The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

Clickable Code of Points – Uneven Bars

Group 1 – Mounts
Group 2 – Casts and Clear Hips
Group 3 – Giants
Group 4 – Stalders
Group 5 – Pikes
Group 6 – Dismounts

Group 1 – Mounts

Glide KipJump 1/2 turn to low barJump 1/2 turn, stoop
Jump full turnGlide stoop/straddle cutReverse kip
Jump to high barJump 1/2 to high barJump 1/2 over low bar, hang
Jump 1/2 over low bar, kipJump full turn to high barStraddle hecht
Straddle jump over low barHecht mountStraight jump over
low bar (Makhaustova)
Hecht full turn (Gebeshian)Front salto over low bar to L-gripFront tuck to high bar
Roll forward over low barFront tuck over low barRound-off straddle
back to low bar
Round-off over low barRound-off over low bar, fullRound-off back tuck
to low bar (Jentsch)
Round-off to
low bar handstand (Gonzalez)
Round-off full to
low bar handstand (Gurova)
Round-off Arabian over low bar
Round-off piked Arabian over low barJump to handstandJump to handstand full
Stretch jump to handstand (Maaranen)Stretch jump to handstand full (Maaranen)Jump to clear hip handstand (McNamara)
Stretch jump to handstand (Maaranen)Stretch jump to handstand full (Maaranen)Jump to clear hip handstand (McNamara)

Group 2 – Casts and Clear Hips

Cast handstand staddledCast handstand straightCast 1/2
Cast fullCast 1.5Front support stoop over
Clear hip release 1/2Release full turn (Caslavska)Straddle roll forward
to high bar (Radochla)
Comaneci saltoForward hip circleWeiler kip
Weiler kip 1/2Back hip circle/false popClear hip circle
Clear hip 1/2Clear hip fullClear hip 1.5
Clear hip shootShaposhnikovaClear hip Tkatchev (Hindorff)
Shaposhnikova 1/2 (Khorkina)Clear hip Tkatchev piked (Shang)Clear hip hecht

Group 3 – Giants

GiantGiant 1/2Giant full
Giant 1.5Giant double fullHop full (Chusovitina)
Bail handstandBail 1.5 (Strong)Tkatchev (Davydova)
1/2, pike vault (Monckton)Tkatchev pikedTkatchev 1/2 (Kononenko)
ShushunovaStraddle PakPak salto
Pak full (Bhardwaj)Counter KimGienger piked
DeltchevGienger layoutGienger full/Def (Hristakieva)
Giant forwardGiant forward 1/2Giant forward full
HealyStraddle backEzhova
Jaeger tuckedJaeger straddledJaeger piked
Jaeger 1/2 (Li)Jaeger layout (Cappuccitti)Mo salto
Stoop over (Zhang)Straddle vault 1/2 (Volpi)Khorkina/Markelov
Giant forward in L (Zaytseva)Giant forward full in LOno/Ling

Group 4 – Stalders

Clear straddle forwardStraddle kipStalder forward
Stalder forward 1/2Stalder forward fullStraddle to low bar
Straddle to low bar handstandStalder Tkatchev (Ricna)Piked-Stalder Tkatchev (Galante)
Stalder Tkatchev piked (Downie)Piked-Stalder Tkatchev pikedStalder Tkatchev 1/2 (Derwael-Fenton)
Clear straddle forward, L-gripStalder forward in L-gripStalder forward full in L-grip
Clear straddle backwardStalder circleStalder 1/2
Stalder fullStalder 1.5Stalder shoot
Stalder hecht (Yarotska)Stalder ShaposhnikovaStalder Shaposhnikova 1/2
Seat circle forwardPiked-Stalder forwardPiked-Stalder forward full
Seat circle backwardPiked-StalderPiked-Stalder 1/2
Piked-Stalder fullPiked-Stalder shootPiked-Stalder hecht (Zgoba)
Piked-Stalder Shaposhnikova (Komova)Piked-Stalder Shaposhnikova 1/2 (Komova)

Group 5 – Pikes

Seat circle forward cutSeat circle forward to low barSeat circle forward to high bar
Jam (Luo)Seat circle backward to low barSteinemann circle
Steinemann to hang (Mirgorodskaya)Teza PakTeza bail
KrasnyanskaLi Li ILi Li II
SchleudernSchleudern to handstandZuchold Schleudern
Alt SchleudernSole circle forwardToe-on forward
Toe-on forward fullSole circle forward, L-gripToe-on forward, L-grip
Toe-on forward full, L-grip (Hoefnagel)Toe shootUnderswing 1.5 (Burda)
Toe-on counter KimSole circle backwardToe-on
Toe-on 1/2Toe-on fullToe-on 1.5 (Lucke)
Toe-on Shaposhnikova (Maloney)Toe-on Shaposhnikova 1/2 (Van Leeuwen)Toe-on Shaposhnikova full (Seitz)
Toe-on Tkatchev (Ray)Toe-on Tkatchev piked (Church)Toe-on Tkatchev 1/2 (Tweddle)
Toe-on Tkatchev layout (Nabieva)

Group 6 – Dismounts

Toe-on 1/2 or fullToe-on front tuck/pikeToe-on tuck 1/2 or full
Toe-on tuck 1.5Toe-on layout 1/2 (Moors)Clear-hip 1/2 or full
Clear-hip front tuck/pike;
Stalder front tuck (Plichta)
Stalder front tuck 1/2 (Alt)Stalder front tuck full (Petz)
Clear-hip tuck fullPiked-Stalder
layout 1/2 (Brunner)
Clear-hip tuck 1.5
Toe-on 1/2 to back tuck/pike (Comaneci)Toe-on 1/2 to back layoutClear-hip 1/2 to back layout (Okino)
Toe-on 1/2 to back tuck full (Kraeker)FlyawayFlyaway 1/2 or full
Layout 1.5Layout double fullLayout 2.5 (Ji)
Layout triple full (Bar)Double tuckDouble pike
Full-twisting double tuck1.5-twisting double tuck (Mustafina)Double-twisting double tuck (Fabrichnova)
Double layoutFull-twisting double layoutDouble-twisting double layout (Ray)
1/2 in, front out (Fontaine)Double Arabian1/2 in, front out layout (Blanco)
Double Arabian piked (Giovannini/Li)Triple tuck (Magaca)Front salto
Front salto 1/2 or fullFront layout 1.5 (Pechstein)
or double full
Double front
1/2 turn to double tuck (Fan)Double front 1/2 outFront 1/2, back out (Arai)
Double front pike 1/2 (Pentek)Hip circleHip circle full
Hip circle back tuck (Mukhina)Hip circle 1/2 to front tuckHip circle full to back tuck (Ma)
Handstand front tuckHandstand back tuck (Delladio)

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