World Championships Men’s Qualification Live Blog

Today, it’s the men’s turn. My position is right next to high bar and PBars, so I’ll have the best view of those and the worst and least helpful view of pommel horse of rings. Oh…that’s too bad…look how that worked out.

We start with subdivision 1 and the US men’s group, along with Switzerland and Canada and Austria.

Danusia and The Guy just described the crowd as “quality over quantity” so that’s where we are with men’s qualification on a Monday morning.

Subdivision 1 – Rotation 1

Andrin Frey starts on high bar for Switzerland and immediately falls on a Kolman.

Colt Walker opens with a hit for the US on rings with a stick on a double double tuck dismount. 13.566

Frey falls for a second time on his dismount. 10.866

Dolci vaults an excellent Kas 1.5 with a stuck landing.

Kratter also misses on high bar for Switzerland in the second spot with a fall on a Kovacs.

Malone adds a second hit for the US on rings, hop back on double double tucked.

Emard with a very high Kas 1.5 on vault, hop back.

So, for Kratter’s routine resumption the live scoreboard by the event said OVER where the timing should be.

13.700 for Malone on rings. Hong follows with a hop back on dismount as well.

Kratter’s score comes up as 12.133 with no issue so maybe just a glitch.

Seifert sits down his triple back HB dismount to deliver Switzerland’s third miss in a row on high bar.

Whittenburg with a smallish hop back on his double double layout rings dismount to round out the rotation for the US.

My wallet hero Alexander Benda finishes floor with a step forward on a 2.5 and is very pleased.

Seifert goes 13.033 on high bar with the fall.

14.333 for Whittenburg.

Serhani delivers Switzerland’s first high bar hit with a small step on DLO 1/1 dismount.

Subdivision 1 – Rotation 2

Malone starts for the US with a solid Kas 1.5, hop to the side.

Walker follows with a hit on his handspring randi, not too large on the hop, chest forward. 14.600

Kaji opens PBars for Canada with a hit, a few short handstand positions, double front 1/2 out with a bounce back and another step.

Hong – VT 1 – well he landed the Ri Se Gwang to his feet, which is an improvement over a lot of training. Chest well down, knee low, lunge forward and to the shit, but hit. 14.433

Hong – VT 2 – the Yonekura is less successful, sits it down

Frey just saves a double front on floor with a lunge back

Whittenburg has an Andrade-2nd-vault moment on his first vault and just slides off the table and doesn’t do anything.

While that was happening, I saw Koudinov hit a Kolman and piked Tkatchev on high bar, but you know…news.

It’s a 0 for Whittenburg.

Zakutney goes 14.400 on PBars for Canada, which is the top score there thus far.

The US is on 85.299 after two events, Canada on 84.965, Switzerland on 77.798, Austria on 75.432.

Subdivision 1 – Rotation 3

Hong starts for the US on Pbars – bhavsar is nice – tippelt, hit – makut – diam, good vertical position – stutz – double front 1/2 out is stuck, good one. 14.600

Clay falls on high bar for Canada after a 12.833 opening hit for Kaji. 10.733

Good stick on double front dismount on Pbars for Malone. Had a hesitation up on his front toss.

Zakutney up 3rd for Canada on high bar yamawaki with some pike – layout tkatchev to tkatchev to piked tkatchev, hit – quast, a ltitle crooked – tak 1/1, not bad on finish position – tak 1/2 – DLO 1/1, little hop. Good. 13.633

Whittenburg a somewhat deep landing on his double front 1/2 dismount, hop forward. He had a hesitation getting up to handstand earlier in the routine with a drop in the elbows. 13.666

Walker finishes for the US on Pbars with the one they wanted, nice long swing diam and great height on tippelt – -holds the stick on double front dismount with a lean.

Subdivision 1 – Rotation 4

Asher Hong is through high bar with a pretty solid hit. It’s the little victories. And he breaks 13 with a 13.200

Kaji short on double double tuck on floor with a pretty large lunge forward to control.

Solid tak 1/1 position for Whittenburg on high bar but then his Liukin attempt goes fully crazy, very close, lots of form, can’t hold onto the bar and hops off –

Emard’s twisting position is yes. Just so pleasant.

Walker – HB – tak 1/1, quite late – tak 1/2 – Kolman, catches – Kovacs is hit – layout tkatchev – tkatchev – yamawaki with some pike – DLO 1/1, verrry deep with a large lunge forward.

Malone HB – Cassina, just a little close – Kolman hit – layout tkatchev to tkatchev to piked tkatchev is nice – tak 1/1 is good today – tak 1/2 , solid – double double layout with hop forward. A little loss of rhythm coming out of the Kovacs elements and the dismount hop, but otherwise hit.

Dolci sits his double front pike on floor.

Malone goes 14.433 on high bar, which leads for now.

USA – 169.564
Canada – 164.830
Austria – 154.796
Switzerland – 154.430

Subdivision 1 – Rotation 5

Hong – FX – front full to double front pike,s tuck – double double layout, solid, a bit short – front tuckl full to double front, step forward OOB although I didn’t see anyone raise a flag – back 2.5 to front lay, little hop – 3/1, little rebound. 13.866

Walker – FX – front full to double front pike and sits it down – back 2.5 to double front and sits that one down as well – front lay to front full, and it’s a third fall – 2/1, little hop – 3/1, small bounce back.

So this is an oooooooofffffff of a day for the US. Reminiscent of qualification at 2019 worlds but maybe even worse…….


Malone – FX – front full to double front pike, lunge OOB – 2.5 to double front, sits it down – double double tuck, small hop back – front 2/1 to front layout, hop – 2/1, little hop – 3/1, hop back.

12.766 for Malone.

Whittenburg – FX – so now he has to hit after all that – front 2/1 to doubel front, hit, hop forward – double double layout, a bit short, hop forward – front full to double front pike, saves it with hop back – 2.5 to front lay, stuck – double double tuck, hop back – FTDT, slide back. He came through on floor.

Whittenburg goes 14.133 to lead the floor standings for now.

USA – 210.329
Canada – 203.363
Switzerland – 196.196
Austria – 192.028

Subdivision 1 – Rotation 6

Asher Hong is through a hit pommel horse routine to start. After that iffy first vault, he has been the star of the US team today. 13.300

Malone follows with a hit of his own. It would be just perfect if the US has this disaster of a day and then hits 4-4 on pommel horse.

Whittenburg also stays on pommel horse, being a pommel horse specialist and all.

And Nedoroscik was like, “FINE I’LL DO IT.” and hit to the best of his abilities.

So I guess the US men went as a pommel horse nation for Halloween.

15.233 for Nedoroscik gives him the expected huge lead on that event. The US is done on 252.295.

Meanwhile on PB, Noe Seifert misses his hand on a bhavsar attempt and falls face first onto the mat.

USA – 252.295
Canada – 242.962
Switzerland – 236.495
Austria – 230.427

Big deal for the Canadians to be ahead of Switzerland, which does not usually happen.

The US men should be fine for the team final, but boy was that a rough adventure. Chances they manufacture an injury to sub Moldauer in for team final….?

Hong – 83.299
Malone – 82.631
Dolci – 78.330
Seifert – 77.965
Benda – 75.865

And that was just the first subdivision of six. Brace yourselves.

Subdivision 2 – Rotation 1

We’ll see if China and Great Britain can reverse the terror that was the first subdivision.

Yang JX starts for China on high bar with a hit including a solid Cassina and double double layout dismount with a hop.

Azizov has gone 14.300 on horse to move into 2nd place there.

Hall starts PBars for Great Britain with a fall – goes to one rail and then hits his foot on the bar trying to cast back up to handstand and comes off – finishes double front with lunge forward.

Sun Wei finishes high bar with a beautiful stuck double double layout.

12.766 for Hall.

Regini Moran hits pbars, some foot form on his straddle 1 1/4 but overall confident and clean – very nice stutz to one – double front 1/2 out with step.

14.833 for Sun Wei puts him in first on high bar.

Zhang – HB – tak 1/1, a bit late – tak 1/2, clean – layout tkatchev – Cassina, nice swing out of it – Kolman, hit – double double layout, chest forward, hop.

Regini Moran goes 14.966 on PBars to take over the lead there.

Karimi – FX – punch randi, clean, little hop – front full to double front pike, very nice landing – 2.5 to double front, stuck – double double, bounce back – back 1.5 to front 2/1, good control right into the corner, only small movement – holds the stick on 3/1, really well done.

Zhang went 14.733 on high bar to sit in 2nd place there.

Fraser 15.066 on PBars to take the lead there.

Jarman hits a secure PBars so that they’ll be able to drop Hall’s fall.

China goes 43.232 on high bar, which is 2.4 higher than the US on that event.

Great Britain goes 44.198 on PBars, which is .75 higher than the US on that event.

Subdivision 2 – Rotation 2

Regini-Moran goes over the wrong way on a tak 1/1 early and can never really recover, has to hop off the bars a second later. Another go over the wrong way on a tak 1/2 when he resumes.

Just 7.133 with 3 points of neutral deductions, not enough elements I’m assuming.

Hall – HB – hits his Cassina – solid Kolman – tkatchev – and he’s off on a piked tkatchev. And then a second fall on his dismount with knee down, so GB will have to count a two-fall high bar routine.

And now Sun Wei just took a punch randi to his face after a miss from Yang JX for just 13.300.

Men’s gymnastics, you ok honey?

Zhang with a good front full to double front pike on floor – back 2.5 to double fornt, just a little short iwth a hop – punch randi, slide – 2/1, arm wave and small step – front 2/1 to 1/2, stuck – 3/1, shortish, hop forward.

12.200 for Sun Wei, 11.633 for Hall.

Zhang and Fraser save their respective teams from hell. 14.266 for Fraser.

Jarman will finish high bar for great Britain – tak 1/2 is short – layout tkatchev, hit – tkatchev – tak – front stalder – stalder – DLO 1/1, step forward. Put up a “I guess we need this” hit for them.

China only put up 3 on floor, so that means they’re counting Sun Wei’s 12.200.

Jarman through with a low-difficulty but hit 13.100 that is GB’s necessary 2nd-best HB score.

China goes 40.000 on floor, which is 7 tenths lower than the US’s not-awesome floor rotation. GB goes 38.999 on high bar.

After 2:
China 83.232
Great Britain 83.197
Korea 82.732
Kazakhstan 81.664

Subdivision 2 – Rotation 3

Hall – FX – double double tucked, bounce back – FTDT, chest forward, hop – just little slides and steps and hops on every landing, but nothing large – 3/1, nearly stuck.

You started horse with 13.633 for China. Hall hits 14.166 on floor.

Fraser – FX – front lay to double front pike, step forward OOB – double double tuck, hop back – 2.5 to front 1/2 – 2/1, solid – double arabian, bounce forward – FTDT, good stick. GB is back?

Sun Wei is off on horse.

13.900 for Fraser on floor.

Regini Moran opned with a strong triple double, ten double double, hop forward – 2.5 to front lay to front rudi, pretty – 2/1, stuck – double front pike 1/2 out, bounce back – randi, hop forward – 3/1, another small hop.

GB already with a very good floor rotation before Jarman goes.

Yang is off pommel horse, so China will have to count a fall there as well.

14.533 puts GRM in 2nd on floor for now

Jarman – FX – triple double layout, so high – triple double tucked, only small movement – 1.5 to front lay to front 2/1 gets reallly deep, just barely saves it with a couple stumbles back – 3/1 side pass like you have – front full to rudi, short landing, lunge forward – 3.5, step forward. ahhhhh but how much will those landings cost.

Oooof, a 6.7 D but just a 13.900 total for him. Sadness.

Subdivision 2 – Rotation 4

James Hall starts GB on horse with 14.033, and Jarman follows him with a hit.

Live scores have a DID NOT START up for Sun Wei, following 14.666 for Zou. And now Zhang Boheng is going.

And Zhang is way short on his double double tucked rings dismount and has to do a forward roll out of it.

Joe Fraser has to try to squeeeeeze his way through a pommel horse dismount and doesn’t get it, he’s going to resume and try his dismount again, which he gets the second time. This all happened at the same time that Lee Junho was falling on high bar. It’s been a meet.

12.033 for Zhang Boheng will count, so they’ll rely on Zou and You to be amazing and bail them out a little.

12.533 for Fraser on horse, but they do get a stay-on from Regini-Moran.

You Hao 14.633 on rings to go into 2nd place just behind Zou.

Subdivision 2 – Rotation 5

Yang starts for China with a very deep Kas 2/1, low knee, lunge forward. 14.466

Sun – VT – also a Kas 2/1 – another very deep landing, looked like a hand down or hand brush on the mat

Hall got 13.466 on rings to start for GB.

13.400 for Sun.

Zhang – VT – he also falls on his Kas 2/1, another deep landing, hands down.

Fraser goes 13.933 on rings, and now they’ll be relying on Tulloch to put them into…first place at this point.

China will count both falls from Zhang and Sun on vault.

Tulloch goes 14.666 to move into first place on rings. Jarman finishes the rotation with a good stick on his dismount. Who would have thought when GB had a 7.133 and then two halls from James Hall on high bar that this would be the best performance of the day.

So this meet has been hilarious. The US looks like they will flop their way ahead of China, which has been putting up 3 and counting falls all over the place. With GB going to vault, they have a very good opportunity to be in first heading to the Japan subdivision.

Subdivision 2 – Rotation 6

Fraser hits his double front to start on vault, lunge back, some cowboy and foot form. 14.266

Regini Moran VT 1 – very solid Kas 2/1, especially by today’s standard, step back. 14.633.

Regini Moran VT 2 – sits down his double front.

Zou’s PB is a day-saver for China – beautiful front straddle to swing and bhavsar – small hesitation up to handstand on tippelt – healy – doubel front 1/2 out, holds onto stick with a lean.

Jarman VT 1 – Dragulescu is very strong – medium lunge to the side.

Zou with a casual 15.700 on PBars.

Jarman’s second vault is a Kas 2.5 and he sits that one down.

Zhang hit PB but a very deep landing on double front 1/2 out with a bound forward.

Jarman’s first vault puts GB ahead of the US by a smidge with Tulloch still to come.

Karim – HB – Cassina is good – kovacs to kolman, hit – tak 1/2, carch, pulls it around – layout tkatchev – double double layout dismount, some knee form, holds onto the landing with an arm swing.

Tulloch hits his Dragulescu first vault as well,

You is off PB immediately, and this score is going to have to count because Sun scratched.

Tulloch’s Ri Se Gwang second vault is landed in a ball shape of some kind, very deep, looks like some hands and maybe knees touched.

GB will have the team lead after sub 2, USA will be in 2nd, China will be in 3rd.

You’s 12.700 counts.

Team after 2:
Great Britain – 252.793
USA – 252.295
China – 249.929
Korea – 244.093
Canada – 242.962

AA after 2:
Fraser – 83.964
Zhang – 83.766
Hong – 83.299
Malone – 82.631
Jarman – 82.365

Subdivision 3 – Rotation 1

I imagine Japan looked at those first two subdivisions like, “Was that a try?”

Abad – FX – front full to double front, hop back – front lay to double front pike, hop forward – 3/1, stagger back – front 2/1, crossover step. 13.400

Tanigawa Wataru starts Japan with a hit on pommel horse so they’re already having the best day of any team. 13.733

G Burtanete hits his HB dismount, DLO 1/1 with a hop forward. 

Kolodii with a troublesome PB dismount, doubel pike with multiple lunges forward and off the mat.

Plata – FX – double double layout, bounce back OOB – punch randi, bounce back – double double tuck, holds onto the stick – 2/1, hop back – front 2/1 to front 1/1, step forward – 2.5 to front lay, solid stick – FTDT final pass, step back. Nice one. 13.500

Apparently the part of Hashimoto’s routine I saw hit was after step-down disasters for a 11.666. Neeeeever mind.

Mir – FX – front full to double front pike, step forward OOB – back 1.5 to front 2/1, food stick – double double tuck, bounce back – 3/1, stuck – 1.5 to front layout, a little short, slide back – doubel arabian 1/2 out, puts hands down and he’s taking a while to get back up. Now he’s up in an ouchie landing way.

Suprun falls on his PB dismount for Ukraine, following a 14.966 for Kovtun, which puts him in 4th place.

Zapata – FX – hits first pass, hop forward – 1.5 to front double pike, stuck – double double layout, little hop forward – double arabian 1/2 out, holds onto stuck with lean – punch rudi, solid – 2.5 to front lay to dance-out basically – DLO, short landing, lunge forward. Will still score very well.

Doi goes 14.466 on horse to keep Japan’s score high there.

Japan 42.465 on horse, which is the top score there today.

Subdivision 3 – Rotation 2

R Burtanete has to connect a pass to forward roll on floor to start us out here, which is not ideal.

Kakeru with a large lunge back on his rings dismount. 13.233

Abad 12.766 on horse to start. Mir falls twice so far in the next routine.

Melnykov comes off the high bar (we were wondering if he was having a grip problem but doesn’t seem so) and then falls on dismount.

Wataru sticks double double tuck rings dismount after some handstand muscling right before. 14.000

Kovtun HB – layout tkatchev to tkatchev to piked tkatchev is well done – tak 1/1, just does pull it over the right way – tak 1/2, late – stalder – quast – double double layout hop

Good stick on doubel double rings dismount for Hashimoto.

Diallo through horse successfully for Spain for 13.500.

Marc – FX – Romania – good stick on double fouble – double front, bounce forward – front 2/1 to layout, arched, hop forward – 2/1, step back – 2.5 to front full, nice stick – 3/1, step back. 13.500

Muntean – FX – Romania – double front pike, hop forward – double front, short, sits it down –

Japan goes 42.500 on rings, also the top score of the day there. Almost like a theme.

Subdivision 3 – Rotation 3

Melnykov with hand down on opening double front on floor, and again on his second pas –

Japan opens vault with a good Kas 1.5 from Doi.

Plata sticks double double rings dismount

Tanigawa W VT 1 – handspring double front pike landed in a deep squat but not a fall with a step forward, so it’s basically the best vault we’ve ever seen and will get a 9.8 E score. 14.400 for him.

Tanigawa’s second vault – Kas 2/1, also very deep, maybe avoids a knee down but if so, not by much.

Marc can’t get up to handstand on dismount on PH and hops off.

Kovtun – FX – front full to double front, hop forward – front double pike, step forward OOB – looks like a 3.5 attempt (?), under, foot slips out and falls – 2.5 to front lay, slide back – 3/1 dismount

Hashimoto hit a good handspring 2.5, step – 14.700

Kakeru finishes vault for Japan, pulls out the landing on a kas 1.5, a bit short but still nearly held onto the stick before a bounce back

Kovtun just 12.700 on floor. Zapata goes 13.600 on rings.

Japan’s 43.666 on vault does not lead that event. It is third behind Great Britain and Korea.

Subdivision 3 – Rotation 4

Mir leads off vault with a hit Kas 1.5, crossover step backward. 14.066. Abad with a step anck and OOb on his Kas full. 13.500

Wataru starts PBars for Japan – good bhavsar and tippelt – holds the stick on double front 1/2 out. 14.866 as a starting score.

Plata hits a Dragulescu for Spain – chest forward, hop to the side. 14.600

Hashimoto – PB – healy, clean – peach 1/2 – front straddle 1 1/4 – bhavsar, clean – good tippelt – double front 1/2 out, bounce back.

Zapata sits his double front pike on vault. 13.433

14.733 for Hashimoto.

Kamoto – PB – diam, solid – stutz, some loose back position – peach – front straddle, solid – bhavsar, hit – tippelt, smooth – healy, slight hesitation up to handstand – double pike, stuck. 15.433 is kind of a good score.

Kakeru puts up what I’d say was the cleanest of the bunch in the anchor spot on PBars. Did have a low landing on double front 1/2 out dismount with a slide back. 14.933 is 6th place.

After 4
Japan 173.863
Spain 161.631
Romania 152.728
Ukraine 151.362

Subdivision 3 – Rotation 5

Doi – HB – Japan – Cassina was good but couldn’t get over on his next giant, extra swing – stalder – tak full – some vertical handstand issues in this one – just does catch Kolman – double double layout, chest down landing, hop to the side. 13.800

W Tanigawa – HB – Cassina, hit, some knee form – layout tkatchev to tkatchev, a bit of elbows – DLO 1/1, small amount of piking, hop back. 13.566

Diallo starts PB for Spain with 14.366.

hashimoto – HB – Japan – tak 1/2 to liukin, hit, some piking and form  – Cassina, hit – Kolman, also good – layout tkatchev to tkatchev – tak 1/1, very late – stalder – quast – doubel double layout, hop back. Good.

14.666 on PB for Plata as Spain is putting up some good numbers.

Hashimoto 15.100 to go into first on HB.

Kamoto will finish HB for Japan, tak 1/2 pretty good – layout tkatchev – Cassina, hit – Kolman, hit, good swing out of them – tkatchev – layout double double, a bit short, hop forward. 14.400, nice number.

14.766 for Mir brings Spain to 43.798 on PBars, which is better than both China and the US.

Subdivision 3 – Rotation 6

Kakeru starts floor with 14.300 for Japan.

Wataru next – front 2/1 to layout, some arch, hop forward – double double tucks, chest foward, slide – doubel front pike, very nice stick – 2/1, stuck – 2.5 to front tuck full, short, large slide back – double arabian 1/2 out, stuck

Radivilov VT 1 – strong dragulescu, smaller hop forward

Abad – HB – layout tkatchev and tkatchev are hit – rybalko – DLO 1/1, step back.

Radivilov VT 2 – tsuk double pike is landed, chest forward, fairly large lunge ahead.

Doi sticks his 3/1 final pass on floor.

Plata – HB – zou li min – tak 1/2 to kolman, well done – Cassina, some crazy legs but caught – layout tkatchev – tkatchev – quasdt – tak 1/1, late – DLO 1/1, stuck landing.

Spain will move into 5th, ahead of South Korea.

14.766 for Doi is now in first place.

Hashimoto – FX – triple double tuck, short, lunge – double double tuck, solid – front full to randi, holds onto landing – 2/1, stuck – 2.5 to layout, nearly slips, little slide of the foot – 3/1, bounce back.

14.466 for Hashimoto, so he will not pass Wataru in the AA, which you wouldn’t have called.

Team after 3
Japan – 260.695
Great Britain – 252.793
USA – 252.295
China – 249.929
Spain – 245.594
Korea – 244.093
Canada – 242.962
Kazakhstan – 236.993

AA after 3
Tanigawa W – 84.731
Hashimoto – 84.665
Fraser – 83.964
Zhang – 83.766
Hong – 83.299
Plata – 82.799
Malone – 82.631
Jarman – 82.365

Subdivision 4

In the fourth subdivision, we have Italy and Brazil going, who will be aiming to pass Spain’s 245.594 as the teams jockey for spots in the team final.

Marious Georgiou starts the high bar specialists out successfully, hop forward on dismount.

Vahagn Davtyan went 14.566 on rings, which is 4th behind Tulloch, Zou, and You.

Marious went 14.100 on high bar, which is 7th place.

Ilias Georgiou also with a hit, a little hop forward on his layout double double dismount.

Bartolini falls on pommel horse.

Ilias goes 14.466 to move ahead of Malone and into 4th place.

Srbic – kolman, hit – quast – talder rybalko fairly late and some leg separation – good tak 1/1 – very awkward stalder, like his hand went and he gained a lot of form – tak 1/2 late – tkatchev – layout tkatchev – DLO 1/1, step forward

Bitencourt had barely started Pbars and he’s off, didn’t even see what happened. Hands down on his dismount as well.

Avetisyan 14.466 on rings for 6th place.

Srbic 13.200 on high bar. Alas.

Abbadini goes 13.966 on horse to give Italy 40.365 there. At Euros, Italy went 40.299 on horse when they scores a 247.494 total.

Souza misses a hand on a peach half, keeps it on the bars but a major form break – doubel front to arms – long pause before healy – front straddle to arms – tippelt, hit – doubel front 1/2 out, hop forward.

Brazil went just 39.666 on PBars, which is one of the weakest PBars scores of the day across the teams.

Subdivision 4 – Rotation 2

Artur Davtyan’s Draglescu is pretty much as perfect as it was in podium training, just a little more chest forward this time. But the best vault we’ve seen today, easily. His randi second vault is pretty much as excellent, one small step.

14.900 for both, moves into first place there.

Benovic on floor shows very good control on all his landings, until a step OOB on his final 3/1. 14.266 is 8th place.

Nory – HB – tak 1/2, nice to layout tkatchev to tkjatchev to piked tkatchev – layout jaeger 1/2, very nice – tak 1/1 very crooked and late – stalder – DLO 1/1, a little forward, step. 14.366 and it’s 7th place.

Souza catches very close on his Kolman but does get it.

Medvedev first vault is Tsuk double pike, short with hand down.

Souza’s 14.333 is 8th on high bar.

We’re now moving into the live blog break portion of the meet, which is an official thing that I’ve just decided. I’ll still be here in the arena so may still make comments if there’s something urgent I need to state.


20 thoughts on “World Championships Men’s Qualification Live Blog”

    1. By sitting in the arena, it seems. They kind of did a livestream for women’s qualifications yesterday, but they appear not to have bothered for men today.

      1. Thanks Cat – the Fb link only works if you’re in the UK (or set a VPN to the UK 😉 )

  1. I’m sad for Whittenburg, I always feel like USA overlooks him when it comes to major competitions, and then that just happened. Hope he makes the rings final. Mixed feelings!

    1. Based on nationals, he would have only gone on SR/HB/PH because hitting 13 on HB/PH is the goal for anyone other than Stephen/Brody in TF. His vaults are not only unpredictable, but typically score lower than Colt/Asher/Brody’s single. He wouldn’t have made the team if not for his automatic berth at nationals assuming he repeated what he did there at world’s selection camp. That said, his unpredictable, but good FX score saved the day.

      It’s a tough call, but neither Yul, Paul nor Shane were consistent enough to win that spot and Donnell earned his chance here. He’s not done. Assuming Brody, Colt and Asher stay healthy and Fred Richards being eligible next year…team selection is going to be interesting this quad.

      1. I’ve always thought he has a lot of potential and agree entirely about his vaults. I think USA’s bonus system has proved flawed there, too much pressure based on his inconsistency.

  2. Well the US team is down about 5 points from what we were expecting for qualifications, but it will be enough to get them into the team final.

    Definitely — Stephen in PH, Asher/Brody in AA.
    Probably — Colt in PB
    Possibly — Brody in HB, Donnell in SR.

    It was rough and the team final is going to be interesting. I hope Brody’s HB score gets him into the final, because other than Stephen, that was really the only other likely medal I saw.

    Hopefully they can get on the podium.

    1. Though good scores I don’t think Malones’ HB or Whittenburg’s (especially) scores will be enough to qualify to EF …. There are many specialists not competing as countries
      It will interesting to see in the future if USAG reconduct the ‘super bonus points system’ that gave Whittenburg an automatic ticket when it was obvious to everyone he was not top 2 AA in the country

    2. A medal seems just out of reach for the US men. Just looking at the qualification scores and knowing the history of the athletes, it will take everyone’s best day to pull out a bronze. And that’s a tall order for a group of men with this level of inconsistency.

      I still maintain that this is the best possible team of 5 you could have assembled for achieving the goal of a team medal but the risks were undeniable and qualifications just proved this. However, considering only top 3 teams get Olympic berths, this was a wise risk and could still pay off.

      Expectations are tempered going into team finals but this means that a medal will be a pleasant surprise and not a disappointment if they don’t get it.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they walk away with a silver team medal. Many of the gymnasts have complained about not getting enough rest in between the events and starting so early is also a huge departure for the US team, not to mention they were in the first subdivision and scores tend to build. Having said all that, with inconsistency across the board from the top 6 teams, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen.

  3. After Flavia on BB, Rebecca on VT and now Jake Jarman not getting into FX finals makes me want to /wrists. Those were literally THE 3. I just can’t handle this worlds.

    1. You are being overly dramatic.

      It is quite disgusting that you would even joke about or even mention wanting to do something to your wrists over a gymnastics meet.
      Depression and anxiety is very real for some people who feel like they have no other choice but to do this and end their lives.

      It’s not ok. Do better.

      1. I feel for the humorless, nagging existence of those that would respond this way. I’d also advise against reading social media comments if you are that easily triggered and wish you the best.

      2. Stating you want to slit your wrists is not “humor”. I am not easily triggered, in fact not triggered at all. Simply stating that you need to do better and comments like yours are not only unacceptable, they are also not tolerated.
        Again. Do better.

  4. Thank you very much Spencer for both WAG and MAG live blogging – AMAZING. You are the light at the end of the ‘FIG tunnel’.

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