Friday Live Blog – February 2, 2018

Friday, February 2 Scores Stream
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To the gymnastics!

The day begins with Florida’s visit to Auburn, where no one expects Florida to keep up the scores from last week (because of dystopian fiction…) but we do expect continued progress and a real 197. There’s still much to improve on from last week.

Kathy mentioned Florida’s score from last week and Bart laughed. Yep. That’s where we are.


Becker – VT – Auburn – controls the landing on her full, some pike throughout, quite flat off the table –

Boren – UB – Florida – Tkatchev, fine, bent-elbow catch – clear hip to bail, nice toe point and vertical – pretty close on these handstands – whippy on DLO dismount and a fairly significant hop back. Probably a full tenth on the landing.

Phillips – VT – Auburn – better height than Becker but then had to pike down quite a bit to try to find her landing, and then a large bounce back.

Baker – UB – FLorida – Strong Ray – hits bail – small hesitation in handstand toward the end before her 1/2 turn – double front hop back. Another full tenth on landing.

Vault scores way too high so far.

Krippner – VT – Auburn – splits the difference between the first two, better distance than Becker, not as high as Phillips, some piking, lunge back. 9.850? What the what? Where are we?

Skaggs – UB – Florida – toe on to tkatchev to Pak, great height and rhythm – borderline final hs – DLO, just pikes down at the end, hop forward

Watson – VT – Auburn – good height on 1.5, some knees, lunge forward and to the side.

Hundley – UB – Florida – Shap to pak, quite clean and comfortable – Shap 1/2, solid, short final handstand, which has been a problem so far this year – FTDT, hop, good shape on the dismount though

Day – VT – Auburn – 1.5, nicely done, cleaner than Watson’s in the leg form, not quite as much distance, but better control on the landing, that could be just a .05 landing deduction

Gowey – UB – Florida – Good Ray, small amount of bent elbows – lovely Pak as always – hits vertical on the 1/2 turn on low – short final handstand from her as well – DLO, comes in short with a hop forward.

Glenn – VT – Auburn – 1.5, good dynamics, large lunge forward though, very nice laid out shape though

McMurtry – UB – Florida – Big Ray as always, same minor pike and close catch – excellent bail, clean – shortish final handstand – FTDT, stuck, very nice. 9.975. Because Florida needed some crack too?

After 1: Auburn 49.350, Florida 49.325

Well, the scores are still flying. A fine vault rotation for Auburn, good to have three 1.5s in the lineup that are all realistically strong scores, but those vaults, especially the early Yfulls, were way overscored, creating a misleading total.

Florida OK on bars but won’t be happy with the dismounts, too many .100 hops on those. McMurtry definitely the cleanest of the rotation, but the bent-elbow catch on the Ray and a short handstand (not majorly short but short) should combine to mean that’s not a 10. One of the judges didn’t care.


Baumann – VT – Florida – potential on her full in the shape and distance, but a huge bounce backward and another step. No control on the landing, but solid shape. 9.775. Same loose evaluation as Auburn got.

Watson – UB – Auburn – Ray, close but caught – one short hs in there – hits her vertical on the bail – another late handstand at the end – step back on FTDT.

Hundley – VT – Florida – good control on her FTY landing, almost stuck, small slide – will get deducted for dynamics, not the flightiest.

Krippner – UB – Auburn – toe on + bail, good toes – tkatchev, super close to the bar, good height but no counter, which meant she dropped down right on the bar, basically – FTDT dismount, good stick.

Boren – VT – Florida – Hits 1.5, good direction, little shuffle forward, legs on the block and bends knees coming into the mat.

Moss – UB – Auburn – short first cast handstand – clear hip to excellent gienger, good leg position – bail – rushed final handstand with a loose back – pretty DLO and just holds onto the stick. A little rushed with some form, hecht mount looked like she was almost going to miss it and may have thrown her a little.

Baker – VT – Florida – awesome distance on her 1.5, hop forward but not as big as some of her hops this year.

Milliet – UB – Auburn – toe on – Ray was huge, too huge, lost one of her hands swinging through, but was able to hang onto the bar with her other hand – great big Pak – stuck double tuck.

Slocum – VT – Florida – handspring pike 1/2, slide back, not huge. Solid vault.

Day – UB – Auburn – toe 1/2 to big Jaeger to overshoot, strong combination – double Arabian dismount, stuck with legs apart. One short handstand in there, another borderline, not too much else. Strong.

McMurtry – VT – Florida – Back to the full, brilliant, lovely shape, almost stuck, maybe a small bounce in place, better control than her DTY last week, so. 9.950. So they considered that a stick.

Cerio – UB – Auburn – clear hip 1/2 was a little short, good piked Jaeger, small arch to hold onto bail – nice final hs – full turn to stuck double tuck.

After 2: Florida 98.825, Auburn 98.500

Florida also got the benefit of those vault scores for a 49.500 with just the one maybe-stuck landing. Better control from Boren and Baker this time. Slocum has figured her vault out. Solid rotation. Auburn had some early handstand struggles on bars (and then the mistake from Milliet), but held onto an acceptable total when the numbers started to fly more toward the end.


Riddle – BB – Auburn – bhs loso series, small hesitation but not much – full turn – switch to straddle 1/2 combo, nice on the straddle, a little short on the switch – side aerial to tuck full, small slide.

Slocum – FX – Florida – whip through to double pike, well controlled – split leap full to wolf jump full, gets them around – there are parts in this floor routine where it’s the least dancing she has done all meet – front full front pike, momentum carrying her forward but keeps that foot down – rudi, controlled, not the biggest, some legs. Her best floor of the year, probably.

Cerio – BB – Auburn – press handstand mount with some hesitation up to handstand, drops her hips – cat leap to switch side, a little crooked – bhs loso, secure, chest low – switch 1/2, quite nice shape, hesitation? – front lay full dismount.

Hundley – FX – Florida – whip to double tuck, controls, not super high on that double tuck but gets it around well enough – switch side to popa, overturn the switch side, so it’s like a switch side 1/4 to straddle 3/4 – double pike, bounce back, just does stay in bounds but a fairly significant bounce – back 1/5 to layout, small arch.

Sylvia – BB – Auburn – side aerial, pretty form, check – full turn, lovely flair – aerial to bhs series, will get combo credit – split to sheep to beat, well short of 180 on split with a check before sheep – gainer full.

Baumann – FX – Florida – double tuck, small slide back – 1.5 to front full, better, that’s the combination height she can show, just a little kneesy at the end – switch 1/2 to popa, also kind of indistinct on those skill finishing positions – double pike, short with a stagger forward just like last week. (So….9.925???)

Slappey – BB – Auburn – nice height and control on loso series – split 1/2 to beat, swings that front leg up well but doesn’t quite get to 180 there – side aerial to full dismount, just loses the shape on the side aerial at the end but still connects well to a stick.

Did someone tell Kathy that RQS starts on Monday? No one has enough scores yet.

Gowey – FX – Florida – double pike, control – switch full to wolf half – 1.5 to layout, good position, maybe a bit too lungey out of that – nailed the double tuck landing.

Milliet – BB – Auburn – front tuck mount, hit – full turn – pretty loso series, well extended – Kathy is marrying her back walkover – split jump to sheep, quite nice, very precise – cat leap to gainer full, lost her rhythm a little bit there but did manage to hold the stick on the gainer full with a lean

Boren – FX – Florida – DLO, gets it around well and controls the landing, brings that chest up – 1.5 to layout, pops that right up vertically, slightly awkward on landing it – split leap full to wolf – double tuck, very solid

Krippner – BB _ Auburn – cat leap to aerial to beat, very comfortable and smooth – full turn, smooth – switch to split, AWESOME, how it should look – secure on loso series – 1.5 dismount, wayyyy short with a stumble backward, two steps. Basically perfect until then.

Baker – FX – Florida – Dos Santos, step forward but counts as controlled, keeps that back foot down – double tuck, had enough height but just came in too short with a small hop – switch to split full, that was a more distinct dance combo than some others – 1.5 to half to straddle, got bored in the air waiting to come down.

Krippner still got 9.800 for that beam, which apparently means they were ready to go 10 for it because there’s no way you can take less than .200 for that dismount.

After 3: Florida 148.225, Auburn 147.750

Both teams will take those third rotations. Auburn got through with six hits and showed the makings of some excellence in a number of places. Milliet and Krippner we know, Sylvia will be amazing soon. Florida comfortable on floor, not too many landing problems at all. One deduction that really stood out, though, was those nonspecific landings on dance elements, where they over-twist the first so that they can under-twist the second. Those elements should be distinctly different and crisply landed right on the full twist (or half twist).

Nice piece about McMurtry opting out of the elite system because “I just wasn’t happy.” If you recall, EVERYONE wanted her to go elite with that easy DTY when she was in L10.


Hundley – BB – Florida – aerial to sissone, solid, not the most extended sissone you’ll see – bhs loso series, secure – cat leap to switch side – biggest set up before full turn of any skill in her set – 1.5 dismount, hop forward

Smith – FX – Auburn – double pike, bounce back and some chest – switch side to popa (I’m really on the indistinct-landing issue today and that was another one) – 1.5 to layout to shushunova, arch on the layout but solid – pulls around double tuck, looked like she might not have enough but she got there

Skaggs – BB – Florida – wolf turn double, a little leg-hesitant in the second turn but hits it – switch to split, quite nice – loso series, leg-up wobble – cat to switch side, crisp and pretty – side aerial to full, slide back – Still 9.825, not enough separation for having a significant error.

Watson – FX – Auburn – solid double pike, nice toe point maintained on her dance elements – double tuck, slide back – 1.5 to layout with a lunge forward and some arch

Heads up that North Carolina and New Hampshire are both about to get huge scores.

Boren – BB – Florida – secure kickover front – hits loso series – switch and straddle – cat leap to loso, also solid – full turn – gainer full. Nice.

Sierra Alexander did her Achilles on Wednesday.

Cerio – FX – Auburn – double pike, chest well down and a lunge forward – switch side to popa, nice toes from her as well – front full to layout, arched that layout to pull it around, stagger back – rudi, crossed legs landing but secure

Gowey – BB – Florida – switch to split, nice 180s – nails two loso series, very secure and well extended – aerial to sissone – full turn, verrrrrry slightly hesitant -gainer full step back. Nice until dismount.

Slappey – FX – Auburn – front lay to rudi, small slide, a bit too arched in that front lay – switch 1/2 to split jump full, not 180 on split jump – double pike, buckles in the knees on landing but holds it – double tuck, solid but chest

Baumann – BB – Florida – Onodi, glorious – loso series, also excellent – switch to switch 1/2, excellent switch, possible 180 deduction on switch 1/2 – aerial looked fine but then wobbled working out of it and ultimately had to bend at the hips – 1.5 dismount step back.

Because we can’t have nice things

Day – FX – Auburn – double Arabian, just a hair short with a slide-back foot correction but quite strong – I really like this choreography – wolf hop 1/1 to switch 1/2 combo – front full to layout, hit – double tuck, just keeps it in

McMurtry – BB – Florida – cat leap to kickover front, very solid – bhs loso and falls. Well. That’s her second fall of the season, which we don’t usually expect from her – switch leap to shushunova hip circle – 2/1, hop back.

Florida still 49.175 on beam and 197.400 for the meet.

Milliet – FX – Auburn – front lay to rudi, pretty, good shape throughout, controlled step back – switch ring, wonderful, to switch 1/2, just OK – double pike, controlled but chest well down – 1.5 to layout, solid. Good routine.

FINAL: Florida 197.400, Auburn 197.000

More important score for Auburn than for Florida. That 197 will help a lot. Florida could have been in the high 197s if not for the end of beam.

Two significant SEC meets coming up now: Arkansas at Alabama and Kentucky at LSU

Desch anchoring vault for Alabama. Dare this mean we expect to see the 1.5? Childers is back on bars and beam in this one.


Finnegan – VT – LSU – great dynamics on full – a little off to the side hop back

Graber – VT – Alabama – full this time, lunge back

Yamzon – UB – Ark – clear hip, small arch – tkatchev, flat but hit – short of hs on bail – better final handstand – DLO 1/1, tries to sell the stick but not one, slide back to salute. Tight but got better as it went.

Dickson – VT – Alabama – another huge bounce backward on full –

Cannamela – VT – LSU – nice full, small slide back, good direction, not the biggest vault you’ll see

Shaffer – UB – Ark – small ark in first hs – pretty Shap to bail comination, quite clean – 1/2 turn to 1/2 to double tuck, hop back.

Guerra – VT – Alabama – oooh, round off 1/2 on tuck 1/2 is what they’re going for with her now – short, with chest down, step forward.

Edwards – VT – LSU – big pop on 1.5, just buckles a little in landing with a step back.

Rechenmacher – UB – Kentucky – Pretty Jaeger, a little floppy in bail, stalder to double tuck dismount, took that double tuck RIGHT close to the bar and a lunge back on landing.

Armbrecht – VT – Alabama – odd stumble stagger on landing the full, like she got caught in the landing mat when trying to step, made it a bigger stumble

Priessman – VT – LSU – very clean full, small hop

Wellick – UB – Arkansas – strong Shap to bail combination, vertical handtands – huge landing error on double front this time, large bound forward, multiple steps, nearly put her hand down to save it.

Guerrero – VT – Alabama – very strong 1.5, best vault of the rotation by far – just those knees and a possible college salute – good.

Hambrick – VT – LSU – 1.5 – one of her strong ones – small step forward.

Speed – UB – Arkansas – second half of routine, very pretty bail, a little late on giant full to double tuck with hop.

Hyland – UB – Kentucky – a short handstand on high – full turn to Gienger, small leg break this time – hits bail well – muscles that handstand a little – FTDT with step back.

Desch – VT – Alabama – just the full but a bit btter – small hop back – still not the dynamics some others will have, coming in a little short.

Edney – VT – LSU – excellent power as always, step forward, the usual small knee bend throughout.

Hit from Garner on bars so Arkansas can drop the Wellick dismount.

Korth – UB – Kentucky – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger, fall. Super pretty piked Jaeger but took it too far, no chance to catch. Had five hits before that.

After 1:
LSU 49.225, Kentucky 49.050
Arkansas 49.050, Alabama 48.950

A pretty good vaulting rotation for LSU, hitting the necessary 1.5s, that was scored tightly. Well, by that I mean it was scored pretty much correctly, but compared to most other meets, that was tight evaluation of those vaults.

Alabama still struggling on vault with three scores in the 9.6s and 9.7s there. Interesting to see that round off 1/2 on back tuck 1/2 from Guerra, which is a 10.0 start but will also get hit for amplitude and dynamics, potentially unfairly. Guerrero was the highlight of that rotation, and there wasn’t enough separation between her score (9.850) and a couple of the 9.800 fulls that were significantly weaker than her vault.


Hyland – VT – Kentucky – sticks full, legs apart but solid stick and very nice height. 9.925. Oh, now the vault judges have loosened up?

Yamzon – VT – Akransas – bounce back on full –

Durante – UB – LSU – hecht mount – nice toes – 1/2 turn to Jaeger, takes it a little close this time but works it out – nice handstand positions throughout, small leg break on otherwise pretty Pak – FTDT, leans to hold onto sticl.

Sahffer – VT – Arkansas – Y1/2 with alrge lunge

Stuart – VT – Kentucky – Important to have her back on vault – great dynamics on full, small slide back

Childers – Ub – Alabama – hits Shap to bail well, some legs on Shap – toes in places – really struggles on dismount, short landing and large lunge

Hambrick super clean on bars as always – one short handstand in there – excellent FTDT, stuck.

McGlone – VT – Arkansas – strong distance and direction on full, slide back

Dukes – VT – Keentucky – Y1/2, hop forward, a little awkward on landing

Graber – UB – Alabama – full turn to Gienger, crazy legs on gienger, nice hs afterward – leg break on bail, good vertical – FTDT, pace back.

Harrold – UB – LSU – Zuccold strong – one very short hs – hits Jaeger – sits double front. Oh Ruby, what’s up?

Wellick – VT – Arkansas – great dynamics as always, just a touch short and has to take a baby step forward

Dickson – Ub – Alabama – short of vertical on her bail – hitting handstands – tkatchev is quite strong as usual – short final cast handstand – sticks FTDT. Better.

Davis for Kentucky on vault, pops her Yfull well up into the air and hangs onto stuck landing.

Edney – UB – LSU – good Hindorf – over arches a handstand and has to take a million extra swings to reset!

Winston – UB – Alabama – Toe Shap, awesome, great form – rushes a handstand before her Pak which was also quite beautiful – better final handstand – DLO, stuck. Awesome set except that one handstand, which will be fairly significant.

Rosa – VT – Kentucky – really wanted that stick on her full, nice open in the air, ends up taking a significant lunge back

Brannan – UB – Alabama – strong Jaeger – hits bail – DLO with legs but stuck.

Priessman lost her legs in her Pak this time, a little more than she had been recently, but the rest was great. 9.950 seems high for that Pak.

Korth – VT – Kentucky – 1.5, large bound forward

Finnegan – UB – LSU – Excellent Ray – hits bail cleanly – maybe rushes that final handstand a little – sticks DLO. Well, if we’ve already had three 9.9s in this rotation, all of which were weaker than this routine… 9.975

LSU goes 49.150 on bars with the mistake. Tight judging from vault did not carry over to bars, but LSU was not able to take advantage because of the errors from Harrold and Edney.

After 2:
LSU 98.375, Kentucky 98.175
Alabama 98.275, Arkansas 97.900

Alabama got some big scores on bars there to take the lead, while Arkansas was hurt by having just the five vaults because of some low scores in the lineup. A bit surprised Arkansas was scored lower than Alabama on vault since Arkansas’s fulls looked better overall.

LSU kept Kentucky in this thing with the bars mistakes, though after the big score awarded to Hyland in the first spot, Kentucky got neither the landings nor the scores to make a huge dent because of vault.

We’re not going to see high totals in these meets, even if the scores start flying in the second half, as they probably will.


Childers – BB – Alabama – bhs loso series, some legs but secure – full turn – balance check just on choreography there – split to sheep, not 180 on that split – kickover front to scale, some hesitation in the scale but continued through – 2/1 dismount, crossed legs, small slide

Macadaeg – BB – LSU – pretty full turn – switch to switch 1/2 to beat, a little hesitation between the switch and switch 1/2 this time – lovely aerial – loso series, secure – gainer full, stuck. Good one.

Desch – BB – Alabama – pulls back an aerial to beat jump combo, was a little off line but saved it – check on loso series – another small stagger on full turn, just tight – long pause before dismount 1.5 with small step back. Tight routine but hit.

Stuart – FX – Kentcuky – double pike with slide back – nicccce high layout shape on layout out of middle pass – rudi, a little flat

Hambrick – BB – LSU – L turn, solid, maybe dropped a little early but will get credit – hitch kick to side aerial, perhaps a correction step back but sells it – switch to straddle 1/4, strong – bhs loso series, strong – 2/1, smallest adjustment backward

Armbrecht – BB – Alabama – aerial to beat – full turn, very smooth – bhs loso, secure – split to sheep, good execution on the sheep, just a small shuffle landing it – small slide on dismount, Good set.

Yamzon – FX – Arkansas – solid double back landing – double pike, small slide –

Desiderio – BB – LSU – aerial to sissone, a bit tight on sissone shape – very strong loso series, solid – full turn, a little hesitation – switch to switch 1/2, good on the switch, struggles a little more on switch 1/2 – gainer full, a little lean to hold the stick

Graber – BB – Alabama – full turn – bhs to lay-pike series, secure – switch to straddle 3/4, not the most extended straddle but a hit series – kickover front to scale, smoother than Desch’s – sticks 2/1, crossed legs throughout

Burton – FX – Arkansas – nails double pike, very strong – double tuck with a small bounce back – switch 1/2 to popa, short of 180 – hits front full to layout, dances out

Cannamela has a leg-up wobble on beam but stays on – another large break on layout stepout, short on dismount with a step back. Struggles on every skill. 9.325.

Winston – BB – Alabama – switch and split 1/2, excellent positions – aerial, maybe the smallest adjustment out – bhs lay-pike series, arm-wave check on that – smooth full turn – double tuck, shuffle back

Edney – BB – LSU – aerial to split, not 180 on that split, but the low camera angle also makes splits look worse – bhs loso series, very secure – switch to straddle 1/4, OK, similarly tight on straddle – kickover front very strong – 1.5, a hair short with a slide back. Good set.

Guerrero – BB – Alabama – two loso series, solidly on this time – good leaps – 1.5 holds the stick, she has an ability to get no height on skilsl and still stick them –

Korth – FX – Kentucky – double tuck, very high, too high, slide back – lovely loso out of middle pass – double pike, buckles a touch but fine.

Carter – FX – Arkansas – good double tuck but struggles on double pike with an awkward landing and lunge back – 1.5 to front tuck, very low front tuck, just pulls it around –

Finnegan – BB – LSU – wolf single, arm wave to avoid a check – solid loso series – side somi, hit – side aerial to stuck full. Very nice set.

Dukes – FX – Kentucky – double pike, solid – lovely switch ring, followed by OK switch 1/2 – front full to layout, solid – double tuck, maybe a little bounce up but not much

After 3:
LSU 147.825, Kentucky 147.400
Alabama 147.575, Arkansas 147.225

Good beam rotation for LSU, hitting four strong routines and one solid-enough one to get through with a usable total and ensure that 197 looks basically inevitable going to floor. Alabama still in contention for that elusive 197 but will need a good floor rotation, which hasn’t happened often enough so far this season. But, the big floor scores look like they’re building. Arkansas close enough to Alabama to still think this one is up for grabs with a beam rotation like the one last week.


Yamzon – BB – Arkansas – switch side, hit – three series to loso, solid – a little deep but held with a lean – gainer full.

When the camera person decides a facial closeup is a good idea during a dismount. SIGH.

Guerra – FX – Alabama – double tuck, a little bounce back – split leap full to popa, good ddefined finishing position but not as extended as it could be – double pike, a bit better control – 1.5 to front tuck, really struggles to pull around the front tuck, lands it deep but does just get it to her feet

Laird – BB – Arkansas – aerial to bhs, a little lean in between but fine – split leap not quite to 180 – switch to split 1/4, similarly shortish – side aerial to split, hit – round off gainer full with a slide back

Edwards for LSU a bit bouncy on some of her forward landings but fine

Loeb – FX – Alabama – double tuck, bounce back – solid enough on the leaps – double tuck, very short with large lunge forward, chest way down – 1/5 to front tuck, lunge forward. This means they’ll have to count the Guerra score.

Korth – BB – Kentucky – one-arm bhs layout stepout series, hit but knees tthroughout – cat leap to switch to back tuck, secure – 2/1, small slide

Wellick – BB – Ark – switch to straddle 1/4, strong positions – side somi, held well – loso series, leg-up wobble to save – aerial, smooth – gainer front alyout full dismount with step back

Kirby has a knack for saving floor landings with less of a lunge than it looks like she’s going to have.

Desch – FX – Alabama – double Arabian, better, less of a squat, solidly held – 1.5 to 1/2 to split to front tuck is well done – switch ring to split full, quite good – strong double tuck – one of her better floor routines in a while. I wouldn’t have gone 9.950 though.

Shaffer – BB – Arkansas – switch to straddle 1/4, good extension –

Priessman is doing floor. It’s a miracle. full-in, well completed with chest up, bounce back – 1.5 to layout with a dance out – great amplitude and extension on leaps – double pike a little short, jsut didn’t have quite the whole routine endurance there yet but this is progress and will be a big score of course if she’s actually able to do it regularly.

Kwan – BB – Kentucky – full turn – hits loso series comfortably – switch to double stag, a couple checks there, one in between and one after –

Carter – BB – Arkansas – bhs loso series, solid – split to sheep, sheep is very NCAA with the hip angle and not closed ring position – hesitation between front and stag – nice side aerial to full dismount, stuck

Edney lunges forward and OOB on her double Arabian. Nails final pass, though.

Winston – FX – Alabama – double pike, comfortable and easy for her, a little bouncy landing her split leap full but of course the split position was excellent – front lay to front full, dancy out – switch 1/2, good – double tuck, also good, maybe too much of a slide but will be a strong score.

Burton – BB – Arkansas – aerial to beat jump – loso series, nice height, just a lean out of it – full turn – split to sheep, arm-wave check out of sheep – gainer full, short with step forward

Finnegan – FX – LSU – 1.5 through to 2.5, bouncing forward out of the 2.5 – very strong double tuck – switch ring and switch 1/2 are easy for her – double pike, a small amount of insecure on landing with a little buckle, but not much.

Guerrero – FX – Alabama – double pike, solid but too large of a lunge back – good straddle positions – good middle pass – rudi is low with a lunge back

Hyland – BB – Kentucky – switch to split, very well done – cat leap to aerial, smooth – same with bhs loso series, this is a very good one – hits full turn – cat leap side aerial to full, holds the stick with a lean

Hambrick – FX – LSU – nails her DLO, but in the issue of score controversy, which apparently is happening with this routine, you can always deduct for the hollowing in the second salto, which is too much of a pike – 2.5 to front pike, strong – split leap full to wolf jump full, short of 180 on split leap – double pike, very good. It’s basically the identical routine to the one they were upset about last week, so we’ll see what happens at home.9.975.

LSU 197.225, Kentucky 196.700
Alabama 197.000, Arkansas 196.350

I think it’s a 197 for Alabama. Live scores say 196.975, Alabama twitter says 197.000. Maybe they just wanted it so badly they got a 197? So that’s progress for them. Still problems to address, particularly on vault and floor, but their best score of the season and a win over Arkansas. Still a good showing for Arkansas, 196 on the road. Kentucky will also very much take that road score and overall performance, breaking 49 on every event. While LSU had the highest score of the 4, they’ll probably be the most disappointed with giving away a bigger number on bars and staying stuck in the lower-middish 197s, where they’ve been since the start of the season.



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  1. Okay, someone tell me. Why does the clock at all the arenas say 2:00. Is that just some default setting? It has been driving me nuts at all these meets. (new to college gymnastics)

  2. can I just say I wish baker had messed up her vault again just to see her pissed off face!

  3. The song for Hundley’s floor is called ‘Sax’ by Fleur East – and it kinda bugs me that she doesn’t pretend to play the sax in her routine…

  4. Alabama looks terrible on vault. I would be very curious to know what their pre-season training looked like. They look at least a month behind where all of the other top teams are.

  5. I don’t understand UK’s bars mounts. It seems that the between the bars kip to handstand is hard to generate the swing to make a vertical handstand. Am I missing some advantage of why the whole team uses this mount?

  6. As a viewer, it’s incredibly frustrating to watch the scores flying out of the Florida meets. I want to see Florida score well because they deserved it, not because they’re “Florida.”

    1. I have the same feeling with Florida and UCLA. Both of those teams always have WTF scores. They are loaded with elites and talent; thus, they don’t need the gifts.

  7. Just want to offer a congrats to Alabama for hitting beam vs. Arkansas for the first time in three season. 🙂

    1. I would assume they’re just resting her in a meet where they have a high chance of winning, barring a meltdown.

  8. Why are Kyla Bryant’s individual judge scores for floor 9.8 and 9.85, yet her all around is a 9.725? I can’t imagine her having a 9.9 start value?

    1. Maybe she stepped out of bounds? I didn’t watch, but if the judge’s average is 9.825, but the score is 9.725, I’m assuming it’s an OOB neutral deduction.

  9. It annoys me that LSU is expecting a 10 for Hambrick’s floor. I love her and the stick is impressive but that second salto is well past hollow. NCAA double lays are one of the great joys of the sport, and I’d hate to see them ruined by allowing this to go undeducted.

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