The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

Clickable Code Abridged – Bar Transitions

High-to-Low Transitions

Bail handstandBail 1.5 (Strong)
Straddle PakPak saltoPak full (Bhardwaj)
Straddle backEzhova
Alt SchleudernZuchold Schleudern
Straddle to low barStraddle to low bar handstand
Seat circle forward to low barSeat circle backward to low bar
Teza PakTeza bail

Low-to-High Transitions

Seat circle forward to high barStraddle roll forward
to high bar (Radochla)
Clear hip shootStalder shoot
Toe shootPiked-Stalder shoot
Clear hip hechtStalder hecht (Yarotska)Piked-Stalder hecht (Zgoba)
ShaposhnikovaShaposhnikova 1/2 (Khorkina)
Stalder ShaposhnikovaStalder Shaposhnikova 1/2
Toe-on Shaposhnikova (Maloney)Toe-on Shaposhnikova 1/2 (Van Leeuwen)Toe-on Shaposhnikova full (Seitz)
Piked-Stalder Shaposhnikova (Komova)Piked-Stalder Shaposhnikova 1/2 (Komova)

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