Things Are Happening – August 30, 2019

A. Russian worlds team

Following Russian Cup, High Priestess Valentina announced the Russian teams for this year’s world championships—at least until someone looks at her the wrong way and gets immediately retired for it.

For the women, the team is Angelina Melnikova, Lilia Akhaimova, Daria Spiridonova, Angelina Simakova, and Aleksandra Schekoldina. That’s about where I arrived in analyzing the Russian Cup results, which means something must be very wrong because Valentina and I agree and yet a red sun hasn’t even risen in the north. Continue reading Things Are Happening – August 30, 2019


2020 NCAA Roster Reveals

It’s going to be pretty much all elite, all the time ’round these parts through the world championships—and even a little bit after because we have a big Olympic apparatus qualifier in Cottbus in November—so I wanted to get this in now while we have a lull.

It’s roster release season in NCAA gymnastics as teams present to us which walk-ons are joining the previously signed athletes in these freshmen classes…as well as who has mysteriously disappeared from the rosters since last season because of mysteriousness. Not every team has released its roster yet, but we have a good start to delve into. Continue reading 2020 NCAA Roster Reveals

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama