Clickable Code of Points – Floor Exercise

Group 1 – Leaps and Jumps
Group 2 – Turns
Group 3 – Hand Support
Group 4 – Forward Saltos
Group 5 – Backward Saltos

Group 1 – Leap and Jumps

Split leapSplit leap 1/2Split leap full
Split side 3/4 (Csillag)Split leap 1.5Tour jete
Split leap full to splitTuck jump to splitButterfly
Split sideSwitch side (Johnson)Switch leap 1/2 (Frolova)
Switch side 1/2Switch leap fullSwitch side full (Bulimar)
Switch wolfSwitch leapSwitch ring
Switch ring 1/2 (Sankova)Pike jumpSheep jump
Pike jump fullStraddle jumpStraddle jump 1/2
Split jump 1/2Straddle jump full (Popa)Split jump full
Straddle jump 1.5Split jump 1.5Shushunova
Hop full to supportShushunova fullHop 1.5 to support
Split jumpStag jumpSissone
Ring jumpStag ringSplit ring jump and 1/2 (Vulcan)
Split ring leapSplit ring leap full (Ferrari)Split ring jump full
Straight jump fullStraight jump double fullCat leap
Cat leap fullCat leap double fullFouette hop
Leg-up 1/2Leg-up fullTuck jump full
Tuck jump double fullWolf hopWolf jump full
Wolf jump double full

Group 2 – Turns

Full turnDouble turnTriple turn
Quad turn (Gomez)L turnDouble L turn
Y turnDouble Y turn (Memmel)Triple Y turn (Mustafina)
Attitude turnDouble attitude turn (Semenova)Illusion turn
Wolf turnDouble tuck turnDouble wolf turn
Triple wolf turn (Mitchell)Double back spin

Group 3 – Hand Support

Handstand variationsHandstand variations, 1.5 twists or moreDive roll
Back extension rollBack extension roll,
1.5 twists or more
Back walkover full
Front handspringBack handspring 1/2Front handspring
full (Mostepanova)
Round-offBack handspringArabian cartwheel to
prone (Tsavdaridou)
Back handspring full

Group 4 – Forward Saltos

Front tuckFront pikeFront tuck/pike with twists
Double front (Podkopayeva)Double front 1/2 (Podkopayeva)Double front
piked (Dowell)
Front layoutFront layout 1/2Front layout full
Front layout 1.5Front layout double full (Tarasevich)Front layout 2.5 (Cojocar)
Front aerialSide aerialSide somi
ArabianDouble Arabian tuckedDouble Arabian
tucked 1/2
Double Arabian piked (Dos Santos)Double Arabian layout (Dos Santos)

Group 5 – Backward Saltos

Back saltoBack salto 1/2 or fullBack layout 1.5
Back layout double fullBack layout 2.5Back layout triple full
Back layout 3.5Double tuck (“Kim”)Double pike
Full-twisting double tuck (Mukhina)Full-twisting double pikeDouble-twisting double tuck (Silivas)
Triple-twisting double
tuck (Biles)
Double layoutDouble layout 1/2 (Biles)
Full-twisting double
layout (Chusovitina)
Double-twisting double layout (Moors)Whip back
Whip back 1/2Whip back full

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