Operation Hall of 10s

This season, I have been updating and expanding the Hall of 10s (always available at the top of the page) with the goal of including names, dates, and apparatuses for every 10 ever scored in NCAA gymnastics.

It currently includes 873 scores of 10.0 dating from Kelly Garrison in 1988 to Elizabeth Price in 2018, but it’s definitely not the complete account of every 10.0 ever scored. I’m missing exact dates for a number of 10s from the mid-90s (because apparently the internet was invented 7 days ago, and before that we didn’t have calendars and told time by the wind).

Plus, most of the Jenny Hansen 10s don’t appear at all in the list because I’m missing years for them (I currently have dates for just six of the twenty-one vault 10s and none of the six floor 10s). No matter. She’s not the most 10-ed NCAA gymnast of all time or anything (oh wait, yes she is). Information is also pretty sparse for those schools that don’t have programs anymore, since they’re weirdly not super concerned about maintaining records because of the whole not-existing thing.

So, I think we can do better if we work together. I know we have a lot of the original fans out there, so take a look at the list and let me know if you have information that isn’t included so that this can become a more complete Hall of 10s.

As we have it now, you may be interested to know (if you’re a trash nerd like me), that the 10-iest day in the history of college gymnastics came on March 12, 2004, when twelve separate 10.000s were awarded (five to Arizona State alone). Disclaimer: 2004 is not a role model.

Plus, a scavenger hunt: Can you find the only athlete in NCAA history who has scored a 10.000 for two different schools?

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    1. Towson alumni here. This isn’t true. Kristen never competed for Maryland. She did get a 10 for Towson though.

      1. Towson is currently doing a top scores countdown, so specific dates for 10s should be available later this season.

  1. Hello,
    This is Jenny Hansen’s coach. I think I can provide that information to you. What is the best way to get that to you?

  2. Jenny competed 1993-1996.
    1993 – 10.0 Vault NCAA’s
    1995 – 10.0 Vault NCAA’s
    10.0 Beam NCAA’s
    1996 – Vault – 10.0 NCAA’s
    Regular season 10.0 Vault – 21 times
    10.0 FX – 6 times

  3. You can you list a footnote on your database that includes gymnasts who should have received at least one, but never did. Sigh, Lindsey Cheek.

  4. I just snatched Michigan 10s from a media guide 2014 we have at work. 1993-2014, 63 entries. I can send them along if you are interested.

  5. Found it! Do I win? šŸ˜€

    JILL FISHER (Maryland) ā€“ Floor
    JILL FISHER (Massachusetts) ā€“ Floor

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