Clickable Code of Points – Balance Beam

Group 1 – Mounts
Group 2 – Leaps and Jumps
Group 3 – Turns
Group 4 – Non-Flight
Group 5 – Acrobatic Flight
Group 6 – Dismounts

Group 1 – Mounts

Leap onSplit leapSwitch leap
Thief vaultStraight jump 1/2Straight jump full
Flank mountTwo flaresTwo flanks to flare (Baitova)
Homma flaresBack straddle jumpBack straddle, hip circle (Beukes)
Side splitJump or switch (Dick) to cross sitSwitch split 1/2 (Dick)
Squat/stoop throughForward rollChest stand mounts
Neck stand 1/2 (Silivas)Neck stand full or 1.5Walkover/front handspring
Onodi mount (Dunn)Press handstandPress handstand full or 1.5
PlancheStraddle planche, bent hipsStraddle planche, stretched
hips (Shushunova)
Handstand to lowerHandstand full to lower (Li)Reverse planche
PhillipsHandstand hop 1/4Handstand to one arm
Jump to one arm handstand (Rankin)Jump to handstandCartwheel
Jump 1/4 to handstand 1/4Back dive to candleRound-off 1/2 to
handstand (Gurova)
Round-off full to
hip circle (Zamolodchikova)
Front handspring over beamAerial over beam
Front aerialFront tuckFront pike
Barani (Wong)Arabian (Erceg)Swing down
Back handspringRulfova mount (Tsavdaridou)Back handspring full
Back saltoBack tuck fullBack layout
Back layout full (Garrison)1/2 to back pike

Group 2: Leap and Jumps

Stag leapSplit leapSplit leap 1/2
Split ring leapSplit leap fullSplit jump
Split jump 1/2Split jump fullStraddle jump
Straddle jump 1/2Straddle jump fullFouette hop
Tour jeteSwitch wolfSwitch leap
Switch leap 1/2Switch ringSplit side leap
Switch sideSwitch side 1/2Pike jump
Pike jump 1/2Pike jump fullSissone
Ring or stag ringSheep jumpSplit ring jump
Yang BoLeg-up 1/2Straight jump full
Straight jump 1.5Cat leapCat leap 1/2
Cat leap fullTuck jump 1/2Tuck jump full
Tuck jump 1.5Wolf jumpWolf jump 1/2
Wolf jump fullWolf jump 1.5

Group 3 – Turns

Full turn1.5 turnDouble turn
Triple turn (Okino)Attitude turnAttitude turn 1.5
Scorpion turn (Preziosa)L turnL turn 1.5
L turn double (Wevers)Y turnY turn 1.5 (Galante)
Y turn double (Sugihara)Illusion 1/2Illusion full
Knee turnKnee turn 1.5Knee turn double
Wolf turnWolf turn 1.5Wolf turn double
Wolf turn 2.5 (Humphrey) Wolf turn triple (Mitchell)Prone turn
Li Li

Group 4 – Non-Flight

Rise up toe standScalesV-sit
Kick handstandKick handstand, forward rollForward roll
Shoulder roll (Garrison)Back extension rollSideward roll
Stomach rollCartwheelStomach flare roll
Walkover forward, Tinsica & Tic-TocWalkover forward, one armKick handstand 1/2 to walkover
Walkover forward from sideWalkover backwardWalkover backward, one arm
Walkover backward variationsValdezValdez full
Valdez sideward (Garrison)

Group 5 – Acrobatic Flight

Front handspringFront handspring, leg changeOnodi
WorleyBack handspringBack handspring 1/2 to handstand
Side back handspring 1/2 to handstand (Kolesnikova)Back handspring 1/4Back handspring 3/4 (Omelianchik)
Back handspring stepoutBack handspring 1/2Back handspring full (Kochetkova)
Yurchenko loopBack handspring stepout from side (Tousek)Back handspring full from side, hip circle (Teza)
Gainer back handspringGainer back handspring 1/4 to handstand (Honti)Gainer back handspring full (Khorkina)
Round-offSide aerialAerial round-off
Transverse aerial (Colussi-Pelaez)Front aerialKickover front
Front tuckFront pikeSide somi
Side somi 1/2 (Schaefer)ArabianBack tuck
Back pikeLayout stepoutLayout 2 feet
Back tuck full (Shishova)Back layout fullGainer back saltos
1/2 twist to back tuck/pike

Group 6 – Dismounts

Front aerial 1/2Front aerial fullFront aerial 1.5
Side aerial back tuck (Kim)Front tuck/pikeFront layout
Front tuck fullFront layout full/1.5Front layout double full (Bi)
Double frontArabianJump full, front tuck
Jump full, front layoutDouble Arabian (Patterson)Back salto
Back fullBack 1.5Back double full
Back 2.5Back triple fullDouble tuck
Double pikeFull-twisting double tuckDouble-twisting double tuck (Biles)
Gainer salto from sideGainer fullGainer 1.5 (Bohmerova)
/double full from side
Gainer 2.5 from side (Khorkina)Gainer triple full from sideGainer tuck/pike
Gainer layoutGainer tuck full from end (Kim)Gainer layout full from end (Steingruber)
Gainer tucked 1.5 from end (Olafsdottir)Gainer layout double full from end (Jurkowska-Kowalska)

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