The 10s of Week 10

This week, 17 more routines received a 10.000 from at least one judge.

The 10s

Maggie Nichols – Vault – Oklahoma

Kim Tessen – Vault – Utah

Rachel Gowey – Beam – Florida

Trinity Thomas – Floor – Florida

Ona Loper – Vault – Minnesota

Kyla Ross – Vault – UCLA

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NCAA Week 10 Rankings

Full week 10 rankings

1. Oklahoma Sooners

NQS: 198.080
Previous ranking: 1

Road 1198.250
Road 2197.900
Road 3197.675
Home/Road 1198.450
Home/Road 2198.400
Home/Road 3198.175
Qualifying Score198.080

Maximum after next meet: 198.235
Meets remaining: 2
Road meets remaining: 2

Oklahoma posted an obviously horrible and shameful 198.100 home score over the weekend with only one 10.000 (was it a try?) and therefore remains steady in NQS. The Sooners will compete in Minnesota on Saturday with another chance to set the all-time NQS record, needing “just” a 197.900 to do so, which is quite manageable.

2. Florida Gators

NQS: 197.940
Previous ranking: 2

Road 1198.100
Road 2197.875
Road 3197.800
Home/Road 1198.375
Home/Road 2198.050
Home/Road 3197.875
Qualifying Score197.940

Maximum after next meet: 198.040
Meets remaining: 2
Road meets remaining: 1

Florida equaled Oklahoma’s number with a 198.100 over the weekend, getting two 10s, which Florida will particularly appreciate because those were not 100% full, ideal postseason lineups. Florida returns home to compete on Friday and cannot catch Oklahoma for first place but remains solid in 2nd place and is highly likely to remain there through the end of the season.

3. UCLA Bruins

NQS: 197.565
Previous ranking: 3

Road 1197.575
Road 2197.425
Road 3197.250
Home/Road 1198.025
Home/Road 2197.900
Home/Road 3197.675
Qualifying Score197.565

Maximum after next meet: 197.635
Meets remaining: 2
Road meets remaining: 1

UCLA recorded its second-highest score of the season, and like Oklahoma and Florida, will be fairly encouraged that it was a big total that still did not represent the team performing to full potential (even on vault which did show major improvement). Because UCLA stays home this coming week, there’s not a ton of room to improve the team’s NQS until Pac-12s, so UCLA is vulnerable to being passed by Utah depending on what Utah does.

4. Utah Utes

NQS: 197.475
Previous ranking: 4

Road 1198.075
Road 2197.675
Road 3197.550
Home/Road 1197.750
Home/Road 2197.300
Home/Road 3197.100
Qualifying Score197.475

Maximum after next meet: 197.670
Meets remaining: 2
Road meets remaining: 1

Utah stayed at #4 this week but will have an opportunity to get up to #3 and pass UCLA next week by dropping that remaining 197.100. It will depend on what UCLA scores to know what Utah actually needs to do to pass, but since Utah competes the day before UCLA, Utah won’t know that yet and will be aiming for a 197.925, which is the score required to ensure a #3 ranking next week regardless of what UCLA does.

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Sunday Live Blog – March 8, 2020

Sunday, March 8
Scores Stream
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – [15] Auburn, Central Michigan, Rutgers @ New Hampshire LINK FREE
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – Maryland, Yale, Towson, William & Mary @ George Washington LINK FREE
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – Kent State @ Western Michigan LINK ESPN3
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – North Carolina @ Ball State LINK ESPN3
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – Bowling Green, Rhode Island @ Brown LINK  
1:00pm ET/10:00am PT – Brockport @ Cortland LINK FREE
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT – West Virginia @ Iowa   BTN+
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT – Gymnix Event Finals LINK FREE
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – [9] Cal @ [3] UCLA LINK P12N
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – [12] Washington, San Jose State, Alaska @ [7] Denver LINK DU($)
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – Pittsburgh @ Arizona State LINK FREE
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – Ursinus @ Temple LINK FREE
5:00pm ET/2:00pm PT – Ohio State, Bridgeport @ [24] Arizona LINK FREE

Before we get to Cal and UCLA, there have been some significant developments on the regionals cut-off front so far today. George Washington got near a season high to keep its hopes alive, especially in the face of Central Michigan and New Hampshire not getting the scores they were looking for (both teams will be out of the top 36 in next Monday’s rankings).

North Carolina’s score was not totally ideal since it was in the 195s, but enough to drop another 194 and stay right in contention. Western Michigan got a good score in the 196s, but it’s a major uphill battle at this point, and WMU will be well down in Monday’s rankings, especially because Northern Illinois came through to get itself up into the hunt this week. Pitt competes now, and that score will be quite significant (as will Ohio State’s as Ohio State is suddenly teetering on the edge of being in danger and needs to remove that danger with a good score today).

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Saturday Live Blog – March 7, 2020

Saturday, March 7
Scores Stream
9:00am ET/6:00am PT – Gymnix Challenge Session 1 LINK FREE
12:00pm ET/9:00am PT – American Cup Women   NBC
12:00pm ET/9:00am PT – Springfield @ Ithaca   VT/BB
1:30pm ET/10:30am PT – Gymnix Challenge Session 2 LINK FREE
2:00pm ET/11:00am PT – Eastern Michigan @ Michigan State LINK BTN+
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – [2] Florida @ [25] Penn State LINK BTN+
4:00pm ET/1:00pm PT – [11] Minnesota @ [22] NC State LINK ACCNX
4:30pm ET/1:30pm PT – American Cup Men   NBCSN
5:00pm ET/2:00pm PT – DIII West Regional @ Eau Claire LINK Video 1
Video 2
6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT – Gymnix Junior Team & AA LINK FREE
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – [16] Missouri @ [19] Nebraska LINK BTN+
8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT – [10] Georgia @ [8] Alabama LINK SECN
10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT – UC Davis @ Sacramento State LINK  

Because you need some more gymnastics today, right? Right.

In NCAA news, we’ve already had a bit of a 10-a-thon, with Trinity Thomas getting one on floor, Rachel Gowey getting one on beam, and Ona Loper getting one on vault. To go with Maggie Nichols’ vault from yesterday. It’s that time of year…

DIII west regionals are also underway, with the favorites Whitewater, La Crosse, and Oshkosh in control of the three qualification spots after 2 events.

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American Cup – Women’s Live Blog

It appears we’ve gone and American Cupped again.

The original competition start time was listed as 11:00am CT, but it looks like we’re not starting until 11:30 CT now. IT WAS ALL A VICIOUS LIE.

Athletes are competing in two rotation groups (one of 7 athletes and one of 5) (I know…), which will effectively maximize “showing Morgan sitting there while Hitomi Hatakeda goes on bars” time.

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Friday Live Blog – March 6, 2020

Friday, March 6
Scores Stream
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – [23] Illinois @ [13] Kentucky LINK SEC+
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Maryland, George Washington @ Towson LINK FREE
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Cornell, Southern Connecticut @ Rutgers LINK  
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Bowling Green, Penn, West Chester @ Temple LINK FREE
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Illinois State @ Northern Illinois LINK NIU($)
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Air Force, SEMO @ Lindenwood LINK FREE
7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT – Gymnix Senior Team & AA LINK FREE
7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT – Iowa @ [20] Iowa State LINK ISU($)
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – Nastia Liukin Pinksplosion Starring Nastia as Nastia LINK Oly
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT – [6] LSU, [17] Arkansas, Centenary @ TWU LINK FREE
8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT – [5] Michigan @ [1] Oklahoma LINK FSOK
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT – Stanford @ [4] Utah LINK FREE
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT – Arizona State @ [24] Arizona LINK FREE
9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT – [17] BYU @ Utah State LINK FREE
10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT – [12] Washington @ [14] Oregon State LINK FREE

Among the first group of meets, Illinois/Kentucky is the ranked matchup, but keep an eye on what Northern Illinois gets up to as well. Currently, NIU is well back in 42nd, but another 196 this week would be enough to gain some ground and get into the regionals conversation. George Washington, as well, will be looking for a season-high 196 in the early action, though GW’s peak score is not as high as NIU’s. Both are currently well on the outside of regionals spots and need a huge result.

Gymnix is really leaning into this whole TWO SEPARATE opening ceremony performances thing. The Mag 7 during the Atlanta gala vibes are strong.

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