial to split to wolf – side somi – falls on straight jump 1/1 from side position.

Jirikova – BB – punch front, small bounce, hand down on beam – bhs loso series – switch side – switch to split – full turn, large check – aerial, check – switch ring attempt – front layout dismount, step.


Holasova – FX – double arabian, two lunges, just stays in bounds – double pike, shuffle back – switch ring to split jump full, good dance elements – double tuck, a little short –

Inshina off beam on her mount – aerial – jump combo – bhs back pike, small lean – side aerial, check – double tuck, step back

Crisan hit bars!

Volleman VT 2 – Lopez, not bad, small step. She got 14.466 for her DTY before that.

Studer – UB – shap 1/2, legs – short hs – has to tuck and stop on a 1/2 turn


14.183 average for Volleman, into 5th.

Mejias – VT 1 – Tsuk 1/1 –

Youchie double tuck beam dismount for Almeida. In a ball.

Skregelid – FX – double tuck – L turn – switch switch 1/2 – 2/1 with a bounce – switch ring – front full –

Mata – BB – large check early but saves it – split jump 12 from side position, not bad at all – loso series – switch 1/2 – good high punch front, and secure –

Steingruber – UB – clear hip to shap to pak, good height – shap 1/2 – toe full to big gienger, crazy legs and close catch – double front, good, small step. Having a nice day so far. Beam still to come.

12.833 for Steingruber. On pace to be second to Black AA if she can hit beam.

Sandoval – BB – aerial, bend at the hip but saves it – side aerial – leg up wobble on punch front – round off layout series, another large break but stays on, very strange layout, barely traveled at all along the beam – falls on switch 1/2 – double tuck, squatty with a step.

Cenkova – FX – double pike, a little short with a hop – double tuck, stumble backward and OOB – good double Y turn, should get it – switch full – front full, a couple steps –

Nekraskova – BB – wolf jump – loso series, check – nice front pike! Secure – front tuck was actually weaker, step forward – side somi – straight jump 1/1 from side with a check – switch ring, no credit, and a large balance break – L turn – double tuck, two steps back.

Running punch double front from Jirikova on floor! Double pike, switch split, she has some height in both the tumbling and dance skills – And then she falls on basically a nothing pass. Of course.


Mata – FX – double pike hop back – switch, split full, good dance elements – double turn – front tuck through to 2/1, lunge back – switch 1/2 –

Almeida – FX – great DLO, stuck – front layout front full with a lunge – swtich ring – split full – switch ring – double tuck, a little short, small hop

Kaeslin – BB – very wide legs apart on loso series but hit – switch – bhs 1/1, solid – Y spin, overturns – split leap to onodi, check – sheep – aerial pause to very weak split jump – 2/1 dismount with step.

Inshina – FX – split leap 1/1 – double arabian, cowboy, controls the landing – low double y spin and not complete –

Steingruber = BB – check on switch split mount – aerial – leg-up check on front tuck – another leg-up check on loso series – a couple large wobbles with “dog pee on fire hydrant” adjustments, but another hit set. Gainer full dismount, stuck.

Sanne hits bars with a nice final DLO, but she’s a little “eff my life” about this competition now.

Sanne’s pretty bars gets 13.800. 7th.

Nekrasova – FX – pike full in, two steps back and OOB – double arabian, large bounce out – split leap 1/1 to switch 1/2 – double L, almost around – double tuck, bounce back – whip 2.5, small stumble.

Vostruchovaite off beam on a front pike –

11.933 for Steingruber puts her into 5th overall with 53.132. Tied with Melnikova actually.

Crisan – BB – switch leap mount to switch 1/2, hit – full turn – bhs bhs layout, has to grab the beam to try to stay on, then couldn’t decided whether she should just hop off or not so she hilariously just sort of flopped herself against the beam – falls on double pike dismount – 11.233

Crisan 50.233. 14th AA.

Ponor – BB – Falls on her mount! bhs loso loso series, bhs 1/1 – aerial split ring with a check – switch ring leap, MAJOR wobble, stays on but another huge deduction – aonodi to split jump, major check – double pike dismount. A strangely poor beam routine for her at a major competition. We could be looking at no Romanians in any final?

“Nattia Comaneckeee” says the PA announcer.

Ponor score taking forever. Judges discussing how to spell NOPE?

12.233. Somehow, she’s still in 11th.


France, Germany, Italy, and Hungary!

Tombol – BB – switch to split – large lean on side somi – fhs pause to side aerial and falls.

McGregor – VT 1 – clean Yfull, hop forward. NCAA 9.800.

Boyer – UB – full to toe shap to bail to toe shoot – clean until close on toe shoot – piked jaeger – cast 1/2, late – full in, small step. Solid.

McGregor – VT 2 – ro half on pike 1/2, some legs and a step back.

Lai – FX – double Y pretty nice! – front 1.5, very bouncy – double tuck –

Seitz – VT – Yfull – some piking throughout and a larger bounce back.

Charpy – Ub – shap 1/2, good – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, pretty close but avoids catching foot – falls on subsequent piked tkatchev – back up, hits toe shap 1/2 – DLO, squat lunges forward.

Solid DTY from Alt. With this competition being a trash heap, she moves up in the AA possibility rankings.

Kovacs – BB – switch leap mount – split leap to aerial, break at the hips – bhs loso, off line and falls – switch to switch 1/2 short to split – side somi –

MDJDS – Shap to inbar tkatchev to pak, very nice – toe shap 1/2, clean – inbar 1/2 – giant forward full in L – finishes DLO 1/1 with small hop. Very nice beginning to her competition.

Ferrari – BB – L turn to full turn, check – bhs bhs tuck full, hits with a check! Short on switch 1/2 and split ring, but no checks – split leap to aerial, another check – switch ring, also a struggle – this E score will be interesting – great double pike dismount, stuck

14.500 to MDJDS. Currently 6th on bars.

Yankova – UB – piked jaeger, form – can’t cast out of it – cant’s swing out of it and has to try again – can’t again and comes off – what is happening? Straddle bail – giant 1/1 – double tuck step back

Still waiting on the Ferrari score. Likely can’t figure out what to do with her ring leaps, which are unlikely to get D credit.

Duisek – UB – higgins roll to start but can’t swing through and falls – attempts Ono to jaeger, but falls on Jaeger – staddle bail to shoot – clear hip 1/2 – double front, lunge back.

Still no score for Ferrari.

12.266 for Ferrari. 6.8 E for a hit.

Berardinelli – BB – side aerial loso, hit, legs – switch and splits the beam, lings her legs to hang on for dear life – split ring, no credit – aerial, solid – split jump – wolf to sissone – switch ring, also quite short – 1.5 dismount, hop forward. 11.066

Mori – BB – ro backhandspring mount, fall – we have seen a LOT of people fall on their difficult acro mounts today – loso series is good – side somi, solid – split jump 1/2 from sid eposition – switch 12, mnot awful – Y turn – switch ring, not enough ring, wobble – 2.5 dismount, hop forward.


In this one we’ll have the German bars, Boyer on beam, and the Italians on floor.

Charpy – two steps back on her bhs mount, check on loso series

McGregor – UB – toe full, a little late – toe shap to bail, clean – to toe shoot – toe 1/2 – giant forward 1/2, high gienger, some legs – toe 1/2, leg break – tuck full, one step. Good hit.

MDJDS – BB – front pike mount, step – front pike to split jump, clean – bhs layout, right on – hit! She’s having a very solid first two events.

Bui – UB – piked jaeger to pak, some legs in the pak – toe shap to bhardwaj, pretty – toe shap 1/2 – good full to gienger, excellent leg shape – tuck full, close but good, near stick with a step back. I love how her Bhardwaj is consistently better than her pak, and this was no exception. 14.233. Just 8th. E score 8.233 is slightly harsh compared to some others

Alt – UB – toe full to shap to pak, clean – toe shap 1/2 to zuchold 1/2 – complete but close, can’t cast out of it and then falls on the next shap 1/2 – shame, but she still did complete the zuchold 1/2, even though it will be essentially pointless because it got C value since NOTHING COUNTS IF NOT HANDSTAND – redoes shap 1/2 and hits – stalder 1/2 to piked jager, good – new stalder dismount means 2 Alts!

Ferrari – FX – they start her music and she’s like NO – starts again – double double short with a lunge – DLO, very good – switch 1/1, a little bouncy – full in, also very secure – split ring 1/1, bounces around – switch ring, split leap 1.5, close but not all the way through the 1.5 – front full final pass, so not full D, but a good enough hit.

Seitz – UB – toe shap to Ricna, good – piked jaeger – stalder piked tkatchev to pak, short hs on low – hits shap 1/2 – short hs – toe full to tuck full, small step, good hit. That should be more than fine.

13.600 for Ferrari puts her into third because floor is garbage?

Carofiglio – FX – front lay double front, bounce forward – Dowell, also a bounce forward and OOB – switch side 1/2 – double tuck, hands down, we were rooting for you – switch ring – split leap 1/1 –

14.700 for Seitz, into 5th.

Chuikina – BB – aerial to split, a little mushy – kickover front – then just randomly falls

Mori – FX – DLO, nice hollow position, bounce in place – switch ring and switch side dance series – nice double Y to illusion, well completed – 2.5 to layout, barely punches into layout, very arched and an awkward landing – full in, chest down bounce – switch side 1/2 – 3/1, helicopter legs and a little undertwisted.

13.500 and into 4th.

Kovacs – FX – popa – DLO, solid, small step back – full in second pass, a little short but not too bad – switch split – switch side 1/2 – 2.5 to front tuck, no punch into front tuck and sits it – double tuck, deep squat but lands it –

Duisek, who does the Phillips mount, 2/1 dismount with hop back –

Boyer – BB – wolf turn double, slow and smooth – round off layout and falls – another potential beam finalist bites the dust – switch to switch 1/2, good – L turn to full turn, nice – aerial to split jump to tuck jump 1/2 – side aerial with pause to leap to side somi – double pike dismount, lunge back


Brett – BB – hits loso series – switch leap – switch 1/2 – straight jump 1/1 from side position, falls – split jump 1/2 from side, hits that one – side aerial – 2/1 dismount, hop.

Berardinelli – VT – vaulting for some reason even though she’s not doing the AA – why not? – yfull, some piking, bounce back

Yilmaz – UB – toe full with a leg break – toe shap to pak – falls on jaeger, but it was pretty!

Schaefer – BB – loso series hit – very nice switch ring, one of the better we’ve seen today – full turn – the Schaefer, check but hits it – aerial to split to double stag – side aerial – gainer layout, small hop.

Carofiglio – VT 1 – lock-legged 1.5, hop back

Plyta – UB – toe full – toe shap to deltchev! tkatchev to gienger – recasts on a handstands – hits piked jaeger – bail is hit – very very short handstand loses rhythm and double tuck – she literally hit all the difficult stuff and messed up two cast handstands. Because of course.

Alt – BB – second half – aerial – switch ring, nice – double tuck dismount, step back.

Schaefer first beam routine to break 8 in E score. 13.433 and into 1st.

Tabea goes 13.533 and now she’s into first.

Seitz – BB – front tuck, hit – bhs back pike and falls – check on side somi aerial – double turn and another large break – side aerial – switch to wolf – gainer pike dismount, hop.

Stuck double pike on bars for Afrati

Devai really struggles her way through a DTY, legs and a low landing, but she landed it.

Matthewson – BB – wolf turn – tight loso series but hit – switch to wolf jump – split ring, low front leg – switch 1/2 – split jump 1/2 from side, large wobble – staddle jump 1/2 from side is a little better – aerial – front lay full dismount, hop

Devai – VT 2 – Lopez but quite piked, lunge back

McGregor – BB – front pike mount, hit – front tuck and falls, COURTNEY! – bhs back pike, hit – switch leap to switch 1/2, short of split – off line on swingdown with a correction – Y spin, small check – split leap to side aerial – double tuck and falls. 9.466

Boyer – FX – 2.5 to front full, very squatty landing and steps back to save it, large deductions – double Y was nice – double tuck, two steps back – falls out of double L turn, will get single – very short double pike with lunges forward, not having a good day after bars of all events looked fine.

MDJDS – FX – switch full, a little bouncy but fine – DLO 1/1, looked good int eh air but landed it OOB – full in, very high – switch ring split full – front layout full to stag – wolf turn double and sort of choreography rolls out of it – double tuck bounce back, solid except for the major early OOB.


Xoulogi – BB – aerial to split ring jump – bhs back “layout” and falls – switch leap to split ring, not going to get these rings

Seitz – FX – front tuck through to double tuck, lunge back – double pike, solid – split jump 1/1 – split leap 1/1 – 2/1, small bounce – switch ring – switch 1/2 – solid, very simple routine.

Berardinelli finishes bars with double pike, hop.

Alt – FX – full in, stuck, very nice – front tuck through to double tuck, stagger but doesn’t go OOB – double pike, legs apart, hop back – nice switch ring and split leap 1/1.

Mori – UB – hits tkatchev – stalder full to Ray, OK – bail, clean and solid – shoot to high – DLO hop back –

Boyer – VT – clean and fine Yfull

Carofiglio – UB – full with crazy legs – shap to pak – shap 1/2, legs – toe to Ricna and falls

Schaefer – DLO, quite high and nice – good extension on split leap 1/1 – front 2/1, good twisting technique, nearly OOB on a lunge there – triple turn to double turn – double pike, short with a hop forward

MDJDS – VT – good high DTY, hop back – pretty great day for her –

55.299 puts MDJDS into second in the AA! Just behind Black

Adlerteg – UB – great layout jaeger – toe tkatchev piked and falls. Damn it. Gets back up, nice bhardwaj – shap to hip full to tkatchev is nice – DLO, never had a chance, pikes down and hands down.

Devillard fell on her rudi attempt – another potential vault finalist is out. It wasn’t a rudi, it was a layout 1/1 though. Hit the DTY with a lunge back.

Al-Salty – UB – giant full, lateish – piked jaeger is good – pak, some legs – hip 1/2 and a recast – toe shoot to high – clear hip – double pike and lunge –

McGregor – FX – doesn’t quite get the y double around – pike full in, small hop – 1.5 to layout to possible attempted stag – double pike, good shape, hop back – switch ring – split leap 1/1 – double tuck, solid, small step

Kovacs – UB – stalder – toe on – toe shap to pak – toe shap 1/2 – short cast hs – piked jaeger, solid – double tuck, stuck.

Brett – FX – double turn – high double tuck, maybe too high, a couple lunges back – switch 1/2 – back 2.5 – front full to a flying stag bounce, nearly OOB but not – 2/1.

One more to go!


The big one!

Not nearly Dutch enough in the intros.

US on vault, Japan on beam, Wang on floor.

“She looks so seasoned.” Canadian Macready on Chuso

Ginna Escobar – FX – double tuck, fine – nearly fell just standing in the corner, so that was cool – switch ring – split full –  finishes 2/1

Teramoto – BB – double turn, pretty good, small adjustment – bhs bhs loso, hit – split leap to switch,pause – side somi – switch 1/2 – onodi, holds it well – aerial to straddle, nice – side aerial – very composed routine, few even small wobbles – 3/1 a little underrotated. Good set.

Radivilova (Kysla) falls almost immediately.

Piked full in from Ardila on floor – switch to switch 1/1 – full in – switch 1/2 – front tuck through 2/1, large bounce back somehow stays in bounds.

Murakami – BB – switch split mount, good – front pike, step forward – loso series – aerial, nice, solid work so far from her as well. Finishes with a solid double pike, hop back. Good.

Varinska – UB – shap to pak, lovely – toe shap to hip 1/1 to tkatchev 1/2 to jaeger! Excellent – Toe full to full in. EXCELLENT HIT.

Wang – FX – double double, takes it too far and OOB with at least one foot – 1.5 through to 3/1 punch front but can’t control it this time, also bounce OOB there, not some of her strongest landings – 25 to half, stuck and solid – 2/1 with slide back.

Varinska and Murakami both in 6th so far!

Sugihara – BB – large check on loso series – single Y spin, not the double – side aerial – split ring attempt – split jimp wolf jump – 3/1, I wouldn’t give it, but a good group of beam routines from Japan.

Leinonen got a 0 onvault for not landing feet first. Still does her second vault.

Wang in 6th on floor despite .4 in ND

Hurd – VT – DTY – good one, very controlled, good direction small hop forward. Solid.

Fidelis – UB – toe full – toe shap to pak – toe shap half, hit – finsihes full out, step back, some late verticals but a good start overall.

14.466 for Hurd

Smith – VT – DTY – a bit more amplitude than Hurd, hop back. Good for both US AAers.

14.466 for Smith as well. Same as Hurd.

Carey – VT 1 – Amanar – not the best one we’ve seen from her, a bit locked on the landing with a lunge forward, but fine. 15.066. 9.266 E, two tenths more in E than Hurd or Smith.

Carey – VT 2 – Kas 1/1, solid, bounce back – bounces too far, but a good showing that will easily put her into the final.

Lee Eun Ju finishes beam with a 2.5. Hop in place.

Carey qualifies second behind Paseka.

Sung – BB – aerial, leg up check – back tuck and falls, looked like she had it –

Vidiaux – VT 1 – Also attempts the Tsuk 2/1, not the distance or height of Carey, which means she lands rather short with a lunge forward and to the side.

Vidiaux – VT 2 – she’s going for the Rudi for her second – no chance. Falls.

US and Japan will be pleased with the first rotation. China less since even though Wang is 6th, she still has to survive both the US and Japan.


Murakami – FX – quad spin! And it was around! Double double, nailed – DLO, small hop back, comfortably in bounds – 2.5 to layout 1/2, solid – switch ring to split 1.5, questionable around – double L turn, all the way around – double pike, weakest landing with two steps but great. She should be leading floor with that.

Varinska hit beam too! 13.033! It’s a Ukrainian miracle!

14.200 for Murakami and into first, well deserved.

Hurd – UB – inbar 1/1 to tkatchev, good – Ricna to pak, hit – stalder shoot, clean – inbar, inabr 1/2  – stalder full with a pause but works through it to her tuck full dismount, hit. That pause was the significant error, but it shouldn’t be too major.

Medical team out looking at the floor for a second and now they’re gone. The floor needs a band-aid. Inspecting for blood?

14.333 for Hurd.

Smith – UB – inbar – inabr full to toe half to tkatchev – mistake and has to recast – close release – hits the ricna this time into to pak – dead hang shooting up to high bar – tuck full dismount. Not a strong set, but she didn’t come off.

Wang Yan went for her Tsuk 2/1 first – 14.400.

Wang – VT 2 – rudi still freaks me out, very close but fine, some legs, hop

Still a 14.133 for Smith. 8.133 E.

Locklear – UB – toe full to stalder shap to pak totoe shap to bail to stalder shoot, very clean so easy for her  – strong jaeger – tuck full with a near stick, very small movement on landing, otherwise pretty much as well as she can do that routine. Btter landings than we’ve been seeing from her with her nothing knee.

Fidelis – second half – some checks on her leap combinations – punch front, small hesitation in landing – good double pike dismount, just hop in place. Apparently fell earlier in the set

14.566 for Ashton and she’s in 6th.

Vidiaux – UB – loses her hand on a stalder full and falls. Finishes tuck full, large lunge forward.

Hribar – BB – switch to split leap to split jump , not bad 180s but a check – back tuck series hit – split ring leap is a no – side aerial – does a nice acrobatic attempt at saving a fall but no luck.1.5 dismount, step.

Sung – FX – L turn – double pike, chest down and slide – switch leap – switch 1/2, good positions – 2.5, a little underrotated –

Iarmolenko – BB – check on ro bhs mount – side aerial to loso, legs and a check but hit – attempt at split leap 1/1 which won’t get credit for a variety of reasons – L turn – aerial – side somi, good – switch to split jump – ro 2/1 –

Miyakawa – FX – front full to double front, lands completely OOB – WHY – popa – DLO 1/1, a little short with a hop forward – switch – switch full – solid leaps – double double, hunched over on landing but got it – DLO, short, major lunge forward. SAE WHYYYYYY


Varinska – FX – 1.5 through to 3/1, crazy legs – illusion turn – double tuck, bounces OOB – 2/1 twist final pass. Shame about the OOB, but she has been on track to make the AA final.

Locklear – BB – triple wolf, well controlled – bhs loso, rough legs, rougher than usual – split leap 1/1, may actually get credit for it – front tuck, solid – side somi, small correction – side aerial and a fall. Round off double tuck, step.

Ashton’s fall made me miss Wang’s bars dismount, but let’s assume she did the Ray, shall we?

13.400 for Wang on bars.

Luo – UB – toe shap to pak, good – toe shap 1/2 – clean hs – one really crazy pirouette and may have clipped the low bar for her dismount, but still hit the DLO –

Hurd – BB – Hits tuck 1/1! Aerial and splits are nice – split and straddle, good – front tuck, solid – full turn, slightly tight – switch ring, large break but stays on, good save – full in dismount, hop back. She hit! One significant error on the switch ring, that may not get credit anyway, but still among her better of the year.

14.566 for Luo, which is behind Locklear. Is twitter on fire yet?

Fan – UB – inbar shap to pak to shap to gienger, very nice – inbar 1/2 to piros to her 1/2 turn double tuck dismount from L grip, lunge forward –

13.500, Morgan is second on beam!

Smith – BB – wolf turn double – bhs layout, short and falls. Wow. Back full, hit and fine. Front tuck to split to straddle, good – straddle jump 1/2 and split jump 1/2, both good – aerial – strong double pike, small hop. Remainder of the routine excellent.

Chuso – VT – she posted the number for the rudi but smartly just did the full twist –

12.900 on beam for Ragan. No final.

Ferrera – BB – aerial and excellent split – bhs layout, very high, small check – switch to switch 1/2, one of the few good switch 1/2s – switch side, solid –

Chuso VT 2 – Tsuk 1.5 and an ovation – Ferrera falls from beam at the same time. Double pike dismount.

Fenton knocked out of bars final.

Chuso 7th on vault! She’ll make the final.

Miyakawa – VT – Big rudi! Crunches down a tad at the end, and a hop. 14.900.

Iarmolenko – FX – 2.5 to accidental front handspring OOB.

Miyakawa – VT 2 – solid DTY, some legs, step to the side. That will take her into the final. ANd will knock Volleman out of the vault final. No event finals for NED.

Murakami – VT – very good DTY, very comfortable, small hop back


Hurd – FX – large bounce back out of double dobule – pike full in, another bounce back, not OOB but significant bounces – knee down on front 2/1! – split ring leap – double pike, short. Not a good one for her. And it was going so well!

Wang – BB – front tuck, good – switch to split ring leap, eh – layout series with a check – switch side with a check – and a fall from Wang.

11.266 for Wang on beam.

Luo – BB – hits layout series – pretty aerial to split jump and then fall –

12.533 for Hurd on floor, 4th currently in the AA before Smith.

Smith – FX – good DLO – 1.5 through to 3/1, pretty close to all the way around, one of the better ones – hitting her leaps – double arabian, stuck, into stag, may have been a little late on that stag – double wolf turn – double pike, small hop. Good set. Nice note to end on.

Teramoto – UB – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, clean – inbar – stalder full to excellent gienger – jaeger – bail, clean to stalder shoot – not a big routine but well composed – hop on tuck full.

14.433 for Smith, and she moves ahead of Black despite two weak events.

Tingting – BB – hits her series well – check on a front aerial, a couple small ones on leaps that break connections – 2/1 dismount, a hit routine, but not her most difficutly

Carey – FX – great high double double – DLO 1/1 also excellent – regular double turn, not ht e L turn – front double full, steps out of it – full in, bounces backward but the flag does not go up. Will be a strong score.

Murakami – UB – nice jaegers, piked and steaddled – clean bail, a little short – tuck full dismount, small hop. Good day of qualification, Another one who will be right up there.

14.100 for Carey, into 3rd on floor.

Ferrera – FX – huge split jump 1.5 – giant double double but steps OOB – big pass – DLO, great control on landing – noooo big bounce back on double pike – leaps are all obviously great – falls on double tuck.

55.933 and Murakami qualifies for the AA final in first! By .001 over Ragan.

LTT still 7th on beam despite doing 1/100 of her difficulty.

Hurd in 6th, which means she’ll be in the lead group as well, along with Black MDJDS and Eremina.

Leinonen – FX – basic splits are nice – 2/1 – triple turn – split leap 1/1 – front full – there.

Escobar – BB – split jump wolf jump – finishes 2/1

Murto – FX – high double tuck, goes OOB – split leap 1/1, short – split jump full, better – 1.5 to punch layout to the ground.

Pardo – BB – aerial with a check – side aerial bhs loso series, kind of splits the beam and then crashes to the ground on her back – switch to switch 1/2, balance check – switch 1/2, short of split and a check – full turn – back 1.5, step

And there we have it!

For the Americans, Smith is in 2nd and Hurd in 6th. It’s quite reminiscent to me of 2009, when Bross qualified 1st and then Sloan qualified 5th after missing beam in qualification. I’ve been making 2009 parallels all year and that’s going to continue.


Alice Kinsella is our final AA qualifier in 24th. Brassart was 25th but would have been 2 perred anyway. Crisan did not make the AA, so no Romanians advance.

VT qualifiers – Paseka, Carey, Steingruber, Olsen, Wang, Miyakawa, Black, Chusovitina!

-semi-notable absence there is Devillard, who fell in qualification.

UB qualifiers – Eremina, Iliankova, Fan, Derwael, Seitz, Locklear, Luo, Varinska


BB qualifiers – Alt, Hurd, Schaefer, Black, Teramoto, Eremina, Liu, Murakami

-big surprises here are no Smith and no Dutch in the final

FX qualifiers – Smith, Murakami, Carey, Fragapane, Moors, Fidelis, Ferrari, Mori

-no Wang and Melnikova, two perople who had a chance at the final. MOOOORSSS.





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