Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Gymnast Commercials

Love practicing my PBars next to a precarious glass of sludge

See a doctor, Teri


When you get shaded by your own commercial

Bounty is NOT over the 2007 team final

In this house, we have pictures of Shannon Miller, Amanda Borden, and no others

And read all those newspaper articles about only these two specific athletes together

From the Kerri Strug Isn’t Famous Gazette

Remember Mary Lee?

Ah yes, the words “cream” and “wheat”

I can only imagine the fond gymnastics memories those words bring back


Oh Amanda…

You actually have to eat it though

Yes looks delicious

Remember that time Simone made everyone eat Tide Pods?

And then killed that girl?

Hey, we all know what was up with those flowers

Every woman for herself

And, I mean, let’s encourage female confidence in all its forms

But no one wants to hear about your down-below troubles Shawn


Did anyone read this script?


And I have some serious questions for Sheryl Shade

A highly debatable claim, Ortega

8 thoughts on “Keeping Up with the Cool GIFs – Gymnast Commercials”

  1. Now just imagine the take where the Hamm brothers say the taco pop line. It must exist somewhere.

  2. That fantasy Borden-Miller lesbian pairing was amazingly hilarious!

  3. While the Ortega commercial is well known for Shawn’s lines, the Hamm twins contributed plenty of awkwardness to it as well. Also, the rings guy in the last shot looks like he died but is still hanging on to the rings.

  4. Bahahahahahahaha this is all kinds of wrong. See a doctor, Teri, and Shawn’s down below troubles, the Johnson family sure collected awkward commercials

  5. The Ortega commercial will be remembered even after gymnastics as a sport has died. Shawn’s taco… the best. How could she consent to saying that????

    1. She was a sheltered 16 year old and, even if she did get the innuendo at the time, she’d been trained her whole life to do what she was told?

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