Saturday Live Blog – March 17, 2017

Saturday, March 17 Scores Stream
12:00 ET/9:00 PT – Southern Connecticut @ West Chester LINK
1:00 ET/10:00 PT – Pittsburgh @ North Carolina  LINK ACC+
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – Big Five – [11] Nebraska, [24] Ohio State, Illinois, Maryland @ Michigan State LINK BTN
2:00 ET/11:00 PT – Northern Illinois @ Bowling Green
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Arizona @ [2] LSU LINK SEC+
5:00 ET/2:00 PT – Air Force @ Seattle Pacific LINK FREE
5:30 ET/2:30 PT – Big Five – [7] Michigan, [22] Minnesota, [25] Penn State, Iowa @ Rutgers LINK BTN
6:30 ET/3:30 PT – Brown, Yale, Centenary @ Bridgeport

Before we get to today’s major action—the Big Five meets and Arizona’s regional-urgent visit to LSU—there’s a meet with quite significant postseason implications in Pitt v. UNC. These two are currently 38th and 39th in the in-progress RQS standings, and with all the other bubble teams suddenly getting big 196s this week (OH LOOK HOW THAT WORKED OUT NO PROBLEMS HERE), Pitt and UNC must keep pace to have a chance at getting back into the hunt.

UNC can’t get into the top 36 this week (needs a big score here and a big score at conference champs), but Pitt would guarantee moving into the top 36 this week with a 195.475, regardless of what Arizona, New Hampshire, and Iowa end up scoring later this weekend.

Morgan Lane with just a little hop on her full-on, back pike vault. It’s also Morgan Lane senior day, in case you needed that in your life.

Lucy Jones, second up on bars for Pitt, had her hand slip off on a cast handstand so that she belly-flopped onto the bar, which looked hilarious. She tries to get back on and recast and can’t do it, so something’s wrong, I wonder with her grip? She just salutes and finishes.

Alexis Allen with a small step back on a Y1/2.

So, question. How did Lucy Jones even get a 6.300? She didn’t do any skills, right? Or was that not the beginning of the routine?

Technical difficulties on the broadcast now, so I guess we’ll just watch the scores and wait for the Big Five. That was kind of a bust.

UNC goes 49.175 on vault so will be very happy with that. Though it all hinges on bars, doesn’t it? Pitt gets through bars with the other five routines and a 49.000, so won’t mind that at all either.

North Carolina hit the first five bars routines and will go 49. It’s a senior day miracle! In fact, all 6 routines. After 2, both teams are above 196 pace and will be pleased with their scores. The issue, especially for UNC, is that they will also need help to get to regionals, and with all these other teams scoring 196s, that help hasn’t come yet.

Well now UNC is counting a fall on beam. So I quit. At least the stream is back in time for Lane’s senior day beam.

Also the first Big Five is about to begin shortly, but we have the very end of a men’s meet OU v. Illinois, so I can’t really complain because it’s gymnastics. It’s taking a little long because this Illinois HB rotation has been a splatfest. But Yul also did an actually perfect PB routine, so that’s a plus.


The first Big Five is beginning with Nebraska on vault.


Roby – VT – Nebraska – basically stuck full with a lean. Strong opener.
Williams – VT – Nebraska – sticks her full as well. This is Nebraska vaulting. Very good landing. Will get distance and direction deductions-off line on the block, but very strong.

Fun fact, the live scores aren’t working yet.

Nice dynamics on the full for Epperson, best distance so far, but a slide back.
Schweihofer – VT – she also sticks her full, also a bit of direction but better distance than Williams. Scores normal but not high so far.

9.900 for Schweihofer, so the scores are going up now.

Peterman – UB – Maryland – working against a fall in the previous position – shortish first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, some bent elbows, nice cast after that – very loose back in bail, where she loses her vertical position- but good extension overall – DLO, small slide

Big bound forward for Crouse on her 1.5 this time.

Barber – UB – Maryland – hindorff to overshoot, hit – last handstand was pretty good – some knees early – hop back on DLO.

Houchin – VT – also a hop forward on her 1.5, though a smaller hop than Crouse. Didn’t get those last couple landings. And the scores were conservative for the first couple well-done fulls, so the total won’t be huge. Not a bad rotation though.

Stone – OSU – with a side step on her 2.5 dismount on beam.

Farina – UB – Maryland – 1/2 turn to jaeger, solid, a littel late on 1/2 turn – strong bail vertical, a little back – sticks DLO, a handstand or two but will be a big score.

Illinois getting huge numbers of floor so far.

Balthazor – FX – Illinois – double tuck, a little bounce – split leap 1.5 that is actually pretty well done, hit 180 – this routine is basically just leaps and this leo does not fit. These are my observations – 1.5 to layout, some arch, but fine.

So it looks like Stone had a fall on beam before we checked in on that routine previously, so OSU counting a fall on beam.

Huang – BB – OSU – bhs loso, secure but low – switch to swingdown, a little pause but probably nothing – split to sheep, secure, NCAA sheep – 2/1 with a little lean. A good hit.

9.550? Seems like she must not have been given full SV. Or these judges are just judging JO, which I would be on board with too.

Mattern – BB – OSU – jussst saves a kickover fron, leg-up wobble. Lots of wobbles. A hip bend on her series. Another check. Won’t help these very low scores.

Pretty sure that beam judge we can see on the broadcast is just writing, “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you” over and over again.

OUCH. 47.550 for Ohio State on beam, two falls and another routine full of huge wobbles that we saw. Every other team still in it. Big scores for Maryland on bars and Illinois on floor. Those events look pretty loose today.

Interview with Meredith. Summary: “Yeah, we were really bad on beam.”


Orel – UB – Nebraska – tkatchev, flat but hit – bail, secure, pretty vertical, a little lose in the air – whips out DLO with some legs and a lunge back, but strong until the dismount

Roe – VT- Illinois – sticks a full, good, not a lot of distance or height, which is where significant deductions will still come from.

Peterman – BB – maryland – Wolf 1.5, a little slow toward the end but pulls it out – side aerial to side position with a large bend correction – loso series is secure, a little tight – cat leap to switch 1/2, short of 180 – 1.5 with large bound forward

Roby – UB – Nebraska – 1/2 turn to jaeger, solid – Pak, nice legs togther – good vertical on 1/2 turn on low – DLO, stuck. Good routine.

Givens – VT – Illinois – awkward landing with a bounce to the side, almost like she half-rolled her ankle but fine.

Schweihofer – UB – Nebrask – “a really nice college handstand” – great piked jaeger – overshoot – solid verticals – hop on DLO.

Biondi – VT – Illinois – nearly holds the stick on her Y1/2, small hop forward, good clean position.

Epperson – UB – jaeger, hit – bail, some arch in the hs – DLO, holds the stick with a little lean. Nebraska strong on bars so far.

Hodan – VT – full, some ragged legs in the air, hop back. Not bad.

Houchin – UB – Nebraska – giant full pretty solid finish position to tkatchev – clean legs together on bail, toes pointed – nice final cast – giant full at the end and was trying to be so precise on that vertical position (she usually is great on that finish) that she went over and fell.

Despite that beam fall, UNC is still going to get a big score. 196.600 to Pitt’s 196.050. That score will very much work for both teams. But also yeah, 196.600 while counting a fall.

Crouse – UB – Nebraska – struggles on her cast handstand before her Weiler but does well to work it out, then falls on a gienger. Nebraska was awesome on the first four bars routines but will now be counting a fall on bars.

Illinois is like “LA LA LA WE’RE THE BEST.”

Meeks – VT – Illinois – full, hop back, fairly significant hop but a fine vault.

Barber – BB – Maryland – bhs loso, secure – kickover front to split jump, back leg on that split jump but also solid – better on the switch to straddle combination, that was closer – 2/1 with slide back. Solid routine. 9.775. I love these beam judges. That routine would have been easily 9.850 at cracky meets.

Mitchell – FX – Michigan State – ohhhhhhh, MSU is putting up five and has no score higher than 9.500 going to the last routine. Music problems. Second music problem I’ve seen in two rotations so far. Hrrrrrrrm. double tuck, nice, chest up – front full front pike – switch side to two popas, a little indistinct in landing position – double pike, a little deeper but just a controlled step back.

Agaran – BB – Maryland – bhs loso with a leg-up wobble that will be significant – side somi, small correction – cat leap to switch side, large lean forward correction – gainer full slide back.

Illinois with a huge lead after two rotations, the only team that hasn’t had a counting fall or had to go to beam yet.


Interested to see how Nebraska gets evaluated on beam

Roby – BB – Nebraska – aerial to bhs loso, pretty and extended – sissone to switch 1/2, a little check, not quite 180 – full turn – side aerial to full, stuck. good. 9.825. The first score so far in the 9.8s, and warranted.

Aepli – FX – Ohio State – double pike to finish, controlled step back.

Lyons – UB  – Illinois – piked jager, confortable – short hs – giant full to bail, arches and couldn’t save, has to recast and take some extra swings – deep landing on DLO. Trouble.

Schweihofer – BB – Nebraska – competing after a fall from Epperson – bhs to lay=pike with a check – switch to switch 1/2, pretty nice – 2/1, basically stuck. Overall good.

Howell – UB – Illinois – high piked jaeger, good – hits pak – a couple handstands here and there but the last one is good – giant full to double tuck, hop back.

Gamelo – VT – MSU – deep landing on full with lunge back, some clear piking

Stone – VT – Ohio State – 2.5 punch front – good leap combination – another 2.5, this time with a crossover step

Balthazor – UB – Illinois – toe on to tkatchev, huge, some feet – to overshoot – good final cast hs – FTDT, good toe point kept on the dismount, and stuck.

Houchin – BB – Nebraska – falls on loso series. Wow Nebraska. So now Nebraska is counting a fall on beam as well as bars. Aerial, pretty – switch to split, a little tight on position – cat leap to side aerial and falls again. 2/1 with slide back. She’s like “DO NOT HIGH FIVE ME RIGHT NOW I’M GOING TO BURN THIS ARENA TO THE GROUND.”

Mitchell – VT – MSU – near stick on full, some piking, small hop

Breen – BB – Nebraska – bhs loso, secure, some hip angle – double stag – split jump to sheep with a step back, mostly solid, some posture – 1.5, stuck. Good routine.

Williams – BB – Nebraska – bhs loso loso series and falls. Third missed routine on this event. cat leap to switch with a check – side aerial to a stuck full.

Well, this has not gone to plan. But it sure is interesting. Illinois is still a bajillion tenths ahead but hasn’t done beam yet.

47.675 for Nebraska on beam with three falls. That’s not the lowest beam score so far today. So that’s something.

Ohio State has been allowed back into the race for the Big Ten evening session.

Dan Kendig’s facial expression when asked “What can we expect from them on floor?” is my spirit animal. Who can say at this point.

I like that we’re getting these coaches right after beam because they’re all basically living in the labyrinth at that point.


Roe – BB – Illinois – bhs loso, secure, not so extended – beat to straddle 3/4 – cat leap to loso with small check – full turn a little tentative – 1.5, shortish with a hop back. 9.800. Scores trending up a little on beam. Into a more normal zone.

Mitchell – UB – MSU – toe on to Ray, hit – bail, some angle in the air – giant full to double tuck, stuck

Merkle – VT – OSU – Y1/2 with a pretty big bound forward

Biondi – BB – Illinois – switch to straddle 1/4 – loso series, solid – cat leap to aerial, a little tentative – full turn – 1.5 with hop forward. 9.850. Not tight anymore

McLelland – VT – OSU – full with hop back, not a lot of distance

Howell – BB – Illinois – full turn – bhs lay-pike, secure – switch to straddle 1/4, good extension – cat leap to switch side, tight but solid – gainer pike, stuck. 9.825.

Ling – UB – MSU – gienge, bit with legs, same on bail – FTDT, stuck, good.

Noonan – BB – Illinois – strong loso series – sissone to loso, hit – switch to split jump 1/2, large break, leg-up wobble – stuck gainer full. 9.800. Not evaluating these beams with the same strictness as the earlier teams. These are the scores I would expect from typical meets.

Stone – VT – OSU – large bounce back on her full

Westney – UB – MSU – hit Shap – nice handstand – high Ray – Pak, good height , pretty – stalder, small hesitation to Canada dismount, lean to hold the stick.

Balthazor – BB – Illinois – hitch to switch side, a little tight – bhs loso with a check – kickover front, strong – beat to straddle 3/4, a little crooked – gainer pike, stuck. 9.900

Farina – FX – Maryland – double pike, large bounce back with a couple steps – 1.5 to layout, more control, a little knees – split leap full to popa, short – double tuck, short with a little jog to pretend she didn’t land short.

Hodan – BB – Illinois – side aerial to bhs and falls but they had five hits before that and had already won the meet before this routine and before all the other teams finish. Still get to enjoy that pretty illusion turn.

Mattern – VT – OSU – handspring pike 1/2 with just a small hop, one of her good ones.

Barber – FX – Maryland – full in, small slide back – 1.5 to front pike, clean and controlled – switch 1/2 to straddle work, nice extension – double tuck, good routine.

I love that Illinois has already mathematically clinched the competition before the other four teams even finish.

“Can they hold on?!?!” Um…yes.

The fight now is mostly whether Nebraska can come back and pass Ohio State to get into the top three for the evening session at Big Tens.


Huang – UB – OSU  – small arch on the high – hit jaeger – pretty solid bail, a little loose – better final hs – FTDT, deep with a lunge forward

Peterman – VT – Maryland – full with a little hop back, some pike but not too much. Good.

Hinterberger – UB – OSU – 1/2 turn to jaeger – bail – a couple angles and some hs but small – giant full to a hop in place.

Magro – VT – Maryland – nearly falls on her full, very short with a large lunge forward and to the side

Mattern – UB – OSU – 1/2 to jaeger to overshoot, solid, a little loose knees in there – FTDT, stuck with a stagger.

Roby – FX – Nebraska – Full in, short with a step forward – 1.5 to layout, very clean, good straight position – switch 1/2 to wolf, good position on the switch, a little low on the wolf – double tuck, chest well down but secure

Burgess – VT – Maryland – nice high full, completes that twist very early – large bounce back. Upgrade?

Aepli – UB – OSU – toe on to shap, some legs – bail, good vertical, very small leg break – FTDT, chest forward with a hop. Almost there but not with the landings in this rotation.

Barber – VT – Maryland – good full, strong height, small hop back

Hofland – UB – OSU – 1/2 turn to jaeger, high, a little bent eblows on catch – bail, slightly floppy – shortish final hs – 1/2 turn to double front, stuck.

Farina – VT – Maryland – full, nearly stuck, not a ton of distance, a little pike, strong height

Maryland’s done with 195.700, OSU is done with 195.150.

Williams – FX – Nebraska – falls on double pike, very very short. That’s Nebraska’s 6th fall (7th actually, because of the two falls in Houchin’s beam). Pike down on rudi. Nebraska won’t be able to finish top 3 here.

They’re going back to show Orel’s hit for 9.900 because everyone is just too sad. Pretend when things were happier? Double pike with a small slide. Double tuck with a little more control. 1.5 to 1/2 with a little pike.

Crouse – FX – Nebraska – rudi to loso final pass. (So we missed a live routine to see a replay?)

Wish someone would give the commentators the info that Nebraska has already been eliminated from passing OSU or Maryland.

Mitchell – BB – MSU – bhs bhs loso, and another fall – MSU counting a bunch of falls on beam already.

Schweihofer – FX – Nebraska – full in, good, small slide, chest up – front lay to a nice high rudi, good twisting shape – switch 1/2 to wolf jump 1/1 – double tuck, strong.

1. Illinois 196.850
2. Maryland 195.700
3. Ohio State 195.150
4. Nebraska 194.900
5. Michigan State 192.825

So Illinois, Maryland, and Ohio State will go through to the evening session at Big 10s, Nebraska and Michigan State in the afternoon session. It’s not a HUGE deal that Nebraska is in the afternoon session (it’s not like they’re eliminated or anything), but scores do historically tend to be more conservative in that first session, so if a team is looking for a big final score for RQS, it can be more difficult. Though, Nebraska does have the name recognition to mitigate that a little bit. The judges will know they can go kind of high for Nebraska because some of those sets will be among the best they see all day, from either session.

Check back in about an hour for Arizona/LSU and the second Big Five meet.

Here’s where we are with Arizona: After Pitt’s score (Pitt moves to 32nd), Arizona currently sits in 38th in the in-progress ranking. With Iowa and UNH still to compete this weekend, Arizona will be looking to move ahead of CMU and USU to get into the top 36 for this week, which will require 195.925 today. That’s the minimum they’ll be looking for. It’s going to be nervous Pac-12s regardless, but that would make it maybe a little less nerve-wracking.

Another thing to watch is whether the judges decide they’re willing to go 10 for Macadaeg and Hambrick on beam in the first two spots because of senior day. We saw the judges do senior day crack for Lewis in the leadoff position on floor last night, and we know both Macadaeg and Hambrick would have had several beam 10s in their careers in later spots in the lineup.


LSU going with full strength in the vault lineup.

Finnegan – VT – full – pretty in the air as always, a bit more of a hop back this time, two small steps. 9.825

Ortiz – UB – good first hs – clear hip to tkatchev, to overshoot, tkatchev nice and high as always – a little pike in overshoot – giant full to double tuck, some legs on giant full, step back on double tuck.

Cannamela – VT – attempts the 1.5 again, short or rotation, had not completed 1.5 twists by the time she landed, which can be dangerous, hand down.

Hendrickson – arch in first hs – 1/2 turn to jaeger, a little low, to overshoot – DLO, stuck – got better as it went.

Priessman – VT – she adds the 1.5 today! hop forward, medium sized, plus some knees

Leydin – UB – nice first hs, good toes – pak, solid, a little legs – shortish cast – 1/2 turn to khorkina, solid, some feet – giant full to double tuck. Strong routine.

Edwards – VT – 1.5 – nice pop on her 1.5 but went off to the side with a crossover step and a second step, so will get docked on the landing, 9.850.

Cindric – UB – 1/2 turn to jaeger, a little low but clean – pretty bail – 1/2 turn to double front, toes pointed through the double front, stuck landing. Very nice routine. 9.875.

Hambrick – VT – 1.5, step forward on hers, though better direction than Edwards, so if they went 9.850, I’m expecting 9.900, even though she didn’t have the same dynamics.

Spencer – UB – shortish first handstand, perfection on the gienger – some bent elbows – good bail – a couple casts, DLO with hop back. The gienger is the highlight there.

Edney – VT – very similar 1.5 to Hambrick, lunge forward. Didn’t have the landings in the vault lineup today.

Berg – UB – 1/2 turn to high piked jaeger to overshoot, some feet – a couple hs – FTDT, flings out with a hop back.

Macadaeg in exhibition on vault. Full with a bounce back.

After 1: LSU 49.350, Arizona 49.125

Arizona, with much more urgent scoring needs than LSU, will be very pleased with going over 49 on bars in what was a very competitive rotation performance. LSU OK on vault but sooooo many .1 landing errors, basically everyone. Priessman bringing back the 1.5 is big because Cannamela’s 1.5 is probably a no at this point, and Priessman having hers makes it less necessary. Interesting that we did not see Harrold, but they may not have a ton of confidence in her 1.5 landing either. Still some decisions to make for SECs.

If you’re watching for LSU’s scores, remember LSU needs 197.850 today to get back ahead of UCLA for 2nd. Off that pace early, but also senior day.


Leydin – VT – full with a lunge back, a little pike. 9.725.

Durante – UB – 1/2 turn to jaeger, caught a little clsoe this time – a moment of loose back – very pretty Pak – closeish final hs – FTDT, stuck, strong. 9.875.

Cowles – VT – a bigger bounce back on her full, less pike than Leydin, some potential in this vault.

Hambrick – UB – Ray, solid – good hs – giant full to bail, clean – maybe borderline final hs – FTDT, stuck. Very good routine. 9.975. Senior day! Also a very good one, but that’s probably 9.925 on not senior day.

Parks – VT – tucked full with a bounce back.

Harrold – UB – zuchold with a little arch this time but solid – toe 1/2 with a little leg break to jaeger, struggles to cast out into the hop grip change to double front, works through it – double front with a step. Not her best. Still goes 9.850, which is high for that. One gave it the same score as Durante, which I don’t see.

Leung – VT – she’s back in the lineup – large bounce back on full and very flat coming off the table

Edney – UB – good first hs – hindorff, fingertipped, Jay also died in the background, but she caught it – bail is fine – short final hs – DLO, stuck. 9.925.

Swanson – VT – better height and layout position in her full but another huge bounce back. This rotation will not score well.

Priessman – UB – Tkatchev, Jay almost died again – Pak is fine – a little awkward on the 1/2 turn handstand on low but keeps it going fine – DLO, basically stuck. 9.975. Not her smoothest routine.

Cindric – VT – full, small hop on hers, still a little pike but the best control

Finnegan – UB – Ray, lovely – toe on to bail, very clean – maybe a little short on final hs – DLO, good stick. She did have one handstand there, but that was stronger than the last two 9.975s, so we’ll see.

10.000 for Finnegan. They were building up to it. Nice routine.

49.750 for LSU on bars. Everyone probably went .05 higher than in a normal meet except Durante, but still a very strong rotation. Could be a postseason 49.5 very believably.

After 2: LSU 99.100, Arizona 97.700

Arizona not the vault rotation it needed because I worry about beam. Need to get back on that 196 track with floor then.

Big Five also about to get started.

Polina – VT – Michigan – one of her best of the year, just a little step with one foot and some piking, good direction, not bad on distance.

Youd – FX – Iowa – Important for Iowa to get at least a high 195 out of this, still on the bubble – front lay front full with pretty big lunge forward – rudi, secure, chest down.

Funk – VT – Michigan – little bounce back on full, good direction, also some shape

Brown – VT – Michigan – bounce back on her full, better landing, but still the knees, so shouldn’t go as high as the first two, but still the scores they want from those early vaults.

Macadaeg – BB – LSU – full turn, smooth – switch to switch 1/2, saved it but a little off there, could have been a big check but definitely a small one – aerial, another check – oh, she probably wanted the 10 too badly, but some errors here – bhs loso is solid – gainer full, stick. 9.850.

Zaziski – VT – Michigan – full, bounce back, good dynamics and position

Leydin – FX – Arizona – front tcuk through to double tuck, some cowboy, a bit of a lunge – switch side to split jump 1/1 – split leap 1/1 to split jump 1/1 – packing in the dance but some indistinct landing positions – double pike, squatty

McLean – VT – Michigan – wanted the stick too much there, came in short with a lunge –

Hambrick – BB – LSU – L turn, fine – hitch kick to side aerial – switch to straddle 1/4, a little tight in positions – loso, secure – 2/1, near stick. Good one. Not a 10 for me, we’ll see because senior, but a very good one. 9.950. Fine with it.

Michigan went 49.075 on vault, not getting the scores from the big ones again this week but going over 49. Penn State counting a 9.5 on bars so far, Minnesota counting a fall and another 9.6 on beam, so we’re kind of picking up where we left off at the last one.

Garcia – UB _ Penn State – hit piked jaeger – bail right vertical with a hand adjustment to keep it – sticks DLO. That should help the scores.

Edney – BB – LSU – a little hoppy on that jump to the beam mount – aerial to sissone, hit – bhs loso, secure, switch to straddle 1/4, she has some positions where she’s not the most extended, though the straddle 1/4 was better this week – kickover front, right on and chest up – 1.5 with a hop.

Minnesota having a total Nebraska on beam.

We only got to see the dismount from Ramler on beam. Side aerial to full. But there’s plenty of time to show nothing, so that’s good at least.

Parks for Arizona finishes floor with front lay to front full with some bent knees throughout

Tsang fell, so Penn State counting a fall on bars, Minnesota counting two falls on beam.

Desiderio – BB – LSU – aerial to sissone, fine – bhs loso, solid – switch to switch 1/2, a little too much pause in between this time but won’t be significant – gainer full, stuck. 9.950 is much for that, a little bit of lineup order judging there.

Cindric – FX – Arizona – double pike, slide back, nice position – 1.5 to layout, some knees – double tuck with step back, a little chest forward

Campbell – BB – LSU – small hesitation (dip in the elbows) in press handstand mount – aerial to bhs, one foot was off the beam on her aerial, did well to hold it into the bhs combination – full turn – back tuck to split jump, a little slow in combination, secure individual skills – switch to switch 1/2 – 2/1 with slide back.

9.925, rising scores. If you ever question LSU about the lineup order on beam, this is why. Those first couple raise the scores of the others because this routine was nowhere near the level of Hambrick’s and was a real life 9.800-9.850 probably, but one judge just went the same score for both.

Schneider – FX – Arizona – double pike, a little slide, but finishes with a solid double tuck.

Finnegan – BB – LSU – single wolf, good – bhs loso, nice positions – switch to switch 1/2, gorgeous – side somi with a single swim – side aerial to full with a near stick

10.000. LOLLLLLL. She’s not a senior, guys. She was even celebrating after the routine because she’s like, “That was the 17th-best beam routine I’ve ever done.” She’s very surprised. Was not waiting for the score or expecting it because she literally wobbled on her side somi and didn’t really stick the dismount. Oh, Sarah, you should understand senior day crack raises all boats.

After 3: LSU 148.825, Arizona 146.650

Funk – UB – Michigan – giant full to her huge and crazy tkathev – an in between overshoot, very short of hs, probably viewed as an overshoot not a bail hs – DLO with a small hop. But still got 9.800 so whatever I guess?

Snyder – VT – Iowa – pretty big hop back on her full, pike

Polina – UB – lovely shap to pak, legs together through the whole thing – giant full a little late into double tuck with a small adjustment. Good one.

Youd – VT – Iowa – medium hop on Y1/2

Hendrickson – BB – Arizona – beat jump to split jump 3/4 – bhs loso with a pretty significant check – switch to split 1/4, good positions there – side aerial with a check –

Very clean from Zaziski on bars –

Tsang – BB – Penn State – standing loso loso series with a lean correction, fairly large – switch side, good – side somi and falls. Her second fall on the day. Yikes. Sticks Kochetkova to lay full dismount.

Brown – Ub – Michigan – Great Ray, toe on to Pak, pretty – DLO, a little whipped this time with a step back. Otherwise good, maybe an early hs.

Leydin – BB – Arizona – switch to split, solid – loso, small check – hitch kick to side somi, good – full turn, slight hesitation – pike jump to back tuck, short with a couple steps correction – 1.5 with hgop to the side.

Scores a little high for Arizona’s beam here. They’ll take it.

Hosek falls on beam, so Penn State is counting a fall on both bars and beam.

Edwards was going well on floor until her double tuck, forward, chest down with a step. Otherwise good.

Schneider – BB – Arizona – full turn, fine – kickover front to bhs series with some legs in that bhs – split jump to sissone, somewhat short – beat jump with a hesitation into sheep jump, check – front full, slide back. Got through.

Priessman – FX – LSU – secure full in, chest pretty well forward though, she can finish that a little earlier – good 180 positions in leap combo, a little bouncy – 1.5 to layout, nice float in layout – short on double pike with a step forward. Not quite there in completing those tumbling passes fully today.

Cowles – BB – Arizona – cat leap to aerial to beat with an arm wave in between the keep the connection going – full turn – huge break on loso, keeps in on the beam but a huge bent at the waist that AZ did not need – nice leaps – gainer front full with a slide. Still got away with 9.650.

THey can still drop it. The judges came through for Arizona on the first couple scores to help keep this total looking somewhat reasonable to keep AZ in contention.

Edney – FX – LSU – double arabian, very solid landing, just a little cowboy but very small, good stick – 1.5 to layout, strong – switch ring to split full, close to position – double tuck, a bit short with a hop forward.

9.975. Here we go. They couldn’t resist for too long.

Oritz – BB – Arizona – solid loso series – full turn – switch to beat to double stag, also solid, the most comfortable beam of the lineup so far……until the dismount – cat leap to side aerial to back tuck dismount off to the side of the beam. Looks like she didn’t get her punch on the side aerial and couldn’t do a real dismount. Rough.

Finnegan – FX – LSU – 1.5 through to 2.5, very good landing, showed her landing control before the step – double tuck, nice and clean – front tuck – switch ring to switch 1/2 – double pike ohhhhh, short with a lunge. She was on track for a 10 before that. Still gets 9.875. That error was minimum a tenth (I’d say more like a tenth and a half or two), so they were ready for a 10.

Still 39.700 in the AA for Finnegan.

Cindric – BB – bhs loso, some good height – full turn, nice – side aerial, holds it – this is basically a beam routine for their season right now – split jump to sheep, solid – gainer pike, small step, she came through.

195.525 final for Arizona. Still not what they wanted. Will put major pressure on Pac-12s depending especially on how Iowa finishes out Big Five and what UNH does tomorrow. Good news for Central Michigan there.

Hambrick – FX – LSU – The usual DLO in the air but didn’t stick this time with a step forward, making the judges more likely to take it – 2.5 to front tuck….OOOF, lands it OOB. Keeps it to her feet. They should jsut give her a 10 anyway. A little short in her split leap full this week – short on double pike as well with a lunge. Off today on that one. The flip side of senior day.

Still 198.125 for LSU, which will be enough to move up to #2.

LSU will be very pleased with bars and beam but will not be happy with the level of vault and floor heading into SECs, which would not be title-winning rotations if replicated.

Rutgers will be pleased that Rizkalla just landed her Y1/2 in another state and still got 9.775.

Williams for Rutgers sticks a nice full with a pike.

Polina – BB – Michigan – lovely extension to start as always – good full turn – bhs loso, solid – split jump, well done – aerial, fine – beat jump to sheep, a real sheep jump – side aerial to full, short with a lunge forward. Gave it away a bit with that dismount.

Zurawski excellent on her gienger and sticks her double tuck.

There are adjectives besides sassy.

Gardner – FX – Minnesota – rudi to loso, a little ragged but fine – switch 1/2 to nice popa, good height – double tuck, a little short with a hop forward –

Marinez – BB – Michigan – aerial, good – bhs loso with a check – side aerial, solid – split jump to split 1/2, short of 180 this time, a little lean as well – 2/1 with crossed legs, stuck.

9.925 is high. Like in the other Big Five, everyone is a disaster on beam, and then when a team comes along that’s good, the judges are like YOU ARE PERFECT NO DEDUCTIONS.

Chow – UB – Iowa – Ray, solid – nice height on Pak as well, just a little feet – good final hs – giant full to double tuck, a little late in full, small slide back on double tuck

Williams – FX – Minnesota – love her front 2/1 twisting technique – switch side to popa, good height – a little indistinct – 1.5 to layout, fine – good rudi, should be a strong score.

Ramler – FX – Minnesota – split ring full and i’ll even allow it – controls double pike – 1.5 to layout, nice rise into the layout – switch ring to switch 1/2, solid position on the switch 1/2 – double tuck, chest well down but secure

Michigan in control after three rotations, Iowa hitting to control second, but heading to beam now. Third is still interesting, with Rutgers ahead of Minnesota ahead of Penn State, though that will change on the last two events.

I would die of joy if Rutgers made the evening session, but I highly doubt it.


Politz – FX – Penn State – 2.5, a bit of a crossover step – 1.5 to layout, no punch in the layout, low and large arch to pull it around – back 1.5 to front tuck, multiple steps forward and OOB. “Nonetheless a good routine for Penn State.” Nope.

Gardner – VT – Minn – clean full, good direction, medium hop back

Rachel Ley on bars for Rutgers. She’s the one who transferred from Missouri.

Sullivan – BB – Iowa – comfortable aerial to bhs – switch 1/2 to beat, a little short but secure – side somi with a small correction to hold it – 2/1 with a hop.

Ramler – VT – Minn – gorgeous full, just a small hop back – great shape and distance

Fitzke – BB – Iowa – full turn, pretty – bhs loso series, right off on the bhs and couldn’t save the landing of the series, didn’t land much of her body touching the beam on the loso. They’ll have to count that 9,6 now. A couple other checks – side aerial good – 1.5 with hop

Youd – BB – Iowa – aerial to bhs loso, right on – slow after the aerial but she didn’t need the connection so it’s fine – switch to split, some back leg – gainer full with hop back

Bridgens – FX – PSU – great pop on that double tuck – rudi to loso, also nice and high – good shapes – switch 1/2 to attempted wolf jump something, like a sideways wolf jump 1/2? Won’t have a leap CV in this one – front full front lay, good.

Watch the score. You get .1 off if you don’t have a dance combination earning CV. Still got 9.825. Forgiving.

DeMuse – VT – Minn – good distance on full, hop back.

Garcia – FX – PSU – double tuck with a step back OOB – double pike is fine – switch side to popa, good – 1.5 to layout, a little whippy

Chow – BB – Iowa – need a hit from her to get the score they need with a fall already in the rotation – bhs layout to two feet YIKKKKKKKEEESS – falls, looked like she hurt her foot or ankle on that. And they’ll have her scratch the routine.

Well, that was going very well and then took a terrible turn for Iowa.

Tsang – FX – Penn State – pike full in, a lunge back – 1.5 to half, solid – split leap full to popa, looked short but also angle – double back, a little deep with a step. OK.

Iowa is done with a 195.275 now. Suddenly NOT what Iowa needed or wanted. Won’t increase RQS this week, won’t get past CMU. Will stay ahead of Arizona. Could get passed by UNH tomorrow to fall to 36th. Danger time.

One rotation to go. Rutgers did what was necessary on bars and still has a solid shot for that top-3 finish, but they’ll need a big beam hit. Eeeeek.


Townsend – FX – Michigan – front tcuk through to double tuck, just a touch short but didn’t really show in the step – double pike, legs a little apart – whip 2/1, controls all her landings

Bonsall – VT – Penn State – full with a hop back – good –

Farrell – BB – Rutgers – transfer from Arizona – full turn – beat jump to side aerial, secure – bhs loso, leg-up check – switch to split with another check – 1.5 short with a lunge back. Stayed on.

Funk – FX – Michigan – double pike, comfortable, chest up – switch side to popa, good split positions but indistinct landings, switch side 1/2 to straddle 1/2 in reality – front 1/1 to layout, good – double tuck, good.

Penn State finishes 194.375. OUCH.

Rowland – UB – Minn – 1/2 turn to nice high jaeger, a little late on 1/2 turn though – overshoot – solid final cast position – a little hesitation on stalder into toe front tuck dismount, step.

Bridgens – VT – Penn State – hits a 1.5 with a small hop forward.

Ramler – UB – Minn – lovely first hs – Shap to Pak, perfect legs – toe Shap 1/2, also excellent – hitting hs – FTDT, stuck. Awesome.

9.925 for Ramler. That’s a 10 until the very end, that last handstand and the posture on the dismount.

Lu – UB – Minn – Toe Shap to Pak, similarly great, excellent vertical position on her 1/2 turn – strong hs – DLO, stuck. And that was even cleaner than Ramler, so let’s see…


As good of a back-to-back bars punch as exists in NCAA. Great sets, and high scores given. Just need to change their names to Kyla Ramler and Peng Lu now.

Ramler a little slide on her double pike but otherwise good. Slide on double tuck too.

Rutgers had a disaster beam to take away a chance at the evening session.

Groden – BB – Rutgers – bhs loso, secure – kickover to scale, moves through it pretty well – switch to switch, not bad – full turn – gainer full, stuck.

McLean – FX – Michigan – double tuck, a little bouncy – split full popa – front lay to front full – double pike was nice.

Michigan the only team that brought it today, like Illinois in the early meet.

It will be Michigan, Iowa, and Minnesota going to the evening sessiona nd Penn State and Rutgers going to the afternoon session –

1. Michigan 197.225
2. Iowa 195.275
3. Minnesota 195.150
4. Penn State 194.375
5. Rutgers 193.725

Ugh, regular season titles. Apparently Nebraska and Michigan both win it. And then there will be another title at the Big Ten Champs competition. Because we need three conference championships awarded in a single year.

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  1. Hey, it’s just the big five. Not important or special. Take your time on those live scores there.

  2. Very unprofessional with not having the “live” scores working for what is supposed to be one of the most important meets of the year. Can you imagine if Duke was playing UNC in a March Madness hoops game and the stats guys decided to go for coffee and let everyone count baskets on their fingers… yep, that’s the comparison.

  3. This link works for live Big 5 scores

  4. Wow, Nebraska’s looking real Russian on beam today. Also, a minor point: I like that BTN will show routines they missed during a hectic meet like this, but it drives me CRAZY that they tell you the score before: “Let’s take a look at this 9.95 routine!”. I WANT THE SUSPENSE DAMNIT

  5. Nebraska counting TWO falls on beam after Williams falls – on her series her foot is half off the beam when she goes for her second part and really had no chance to save it since she was already off line.

    Also, am I the only one kind of creeped out that this meet is at MSU…

  6. Can this anti-Carol beam judge come to nationals and take actual deductions?

  7. Remember: a few years ago (2015 maybe) Michigan had a disaster B1G 5 meet and ended up in the afternoon session where they put up a mid-range 197 score, which ended up holding for the win.

    So there is precedent in the B1G – unlike the SEC and Pac 12 where the early session scores usually start low on the first two events so even if they go crazy for the final two events it’s hard for anyone to put up a high enough score –

    Though in the SEC I expect the competition in that afternoon session (Arkansas/Vault, Auburn/bars, Georgia/beam, Missouri/floor is the starts right?) and if everyone hits I can see them putting up a high enough scoring to put pressure on Kentucky and maybe even Alabama and Florida if they have mistakes. UF hasn’t really been road warriors and if they make more mistakes they could be on the lower side. Pretty confident LSU shouldn’t finish lower than second or third.

    1. It was 2014 that they ended up in the afternoon session when Shelby Gies and someone else both fell twice during the beam rotation

  8. LSU is playing with fire letting Cannamela do her Y1.5 when she does a minimal-deduction full. She doesn’t need the extra 0.05 that will keep being taken with her steps or worse, a fall especially in the postseason.

    1. Even worse is she could have really hurt herself. They don’t need the 1.5 that bad if Priessman can do hers

  9. They just lingered the camera on Lexie and Julianna and J was crying with ice on her knee. looked like she was talking about some kind of injury and pain.

  10. As an LSU fan……Sarah has had better performances. The landing was not as clean as she as had before, but okie dokie.

  11. Here we go with your BS. Desiderio’s routine was CLEAN. It was just as good if not better than Hambrick’s.

  12. Anyone know where to get working live stats for the second Big Five meet? The link up top takes me to scores from an old rutgers meet.

  13. Just watching the Utah-Georgia meet. In the piece on Kupets and Marsden, the Marsden photo is from her role in American Anthem rather than Utah, oddly enough.

  14. Michigan wins the Big 10 regular season outright. Big 10 Network dude kept getting it wrong.

  15. I really don’t get why they’re still going with Julianna on vault, Ruby has been hitting her stride on vault. While Julianna’s max is high 9.8s, Ruby can realistically hit 9.9+ in post season.

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