Live From Worlds – Women’s Subdivision 12

The last one!

There is suspense around the US performance in terms of which finals who will make, whether McCallum will upset Lee to make the AA final, and who makes which EF. Brazil is in for a fight against Spain to see which country grabs the last Olympic spot, Brazil needing to beat 159.021 to get in.

Chuso watch is as follows. Chuso currently sits 29th. We anticipate 30 spots available (not confirmed yet, can change if something weird happens in sub 12) and Chuso is trying to fend off New Zealand, Finland and Singapore. If just one of them passes her, she’s in. If two of them pass her, she’s technically in the alternate position but should get in once Japan’s reserved host spot is reallocated. And if all three pass her, she’s out.

TEAMS: USA, Brazil
INDIVIDUALS: Maija Leinonen (FIN), Nitta Nieminen (FIN), Rosana Ojala (FIN), Courtney McGregor (NZL), Isabella Brett (NZL), Maia Fishwick (NZL), Tan Sze En (SGP)

US introductions. It is v loud in here. Spencer no like.

Rotation 1

Nieminen – BB – switch mount, hit – switch to split, a little short – back tuck, check

McCallum – FX – double double is hit but chest pretty well forward – front lay to front 2/1, no connection out and a lunge forward – switch 1/2 – wolf triple was a little wobbly, which is uncharacteristic for her – full-in, very secure landing – split leap full, comfortable – double tuck, bounce back.

Fidelis bounce back on full

14.133 for Jade’s DTY

Good DTY for Flavia – minor bounce back and just a touch of chest position –

McGregor adds a piked jaeger to her NCAA set, catches close and struggles to cast out of it – finishes double tuck with a step forward –

Leinonen falls on a side aerial

Leticia Costa finishes for Brazil with a full on vault

They’re taking forever on McCallum’s score – up 13.766 and fifth on the event, feels a little high.

Lee – FX – double double, solid, small slide back, also a little forward but less than McCallum – DLO, pikes down just at the end, little slide – wolf triple and wolf double are very smooth – 15 to front full, little bounce – swtich ring split leap full, clearly around – double tuck, slide back. Good.

Great save on a loso series from Ojala on beam, but then she immediately falls on a side somi

Fall on bars from Fishwick. Good stuck double front, though.

14.200 for Sunisa. Highest floor of anybody so far. Like I said, scores feeling high here.

Carey – FX – Moors – bounce back and OOB – she’s going to have to be efficient now to stay ahead of Sunisa – double L turn – DLO 1/1, bounce back – switch full, around, short of split – double double, another step back and OOB, similar to camp with these OOBs – split leap 1.5 attempt, possible full credit – front tuck through to double tuck, bounce back.

Interesting. Lee really should be higher, but we’ll see if difficulty carries her past those two OOB bounces.

Comparing vault, Brazil leads Spain by nearly 1.3

14.200 for Carey – but she loses out to Lee on the E score tiebreak.

Biles – FX – triple double, bounce back and OOB – Biles, no connectio out of it, bounce forward – wolf 2.25, solid – front full through to full in, bounce back – switch to split leap 1.5, looked like she just pulled around that 1.5 at the last second – doubel double, her best pass, only small movement.

So it will be Biles and Lee to the floor final. The question left is whether the last spot goes to Moors or Saraiva.

14.833 for Simone.

43.233 for the US is the highest floor score by 2.5 points.

On to rotation 2, shall we?

Rotation 2

Leinonen – FX – double back, two hops back

McGregor – BB – hits punch front mount – front tuck to split to wolf, nice – bhs lay-pike, leg-up check – side aerial, small lean – y spin, small check – switch 1/2, not up to 180 but secure – solid 1.5 fismount, slide back. Some leans but stayed on

Lee – VT – hits her DTY – pretty good one for her 14.566

McCallum – VT – DTY, a little less control than her usual, but because she’s usually close to sticking, medium bounce back

11.466 for McGregor

Ojala trips a little on her double spin combination but stays up right –

Identical 14.566 for McCallum.

Thais catches a piked jaeger, a little low – tkatchev was high – 1/2 turn on high, short of vertical giant full, late – double pike, hop back

Carey – VT 1 – Cheng – solid Cheng, more laid out than we see from her sometimes, not totally laid out of course, slide back. 15.300

12.733 for Thais

Carey – VT 2 – hits her Amanar, big height and distance, lunge forward and crossed knees throughout. She missed the floor final, but she’ll make the vault final.

Tan has a break on a side somi with a check and a larger arm wave on a side jump – 2/1, crossed legs but only a bounce up in place.

Nitta Nieminen feeling toxic, bounce back on double pike and falls

Biles – VT 1 – Cheng, easy, super distance but a very large bounce back

Flavia – UB – hits her pak – arch on low bar but saves it – shap to tkatchev, very low – toe full – 1/2 – double front, step back. Flavia bars, but she stayed on.

Just 15.066 for Biles on the Cheng, a low number for her.

Biles – VT 2 – Amanar is brilliant in the air of course, but another lunge forward. You know she’s going to be pissed about today.

15.333, average 15.199. Jade qualifies in first, Simone in 2nd.

Oliveira – UB – hits her shap 1/2 – close catch on piked jaeger – double front, has to cowboy, but sticks it

US with the top team vault score over France by a point.

13.633 for Oliveira

Brazil drops 2.5 points compared to Spain on bars and now trails in the comparison.

Rotation 3

Chuso will be very happy about all the 11s were seeing for all the individuals in this session.

Fidelis – BB – bhs loso loso, secure, knees – switch to switch 1/2, good, small arm wave – aerial to split to back handspring, smoothly connected – side aerial with a leg-up check but good correction to cover – solid punch front – split to wolf – double pike, a bit short with a hop forward

Eaker – UB – Church to Pak, small arch on low bar – Van leeuwen – clear hip – clear hip 1/1 – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger, nice – a little late on final cast hs – DLO, small hop. Good one.

14.000 for Eaker, good score for her.

12.833 for Fidelis on beam.

Are they holding the US routines for broadcast, because this is the only rotation over two days where they haven’t competed immediately.

Saraiva – BB – glorious layout series – bhs loso loso, right on, perfect – switch ring, sublime – aerial, small hesitation check – split ring jump, solid – side somi, lean – split ring leap, good – double pike, step back. A good one, waiting for a big number. No one switch rings like her on beam, and hopefully it is rewarded.

While that was happening, McCallum hit one of her good ones on bars, stuck landing. 14.641.

McGregor lands a bit short on her full in – 1.5 to front full, a large bounce OOB but pleased to see her hit that because she was struggling landing it in warmups –

13.400 for Flavia and 9th place is too low.

Biles – UB – weiler 1/2 to Maloney, some legs – to tkatchev well caught – toe full to piked tkatchev to pak – van leeuwen, another little leg break – double double, small hop. Good.

14.733 on bars. Important that our dude just yells Elisabeth Seitz periodically.

The E scores on bars are ridic, and by ridic I mean they’re all identical for wildly non-identical routines.

Lee – UB – nabiebva to pak to Maloney to bhardwaj – Van Leeuwen – great – gaint 1.5 to piked jaeger, nice – late cast 1/2 – FTDT, small hop in place. Excellent.

15.000 for Sunisa and third place.

Flavis’s beam score has been changed to 13.700, and now she’s in 4th. THAT’S RIGHT.

Rotation 4

McCallum hits her wolf turns very comfortably as always – split jump 1/2 from side position – side aerial to loso loso and falls, she got progressively off line through the series – aerial, solid – sissone to full turn – double pike, a little short, step forward.

Fidelis – FX – 1.5 through to double arabian, short and falls – full-in, also a bit short – double tuck is fine, bounce back – doubel pike, deep, bounce back

12.933 for McCallum. I love that it’s still 22nd place.

Lee – BB – just does pull around her wolf triple, got a little scary there for a moment – split to sissone, pretty – aerial – bhs bhs layout and falls – grabs the beam – US counting a fall on beam now – leap combination lovely – side aerial loso loso is pretty – switch ring, broken connection – split ring jump – double tuck, hop back

11.833 for Thais

None of the individual athletes here passed Chuso, so she’s going to be safe.

Saraiva – FX – DLO, a little short, step forward – switch full, great height – full in, nearly stuck, chest down – split leap 1.5, also excellent – 1.5 to front 1/2, slightly jarred landing – memmel turn for credit – switch ring, perfect – double pike, short kind of runs out of it because Flavia.

13.400 for Sunisa on beam, still in 10th with a fall. Like that’s the same score Flavia got originally. WHERE AM I?

Eaker – BB – switch mount, no connection into split ring – Y spin, overturns with an arm wave check – aerial to split ring jump to bhs – side aerial to loso loso is perfection – split leap to side somi, smoothly done – switch ring – baby crying – switch side, good – bhs bhs 2.5, small hop. So if Sunisa was 13.400 with a fall, Eaker has to be near 15, right? I mean not really, but…

13.833, Flavia knocks Brooklyn Moors out of the floor final, which wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t inquired.

Costa – FX – Dos Santos, pretty good, small hop forward – full in, small hop – split leap is quite short of 180 – double pike, bounce back – popa also short of split – double tuck, boucne

Are they not using Jade? Because if not, Brazil is not going to pass Spainwith that routine.

Eaker 13.866. OK?

Biles – BB – hits wolf – aerital to split to straddle – bhs loso loso, perfect – switch to 1/2 to back tuck, good – this is right on – split jump 1/2 from side, nailed – bhs bhs double double, small hop back. That was phenomenal.

So, the US is in first by 3.6. And SPAINNNNN is into the Olympics in the 12th position over Brazil.

That means Flavia gets a spot for the AA (she also advances to two event finals)

Inquiry for Eaker.

OK let’s start working through things.

AA Qualifiers:
1. Biles
2. Lee
4. Melnikova
5. Liu TT
6. Li SJ
7. Derwael
8. Black
9. Seitz
10. Saraiva
11. Akhaimova
12. Villa
13. Voss
14. Kinsella
15. Teramoto
16. Friess
17. Steingruber
18. Iorio
19. Godwin
20. Hatakeda
21. Visser
22. Moors
23. Varinska
24. Rodriguez

Team Final qualifiers:
1. USA
2. China
3. Russia
4. France
5. Canada
6. Netherlands
7. Great Britain
8. Italy

Event Final qualifiers:
Vault – Carey, Biles, Moreno, Downie, Yeo, Olsen, Akhaimova, Qi
Bars – Derwael, Spiridonova, Lee, Seitz, Downie, Liu, Biles, Melnikova
Beam – Biles, Li, Liu, Saraiva, MDJDS, Voss, Black, Padurariu
Floor – Biles, Lee, Melnikova, MDJDS, Akhaimova, Saraiva, Popa, Derwael

So, everyone in the event finals is qualified either as part of a team or through the all-around except for Yeo Seojeong, so there are 11 spots available in addition to the original 20 from the AA, so the AA qualifiers go down to 31 spots.

  1. Saraiva
  2. Steingruber
  3. Godwin
  4. Varinska
  5. Lee YS
  6. Kovacs
  7. Dominici
  8. Moreno
  9. Francis
  10. Kim Su Jong
  11. Holasova
  12. Vidiaux
  13. Holbura
  14. Haemmerle
  15. Alistratava
  16. Abdul Hadi
  17. Mohamed
  18. Savranbasi
  19. Mokosova
  20. Martins
  21. Derek
  22. Rooskrantz
  23. Adlerteg
  24. Janik
  25. Castro
  26. Raz
  27. Erichsen
  28. Orrego
  29. Chusovitina
  30. Ting HT
  31. Nekrasova

First alternate is Tan Sze En, who will get in when Japan’s host place is reallocated, then the alternate will be Megan Ryan.

Event final qualifiers:

Yeo Seojeong. There’s one.

Team qualfiers:

  1. USA
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. France
  5. Canada
  6. Netherlands
  7. Great Britain
  8. Italy
  9. Germany
  10. Belgium
  11. Japan
  12. Spain

Eaker’s D score was lowered by 4 tenths after her inquiry, and she is out of the beam final.


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  1. Oh no, they just showed Jade’s vault on the stream and she’s crying and limping off the podium. 🙁

  2. That’s the best FX I’ve ever seen Carey do. Her tumbling positions were really good, her dance elements were well done, her expression was the best I’ve seen it – hats off on the improvement.

    I would love to see her get a new routine/choreography next year that really highlights her strengths.

    1. The tumbling was great. So bummed about the OOBs. V frustrating that she will miss the FX final, but Nina Derwael won’t. Love Nina, but come on…,

  3. the announcer in the arena just talked about the rating for Simone’s double-double off beam! (In German for the audience there, right after Simone’s floor routine). Bet FIG didn’t see it coming that they’d be called out like that at their own event lol

    1. @JayNay YESSSSS. No fucks to give for Smelly SCRIM or Fucked Instigators of Gormlessness.

    2. @JayNay I’m fine. So sorry you don’t get the references. That’s your problem, dear.

  4. So wait, everyone said Carey was a shoo in for Silver and didnt make finals? oh okay!

      1. Yeah, why? Gurl bye. Barely. Simone got this. Relax Sharon! Sharon is the nickname for hysterical white women.

      2. @Mary .001 ahead, and if they didn’t do that asinine score-rounding Biles would have been in the lead. Don’t embarrass yourself by crowing about an infinitesimal and mathematically INCORRECT one-time wonder, honey. Your posts are insufferable enough when you actually have a legitimate point!

  5. So Jade Carey is going to lose out on a floor medal because of going out of bounds. Interesting.

    1. That’s right Jade! All these people who don’t like her cackling over the FX result – but who qualified top on VT? It wasn’t Simone!

      1. bahaha! Sure Jan… Wow congrats you qualified first, enjoy it! lmao it wont last.

  6. The new sitting all by yourself in front of the hundreds of little sponsor flags to get your score thing is stupid. Really takes away the team feel.

  7. Lol, McKayla hasn’t even broken 14 on Floor and Laurent was spotting her in podium training. Let’s not get crazy.

    1. I wouldn’t have expected Skinner to count on floor. The question is whether Grace can beat Eaker by .5 on bars because otherwise she was a waste of a spot.

    1. Frustrating really. It’s all in the landings which Simone was typically great at. She is so much cleaner in the air than Jade. Her vault scores should be much higher but the landings have been killing her. They need to differentiate more in score for form in the air though.

      1. Jade looked quite good in the air today to me, though I’m not the best at evaluating vaults. But yeah, Simone’s landings are costly. She’s likely to upgrade her vault for the event finals, though, which should put her ahead again.

  8. Jade just beat Simone on Vault…. has that happened before??? Only quals, but still.

    1. Gurl bye! Simone let her take the 1st to help boost her confidence. baha All will be right again during finals. lol

      1. Amen! If Simone had one less of a hop she would be back in first. People acting like Carey won already. Relax. Her amanar isnt that good. Loose knees, large lunge. Simone landings got her. Simone is a machine.

      2. Literally no one is saying Simone is done for vault gold? It’s a big accomplishment for Jade to beat her even in quals and people impressed, it ain’t that deep fam.

      1. Lmaoooooo right?? That shot of her lugging everyone’s stuff with a saran wrapped knee was quite a scene.

  9. wow, upset… biles 2nd in vt. now she might have to do the biles in EF to ensure carey can’t pass her…lol

    1. Um not really, if she reigns in her landing she will win as well. Acting like Biles hit her vaults and Scarey Carey beat her! lmao. Dork

  10. BAHAHAHAH all u dorks crying, saying Hurd needed to be here for her bars and Grace just got a pretty close to Hurd score, LMAO dorks! BAHAHAHAH!

      1. Point is dumb cluck, everyone SAID HURD IS NEEDED FOR BARS, the world would crumble if Hurd wasnt used for BARS. Got it Sharon?

    1. Agreed. It’s been happening for a while, the same as it’s happened to each of the gym boards/discussion areas as they got bigger. I used to spend a lot of time on the collegegymfans board 15 years ago but left due to it getting really toxic – and eventually everyone else did too. I don’t know what can be done about it, but I do think that if nothing is it’s going to be a pretty big shift in voice as some of the longer-standing ones move on to whatever the next thing is.

      Not a problem for today.

    2. It got a lot weirder as soon as Skinner came back on the scene – and I don’t mean just her fans, some of the anti-Skinner people are also completely insane.

      Kind of a bummer, I really liked reading the BBS comments.

    3. I swear some people who’ve been on here recently think you can’t say something positive about a gymnast without thinking she’s going to win Worlds gold

    1. I can’t understand how she consistently is late on that last 1/2 pirouette. It’s the same way in training. It’s like an easy deduction to clean up for someone of her ability.

      1. Well, it *is* difficult, like it’s significantly harder to go from 1 to 1.5 than to go from .5 to 1 because you aren’t just doing it on one hand anymore. She’s struggled with it enough that she actually practiced just doing the 1/1 in her second set in PT, so it makes sense that she doesn’t have the 3/2 down perfect.

      2. No, not the 1.5, the last extra cast handstand 1/2 pirouette after her pike Jaeger and before the windup to the dismount. It’s usually overshot in the handstand with a very late pirouette.

  11. This beam scoring is ridiculous. Flavia’s 13.400 definitely should’ve been higher

  12. Saraiva ridiculously underscored for that fine routine–vastly better than several which scored higher. Beautiful switch ring and layout.

  13. Furious with Flavia’s beam score. That routine was GORGEOUS. What is wrong with these judges???!

  14. How does Sunisa get 13.400 and a 7.4 E with a fall, but better cleaner routines without falls and checks are getting around the same score? The judging is ridiculous! We’re not even supposed to get mad at scores until January!


  16. It sounds like USA is being overscored. I want them to win. But I don’t want to see them get unequal scores. The judges need to be consistent. The Americans would still win.

    1. I’d say really only those first two beam scores and maaaybe Grace on bars as well

    2. It was more Grace and Suni specifically being overscored… even their scores compared to Kara’s seemed weird

      1. Kara on bars was ludicrous too – good routine, but she catches that Jaeger super close and has a few little form breaks. It was not an 8.5 E.

  17. I have no words… Spain qualifying as a full team… Brazil just qualifying Flavia Saraiva, what just happened?

  18. The broadcast just said Brazil is in 14th! Yikes. So if I understand everything correctly (which I’m not sure I do) they would have been better off keeping Flavia off vault – they would have qualitified 2 individuals (1 from AA, 1 from FX) instead of just 1 which is what they have now. And this bodes really badly for Andrade’s chances of getting to Tokyo. Is all of that correct?

    1. Believe so, but keep in mind that a big part of their struggle today was because Jade Barbosa got injured on vault and couldn’t compete on the other three events; it wasn’t something they expected to happen. So it wouldn’t have made sense to plan going in on holding her off vault. Also, that’s kind of a shitty thing for a federation to do regardless, even if it would’ve resulted in an extra Olympic berth.

    2. Keep Flavia off VT. Are you serious??
      Her DTY was needed and Barbosa would have done UB/BB/FX had she not gotten injured on VT. The team needed Barbosa’s routines as they didn’t have the option of a 4th score on BB or FX and had to count Saravia, Fidelis, and Costa automatically. Fidelis FX fall was unusual and Barbosa’s typical BB and FX would have Costa’s BB and FX discarded.
      They just got very unlucky today.

      1. Agreed. I am a little surprised they didn’t try to have Oliveira do a beam and floor routine of some sort, especially with falls on both events but she must just have nothing?

        Brazil had really bad luck with injuries this year, losing Andrade, then Pedro, then Barbosa mid-competition.

        It’s a shame but I am excited for Spain.

    3. Andrade can qualify at Pan Ams.

      Or if she is healthy in time, theoretically from the world cups. She already has some points from Stuttgart last year on three events. That might be pushing it though.

      1. Yes, I would expect her to qualify through PanAms. If she is healthy, she’s a shoo-in. Big if in her case though.

        Such a shame about Brazil – huge talent there, but their lack of depth is such a problem. Last year, with Andrade, they were contenders for a team medal. Without her, they were borderline for Olympic qualification; without her AND Jade… disaster,

  19. Wait wasnt everyone crying about bars and the US team? Writing thesis after thesis, studies, meetings at local starbucks, discussing feelings? lmao!

      1. That person is explaining that the bars scores have been ridiculously high. Therefore, if Hurd was on the team, her score would be even higher.

        I have no idea why people thinking Hurd should be on the team has touched such a nerve with you that you have to comment multiple times on every single post about it, including when no one has brought it up. You should find something else to do other than wait around being triggered by things, or at the very least, go on Twitter and find all the Hurd fans and fight them there instead of posting your lame attempts at snark here.

  20. HOLY CRAP SPAIN!!!! WTF!! First time sending a team since 2004, wow I’m in shock. I didn’t have them in contention before the competition at all! I thought they’d end up around 16th. Devastating for Brazil, really can’t believe they won’t have a full team in Tokyo.

  21. They lowered Eaker’s score by 0.4? like I’m sorry but this judging is like what?

    1. Because she made an inquiry…

      same happened to Moors on FX

      I don’t think it is right that the inquiry can cause your score to go down.


      1. Why is it bullshit?! She ASKED them to review her routine to make sure she had been properly credited for all her elements. When they reviewed it, they realized that she had been improperly credited for elements that she didn’t actually do.

        If you want them to take a second look to make sure they didn’t miss anything, you might find out that they did miss something, and it wasn’t in your favor. Sounds like they should’ve been happy with the D-score gifts they already had instead of asking for more.

      2. Doesn’t the Code refer to making judgements in favor of the gymnast multiple time? To me that seems to be in something of a conflict with lowering the score in inquiry. Just my two cents. *shrug emoji*

      3. @ Mary – I don’t remember anything in either the COP or the Technical Regulations that refers to only deciding things in favor of the gymnast, and I didn’t see anything searching for those terms just now. (I could definitely be wrong though).

      4. I don’t mind that. I think it is fair. It is like asking for your paper to be regraded. You are asking for the judges to have another look, you have to be prepared that they might also find mistakes they had not before.

    2. She probably lost credit on all those ring positions, which will destroy her SV

    3. WHY DID THEY INQUIRE??? She was IN finals. Her score didn’t matter to AA or the team. Leave it the hell alone!

  22. And it looks like the U.S. got 2 into every individual final, and only McCallum with none?

  23. “So, everyone in the event finals is qualified either as part of a team or through the all-around except for Yeo Seojeong” You forgot Alexa Moreno! And Eaker is first reserve to beam final now! Padurariu is in!

  24. Everyone probably left already, but according to the live scoring, Eakers inquiry made them lower the difficulty to 5.4, and she’s now out of the finals …

    1. so sad. they didn’t need to inquire. she was already in 4th place on beam…

    1. I think actually this is the first time Kara has ever been judged by judges who weren’t on crack.

  25. So after inquiries they raised Flavia’s beam by .3, and lowered Kara’s by .4 – are the beam judges just admitting they have no idea wtf they’re doing during the routines?! And how tf is Kara’s D score like 1.2 lower than it usually is, even considering harsh judging? I am so mad for her.

      1. Ok but if this different group finds such different D scores (in both directions) after looking closely, it still doesn’t inspire much confidence in the beam judging.

    1. Be mad at her coaches. They asked for her routine to be reviewed.

      People have been saying that she’s not doing her ring elements correctly for her whole senior career. If she doesn’t get credit for them, her score drops. As it should. Other gymnasts are performing the elements correctly – Kara shouldn’t get an exception just because you/we like her.

    2. To answer your question about how her score is that much lower: the way her routine is constructed makes it so that if all of her ring jumps and leaps get downgraded, she loses 1.7 in D score even if she doesn’t miss any connections or have any other skills downgraded. That’s a super risky way to construct a routine, especially for an athlete like Kara who frequently has difficulty getting her ring position to the minimum level required to receive credit for the skill as defined in the code of points. To be frank, her coaches didn’t do a great job of putting together her routine. At the very least, they should put a basic leap combo at the beginning of the routine so she doesn’t risk losing 0.5 on a composition requirement if her switch ring gets downgraded.

  26. I just want there to be rules. That apply. To everyone. With some transparency. I get so excited by these big meets and then I get so frustrated with what feels like inconsistent standards and inconsistent judging.

    1. Yes, it would be great if Grace and Sunisa weren’t inexplicably getting 7.2 and 7.4 E-scores on beam WITH FALLS while other gymnasts received that for hit routines with equivalent or better form. That would be fantastic.

      If you’re referring to Eaker’s beam mishap – there are rules. The COP is pretty clear about what a ring position looks like. Finally someone decided these rules also applied to Americans too (and Chinese – I’m pretty sure Chen Yile’s got devalued too).

      1. But Eaker is on the team largely because “she can score 15” on beam. Because they only apply the rules to her correctly sometimes. If they were applied consistently then she would be in a very different position in the national conversation.

        I want the judging at home to match the judging at world’s so that everyone can make informed choices. I want the judging of unknown gymnasts from weaker programs to match the judging of Simone and Suni. I want judging receipts that tell everyone what was deducted for each element.

        I also want absolute clarity (and preferably consistency in approach) for Olympic selection procedures, touch warm ups before EF, no more medal ceremonies in freezing arenas where you are required to show up in a leotard with nothing over it, and dozens of other relatively small changes that respect the athletes’ abilities and bodies.

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