Saturday Live Blog – February 3, 2018

Saturday, February 3 Scores Stream
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Penn @ Cornell Ivy($)
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Rhode Island @ Southern Connecticut SC($)
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – NC State, Towson, Temple @ Pittsburgh LINK ACC+
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – [23] Missouri @ [14] Georgia LINK SECN
3:30 ET/12:30 PT – [15] Washington @ [3] Utah LINK P12N
5:30 ET/2:30 PT – [12] Arizona State @ [13] Oregon State LINK P12N
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Ohio State, West Chester, UW-Whitewater @ Rutgers LINK
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [22] Minnesota @ [9] Nebraska LINK UNL
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [18] BYU, Bowling Green, Ball State @ [11] Denver LINK
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Sacramento State, Air Force @ Alaska LINK FREE

Georgia and Missouri. Ah, yes. You see, it all started on a fateful day back in April 2010…*dies of old age*

The latest Georgia drama has been the sacking of Charlie Tamayo, and at this point I’m just interested in…who’s coaching the actual events? Like…Suze sure isn’t stepping in to spot floor…

And don’t forget that the Simone movie is on Lifetime tonight. It’s times like these when we must be very thankful for twitter.

Georgia with 5 on vault and floor again as expected. A bit of factual inaccuracy in the broadcast—Georgia did put up 5 on vault in one meet, when Vaculik vaulted, but she has not appeared since.


Vega – VT – some piking on full, knees, hop back, good distance. 9.800.

Tucker – UB – hits piked Jaeger and bail – giant full to double tuck, late on giant full and a hop back on double tuck. Otherwise clean. 9.825.

Oakley – VT – bounce back on her full – nice laid out shape. 9.775.

Kelly – UB – also a piked jaeger, catches, some bent elbows – small leg break on bail – quite short on final handstand – very nice DLO, stuck. 9.800.

Dickson – VT – nearly is able to stick her full but ultimately leaned and lifted her leg to try to save it, which will make for a bigger landing deduction than she otherwise needed to take. Good shape, controlled landing, solid. 9.850.

Albritten – UB – high Jaeger, some loose shape – bail, hit, minor hesitation in legs with toe circle – short final handstand – full to double tuck with pace back.

Johnson – VT – bounce back on her full as well – seems to have good dynamics but we’re being subjected to an awful camera angle, so impossible really to say anything about the vault.

Miller – UB – solid piked jaeger, some bent eblows – well under on her bail and falls, could never have gotten that thing up to handstand, so she just collapsed – DLO, solid.

Snead – VT – full, very clean, comes in a hair short and has to take a small shuffle forward

Porter – UB – nice high Jaeger, good leg shape – hits bail – close on final handstand – basically sticks double front dismount with a cowboy.

Huber – UB – strong toes point in that jaeger, connected to overshoot – short final handstand as well – a little whippy on her DLO, came in short with a hop forward

After 1: Georgia 49.100, Missouri 49.000

Fine. Nothing too special or remarkable from either team there. Missouri avoided counting a fall but lost higher scores on handstands and leg shapes. Georgia got through with five vaulters, all acceptable, no sticks. If you’ve been following the Kathy Johnson/Greg Marsden vault-scoring conversation on twitter, the judges here have illuminated the real culprit, going 9.850 for perfectly average Yfulls that allows no room to separate various different incarnations of excellence.


Miller – VT – great height on her full, stuck, reminiscent of her first career vault, when she showed up with a 9.950. Lands a little deep and not a ton of distance, but very good. 9.800. Inconsistent with the scoring of Georgia’s rotation it seems to me.

Johnson – UB – clear hip to Gienger with legs – shortish on all her handstands, leg break on bail but not too bad – flings out DLO with hop forward. 9.800.

Huber – VT – Full, good distance, a little off to the side and a hop to the side as well. Good shape.

Oakley – UB – nice toes in handstand – Shap to pak, legs in Shap but great form on Pak – nice vertical on low – short final handstand – FTDT, stuck. Excellent set. Very nice. That’s what she can do. 9.900.

Harris – VT – full, fairly large step to the side and a little forward chestishness, piked

Vaculik – UB – short first hs – giant full (late) to VACULIKGIENGER, awesome obviously – leg break on bail – large arch on final cast handstand and loses her legs but saves it – FTDT, small hop, form looked a little better on that?

Tucker – VT – nice open on her full but ultimately came in short with a hop forward, not a large hop.

Snead – UB – lovely clear hip to tkatchev, not the biggest tkatchev but very clean – strong shape on bail, better handstands – DLO pikes down to find the stick but did find it. Good one. Very refreshing cast handstand ability.

Ward – VT – she’s also now going for the ro half on, tuck 1/2 route, instead of her Omelianchik that was awesome last season. Hopefully she can get her real, good vault back. Steps and legs.

Dickson – UB – Exceptional Ray – small arch in subsequent handstand – good vertical on the bail – better final hs – DLO, small slide back. Good.

Judge discussion about Ward’s vault. WE’VE NEVER SEEN SUCH A THING BEFORE.

Porter – VT – comes in shortish on her full, crunches it down a little and a hop forward/to the side.

Pedersen – UB – hecht mount over low – short first handstand – solid piked jaeger – just missing handstands – good height on Pak, small leg break – struggles on final handstand as well – hits double front with hop back.

After 2: Georgia 98.425, Missouri 97.950

Some good moments there from Georgia on bars from Dickson, Snead, and Oakley. When they get Schild back, that’s a real four. The others are still questionable, though Pedersen has improved tremendously from last season. Bars should be one of the better events for Georgia soon. Didn’t think the handstands were evaluated as strictly as they could have been.

Missouri peaked at Miller on vault, who could have gone higher, but then no one else landed at the same level, so the whole thing got stuck in the 9.8s. It’s going to be essential to get Ward confident with the Omelianchik again because this tuck 1/2 is not happening so far.

Kupets interviewed about how awesome Suzanne is. She’s awesome.


Snead – BB – bhs loso bhs series, smooth and confident – cat leap to switch (short) to back tuck, also secure – front tuck, solid as well – 2/1, a little short, shuffle forward. Good.

Bower – FX – double pike, looked like a solid landing but she ultimately stepped out of it in a lack-of-control kind of way – 1.5 to layout, not huge but clean and kept her layout shape – split leap 1/1 to wolf jump 1/1, fine – double tuck, larger bounce back out of that, does stay in.

Oakley – BB – wolf turn, fine – split jump to split ring jump, VERY nice – bhs loso series, good extension and securely on – cat leap to aerial, a little more tentative but avoids a check – gainer full slide back. Another good hit.

Nicholson – FX – split leap 1.5, almost all the way around – 1.5 to layout, some arch – switch side popa – rudi, small slide. Fine set. Amplitude and legs.

Arnold – BB – small check just on choreography at the beginning – switch to tuck jump 1/1, better – aerial with small lean to bhs but will get credit for connection – switch to straddle 1/4, a little crazy legs and a lean correction – 1.5 dismount, shortish with step back.

Miller – FX – wolf jump 1.5, gets it around – front lay to front full, slide forward out of it – split leap full to split jump full, getting a lot of her bonus from dance elements, and will get credit for them, pretty close to 180 as well – rudi with very ragged legs.

Babalis – BB – aerial to loso, slowish but fine and will get credit, secure – switch to split to back tuck, very solid and hitting 180s – check on full turn – kickover front pike, nailed – front full dismount with large bound forward, the biggest deduction in that routine.

Tucker – FX – big full in, nice amplitude, smalll bounce but controls her step back well enough – 2/1 to loso, strong – double pike, slide back. A step up in difficulty there.

Dickson – BB – aerial to switch, a bit tentative but worked through it – full turn, good – no trouble on loso series – switch to straddle 1/4, could get a little more extended on straddle 1/4 but solid – 1.5 dismount, stuck. Good.

Harris – FX – double pike, short with bound forward – switch side to popa, distinct finishing postion but popa a little tight – front lay to front full, slide back – double tuck, a little short with lunge forward as well. Struggled on her landings this time. 9.825. The weakest routine in the lineup gets the highest score. Great. Fantastic. She does have better amplitude, but that doesn’t erase the landings.

Vega – BB – switch ring, secure – loso series, solid – the lack of enthusiasm in Bridget Sloan’s voice over the moonwalk helps me emotionally – cat leap to aerial, also solid, this is a strong beam rotation for Georgia – switch to split 1/4, some feet but good split positions – side aerial to full, small slide.

Turner – FX – 1.5 to layout, good speed and height, slide forward out of it – split full to wolf jump full, split could be a little splittier – double pike, waayyyy short and falls, hands down.

After 3: Georgia 197.800, Missouri 196.800

Good hit for Georgia on beam. An overall confident rotation, and like bars, once Schild is able to get in there to replace Arnold, this will be a very complete event. It’s really becoming clear that vault and floor are the worries for Georgia this season, both because of depth and because of not having the routine content to compare favorably to their peer teams.

Did anyone else think Missouri’s floor rotation was kind of…boring? Just me…? Very “this is the part where I wave my arm”


Bower – BB – check on loso series – kickover front to beat jump, solid – beat to straddle 3/4, short of 180 – gainer full, hop back

Arnold – FX – double pike, solid, a small buckle – double tuck, huge stumble backward and OOB with both feet, overcooked it, which will destroy the rotation score because of five-up – 1.5 to layout, arch in layout and a bit of a lunge. Still gets away with 9.550.

Albritten – BB – aerial to bhs, solid – switch to split, fine, not the most extended but did the job – kickover front, break at the hips, does not connect into beat jump split jump – gainer full, step.

Babalis – FX – whip to double tuck, solid – 1/2 to front full with a lunge forward/dance out – split leap 1.5 to split jump 1/1, a little indistinct but overall well executed in the individual skills – double pike, buckles in the knees with a hop to the side.

Porter – BB – kickover front to bhs, small lean but not much – full turn – switch to split, hesitant in connection – aerial, hit – tentative set but individual skill execution is good – 1.5, leans to hold onto stick

Snead – FX – whip through to double tuck, excellent double tuck, chest up and secure – rudi to shushunova – double pike, solid. 9.950. One judge went 10.000. I mean…it was nice…

Tucker – BB – bhs + lay-pike series, very secure – beat to loso, solid but with knees – beat to straddle 3/4, tentative and a large lean to hold it – 2/1, leg-up lean to save a maybe-stick

Dickson – FX – strong double Arabian, good form and well landed – 1.5 to layout, good control – switch side and popa, hit positions well – double tuck, maybe smallest bounce, good chest position. Very nice set. So…let’s see how cracky we’re getting…9.950

Kelly – BB – aerial to one-arm bhs with a check – straddle jump to sheep, another check – front full, hop forward

Vega – FX – double pike, also very composed, chest up, small slide – 1.5 to layout, dance out lunge – switch ring, gorgeous, split leap 1/1 bailed out of full extension a little bit – double tuck, bounces back out of it but stays in bounds. This will be a test for the judges because there were enough landings errors that this should be a 9.800, but they’re just so excited…

9.925. Nope nope land of a thousand nopes. Sigh. Judges, you gave yourselves away with that one…

Ward – BB – bhs bhs loso, very good, secure. Switch to beat jump, a little shy – cat leap to side aerial, secure – 1.5, step back

FINAL: Georgia 197.000, Missouri 195.850

Let’s move right into Washington and Utah!



Reinstadtler – VT – good clean full, very small amount of piking at the end, hop back

Nelson – UB – solid Jaeger, bent elbow catch – hits Pak, small leg break – giant full to double tuck, sticks double tuck, late-ish on the full.

Lee – VT – keeps her straight shape well on full, medium-sized hop back, others will have more distance

Roberson – UB – efficient piked jaeger to overshoot, keeps her straight shape in the overshoot better than most – hop back on DLO. One iffy handstand in there but I do like the way she keeps that body shape throughout.

Lewis – VT – good open on her full and holds onto the stick on landing, very clean vault, just a touch forward compared to the very best like Price and McMurtry. 9.900. Appropriate, but not enough separation from the other vaults to reward superiority.

Washington – UB – first handstand small arch – giant full good vertical on that one – Gienger, legs together but some bent elbows – strong bail position – late on final giant full, shuffle back on double tuck –

Tesen – VT – Good 1.5, one of her better ones – comes in a touch under-rotated and has to hold it a little bit – excitement-flew out of her salute quickly to avoid having to take a step

Riley – UB – Toe on to Shap to bail – good shap, misses her vertical on the bail – nice toes, rushes last handstand a little – strong height and floaty on her DLO, stuck. Great ending.

MMG – VT – good stick on her 1.5, kept her legs together, rushed out of the salute a little but held the stick – really the only thing to take is going to be distance compared to some of the best but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a 10 at home.

And it is. 10.000

Copiak – UB – Good Church to overshoot, tons of power, almost too rushed and got ahead of herself – strong handstand on high bar – basically almost held the stick on the FTDT. One of her better sets.

Skinner – VT – DTY – small hop back, pretty much her usual DTY.

Burleson – UB – keeps 1/2 turn on high pretty vertical – hits Tkatchev – lovely bail, right on top of the bar – giant full (late) to double tuck with hop back.

After 1: Utah 49.625, Washington 49.150

So, that was a 49.625 for Utah on vault. Remember when it used to be like “I CAN’T BELIEVE A TEAM GOT 49.625 ON ANY EVENT”? I remember in 2012 (2013?) being APPALLED when Ohio State got 49.4 on floor one time. Those were the days.

A very good vault rotation, especially from the final four vaulters. Those landings are farther along than they are for most teams right now. Merrell’s 10 will be the headline. Have we seen 1.5s of that level or slightly stronger this season not get 10s? Yes. But it was a really good vault and I’m not completely losing my mind over it getting a 10. Maybe I’m falling down on the job these days. I would have said 9.950, but you can make the 10 argument. Especially if they’re going 9.950 for Tessen’s since it was way better than Tessen’s. Tessen’s is the score I would argue in there.

Good bars rotation from Washington. They’ll take that. In particular, I was happy with the vertical position on the cast handstands (the blind fulls were a different story), but with so many short handstands that aren’t getting deducted flying around these days, I liked those verticals. Landings landings landings.


Copiak – VT – Full, fairly large bounce back, Ralph was in the way so hard to see how far.

Lewis – UB – full turn to Tkatchev, no counter on tkatchev and comes close to the bar on catch, some feet – bail is fine, a little short of vertical – rushes final handstand – DLO, good stick. Not her strongest until the ending.

Riley – VT – Y1/2, one of her better landings, small shuffle forward, maintains her layout shape –

MMG – UB – toe on to very high Deltchev, good catch – bail, hits vertical – muscles up final handstand – stalder to double tuck, shuffle forward but one of her better sets.

Roy – VT – Tsuk 1/2, large bound forward but good shape and distance

Reinstadtler – UB – toe half to Jaeger, a little late on 1/2 but strong Jaeger – very clean bail – rushes final hs a little but overall good verticals, toe point and all – FTDT, hop forward

Hoffa – VT – full, keeps a pike throughout and then a fairly large lunge back – not yet at her level from the beginning of last season before injury

Lee – UB – short first hs – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger, very good positions there – connected to overshoot – better handstands – blind change to front giant 1/2 to double tuck, hop forward

Burleson – VT – full, good height, also with some pike throughout this time, hop back

Tessen – UB – hop grip change to Jaeger, takes it WAYYYYY out and falls, no chance – leg break on bail – FTDT with small hop, her dismount has improved since preseason

Roberson – VT – comes in very short on her full, large lunge forward, not her vaulting day

Skinner – UB – Shap, some legs – connected to bail, maybe a little rushed there but hits her vertical – loose back in final cast handstand – FTDT, tries to hold the stick with a lean forward but takes a step anyway. 9.850.

After 2: Utah 98.875, Washington 98.100

Utah fine on bars with no wow routines for 49.250, but an acceptable rotation. Lewis the only stuck dismount, which is uncharacteristic. Merrell is getting better there, which helps. Tessen’s dismount is improving, but I’m not quite sold on her in the lineup yet, would like to see Soloski get a shot perhaps.

Washington did not land those fulls as well as they would have hoped, the score coming in below 49. Landing errors were too large, and too much piking in a few places.


Stover – BB – aerial to bhs, smooth, hit – full turn – beat jump to split ring, strong, that has improved since the first couple meets, kickover front, a tad deep but secure and fine – switch to straddle, good – gainer full, stuck, chest forward. Good set.

Schaefer – FX – double pike, huge bounce/stumble backward, OOB – front full to front lay to double stag, efficient pass, not huge but good shape maintained throughout – split leap 1/1 – double tuck, secure, a little chest

MMG – BB – switch to split, good – three series to loso, also secure, saved being off line – aerial with a check – 2/1 dismount, slide back. Another good one.

Roy – FX – double pike, high but comes in short with step forward – switch side to wolf jump full, distinct finishing positions – front full to front layout, very strong laid out shape maintained there – double tuck, good control. Nice routine!

Burch – BB – good amplitude on loso series – cat leap to aerial to beat, works through to beat , pulls it back from a lean well – switch to straddle 1/4, good amplitude, tightish on both split positions though – she’s a different person than the one we saw in December training – sticks 1.5

Roberson – FX – front 2/1, crossover step – rudi to a nice and high loso but has to lift that front leg in trying to control the loso landing – switch ring to wolf jump full, switch ring is very short of position – double tuck, stagger landing with small slide back

Lee – BB – full turn – bhs loso, secure, good leg form – beat jump to side aerial, similarly controlled – switch to straddle 1/4, strong, a little close to the beam in places, could get an overall amplitude deduction – 2/1 dismount, slide back, fairly large slide.

Amanda thinks the scoring is…too high?

Hoffa – FX – big double pike but bounces out – front lay to front full, similarly struggling with control on that with a lunge forward – split leap 1/1 to wolf jump 1/1 – double tuck, secure

Reinstadtler – BB – aerial to split jump, nice – bhs loso series, large break, bend at the hips but stays on – full turn – switch to straddle 1/4, another fairly large lean correction, she’s tight in this routine – slide back gainer full. Not her strongest.

Washington – FX – double tuck, good height, slide back – switch side to popa, very nice 180 positions – front layout to front full, also keeps the straight shape, just a little bouncy – short on double pike, lunge forward

Skinner – BB – secure loso series, bent knees on bhs – side aerial to sissone, also secure as usual – L turn to full turn – switch to straddle to back tuck, hit, could get more extended in the split 180 but she has improved since elite days certainly – double tuck, stuck. Good one. One of her better of the season. Just the splits and the knees really.

Amanda keeps pretending like she doesn’t know where the deductions come from. You’re a coach! explain it to the people!

Burleson – FX – solid double pike, nice – 1.5 to 2/1, small slide and a bit of crossed legs throughout but overall a nice pass – 2.5, came in a little awkwardly with a crossover step.

After 3: Utah 148.100, Washington 147.250

A fairly strong beam rotation for Utah. Not sure I understand why Amanda was getting so up in arms about the scores. For the most part, those were good beam routines with a few .05s in each, which results in the 9.8s they got. I didn’t think scores were unexpected for those sets. Because Skinner has those moments of leg form and lack of extension, the deductions are there to take on bars and beam. You can take .05 for the bent knees on the back handspring, another .05 for the bent knees on the layout stepout, and another .05 for not hitting 180 on the switch leap, and we’re already at the 9.850 one judge gave. Those just aren’t usually taken, which is why the crowd is surprised when they are.


Rose – BB – aerial to bhs, smooth enough – Y spin, OK, drops a little early – switch to split, OK – cat leap to side aerial to beat jump, arm wave to complete connection and avoid a check in between – side aerial to tuck full with step back

Lewis – FX – very high double pike, great toe point, keeps that front foot controlled – front lay to front full, a little arched-ish but not bad – switch side to split full, a tad too short of 180 – double tuck, minor slide back

Washington – BB – solid loso series – beat jump – side aerial, hit – switch side to straddle jump from side position, a wave of the arms check – another check on full turn, but all small – front full, lean forward to hold the stick.

Roberts – FX – double pike, controlled – front lay to rudi, came in forward on her rudi with chest down but controlled as well – full to 1/2 to stag, a little travel but overall a solid set.

Start value discussion over Washington’s routine. Are they giving her a dance combination? 9.575. Likely didn’t get her leap combination.

Goings – BB – bhs bhs loso, very solid – beat jump to straddle 1/4, good extension – full turn – gainer loso, also quite good – side aerial to stuck full. Solid set. That should get them into the 9.8s.

Lee – FX – 2.5 first pass, steps out but does well to keep the back leg down to minimize deductions – in terms of twisting ring leaps, hers is OK – 2/1 to loso, good – front lay to front full, a little deep on the front full with a lunge. Scores rising, though I kind of still think Lewis’s was the best of the first three…

Copiak – BB – full turn, nice – bhs loso series, small lean – cat leap to switch 1/2 to beat jump, a little slow in combination between cat and switch 1/2 – side aerial, secure – 1.5 dismount, hop forward

Soloski – FX – DLO, gets her chest up well – switch full, pulls it around, not the most 180 – double tuck, chest down, small stagger on landing – 1.5 to layout, some arch in layout.

Roberson – BB – switch to straddle 1/4, gets solid amplitude in those leaps – full turn – standing loso loso series, also secure, will probably get hit for extension – gainer full, stuck. Good routine.

MMG  – FX – good piked full in, secure and chest pretty well up too – switch ring to split full, front leg a little low on switch ring, good split full – 1.5 to layout to pike, small bounce and a little arch in layout – rudi to straddle, good control on that pass this time. 9.975. I have more issue with that than the vault score because of the shape on that middle pass and the switch ring, but a good set

Burleson – BB – aerial to bhs combination, smallest lean in between – side aerial with Netherlands/Mustafina combination into swtich leap, risky – nice extension in her leaps as always – nearly sticks side aerial to full. Good.

Skinner – FX – L hop full – double double, well controlled – split leap 1.5, around – 1.5 through to 2/1, also controlled well – that damn hop out of that front tuck that drives me crazy, which is a landing deduction she doesn’t need to take – full-in, also well controlled. If MMG was 9.975, I’d expect a 10 from that one.

“When you see her teammates asking for a 10, you think it might be real.” Um…that’s literally every routine?

It goes 9.950, which is fair. I’m just actually kind of surprised.

FINAL: Utah 197.700, Washington 196.250

We’re not done yet! Arizona State and Oregon State still to come.



Singley – VT – good stick on full, strong landing, some pike throughout, will also get deducted for distance, but also probably the best vault she’s ever done

Wilson – UB – tight first handstand – hits Jaeger with some leg form – bail, close-ish – some short handstands – giant full to double tuck, step forward

Gill – VT – small hop back on full, also good control, also a little pike, not the most distance, like Singley – direction as well. But that was 9.850? Oh…kay….?

Hart – UB – short first hs – good height on Jaeger and overshoot – just these cast handstands – sticks DLO, a little flung

Davis – VT – bounce up in place on her full, better dynamics than the last two, maintains a pike through the whole vault.

A Szafranski – UB – Toe on + Shap (legs) + Pak (straddle) – rushes a couple handstands but good toe point, sticks DLO

Yanish – VT – BIG full, great power, way too large of a bounce back, great open shape throughout the vault in the air.

9.775 for Yanish, the low score, which reveals the over-emphasis on landings, since hers was technically the best vault of the lineup by far

Christopherson – UB – hesitation on hadnstand after toe on but pull sit back – tkatchev – very clean bail, good – FTDT, stuck. Strong dismount landings so far.

Dessaints – VT – Just the 1/2 this time, pretty large bound forward out of it – great shape throughout, just the landing.

Kuhm – UB – short first hs – excellent Shap legs – nice vertical grip change into Jaeger – nice bail as well – DLO, high, hop forward. This is SUCH a long routine, with too many cast handstands, and that’s also her biggest deduction, being short on each one. They need to make this routine more efficient to take out some of those deductions.

Jacobsen – Tsuk 1/1, nice control on landing, very small slide, a definite pike in the air – big leg break on table

Leonard-Baker – UB – Big Ray, solid – hits cast handstand – legs together on bail, maybe a little short of vertical there and on a cast handstand – sticks FTDT, just a chest forward lean to hold the stick. Strong.

After 1: Oregon State 49.150, Arizona State 49.025

Solid start for both teams. Mostly usable landings from Oregon State on vault with improved control. A couple of those mid-lineup fulls were scored pretty high. Arizona State had to count the 9.7 from Wilson because of the short-handstand-a-thon from Kuhm, which took down the bars score, but good work on sticking the landings there.


K Szafranski – VT – small step back on full, some pike, leg break on block

Khamedoost – UB – toe on to Shap, some leg break – nice vertical on bail, good toe point – short on final hs – whippy DLO but excellent stick

Ginn – VT – full, larger lunge back, a little off direction, pretty good open

Colussi-Pelaez – UB – hits Jaegmer a little close but good height – break in legs on bail – better cast handstands though – DLO, hop back

Kuhm – VT – hop back on full, not a ton of distance – nice straight shape most of the time

Singley – UB – giant full, good position – hits Tkatchev, nice cast handstand – bail – EXCELLENT final cast handstand – giant full to double tuck, very small shuffle but good routine. Some moments of floppy body, but minor.

Leonard-Baker – VT – step back on full – best distance and block on the team so far – some pike throughout

Minyard – UB – hits Jaeger to overshoot, solid positions, also hitting handstands – DLO, stuck. Another strong set.

Wilson – VT – nearly sticks her full, small step with one full – a little off line – some pike at the end so lands a little forward

I really appreciate that Peszek points out errors and doesn’t pretend she’s blind for the sake of seeming “nice”

Jacobsen – UB – good amplitude and counter on her Tkatchev, connected to overshoot – one short handstand – double front with lunge back

Lentz – VT – pretty flat off the table on her full, quite piked, lunge back, not the strongest in this lineup, will be one of the lower scores

Gill – UB – Toe Shap, great legs – connected to Pak, straddles – has to recast on low bar and go again for half turn – holds stick on DLO with a lean

After 2: Oregon State 98.275 , Arizona State 98.100

Some more solid moments here and there for Oregon State, but most routines just had a little something taking the score away. Minyard was quite nice, and I did appreciate those vertical final cast handstands in several of the bars routines. Vault scored as charitably for ASU as for Oregon State so they were able to go over 49 there. Leonard-Baker clearly the class of their vaults with her power on the full.


Singley – BB – split to double stag, good – bhs loso series, secure – full turn, wobble – kickover front, great save to not wobble after missing one of her feet Memmel style – gainer full, stuck. Good.

Christopherson – FX – double pike, controlled, a little deep – double tuck, bounce back – OK on leaps, not the most extended but not bad – 1.5 to layout, really struggled on the layout, got no punch, quite an arch to pull it around and now hurt – grabbing her calf. Sam thinks it’s an Achilles, I don’t because she was still walking around after that?

Christopherson being helped off the floor.

Minyard – BB – switch with check – split jump to straddle 1/4, shortish on her 180s – aerial to bhs – full turn – switch side with a check, also crooked – side aerial to full, good stick.

Callis – FX – double pike, huge stumble backward and OOB – 2.5, better control, small step – 1.5 to layout, whips around that layout with arch as well –

Yanish – BB – secure on the loso series – switch to layout stepout, good rhythm in the combination – check on full turn – split to straddle 3/4, a little short on her splits – front handspring to have a front acro element – gainer full, little hop

Lentz – FX – secure double pike – switch side to popa, a little indistinct in landing position – 1.5 to layout, pulls around that layout as well, they all need to get a little more height in these layouts to rise into them – double tuck, controlled, lands a little too cannonball-shaped, but good.

Lazaro – BB – looked like she was going to be OK on loso series but bent at the hips working out of it – switch to straddle 3/4, back leg on switch – full turn, small tentativeness – side aerial to full with hop back

Ginn – FX – front tuck through to double tuck, lands a little forward with a hop – switch side to popa (thanks for the face closeup right during her leap combination…) – front lay to front 1/2, much better position in her layout – double pike, bounce back

Gill – BB – full turn, crisp – split jump to double stag, a wave of the arms but excellent positions – aerial to bhs combination – switch 1/2 to beat jump, she’s really reliant on combinations so really needs to be quick in them, can verge on a little pausiness – gainer full, stuck

Kuhm – FX – whip to double tuck, good height and chest position, small slide back – front full to front tuck to stag, very low pass but crisply executed – switch ring and switch 1/2 – 2.5, a little too big on the crossover step but a strong routine

Dessaints – BB – full turn, confident – very solid loso series as well – switch to double stag to beat, a little tight/tentative on that switch, she can get closer to 180 on that – kickover front directly to beat, good speed in that combination, that’s how they should be – gainer full, stuck

Leonard-Baker – FX – double tuck, good height, small slide back – split leap 1/1 to straddle 1/1, a little unclear on how many twists each skill had – 1.5 to front full, good height on everything, enough lift to fully complete the elements – double pike, secure, chest dowm

After 3: Oregon State 147.325, Arizona State 146.925

Christopherson has done beam in every meet so far, so we’ll see what happens to ASU’s lineup. Udowitch filled in last week, so they have her as a possibility along with Kuhm, Leonard-Baker, Callis, Szafranski, and Lentz.


Callis – BB – bhs bhs loso series, fall – just off line, pretty extension though? – smooth full turn – double stag, good height, loses back foot a little – fhs to her knee Kaytianna McMillan style – side aerial to stuck full

Force – FX – double pike, good height, controlled – switch side to popa, short of full rotation popa – front lay to front full, lunge forward – double tuck, chest up, another small slide back

Leonard-Baker – BB – straddle jump to loso – full turn, hit – beat to straddle 3/4, she’s clearly short of 180 on her straddle elements, which will keep her from big scores – bhs loso series, secure but crazy legs on the bhs – 1.5, hop forward

Jacobsen – FX – double pike, chest up, slide back – 1.5 to layout, step forward but kept in in bounds – split leap full to split jump 1/1 to tuck jump – they’re into adding tuck jumps out of their dance combinations – rudi to straddle jump with some travel

Kuhm – BB – hits her loso series – aerial is also smooth – switch to sheep, not bad – 2/1 hop back

Gill – FX – double pike, bounce and a little too forward – 1.5 to layout, nice height in combination – double tuck, keeps front foot down

Oregon State’s floor theme is BEADDDDDSSSSSSS

Udowitch – BB – aerial to bhs, a little slow in combination – switch to split, somewhat short of 180 – full turn, overturns with a check – finishes side aerial to full, solid. Good hit. Useful backup to come in.

Singley – FX – front tuck through to double back, a litle chesitshness but secure, which has been the theme of the lineup – some slide back on double pike – rudi. Solid and fine. Consistent in quality with the rest of the lineup so far

Lentz – BB – bhs loso series, smallest lean but good – switch to straddle 1/4, small pause in combination – standing loso, large break, bend at the hips but stays on – full turn – switch side, sturdy – 1.5, large lunge forward

Lowery – FX – slide back on double pike – split leap full to popa, good completion – punch rudi, very well controlled – front lay to front full, stuck, very good control on final two passes

A Szafranski – BB – aerial to Korbut, keeps rhythm through it well – side aerial, fall came in short and off line, attempting to save took her off the beam – side to split, good – large break on illusion turn, major swim – Rulfova and falls again, the risk on her sort of 3/4 Rulfova technique is that she can come in totally on the side of the beam, which is what happened there. Sticks gainer full. Counting a fall now.

Yanish – FX – Excellent amplitude on DLO but slides back on landing, had too much – front full to front lay, good lift on her layout – nice position on her double tuck, controlled landing

FINAL: Oregon State 196.725, Arizona State 194.950


40 thoughts on “Saturday Live Blog – February 3, 2018”

  1. THE irony is that when Y-fulls started from a 10, the decent Y-full would typically score a 9.8, so judges had two more tenths to play with to reward excellence. Now, it was devalued by .05 and yet judges don’t seem to want to go below 9.85 unless there’s some incredibly obvious deduction. Very frustrating!

    1. They are taking landing deductions and ignoring amplitude and form. So a huge beautiful Yfull with a step will score the same or worse than a crappy stick or near stick vault. It is making me crazy.

      1. Agreed, and I’d say it’s also happening some with 1.5s (though not quite as much as with the fulls). I’ve seen quite a few 1.5s in the last few years that have had significant piking and leg bend + a step on the landing that still go 9.9+.

    1. Natalie Vaculik does probably one of the best Gienger you will see. That’s her release move on bars. Her sister Kristina Vaculik who went to Stanford also did a Gienger which was really nice too. So it just refers to the family doing amazing Giengers

  2. I read the Twitter exchange, and I gotta say I’m with Marsden on this one. It would make the sport much less competitive and entertaining to watch if the scoring were changed such that routines that started from 10.0 were only attainable for 5-10 gymnasts in the country. A lot of the scoring issues that exist could be fixed by actually taking deductions that already exist rather than dropping start values for nearly every athlete in the sport.

    1. I agree. Plus, there needs to be parity with the other events. Most teams can get 6 10.0 SVs on every other event, so why is vault different. I would put the Yfull back at 10.0 and be stricter with the deductions to allow for more separation.

    2. Agreed. The judges aren’t given too many options. I mean the vast majority of routines score 9.75 – 10, which means judges choose amongst six scores (9.75, 9.8, 9.85, 9.9, 9.95, 10). I’d like to see judges be able to score a routine a 9.775 or 9.925 — score on quarter of tenths instead of half tenths. That would give them the ability to distinguish excellent routines from good routines. The scoring wouldn’t be as neat, but it would allow for separation.

      1. I don’t think we need to allow them to take 0.25 deductions, there just needs to be a change of mindset. It seems to me that a lot of judges are hesitant to give a score below 9.7 to a routine that doesn’t have one large, extremely noticeable error (i.e. large balance check with break at hips on beam, recast on bars, etc.). Realistically, a flat Yfull that has bent legs, is piked down at the end, lands off center, and has a one-tenth step on the landing should score below 9.7. Same with a bars routine in which none of the handstands were vertical, there were multiple leg breaks, and there was a step on the landing. In reality, I don’t see a lot of 10.0 SV routines (or 9.95 on vault) go below 9.7 without one really large error. I’d like to see the NCAA retrain judges to utilize a wider range of scores and hold them accountable when they do not.

  3. What I don’t understand in the whole vault start value controversy is this: Nearly all former elites had DTY and some even Amanars before going to NCAA. And they seem to make up a large protion of at least the top 8 programms. Why are so many of them doing FTY when they have a SV of a 9.95?
    Also, I agree that It would be a shame if NCAA got even less competitiv because of a change in vault SV. But the current situation where average FTY from top teams get 9,85s while the same vaults on other teams get 9,775s is also unfair. Not to mention McMurtry’s DTY from last week… Maybe a thorough overhaul of the CoP with clear instructions for deductions AND a close look at SVs on all events (E-Level passes on floor…) is needed? Otherwise, I see the NCAA soon being faced with the same kind of outrage at meet results as the FIG after the 2004 Olympics.

    1. You also have to take into consideration that this is NCAA — most fans in the building aren’t diehards. Those of us reading BBS and critiquing every score are a small minority. The students and college fans of all sports (not just gym fans), not to mention the athletic directors and staff, couldn’t tell you what a Yfull is. What is a big deal to the gymternet doesn’t matter a whole lot to the casual viewer and fan — the exact demo the sport needs to grow.

      1. I need to remind myself of this. I’m a Utah fan and season ticket holder but I’m just embarrassed by the crowd demanding 10s from every Skinner routine and then booing when the judges actually deduct (semi)correctly. I need to just enjoy.

    2. A lot of the former elites are handing by a ligament. They compete every week. The wear and tear on some of the harder vaults is a lot for them. A short landing on a yfull is one thing but a double coming in short is a lot more painful.

      Plus in elite you can take a step and even larger steps because the start value will make up for it on a open ended scoring system. But in NCAA it needs to be performed with the least amount of deduction so there going to do a yfull and stick it and not go for the double.

  4. I think the overhaul needs to be in the judges. Week after week we see obvious deductions (hop, step, bend at the waist to name a few) not taken . It’s not the start value that’s the real issue, it’s the judges flat out refusal to take deductions FROM EVERYONE that is the issue.

    There should be a rating and evaluation system for judges…if you “miss ” too many deductions and are off by a certain amount consistently, then you should be suspended until you remediate your work.

    1. I do agree with you that the judges are a hugh part of the problem. However, I can see the dilemma for the judges as well. How do you seperate a stuck, high FTY with good form and McMurtry’s DTY from last week? Or should the higher difficulty not be rewarded at all? The same problem exsist on every apparatus. (Peng Peng Lee’s UB…)

    1. She just upgraded her UB dismount last week. I suspect they want to keep her healthy and ease her in to the season as much as possible. Putting her in floor could risk injury, and that’s the last thing UGA needs right now.

  5. Where on Earth is Hayley Sanders? Has she had the flu for an entire month, or is she injured?

  6. I was thinking the same thing watching some of these vaults and no separation. Sabrina Vega scores a 9.8. She has bent arms, twist on horse, piking throughout. Then you can take height, distance, and dynamics. Sydney Snead has beautiful form and much more height and dynamics and scores .05 higher. Sydney was training a double and there is no way Vega could pull a 1 1/2. This is just one example. Next year put lines like Elite then even more obvious for direction too.

    Please start taking obvious deductions. Leg separations, less than 180 split, body posture on Landings, etc. collegiate judging really needs to take true JO deductions. Really needs to be something addressed in off season. Fans will figure it out.

    1. Don’t get me started on Vega’s vault – her current incarnation should NEVER score a 9.80. I have Vega between 9.60 and 9.775 depending on if it’s one of her good form days or not. If UGA had a full, healthy lineup there’s no way Vega would be vaulting.

  7. This scoring debate has happened every year since I started watching NCAAs (the late 1990s). It never changes. People need to let it go and appreciate the collegiate athletes. Let’s be real — the “right” team wins NCAAs every year. The scoring has never cost a team a national title.

    There are much bigger issues in gymnastics to focus on right now.

    1. Wholeheartedly agree. We may disagree routine by routine, meet by meet, but the right teams almost always make super six and the podium is almost always in the correct order…..but it’s fun to complain!! Lol

  8. I really like Amanda Borden as a commentator. She’s very positive, but points out errors and explains what went wrong to cause the error.

  9. The blinking crowns in the Utah crowd are so annoying on TV. Wouldn’t they be distracting to athletes? It’s like a dimmer camera flash.

    1. Glad I’m not the only one who thought that – what were they thinking giving those away?

      1. Crowns not as bad as those blasted light sabers. Thought I’d go mad. Oh well. It was a dull meet anyway. How did Zoe get a 9.65 on floor when she had that horrible bounce out with both feet. I mean she bounced all the way out to the flag guy. I thought closer to 9.25. Oh well it was dropped as the low score. I thought Skinner was better than MMG on floor. I also thought Lewis was a bit under scored.

  10. Having an arch in a front layout is normal and not a deduction. Its correct technique, especially when being used as an accelerator into another salto.

  11. I’ve gotta say I was expecting a lot more crack scoring from Utah. Adding Kari Lee back on AA gives them quite a bit of depth so I’m really interested to see what happens the rest of the season.

    Also still pretty confused about the vault judging from the Mizzou/Georgia meet. That was…something.

    1. Agree with Utah. That team is surprising me this year. I always thought they would be solid and I didn’t expect this hot of a start to the season. MMG has really improved this year.

      I also have to say I’m super impressed by Georgia. Oakley, Snead, Dickson, and Vega are all capable of big scores and super clean. The vault scoring today was odd mainly because the judges just wanted to give everyone a 9.8 or 9.85. But Georgia hasn’t been on the receiving end of too crazy of scores this year and they are still exceeding most people’s expectations.

      1. Yeah, UCLA and Florida take the title with the most WTF scores. I think it’s been that way for a few years now, but the gymternet loves to throw Utah under the bus so they always get lumped into the conversation. Not saying scores are never crazy at Utah, but it’s not as frequent as UF and UCLA.

    2. If you’re confused by that meet you need to watch th UCLA Oklahoma meet. Make sure there is someone standing by to give you oxygen. Most egregious scores of the season. 6 perfect 10 scores in a meet is a total joke. Those judges need lasik. Both teams are great but seriously ……

  12. Marissa Oakley is so freaking talented OMG! Dickson’s Arabian was the best thing I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised they let her go for it since there doing 5 up. They have some very talented girls. If they can get Schild, Ashely foss, Haley sanders and others healthy and get some depth happening they are going to be dangerous.

    Now who are they going to get to coach in the middle of the year? It’s gonna have to be a club coach or an alum. Unless Suzanne and Courtney will split the leg events and have josh spot. Even though josh was a successful club coach I’m sure he knows how to coach the other events

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