Friday Live Blog – March 16, 2018


Friday, March 16 Scores Stream
6:30 ET/3:30 PT – Western Michigan @ Eastern Michigan LINK EMU($)
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – [18] George Washington, Temple @ Kent State LINK FREE
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Penn @ William & Mary LINK FREE
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – [15] Denver, Iowa State @ [11] Arkansas LINK
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Lindenwood, SEMO @ [21] Missouri LINK SEC+
8:30 ET/5:30 PT – [1] Oklahoma @ [6] Alabama LINK SEC+
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Southern Utah @ Utah State LINK FREE
9:30 ET/6:30 PT – [20] Georgia @ [4] Utah LINK ESPNU
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – [13] Oregon State, [17] Arizona State, UC Davis @ Sacramento State LINK FREE

The main events won’t begin until a little later today, but there are some stakes built into the early action, particularly for 35th-ranked Kent State, which is currently on the regionals bubble.

The RQS standards have been updated after Thursday’s action, but to distill things, Kent State is looking for a 195.575 today at minimum. That score would ensure Kent State is in the top 36 on Monday heading into conference championships, the final chance to get a score before regionals are decided.

In the same meet, George Washington will be looking to stay in the top 18 for another week, though the chance to do that will be dependent on the scores today from Georgia, Arizona State, and Denver as well as GW’s own number.

The Kent State tri-meet is underway. It’s Rachel Stypinski’s senior night, so they’re basically having 38 panic attacks about what they’re going to do next year. She opens their vault rotation with a handspring front pike (9.9 start) with a lunge back.

Yes, this stream has no sound.

Kent State’s lineup also features a tucked Yfull, a Y1/2 from Mantikul-Davis who has competed internationally for Thailand, a handspring pike 1/2 from McCarty that Judge #2 HATED, a Yfull layout from Fletcher that was nearly stuck, and then another Yfull from Williams with a hop back.

Shout out to Kent State for having 5 different vaults in its lineup, though the 48.600 is not getting the team on track for the mid-195 that’s needed.

Score on bars comes up as 9.200 for Drouin-Allaire, though we were seeing Kent State on vault for beginning of her routine and just saw the ending. This is far from the bars rotation that GW wanted even at the beginning, with handstands and 9.7s all over the place, but then the CDA fall had to count because of a double-fall anchor routine from Olivia Norman. Though she did finish with an epic accidental high-five snub, so that’s something.

48.075 is the final rotation score there, meaning GW is unlikely to get a usable score out of this one regardless of what happens on the other events and will be vulnerable to getting passed by Georgia.

Temple is putting up a hit beam rotation through the first five and will therefore lead after the first rotation, really just with the split elements in the early routines taking the scores down out of the 9.8 territory. The two-fall anchor routine will not have to count.

After 1: Temple 48.700, Kent State 48.600, GW 48.075

We have a final score, Eastern Michigan 195.425, Western Michigan 192.725. That score officially eliminates Western Michigan from regionals contention. It also officially eliminates Eastern Michigan, but Eastern was already pretty much out before this meet and 195.425 is a strong result, their second-highest of the season.

Stypinski hit a clean bars routine with a step on dismount for 9.900. Big scores so far for KSU on bars, which will put them back on track for the needed total.

Hannah Cohen has really nice extension in her acro series on beam.

With a 97.825 after 2, Kent State is back on track for that mid 195, and with a hit beam and some home floor, that should be a doable minimum.

No Zois today it seems for GW, which is accounting for the depletion of these lineups

After 2, Kent State takes the lead, 97.825 to Temple’s 97.750 and GW’s 97.100.

Checking in with Missouri. Have we ever gotten an answer why Ward had to change from a great Omelianchik to a weaker tuck 1/2? She’s getting there, but it’s not remotely at the same level as her vault last year.

Gottula’s exhibition vault is better than some that were in Missouri’s lineup. 49.175 for Missouri’s vaulting. One of their better scores on the year.

Ryan Henry from Lindenwood is quite nice on beam. Good technique.

Meanwhile, Denver is getting BILLIONS on bars. 49.450, leading Arkansas’s 49.025.

AJ Jackson is not in the lineup today for Oklahoma, so they are after all using this opportunity to rest people as well as presumably the TWU meet. Draper is getting the call on floor, Marks on vault, and Bre Showers Shushunova on bars. Looks like Alabama is going with pretty much full-strength lineups.

Lord and butter:

We didn’t see that complete routine on the feed, just the beginning I think.

Garner went 9.975 on bars for Arkansas, a 49.550 rotation score. Oh how convenient that there’s no feed…

Denver is counting a 9.625 on beam already. Two routines to go.

“KJ Kinsler” Great start.

Full focus on Alabama/Oklahoma now.


Armbrecht – VT – full – very clean, nearly holds the stick on the landing with a small shuffle, a little pike at the end. 9.800

Webb – UB – Pak, lovely – toe Shap 1/2, legs together throughout – strong handstands – double front, holds the stick. 9.900.

Lauren Beers telling us about how hard it is to land double fronts. Yes, we remember.

Mahoney – VT – good dynamics on the full, small hop back. Two good vaults to start. 9.825.

Showers – UB – shushunova, hit – half turn like a Russian on the high – bail, pretty good vertical positions but a tough camera angle – FTDT with a hop forward. 9.850.

Guerra – VT – 1/2 on, tuck 1/2 – small step back, chest well down, but the best I’ve seen her do that vault. 9.875.

Catour – UB – Ray, strong, good extended arms in catch – toe to bail, arches a little on the bail vertical – a little loose back on final cast as well, sticks DLO. Strong, just a couple positions.

Desch – VT – full, comes in fairly short, hop forward, not bad on the layout position but pretty flat vault

Dowell – UB – Ray, strong – toe on to bail, good vertical – shortish final hs – DLO, step forward. 9.825.

This is an online gymnastics stream. Brenna taking a year off is not something most of us “might not know.”

Graber – VT – stick on the 1.5. Her best vault of the season by a thousand percent. Just a little short at the end, maybe some knees. 9.950.

Lehrmann – UB – 1/2 turn to Jaeger, pretty – toe on to bail, pause in bail, holds it but a def hesitation – FTDT with toes pointed and stuck

Guerrero – VT – 1.5 – good, hop to the side, the knees, so a couple things to take, but will be a strong score. One of Alabama’s most put-together vault rotations this season.

Nichols – UB – Church, fab – Pak to toe on to toe Shap, precise – good final handstand this week – DLO with a tiny step. Still goes 9.950.

On what planet did something think, “A head-on view, that’s what people want for the end of bars routines”?

After 1: Oklahoma 49.475, Alabama 49.300

Oklahoma pretty good on bars but not as many sticks as typically expected. Graber the highlight for Alabama, showing a postseason level vault.

We need to talk more about how this is Kiana Winston’s senior night. Not OK.


Marks – VT – small step back on her full but her best of the season, good shape, has the distance –

Guerra – UB – 1/2 turn to jaeger, hit – bail, some hip angles here and there – DLO with a hop in place. 9.825.

Lehrmann – VT – a little more control than marks on her full, a smaller adjustment – good layout shape, though the fact that her adjustment was forward rather than backward can make a difference. 9.825. It did to one of the judges.

Giancroce – UB – hit tkatchev – really rushing those casts – large leg break on Pak – DLO with hop back. 9.775 is a little high.

Dowell – VT – 1.5, perfect landing, stuck. Quite strong. 9.925 is some home difference. Should have been the same score as Graber.

Mahoney – UB – toe on to toe shap, quite clean – bail is fine – a couple tight casts from her as well – FTDT and sticks. Nice. 9.825.

Showers – VT – good power on her full, nearly sticks, small slide – a difference over the first couple fulls in the dynamics. 9.875.

Graber – UB – giant full to gienger, late on the full finish – bail with leg break – small arch in final cast – FTDT with small slide. 9.850

I like that Lauren is willing to be form critical of the Alabama routines.

Webb – VT – hop forward on her Omelianchik, a little floppier this time in the execution, especially on the block, but fine

Dickson – UB – short on the bail position, as she often is, usually her biggest deduction – toe on to tkatchev, very nice height and toes – missing her casts – holds the stick on her FTDT, a little deep. 9.850 is not accounting for those hs versus some other routines.

Nichols – VT – sticks her 1.5 as well! One of her better sticks on the year, legs together throughout, chest up, did not land with a big shoulder-apart stagger as she does sometimes when she sticks.

10.000 for Maggie. I don’t really have a problem with that one.

Winston – UB – toe on to toe shap, pretty – shortish hs pre-Pak, Pak is perfection as always – DLO, stuck. Very pretty. 9.925

After 2: Oklahoma 99.000, Alabama 98.575

Highlight of that rotation were the stuck fulls from Dowell and Nichols, both excellent. Dowell would get higher scores later in the lineup, but it’s a psychological-judge calculation that I don’t mind at all. She has gotten Webb higher scores this season by tricking the judges into score building, and today if that Showers vault were earlier in the lineup, it would have been 9.850 from both judges. The question is whether it’s worth it. I think it probably ends up being negligible, but I like it as a concept.


Armbrecht – BB – aerial to beat, clean – full turn, smooth – secure on loso series – split to beat to sheep with a check – 2/1, hop back – solid. 9.825.

Lehrmann – FX – double pike, slide back, OOB, came in too forward – 1.5 to 1/2 to double stag, a little piked on that 1/2 – 1.5 to lay, archy on the lay. Some things in each pass, and then the OOB, so needs to be dropped. 9.600.

Desch – BB – aerial to beat, solid – long pause pre-series – bhs, loso, no trouble – full turn, a little ragged – switch to split – 1.5, stuck, a little off line, probably her best beam of the season. 9.850

Showers – FX – double pike, high, secure landing, chest up – front full to layout – switch to Ferrari – 1/2 to front 1/1, control. 9.875

Ernst – BB – full turn, hesitant – bhs to loso, the smallest lean – switch to split – same, just a small hesitation, kind of like we’ve been seeing from Kocian this year – now aerial with a bigger check – 2/1, lands deep with a couple steps back. Shouldn’t be a super high total. 9.550. And it wasn’t.

Dowell – FX – double front to stag, one of her most controlled double fronts this year – 1.5 to layout, clean, good straight shape throughout – when they zoom in on the face during the leap series you guys – front lay to front full, a little lean-forward dance out cover. 9.875

Graber – BB – bhs lay-pike series, usually very solid but this time with a major break at the hips, and large pauses to try to save it – switch to straddle 3/4 with another little lean – kickover to scale with a swim lean correction, lots of errors in this one – 2/1, small hop. 9.550 for her as well, so one of them will count.

Webb – FX – front double full, step forward is fairly controlled – 1.5 to full, good control shown before the step out – high on the leaps but some of that raggedness she usually has in the feet and the angle of split completion, a small thing – rudi, very solid, chest up. 9.900.

Winston – BB – switch to straddle 1/2, excellent – aerial to bhs, smooth – full turn, comfortable – double tuck, small hop back, great routine.

Schopfer – FX – not Draper, last-minute switch – double tuck, chest up, well controlled, her best this year – 1.5 to layout, pretty archy on layout with a leg break – switch to L hop full, not all the way around – Double pike, good – her best floor of the year.

Utah and Georgia getting started.

Reinstadtler – VT – Utah – small slide on full, some chest forward, good shape. 9.875. One judge went 9.950, which is literally insane.

Pedersen – UB – Georgia – 1/2 turn to piked jaeger, high – some short casts – nice Pak – pause on final hs – double front, cowboy with a hop.

Guerrero – BB – Alabama – hits three series to two losos, nice leaps – 1.5, small hop. 9.900.

Lee – VT – Utah – a little more control on her full landing – good layout shape – a little forward and not the most distance we’ll see.

Nichols – Oklahoma – FX – piked full in, great control, a little bit of Nichols landing, but pretty much tuck – front full to front lay step – switch ring to split leap full, perfect – double pike, pretty significant bounce back.

Bars hit from Schild. Sticks her follow DLO.

Lewis – VT – Utah – full – small hop back, great distance.

Vaculik – UB – Georgia – giant full to Gienger, strong – missing some casts, and then the last one was very short – deep FTDT with a lunge and a step. They’ll want to drop that.

Tessen – VT – Utah – 1.5, didn’t have the control, a hop forward and then a little step salute – better landing position than earlier in the season, when she was risking landing short.

Snead – UB – tkatchev, fine – holds the position on the bail, good toe point throughout – better final cast hs – DLO, pretty, hop back.

MMG – VT – Utah – deep landing on her 1.5 this time, lunge back.

Oakley – UB – toe shap to pak, clean – good cast positions – FTDT with hop back. They’re not getting the landings today.

Skinner – VT – Utah – DTY with her usual-sized hop back. Pretty much her normal, but you could def say that’s a full-tenth slide. 9.875. So one judge took the full tenth for the hop, and one judge took that and .050 for feet. I think it’s a very fair score, but she usually is evaluated with more form forgiveness.

Dickson – UB – good height on tkatchev, better in that department but not as clean as Snead’s – Bail, on the edge between perfectly vertical and arched – shortish final cast – DLO, a little deep with a small hop.

After 3: Oklahoma 148.425, Alabama 147.575

Anyone else a little surprised Winston and Guerrero didn’t get senior night crack for those beam routines?

After 1: Utah 49.400, Georgia 49.150

Georgia not super great on bars there. Didn’t get the landings. Utah started well on vault but lost it once they got to more difficulty. Some very weird ranges in the scoring there, so that it was just like, “YOU ALL GET A 9.875!” Especially judge #1 on vault, who was like “I’m drunk” on the first vault and then not after that, which makes for the overall score sheet of an insane person. That judge also gave a higher score to Tessen than Skinner, so like, are you OK?

Catour – BB – Oklahoma – bhs loso, clean – cat leap to switch side, small check – cat leap to aerial, good – gainer tuck full with hop.

Armbrecht – FX – Alabama – clean double pike, switch sideish to popa – 1.5 to layout, mostly controls her dance-out lunge – rudi to double stag, a little travel

Oakley – VT- Georgia – not bad on the landing control on the full, medium hop back, but really crunched on the block and came off flat

Showers – BB – Oklahoma – lean on loso series, small – hits her combo – kickover front to beat – gainer full, stuck. A couple hesitations there.

Lewis – UB – Utah – giant full to tkatchev, hit – bail, solid enough – some usual feet – good final hs – DLO, slide back –

Arnold – V T – full, pretty low and piked, but hit it, not as strong as her first one – back to five because Vega is out of the lineup –

MMG – Ub – Utah – good first hs – deltchev, nice and high as usual – some angle on that bail but the casts has been solid positions – stalder to double tuck, stuck. 9.925. Well now.

First two Georgia vault scores are too high. Like, one judge gave Arnold a higher score than Reinstandtler, which is preposterous.

Dickson – VT – Georgia – full, cleaner and bigger than the others but a large bounce back. 9.875. WHERE AM I? WHAT?

Reinstadtler – UB – short on some verticals, but nice toes and height on her jaeger – FTDT with hop forward.

Little lean for Lehrmann on her

Johnson – VT – very strong full, sticks her landing, nice distance, some feet – I don’t really know what Kathy’s on about. Good.

Lee – UB – short first hs – 1/2 turn to good piked jaeger to overshoot, solid – front 1/2 to double tuck, stuck, main thing was that first hs, which will get her.

Desch – FX – Alabama – short on double tuck final pass with lunge forward

Snead – VT – Georgia – risky going for the 1.5 in a five-member lineup but she hits – hop forward, very clean in the air.

Tessen – Ub – hop change to jaeger, some best elbows on catch, not the highest – very clean bail – small leg break on cast – deep landing on FTDT with a large lunge forward. 9.800. I’m with the 9.750 judge on that one.

Brown for OU on beam, hits her loso series – beat to straddle 3/4, a little tight – sissone to gainer full, stuck.

Skinner – UB – toe shap with legs, to bail, rushed the bail this time, not coming in vertically – toe to FTDT, stuck. That issue on the bail, which she doesn’t usually have, otherwise her normal. “They will get her on the leg separation” oh bless you Kathy.

One judge went 10.000 for Skinner, which is CRIMINAL. Worked out close to OK in the end (being forgiving because I would have gone 9.850 with judge #2), but my god…

Webb – BB – Oklahoma – full turn, good – bhs to loso, clean – side aerial to full with a small hop.

Winston – FX – Alabama – double pike, bounce back – fab amplitude on her leaps – front lay to front full, that front lay is so good, front full maybe a little ragged – double tuck, slide back. 9.925 is high, so at least they know it’s senior night around here? Ah ha ha ha.

Nichols – BB – Oklahoma – aerial to split jump, precise – bhs loso, secure – full turn, maybe small hesitation, but very small – switch to split, solid – this is one of her good ones – 1.5, stuck. Let’s see where they go. 9.975.

Stover – BB – Utah – aerial with a small correction, will have to redo – aerial, works through to bhs – full turn – beat jump to split ring jump – kickover front with a check – switch to straddle, fine – gainer full, stuck. I think she probably could have kept her opening series going but she wanted it to be perfect for senior night. All the tears. 9.850 is a little senior night for that, but it’s also what she would score if she didn’t have to leadoff the lineup.

Guerrero – FX – Alabama – double pike, good –  back 1.5 to front full, some knees but pretty controlled – rudi, chest down, small slide. 9.950.

Arnold – FX – Georgia – double pike, chest down – same on double tuck but with a slide back this time – pretty short on some leaps – 1.5 to an arched lay – some things but a hit. 9.725.

MMG – BB – switch to split, OK, usual kinda-short – bhs bhs loso, solid – aerial to beat – 2/1, some crossed legs, stuck. A good one. 9.925.

Oklahoma 197.925, Alabama 197.150

So that will be enough to set the RQS record.

Babalis – FX – Georgia – whip to double tuck, a little forward with a step – front full with a dance out – split leap full to split jump full, a little indistinct in positions of landing – double pike, better, just a small slide. 9.825.

Soloski – BB – Utah – staying in the lineup thsi week – aerial to bhs, solid – cat leap to switch 1/2, some feet – full turn – switch to split, not 180 – side aerial to full, a little close to the beam but stuck. Solid set. Happy with what she has done in her two routines this year. 9.875. These are higher than they’ll get normally.

Kathy’s having the me problem, when the screenshot of the split position actually looks OK but in real time you were like, “IT’S GARBAGE.”

Dickson – FX – Georgia – double arabian, shortish with a shuffle backward. 1.5 to lay – nice switch side to popa positions, hitting 180 – double tuck, short on that one two with a bounce stagger, 9.700. They’ll have to count Arnold now –

Lee – BB – Utah – full turn – clean loso series – switch to straddle 1/4, a touch close to the beam but can still hit her positions, much like Corrie Lothrop, who often got amplitude docked on her leaps but could still hit the positions – 2/1, short with a hop forward.  9.850

Snead – FX – Georgia – double tuck, bounce back but stays in bounds – rudi to shush, a little forward but that’s covered in the shushunova – switch to cat leap – double pike, deeeeeeeeep landing and falls. Can’t Danusia it. Two 9.7s counting now.

Reinstadtler – BB – Utah – aerial to split jump, works through it nicely this time – bhs loso, slightly hesitant landing it but had no reason to be because she was right on, no check – full turn – switch to straddle 1/4, small check – sticks gainer full with a lean. She’s had some big wobbles lately, so that was an improvement. A couple things, but not large today. 9.925 is still high for that. There were checks.

Pedersen – FX – Georgia – whip to double pike, quite forward with a lunge back – switch leap full is actually not bad – switch 1/2 to popa – front lay to front full, some ragged legs but they minimize the tumbling as much as possible so that she can mostly just leap. Shade from ESPN that the highlight replay of her routine is a dive roll. 9.650.

Skinner – BB – Utah – bhs loso, secure, the usual bhs legs – side aeiral to sissone, hit – full turn – switch to straddle to back tuck, avoids a check on the back tuck, some back leg on the switch – double tuck, stuck. 9.950.

Vega – FX – Georgia – she needs a 50 – double tuck, solid, small slide – 1.5 to layout, good shapes – switch ring to split leap full, hitting her 180s like you’re supposed to – double tuck, front foot goes up a little but Georgia’s best floor by like 7000%

After 3: Utah 148.375, Georgia 147.225

Georgia gets out of that floor rotation with a 48.800, which is kind of a miracle.


Snead – BB – good series as usual – switch to back tuck with a check – front tuck, good chest up – 2/1 dismount with a step. Fine. 9.850.

Lewis – Utah – FX – this will give us a good sense of how senior night crack this last rotation is going to be – double pike, a small slide, chest up – front lay to front full with a dance out, good – switch side to split full, fine – double tuck, with control

9.975. LOL. In the leadoff spot. So yes. Senior night crack is here. What are you going to give Skinner, a 55?

Dickson – BB – aerial with a leg-up check – split jump to split 1/2, OK – loso series, check again, medium bend at the hips, not all the way down – switch to straddle 1/4, fine – 1.5 with hop. Not her strongest. 9.650.

Lee – FX – Utah – 2.5 with a bit of a lunge out, some crossed legs in the air – switch to switch 1/2 ring, pretty shape overall – front lay front full, straight shape maintained – 2/1 to loso. Good. *whispers* that routine was better than Lewis’s. 9.800. You guys. I mean, I actually would have been 9.850, so maybe they are trying to make up their total after intentionally senior nighting Lewis (which you shouldn’t be doing), but it makes for SUPER weird range and is overall just kind of bizarre. OK. She’s bumped up to 9.900. A little more expected, and now I can complain about how it’s high. Phew.

Schild – BB – nice press handstand mount – bhs loso with small check – sheep jump, good – side aerial to full, large lunge back. Off on her punch into that dismount, but she’s getting there. Get away with a 9.800 a bit.

OH we all remember when Kupets competed here….

Reinstadtler – FX – Utah – double tuck, large bounce back, somehow stays in –  – switch ring and split leap full, very pretty – 1.5 to layout, also struggled on that with a tuck and significant straddle – double pike is better. 9.825.

Oakley – BB – aerial witha  small check – bhs loso, same with a small lean correction, nearly on – split jump to split ring, very high and well done – stuck gainer full, good overall. 9.850.

Soloski – FX – DLO, solid, some shape – 2/1, some crossed legs – aerial – 1.5 to layout, good height in layout, not the crispest straight shape. 9.925. Annnnnd we’re back up.

Babalis – BB – Georgia – aerial to loso, connects, small lean afterward – switch to split to back tuck, so much backup bonus in this routine – nearly a check in full turn – kickover front, secure – front full with a hop.

MMG – FX – piked full in, one of her most secure landings on that – , just a bit forward – switch ring to split leap full, front leg a little down in switch – 1.5 to layout to pike, controls – rudi to straddle, controls as well. A good one.

10.000 for MMG. She’s not even a senior. But I mean inevitable if they gave Lewis sucha  score since this was both bigger and better. LE SIGH.

Vega – BB – Georgia – switch ring with a very large correction, swim and a big wobble – bhs loso with a small check again – full turn – aerial to beat jump – switch to split 1/4 – side aerial to full, stuck.

Skinner – FX – I mean I assume she has to just like cough and get a 10 at this point – L hop full – double double tuck with a bounce back this time (but will they acknowledge?) – split leap 1/1 – 1.5 through to 2/1, very secure – front tuck – full in, smallest adjustment back but good. Interested to see what happens because that was not a 10 and wouldn’t get it under normal circumstances, but also it was better than Lewis and MMG, just had more obvious deductions that you can’t as easily pretend you didn’t see.

9.975. I mean, it’s too high and there were literally obvious deductions on two landings, yet I’m still kind of surprised it didn’t get a 10. Utah just got 49.775 on floor. Sure. Mmhmm. Yes.

FINAL: Utah 198.150, Georgia 196.350

So that score will jusssssssst move Georgia ahead of GW and into 18th. But still just 18th. More work to do at SECs because Georgia still doesn’t want to be in the Alabama/Michigan regional.

The floor judge who gave three 10s to that rotation was also the judge who gave Arnold the 9.850 on vault, so I’m pretty worried about her.

Oregon State is about to head into its final rotation, needing just 49.200 on bars to get the evening session at Pac12s.

Apparently Rachel Stypinski injured herself on floor. So that’s just ducky.

Khamedoost stuck a DLO on bar to start OSU’s rotation

I don’t know how Cairo Leonard-Baker doesn’t fall into the void between the worlds on her bhs on beam, but she never does.

MCP also leaned to hold onto a stick on her DLO but did look like she was short on some vertical positions throughout.

Minyard 4th up for OSU on bars after two 9.800s and a 9.775. jaegr to overshoot, fine – DLO, deep landing with a lunge forward, that will take away the score. 9.725. OSU seemed like it had a very attainable goal in this rotation but not getting the scores it needed from the bars judges.

Jacobsen gets 9.900, which is more like the score OSU needs.

Briscoe finishes bars with 9.850 for Oregon State, meaning their final total is 196.850, which will put them a tenth of a point behind Cal on RQS and ranked fifth in the Pac-12.

ASU still has a shot to salvage a a 196 here with good ones from the last two beamers. Szafranski’s beam is one of her good ones, hit Rulfova, sticks gainer full with a lean. They need 9.875 from Callis to hit 196.

It was a rough season full of injuries for Sac State, but they’re on track for a 195 with another couple hits on floor.

Callis missed on beam, so ASU will finish with 195.900, which will not count for RQS, though Arizona State has enough buffer to stay 17th this week.


51 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – March 16, 2018”

  1. Hmm. Looks like scores are going to be at Arkansas. Season-high for Denver on bars with a 9.95 and two 9.925s. Yes, they’re good on bars, but still.

    1. Arkansas home scores have been high all year. Normally I would complain, but I feel like Arkansas never got the benefit of the doubt the last few seasons, so you go Razorbacks. Take those 9.9s.

  2. Loving the commentary by Beers. Good critique and acknowledgment of skills. Nervous for Lyn Rollins and Ashley Lee on the call for LSU tomorrow…

      1. I think she is overcompensating because the guy she is working with has no idea what he is talking about, so Id rather hear one person with quality insight, then someone being a complete doofus, IMO though.

    1. She does well critiquing, but she needs to work on her use of adverbs. Everything is “very” or “really” and she repeats words and phrases frequently. It you took a drink each time she said “unique” tonight, you’d be in the hospital. But she has potential and I think she improved since the last time I heard her, too. She’s in a difficult position, because she has to talk a lot, as her partner knows nothing about gymnastics and is only going to say names and scores and relay a few factoids. All the routine analysis is on her shoulders.

  3. Lol @ Lauren Beers calling every same-bar release (at least a jaeger & shushunova) a tkatchev this first rotation. YOU get a tkatchev! YOU get a tkatchev! etc

  4. That camera man down on the floor next to the beam… He has got to be high. Oh he has ADD.

  5. Nooo….Stypinski just blew out her knee on her double layout opening pass.

    1. She must’ve been hurt or sick last minute. She was in videos OU posted of warm-up (I saw her doing bars), but apparently she’s not even out on the floor.

  6. I wonder why Dana Duckworth keeps these sheep jumps in the beam routines? It seems like the gymnasts are constantly having small checks..

  7. Warmups at OSU and Dani Dessaints took a bad fall on bars (didn’t see it, but she was down for 5+ mins). Walked away, happily. So cheering for her.

  8. Surprised by Nichols’ 9.875 on floor. Did they take the ND for OOB? Because 9.975 …. errrr …

    1. I was waiting on SOMEONE to ask about this because had this been some other schools or gymnasts, it would have been called out immediately.

      1. Yeah I love Maggie, but that was crap. I’m guessing the judges didn’t see the out of bounds possibly? I’ve seen it happen at meets I’ve been at and I didn’t catch that one in real time, but maybe there should be line judges or something?

        These floor judges seem pretty bad all around. Their judging has been crack for Alabama too. 9.9 for Desch when she was short on the last pass, Graber with her messy rudi, etc.

    2. Right? There was also another OU gymnast who went out of bounds that didn’t seem to be counted in the score… perhaps no one was watching the OOB??

  9. A judge went 10 for Skinner?! What on earth were they watching?? Or I guess weren’t they watching..

  10. There needs to be some sort of rule that if judges keep having major discrepancies they need to be evaluated. The EMU/WMU meet had several (like at least half a dozen) 0.2 differences in scores between Judge 1 & 2 and again with MyKayla on bars. There’s no reason judges should be seeing drastically different routines and awarding scores that don’t match.

  11. Kathy has definitely been much more critical these last few weeks. I could tell in the LSU meet, she was really on the footwork of several gymnasts.

    1. It’s annoying! I hate that she does all the big SEC meets — it’s just Debbie Downer the whole time.

      1. I actually like it because it’s kind of hard for me to discern what is good and what is great in gymnastics since I’m pretty new to it and she helps point out those differences. It makes me appreciate the sport more.

  12. KJC is so negative and equally negative for both teams.

    She’s talking about lack of dynamics for Snead and Johnson on vault. They freeze frame their vaults and they are both at 5 1/2 feet above the table, almost out of screen. And her response after critiquing dynamics and then seeing the actual freeze frame — oh, I’ve seen them higher. Just give the girls some credit.

  13. Notice every time someone sticks a landing…. “this is the best time i’ve seen her do that”

  14. LMAO where are all the Utah fans who complain about every other team being overscored

  15. Watching my first Utah meet ever – how can you ever complain about SEC scoring?!?

  16. Sorry but a 10 for Giles…with those feet and floppy arms masquerading as “dance”….it must be the Kool aid in SLC…

  17. I’d love to hear people’s opinions on just how cracky the different meets are. Like, it’s pretty much always crack in the SEC, but it’s hard for me to get a sense of when it’s normal crack and when it’s insane crack. How does this Utah meet compare to other meets?

    1. LOL I actually enjoy watching Utah and I find it hilarious that so many people have no problem with UCLA or Bama or Florida going huge at home on floor but if it’s Utah at home (on senior night no less), it’s suddenly OH THE OVERSCORE…

      1. Oh I do have a problem with the UCLA overscore….this poster had asked about Utah specifically…..and don’t even get me started on Oklahoma….Nichols goes obviously out of bounds and no flag?

        I’m beginning to think Teams in other lower scoring conferences should get a built in 5 point “you’re not in the right leo” bonus to even the judging playing field, because the judges evidently aren’t capable of seeing deductions in certain leos…

      2. I agree. Just got home from the Utah meet and it was overscored in some places but a bit underscored in a couple of places. Senior night so somewhat expected. Think back a week to the Michigan meet where scores were totally whack. Again senior night. Last year it was the same in Georgia. I guess the 0.041 differential between home and away meets for Utah may bump to a .040. I think we’re going to have to let this one go. It will be dropped anyway

    2. Always pretty cracky at the Utah home meets especially…like tonight, Giles with a “10” (gag) on floor and Skinner , albeit with the most difficult passes out there, had very obvious deductions on 2 of her landings and I was shocked the judges didn’t give her a 10 too…..but 9.975 with one judge giving a 10 (nope, nope, nope)….and both these gymnasts weren’t even seniors!

    3. Insane crack. They looked better than Georgia so the difference was clear but they were way overscored. And from an “artistry” perspective, what is with MMG and Skinner with the 45-degree angle with the hands. Reminds me of the dance I was taught when I was eight.

      1. They look like their hands are flappers …..and yes, usually at 45 degree angles from their arms. I guess that’s what qualifies as “artistry” in Salt Lake City…

  18. If we are going to talk about crazy floor home scoring, Utah and LSU, in my opinion, are the worst i think UCLA’s last meet was a little overscored too, but you can’t compare the 10 from MMG to Ohashi’s… Katelyn was way better, Hano’s was a lot better than Lewis and still got a 9.95 so…

  19. Lololol. Overscoring is a problem period. I’m a Utah fan and will say yes it was an overscore. However, they were pretty clean and look post season ready. UCLA looks post season ready and unlike the past few years where they didn’t look in shape. Utah looks top 4. And guess what they are.

  20. This is an online gymnastics stream. Brenna taking a year off is not something most of us “might not know.”

    My thoughts exactly.

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